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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 22, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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monitoring him at his mobile home from another mobile home in the park. they say at first they hoped he might lead them to sierra but even after he became of ware of being a person of interest they kept up the surveillance. today his mother said her son was aware of being followed and told him. >> that if you clear let them to -- let them do their job. >> reporter: did you ask him? > y. >> he said -- he said he never see the lady. he don't have any contact with her. >> reporter: today the sheriff's department said he is being investigated in three diva tacks that took place all in one week at morgan hill safeway stores in 2009 where he worked the time. in one the attacker used a stun gun and the victim told us. >> he kept pulling my hair and punching me. that -- i saw sparks from the
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side. they looked like electrical lines. >> we have evidence linking him to that case. >> reporter: he is scheduled to be charged this thursday. he declined our request for an interview. at six what his mother said he was doing at the time of sierra's disappearance. live in san jose. >> sierra's parents said despite what authorities said they still hope she will be found alive. we are live with the volunteer center with what the volunteers say is the best way they can help sierra's family. >> reporter: normally the center isn't open today but today they opened so that volunteers could gather and console each other. >> the mood was get. all days volunteers trickled in. while many are excited an art
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was made they didn't expect authorities to say sierra was dead. >> we came in with swollen eyes, smeared make up. >> reporter: sierra's mother said she isn't giving up hope since her daughter's body hasn't been found. >> i do have a plea to the person to please, please give the information if you have -- that you have to lead us to her. to help end this nightmare. >> reporter: news of the murder charge and the arrest quickly spread at the high school where she was a student. grief counselors were on hand. parents are glad somebody was caught. >> just put him away. >> reporter: volunteers say they can best help by continuing to search for sierra. the class kids founder said
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it's important to continue to search because the suspect holds the power right now. >> he has a chip. he can plead down in exchange for her remains. we need to remove that chip. >> reporter: another search will be done here at the search center's volunteers are encouraged to come at eight. reporting live. channel 2news. >> the santa clara county sheriff released new information that shows us how they tracked down the suspect. investigators put him under 24 hour surveillance on march 28th less than two weeks after the disappearance. they tracked him to a trailer park based on dna evidence from sierra's bag recovered during it the search for her. on april 7th they took the red jetta driven by him which had been spotted near the girl's home. last night the suspect was
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arrested outside a safeway in morgan hill. we shot this video of the suspect at the santa clara county sheriff's department as he was transported to jail. and coming up tonight at six we will hear from sierra's classmates and the emotion at her old high school. stay with us for continuing coverage of the case on air and online. >> the warriors are moving to san francisco. david stevenson live where the team explained the move. . >> reporter: efforts have been in the works but the agreement to bring them was finalized just a few days ago. on the edge of the waterfront just south of the bay bridge san francisco today officially welcomed the warriors back.
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>> its been 41 years since they played here in san francisco and -- in my opinion it's time to welcome them home >> reporter: they will work together to build an arena on top of pi er30, 32 in time for the 2017 season. >> we intend to build the best arena in the country. . >> we felt the right thing to do was if we could get the right deal on the land. we would build at rene a. >> reporter: they expect to reap millions in taxes and new jobs. there is no design yet, just sketches of a pancaked structure on the waterfront. >> i want something that's designed to go with our iconic views. >> reporter: the mayor said it may be similar to the la live
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complex. >> when they come and look at the arena right there in -- all the totals -- mean a lot to attract the free agents. >> the warriors, thing came out of nowhere and we are excited about it. >> reporter: the mayor is calling the proposed arena his legacy and said the team will still remain known as the warriors when they move here. >> how leader the warriors current hometown promise not to give up without a fight at 5:30. a brush fire kept firefighters busy today. crews brought it under control at 1:30 p.m.
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. >> a sonoma county judge approved releasing a man from the hospital 12 years after he killed two women. matthew beck plead not guilty by reason of insanity. a prosecutor argued against it and others said that he had sex with both hospital staff and a patient. several doctors said he is on medication and is no longer a danger to the community. beck will move to a facility and then to a supervisorred home. oakland police asking for the public's help in locating a suspect in an aassault. they say this is the sketch of a man who sexually assaulted a woman. they say the victim was able to strike the man in the face with her keys before he ran away.
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crime stopper s is offering a 5,000 dollar reward. >> a vigil is planned for friday in castro valley to mark the 18th anniversary of a young girl's death. the 14-year-old was stabbed in her home may 27th 1994. investigators said a man serving three life terms for murder in oregon is a prime suspect. the family and friends hold the vigil every year to raise awareness. a tech executive appeared in court approved of crafting a bar code scam involving lego toys. he is a vice president at the palo alto firm. he is is a accused of pasting face bar codes that let him buy the items at reduced prices. prosecutors say he then sold them on e-bay bringing in $30,000.
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he is charged with four counts of burglary. he didn't enter a plea today and is scheduled to return to court in a month. >> facebook stock continued to fall on wall street during it's third day. shares dropped almost 9% today to close at $31 a share. after yesterday's decline the stock is now down 18% from last week's ipo price of $38. if it continues to slide it could result in a big hit to the california budget. the governor is estimating new tax revenue related to sales of the stock to be between 1.4 billion and $1.9 billion over the next 13 months. the estimates were based on prices at $35 a share. last week the legislative analysts office warned a number of problems could cause the deficit to be billion dollarss higher or lower than the governor's almost 16 billion- dollar estimate. >> new figures suggest that both home sales and prices are
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on the rise across america. the national association of realtors said they rose 3 byte 4% last month to a adjusted rate of 4.6 2 million. the the immediate an sales price rose to 177, 4hundred dollars in april. that update news on home sales sent the stock market lifting today before a relatively flat closing. >> news helped late session trading but materials, energy and high tech stock fumbled including a 8.9% loss for facebook. here are the closing numbers, the dow average fell about one and a half points to close at 12, 502. nasdaq fell eight points closing at 2839. >> apple topped the list of
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the most valued brand anywhere in the world. it in the number two spot ibm with a brand value of 116 billion and another rounds it out. google's brand is valued at almost $108 billion. >> fantasy becomes fact as the first commercial launch to the space station happens. still ahead. >> and back here shall the fog is the story and strong winds, when both will go away. cçrrú [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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it's nice having u-verse, isn't it? see back in my day, we didn't have these newfangled wireless receivers. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. at&t. . another milestone orbiting high above earth and it's a stunning achievement for private enterprise. tom here now to tell us what this could mean for the. >> reporter: a private delivery
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company on high. launch of the space x falcon 9 rocket. >> reporter: what they did for the first time by a private company. california space x. >> what it lows is private up industry to get access to space, to develop their own space station. >> reporter: the ship took supplies to the space station. in two weeks it'll bring back return cargo. >> they need a way to get 40- tons of supplies up to the space station over the next five-years to support research and give the crews supplies, there is no way to get the it up there from our side but by hiring russian frighters. >> reporter: not so long ago space, especially commercial space was considered fiction, today its fact.
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>> like right at -- for us like winning the super bowl. >> reporter: students opening a place tomorrow at fisherman's wharf see a bright future. we can have more innovation. >> reporter: more imagination and opportunity i think it's a good thing and a great thing. >> reporter: and they can move onto opening new frontiers. >> reporter: the rocket is also carrying the remains of 300 people including the actor who played scotty in the original star trek series. he died in 2005. the remains of a mercury at
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astronaut gordon cooper are also there. >> a plane was diverted to maine today because of a female passenger's strange behavior. the flight landed with a military escort in the city of bangor main. the citizen was arrested after saying she had a implanted device and a passenger warned a flight attendant. a source for the airline said she may have mental problems. no bomb or other device was found. north korea continues to defy warnings over its nuclear program. increased activity at a nuclear test site including the building of a continuel for an atomic test. the upgrades will prepare the site to handle larger rockets like space launch vehicles, they say they are build up a nuclear deterrent to possible united states hoss activities. >> consumer reports asking what's most important when they buy a new car. more than two thirds, 37% said
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fuel economy. that's more than twice the number two answer which was quality, safety and value was farther down the list with performance near the bottom president the deputy auto editor said the survey prove that high fuel prices continue to influence the habits and concerns of drivers. dozens of school children made a lot of noise at the state capitol hoping to savor child care programs. with the state working with the 16 billion-dollar budge short fall child care programs poised to loose $450 million. without quality after school supervision, children are more likely to engage in high risk behaviors. state senator lonnie hancock was at the rally to show her support. >> go out, tell your story, make sure that every legislative office in the capitol knows how important the
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work that you do is. >> reporter: the voter approved proper 49 guarantees funding for after school programs but rally organizers say those programs have long wait lists and can't absorb the consequences of steep cut. >> education officials released new numbers showing which public school districts in severe financial problems and four bay area districts received a negative certificatation. now those districts are portola, and vallejo. 15 other school districts got a qualified certificatation meaning they are financially at risk. people in alaska getting ready to cancel with the debris from the japan quake and tsunami. wind helped push objects almost
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four thousand miles. the island is about 120 miles southeast of anchorage and is at the mouth of prince williams sound. a clean up effort is set to sail for the island to today to clean it up. >> today is a year since a tornado went through jopplin month movement people held ceremonies for the 161 believes lost. they loss broke ground on schools to replace the ones destroyed by the tornado. the only high school was among the thousands of buildings destroyed that day. last night the president attended the graduation at the school. commending students for what they overcame and praising the community. let's talk about our weather. today is a lot like yesterday and once again i guess fog would be the only problem. >> fog and a bit of wind. wind is -- out the fog. there is not a lot of fog at the coast. there was this morning. when the winds commove it
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choose up the inversion sot fog breaking away the winds up. we have winds gusting to about 25 miles an you in the west winds, the winds are there, the breezy conditions continue into tomorrow. it'll be breez along the coast and around the bay. heaviest around the golden gate bridge. overnight in the 40s. 49 vallejo. the wind dies down. the overnight lows have a chance to dip. that's gold. that's gold for this time of year. l kits go off -- before you go on your way. tomorrow morning, chilly. you see the fog trying to reform. it wants to but so much wind. it's clue chewing it up. you see tomorrow morning patchy
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fog along the coast but holes because of the wind. tomorrow will be less foggy but still the breezy conditions, temperatures stay on the mild skied. forecast highs tomorrow. there is the 18's but about 90- miles to the east of us. maybe mid to upper 07's. that's where we were today. that's the cool moist air. this is a good pattern. not the wind but the cool moist conditions. forecast highs as you november through the climates along the coast it's 50s. fremont and the livermore area the low and mid70's and -- the climate getting in. you get in to the 40 miles that
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way. you will get the 80s. when i come back a specific forecast for the city. we go to the five day and look at the weekend. see you back here. >> he was the first comic book hero who was openly gay and now comes his next step. what readers will find soon. >> will they build it? plans call for a casino in the north bay and the new effort to rugaling out of town.
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. >> across california and the
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nation people marking the birthday of harvey milk. he would have been 82 today. he was assassinated along with the mayor in 1978 in san francisco, he is being remembered a fashion show, a march through the castro district and a benefit for harvey milk elementary school. the city of long beach broke ground for a park. a openly gay comic book hero getting ready to get married. the character north star will marry kyle in an aedition of examination men due out next month. they said he was one of the first comic book heros to reveal he was gay in 1992. since then other heros and villains have been identified as gay. >> a federal appeals court in san francisco today rejected a request for speedy review of the defense of marriage act. the obama administration is challenging the law which denies benefits to married gay
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couples. a district judge in san francisco declared the law unconstitutional in february. republican lawmakers want the court to up hold the act and the appeals court ruled today that it'll hear the case but only in september. the cent sauce bureau said the population count for 2010 was mostly accurate. they said it over counted the population by about 36,000 people. that is 0.01%. it's a big improvement compared to the 0.5% over count to ten years earlier. the census continues to overlook minorities, the bureau said the latest count missed 2% of african americans. >> sonoma county resident also have another chance to weigh in onto impact of a indian casino. it's in it's final approval stages, the governor signed the
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bill but yesterday the opponents revived a previously rejected lawsuit that said the land isn't sovereign territory. they approved apliting for next month on the issue. >> probasketball out in oakland. why some aren't convinced the warriors can pull off the move. >> a bay area highway is always a mess like this, why it has to get a little worse before it gets better.
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. a lot can happen in five- year, that's the response from
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the city of oakland to the warriors plan to move to san francisco by the year 2017. they say that wanting to build a new stadium is one thing, actually building it is another. eric live in oakland where sports fans and city leaders promise not to give in. >> reporter: despite some of that optimism have you to image many fans coming to the game or just as worried about losing the a's and some think it's more likely if basketball is no longer being played here. tonight we are hearing from the city that it's still determined to build a new, complex. what do you think it about the warriors leaving? >> that's messed up. that's messed up. >> reporter: city and business leaders say the warriors move to san francisco is no slam dunk despite the team's very public commitment. >> you know the five-years --
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a lot can happen. >> reporter: a warrior season ticket holder. they question if the warriors can clear hurdles. today the city said they are still moving ahead with plans. >> some worry the departure could have a domino effect giving the other proteams more reason to move leaving the city with no to show for its efforts. >> worried. when you have them saying we are leaving the other teams aren't long behind. >> reporter: and the owner seems to suggest oakland has already missed its shot. >> we explored all the options including oakland and i think we should take that on here and now. we are very, very appreciative to the home that we have had in oakland for the last 40 years. >> reporter: in a statement
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oakland mayor said the city is a long term development project never depending on any one tenant. it was always a larger project than just one sports team. >> more reaction about the planned move. the assistant city manager said they are still in direct contact with the team about possibly building a newa rene a. they said they have been given a offer they couldn't refuse and we will leave a space for them. the santa cruz city council will consider a deal to move their minor league team to their city. they will ask the council to approve a plan to move the d league wizards from bismarck to santa cruz. they will play in a new tent like facility on front street.
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it hinges on three million dollars in loans. we put together a slide show of the warriors during their first stint in san francisco for you. you can find it by going to the website. just go to the bay area news tab or pick warriors from the drop one menu. >> things are back to normal where a gravel spill caused a traffic mess. the highway patrol said a truck tipped and spilled a load of gravel. caltrans crews cleaned it up. nobody was hurt. th alameda coroner identified a man killed this morning in a crash that knocked out power on the bridge. the 40-year-old albert ramos was driving eastbound in his car around 12:30 a.m. when he hit the center divider. he then hit a structure with high voltage power equipment knocking out power between the
5:34 pm
accident site and the toll plaza. power was restored. the chp said it doesn't appear that alcohol was a factor. >> we are just hours away from the start of a new part in a major east bay construction project. starting tonight eastbound highway four will be closed three nights. sal is live in pittsburgh where things are expected to get worse before they get better. >> reporter: indeed. you can just see the highway, the back ups like this common. now, a little bittive of relief is onto way. most people when asked are more than willing to tell you how they feel about highway four. >> it's really bad. it's really bad. it affects people's time. >> it's ridiculous how long it takes us to get out here. >> it's a mess. every day it's one direction or another. it's one little accident.
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it gets backed up. >> reporter: another sign of progress. caltrans will close eastbound highway 4 at 11, 6 amenta pittsburgh -- on the city streets. the closure is part of what many say is long over due. widening highway 4 which is only two lanes in someplaces to four lanes concord to just east of st 7-mile widening project will cost about $500 million and is a joint project of the transportation authority and caltrans. some say having to put up with years of construction has been a burden and one driver said all the detours have made it dangerous. >> you don't know where the off ramps are, you are getting people cutting people off because they are missing the ramps and they are so long and people aren't pay agriculture tension. i think it's very dangerous. >> reporter: relief in the way
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of this being a nice wide four lane in each direction is still a few years off. in fact that's not going to be complete. this project won't be meet until the year 2015. live in pittsburgh. ktvu channel 2news. >> you can find live drive time traffic updates any time by going to the website and then click on the traffic tab right near the top. >> romney is one step closer to winning the gop nomination tonight. he won the kentucky primary today. next week after texas voters go to the polls he is expected to get the 1144 delegates needed to get the nomination. the former massachusetts governor is on a three day fundraising swing through new york. he expects to raise ten million dollars or more at about a dozen different events. >> the president will start his own tour tomorrow right here in the bay area. tomorrow night the president plans to attend a dinner,
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tickets are 35, 8$00 a person. later he will attend a rally in redwood, tickets there start at one thousand dollars a person. thursday he will attend another round table in palo alto and that will cost 35, 8hundred dollars each. on the eve of the trip to the bay area a new report details how much it's cost for him to travel on air force 1. the research service said the air force spends 179, 7$50 an hour to operate the plane. taxpayers covered the cost of trips for official business including his vacations but campaign groups reimburse the government for any portion of a trip that's deemed political. >> a daring robbery attempt at one of the most famous casinos in las vegas. two men wearing wigs approach a blackjack table. why it didn't go as planned. >> and why the two menned
5:38 pm
charged with beating brian stowe are facing new charges.
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senate two men accused of beating brian stowe are facing federal weapons charges. they are now both charged with being felons in possession of firearms, they have plead not guilty to assault charges
5:41 pm
charges in connection with the beating. brian continues his recovery. in oklahoma eight people were shot minutes after a nba playoff game. thousands of people left the arena after the game between the thunder and the lakers, you could hear gun shots. seven people had nonlife threatening injury, one person is in critical condition. a motive isn't known for the shoot examining police haven't made arrests. >> police today say they had no choice but to shoot and kill a mountain lion on city streets, fish and game officials tried to sedat. >>announcer: it but that failed and police shot it as it tried to get away. it was first spotted early this morning near a open air mall. officials say it apparently had been looking for food. one man is behind bars, another is on the run after a botched ocean's 11 style hit on a casino. happened over the weekend where two men with wigs approached a
5:42 pm
blackjack table. one of them pepper sprayed a zealer while the other stole 11 5,000 dollars in chips. the pit boss tackled the man with the chips. the thief said he responded to a craigslist ad about a job repossessing cars when he was pulled into the scheme. >> new bay area research into geneticx brain show why should many are addicted to bako. >> winds picked up along the coast and at airport. gusts up to 38 miles an hour. golden gate bridge you can see it. fog comes back. we will talk about tomorrow.
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no bay area sciencists have found genetic keys to smoke that could lead to a breakthrough drug to help people kick the habit. john fowler with how rac section playing a major role. >> reporter: sciencists sayah can americans are more likely to die from smoking than other races and sciencists say that cigarette ads target black communities and researchers said that tobacco addiction is in the genes. >> it was harder than giving up alcohol and cocaine. trust me. yeah. . >> reporter: gregory said he smoked 25 years. nicotine didn't catch laurie. >> just sometimes like when i was in high school. i never bought a pack of cigarettes. >> reporter: the difference may be in their genes.
5:46 pm
researchers studied 32,000 african americans and found a gene that seems to dramaticly increase smoking. >> that's the one. >> reporter: doctor shaun david said it's on chromosone15. both influence areas of brain that include a version two and pleasure from nicotine. >> maybe a company can say we should really look at this gain and see figure maybe there is a new drug to develop. >> reporter: cigarettes kill half the people who smoke. it's the leading cause of death for people of all races, both sexes worldwide. >> if we can eliminate smoking behavior in a small fraction of people it can translate to mom lives. >> reporter: he said that -- that the genes account for about half of smoking. he is a lead author of the study, also a stanford
5:47 pm
professor of made sun. he said the rest, the other half is environment, advertising, and peer pressure. >> california -- joined other moms for a rally demanding updated laws for potentially toxic chemicals. they call themselves the stroller brigade. the demonstrators traveled to the capitol to try to convince congress to retire the 1976toxic substances control act. they want it replaced a bill to require companies to prove chemicals are safe. mothers the bay area delivered petitions to local senators. >> it's something we can legislate, that we can have laws to make suits product wes are using in our homes and families are safe. >> the safe chemicals act would give the epa more power to conduct safety tests, it's currently awaiting a vote in the senate. an auction house in the channel islands claims to offer
5:48 pm
a vial that maicon taken necks of regan's blood. they said the vial was used by a lab that tested his blood while he was in the hospital after a 1981 assassination attempt in washington. the auction house spokeswoman said its being sold by a man whose late mother took it from the lab with permission after the tests were made. officials at the ronald regan foundation called is ridiculous and we just checked the excite found the top bid is more than $14,000. >> the owners of a miniature horse farm in sonoma fighting eviction learned their fate today. a judge said they have 90 days to leave the property or pay the landlord $500,000 to buy it. lee romero said she has been working with potential investors in hopes of buying back that farmland. >> we would be sittingon a couch in the middle of the street with 40 horses around us and i hope it never comes to
5:49 pm
that. it's very scary. >> they owe a considerable amount of money to the landlord and the landlord has been extremely patient but there is a limit to that. >> reporter: for 30 years they have been a popular attraction for children and senior groups, they have expressed they would like to buy the farm and use it. let's talk about the weather. it's not 90 degrees but even so not bad. >> not bad. the weather is cooler than we saw on sunday but temperatures on the mild side will continue throughout the week. we talked about it last night. the winds there, the fog will come back and the mild weather pattern that won't repeat the temperatures we saw sunday. certainly not this week we won't see 80's or 90's. the forecast for tomorrow more of the same, its winds, we go to redwood shores, 66 degrees. 26 while miles an hour so its
5:50 pm
windy. breezy conditions, very spring like, spring winded, these are the highs today. we got 81 santa rosa. highs tomorrow like this. 60s in low 70s. little less fog in the morning. wind's have eroded the fog bank. little change tomorrow. cooler as we head through the end of the week and warmer into the bay area weekend. saturday sunday temperatures should come up a little bit. you see clear conditions, weather conditions north of us. that's one of the thick -- that system now moved on. just a computer model forecast wind. know that your reds are in the 30 to 40-mile appear hour range. watch what happens, here we are at 5:00 tonight. into tomorrow morning, the winds off shore. look how strong they are. 8:00 a.m. very strong winds, we go into
5:51 pm
tomorrow afternoon. they really light up president the winds are basically off shore. the winds around the bay up in to the 15 to 20-mile an hour winds, small craft advisories in to effect along the coast for tomorrow. speaking of the coast the water quality around the point not that great. tracking bacteria in that area, loss in monterey bay. elevated levels of a bacteria meaning it's not good for you, so if you have water plans you may want to cancel those because the water isn't that great. high bacteria. forecast highs tomorrow. like today 79 in pittsburgh. good air quality. fire danger, the winds always scary but i was looking at the hills today and they are still green investment had a lot of dry weather. >> just a little bit of last week. >> just in time. all right. thank you. >> why the city with the worst
5:52 pm
traffic problem is not the one you are probably thinking of. and students at one school make an announcement. the decision that will likely affect the rest of their lives. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
5:53 pm
u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible.
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. >> if we asked to name the worst traffic city in america would hawaii make the list? it's not only on the list it's on top of the list.
5:55 pm
los angeles was probably your guess but it came in second followed by san francisco. traffic problems nationwide dropped 30% in the firm blames the high jobless rate and high gas prices. 25 seniors made an announcement today. >> this happened at the lighthouse community charter school where they announce the college they will attend. it focuses on student of color. in the ten years since they opened 95% of their graduates have been hack setted to college. >> a fremont middle school student put the bay area on the map with his knowledge when it
5:56 pm
comes to location. the 13-year-old earned the spot in the national bee final. he is now one of only ten finalists in the yearly competition and later it week he will take on theo finalists in a show. the winner seize a take '2thousand dollar scholarship and a all expense paid trip. we are just hours from the final showdown on american idol. the two will take to the stage one more time to preform. as for what you can expect as far as their performances go no word on what songs they will sing. the winner of the season will be crowned tomorrow night and you can watch it all here on ktvu channel 2. american idol starts both nights at 8:00. >> as we have been reporting a suspect is in custody, now friends and family hope he will tell police where sierra lamar is.
5:57 pm
coming up, we talk to her dad about the hope he is holding onto tonight. >> and demonstrators say they provide protection but police say shields are a weapon. . [ male announcer ] sizzler's new ultimate steak combos. hand-cut, tri-tip sirloin, plus choose shrimp scampi. or grilled malibu chicken, or bacon-wrapped shrimp. starting at just $11.99. the 100% electric nissan leaf was the perfect car for you... that you can charge it at home like your smartphone...
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. >> good evening. >> investigators say they tailed the suspect in the disappearance of sierra lamar for seven weeks before finally taking him into custody last night. we were the first to break the news of the arrest. we showed you this video on the 10:00 news and tonight there are new developments in the case. we have live coverage. we are at washington high school in fremont where she was the only reporter to talk to sierra's father. >> reporter: steve said there has been a lot of crying and very little sleep in the last 24 hours, we are here at sierra's old high school where signs pay hang in the windows and across campus. he said support from the community has given him strength. >>


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