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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 22, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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we are the first to tell you about the arrest of this man. now investigators are revealing the trail of dna that led them to file a charge in the disappearance of sierra lamar. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. a day of digging has yielded new information about the 21- year-old man accused and charged of the kidnapping of sierra lamar. we begin with lloyd lacuesta and what the santa clara sheriff is now calling a
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stranger abduction. >> reporter: the search center at this elementary school in morgan hill will be in full operation starting at 8:00 tomorrow morning. tonight volunteers were subdued and saddened that while there is a suspect, the sheriff department says he's been kidnapped with kidnapping and murder. >> we need to bring sierra home, the family needs closure. >> reporter: tonight we learned more about what led police to arrest torrez. it began after two days of her disappearance, sierra's clothing bag was found. >> we have early evidence. >> reporter: they matched garcia torrez dna with a stun gun attack in a safe way parking lot three years ago.
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i talked to the victim then. >> he kept pulling my hair and punching me. so i saw sparks coming from the side. they looked like little electrical lines. >> reporter: eight days after sierra's kidnapping, sheriff deputies say they were already watching garcia torrez 24 hours a day. it included putting gps trackers on family cars. and a stake out from a trailer in the mobile home park where he lived with his wife and baby. authorities don't think garcia torrez knew sierra >> it's my belief this was purely random. there's no allegations that we have of any time that the two knew each other. >> reporter: volunteers may hold a remembrance vigil here tomorrow. live in morgan hill, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now about that attack three years ago that we
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learned is connected to garcia torrez. on the right you see the man we now know as garcia torrez. police created the sketch after three attacks outside safeway stores in morgan hill. any lawyer will tell you that prosecuting a murder suspect is far more difficult when there is no body. that's one reason why the class kids foundation the coordinated searches they have organized will continue until the 15-year- old is found. >> they arrested a suspect who does not have a prior conviction, no past of violence, they do not have a victim or a weapon. >> they have a search scheduled for the weekend. tonight we're learning more about the 21-year-old suspect and also hearing from his family. our team coverage continues with amber lee. she is live in in morgan lee
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and has been learning for about garcia torrez in the neighborhood he lives. >> reporter: we're at the mobile park where the suspect lives with his mother and other family members, there is now a security guard postat the front gate. >> i was looking for laura torrez and martin torrez. >> you're not coming in. >> okay, thanks. >> end of story, go. >> reporter: earlier today laura torrez a nurse at a condolesent home spoke to the media. the suspect's mother says her son called her last night after he was arrested. >> if i see you down, who's going to take care of my kids. i need you. take care of emily. be behind emily and worry about her and the baby. >> reporter: we've learned that he's attended attended
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continuance high school. she said she asked him if he had anything to do with the disappearance of sierra lamar. >> it's just mind boggling that he would do this. it just hurts me that my friend would be the suspect in this murder. >> reporter: angela's mother says that her son is married and that he's expecting a baby too. his mother told us he believes his son but that she's not his shadow. her son had gone fishing there the day after the
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teenager disappeared. dive teams have been using side scan sonar to search for clues. garcia torrez is being held without bail in san jose. his first court date is scheduled for this thursday. he is charged with one count of murder and one count of kidnapping. despite the arrest and statements that this is now a murder investigation, sierra lamar's mother says she still clings to hope. >> i am not giving up hope. her body has not been found. so many people have record number of people in law enforcement you know doing it simultaneously and i believe there's a reason why she wasn't found. so i'm not -- we're not giving up on that. >> reporter: sierra's mother also made a direct plea to garcia torrez to tell investigators where sierra is.
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marlene lamar asked him to divulge what he knows to bring closure. >> steve lamar says yesterday was the first time investigators told him they believe his daughter is no longer alive. >> i'm kind of in a surreal shocked state. >> it was tough to hear. we're still hoping you know somehow, somehow they're wrong. >> reporter: it has been more than nine weeks since sierra lamar went missing. friends too are clinging to a sliver of hope. >> i believe she's alive until there is a body found.
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i think she's still out there. and nothing nobody can tell me other wise. >> reporter: sierra's best friend showed us a matching bracelet. >> just reminds me of her. >> the two got at disneyland a year ago. >> her says sila for sierra lamar and my says sifo. i feel like somebody took my heart away from me. >> we hope that we can bring her back to us. >> reporter: meanwhile friends are planning another vigil for sierra here at washington high school next friday june 1st. and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we will bring you the latest on the sierra lamar investigation as it happens. a shooting victim ran for
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nearly a block before he collapsed behind a home early this mortgage. the shooting happened on 85th avenue and international boulevard. police say several shots were fired but it's not clear if the victim was actually hit more than once. the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. police have not released any suspect information. a two alarm fire damaged -- police say there was some evidence that someone had been sleeping there and probably started a fire. the building dates to the turn of the last century and cannot be demolished because of its historic significance. turning now to the race for the white house, republican mitt romney marchs closer to his party's nomination tonight with two more win.
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we're going to begin in the state of kentucky. romney had an easy win with 67% of the vote. voters are still casting ballots for rick santorum, ron paul and newt gingrich. let's take a look at the numbers in arkansas. and here they are. romney has been declared an early winner here with only 4% of the precinct reporting. it really wasn't much of a contest here. now this is how the over all numbers stack up. as you can see romney clearly in the lead right here with 1,055 delegates. that means he is just 89 delegates short of the 1,014 needed to secure the nomination. next week's win in texas should put romney over the top. making money for your investors which romney did very well is not the president's job. the president has a different job.
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>> biden also criticized romney for his lack of foreign policy experience and his stand on contraception. this was the president's fourth trip to new hampshire which is an indication that it's been considered a real battleground state. publish officials in solano are contacting families of nearly three dozen babies who may have been exposed to tb. the exposure happened at the north bay hospital and medical center. we'll have a full report coming up at 10:45. continuing coverage now of a move that will change the skyline of san francisco's waterfront. a plan was announced to build a basketball arena along the embarcadero right next to the bay bridge. david stevenson tells us how soon until we might see the golden state warriors playing just down the road from the san francisco giants.
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>> reporter: on the edge of the city's waterfront just south of the bay bridge, san francisco today officially welcomed the warriors back. >> it's been 41 years since the warriors played here in san francisco and in my humble opinion, it's time to welcome them home. >> reporter: the team and top city leaders announced they will work together to build an arena in time for the 2017nba season. >> we intend to build the most spectacular arena in the country. >> reporter: in exchange for a long term lease and possible rent credits, the warriors say they will raise the hundreds of millions of the dollars in public funds needed for construction. >> we felt the right thing to do was if we could get the right deal on a parcel of land, we will come here and build this arena. >> reporter: the city expects a
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major arena. it may be similar to the l.a. live complex surrounding the staple center. >> we're going to have the best facilities of any team in the nba. >> reporter: waterfront business are also welcoming the warriors. >> this warriors thing came out of nowhere and we're very excited about it. >> reporter: mayor ed lee is calling the proposed arena his legacy. he says the team will still be known as the golden state warriors when they move here five years from now. david stevenson. more details on who will pay for the warrior's new arena. the team's owners will pay most of the bill. the rest will come from licenses and sponsorships along with commercial loans. die-hard warrior fans say they won't give up hope until a shovel hits the ground in san francisco. >> as you can see, there's nothing built over there in the
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waterfront. a lot can happen in five years. >> chris to -- chris dobbins questions whether the warriors can clear regulatory hurdles to build an arena in san francisco. the city of oakland said today it is still moving ahead with a plan for a coliseum city. it is building a site where the raiders and a's play. you will find more on this story including some decades old video we found a man forced the victim to the ground near 90th avenue on may 1st and sexually assaulted her. they say he ran after the victim struck him in the face with her keys. teachers in alameda marched together to march for a new contract. teachers marched to the city
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council chambers where a board of education meeting was held. negotiations for a new contract started in january and progress has not been made. we tried to contact school district officials for comment but could not reach them. the san jose city council left the question of a $2 minimum boost up to voters. a new $10 minimum wage failed. supporters had already agreed to qualify the measure. but the council could have enacted it tonight saving an estimated $800,000 in election costs. facebook stock took another hit losing another 9% of its value on its third day of trading. the stock closed at $31 a share. you may recall it was priced at
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$38 last friday. the company and underwriters -- experts say the company and underwriters were greedy when pricing the stock. the broader markets finished flat after being up for most of the day. the dow industrials lost one point, the nasdaq dropped eight. google closed its deal to buy motorola mobile today. now it means that google owns the company that manufacturers smart phones, tablet computers and cable tv boxes. european regulators cleared the deal, but it wasn't until friday that china okayed that process. the country's top regulators admitted in a economy meeting that they were not aware of the risky trades
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similar to those that triggered economic chaos back in 2008. >> so you really didn't know what was going on, or the problem with the trade until you read the press reports like all of us? >> well that's what i've said, yes, sir. yeah. >> reporter: it was the first of at least three senate hearings on what went wrong and how to fix it. it was a story that shocked the world more than 30 years ago. a school bus in the central valley hijacked. 26 children kidnapped and buried alive. the school bus driver who saved those children was laid to rest today. >> reporter: to see edward ray sitting on his school bus is fitting. he was tied to that bus in story and history. and when he was buried today, that school bus was there at his grave site service along with the children on that bus that he saved 36 years ago. >> i loved him. he was very special to me. and i know to everyone else
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too. >> in july of 1976 his life changed dramatically when he and 26 children were kidnapped and buried alive. >> reporter: three gunman hijacked the school bus and forced ed ray and the children ages 5 to 14 into two windowless vans. the bus ditched in a slew. the kidnappers drove for 11 hours before putting their victims into a large moving van buried in the livermore quarry and buried. it was a ransom kidnapping foiled when ray and another boy escaped. >> no, he said i was just doing my job. >> reporter: the school bus still runs, it's not only a symbol but there's also a story
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to it. mr.ray bought this school bus and kept it on his property until very recently. he kept the bus as a momentum of one extraordinary day. those at his service remembered his 91 years as an honorable man. >> what a man, that's ed ray. >> reporter: ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the kidnapper were three men in their 20s. fredrick woods and two brothers have been in jail and so far have been denied parol. eastbound highway 4 from loveridge road will be closed for three nights. the closures will last from 11:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. and drivers will find a detour. when the road reopened friday morning, traffic in the area will be shifted south so crews
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can demolish the old century boulevard bridge. the entire project is set to be completed in 2015. and temperatures today well they were on the mild side. they were windy. we did have some rainfall, temperatures got into the 80s. these were the highs from today. they're going to be just like this tomorrow. temperatures like this tomorrow will be very similar. the wind continues out there. winds right knew are gusting to 31-miles-an-hour out near the pittsburg area. that's where the fog went. the winds continue tomorrow as we go out to the bay the winds will continue gusting as we head into late afternoon hours tomorrow. look for the wind to continue. less fog because of that wind, cooler overnight lows and mild daytime highs. when i come back we'll have the daytime forecast and we'll look at specific temperatures for the stay.
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a bay area based astronomer known for scanning the skies for ufos is retiring. she says she plans to shift into a full time fund raising row for the institute. a principal arrested for dui and hit-and-run charges. >> city leaders try to come up with a way to crack down on violence during street protests. >> and glossy pictures of glistening hair and glossy lips, coming up, one teenagers campaign to try to change magazines targeted at teenagers. and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪
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new efforts to try to
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control violence in oakland met fierce resistant tonight ktvu's ken wayne is live, where just a few hours ago some of those protesters were removed from the meeting. >> reporter: the meeting never took place because the meeting became too disruptive. dozens of occupy demonstrators headed town the steps of oakland city hall after police cleared the council chambers. the demonstrators were here to speak out against a proposed city ordnance that would ban certain items from future protests, item that is city officials say have been used as weapons. violent clashes between police and protesters have almost become routine in oakland. vandals have smashed windows with pipe wrenches, thrown paint and urine at officers and brought shields to stream demonstrations.
10:25 pm
>> many many demonstrations it's a forward movement to the police line and allows people to hide behind the shields and throw things at officers. >> reporter: people who identified themselves as occupiers bristled the idea of not carrying those things. >> i usually carry one. and you can't stop me. >> all those things are banned. >> reporter: a woman who says she's an independent journalist said her camera protected her from an officers baton. >> this is not a tool of violence. this is a tool of freedom of speech. >> reporter: speakers tonight blamed police for demonstration violence saying officers often
10:26 pm
overreact with brute force. >> our feeling generally is that if these items are not present in a peaceful protest that there's less likely to be violence on either side. >> reporter: those found violating the ordnance could face $1,000 fine and up to six months in jail, but again no vote was taken by the public safety committee tonight. chairwoman kernehan says she is not sure what she will do next. if she'll try to hold a meeting or take it to the court without going through the central committee. but like happened here tonight, any meeting could be disrupted. our crews found this notice at tully's coffee shop which is located right next to frank igawa. the coffee shop did experience
10:27 pm
a dip in sales during the protests. the highway patrol says sheila maloski seen here in the brown outfit was driving just south of the golden gate bridge on may 12 when she hit two vehicles and just kept going. officers say moloski had a blood alcohol level higher than .08%. she was the target of protest last october for her disciplinary methods at polimer elementary school. she forced children to eat in the basement and gave demerits for bathroom trips. police say 22-year-old jose lombreros was speeding last friday when he hit a round about and then a tree. his girlfriend, a recent
10:28 pm
college graduate killed and his son is now in critical condition. a woman takes action when she sees a wheelchair slip off a dock. how that man is doing now. >> these people are not real people. they are just fake. >> the impact some say popular magazines have on teenage girls. and one girl's effort to change it. [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles... are you guys okay? yeah. ♪ [ man ] i had a great time. thank you, it was really fun. ♪ [ crash ] i'm going to write down my number, but don't use it. [ laughing ] ♪ [ engine turns over ] [ male announcer ] the all-new subaru impreza®. experience love that lasts. ♪
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young girls are inundated with images of flawless faces and thin physiques but these images are not always real. gasia mikaelian tells us about how girls are dealing with these pages. >> reporter: it's not just the pages of teen magazines that
10:31 pm
are glossy. everywhere you look you see glossy lips and thin physiques. miranda remembers pouring on a copy of 17. >> when i was a teenager, it was great to get my hands on a copy of 17. i had no idea that they looked just like me. >> reporter: she wants 17 magazine to stop feeding
10:32 pm
teenager's with fake photos. seventeen magazine sent us a message that said, we feature real girls. seventeen would not commit to making any changes. we found seven teen magazine was a familiar tutus and tights to the girls at the center. >> have you ever seen these before? >> yeah. >> it's in our library at school. and people read it all the time. >> reporter: but even though these girls read the magazine, they do it with a different light. >> you can't change your body to look one way. because know eventually it'll be out of style and you will stay, i hate this, i need to change this again. >> these are not real people, they are just fake.
10:33 pm
>> reporter: but too many girls look at pictures like these and wonder why don't i look like that. an organization works to change the trend. parents tell her devastating stories. >> i hear them say things like my 3-year-old is coming home an saying i'm fat. >> reporter: the quest for perfection can leave impressionallable young girls from behaviors like self-hatred to self-destruction. according to national eating disorder association, nearly 10 million females are battling eating disorders. subcheck says she ignores the magazines even covers them up. she's trained more than 1,000 peer leaders such as miranda berry who go to schools and talk to youths about how to
10:34 pm
love themselves no matter what. she says that's the greatest protection against being judged. subcheck says she's not hopeful society will stop -- and at we have posted more information about the body positive. just look for the special report's tab. new video as police investigate how a 61-year-old man in a wheelchair fell off a pier at the emeryville marina. the accident happened just a bit before 6:00. a woman jumped into the water to try to save him but he had slipped una -- under a boat and could not reach him. emergency personnel say he was conscious when he first came out of the water, but fell
10:35 pm
unconscious moments later. police in san francisco are investigating a fight at the beta breakers race that left one man in a coma. it happened on stanion street late sunday afternoon. officers say the victim was in a group that got into a fight with another group after the race and that's when the victim fell, hit his head on the ground and lost consciousness. he's now at the hospital in a coma. the attackers were wearing 49erjerseys. the clock is ticking tonight for those who run a miniature horse rain as they face eviction in 90 days. lee romero and courtney were granted an extension. romero says she's praying an angel investor will come through with the money needed to buy the land before the august deadline. >> we would be sitting in the couch in the middle of street with 40 little horses around us. i hope it never comes to that
10:36 pm
but it's very scary. >> they owe a considerable amount of money to the landlord. and the landlord has been extremely, extremely patient but there is a limit to patient. >> reporter: the barn has been a popular attraction for seniors and children's groups for 30 years. the city council is holding a meeting to hear able a possible curfew for young people. some city officials say the cur curfew would cut down on juvenile crime. 60% of san ramon's juvenile crime is committed between 8:00 a.m. and three in the afternoon. now to marin county where a ban was approved for smoking around apartments and condominiums. third time violators could be fined up to $700 and get 15
10:37 pm
days of community service. and in eight minutes, dozens of infants exposed to tb. how it happened and what we're learning about the risk. a big cat scare in the middle of santa monica. the action police had to take after a mountain lion appeared outside a building. the fog is gone, i'm back here in five minutes, i'm going to show you where that fog goes tomorrow and how it impacts your daytime highs as we move into your wednesday. we'll explain how this nighttime launch begins a new era for space travel in the united states.
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and launch of the space x falcon nine rocket. the space x private rocket made a successful and spectacular launch early this
10:40 pm
morning from cape canaveral. the unmanned rocket is carrying a capsule named dragon to the international space station. with the retirement of the shuttles, nasa is looking for private companies to eventually take astronauts to the space station. the 767 made an emergency landing in bangor, maine. a woman handed a note to a flight attendant saying she had a surgically implanted device. no explosive was found on the female passenger. an implanted device was part of a scenario mentioned recently by the fbi. beck was 26 years old at the time and lived with his
10:41 pm
victims sandra napier and her mother marcela napier. the judge today approved his transition to a half way house. some analysts known that egyptians haven't chosen their leader in the country's 5,000 year history. no candidate is expected to win outright which will necessitate a run off. in pakistan, gunman opened fire in a political rally. at least nine people were killed, 30 others were wounded and that set off rallying. cars and buildings were set on fire. home to several political parties with armed sanctions.
10:42 pm
and they normally call on their supporters to rally for them. the view wasn't great because it was kind of cloud did below, for the record the world's tallest structure is a building in dubai. it stands more than 600 feet higher. a young mountain lion found its way into downtown santa monica and was shot and killed. the department of fish and game says officers tried to tranquilize the big cat but couldn't. in a matter of safety, they killed it. a sierra wildfire burned seven homes and is prompting evacuations tonight. you bring your newborn home only to be told you now need to have him tested for tb. the reason for tonight's tb scare. and what kind of weather can we expect for the next few days. bill martin is back with your complete bay area forecast. [ female announcer ] safeway presents
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the fire started in the topaz the ranch southeast of lake tahoe. right now the fire is not threatening any addition homes but they are recommending about 40 homes be evacuated as a precaution. the fire has burned an estimated 3,500 acres so far and remains out of control tonight. the fire may have started when an ember rekindled today. a warning tonight about tuberculosis. ktvu's heather holmes is live to explain where the threat
10:46 pm
came from. >> reporter: in march and april a person with active tb spent time in the neonatal care center. so tonight as many as 15 newborns will need to be tested for tb. behind this door is where they test for tuberculosis. >> there's a bright fuchsia colored bacterium here. >> reporter: and it's at the lab that they confirmed the resident has an active tb case. because the infected person was here at this firefield hospital and around vulnerable newborns. >> a likelihood that any of those babies has been infected with tb is low. but a baby does get active tb has the possibility of getting very severe disease. >> reporter: as a precaution, health officials have notified the parents of the babies in the unit at the time. >> they've been directed to go
10:47 pm
to their doctor to be evaluated and tested and possibly started on medication to prevent them from getting active tb. >> that hits home with me. >> reporter: mona donehew is expecting her daughter in three weeks. >> the mother has been through enough. >> reporter: the person being treated with tb is now in isolation. >> i'm confident we'll be able to do an investigation in this case and get those treated that need to be treated and prevent more cases of tb. >> reporter: in addition to the hospital, the person was also in a hospital in sacramento that's where the parents of 20 newborns have been notified. and julie health officials say that they are also going to contact hospital staff and visitors whom may have also been exposed.
10:48 pm
reporting live, i'm heather holmes. more details now about tb. tb is an airborne disease caused by bacteria. it may commonly affects the lungs but may affect other parts of the body as well. almost all tb cases can be treated and cured by taking medicine often for months. they call themselves the stroller brigade and want congress to replace the 1976 toxic substances control act with a new act that will require companies to prove that their products are safe. the mothers delivered petitions to senators asking for their support. >> it's something we can legislate. we can have laws to make sure the products we use around our families are safe. >> reporter: the act would give the protection agency more
10:49 pm
power to conduct tests. it is currently awaiting a vote. all sorts of materials are washing ashore on the gulf of alaska. 4,000miles from the gulf of japan. a man who's been cleaning the shore for 18 years says he's never seen anything like it. and what concerns him the most are chemicals that are killing the sea birds. and welcome back we've got some wind out there right now. herself take a look at some of the wind conditions in the buoy. the winds are howling, 31 miles per hour. we had the golden gate bridge inside the bay gusting to 16. the winds are powerful offshore that's kind of the way it goes. the winds offshores are going to remain powerful throughout the night and into tomorrow. it'll still be breezy out here but most of the wind will be off the golden gate bridge where the winds will be gusting. overnight lows will be in the 40s and low 50s. the wind forecast goes like this. as we go into tomorrow look for the reds representing winds up to 30 and 50 miles per hour.
10:50 pm
at 5:00 tomorrow night. see how it's all offshore. we have some wind around here but it's generally, 10 to 15, 20 miles per hour. the winds stay offshore. check out thursday, same deal. so the northerly winds are going to linger. the thing they do do is form up the fog. it's going to be around patchy but it's not going to have that big impact that it can have when it pushes inland overnight. the forecasts a lot like today. as a matter of fact a lot like yesterday. the temperatures are going to be in the 70s. warm spots upper 70s. maybe a couple of low 80s. as you head out to the valley, upper 70s. might see a few 80s. forecast then as you head out to the water we have some water quality issues down around pillar point. the elevated levels of bacteria are such they don't want you in the water around el granada, the harbor there at pillar
10:51 pm
point. that will probably be that way for several days. we'll keep an eye on that for you. walnut creek 77, 77 in livermore. good air quality. fire danger not a huge deal but it's coming on. you can see the hills starting to turn brown out there. we have a five day forecast and we're looking for temperatures in the five day to begin to kind of cool a little bit. as we head toward the weekend, you see the weekend in view they start to warm up a little bit. but definitely a mild period as we go through the week. >> but a good looking weekend there. >> yeah. >> thanks bill. >> thank you bill. giants-a's and an apology from mcclain. a a sign from yosemite that summer is almost here. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx.
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the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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cables used to climb half dome at yosemite national park have been set up this week. the metal cables should be in place by friday weather permitted. everyone with those capables some climbers still fall to their deaths each year. the cables are on the steepest portion of the 7-mile trail near the summit of half point. giants seem to be on a bit of a role. >> yeah we'll take it. they will any way.
10:55 pm
real old school giant fans. mays mccubby remember williams. and now a couple of home runs in the game is a real big deal. giants get that tonight and some willie amazing defense too. check it out. cabrera the brewers elkie at third. he is a goner. that is a big league throw. and you know what milky knows about it too. he's liking it. joaquin arias first big homer as well. looking for another victory, buster posey that's a big league home run right there. way gone to center field. his sixth of the year. wow, last winter the anaheim angels spent more than 1/3 of a billion dollars on two
10:56 pm
players. angels fans they're not doing to be complaining at least for this evening. albert pujols comes in hitting a paltry .312 but he does slam this one. only his fourth of the year. the angels are on their way. one a's highlight was not offense. josh donaldson that is a brooks robinson like play. and cj wilson, 8 innings of ball. second time in a week. that's their only highlight of the month. for haters of the heat and all those who get pleasure from seemingly to root against lebron, not your night because he is the best and his team still might be too. as they take care of indiana a real beat down too. james on his game. watch him on defense he will steal it and he will glide. he had 30 points, 10 rebounds and eight assists, none more spectacular than this watch him
10:57 pm
one handed to dwayne wade who had 28. look at him again. in the same motion rifles it to wade. in trial 3-two sere reu -- in stride, 3-2. and the raiders, they say they want to make a change. and today mcclain addressed the media at the team's training facility. >> i apologize for the bad publicity that's being put out there. it is a legal process so i can't talk much about it. i have the support of the raiders, my teammates. it'll be resolved in the near future. >> an apology is a step in the right direction. he wasn't reading a script either. >> right.
10:58 pm
>> thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> we'll be back in morgan hill learning more about wednesday's volunteer search effort for sierra lamar. fangled? we had to watch basketball in the living room... that's where the tv outlet was. what is he talking about? and if mom was hosting her book club that day, guess missed it! we couldn't just move the tv all willy-nilly all over the house. ohh! ohh! kids today have it so good. ok. [ male announcer ] the wireless receiver only from at&t.
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