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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 23, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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volunteers making a push to bring sierra lamar home even though a man has been arrested in connection with her murder. there will be a major search effort later on this morning. a major road just reopened after a head-on collision. find out what police had to do immediately after this crash. air force one will soon be headed here to the bay area. what's on president obama's schedule tonight. the headlines are not so flattering. what's happening with the facebook stock today? well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook in for tori
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campbell. it's wednesday, may 23rd. it will start in an hour from right now. volunteer also start another search for sierra lamar. organizers say the search is critical after the arrest. alex savidge is live at the search center in morgan hill. >> reporter: good morning, dave. even though investigators believe sierra lamar is dead, organizers are still motivated to find her and want to help the family figure out what happened to their daughter. volunteers will start to gather here in about an hour from 8:00 this morning the burnett elementary -- to this morning at burnett elementary. the mood will be somber. the 15-year-old, last seen in march, as she was getting ready to leave for school. so far, her body has not been found. since sierra disappeared, hundreds of people have taken part in searches here twice a week, organized by the klaas
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kids foundation. last night, people gathered here to comfort one another of a learning that a suspect had been arrested -- after learning that a suspect had been arrested. her parents, they want her home. they are grateful for those still searching. >> it's hard to hear that. with marlene not giving up, we want to stand in agreement with her. we don't want to give up. it's not over. >> reporter: and the santa clara sheriff's department giving -- not giving up. the mother of the suspect said her son went fishing near this waterway and that's why volunteers are searching that area. they will search the hills in and around morgan hill and then
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after that they will hold a remembrance memorial for her. back to you. >> thank you. the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar is due in court for the first time tomorrow. investigators say 21-year-old antolin garcia-torres did not know sierra lamar and that this was a random kyle. police say the dna evidence from -- crime. police say the dan evidence from her clothing linked the suspect to her clothing and apparent killing. tara moriarty has led up to -- tara moriarty will have more on this coming up. a large house fire broke out a couple of hours ago in bethel island in the area of stone road and bethel island road. the first emergency call came in at 3:06 this morning. we've been told one house burned to the ground. another house is damaged. authorities say no one has been hurt in this two-alarm fire.
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we're keeping track of this story. we'll bring you more redales and more information as soon as it comes in. santa rosa police are searching for the driver of the car that smashed into an apartment building and took off. it happened on sunset after at about 11:30 last night. six people were inside the apartment including three children. the truck crashed into a bedroom where people were sleeping. but fortunately, nobody was hurt. >> the vehicle did significant damage to the structure. so the engine captain called out the truck company and rescue to stabilize the building. >> investigators say it was a white chevy pickup truck. the family who -- that lived in the apartment is now being helped by the red cross. berkeley police are looking for the driver of a nissan that hit an officer. that happened yesterday afternoon when police went to investigate the reports of a young girl crying inside a car of baitman and webster streets.
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police say when the officer approached the car, the driver suddenly accelerated and hit him. the officer was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. as for the suspect, police tried to chase him down but they lost him on interstate 580 in oakland. 7:04. there is a question this morning, did some of morgan stanley's clients get inside information before facebook's stock went public? noelle walker joining us live. she's in menlo park. that's a question regulators are asking. >> reporter: yeah, dave. take a look at the headlines. this morning, the facebook probe, you can see here what happened to the stock the last few day the. certainly heading down in the wrong direction. now the securities and exchange commission is looking into that stock going public. there's also lawsuits filed against nasdaq. >> nasdaq opened about a half- hour ago. at the opening bell, facebook's
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stock went up. it's about $1 a up from where it ended yesterday, at $31. so at the moment, it's hovering around the 32-dollar mark. now, that's after three days of volatility that saw an 18% loss for investors from that opening $38 ipo opening. there was a lot of hype about the social media giant giant's ipo. >> they were not convinced that the valuation was correct and that the pricing was right. >> reporter: the securities and exchange commission is asking questions about what morgan stanley told investors, or whether they told certain investors only certain information they knew. nasdaq is facing lawsuits from people who say nasdaq was negligent because there were delays in about a half an hour.
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so as late as this monday, some investors didn't know whether they had stock or if they did, how much stock they had. reporting live from facebook headquarters, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. >> according to tech blogs, facebook is working on resee signing -- redesigning its unpopular time line feature. in the new version for example, the user's information will appear on the cover photo, instead of below it. it's being test -- being tested. they are still not sure if it will go live. president obama arrives for a flurry of fund-raiseers. he's stopping in colorado first. tonight he will attend a $35,000-per-person dinner. he will speak at the fox theater in redwood city, where tickets start at $250.
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>> pipe in redwood city and the fox theater reach -- people in redwood city and the fox theater reached out to him. the committee accepted it. >> it's not every day the president comes to town. yeah, really exciting. >> the president will spend tonight in san jose and then storm morning, president obama will appear at a fund-raiser at the garden court hotel in palo alto. we'll have a live report on the preparation underway right now in redwood city. mark sullivan, the secret service director, will make his first public remarks about the colombian prostitution scandal. coming up at 7:15, why sullivan says the scandal did not result in a breach of national security and why four agents fired because of the scandal say they are being used as scapegoats. 7:08. we're going back now to developing news we've been
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telling you about on bethel island. we have live pictures. newschopper2 has just gone over to the area where a big house fire broke out an hour ago. look at this. a lot has been damaged. this is an area of stone road and bethel island road in bethel island. newschopper2 flying over. the firefighters had their hands full. you can see they knocked down a lot of the flames but there is a -- but there is a lot of wreckage out there. again, we can tell you this fire started around 3:06 this morning. that's when the first call came in. at this point, we haven't heard of anyone injured in this. a major fire, we were told one home burned completely to the ground. you can see what we see as well, another home was damaged. we'll bring you more details but we wanted to show you that newschopper2 was finally there bringing you live pictures and we'll have more details as we get it. 7:09. over to sal to check in on the
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roads. how do they look? >> major road in contra costa county, not too far from here. i want to show you some pictures of the lass investigation of this head-on collision -- last investigation of this head-on collision. this area is pretty butcy. these pictures show it closed. they just reopened it. a head-on collision happened about an hour and a half ago with pretty serious injuries. people taken to the hospital and 2001 person apparently tried to flee -- and one person apparently taken from the scene. the lanes are open. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for about a ten- minute wait. once you make it over, it's good. this morning's commute, it's a little slow in san jose, getting up to the blossom hill area. this is one of the maps up to livermore. traffic is slow getting into livermore. but better in dublin and castro valley.
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right here from hayward to union city. we are gating some of the buildup we normally get. some patchy low clouds, mainly san mateo coast. most of it is burning off coast. it's coming off from the northwest. it's interesting right here. it's called a wave cloud. you get this very strong wind, 55 miles an hour, coming down the san joaquin valley. you get these clouds down there. for us, mostly sunny but it's rather breezy to blustery. mount tam to 47 right now. mostly sunny around the coast. sunny and breezy inland. nothing outrageous. west, 21 to gusts to 28 at sfo. there is a west-northwest, a north-northwest, santa rosa. that's a warm direction. i went 80 there. they are 57 now.
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57 concord. 50s across the board. the second day in a row where the lows are held around 52 to 56. the key is going on out here. that's high pressure building, build, building. unseasonably strong low is now poised to drop down. already some of the low clouds are moving into the northern part of the state. they are on the way -- they are on their way. so for us, it will be mostly cloudy by friday. possible showers. much cooler, breezy to windy with snow in the mountains. about 2 to 4 inches. if you are heading to shasta/lassen, mammoth, be advised. this could be a very cold system for this time of year. up towards the sonoma county, near the airport, breezy. 80 clearlake. 75 kentfield. richmond, 67. napa, 78. did go low 80s. 77 livermore, walnut creek,
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concord, pleasant hill, 66 berkeley, alameda. and 78 morgan hill. 75 saratoga. a lot of low 70s on the peninsula. some patchy low clouds. d.c. 61. i'll go 64 in san francisco. and then a big, big drop in -- an interesting friday for me. it will be clear and breezy on friday. sunday and monday do look nice and warm. a new al qaeda threat. what we now know about an attack plan and what may be a vulnerable target. tragedy at a popular vacation spot. deadly accident at lake tahoe. a little child accidentally -- and a little child accidentally locked in a washington machine. how a game of peekaboo turned into life and death. ñ#
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back to developing news in eastern contra costa county. newschopper2, a major house fire that broke out a couple of hours ago in the area of stone road and bethel island road. you can see the remnants. now, one house actually burned to the ground. another house was very badly damaged. but you see the wreckage. the firefighters, still going after the hot spots out there. luckily, we haven't heard of anyone being hurt. but you can see the firefighters have their job cut out for them and families are gonna need to find a new place to live. these are live pictures from newschopper2. it's a big fire on bethel island. the faa is investigating a deadly skydiving accident at lake tahoe. that happened yesterday morning kneecap richardson in south lake tahoe. investigators say a skydiver from the ta her area was killed. the coast guard rescued two
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others from the water. all three were experienced. investigators don't know how they died -- how the one died but windy weather may have played a role. these are still foe tote of -- photos of -- there's some gliders and see divers other -- skydivers. a parade of fire trucks will be rolling through sonoma and marin counties for the 15th annual burn relay. the firefighters will be picking up donations from various agencies along the way. last year, $30,000 was raised for bush villes. they will start at 8:00 this
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morning -- burn victims. they will start at 8:00 this morning. and money raided will be -- raised will be presented to the alicia foundation. the head of the secret service will for the first time talk publicly about the colombiaian scandal that's em -- colombian scandal that's embarrassed many. allison bushes is here to give us a sneak peek at the testimony. >> reporter: mark sullivan will try to assure senators this morning, there was no national security breach in colombia. he will likely face plenty of skepticism as he testifies before the senate homeland committee. but he's expected to say none of the agents accused of hiring hookers had information or equipment in their rooms that would have compromised president obama's security. he will also say the agency has
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not been able to substantiate the allegations of similar misconduct in san salvador on another presidential trip. senators want to know if the behavior is the norm. "the washington post" reports four agents fired say they are say goats. they reportedly say it's so bad, employees refer to the agency as the secret service. we'll be covering the hearing that gets underway in 15 minutes. i will have more live coverage during my nextian date. allison bushes, kut -- during my next update. alison burns, ktvu channel 2
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news. millions of egyptians are voting for a president today. it's egypt's first free presidential election since hosni mubarak. the two-day election ends tomorrow. none of the candidates are expected to win an absolute majority. so a runoff will be held next month. new laundromat surveillance video from new jersey shows a father playing peekaboo with a little boy and putting him in the washer. the washer started to fill up. the little toddler started to tumble inside. someone ran to cut off the power to this machine. the door unlocked when the power was unlocked. the child was rescued. the father said he didn't know somebody put money in that machine which apparently
7:21 am
started the machine to start. >> wow. incredible. it's been another breezy morning in the bay area. steve paulson will be back to tell us what we can expect later today. >> also what a judge in sonoma county has decided p about -- has decided about a popular ranch that is in danger of closing. and we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area when we get back.
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welcome back. time now, 7:23. a sonoma county couple has been granted more time to try to save the horse ranch they've operated for three decades. lee romero and corey vandergill lease the land. they are facing eviction. yesterday, a judge garaged them an extension and they have 90 days to pay the landlord $500,000 to buy the land or
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they will have to leave. >> we would be sitting on a couch in the mid. of the street with -- middle of the street with 40 little horses around us. i hope it never comes to that. it's very scary. >> they owe an considerable amount of money to the landlord and the landlord has been extremely, extremely patient but there's a limit to patience. a new crash in oakland, unfully, to talk about. sal -- unfortunately, to talk about. sal? >> yes. this is the left-hand side of your picture. the traffic is slower than it normally is for this time. this morning, we have an earlier start to that that slow down. if this is your commute, i think you need to leave the
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house five, ten minutes early. there is more like a 20-minute delay before you make it on the bridge. the road sensors are getting darker. and then in san jose, northbound 101, 280 and 85 are getting slow. let's go to steve. patchy fog around. it will be a sunny day but then all eyes will be pointing to the north in the next couple of days. a lot of sunshine this morning. just had a nice tweet from bubba, the tortoise. he's up there in petaluma. he says it's a nice day up there. he's go no work on his tan -- gonna work on his tan. >> hey! >> santa rosa, that's sonoma county airport, 57. they have a northwest wind.
7:26 am
it's right up around seattle, vancouver. it's on its way down to -- it lookings -- it looks be sacramento. 60s, 70s, upper 70s. i think very close to what we had yesterday on the temperatures. i went 80 in santa rosa. everyone else will stay about the sale. clouds start to increase, the cooler weather starts to arrive. cool, windy, possible showers. slow clearing, cool on saturday, sunday, monday, do look nicer. >> good. we'll hold off for that. it looks like the rumors are true. a silicon valley giant now appears ready make thousands of job cuts. the man suspected of killing sierra lamar is now in jail. why legal experts say his own mother could jeopardize his case. and president obama is coming to town today. where he's gonna be stopping and how it's gonna change
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things for businesses here today in redwood city. we'll have that story when "mornings on 2" continues. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
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with the touch of a button ? droid does. does it post it instantly to facebook with sound ? droid does. droid with color for facebook. it's the ultimate status update. get a droid razr maxx by motorola for only $199.99. welcome back. in just 30 minutes, volunteers in morgue be hill will begin another search for sierra lamar. organizers say the search is critical in light of the big break in the case. we have team coverage for you
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this morning. alex savidge is at the search center in morgan hill. but first we go to tam -- tara moriarty. >> reporter: one of the questions people are still wrangling with is will antolin garcia-torres face the death penalty? if so, will he lead authorities to her body to get the charges downgraded? he's accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year-old sierra lamar. the big break came when dna results came back from the suspect's car showing it belonged to -- belonged to -- belonged to sierra. his mother told ktvu said her son didn't know sierra lamar and that could jeopardize his case since his dna was also found on her clothing. >> because she's said publicly i talked to my son and he told
7:31 am
me he didn't know her. she's herrer -- never had any contact with her. i can guarantee you, the prosecutor will put her on the stand because that will show she's not telling his mother the truth and with the dna evidence, the jury will say, oh, no. you were the killer, then. >> reporter: authorities say he was aware that he was being watched by law enforcement and noticed the tracking device under the car. he lived with his mother and the security there is very tight. no media is being led in and out of that trailer park where they live. we're live in san jose, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >> stay with us and "mornings on 2." for the next 90 minutes we'll have continuing team coverage of these new developments in the sierra lamar case.
7:32 am
alex savidge will have a live report coming up at 8:00. president obama is coming right hire to the bay area later today. he will be raising money for his reelection campaign. the president will attend three fund-raisers. claudine wong is in redwood city right now, where they are getting ready for the president's appearance at a rally tonight. >> that's right, dave. >> typically the, yes. >> reporter: if you look close -- >> typically, yes. >> reporter: if you take a look closer, you will see signs. the streets will be shutting around 3:00 this afternoon and then that bakery on the corner there, they will be closing at 3:00. they will be doing it at 2:00, closing. the event does not start until 6:00, the president is expected to speak at 9:00.
7:33 am
he does have stops to make. you are looking at the president. he will arrive at moffett field and then head to a $35,000-a- plate private dinner in ather, -- atherton -- atherton. look for hp to make headlines. meg whitman rumored to be april nounsing 35,000 job -- announcing 35,000 job countries. under normal circumstances, they would lob that at the president and talk about the obama economy. but this is meg whitman's company and this is president obama. so they will say this is mitt romney's idea of what is a -- of what a good ceo does.
7:34 am
tonight, the president will be spending the night in san jose. tomorrow he spends the night at an islander event. tickets available for the event also costing about $35,000 each. this is a quick visit. the president is expected to leave the bay area by 10:00 a.m. again, this is going to impact the local businesses here in and around the downtown area. i just talked to one business owner who changed her plan for today. i talked to her customers. we'll talk to her and bring that to you coming up in about an hour. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. there's also a new poll coming out. we'll give you the details of the poll at 7:46 and the changes amongst the registered voters for president obama and mott. nancy reagan is still recovering after breaking her -- and mitt romney. nancy regularen is still recovering after breaking her ribs. she was supposed to attend a
7:35 am
speech by paul ryan but her doctor does not want her traveling to large gatherings right now. the audience was told mrs. reagan has at home watching the -- watching the event on television. contra costa county firefighters will try to figure out what caused a house fire in clayton that sent three people to the hospital. a couple and their adult son were rushed to the hospital. the two family dogs died in that fire and damage estimated at $150,000. gusty winds took down a big tree in the martinez area overnight. the 75-foot pine fell on pacheco boulevard just after 10:00 last night. take a look. it blocked both lanes of the road. police were called to the scene. it did take crews about an hour and a half to clear the roadway. oakland city officials gathered for banning -- on banning so-
7:36 am
called tools of event -- of violence. our camera was there when dozens of occupy protesters headed down the steps. moments earlier, the police cleared the chambers saying that emotional meeting was getting out of hand. several protesters were outraged over a plan that cracked down on the use of shields and other large objects. >> this is not a tool of violence. this is a tool of freedom of speech. >> now, the protesters often use large tools to attack police officers, it's reported. the city council will take up this issue again during its next meeting. san francisco is being recognized for having one of the best public park systems. they were scored on park access ability, park size and the
7:37 am
number of playgrounds. san francisco ranked number one followed by san francisco, boston, new york city and washington, d.c. are also in the top five. well, tour buses in san francisco will have to follow new noise restrictions. the board of supervisors unanimously approved a plan to quiet down open-top tour buses. they will have to have p.a. systems that are not audible within 50 feet. some complaints have come in that they are too loud in neighborhoods. ny are expect -- they are expected to take a final vote in two weeks. 7:37. we were talking about nancy reagan a moment ago, quick correction. you may have seen video of nancy pelosi in that video. that was incorrect. we want to apologize and mention that to you. traffic, sal's back. that's problems in the south bay. >> it's pretty slow getting up
7:38 am
into the south bay of the valley there. a lot of people on the road, let's go right to interstate 80 northbound and show you that. northbound 280 is going to be slow from downtown, it stays this way all the way to cooper tino. 85 is -- cupertino. 85 is slow. 101, i think is the slowest freeway, it's been slow from very early this morning. moving along to the 880 commute, northbound is a little bit messed up by a crash on high street. that crash has been removed. traffic is slower earlier than usual which tends to trip people up. you can expect slower and that will add time. in bay point, it's slow. eastern contra costa county, slow pin fell to richmond and then -- pinole to richmond and then at the toll plaza, you will see some traffic on the bridge and then leading to 580. let's go to steve. not too bad today. 50s for lows. it will be sunny and breezy
7:39 am
today. patchy low clouds around but the leading edge of what looks to be a big, big change. this is a visible satellite. you need daylight to see it. a lot of the low clouds are racing down the coast. this is going to play in our weather as the system drops straight down. this is going to give us a big change in our weather on thursday night into friday and early saturday. 50s on temperatures. patchy low clouds. you get the leading edge of what's going on right here. as high pressure builds out here. if this is over us, i would say it's gonna be sunny and warm to hot. it's driving this straight down. we'll have to deal with this, with possible showers into friday. if you are heading to the mountains, two to four inches of snow. there's gonna be big changes. now, today looks pretty good. mostly cloudy by friday.
7:40 am
possible showers, much cooler. it will be breezy and windy. the! kick out of here and sunday and monday look much better. patchy fog, a little warmer for a few, mainly santa rosa. they are getting more of a north wind there. 77, san rafael, 74. sausalito, 60. walnut creek, 77. low 80s, antioch and bendwood -- and brentwood. 73 san jose to 74 los gatos. peninsula, redwood city, woodside, mountain view, but 60s along the coast and rather breezy to blustery. 32 miles an hour. increasing clouds, low clouds on thursday turning cooler and a big-time cool down, possible showers on friday. slow clearing. sunday/monday, warmer. well, the wedding of a
7:41 am
couple in kansas was crashed by a tornado. it happened on saturday right after the couple said their "i dos." the couple got some amazing photos out of this. kansas, of course, known for their tornadoes. if the clear weather holds, cable's half dome will be up on friday. the metals are on the steepest portion of the trail. it's extremely dangerous to climb there when it's wet. at least five people have died with rain being a factor in nearly every one of those accidents. dozens of new parents are dealing with a health scare. how their babies may have been exposed to tuberculosis and what's being done to protect them? it's the wedding dress that's getting a lot of
7:42 am
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dow jones down 150. concerns over greece is topping the list. also the banks as well and then facebook banks are being sued over thing pre-ipo on analysts' calls. ford, getting back the blue, oval insignia and other items mortgaged in 2006. moody says ford's limited use of insenttives -- incentives of
7:45 am
sales is the reason for the decision. ford borrowed $23 billion to refinance a structure -- a restructuring. the facebook ceo and his long-time girlfriend, priscilla chan, tied the knot on saturday in a private ceremony. chan wore a $4700 dress designed by claire pettibone. to keep it a secret, she purchased the dress in denver and had someone else purchase it and she flew to her fitting using a fake name. president obama has just arrived in colorado. these are live pictures. the president stepped off air force one. he's on the ground talking to the officials there. the president is in colorado. he's -- he'll be delivering the commencement address at the air force academy. you see the delegation that's greeting the president there. before he leaves colorado, the president will attend a campaign event in denver and
7:46 am
then heads here to the bay area. as we watch these live pictures with the president on the ground, coming up at 8:30, ktvu's claudine wong will tell us where the president will be making appearances here in the bay area and the preparations that are taking place right now. well, the group that wants to preserve hangar one at moffett field is hoping that president obama will notice the historic hangar. the basic structure is now open to the elements. engage watts the -- that's wants the accounting office to cover it. google's cofounders have offered to pay for that in exchange for using part of that hangar. now, tonight, when president obama atens fund- raisers in -- attend fund- raiseers in atherton and redwood city, at the same time,
7:47 am
republican house speaker john boehner will be a couple of miles away at his own fund- raiser. he will be at the home of tom siebel inwood side for a round- table -- in ingleside for a round-table discussion. mott appears to an week away -- mitt romney appears to be a week away from locking up the republicannal convention. he now has 1,065 delegates. he's just 79 delegates short. he needs 1144 to secure the gop nomination. now, next tuesday's primary in texas should put him over the top. a new "journal" poll shows mitt romney closing the gap.
7:48 am
almost three dozen newborn babies may have been exposed to tuberculosis in solano and sacramento counties. it possibly happened at the north bay medical center and sutter medical center in sacramento. officials say back in march and april someone with active tb spent time in the neonatal intensive care unit. 15 babies were in the unit at that time. parents have been told their babies should be evaluated as a precaution. >> we are urging those parents to take their babies to their doctor before the end of the week to be evaluated. an -- if necessary, started on medication. >> now, health officials say the person with the active tuberculosis also spent time in the neonate toe unit -- neonato
7:49 am
unit. here's more information about tuberculosis -- it's an airborne disease that's caused by bacteria. it's mostly -- it most commonly affects the lungs. but it can also affect body parts as well. the centers for disease control says almost all tb cases can be treated and cured for taking the same medication often for several months. the city of oakland think stares's still time to clean the warriors from moving to san francisco. the warriors announced a plan yesterday to build a complex at piers 30, 32. >> we will play here in 2017. take that as a promise that we will fulfill. we'll be a world-class entertainment venue. we're all in. we're all in.
7:50 am
the waterfront restoration and construction project is expected to cost more than $500 billion. the warriors will foot most of the bill with additional resources. 7:50. overnight firefighters made some progress fighting a big wildfire near the california/nevada border. it started yesterday afternoon in the topaz ranch estates. that's about 50 miles southeast of lake tahoe. at least two homes and 17 out buildings are already destroyed. the firefighters are worried that high wind thes and the rough terrain makes their job
7:51 am
really tough. they suspect this may have been start from a controlled burn. in southern california, state officials want to know how a mountain lion ended up in downtown san francisco. it was poted by a janitor yesterday morning. they tried to tranquilize it, but that didn't work. they ended up shooting and killing that lion. there will be an autopsy pe formed to see if the if -- to see if the mountain had rabies or some other disease. jill carter announced she's leaving the center -- jill tarter announced she's leaving the center. she was who jody played in the
7:52 am
movie "contact." ♪ take me for who i am 16-year-old jessica sanchez kicked off the events with "i have nothing." phillip be sang "stand by me." the judges loved his performances last night. steven simon compared him to paul simon -- steven compared him to paul simon. "american idol" starts at 8:00 tonight. san francisco police say they know who is responsible for one individual being in the hospital after the beta breakers case. and we'll have information on the trayvon martin case.
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two men accused of beating giants' fan bryan stow now face a new federal charge. marvin norwood and louie sanchez were charged in the attack that left stow critically injured. federal prosecutors have just indicted the two men of being a felon in possession of a firearm. a search of the home uncovered weapons, including semi- automatic rifles, a 12 gauge shot gun and .
7:56 am
san francisco police are looking for people to come forward who witnessed a fight before 5:00 evening at the beta breakers. officers say a group dressed up as trolls and another group dressed in 49er jerseys got in a fight. a man fell, hit his head, lost conscious nbc. she's in a hospital -- consciousness. consciousness -- that person is in the hospital and lost consciousness. one witness said said she -- said she saw one person running only, not two. one witness said she thinks it was now zimmerman on top.
7:57 am
and another witness says she's not even sure it was zimmerman who was calling for help. how. sal? >> westbound highway 4 at rail avenue. westbound 4 right there at railroad. not the best spot for a crash. it's slow after as the road sensors are turning red and it's also slow at the toll plaza. it's quickly move along to 880 northbound. that's still slow from an earlier crash. in the south bay, this 237 picture will be slow. that's the way it is. getting into the valley, let's go to steve. let's go to -- we have partly sunny skies. breezy, blustery. today won't be too bad. big changes are brewing. they are looming. breezy conditions will continue today and get downright windy. 60 already in concord and santa
7:58 am
rosa. 62 in fairfield. it will be a filed to warm day. big, strong, low-pressure system. today, sunny, breezy. maybe a little windy at times. slightly warmer due to a northern wind. fire overnight from contra costa county. we're all getting a closer look at this morning's big fire on bethel island. and volunteers plan to start a new s for sierra lamar. the -- a new search for sierra lamar. the command center has just opened up. we'll tell you where searchers will be focusing later this morning. >> reporter: there are questions this morning about whether one of the facebook's underwriters passed on insider information. we'll have more on that and how the stock is trading this
7:59 am
morning when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:00 am
8:01 am
topping our news at this hour, there will be another search. let's go to alex savidge. >> reporter: good morning. the search center has opened its doors. you can take a look behind me. there are a number of volunteers inside. they are ready to go and ready to search for sierra lamar. they want to help the family find out what happened to their daughter. volunteers will start searching the hills and fields here and around morgan hill searching for sierra lamar last seen in march. so far her body has not been found. but earlier this week, sheriff investigators announced the man had been arrested facing charges of murder and kidnapping. i want to bring in brian miller. you are one of the search organizers here.
8:02 am
how does word of an arrest affect the morale of the search? >> we've always been looking for clues. the arrest is a clue. that's the biggest one so far. we know we have directions. we're working with the authorities as they come up and complete their investigations and as they have guidance for us, we'll take their leads. >> reporter: does it give you a certain sense of motivation to find sierra knowing that the suspected murderer in this case may know where she is? does it give you a sense of modevation to find her first? >> absolutely. we are -- we know it's a murder case. we'll always hold out hope,nd. and until there's -- hold out open, and until there's a body we're hopeful. >> and you are expecting a strong turnout?
8:03 am
>> he why -- yes, we always get a large turnout. >> they have been getting 100- plus people. on top of the effort launched from here, we also understand that santa clara county sheriff investigators continue to search a nearby reservoir, yubis reservoir. they have a dive team out there. once they finish up today, they plan to hold a remembrance viggeil in honor of -- vigil in honor of sierra. >> the man accused of killing sierra lamar is expected to be arraigned tomorrow. investigators say he did not know sierra lamar and that this was a random crime. they also say dna evidence from sierra lamar's discarded clothing linked the suspect to her kipping and apparent killing -- to her kidnapping
8:04 am
and apparent killing. 8:03. now we have new pictures from the ground to show you of the big fire this morning on bethel island in eastern contra costa county. we first told you about this on the ktvu news. it started near stone road and bethel island road in bethel island. the first emergency call came in around 3:06 this morning. we're told one house burned completely to the ground. the other house was damaged. authorities say luckily no one was hurt. the firefighters are still out there. they are putting out the hot spots. newschopper2 was flying overhead and show us these pictures a while ago. the crews are trying to get the hot spots out. we'll keep you posted. in the meantime, a fire that burned a home in sunnyvale has claimed the life of a woman whose body was found in a bedroom. the mobile home on tazman drive was fully engulfed when
8:05 am
firefighters got there in the morning. firefighters tried to keep the fire from spreading. two of the three family members got out. the third, though, was found dead. the cause of this fire is under investigation. new information about a san francisco educator arrested on dui and hit-and-run charges. this woman seen her in the brown outfit here is the principal at paul revere middle school. officers say she had a blood alcohol level higher than .08 when she allegedly hit two vehicles south of the golden gate bridge on may 12th. she told the online community site, mission local, that she plans to fulfill her three-year contract and remain aspirins pal. parents that protested against her claiming that she's disciplined children by forcing them to issuing in the basement and issuing -- forcing them to
8:06 am
the basement to eat and issuing them demerits. a man involved in a fatal crash in berkeley has been charged with vehicular manslaughter while driving drunk. police say he was going more than 60 miles an hour when he hit a tree on california last friday. his girlfriend, a recent berkeley grad, was killed. his son is on life support. police in emery -- police want to know how a man tell off -- fell off the
8:07 am
pier on an emery pier. firefighters were able to rescue him and they took him to the hospital. we don't know his condition. police say it -- police say this appears to be an accident. "the tribune" reports the neptune society wants to boulevard a facility right near the oakland airport. it would create up to 3,000 bodies ever year. however, officials are forcing neptune to get official approval from the planning commission. critics cite health risks such as pollution. neptune says they use modern technology that reduces pollution.
8:08 am
>> reporter: a probe has been launched into facebook stocks. i've been up wag the stocks since -- watching the stocks since 6:30, when the opening bill rang. it's not near as volatile as it has been in the first three days of trading. its up around $1. it's been holding right at the $32 mark. it's been going in the right direction, which is epu -- which is up. now that stock opened at $31 which was down 18% off the ipo opening site. there are questions about whether the stock was priced right. whether or not too much stock caused volatility in the first three days of trading and whether or not -- >> clearly we had mistakes within the facebook listing. we still want to highlight the fact this was the largest ipo ever and on friday of last week, we processed over $570
8:09 am
billion shares. >> reporter: now, facebook raised about $16 billion for this ipo but now the securities and exchange commission is launching a probe into why morgan stanley told select eleast investors. reporting live at facebook headquarters in menlo park, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. let's check in with sal. he's been cover egging a few crashes -- covering a few crashes. how is the commute? >> a lot of people heard about this crash and probably were delayed we had a head on collision. the road has been reopened. if you were driving through the area and you wondered why it was so slow this morning. that's why. this crash occurred at around 5:30. it was cleared about an hour and a half later.
8:10 am
there were serious injuries. the bay bridge is backed up for about a 10 to 15-minute delay. no major problems upon on the span. it's not exactly light getting into san francisco. as we look at the maps. it's slow going north in oakland. we still have the crash at railroad avenue. and then as weigh move to the east shore freeway, west 80 from pinole/richmond is under the speed limit. let's go to steve. mostly sunny out there a few patches of low clouds. it looks good today. tomorrow this will carry us into saturday. i don't think a lot of precipitation is going to happen here. it's going to be a big event. he will get snow up there. if you have travel plans, you might want to hunker down and get ready. for us we'll have temperatures in the 60s. today we start off with mostly sunny skies, patchy fog.
8:11 am
sunny, mild, warm. turning ruler -- turning cooler tomorrow. that wind will start to crack up. there's been gusts to 40. clouds, showers, possible for us. mainly cooler. nothing too outrageous but there is a definite breeze in place. again some of the higher elevations along the coast, i've seen 30, 40-mile an hour. 62. a almost north wind. most locations are in the upper 50s as well. high pressure is the key. it's building offshore and it's driving an unseasonabliable low around us. it will do -- it will it do a lot up in the sierra and shasta/lassen. possible showers, i would think leaning out more towards the valley. but big changes coming for the
8:12 am
valley. patchy fog, slightly warmer if we can get enough of that north wind. upper 70s, low 80s for some. a few low 80s. alameda castro valley, same for morgan hill. santa cruz not bad. same for woodside, menlo park. upper 60s, low 70s. a lot of 60s on the coast. really cool on friday about the same but sunday morning -- but sun/monday do look nicer. a shocking murder plot. this one involves a teenaged girl, her friends and her murder. a new terror plot while this one is being called electronic jihad.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
mostly sunny. get ready. big changes start tomorrow. so sunny today, highs, 60s 70s and very low 80s. right now a senate hearing is underway on capitol hill looking into the secret service colombia beyawn scandal. it's the first time the sex scandal has been -- cloppian sex scandal -- colombian sex
8:16 am
scandal. alison burns has more. >> reporter: mark sullivan is emphasizing the good work being done by them. here he is arriving. he's assuring senators he's conducting a full investigation. but he says the agents loved -- involved in improper conduct do not represent the value of the secret service. >> i'm deeply disappointed and i apologize of the misconduct of these employees and the distraction it's caused. >> we're taking a look at the hearing room. senators used their hearing room. they are consumed the heavy partying and hiring the -- hiring of prostitutes is part of the culture that what joe leiberman says has been referred to as "the secret
8:17 am
circus." sully vain states it's absurd to think this is part of the group -- sullivan states it's absudden to think this is part of the -- absurd to think this is part of the group. united states officials say al qaeda is trying to penetrate computer's networks of america. seeing cyber security is as vulnerable as airline security, they see it. well, millions of egyptians voting for a new president today. this is egypt's first free presidential election. since last year's ouster of the
8:18 am
long-time ruler hosni mubarak, the two-day election ends tomorrow. none of the 13 candidates are expected to win an absolute majority. a runoff between the top two finishers will be held next month. oakland police re-- released a sketch of a man accused of sexually assaulting a bromum -- assaulting a woman earlier this month. officers say on may 1st. attacker forced the victim to the ground. he ran off after the victim struck him in the face with her keys and threatened to call police. a $5,000 reward is being offered in the case. in southern california, a 13-year-old girl is accused of attempting to murder her mother with the help of two 14-year- old friends. deputies arrested the trio in hesperia. the mother is okay. but deputies say the teenagers made several attempts to kill her. the daughter was said to be upset about curfew rules. she was initially reported missing. but investigators say it was part of the conspiracy among
8:19 am
the teenaged suspects. 8:18. the niece of fidel castro will be speaking tonight in san francisco. she's a gay rights activist and the daughter of the current cuban president, raul castro. she will be speaking about gay rights at the lbgt center -- lgbt center at 6:00 tonight. can day four of jury deliberations in the mistress
8:20 am
and money trial. the jury end the its third day of deliberations late yesterday apparently -- apparently making little progress. edwards is accused of concealing fund to hide his mistress and love child. the trial of roger clemens resumes in about 40 minutes. prosecutors plan to wrap up -- wrap up their case and the defense says it will need seven ton eight days to present its case. time is running out in the trial. the judge says if it does not end by june 8th, he may have to delay it. the sidewalk on the west side of the golden gate bridge is scheduled to reopen. it was shut down back in january to make improvements at the southern end of the bridge which meant that bicycle its
8:21 am
and pedestrians have to share. eastern side for the last four months. the city of la fayette's financial outlook is looking pretty good. this week city leaders reported a budget surplus of $449,000 in the current fiscal year. the general fund also has an extra $45 -- has has -- also has an extra $4500. expenses for law enforcement are expected to gun and the city plants to fund major road improvements but city leaders expect to maintain a pretty healthy reserve by the end of the next fiscal year. 8:21. tragedy at a popular vacation spot. what may have caused a deadly accident in the waters of lakes tahoe. also, as we look out the window, that's a pretty good picture for a windy wednesday morning. steve's coming back. he will tell us all about our forecast. still busy out there as you drive west toward the bay bridge. >> we'll tell you what the
8:22 am
bridge is looking like and give you a look at the trouble spots. , and our communities...
8:23 am
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8:24 am
[ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl. welcome back. 8:24. the faa investigating a deadly sky diving accident in lake tahoe t happened yesterday morning kneecap richardson in south lake tahoe. investigators say a 29 why skydiver from the tahoe area was killed. the coast guard rescued two other men from the water there.
8:25 am
all three were experienced sky divers. the witnesses say the windy weather may have been a factor. >> it was windy. >> it was windy. >> the three sky drivers were out there on sunday, just a couple of days before yesterday's deadly accident. 8:25. is the -- 8:25 is the time. back to sal. there are a few trouble spots. >> how does it look right now? >> it's been kind of a rough one. the last few days, highway 4 still very slow coming to the willow pass grade. for this late hour, not really great for it to be slow. this is because of an earlier crash delay at the turnout. that crash has been removed but it's still below the speed
8:26 am
limit -- speed limit. 285 is improving a little bit. northbound 2890 at -- 85, there is a crash on the shoulder. as we look at the peninsula. 101 is -- in cause you are trying to pick a freeway. the stretch is pretty slow down to fremont. let's go to steve. sunshine out there, pretty to -- breezy to winy. about 30 miles an hour, 40 miles an hour. west 16, northwest san jose, west-southwest fairfield. there a breeze. 60s for a few.
8:27 am
the high pressure build -- it will drive a low it looks to me around sacramento. sunny, breezy for us. the rest of the holiday will be fine. there was a frightening overnight hit-and-run crash. really close call for several adults and children. we're live in san jose where the man accused of killing sierra lamar awaits his arraignment. why legal experts say his -- say the family of sierra could play a key role in whether he faces the death penalty. we love gardening...
8:28 am
8:29 am
yeah, but the feeling wasn't always mutual. i want you to grow big! if you grow for me, you'll get cookies for free. nothing worked. ♪ but we started using miracle-gro garden soil. you just mix it with your backyard soil... and it feeds your plants for up to 3 months. my plants grew bigger... more beautiful... with more flowers and vegetables. guaranteed. everything changed with miracle-gro. for you are these flowers,
8:30 am
like soap is for showers. everyone grows with miracle-gro. just 30 minutes ago, the latest search to find sierra lamar began. the man accused of -- the man accused of killing her and kidnapping her is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. tara moriarty is outside of the san jose city jail with more on the voyeur. -- with more on the story. tara? >> reporter: right now the suspect is here at the jail where he await his arraignment, scheduled for tomorrow afternoon at 1:30. 21-year-old antolin garcia- torres is accused of kidnapping
8:31 am
and killing 15-year-old sierra lamar. the big breakthrough came when forensic results came back from the subject's car, a red jetta belonging to sierra. now, deputies had antolin garcia-torres under 4-hour surveillance hoping that would lead them to the body. that didn't happen. now authorities are hoping he will tell where the body is to save his own life. >> usually the family wants to know where the body is, simply by the fact the accused telling where the body is, that's certainly an admission was, in fact, the one that took the life. >> antolin garcia-torres's mother said his son told her he didn't know sierra lamar. but since his dna was found on her clothing, sierra's
8:32 am
clothing, some say he could be lying and could lie to a jury. back to you. >> make sure you stay right here for the news. we'll have continuing team coverage of these new developments in the sauer case. 8:31. well, president obama is coming to the bay area later today. he will be raising money for his reelection campaign. the president will be here for less than 24 hours. he will be at three different fund-raiseers in that time. claudine wong is in redwood city. it will get busy a lot earlier here in the downtown. if you take a look at the street signs, you can see signs mosted on those lamps says no
8:33 am
-- saying no parking. we've also been talking to businesses planning to close early. the president will be here for less than 24 hours. it's more like 16 hours. the president arrived about an hour ago. he will fund raise there before heading out at 6:00 tonight. businesses around the fox theater are still not sure how it will go for them tonight. >> i'm on a half crew vers the -- verses the full crew. i've cut it down into half to not have any waste today. >> we're gonna open and see how it goes, kind of play it by ear and see where we're at. if there is a lot of people down here, then we might get a little bit of a crowd as far as
8:34 am
coming to get a beer or something something to eat. >> reporter: so here's what we know about the president's schedule -- landing at moffett field, straight to a private dinner in atherton, $35,000 a plate for that one. 9:00ish at the fox theater and he will sleep and then tomorrow he has a meeting with a pacific islander in palo alto. he's expecting to be on air force one and out of here by 10:00 a.m. back to you. >> all right. we'll have coning coverage all day for you on our newscast, of course and also live streaming on our channel 2 website, oakland leaders gathered last night to vote on banning schools of violence during protests -- >> pam, i can pick it up from here. >> that vote never took place. our ktvu cameras were rolling. they were there when dozens of
8:35 am
occupy protesters headed down the steps of city hall. moments later police cleared the chambers. they said that -- a meeting was too emotional and getting out of hand. investigator outraged. >> i usually -- i usually carry one. i will continue to carry one. there's nothing you guys can do to stop me. >> the city council will be taking up -- overnight a truck smashed into an apartment building in santa rosa and now the police are busy searching for the driver. this happened on sunset avenue around 11:30 last night. six people were inside the -- were inside the party last night. the truck crashed into a
8:36 am
bedroom. people were at the -- were asleep at the time. >> the red cross is as ising them with relocating for the night. >> the triber of the truck ran away after this crash. investigators say it was a white chevy pickup truck. >> police in berkeley searching for the preliminary who on baitman and webster. whenever the police officer approached the darr, the trover stepped on the bus and -- stepped on the gas and hit him. the police officer was taken to the hospital with moderate injuries. as far the suspect police tried to keep traffic of him. but they lost sight of him.
8:37 am
inin' out burger has --in' and out burger has ditched the idea of opening a restaurant in novato because of soil issues. they still want to build a facility there but. they are looking at other -- there, but they are looking at other options. according to the contra costa why the times "city council says it's not the right time to spend $40,000 changing street signs. they were considering changing l street to marina parkway. there's one way to attract more businesses near the waterfront.
8:38 am
monterey is number one followed by calistoga, lake tahoe, santa barbara, and be santa cruz. that's according to trip advisory which says all five of those destinations are within 299 miles of san francisco one way. more people are expected to travel this weekend compared to last year. most are planning to drive. >> all right. we'll see how that works out. 8:38 is the time. let's check in with sal. >> i just remember my bad getting me up about the time i get up -- >> we were excited to do that. >> yeah injuries -- yeah, let's start off with a look at northbound 290. it will be a little bit slow in the downtown area of a new crash at. it -- at northbound 338 of a. that one looks like it may have involved and it be accident and
8:39 am
injuries. the morning commute also is going to be very slow. look at 880. low from hayward to union city. southbound and -- very slow from oak to downtown. >> the bay bridge has not really improved. it stayed steady at about the 10 to 15-minute delay. let's go to steve. sunny, breezy today. today looks like a nice day unless you don't mind the -- at least we have a lot of sunshine. however, there is a lot of low clouds that's in -- that's in advance of the system that will be be -- turning cooler. there will be -- there will be -- rampps. much cooler and 911 -- but there will be snow up in the
8:40 am
mountains and i think showers and possible showers up in the -- showers up there it will be a breezy day ta. when they go over land, they -- brie day day. when they go other -- breezy day. i think -- when they go over land. it will be a breezy day. pog. maybe a little warmer. sonoma at 77. petaluma is 74. fairfield, 79. concord, walnut creek, concord. >> all upper 70s.
8:41 am
80 gel roy. mountain view at 72. now 60s on the coast. san mateo, redwoodable sun, krien es-- sun increasing clouds on thursday. windy on friday. very cool and breezy on saturday. sunny, warm and. just about 40 minutes ago dab it be look what happened -- an parade of fi trucks in the 15th annual burn delay started its journey from sonoma to marin county. >> be last year, more than possible be now, the be foyer trucks just left. the fire trucks are expected to arrive at fire station number
8:42 am
one in sausalito tonight at nasdaq. >> -- at 5:00. and a push to bring home. a new volunteer effort gets underway in morgan hill to find the missing teenager. even though there's been an arrest in the case we'll tell you why her mom is still hopeful when "mornings on 2" continues.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
at safeway's annual shareholder meeting, robert gordon told a joke that not only fell flat. according to the san francisco "chronicle" he's having to write apology letters.
8:46 am
he referred to a trade, two hogs for secretary clinton and nancy pelosi. after complaints, gordon and steve berg wrote apology letters to clinton and pelosi. meet this woman, she's made her fortune in mining. she's worth $29.7 billion. walmart's heiress had been the wealthiest woman. let's get you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you right now. firefighters still there at the scene of a big fire overnight on bethel island in eastern contra costa county. it started around 3:00 a.m. and the flames hit up the night sky. reports say one house burned completely to the ground.
8:47 am
and another one was damaged. morgan stanley facing a federal investigation for the way it handled facebook's stock debut on wall street. regulators are examining whether the bank only sold some clients that one of the analysts cut the revenue. morgan stanley was the chief underwriter for facebook's ipo. the man accused of killing and kidnapping sierra lamar is due to be arraigned in court tomorrow. in the meantime, a new search is rapping right now in morgan hill. aisle lex savidge is at the search center. >> reporter: a short time ago, we talked to sierra lamar's mother. she told us she's motivated to, in her words, finish the mission. she has quite a bit of help. you can see a lot of volunteers are already here. they are getting prepped to head out in the field a short
8:48 am
time from now. the first group has just left thing about heresh -- left the building here. there's a sense of sadness as news of an arrest has come down. people gathered to say a prayer in honor of sierra lamar. so far, her body has not been found. but sheriff investigators have made an arrest. 21-year-old antolin garcia- torres now facing murder and kidnapping charges. sierra's mother told us a short time ago, she hopes the arrest will motivate these volunteers. >> it was difficult to hear that stated but at the same time, i'm glad here's -- there's somebody in custody. i consider it a possibility as far as our mission to retrieve sierra for her to come pack to us. meantime, the santa clara
8:49 am
county's office continuing their search as well. a dive team focusing on yuba's reservoir, south of morgan hill. this search will continue throughout the day. it will be the last one that will happen here this week. they already have a very strong turn out here this morning. a total of 130 volunteers so far this morning. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. a house fire in clayton that sent three people to the hospital is now under investigation. this one started about 6:00 last night at a home in the 5le 800 block in the home of four oaks lane. a couple and their adult son had to be rushed to the hospital. two of the family dogs died in the fire. damage is estimated at $150,000. well, strong winds toppled a big tree in the martinez area overnight. it was a 75-foot tall pine.
8:50 am
it fell down on pacheco boulevard near aroundal drive around -- around old road. the police were called out. it took crews p an hour -- crews about an hour and a half to clear the road. nearly three dozen babies may have been exposed to tuberculosis in solano, county. public health officials say in march or april a person with active tb spent time in the neonatal intensive care unit at the fairfield hospital. 15 babies were in the unit at the time. parents were told their babies need to be evaluated as a precaution. >> we have detailed information about this. >> the person with active tb also spent time in the neonate
8:51 am
toe unit -- neonatal unit. nancy reagan is still recovering after breaking her ribs six weeks ago. that announcement was made at the reagan library. her daughter does not want her going out to large gatherings right now. the audience was toll that she is at home watch -- the audience was told that she was at home watching event on tv. san francisco has -- san francisco has one of the biggest park systems in the nation. they ranked 40 lel park systems in the nation's -- local park systems in the nation's largest city. they were ranked on accessibility, park size and the number of playgrounds. san francisco ranked number one followed by san francisco.
8:52 am
boston, new york city and washington, d.c. were in the top five. well, tour buses in san francisco now have new noise restrictions to follow. the board of supervisors unanimously approved a plan to quiet down some of the open-top tour buses. under the plan, buses will be required to have p.a. systems that are not heard within 50 feet. some people complained they are too loud. the board voted to crack down on parking violations. they are expected to take a vote on all of this. this is a story that will give any parent a panic attack. take a look at the surveillance video, that's a 3-year-old boy riding his scooter through rush hour traffic. cars -- coming dangerously close to hitting that little boy. amadeingly, he avoided -- amazingly, he avoided all of the cars. when asked if he was scared, he took his head, no.
8:53 am
no. just riding my scooter. why? oh, my goodness! how a toddler ended up inside a washington machine that's filling up with water. why the said -- inside a washing machine that's filling up with water. why the dad said he put him in there. and the season finale for "american idol."
8:54 am
8:55 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." take a look at this if you haven't seen it yet.
8:56 am
laundromat surveillance video in new jersey showing a father playing pack a by with his little boy -- peekaboo with his little boy. but the door locked, the water -- washer started to fill up with water. the toddler started to tumble inside. parents panicked. they raced to turn off the plug. the father didn't know someone put money in the machine which apparently caused it to start automatically. the city of oakland are questioning whether the warriors can clear all of the regulatory hurdles to build a new basketball arena on folks's waterfront. the warriors announced a plan to build a complex at piers 30 and 32. it would include an arena, retail center, restaurants and a park park -- and a parking garage. we will play in 2017. taken that as a promise that we
8:57 am
will fulfill. itwill be a world-class entertainment venue. we're all in. we're all in. >> the waterfront restoration and the construction job expected to cost more than $500,000. the warriors will pay most of it with extra money coming through licensing and sponsorships. we're gonna find out tonight who will be the next "american idol" ♪ take me for what i am ♪ >> that's jessica sanchez, 16 years old. she kicked off whitney houston's "i have nothing." phillip phillips he performed "stand by me." the judges seemed to like it. in fact, steven tyler compared him to paul simon. you can see the "american idol" finale right here starting at 8:00 right here on channel 2. >> no shortage of talent on
8:58 am
that show. >> no. let's check in with sal. >> still a lot of slow traffic especially on 280. 8 0 oakland, northbound, slower than usual, back up into -- 880 oakland, northbound, slower than usual. barked up -- bark -- backed. increasing clouds, fog. much, much cooler. windy. maybe some showers on friday. snow in the mountains. >> okay. that's it. that's our report for this morning. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> be sure to join us for the news at noon. thanks for watching. she's italian... and you can't cook. ♪
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