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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 22, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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we believe this is the worst kind of a crime -- a stranger abduction. >> that's the sheriff in the sierra lamar case. good afternoon. i'm john sasaki in for tori campbell. the sheriff's office detailed why he was arrested and what
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make investigators believe he was murdered. tara moriarty has more. tara? >> reporter: that's right. we're learned from our sources that his dna was already in the system from a prior assault. that's how authorities were able to track down the man they believe is sierra lamar's killer. ktvu was the only crew to capture tag going to jail. for first time -- to capture anotolin garcia-torres going to jail. >> it's my belief this was absolutely random. there's no information that we have that makes us believe that they knew each other. >> reporter: they say they found dap -- they say they
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found dna on sierra lamar's person. >> we have physical evidence linking sierra to his vehicle. >> reporter: but deputies did not arrest him until last night. >> we were hoping he would lead us too where she was. public safety was our number one concern. >> reporter: he kept pulling my -- >> he kept pulling my hair and punching me. i saw sparks coming from the side. they looked like little electrical lines. >> sear's family asked and made a plea -- >> i'm not giving up hope.
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her body has not been found. so many people -- record numbers have showed up at the search center, law enforcement, doing it simultaneously. i believe there's a reason why she's not been found. we're not giving up on that. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. more details now about the suspect. hess mother told ktvu less than an hour ago that the family knew he was being started -- being followed by views. she believes -- by investigators. she believes her son is innocent. >> i feel so sad. i lose one son five minutes ago and now the only son i have, in is -- it's hard. it's hard to believe all of this. i continue know -- i don't know what happened. he be in the wrong place and
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the wrong time. >> his mother says far seia- torres lived with her along with his pregnant wife and their baby daughter. she told investigators they have the wrong man. spee spoke to neighbors of the suspect in the trailer park. one man said he used to work with garcia at safeway and they are friends. >> i saw him outside of my house, me and my wife, a few days ago kicking back, outside on the patio with a friend of his and we find out on the news that he's the suspect in the sierra lamar case. >> he added it's mind boggling to him to him. she vanished on march 16th after leaving home to catch a bus to school. on march 18th a search team found her bag with a neatly
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folded t-shirt and pants. thive's department said dna evidence connected to torres was found on those items. on mayth, investigators -- may 8th, investigators seed a red jetta belonging to torres. despite the news there's been an arrest, sierra lamar has still not been found. tomorrow another major search for her has been scheduled. here's more on that. >> reporter: they came to comfort and console each other. this afternoon, volunteers met at the sierra lamar search center. to be here for each other. you know, and to keep the hope alive. we've all spent so much time with the family and gotten really close. we want to be here. >> reporter: volunteers cried and fought back tears. the realization that the
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authorities arrested the suspect for the murder. even though this is classified as a murder, we are still looking for crews, we are looking for clues to help find sierra and bring them home. >> normally, this search center wouldn't be open the day before one of the volunteer search party but because of the arrest last night, volunteers felt they had to open up the auditorium to give a place for the team to come together. >> there have been thousands of people involved in all of this. >> reporter: in the past few months, there have been thousands searching for clues. at a press conference this morning, sierra's father thanked the community for their help and asked for their help. >> we're still looking to find her. we're asking everyone to epus -- to help us do that.
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>> reporter: volunteers are hoping they may get some more evidence now that an arrest has been made and keep to search center open until sierra is found. >> we'll recap the story for you and bring you more details as they develop develop through the day. the man accused in a hit- and-run appeared in court. spencer smith was arrested after he was identified with the driver of the other vehicle, a mercedes, he made be appearance in pleasanton where we asked his attorney how she's doing. >> he's very -- extremely stressed. this is a horrible event. you ask how spencer is doing?
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he's hurting? >> smith has been released on $60,000 bail. no complaint has been scheduled. today's scheduled event has been put over to june 27th. when we come back, you will more more -- you will hear more about this accident that knocked out power i and winds are coming up. that could have the impact with the temperatures. she's knupp about nine minutes with the details de -- she's up in about nine minutes with the temperatures.
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all lanes are now open on san mateo hayward bridge after a fatal crash early this morning. an suv traveling observed around 12:30 a.m. hit the senter divider and slammed into a con-- center divider and slammed into the concrete barrier. the driver's identifiy has not been released. the cause of the investigation is under -- of the accident is under investigation. the chp says alcohol does not appear to be have a factor. a truck tipped over spilling gravel on the road.
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the accident happened around 10:00 a.m. this morning. no one was hurt. caltrans has cleaned up the mess and traffic is now flowing smoothly. the golden state warrior announced their intention to leave oakland. new at noon, alex savidge joins us with more. >> reporter: well, it's an empty pier but you are looking at the arena for the future team. they say this is not a long shot. >> it's been 41 years since the warriors played here in san francisco. in my humble opinion, it's time to welcome them home. >> reporter: the big announcement came during a morning announcement/news
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conference. david stern, the commission, was and onhand. the tame will privately finance a $500 million arena and the city will lease this property to the tame. the warriors will be leaving in oakland if all goes according to plan. but the team's ceo says this plan makes sense because there are warriors' fans on both sides of the bays. >> we're very, very appreciative for the home we've had in oakland. they've been great fans. it's been a great community. but what people don't understand, our fan base is 50/50. >> we will play here in 2015. take that as a prompt miss. pro miss. we're all -- promise.
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we're all in! >> reporter: ed head coach, mark jackson, is just holding he can -- head coach, mark jackson, is just holding up -- is just hoping he can hold onto his job lock enough. >> that's 2515. how many coaches -- [ laughter ] >> how many coaches last that lock? [ laughter ] >> i did reach out with representatives but i cannot -- but i could not get a comment. we've been told there could be legal challenges to stop. move. we're live in san francisco, alex savidge, husband -- alex
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savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. ross mirkarimi is vowing to keep his job. in march he was suspended from office and is now appealing the decision. he the "chronicle" reports that this chief sent a reporter to someone's house to help find his son's cell phone. this reportedly happened in january. his earlier controversy stem from his sending a police officer to a reporter's home at midnight hoping her to change a story she was riding.
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-- writing. president obama will be here in the bay area again starting tomorrow to raise money for his reelection campaign. tomorrow night, the president is scheduled to be at a private fund-raiser in atherton. tickets for that event, $35,800. then the president will attend a rally. he will appear at a round-table event. those tickets $35,00. mit romney on a three-day fund- raising event through new york.
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ads say he tried to rose so many people -- aides say he tried to raise so many people per event. the captain blamed for the 2007 cass co because son -- cast cosco busan spill is trying to keep his license. according to the mercury news, his attorney says he's considering all options as fights for a reinstatement of his license. 3, 2, 1, 0! and launch of the space-x falcon 9 rocket as nasa turns
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-- >> for the first time, a commercial supply ship is heading to the -- it's scheduled to dock on friday. if suggestionful it will bring back experiments. a daytime curfew for minors will be the topic at a public hearing in san ramon. council wants to hear from school officials and residents at tonight's hearing. a rope was used to help rescue a man trapped on the
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rocks of the cliff restaurant. when the man was pulled up to the top, the paramedics checked him out and he was released. we don't know who he was or why he was on the rocks. sunnier skies outside our door than what we saw yesterday. for many it's gonna be a breezier day. giving you a live look from san francisco. we're watching the low clouds licker along the coast but for most of us, mostly clear skies. the numbers are up. 70 degrees san jose. 76 santa rosa, it looks like we've got some clearing on. half moon bay, partly cloudy skies. widespread 60s along oakland. this is near livermore and concord. the winds that have picked up, 76 santa rosa. 74 napa. the winds coming in from the
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west-northwest. we're looking at san francisco, the airport reporting gusts to near 30. as we slide down into san jose with the wind gusts stronger than that. mt. diablo and we continue to see the winds pick up where we do have an advisory, we have an advisory in the bray. some of the gusts reported 21, we've got 30 at big rock in the north oakland hills reporting gusts from time to time. we have a ridge of high pressure over our area. it's a flat one. that sliding over oregon. the gradient twine the two and kicking up the winds. maybe a tough day for you and the wind really steers it up.
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sunny and breezy but the weekend is looking pretty good. 70s around the area near vo vau toe. 60s for -- novato. 60s for saw -- sauce -- sausolita. we'll continue to see a cooldown into friday and then in time for the holiday weekend, kings will bounce back with mostly sunny skies. >> thank you. now an update on the story we brought you at the stop -- at the top of the newscast. >> the discovery of seer's cell phone, her clothe -- of sierra's cell phone, her clothing what, she wore that day, have contributed with our
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belief that she's a victim of murder. >> sheriff investigators now say the search is now a search for her body. authorities authorities -- arrested atoo -- antolin garcia- torres. they also say they've linked him to the murder. they say that sierra lamar is linked to that vehicle. and "american idol" is down to the final 2. [ female announcer ] now get high speed internet at home
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the dow jones is up just over -- about points right now. apparently the stocks are up higher for a second day tuesday as investors welcomed a report showing existing home sales surged in april for the first time since january. facebook's stock continues to tumble on wall street today. the company's offering price was too high and so many -- too many was sold to the public. others say it's a sign of the -- sign of the times that fewer americans are investing in stocks. mayor ed lee is announcing a man that would put tens of millions of dollars and that would provide up to a hundred
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thousand for down payment assistance. it's down to the buyer for the final two "american idol" contestants. the details about the number and the type of thing they will sing will be kept secret. you can catch all of the action tonight at 2 -- tonight at 8:00. todayage the news at 5:00, we're learning more about the suspect arrested from connection with the -- arrested in connection with the disappearance of sierra lamar. thank you for joining us. we're always here at and ktvu mobile. have a great day.
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