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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 23, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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last month. ktvu's cara liu spoke with coast guards today. >> reporter: organizers of this weekend's cup implemented safety changes and the coast guard will allow the race to go on as planned. this will be the first in the san francisco bay area since the deadly sailing accident last month. ktvu confirmed the u.s. coast guard plans to lift its ban on open ocean races tomorrow. this in time for friday's cup. >> we anticipate the cup happening as scheduled. >> reporter: the coast guard implemented a safety stand down after last month's accident. 5 sailors lost their lives. u.s. sailing has been reviewing safety procedures, findings were presented today.
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>> sailing is looking at all off shore races to look if we could improve to make the races safer. all with the goal of keeping everybody safe. >> reporter: one new development that will be announced tomorrow is the formation of a new racing counsel. organizers will enhance safety and communication during the season. we also learned there is debate over tethering and whether it should be mandatory the crew be tethered in. >> the low speed chase was a horrible tragedy that we hope to prevent in the future. >> reporter: other changes will be announced tomorrow. live, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. the man investigators say kidnapped and killed sierra lamar will make his first court
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appearance tomorrow. antolin garcia-torres is being held without bail at the main jail. we have live team coverage tonight, ktvu's janine de la vega is live near the suspect's home with the long history antolin garcia-torres has had with law enforcement. >> reporter: antolin garcia- torres lived here at the rv park with his mother, his wife and his daughter. his sisters live a few miles away and they are already getting taunted by the public over the arrest. >> very upsetting. i mean, we can't go places without people recognizing us and saying rude comments. >> reporter: she shared pictures of her brother antolin garcia-torres. he is marid and has a dotter dotter and another baby on the way. the sisters says he has been cooperating with authorities. they say antolin garcia-torres
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did not know sierra lamar but investigators say dna evidence found links him to his murder. >> we have our own questions and things like that. i mean, just like anybody would stand by their family and say they are innocent and i believe that. >> reporter: his sisters haven't visited their brother in jail yet. we tried to get ahold of antolin garcia-torres' wife but she debined to be interviewed. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. >> this is not antolin garcia- torres' first run in with police. in may of 2009 he ubtrucked officers trying to arrest a wanted felon. a year later he was charged with sexual intercourse with a minor. and then they married and had a child and now expecting another one. in june of 2010 he was arrested
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for battery when he punched his sister's boyfriend and now police are linking him to one of three attacks on women in a safeway parking lot in 2009. volunteers and investigators continue their search for sierra lamar but today was different. investigators went back to the reservoir where they have searched before but the focus intensified do to a new clue. ktvu's robert handa is live. >> reporter: coordinators saw their biggest crowd in weeks, one of the first day of suchs since the rest of a murder suspect -- searches since the arrest of a murder suspect. >> reporter: 180 suspects showed up to search for sierra lamar. antolin garcia-torres has been charged with murder and kidnapping. >> made me more determined to
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come and give support. >> sierra lamar is alive to us. not that we are in denial, we just have faith. >> reporter: sources say antolin garcia-torres told investigators he went fishing around morgan hill, yesterday his mother said her son was here when sierra lamar went missing. >> he had the day off and he say that he left his wife and the mother's house and then he went back to go fishing. >> reporter: searches will continue at all local waterways. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >> and our coverage continues on you will find more video about the suspect and details, click on the sierra lamar tab. gusty winds helped drive a
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fire that destroyed two homes. flames were shooting out of the homes on bethel island after 3:00 a.m. one person in each house got out safely. fire crews had to bring in water and also a fire boat since there are no hydrants. damage is estimated at $750,000. a labor dispute at the refinery and that could lead to higher gas prices. workers could walk off their jobs. the management says it is disappointed and plans to continue negotiations with the union. a strike could stop production and that could push gas prices higher but so far no strike date has been set. court workers are voting on a possible strike if talks break down. clerks held a rally this afternoon. the union says the administrative offense is asking members for a 5% pay cut
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and contribute more to healthcare and pensions and while at the same time mismanaging their budget. >> waisted a billion dollars. >> according to the union, administrators say the concessions are needed to keep the courts from losing more jobs. the san jose city counsel will let voters decide whether to adop a city minimum wage. counsel members decided to put the issue on the november ballot. if voters pass the measure it would boost minimum wage from $8 to $10. grand jury indicted a man on 45 counts of tax fraud. he was arrested this morning. they say among other things he failed to report his business
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or its receipts for three years. if convicted on all counts he faces 135 years in prison and $11 million in fines. judge sentenced a woman to 6 years in prison for defrauding a charity. she was convicted last fall of wire fraud and money laundery. she stole $200,000 from one foundation. a poll released today suggesting a california residents want to ease punishment when it comes to drug crimes. law makers are considering a bill that would make drug possession a misdemeanor. 35% favored revising the law.
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27% oppose that. supporters of proposition 29 are pushing their measure. >> i support big tobacco because they killed my wife and that is one less mouth to feed. >> twenty-two of the actors held a mock -- 2 of the actors held a mock trial. the latest numbers show 53% support it, compared to 67% a few months ago. >> reporter: voters gave a clean water measure enough votes to pass. only el cerrito voters supported the measure. if approved the fee would have raised money to improve the handing of storm run off. president obama is expected to touch down in 20 minutes for a brief visit to the bay area. happening right now, ktvu's eric rasmussen is awaiting the
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president's arrival. >> reporter: just checked in with a member of the president's staff, they are expecting him to touch down in 15 minutes. we have a crowd that gathered here to see the president arrive. you can see the large motorcade that is awaiting the president. this will be 16 hour visit that will include three fundraisers. >> reporter: fresh from a graduation speech in colorado, the president sets his sights on more dig money. -- big money. the first at the home of lisa and doug goldman. >> i am curious to when he will do a policy event. >> reporter: he says president obama doesn't have to talk policy in california, because he is expected to win the state by a wide margin. >> he hasn't done many policy
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events in california. he raises money and splits. >> reporter: both the president and mitt romney have landed big name donors in the bay area. wayne jordan $100,000 to the obama campaign. meg whitman $100,000 for mitt romney. map light says the concern isn't just the amount of dollars, but what the money is buying. >> we have a system where the president have to kneel before the check books of rich people to get elected. >> reporter: tonight the president will attend a rally at the redwood city's fox theatre. we have also learned a campaign
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round table has been relocated to san jose. we will be here when the president touches down and bring it to you live. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. the fall out from facebook's ipo, the flurry of legal action tonight against the biggest stock debut in history. >> it is windy out there. san francisco airport, 50 miles per hour today. it will be a cool one tonight and cool tomorrow. how cool it will be in your neighborhood for your thursday.
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the daughter of cuba's president is in the bay area on a visit that sparked praise and
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vitticism. -- and criticism. she known for her vocal support of gay rights. she visited san francisco general hospital. [ speaking foreign language ] >> her visit come underfire from republicans who say the obama administration should not have granted her a visa. share holders filed a lawsuit against facebook and morgan stanley. it alleges facebook omitted important facts. ktvu's mike mibach is here with more. >> reporter: facebook stock up 3% today. this after its value dropped 18% in its first three days. it was valued at $104 billion, now worth $84 billion. this cost investors a lot of
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money and now some are going after facebook. >> reporter: facebook goes public, selling 421 million shares. since then one group says it lost $2.5 billion. today the investors suicide facebook, morgan stanley and other banks. it claims facebook and morgan stanley concealed information from smaller investors but not with their big institutional clients. >> they increased the size, the price of the offing, at the same time, they were getting wind the results of the company, the financial results were weaker than anticipated. >> reporter: mark zuckerberg went on an ipo road show talking to investors. the banks named in the lawsuit were reducing their revenue growth forecast for facebook
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because mobile users were growing faster than revenue. wall street alleges, large institutional investors received privilege analysis that drove them to dump the shares shares and small investors paid the price. >> material information that wasn't disclosed in connection with the ipo. >> reporter: a panel is reviewing facebook's ipo. facebook spokesman said we believe the lawsuit is without merit. mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. you are looking live at air force one coming in for a landing in the south bay. president obama coming here on a short fundraising trip. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live at the airport. eric take it away.
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>> reporter: as you can see, there is air force one making its approach here. as you know, this will be a short visit. stands to reason the president wants to be as close to on time as possible. three fundraisers in 16 hours as he gets ready for the show down in november with mitt romney. as we watch air force one, i can tell you there are a number of greeters that have come together to welcome the president to the bay area. the mayor is here as well the director of nasa research center. the story is president obama coming back to california. he has been here a few times. each time the focus has been on fundraising. and there is air force one as
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it touches down, carrying president obama. we will keep an eye on the plane as it taxis around. it will get loud here so back to you and we will bring you live pictures momentarily. >> all right. we will tell you more about the visit. it will be brief. tent and tomorrow morning -- tonight and tomorrow morning. he will greet the crowd waiting to see him and he will make his way to the home of lisa and doug goldman. the president is expected to attend a fundraising dinner there tonight. tickets went for $35,800 a person. >> air force one is such a beautiful plane. it is a flying white house. anything he can do at the white
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house he can do from air force one. california isn't up for grabs when it comes to the election, it is clear president obama will take california. so he doesn't have to talk politics, and policies when he is here, he can just come here and raise money. money is what you need to win the election. >> what else is on tap for tonight after the dinner at the home of lisa and doug goldman. he will go to the redwood city's fox theatre. a group of people already gathered there for an event and they will have speakers leading tune the president -- leading up to the president. he will address the crowd around 9:30 tonight. the seating going for $1,000 a person. the president then is expected to go to san jose where we are told maybe he could be staying at the claremont hotel, that is
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where his fundraiser is tomorrow. he tomorrow. >> anytime the president goes anywhere, security is very, very tight. can we -- eric, are you still there? >> reporter: yes. >> what was the security like for you to get into the field and what is it like right now? >> reporter: i covered a number of presidential visits over the years and the security has to be very tight. there is a very long process. you are seeing the president's arrival but for the folks in the media, it starts early in the day. we show up hours ahead of time and they take care of searching every last inch of what should be a secure area here, so yes, the security is very tight. we showed you earlier in the broadcast a crowd of people that have come here to see the
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president, everyone had to be thoroughly checked as we did. so security very tight here. there are people all over the area keeping a close eye on the president's arrival. it is a matter of practice when the president is in town. you see air force one carrying president obama. making its way back up here. there are a group of greeters that will welcome the president as he steps in to the bay area. this is his second visit to california this month. he was in southern california on another fundraiser. so even though like you said california by no means up for grabs. the primary shortly is not going to be close one when it comes to deciding who the nominees are. however, california a critical state because of the pockets of
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wealth. politics, like it or not, is about money, especially with the super pacts. we showed you where the big money is coming from and the president is here on a campaign mission. you are not going to hear policy speeches, even though he made world news with his endorsement of same-sex marriage earlier. recently. even that is not on the table. again, just 16 hours, three different events and the president will make his way out tomorrow. it starts here, goes to redwood city, san jose, cover various parts of the bay area. [ talking at the same time ] >> can i ask a question? >> reporter: yep. >> any members of members of the public can they get near to watch the president as he exits the plane?
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>> reporter: yes, yes. there is a crowd of people here. we have been restricted here to our riser. i have not had the ability to talk to them and see who each one of the people are. you have all ages here to see the president. it is not a huge crowd but there are people here getting a chance to see the president. >> talking about raising money here, how lucrative california can be, information here that president obama and supporters raised $59 million in large donations from california through april. mitt romney has raised $21 million. lot at stake. even though it is a brief visit there is a lot of money to be raised. >> reporter: we talked to the folks behind this group, map light, and they track the money coming in to the candidates and
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the different political campaign. one thing the director pointed out, when we talk about the money coming into the super pacts, right now for the president, the pact that supports the president 55% of the money is coming from california. the experts expect closer to november we will see the money spread out, money will come in from all over the country, but right now california had a huge say in the fortunes of the president's campaign. >> couple weeks ago the president had that fundraiser use -- clooney's house. >> reporter: exactly. like our experts said, it is no secret why the president and mitt romney for that matter are going to the parts of
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california that they are going. again, anytime you have a president come to your neighborhood, come to the bay area, it is a big deal. air force one has an incredible -- is an incredible airplane. i am starting to get drowned out. you are getting a good look at air force carrying president obama. it is an incredible sight. >> beautiful plane. they keep it in pres teen condition. what happens -- pristine condition here -- is there a possibility he might stop and greet the people who showed up to see him? the members of the public. >> reporter: i can tell you if i was in that crowd i would be hoping the president would come
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over. we know the presidential schedule is tight. 16 hours in the bay area. as you said, as we show you the motorcade is standing by. there might be a short meet and greet, you got to believe somebody is keeping the president on the clock tightly tonight. >> all the security and the traffic, as soon as they get off the plane, they meet and greet and then it is whisk away time. few people have to be, you know, inconvenienced as the security and the traffic and the motorcade makes its way to the home of lisa and doug goldman. >> how many reporters are with you? there are national reporters
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there as well? >> reporter: there may be. a lot of it is the local folks we know from all over the bay area. maybe a dozen. maybe more than that here to see the president. this is part one of the story. when you talk about the security, you have to have multiple people in various places. there are people making their way off of air force one right now. very large plane. it can carry a lot of people that work with and cover the president. i am seeing the doors at the front of air force one opening up.
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>> wasn't the president running behind schedule? >> reporter: maybe 20 minutes. i was talking to someone in denver who said they were getting rain and they may have held up the president. >> it can cause delays. they will stop traffic th


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