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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 23, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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can't compete with apple. they will have to find a new market if they will survive. >> in some ways replacing or outdating companies, some of the -- i mean it is just natural evolution. >> reporter: hewlett-packard wants to put much money it saves into research and development. >> trying to cut your way back to leadership is tougher than cutting your way back to profitability. >> reporter: many job cuts will be done through retirements. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> shares of facebook rebounded today, despite a new absolut a federal investigation. -- lawsuit and a federal investigation. >> it was up 3% over yesterday,
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but still shares are down 16% since friday. share holders hit facebook and margen stanley -- morgan stanley with a lawsuit. it claims they provided false and misleading information oo most share -- to most share holders to living the true -- to giving the true picture to insiders. coming up, mike mibach breaks down the allegations and shows us what it could mean to the company. new information in the sierra lamar case. we are learning more about antolin garcia-torres' past and what his family is saying. ktvu's janine de la vega spoke to his relatives this afternoon. >> reporter: frank, we are here at the rv park where antolin garcia-torres lives with his mother, his wife and his
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daughter. the family says their heart go out to sierra lamar's family but they are devastated over the latest developments. >> reporter: she shared paragraphs of antolin garcia- torres. >> it is hard to see him behind a caged, locked up, thinking -- we are thinking he is innocent. >> reporter: they say ever since their brother was arrested for the kidnapping and murder of sierra lamar they have been taunted. >> that is your uncle on tv. you know, he samurderrer. -- he is a murderer. >> reporter: we asked about his past crim2348 record. -- crim2348 record -- criminal record. >> he got in the way of a suspect. >> reporter: he was also charged with intercourse with a minor and they had a child and
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now expecting another. deputies arrested him for battery when he punched his sister's boyfriend and now police are linking him to 1-3 attacks in a safeway parking lot. they don't believe the accusations. >> i know him. growing up with him. and it just -- the person i see on tv is a different person than what i grew up with. >> reporter: we are told antolin garcia-torres' mother visited him in jail today. his first court appearance is tomorrow. reporting live, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details on the case now. the district attorney's offense said antolin garcia-torres will be arraigned tomorrow afternoon in san jose. she facing charges of kidnapping and murd ur. >> the search for sierra lamar, crews look to water ways in
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their efforts to bring her home. >> robert handa is live where searchers are taking the suspect's alibi into consideration. >> reporter: today the first day -- today is the first day of searching since the rest of the suspect in the sierra lamar case. the searches seemed to have more focus because of what the suspect said he was doing at the time of the disappearance. >> reporter: the sheriff's dive team was back near the reservoir today -- [no audio] >> reporter: the suspect said he went fishing at water ways and while they won't comment, yesterday antolin garcia- torres' mother said he told her
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he did. >> girl disappear -- he have the date off, he said he left the mother's house and then he went back to go fishing. >> reporter: volunteers headed out. sierra lamar's father says the area is of special interest because antolin garcia-torres had been there. >> whether it is true or false we are going to use that as a hint and, you know, help -- help lead our searches. >> reporter: today the sheriff pointed out all of the water ways have been searched. coming up at 6:00erse more on the search -- 6:00, more on the search. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our coverage continues on air and online, log on to
5:06 pm and click on the sierra lamar tab. san francisco police are investigating a triple shooting today that happened in the tenderloin neighborhood. three women were shot at 1:00 p.m. the injuries are not life threatening. the shooter may have been have a van. investigators are check surveillance video to see what happened. at this point no arrests have been made. despite a rescue attempt, a man in a wheelchair died. police are investigating how the man fell into the water yesterday. a woman jumped in to try to save him but he was carried away. firefighters found him and pulled him from the water.
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two people are seeking shelter arch a fire -- after a fire broke out around 3:00 on bethel island. when firefighters arrived several houses were engulfed in flames. they had to battle strong gusty wind and they had to bring in their own water. >> because of the lack of fire hydrant, water had to be shuttled in. >> fire came through the windows and then i run to the back and the back is on fire. i didn't have nothing but my pants that i have on. >> no one was hurt but two houses were destroyed for a third damaged. no word on the cause of the fire. firefighter that destroyed two homes near the nevada- california line is now moving away from homes. the smoke from the fire drifted hundreds of miles south to las
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vegas. 450 firefighters are on the ground and four air tankers. the fire, which is 10% contained scorched 5,000 acres, no one has been hurt. police are looking for the driver of a truck who crashed into a apartment building and took off last night around 11:30. it took out parts of two walls in a bedroom where three people were sleeping. no one was hurt. the red cross is helping the family. the truck is a white chevy pick up. the remains of those killed in a plane crash in indonesia are being returned to their families. relatives gathered to honor the desoutheast -- deceased. all 45 passengers and crew were
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killed. the cause is unknown. a strike may be looming at a oil refinery in the bay area. workers have been vocal about their dissatisfaction with contract negotiations. this week union members voted to reject management's final oft and authorize a strike. they say they are disappointed and plans to keep talking with union representatives. it could effect production, possibly resulting in higher prices that pump. jury abandoned $11 million in damages to a injured barbage truck driver. his front wheel collapsed and the vehicle dropped into the ground in october of 2007. three companies were named in
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the lawsuit. the companies maintain the driver had preexisting back questions. the evidence does not support charges against a passenger who had a surgically input device in her body. a u.s. attorney says the passenger told investigators that she had been wronged byes for wanted president obama to provide her with medical assistance. a vicious assault after the bay to breakers race ends. why police are now asking for the public's photos. >> it is wind eout there. -- windy out there, i will tell you how much longer the winds stick around. i will be back in a minute. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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nan remains on life -- a man remains on life support
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after a fight after the bay to breakers. ktvu's david stevenson tells us they were wearing very distinct out fits. >> reporter: the police wants the public's pictures to help identify a suspect. >> reporter: they need the public's help to serve a crime that happened after the bay to breakers race. investigators say an argument erupted between two groups around 5:00 in the golden gate park. >> from the side or the back borderline sided the -- blind sided the victim. >> 31-year-old man struck his head on the sidewalk and hospitalized with life threatening injuries. they are looking for pictures of both groups together in the
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park based on costumes similar to what you see here. >> the victim group stud out, dressed in troll dog wigs and the suspect was wearing red and white football -- jerseys. >> reporter: includes individuals known to the gang task force. >> we have never had a gag type incident with the bay to breakers. that is unusual. >> reporter: an unusual request for the police. they are asking for people with photos of wearing wigs like this to call them. reporting live in san francisco's golden gate park david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. san francisco supervisor believes the spirit of harvey milk helped him to decide whether naming a ship after the
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supervisor. milk's spirits spelled out letters saying good riddens to "don't ask, don't tell." milk was a san francisco supervisor and was shot in 1978. after six years on the job, the alameda county firefighter chief is stepping down to pursue other interests. sheldon gilbert served as a firefighter for 26 years. he was named the fire chief of the year by the state fire chief association. officials say a person who may have exposed babies to tuberculous had a reason to vizzal two california
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facilities. a person with tuberculous visited two neonatal neonatal units. about 2 dozen infants are now being evaluated. the infected person had not been diagnosed at the time of the visits. the state department of fish and game sued the u.s. army core of engineers. officials say the levy maintenance policy doesn't clime with the endangered species act. the u.s. army corps of engineers says the policy is uniform enforcement of a rule that has been a pride in california before. winds ripped through southern california making highway travel danger and elevating concerns about fire danger. officials say fierce gusts knocked down 50 power poles in the high desert. the department of transportation is advising drivers against traveling with
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trailers and campers. the advisories are in effect for tomorrow for los angeles, ventura and santa barbara counties. strong winds also hilt the bay area. -- hit the bay area. san francisco saw gusts of 50 miles per hour and ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin says the winds are expected to hit their peak today. >> when do you think their dying dow? >> i think they peaked this afternoon and they are dying down but it will still be breezy thursday and last few days we have with gusty winds, especially long the coast and bay. inland it is breezy but not blowing you over. delta has had strong winds up here. fairfield, we got winds at 16. that is not that impressive. concord, pittsburg 25 miles per
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hour. pretty impressive. point reyes, winds gusting to 40 miles per hour. you can't see that. gusting to 40. so very windy along the coast. very windy throughout the bay. that rips the fog up. that is where the fog went. we had fog, patchy fog but the winds are such they are chewing it up and it is gone. temperatures mild today. lots of 70s. temperatures tomorrow, well, they will be cooler still as a real weather system moves to the north of us. tomorrow, breezy. on the bay. winds kicking up from 9:00 in the morning. not as windy as today. winds tomorrow morning, on the bay, 20 miles per hour. lunchtime 30. late in the day, 40 miles per hour. the san francisco airport, 40 miles per hour. more wind.
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i know if you have pollen issues these winds are trouble because they are stirring up a lot of the pollen. if you are bothered more than usual, this wind is throwing everything up in the atmosphere. there is a lot of particulate. if you are bothered, just know that tomorrow will be a similar day. the forecast tomorrow, despite no fog it is still cool because of the winds. blowing sand at ocean beach, along the great highway. the forecast highs, into the valley, mid-70s. most of us tomorrow are in the upper 60s, low 70s. that number is towards eastern livermore. when i come back we will have the complete forecast for your neighborhood, the five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, i will see you back here. an employee at a safeway can go back to work thanks to
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an internet campaign. he was suspended after he stoped an assault on a pregnant woman inside the store. many people called him a hero. but his bosses say he violated company policy. a customer started a nationwide campaign and 180,000 people joined the campaign. executives responded and young will be back at work with back pay. a southern california woman is outraged after her disabled son was neglected. he claim as southwest airlines attendant abandon her brother who has trouble walking, speaking and moving. she found him alone outside baggage claim near the curb and her brother's walt is now miss -- wallet is now missing. >> i was shocked, surprised and scared for him. you are contracting with that
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airlines to take care of this person that you treasure. >> southwest says it use as contractor to help passengers, the airline also says it is looking into the situation and deeply regrets the family's disappointment. the secret service was front and center today on capitol hill. >> i don't know the environment -- >> what the head of the agency had to say about the employees in question. >> and change in security at airport before the long holiday weekend, find out what is new for travelers. we love gardening...
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the head of the secret service submitted to a grilling where he apologized for the sex scandal. >> i am deeply disappointed and i apologize for the conduct of these employeesployees and the distraction it has caused. >> a dozen were accused of hiring prostitutes in advance of president obama's visit. the director told the committee today most secret service members are dedicated, hard working employees and the scandal was an isolated incident but senators fired back saying they permitted a culture of coralling. >> this was not a one time
5:25 pm
event. the circumstances suggest that different rules apply on the road. >> the secret service direct were insisted president obama was never at risk and none of the agents had been giving sensitive information. 9 have been dismissed, 3 others were cleared. two who resigned now are fighting for their jobs back. they are investigating the secret service scandled. pretrial evidence say four witnesses to the shooting of trayvon martin by george zimmerman changed their stories. a woman who first said she saw two men running now says one was running. and another is changing the story about how george zimmerman acted immediately after the shooting. a new way for travelers to speed through airport security
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at sfo. clear, the new secure i.d. program was launched today at the airport. it had been shut down since 2009. clear lanes are located at every terminal. cost $179 to register for a clear i.d. car. it used information from driver's licenses and passports and a finger print. united airlines is changing a policy that will effect parents traveling with children. they will no longer be aboard to load early if they are flying coach. other carriers have also made the change. more activity than redwood city has seen in a long time. how they are getting ready for
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a presidential visit. >>
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. complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> in redwood city crowds are gathering, waiting for president obama to arrive. the president is on his way to the bay area, one of the spots is the redwood city's fox theatre. ktvu's john sasaki is there and shows us how tight the security is. >> reporter: this area around the redwood city's fox theatre is shut down. back over here you can see supporters are lined up waiting. >> reporter: 1300 obama supporters are flooding in to
5:30 pm
redwood city for the fundraiser. 250-$10,000 a ticket. >> to see a president, you know, live and personal, and the redwood city's fox theatre every seat is a good seat. >> i am so excited. >> reporter: it is at the redwood city's fox theatre. the mayor seems giddy. >> i am feeling butterflies. excitement for meeting the president. proud to represent our city. >> huge undertaking securing the area. >> hosting the puns -- the president of the united states. there have been a lot of preplanning. the area stretched for several blocks, now the redwood city's fox theatre blocks are locked down. this owner had to shut down early today but didn't seem to
5:31 pm
mind. >> pretty thrilling he is coming to redwood city. >> reporter: across the street they are staying open but the owner is unsure what to expect from the crowds. >> are they going to stand in the street or eat after? >> reporter: most people seem excited. not every day the president comes to town. >> since 1932, this is the first time we have a sitting president visiting redwood city. >> reporter: most folks hoping to catch a glimpse of the president. live in redwood city, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the president is expected to arrive in an hour, which would be towards the end of ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 and we will try and bring you that landing live. social networking will play a big role in the president's visit. >> we will have our social media people there on twitter
5:32 pm
or on facebook just giving the folks a feel of what is going on downtown. >> the redwood city police chief says he had a social media team in place now for -- [no audio] mitt romney spoke in washington. a nonprofit small business group. he layed out his policies for education which he called the great challenge of our time. he says as president he would expand school temperature. >> here we are in the most prosperous nation on earth but millions of our kids are getting a third world education. and america's minority children suffer the most.
5:33 pm
>> the secret service escorted a woman out of the room. today's speech was part of a new campaign strategy. a jury decide that google did not infringe on oracle's oracle's patten. the verdict came down today in san francisco. they inherited the rights in an acquisition in 2010. oracle was seeking millions of dollars. home sales rose last month, new evidence the housing market is starting to rebound. they increased by 3.3% in april. sales rose in every region in the u.s. except the south. the gain pushed the pace of
5:34 pm
sales to its second highest level in two years. sales of previously occupied homes also reached a two year high. oil dropped for the first time since november. the dip happened after the u.s. said oil supplies grew last week to the highest level since 1990 and the price tends to fall as more supplies become available. on wall street today stocks staged a late day rally to overcome a dismal start. >> fears that greece will leave the european union brought stocks down but a rise in shares in apple helps stocked rebound. look at the numbers now. the dow is down 6 to 12,496. the nasdaq is up 11 at 2,850. the governor is proposing cutting three weeks from the
5:35 pm
school year as one consequence if voters fail to pass his tax initiative. ktvu's ken pritchett is live on why cuts are coming no matter what. >> reporter: we are in san francisco, this and all of the schools in the district had four days cut from their school year and that number could grow. >> reporter: the kids may not understand the consequences but when it comes to furlough days parents do. >> it is very difficult. you have a random furlough day and you have to arrange child care. >> reporter: she concerned about the potential of more furlough days and the governor says that is a possibility. >> we have to go to the people who get taxes. >> reporter: governor jerry brown says he would allow schools to cut three weeks if his plan is rejected in november. >> we have the shortest school year of any country in the world and we think we will fix our issues in the future by cutting more days?
5:36 pm
>> reporter: the superintendent says passing the tax plan is important but it is not a fix all. >> in san francisco if it passes then we have to cut $83 million. if it doesn't pass we have to cut $119 million. >> reporter: districts like san francisco, one day is too much for some parents. >> doesn't says a lot of good about where we are as state. >> reporter: this question of furloughs comes when many school districts are struggling. there are 188 school districts in california that may not be able to balance their books. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. the warriors wants to move to san francisco but their minor league team will be relocating for sure. >> and osterages and earth
5:37 pm
wakes. this unlikely connection made through a bay area exhibit.
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the city counsel approved a deal to move the golden state warriors farm team to their city. they will built a facility on front street. if the league approves this the
5:40 pm
wizards could move from north dakota to santa cruz. a man who says he was lured into trying trying to robba las vegas casino is now talking. he said he got involved in the scheme after answering a craigslist ad. he said it failed when he was tackled by an employee but the other two would be robbers escaped. >> are you irritated you are the only one here? >> no. >> the other suspects have not been found. he is facing felony charges. the largest city in the state is closer to banning plastic bags. the los angeles city counsel
5:41 pm
approved a plastic bag ban. the ban could take effect this year after environmental impact report is completed. the queen of disco donna summer was layed to rest today. family and friends crowded into a nashville church for the funeral. she died of cancer last week in florida at the age of 63. tonight aaron idle will pay -- american idol will pay tribute and to robin gibb who died later this week. >> big changes in the alameda fire department. >> and we have wind to talk about and temperatures will drop down. i will be back here in just 10 minutes. @
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it was one year ago a man was struggling in the auditor for -- water for an hour and no one came to his rescue and eventually he ended up buying. ktvu's rob roth shows us a lot has changed since then. rob? >> reporter: since the death of a man in these waters off crown beach a year ago the fire department resserected its water rescue program. it take as lot of -- takes a lot of training. in this training exercise a man
5:45 pm
is 200 yards out drowning, a rescue swimmer pedals out and a boat is launched. in less than two minutes mission accomplished. >> approaching people with caution. making sure that we can enact a rescue safely. >> reporter: this training exercise, this water rescue program wouldn't exist if it weren't for what happened last year on memorial day. >> reporter: he walked into the bay to commit suicide. but police and firefighters can only stand on the beach and watch. the program was disbanded years earlier and no one knew how to safely rescue someone. zack died. his mother still grieves. >> i am still not over it but i
5:46 pm
am just trying to -- i am just trying to get over all this. >> reporter: in the wake of his death the fire department reinstituted the program. >> whatever scenario it is, we want it help. that is why we are here. >> i thank them for starting the program. >> reporter: the city says no matter what budget problems may be coming the program is here to stay. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. drivers that use the bridge be cawear it is closing this -- be wear, it is closing this friday and through memorial day weekend. today they gave us a look. reinforcing concrete slabs, replacing joints. caltrans wants drivers to be
5:47 pm
prepared. >> allow extra travel time, take the detours, and use for trip planning. -- for trip planning. >> it is planned for 10:00 p.m.m friday through 5:00 a.m. tuesday. another road closure this memorial day weekend. in san francisco crews are set to install one of three bridges on first street that is scheduled to be closed between mission and howard street. the closure is scheduled for friday at 8:00 p.m. through tuesday morning at 5:00 a.m. officials are warning the city could face severe budget cuts if voters reject a sales tax hike in june. leaving four police positions vacant, negotiations
5:48 pm
perfurloughs or layoffs and cutting hours at senior centers, those measures could be avoid if voters approve measure p. napster moved closer to launching its start up air time. it is set to debut june 5. air time will be a live video chat platform. the san francisco business times reports napster is closed on a deal for new funding for air time. the deal is led bycliner perkins. -- bycliner perkins. a man is mentally competent to stand trial. he is charged with murdering his friend two years ago. police say he was found stabbed to death and his body was
5:49 pm
mutilated. he pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity. maryland 911 dispatcher is on administrative leave after he snored through an emergency call. [ snoring ] >> the woman called 911 from her home when her husband was having trouble breathing. he said hello but got no reply. a second dispatcher gave her first aid advice. officials say the dispatcher was a firefighter who was 17 hours into a 24 hour shift. all right. the weather now. bill, i am taking a guess but seems like today was a good guess for wind surfing. >> almost too windy. they were howling winds. the airport had gusts up to 50 miles per hour.
5:50 pm
today is the gustiest day we have had. through the next few days winds continue to be strong. especially tomorrow. you see the heat in the central valley, 83 in sacramento. cooler by the coast. where the winds are having an impact on what we are doing. these are the highs today. 78 in napa. 77 santa rosa. 67 in the san rafael area. tomorrow temperatures drop off a few more degrees and that will happen because we are waiting for the temperatures -- there we go. waiting for the temperatures to begin to come back up as we come into the bay area weekend. over night lows in the 40s. 45 in napa. 45 in santa rosa. over night lows on the cool side. winds dies down tonight. high pressure center right there.
5:51 pm
that sets us up with the wind as you are seeing. that is tomorrow. more of the same tomorrow. okay? and friday, this weak system drops down and bring as slight chance of a shower and drops temperatures. friday in the 60s. we will watch this. this is unusual weather system. could it trigger a thunderstorm? maybe. we could see something. we will watch it. definitely something we will keep an eye on. tomorrow, you can see not a bad day. watch here, thursday and friday. here is friday. see the greens? and friday, 4:00, scattered showers. that is the computer model. let's keep that in mind. chance for a sprinkle on friday. i will be back tonight at 10:00 with the latest run and we will dial that in for you because it is an unusual pattern for this time of year. highs tomorrow, 70s and 70s. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, long
5:52 pm
weekend for many. memorial day coming up. weekend low 80s. mild, been mild. not real hot. >> mild is the word. thank you. last call for a land mark san francisco establishments establishments establishments establishments.
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a new earthquake exhibit is taking a unique look at the impact of earthquakes, including the migration of ostriches aand other flightless birds. >> they are on different continents but they all started from one common species. >> what you saw and heard was the new earthquake simulator called earthquake. the earthquakes are simulated inside a model of a victorian house. >> hopefully everybody will learn from it because earthquakes happen all around the world. if you take steps you can minimize potential of injury
5:56 pm
and damages. >> there is also a model of the worth and a new plantation show that takes you on a journey to the faults and down into the planets interior. it opens saturday at the california science academy in the golden gate park. last call tonight at san francisco gold dust lounge. the bar is being econvicted. but the own -- evicted but the owners plan to relocate by fisherman's warf. word is it could reopen. we are hours away from learning who will win americanideful season 11 -- american idol for season 11. [ singing ] >> jessica sanchez from
5:57 pm
southern california kicked off last night's show and she is up against pillp phillips. you can watch the finale right here on ktvu channel 2 news. the coverage begins at 8:00. open sea sailing is back on. the new safety standards being examined for bay area sailors following a fatal boat crash. >> and we are awaiting the arrival of president obama, she should land within the next half hour. the stop he is making here and the top donors we found here in the bay area.
5:58 pm
shrimp scampi. or grilled malibu chicken, or bacon-wrapped shrimp. starting at just $11.99.
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his sister says he is innocent, we talk with her about the accusations her brother killed sierra lamar. >> new at 6:00, the safety measures the coast guard is putting in place to prevent further tragedies. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening. i am. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am julie haener. >> open sea sailing is back on with improved safety measures in place for sailors. this comes after the deadly crash of


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