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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. president barack obama is waking up in san jose getting ready to wrap up a brief fundraising workup and we will have more on how much he is expected to take in. the man suspected of kidnapping and killing sierra lemar will be in a san jose courtroom today, we will tell you what prosecutors face in their case against him. ktvu channel 2 morning news cameras were there when this chase ended, the ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area coverage starts right now this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, thank you for joining us, it is thursday may
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24th, i am pam cook. >> and i am dave clark, let's check your weather and traffic, steve knows all about it. it is a little cool out there, 40s and 50s, still a breezy day, fog is really close. 50s, 60s and 70s and the big news will be on friday, more coming up, here is sal. it is already slow in antioch, it looks good hitting the walnut creek, also a long san francisco northbound 101, let's go back to the desk. >> president barack obama wakes up in san jose and he is wrapping up his 16th visit to the bay area. live outside the hotel where the president spent the night, he has one more funds raising
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event, alex? >> reporter: the president will be wrapping up his world wind fundraising event here in downtown san jose you can see there is heavy security with police parked out front. asian americans will be supporting him and wealthy donors will be paying large sums of money. they will be given a chance to meet with the president. he attended a private fund raiser and later president barack obama addressed a larger crowd in red wood city. he said he needs for more years in office. he pushed what he called failed economic policies. he said it does not mean mitt romney is ready to be
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president. >> he seems to believe that if ceos and wealthy investors like him are getting rich, that the rest of us are too. >> president barack obama met with plenty of protests along with this short visit and many are worried about the money that will be injected into the campaign. and he will be heard here and meeting holding a business forum with asian american supporters and then he will head over to moffett field where he will be flying out of the bay area. alex salvage ktvu channel 2 morning news. just a few minutes, on its way to redwood city and it crashed along the route. the driver was being chased by police and he was headed south
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on the area and when he got to centre street, the car hit the divide and knocked out the intersection light. the car jumped the sidewalk and crashed in front of the pacific inn and moments later, the president's motor cade passed by. the pursuit ended just a few hours ago in burma road in oakland. two officers pursued the men in sap fran. the chase then crossed into oakland. that is when oakland police took overment one suspect was caught hiding in the bushes and he apparently suffered some sort of seizure and was taken to the hospital. both of men face carjacking and robbery charges. there is a warning for school children in san francisco, police are looking
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for a man who tried luring a teenage girl into his van. christian captain is live in san francisco with how the girl got away, christian? >> reporter: as you said san francisco police are looking for the man who tried luring the guy into his van. the teen said she was waiting for a bus when a man pulled up next to her and ran. he asked for a phone number and again she refused to give it and at that point he got out and tried pulling her into his van. police say the girl tells them the whole conversation took place in spanish and the man involved was latino 27 to 30 years old and he has dark skin, a thin build and police are warning teens to be on alert and they are asking anybody
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with information about this event to contact them. ktvu channel 2 morning news. 6:05, the suspect in the sierra lemar case is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon and ktvu channel 2 morning news' lorraine blanco has more on what the prosecutors are facing, lorraine? >> reporter: prosecutors do not have a murder weapon upon and they still have not located a body so the case against him is no slam dunk. antolin garcia-torres faces one count of murder and one count of kidnapping sierra lemar and ktvu channel 2 morning news is there as police arrested antolin garcia-torres monday night. the district attorney has enough to go to trial including dna evidence found in the vehicle but a murder conviction will be a challenge.
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>> they will want to get this wrapped up quickly. >> reporter: they continue to search for the missing teen and sierra lemar's family is still hopeful they will find her alive. they are scheduled for the hall of justice at 1:30, ktvu channel 2 morning news. lorraine thank you and make sure you stay right here with continuing coverage for the sierra lemar case and we will be in court when sierra lemar makes his first appearance before a judge. we have quite a few crashes which seems smoother today. >> it seems a little nicer and we are starting on the golden gate bridge, we had a lot of fog and it is a beautiful picture and i know i have been telling you a lot, as the bridge celebrates its 75th anniversary, just put it in the
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back of your mind, if you drive every day, it will be closed. right now the traffic looks good. also at the bay bridge. those metering lights should go on in about ten minutes or so. and as you look at the santa clara valley, not a lot is going on, northbound 680 near the exit, there is a report of a crash, we don't have too much going on there. it is just south of the road and now they are sending paramedic vehicles and san jose fire. we have mostly cloudy skies and the breeze is already in place, so another breezy must are you day.
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livermore is at 49 degrees and temperatures dropped off and we start off sunny and that system is on its way and we start for a really cool pattern. there will be some snow up in the mountains so breezy and cooler, it happens. it happens. i am going to have to toss it back to pam and dave, i am losing my voice. there we go. it happens. 75 in fairfield, napa 76, it is a rare day when you see that, usually it is the other way around. that system drops into the north, of 68 walnut creek sap leandro. with 68 a lot of them, woodside daily -- san leandro, with 68
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and woodside daily city... back to you pam and dave. 6:09 is the time, new video with protesters reeking havoc in san francisco. images are sparking outrage among business owners and they have complaints about police. and how the government is really getting involved, we will have more. fire a board a submarines, where it started and how big is the danger, stay tuned. ♪
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. welcome back. the u.s.s. miami is in dry dock at a navel shipyard in maine, the fire started yesterday afternoon. luckily they were not operating at the time but six people were hurt including a firefighter who was treated for heat exhaustion. no missiles were on board when that fire broke out. the two u.s. soldiers want -- u.s. soldiers want them to lift restrictions on combat. however women are prohibited from joining special units like
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special forces. two female army reservists claim the constitution limits their potential for earnings and they did not make any comments about the lawsuit but they are committed to expanding the rules of females in the armed forces. and the official public offering is under new scrutiny and federal regulators are launching an investigation. >> reporter: they now want to shine a bright light on the ipo process. the lead underwriter morgan stanley may have warned some people and not others and is raising the eye of lawmakers and if he had real regular -- federal regulators. they say there may need to be a change because it does not
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favor insiders. >> what we need to account for, does the ipo process working for everyone fairly. is the facebook poster child an i will station of why the laws need to be made fair an exact. >> reporter: there could be a meeting on capitol hill and instead they say they have done nothing illegal. ktvu channel 2 morning news. a you tube video is rekinelling -- rekindelling anger. they posted this video in the mission district. they wore black hooded sweatshirts and damaged dozens of stores including a police car. the video is end fewer waiting business owners who believe
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there were not enough officers to handle the large number of protesters. our alarm company said we had broken windows and when i called the police station they said they could not get down here because there was too many people. >> police have seen the video but in a written statement, they said quote, this video could yield evidence for the investigation. the groups hosting the video is not claiming responsibility for the video. they are lookingingfor a man who -- looking for a man who shot three went from a playground on levin worth streets. he may have been targeting one of the well,he used to date. -- he used to date. a not guilty plea in the se of a football star. he was a senior at newark
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memorial high school. police say he was stabbed to death in fremont at a party on april 28th. he was arrested a day later and has been in custody ever since. he has been charged with one count of murder with a gang enhancement. a preliminary hearing is set for june 5th. they are preparing for the possibility that grease may -- greece may leave the euro zone. they say they will standby greece as long as greece stands by its commitments which is on june 17th. if they will not agree to follow-through with the austerity measures by the union, that would set the stage for them to leave the euro zone. 43% of likely voters disapprove of the job he is
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doing while 42% approve, that is according to a new poll. in april, the job approval was 87%. 56% will vote yes on the tax plan. the rest are undecided. well a list of the city is hoping to host the olympic games. istanbul tokyo are still in the running. this is tokyo's second time and the 5th time overall for istanbul. the international committee will make a decision on the final host 2013. the anniversary has reportedly hired somebody to run the program. he is turning it into a pour
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house -- power house but he was fired after they uncovered allegations. they want to know what you think about it and here is a sample of the new signs, they will feature a larger full colored display and realtime transit. muni reps will be gathering feedback in early june and the signs are expected to be installed. 6:19 is it colorful? >> it reminds me of the new york subway. they have different colors for each train. of course they have a lot more there. >> well, it is good to be able to identify the color, right? >> yes. we have a crash in san
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jose, a car ran off the road and it is not visible from the road but the chp along with medics are there at the scene. most traffic was going through southbound at the time. there is slowed traffic in the area and we are getting some slowing on 580 but it gets better by the time you reach 680 and no problems going into caster valley. northbound looks good past the coliseum. this is the supplement angle time, or at least this time of year, traffic is backed up for a 45 manipulate delay. >> we have fog creeping back to the coast and it is a sign of things to come today. the system is up there and beginning to may have in washington so clear skies to
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start, fso 20 or 25. i mean it is getting there now and we had some upper 70s and southwest at fairfield west 20 fso, northwest 14 santa rosa, 44th at the airport 55 and calm. a little cooler this morning but our system is on the way and it will drop in oregon and over us tomorrow. coastal clouds are increasing and it will be a cooler day, look for 50s, 60s and 70s and tomorrow it could be 68. we will go 70 and 74 and even cooler tomorrow and clearing out on the weekend.
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mixed news from the commerce department including computers and heavy machinery fell nearly 2% last month which is a sign investors are not investing in the future. wal-mart reports its expense stores are profitable less than a year after the first one opened. they are designed to compete with dollar stores and they are 1 / 10th of the size in arkansas, north carolina and chicago. the unibomber is keeping in contact with some of his old classmates and what he put down for his occupation. 0. a spiritual -- spirit wall board is taken out of context after one comment is made.
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we have some troubled spots in traffic, we will update them for you coming up. stay tuned. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. . good morning, bay bridge toll plaza, well, traffic is
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not that bad, it is moving a long nicely and once you get onto the bridge it is moving nicely through san francisco. they are meeting in oakland to figure out how to spend it. some of that money may be spent on late night weekends if it is approved. it will begin in september and bart may also consider hiring 56 new employees. a san francisco department supervisor claims he consults the after life and he was quoted saying he uses a spiritual board to ask harvey milk about naming a ship after him. it quickly went viral. >> i don't have anything like
6:27 am
that and i am freaked out about it. i was just making fun. i was talking about having a meeting but we didn't. >> he said he made the joke because they were going on and on about how he consulted with everyone about the ship naming. they are getting updates on all their classmates including the unibomber ted. he is in jail from a nationwide bombing spree. now the directly -- director are you lists -- directory lists his occupation as bomber. he will go before a judge
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today and why this could prove to be a risky case. president barack obama is set for a short fundraising visit, the key group of voters he is focusing on. pam will bring you the early stock numbers, stay tuned. [ male announcer ] sizzler's new ultimate steak combos.
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. there it is right on time, the opening bell, ring the bell, the cast of a streetcar named desire. >> there is nichole parker and blair underwood. >> yes, blair underwood. >> a lot of big names and they are celebrating the groundbreaking for a streetcar named desire, very he can sight so it could be a busy day.
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>> we will smile, thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is thursday may 24th i am dave clark. the president has one more fundraiser this morning before he leaves the bay area. all level savage -- alex savage is here to tell us about the key group of voters he is meeting with. >> reporter: president barack obama is expected to go with asian voters a key number of voters and it will be here in downtown jose and tight security out front as you can see. at 8:30 he will be holding a business forum with asian supporters.
6:32 am
wealthy doesn't is include -- donors will be paying $35,000 to attend. he attended a private fundraiser and then spoke to those in fox theater where he attacked mitt romney for failed economic policies and he reminded voters that he took office during the worst economic crisis during the great depression. >> you remember, we were there and we are not going back to that. we are moving this country forward. >> and of course there were a lot of protesters along the way during the visit and many are kepted about the huge amounts of money being collected. in downtown san jose, once it wraps up the president will be headed to moffett field and we are told president barack obama is expected to net $4 million
6:33 am
during this fundraiser trip to the bay area. live in downtown, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have new details about a police chase involving carjacking, we first told you about this at 4:30 this morning. now it started at 1:40 this morning when police chased a man at battery treats in san francisco the chase went into oakland and that's when the chp and oakland police took over. one suspect was captured trying to run away while the other was caught in bushes. he was taken to the hospital, both men are said to be in their 20s : the suspect in sierra lemar is expected to make a show in
6:34 am
the courtroom at 1:30, here is more on the challenges that face prosecutors. >> reporter: as sow sierra lemar's family concentrates on finding the teen, prosecutors concentrate on the man sitting in a jail this morning. antolin garcia-torres faces one count of murder and one count of kidnapping sierra lemar. ktvu channel 2 morning news was there as police arrested antolin garcia-torres monday night and they have enough to go to trial but a murder conviction will not be easy. prosecutors do not have a murder weapon upon but sierra lemar's family is hopeful she is alive somewhere. >> we still want her back and we will never give up. >> reporter: about 180
6:35 am
volunteers continued their search for the missing teen and antolin garcia-torres is schedule here at halt of justice at 1:30 today and cameras will be allowed inside that courtroom live. ktvu channel 2 morning news. now the two young women are stunned their brother is accused of killing her and the devastating impact will be felt on their lives. it is a 33-year-old -- it was a 33-year-old murder case. he disappeared on his way to school. that disappearance gained nationwide attention and he was one of the first to appear on milk cartons. now they have a man in custody who implicated himself in the
6:36 am
disappearance. he identified himself as pedro hernandez. he was identified yesterday. they inadvertently started a large wildfire. they burned two out buildings and they think the fire started after illegally burned vegetation. they put the fire out but that fire has not -- has grown to 7,000 acres and it's only 15% contained. winds picking up strength making for some dangerous conditions for firefighters battling the gladiators fire. winds could cause the number to drop as far as containment. so far it has burned almost 16,000 acres and has forced several hundreds of people out of their homes in smaller
6:37 am
mountain communities. also in sonoma county, that fire was reported off of highway 128. gusty winds presented a real chap ending. no homes were damaged but the cause is still under investigation. get ready for some road closures. some obstacles, the one that connects them in meadow park and that closure is shut down. it will tip until 5:00 a.m. 1st street will be closed between mission and howard street. temporary bridges will be set up to move traffic through that area. and the mount any lines will be shut down starting monday -- muni lines will be shut down
6:38 am
starting monday. and sunday evening, it will be open for the 75th celebration of the golden gate bridge beginning a 5:00 or 6:00 and then the bridge will be shut down and they are expected to open it by 10:15 sunday night. you can get all the details and all the information on what to expect and how to get around this weekend, just look at the hot topics celebration. well, we will check in, in a moment. let's go to sal for traffic. they are expecting a lot of people to hit the road and be out of town. >> but they are also hitting the roads. >> yes, they will be out and hopefully it will work out that way. >> good morning everybody, let's look at the commute and they also say more people will
6:39 am
be on the road this memorial day weekend. the bay bridge is backed up for a little bit of a delay, it is a 5 to 7 minute delay and some people may want to stretch it out but maybe the baguette away day as well, so keep that in mind. it is a little bit slow getting to the cop cord side. and the morning commute in livermore, caster valley and dublin is getting heavier. hayward union city, northbound 680, looks like they got it out of the way and the area is opened. we get close to a system tomorrow and it is up in
6:40 am
washington on its way to the leading edge and it will not take long. we start off sunshine, fog will be increasing today and there is a bunch out there but it is more going north to south. cooler patterns, yesterday was not a bad day, it was mild to warmer and temperatures will drop off friday. dusting to 25 at santa rosa, northwest san jose and it is already in place, a lot of 40s, 49 degrees, napa 44, and also livermore and it does not hold a lot of moisture. this will give us cool to windy and a possibility of showers
6:41 am
developing. breezy to windy and 60s and 70s and it is a rare day when you have conditions but that's what will happen, 72 vallejo, venetia, 62 in berkeley, 77 in san jose, 68 fremont, 68 in cupertino and same for woodside park. 60s along the coast and in the city. breezy clearing and better conditions sunday and monday. america has a new american idol. there was another big moment on last night's show that actually started a shot
6:42 am
light. he had several police officers out this searching for his son's cell phone. we will have more on the troubled traffic spots straight ahead. stay tuned. ♪
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[ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl. . well, good morning here is a look at some of the top stories we are following. the 21-year-old suspect in the
6:45 am
sierra lemar case is said to be formally charged. antolin garcia-torres will be in court 1:30 this afternoon to face murder and kidnapping charges. the judge is said to allow cameras into the courtroom. president barack obama has one more fundraising event in san shows before he leaves the bay area. he will have had three fundraisers and will have taken in voters. >> their focus is on whether regulations need to be changed for ipos in the future. judge meehan is under fire for ordering police officers to look for his son's stolen cell phone. some of them were on overtime
6:46 am
and he tells the times that resources were available at the time. the controversy stems from sending a police officer to a home with hopes of getting the reporter to change a story. the race will run from the san francisco yacht club to monterey. the coast club banned the races last month after the five sailers died during the race. their school district is facing a multi- million dollar budget deficit and they have no choice but to cancel all high school sports. coming up at 7:06, the only way they can present these cuts and what they are doing about it
6:47 am
today. the sierra lemar case, we are hearing from two of the sisters. they shared their force and they are stunned their procedure accused of kiss napping sierra lemar -- kidnapping sierra lemar and they say their children are now being form menned at -- tormented at school. >> they say, oh, that is your uncle, he is a murderer. >> the sisters say they are aware of his past criminal record but they are confident he had nothing to do with sierra lemar's disappearance. he is linked to an assault in 2009 and has a previous conviction for interfearing with a police officer. and we will be in court later
6:48 am
today when antolin garcia- torres makes his first appearance in front of a george. alarm group of fans tweeted her and many people in thailand don't like when they point out their flaws including black market goods. the winner of american idol, season winter is -- there now you know. a record 132 million votes, phillip phillips became the 5th winner in a row. he beat out jessica sanchez. he said he was not sure whose name ryan see crest would call and he is still in shock. >> it is just crazy how far all
6:49 am
of this has come, top 12, even top 24, it is a tough road but we are just so blessed to be here. >> phillip phillips has now joined the rest of the top ten but the announcement was not the only great winner on the show. >> diana, will you marry me? >> yes, during the finale, ace young and diana became engaged to be married. young was from season 5, she was from season 3 and they met while co-starring on broadway in the musical hair. >> he was genuinely nervous there. >> a lot of us are. well, as you get to the
6:50 am
heart of the morning commute, san jose, this is near mckees road and you can see traffic is slowing down so we are not getting a free pass. also if you are driving on north pound 280 and we are getting more crowded in los gatos and if you are driving on the peninsular it looks good and i want to move the map to the valley and it is stop and go as you come down to livermore. out to the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound traffic looks backed up for a 5 to 7 minute delay. it is sunny and clear, still breezy to windy and it is starting to working its way back to the san mateo coast and there is a lot out there and the breeze is still in place, it is just going to be a breezy
6:51 am
windy couple of days. you had santa rosa and it is hard to see but it is dropping down and it will give us mostly partly to cloudy skies and we are just talking about the 5,000 foot level and our forecast cloud range does pick up on that and a little bit later as we head in right there, tomorrow afternoon, a possibility of scattered showers will not rule that out and in fact it is stronger by friday night and saturday, just so you know it will be big changes up in the mountains and by saturday, we should be on the backside of all this. fog, sun breezy to windy at times, coastal clouds starting to inch closer and 60s and 70s, in fact a rather cool pattern
6:52 am
will continue and even 75 in gilroy and 68 woodside, possible showers price i clearing and monday. back to you. the number of people planning to fly has dropped this year. airlines have seats to fill and that traps late to deals this summer. they have a round trip if you buy the ticket three days ahead of time. price line has flights ahead of washington d.c. for $270 and they have trips from las vegas for $180. down jones down a quarter of a% and checking in on hewlett-
6:53 am
packard. 27,000 jobs is reacting prohibitively and third quarter earnings rose 19% costco earned $386 million which is slightly more than wall street expected. sales are up but half that is from new stores that were opened in just the last year. a different kind of quake experience is coming to a museum this weekend and the new exhibit will make you feel like you are in a real earthquake. what safe way is doing, many are calling him a hero after being suspended month.
6:54 am
-- suspended last month.
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6:56 am
. happening now, looking at live pictures from an ohio courtroom, right now prosecutors are ready to argue that the shooting death in the case of three students should be charged as an adult. he could face life and miners are not eligible for the death penalty in ohio. a service is scheduled this morning for a long time civil servant. gail died over the weekend from
6:57 am
avenue varician -- ovarian cancer. she served on the board of supervisors for 19 years at city council. services will be held in lafayette. a store clerk was suspended after stopping an attack on a pregnant woman. he got in between the woman and her boyfriend and safe way said he violated policy. 80,000 people signed a petition asking he get his job back. yesterday he was reinstated with back pay. the star attraction, the shake house with david stevenson. you can experience something
6:58 am
similar and the whole exhibit opens saturday but tickets are still on sale. coming up on 7:00, let's go back to sal for traffic. >> we will be looking at all the traffic including the bay bridge and looking at that just to see how it is doing, no major problems, san francisco 101, northbound coming in to the city looks good, let's go to steve. it will be breezy, again? i know it will be breezy and it will only get worse, some fog is coming back to the coast. 50s, 60s and 70s. the president of the united states wake up here in downtown san jose. also coming up we have more on a landmark and it is a story you will only see on ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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