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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 24, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us, i am pam cook. >> let's check your weather and traffic, steve is right there. >> it was sunny for many and supplement will be affect tore -- sun will be a factor, we start off with coastal clouds and 50s and 60s and now mainly lower 70s, here is sal. traffic looks good in marin county and there are no fog problems in central marin and it is clear as well as you come to the downtown area. we are starting with a victim developing story, san
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francisco police chased carjacking suspects all the way to the east bay. we are in oakland to tell us how this high speed pursuit finally ended, christian? >> we are at the intersection of burma and west oakland and you can see the intersection was just reopened and it was opened in the last 15 minutes or so, the van believed to be open and we were live on our camera as they took them into tas did i, the other after a search was put to rest. after searching for him, he began shaking and began having a seizure and this whole thing started as a robbery and carjacking and san francisco police began pursuing that white van that was involved in
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that robbery. across the bay bridge, they called in california police s and then called oakland police and it stopped at the intersection of oakland and burma and that suspect was brought out for a brief lineup and it was harder to get him into custody, once police arrested that second suspect, asked him if he was having a seizure. we are looking for more details but this whole incident started in san francisco, a pursuit across the bay bridge wound up here across west oakland and two suspects wound up in custody, christian captain ktvu
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channel 2 morning news. president barack obama spent the night at the fairmont hotel and you can see police officers outside and he is a tending a fundraiser. last night he appeared at a private fundraising in at they areton. he talked about his -- last night he appeared at the private fundraiser in our area. >> i am running for president of the united states... >> people demonstrated outside the foxwoods in red wood city. >> we need four more years. >> what is being seen is not what we desire for ourselves
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and our children. >> he will meet with a few people there at the round table and he is scheduled to depart at 10:00 a.m. president an apparent drunk driving crashed along the motor cade root. when he got to the intersection, the car hit the divide and knocked out the intersection light. the cars jumped the sidewalk in front of the pacific inn. moments later, the president's motorcade passed by. >> angela will be seen in a san jose courtroom, tell us about
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the maim challenges. >> reporter: well antolin garcia-torres sits in a jail at the main cell and he will not have any time outside before he appears in court this afternoon. the 21-year-old murder suspect will be walked in an underground tunnel that links to the courthouse. he faces one count of murder and one count of kidnapping sierra lemar. this is the first time we are getting a look at him since monday night. crews and teams have not been able to find the body. it has enough evidence to go to trial against sierra lemar. but the sierra lemar family is hoping they will find her alive. >> we still want her back and we are never going to give up. >> the. >> reporter: the arrangement is scheduled at the hall of
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justice, we are told we will not be allowed inside the courtroom, lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> stay with us for continuing coverage. sierra lemar case and we will be in court when the suspect goes in front of the judge. new video to show you have you tube showing vandals going wild in san francisco and triggering outrage with business partners wanting the judge to do more. now a group calling itself a certain name posted this in the mission district. the vandals hid their faces and damaged a police car. they accused them of not doing enough. >> this was the 6th window that
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was affected. >> she is still recovering. in a written statement, the police department said this video could yield evidence for an investigation. the group that posted the video is not claiming responsibility for the van limb. the victim was wearing a roll like wig when he was beaten. coming up we will tell you what the alleged attacker was wearing and how people can help with the investigation. a national freeway in antioch is among the worst in the country. on week day afternoons, nationally it ranks as the 10th worst and it's slowing
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down the commute even more. >> is that a big surprise to you? >> not at all. in fact i was doing a story about that the other day. it will be summer of 2015 where there will be a four lane highway. >> but when it is all going to be done is three years from now. pain before president our, let's look at -- pain before president our, let's look at the commute, 880 westbound you can see traffic is moving well. i have been doing traffic for a long time and this was one of the most commute, it is not as bad as it used to be, let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza and that traffic is light getting into san francisco. 280 is off to a good start and
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it is looking good throughout the santa clara valley. thank you, steve. we are waiting for the oregon border. it looks like it will drop in around sacramento and this look looks it will be colder and there will be some snow showers up there. although it is starting to show up by this evening and tomorrow is the key day. look at that, line it up and again this system is dropping in and it does not have a lot of moat to your with it and early saturday afternoon, it is probably a little overdone but it will be a breezy pattern for
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a few days. the breeze is already there but attend degrees spread, they will hold it at 50s and it will really change our weather later today. some fog although it is clear now, coastal clouds are close and it will not take them much. they will come down with a possibility of thunder showers chilly in the morning and it will be warmer sunday and monday. >> all right, 510 is the time, more fall out, the two investigations are now being lost. where it started and how big is the danger, we will explain. coming to the willow pass grade we will tell you more
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about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned for more. lysol knows the soft places we love could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray
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♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. . a military probe is underway into what sparked a fire. the fire started yesterday afternoon and the subject's re-
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- sub's reactor was not damaged at the time. six firefighters were treated for heat he can august, no -- heat exhaustion. the state department is tapping into islamic websites replacing al qaeda ads bragging about killing americans. hillary rodham clinton said rather than hacking into the sites they will challenge extremists in open forums. and a government watchdog group has released cia records detailing conversations with the people behind the academy award-winning film, the hurt locker. they allowed them to talk to the seal team that killed osama bin laden. our washington d.c. room, they are investigating whether
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investors in facebook got a fair deal, allison? >> reporter: the securities and exchange commission and two congressional committees are examining the facebook ipo and the worry is facebook and its lead underwriter morgan stanley gave information about facebook findings. richard bloomen that'll said congress needs to make sure the ipo process needs to working for everyone, not just for insiders. >> they need to make sure the playing field really is fair and balanced and everybody gets the same information at the same time. >> facebook is already facing several lawsuits but the company insists they are without merit. allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. they say they are preparing
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for the possibility, greece may leave the euro zone. european leaders say they will standby greece as long as they continue their commitment. now if the new government that comes to power in greece will not agree with the awesterty measures -- they agree to leave the euro zone. now police say a 30-year- old man was wearing a wig similar to the one we are showing you there after the race. the beating happened in the meadow section of golden gate park. the man who beat the victim was wearing a football jersey and some are known to the task force. they want you to check your photos and see if you have any
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photos whering either costume. they want ideas on how to spend the surplus. some could go to late night and if it is approved they will run to several east bay stations beginning in september. bart is also considering hiring 56 more workers. >> look at this, a parade and it was part of the 15th annual burn relay. it went through sonoma and marin counties and they raised 32,000 dollars for the alyssa rouch foundation. they are promoting burn education and a lot of good people are enrolled in this.
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>> yes, absolutely. 5:17 let's check in with sal. traffic is moving along well, of course you know the golden gate bridge is getting a lot of attention, international attention this weekend so start thinking about that. it will be the 75th birthday and there will be cross use and delays but try not to be on it. there are some restriction there is so put it in the back of your mind so sunday is an off day for many people. you may want to think about using the bay bridge if you want to avoid the crowds. let's go to the bay bridge and of course you know the dumbarton will be closed this
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memorial day weekend too. you can enjoy your own beautiful home. let's look at caster valley, there was a grass fire at westbound 580 and there is a truck on the shoulder which is not using a huge delay, it is clear right now. and the biggest will be up in shafter, it will be breezy at times down right windy and fog at the coast and it will be there later on as the pattern gets closer and we will have a recovery out of the weekend. 40s and a breeze 54 san jose, hayward, our system is dropping down and you can see it off of
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seattle and vancouver and it goes over land so it does not have a lot of moisture to working with so the fact that it is a arriving end of may it will be breezy as the system gets closer. 70s inland and these are a few upper and lower to mid. 60s closer to coast and bay even though it will be sunny and windy at times. possible up this showers more likely to the east, it will be sunny and warm monday and wednesday, pam. encouraging greece to stay in the euro zone and to stay committed to the bailout agreement. overnight, they are mixed and
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china and hong kong slowed further. jam niece tried hitting harder after stocks in those regions. the s&p 500, small moves again yesterday, and right now futures indicate a slightly higher opening across the board right here in the u.s. there is a report that facility book is in talks. they started trade on the nasdaq friday with complaints ever since. they will have more on hosting the games and the front runners, they are not strangers on bidding for theee olympic games. the quote heard about chap
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willing the dead. >> it looks good in southern marin county and we will have more on your bay area commute and bay area weather straight ahead. does your phone share what you are seeing and hearing right now
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. well, if you think it is breezy here, look at this,
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powerful winds affected a minnesota car dealership. it blew out some 90 cars. they clocked it at 75 miles per hour and they are still waiting on the insurance company to figure out how to deal with the mess. they are picking up on the coast and it is prompted a tropical storm warming 550 miles west and has winds at 80 miles per hour. it is expected to strengthen throughout the day and by friday it is expected to weaken according to the national weather center. he believes his decision making to the dead. he was quoted as saying he consulted a board to contact assassinated supervisor harvey milk. he said he wanted to see if
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milk approved of naming a ship after hip. >> it is out there. >> you can always turn to the board, it is a valid option. >> he said he was just making a joke and surprised it was taken seriously. he was making light of everyone were consulting with everyone whoever knew him with regards to the naming of the ship. they have reportedly named them to run the states program. but he was fire last summer and uncovered rule violations in several sports over a number of
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years. hosting the summer olympics has been turned down to three. it is madrid's third consecutive bid, and third time overall for istanbul. they will take a final vote in 2013. time is now 526 and we have several traffic problems. >> yes, we do, traffic closures and delays you can expect all over the bay area. president barack obama is raising some serious campaign cash, the event he is attending, we will have that and how much he expected to earn while in town. good morning right now on the sunole grade traffic looks good heading out of pleasanton, we will tell you more about the commute and bay area weather.
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straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ [ transforming sounds ] [ male announcer ] transformers. the ride.
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ride it at universal studios hollywood. . well, good morning to you, it is thursday, may 24th, i am dave clark. >> time now 5:30 let's check in with steve paulson and we are talking about a little rain? >> cold and windy and fog is getting close on the coast and this system is inches closer. sunny and breezy, it is clear right now and there will be some fog near the coast and we will have more on the system in
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about seven minutes, here is sal. as usual we have some slowed traffic already in the tulane section in antioch near bay point and northbound 101 traffic looks good approaching the 80 split, let's go back to dave and pam. police have arrested 2 carjacking suspects after a chase from san francisco to oakland. the pursuit ended at maritime street and burma road. the chase began at 1:00 this morning when officers pursued two men in a white van. the chase crossed over into oakland and that's when highway patrol went after them. one suspect was hiding in suburbs -- hiding in the bushes and he suffered an apparent
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seizure and was taken to the hospital. president barack obama has one more before leaving the bay area. alex savage is live outside the president's hotel with the key group of voters. >> reporter: is he courting asian americans and a key demographic expected to vote this november and to that end he is holding a business forum with asian american supporters. wealthy donors will be paying $35,000 each. silicone power players will be given a chance to talk about things like immigration and education of he attended a private fundraiser and then he addressed alarmer crowd of supporters in the city where he attacked mitt romney for what
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he called failed economic policies. president barack obama needs four more years to finish the working he started. >> we are not satisfied, we have a lot more working to do, not when so many of our friends and family are still out of working and when so many of our homes are still under water and laying off teachers and first responders. >> reporter: of course all along the way, there were plenty of protesters greeting them. the president is cheer collecting and he is expected to net $4 million during this bay area visit. everything wraps up in downtown san jose and after that the president heads to moffett field and he will be taking off at 11:00 this morning. antolin garcia-torres is scheduled to make his first
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appearance. he is due in court 1:30 this afternoon. joining us with the major challenges facing prosecutors, here is more. >> reporter: prosecutors can have a challenging case ahead of them. antolin garcia-torres is here this morning and is set to be here later today. antolin garcia-torres faces one count of murder and one count of kidnapping 15-year-old sierra lemar and this is the first time we will be able to see antolin garcia-torres since monday night. they don't have a weapon and crews and volunteers have evidence against him but the case for murder will not be easy. >> they cannot retry him if they find the body and if there is evidence on the body that shows he did it, the game is
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over. >> reporter: we are told cameras will be allowed inside the courtroom and for the first time we may hear from the suspect. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> there are sisters who show photographs of them with their brother. the two young women say they are stunned their brother is accused of kidnapping sierra lemar and they are remaining confident he had nothing to do with her disappearance. >> it is hard to see him behind a cage locked up, we are thinking he is incident. >> they stand behind their brother despite his criminal record. he also has a previous conviction for interfering with a police officer. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the sierra lemar case. we will bring you the court hearing later today when
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antolin garcia-torres makes his first appearance. he tried luring a teenage girl into his van. it happened in the morning while the girl was waiting for a bus in the bay view district. the man in an orange van pulled up, offered to give her a ride. when she said no, he tried to grab her. he is between 27 and 30 years old, he has dark skin, a thin build and long black hair. we are now learning george zimmerman in florida had police connections long before the shooting. coming up, what george zimmerman said after going on a police ride a long. the dumbarton bridge connecting fremont and meadow bridge will last until 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning.
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in san francisco, 1st street will be closed between mission and howard and that's for the working on trans bay terminal. temporary lines will also be shut down and that begins friday night at 7:00 and that will last for ten days. muni will provide buses though. golden gate bridge, sunday evening for it's big 75th celebration. it had begin at 5:00 p.m. and it is expected to reopen by 10:00. for more on how to get around, look for the hot topics section on the front page. we had a crash in vacaville, what happened? >> yes, we have a couple of cars on westbound 880 on month
5:38 am
it visit -- month it vista drive, it is not affecting them too much, we follow the east shore all the way to vallejo and panola. so far we are off to a good start and we have that construction zone heading west, 680 and 224 looks good, westbound oakland looks good as well. and we are not sure what kind of day we will have today but so far it looks good getting into san francisco. in san jose we are off to a nice start, santa clara 281 and 85 and i mentioned 101, let's talk about 101 on the peninsular that traffic looks good as well. let's go to type of. thank you sal. there is a big change in the weather, just moving in with our pictures to the north and
5:39 am
it will improvement and later on today, there is a timeline. we are inches pack to the cost and we'll see mostly cloudy skies and one forecast model puts in a little bit of shower activity and we could have a few inches of snow this is friday night, it is going to be a big changeup there and there is still a little bit of a wrap around as we go to saturday afternoon and it will be very breezy and cool and much better as we go to sunday and monday a westerly breeze and it is already there, 40s and 50s on the temperatures and if it were not for the breeze it would be even cooler and that system will move in and change
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everything. 50s and 60s and 70s, it can't get much cooler along the coast even though it has been sunny. tomorrow will be the day, cool windy, breezy, clearing sunday and monday. american eye toll is the new winner. fans of the runner up, and beginning the latest controversy involving his son's cell phone. traffic looks good getting into the santa clara valley and we will tell you more about where the troubled spots are straight ahead.
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. all right, steve, welcome back and good morning to you, here is a look at some of the top stories we are following, the 21-year-old suspect in the sierra lemar is set to be arraigned today and he will face murder and kidnapping charges. the judge is expected to allow cameras into that courtroom. president barack obama is still here in the bay area, he has one more fund raising -- fundraising event here before he leaves the bay area. he expects to take in $4 million by the time he leaves the bay area. and the federal investigation into the trouble
5:44 am
willing facebook ipo. they are looking into whether regulations need to be changed for future i-p os. chief may hand is under fire for ordering police officers to look for his son's stolen cell phone while they were on overtime. he said his son did not resteve preferential treatment. they send one to a news reporter's home in march with hopes of getting them to change the story. we are now learning george zimmerman had a relationship with sanford police. he went along with police officers on patrol and criticized them and then he sent a letter saying he had a new perspective after becoming part of the neighborhood watch
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effort. george zimmerman is charged with second-degree murder and claims self-defense after the 17-year-old attacked him. some homeowners had a close call and it was first reported off highway 128. at some point homes were threatened and several crews were able to keep it from advantaging. all together this fire burned 10 acres. the winds picking up strength in arizona and it is causing trouble for firefighters with the gladiators fire. the winds could cause the numbers of containment to drop. so far 16 acres have burned. a patch party after a mass shooting, thousands of fans had gathered outside the arena to
5:46 am
watch a playoff game on a giant arena board. two teens had been arrested and they had no choice to call off -- but to call off the viewing party to ensure safety. they will be cutting 27,000 jobs. they will save money by eliminating those positions. plans to offer some retirement packages, not all of those numbers will be layoffs. they are becoming competitive in the tech injury. they are expected to ban the bags and they have six months to phase out the bags. it will not go into effect until an environmental report is finished and that's expected to happen this year.
5:47 am
they have dried mushrooms sold at costco under a certain name. it may have been contaminated but these mushrooms have meaty caps and are often used in asian cooking. a number of votes, the season title is...? phillip, phillip. last night phillip phillips beat out general can sap chess. he is shocked especially pause this we are's competent was so tough. >> i feel it is one of the best seasons they had. >> in the meantime, jessica
5:48 am
sanchez reacted to the disappointing news. they compared her star power to that of boxer manny pack oh. she along with phillips and the final contestants will be hitting the tour this summer for the final tour. >> i know your wife has been watching and there was a lot of talent. let's check in with sal. this morning's commute does not look bad, so far we are off to a good early start and we have a look at san francisco getting to the downtown area. it should be a nice drive into sap fran and no major problems if you are driving into the city. looking at the toll plaza,
5:49 am
actually around 6:15 is when they turn those metering lights on. it looks good coming to the caster valley and we had a bad day yesterday getting on to 880 in oakland. -- oakland. santa clara valley is off to a great start here. it's very close and it is ready to go by the coast, all coming down out of the north as the system begins to makes its way here. fog near the coast it is on its way to start rolling in here and we will have sunshine but the temperature trends are down and it will really drop as the system begins, winds are still picking up. if it were not for that cold that system would be driving to
5:50 am
seattle straight down somewhere around sacramento tomorrow. fog sun breezy coastal clouds cooler for us tomorrow and that will be the day where we have -- well temperatures in the 60s. temperatures in the 60s and 70s for most. cool windy showers possible thunder showers on friday and up in the mountains, breezy and cooler count day and monday. 370,000 people submitted claims for first time unemployment insurance and that's down from the week before. the economists expected to see better numbers after a five month high in april. they searched web pages without leaving the pages they are on. if you start a search device on
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one ipad it will let you resume on the iphone. it is available as a free download. burger king is starting to add more upscale foods in hong kong. starting this week they are starting a truffle burger with italian truffle mayonnaise. burg king hopes for more -- burger king hopes for more with that. >> they hope for better results than with their last try. residents here in
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earthquake country can experience the real thing without it being the real thing. the ups delivery map is accused of doing something and we will find out why the customer is furious. wireless receivers.
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is he . welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, time now 5:54, in san diego, police
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arrested a ups driver who is accused of sneaking into a home and watching a woman bathe. a short time later the woman got into the shower and she saw the delivery man watching her from the hallway. she reportedly chased him out before calling the police and he is due in court tomorrow. a suspended safe way worker, he said he broke the rules when he stopped a man who was kicking his girlfriend in a monterey store. thanks to an online petition to get him working again, he was reinstated with back pay. more high school students are end rolling in -- enrolling in high school classes. within the last ten years, the number of students enrolled in distance education classes jumped by more than 1 million.
5:56 am
they may be forced to shorten their school year. the government said they will allow schools statewide to cut three weeks up to a two year period. the san francisco school year cut four days from their school year. >> you have to make sure your kid is occupied and you have to make up as parent the things they are missing in schools those days. >> they warn the plan is not affix all even if it passes, the district will have to cut $83 million. he also said 183 schools cannot balance their books. sailboat racing band prompted by a fatal accident will lift the ban today. they will lift the ban in time from the span to san francisco
5:57 am
tomorrow. they were put on hold after five speed racers died after a race. the big draw, the shake house. the 1906 san francisco earthquake was felt and they explained how it was felt far passed the area as well as shaking. the commute is getting busier, let's go to sal. it is getting busier and i want to show you 280 is getting busier but it is not stopping by any means. the sun noel grade, 680 traffic looks good heading to the south bay let's go to dave and pam.
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a court appearance is set for the man accused of killing sierra lemar, what is set are b case against him coming up. good morning, there you go, skies are okay now but big changes are looming, i will have your forecast coming up. lysol knows the soft places we love could be home to bacteria. so use lysol disinfectant spray on soft surfaces everyday when you're cleaning up to kill 99.9% of bacteria. lysol. mission for health.
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