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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 24, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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less than two hours ago, air force one president obama ended his fun raising trip. good afternoon. i'm claudine wong in for tori campbell. president obama continues to raise money for his reelection bid. he's on his way to high -- iowa. before he left, he made one
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last trip in san jose. tight security this morning at the fairmont hotel in downtown san jose, local law enforcement and secret service onhand as prompt took part in a business -- president obama took part in a business with asian-american supporters. the president sees that as an important building block in november. >> we're all behind him. >> reporter: as the president's motorcade drove past, donors paid $35,000 each to get in. >> a lot of money in the silicon valley. it's a good place to get money for his campaign. >> reporter: this was a very brief fund-raising visit. president obama was only here in the bay area for 16 hours. his first stop was a private fund-raiser at a home in atherton. after that, mr. obama took the stage at the fox theater in
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redwood city. >> a crisis this deep didn't happen overnight. so it's not gonna be resolved overnight. we have more work to do. >> there is that guy can give a -- that guy can give a speech. he can give a speech. >> reporter: mr. obama closed his laptop, walked up to air force one, and gave one last wave before taking off. he's expected to raise nearly $4 million during this bay area visit. alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. we have developing news to all right out of san jose where the highway patrol is on the scene of a fatal crash. the accident happened about two hours ago on the eastbound road onramp to 680. you are looking at video just
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in. the chp said one person is dead. no other injuries have been reported. the chp is still investigating that crash and the ramp remains closed until that wesage can be cleared away. the man accused of kidnapping and killing 15-year- old sierra lamarr goes before -- sal seer law la mar goes -- sierra lamar goes before a judge a few minutes. -- a few minutes. >> reporter: he faces one count of kidnapping and one count of murder in the sierra la la mar -- lamar. crews have not found a broaddy. even with dna evidence found in
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the suspect's -- found a body. even with dna evidence found in the suspect's car and on sierra's clothes, this will an good case, the prosecutor says. >> i'm sure the district attorney will bring the mom to the stand and talk with her about what did he tell you? oh, he told you he didn't know her. never confronted her? yet his dna is there. the jury will hear that type of evidence and go, no, you are the killer. that's why his own family is doing him no favors. and this is a live picture from newschopper2 right now. you can see a santa clara county vessel looking for evidence. they will be out there tomorrow. we're told they will be searching the other reservoir next week. as for the suspect, he will be arraigned at the hall of justice at 1:30 p.m. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, lorraine. well, new york police
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announced this morning, they do have a man in custody in connection with the disappearance of a 6-year-old boy 33 years ago. etan patz went missing in 1979 on his way to school. his photo was one of the first to appear on milk car tons -- cartons. police are now trying to verify the suspect's story. two carjacking and robbery suspects are in custody after a high speed chase from san francisco to oakland. it started at 1:40 this morning when officers purr side two men in a white van at washington and battery streets in san francisco. the chase crossed the bay bridge into oakland. that's when the highway patrol and oakland police took over. it all ended at maritime street. the other suspect caught heighting in the bushes.
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well, san francisco is about to get a million-dollar makeover. the city plans for repairs and restorations to coit tower. christien kafton has more. >> reporter: this was a voyeur we've been on sincer -- story we've been on since early this morning. first off take a look. you can see just how popular coit tower is, tourists flocking in and out of the 80- year-old tower. that tower showing its age. a new report says the building needs upgrades inside and out and city leaders say they found the money to do it. san francisco's coit tower is one of the reports from the skyline. but the recreation and parks department, shows the years have taken their tolls of. the building has maintenance needs. most of them relate to some issues. the report detailed roof work that needs to be done.
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today, the board of supervisors david chu announced that the city has about $1.4 million to pay for the work. >> we fortunately were able to pay for it through some savings in part because we anticipated a certain bucket and were able to come in slightly under budget. recreation and park doesn't have a time line in place. >> we're really, really excited. the report is really substantive. >> reporter: $250,000 is earmarked for immediate repairs to the 1980s mural pointed in-- painted inside the muir a as for the ongoing sources -- >> 1% of all revenue will care for the ongoing maintenance. >> reporter: the san francisco voters will be deciding on proposition b on the june ballot. this new funding should not affect that bal measure which
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supervisor chu and the recreation and parks department pointed out would be a nonbinding advisory measure. back to you. >> thank you. grass at the beach chalet fields will be replaced with turf. there's project that calls for new lights and seating. supporters say the changes could cut down on maintenance and increase playing time. but opponents say the project would hurt the wildlife habitat. there is a new report card out today. m just seven minutes we'll gonna take a look at the list and see how many bay area beaches got passing grades or warning to stay out of the water. a new poll shows supports
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for proposition 29. that's down from march. there's more fallout from washington, d.c. over facebook's troubled ipo. congress and federal regulators are getting involved. they want to know if the investors got a better deal. they think morgan stanley might have warned some clients and not others about problems with facebook. congressional staffers say there could be hearings about it but -- there could be hearings about it but none are planned at this point. you need to come in and hike. >> getting ready for a big anniversary. what's planned and how traffic is gonna be -- is gonna be affected. things could be changing.
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sonoma county high
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pressures had a close call after a wildfire off highway 128. at sam -- homeowners had a close call after a wildfire off highway 127. gusty winds presented a real challenge. ten acres were burned. fire trucks were seen and heard throughout the north bay. [ sirens ] >> the 15th annual trek 3 was held yesterday. it raised money for elissa foundation. this moving's b.a.r.t.'s board of directors met to figure out how to spend a $33 million bus stop. buses could -- b.a.r.t. is proposing hiring more workers and new routes.
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transit officials want to know what passengers think of these new signs. the san francisco municipal transportation agency says muni representatives will be gathering feedback at several stations in early june. the signs are expected to be installed in 2014. it will be a challenge getting around the bay area this holiday weekend. first, you got the dumbarton bridge. that is going to be shut down. that closure begins friday night at 10:00 and iting itsh -- and is going to last from 5:00 a.m. until tuesday. in san francisco, howard will be closed to work on the new transbay terminal. term po rarely bridges will be set up. the n-judah and church lines will also be shut down. that all begins friday night at 7:00 and that's gonna last for fen days. muni will provide buses. golden gate bridge officials issued an invitation
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and a warning to the public about this weekend's big 75th anniversary bash. the celebration takes place all weekend ending with a fireworks show sunday night between 9:00 and 10:00. the bridge is gonna shut down at 9:00 including the highway approaches to the span and all parking lots nearby are going to be closed. >> it's gonna be worth something. if you can bike here, walk here, however you get to christie field -- crissy field and fort mason, that will be the ideal viewing location. >> unlike the 50th anniversary party, this time there won't be the bridge walk. back in 1987, i was on that bridge. it was unbelievable. there was ped gridlock thousands of people -- ped
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gridlock -- pedestrian gridlock. thousands of people. not doing that again. has more details -- detail on this at the coast guard will lift the ban on racing past the golden gate today, just in time for the spinnaker cup race this route was put on eld -- race. this route was put on hold after five people died last month. the nonprofit group heal the bay released its annual study today. the group samples waters taken from the ocean at 441 locations around the state. from the water, 98% of the locations received an a or b grade. 23 of 26 bayside locations also received an a or a b grade. >> in general open ocean
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beaches with no knowns pollution sources exhibit -- no known pollution sources. a 13-year-old geography wiz from hayward today earned a $10,000 scholarship after a third place finish at the national gee graphical bee. he beat out more than 50 state finalists in washington, d.c. the contest was hosted by alex trebek. it began with 4 million students nationwide. a 7th grader at a christian school is -- and now the 7, grader at a christian school is excited to share this at home.
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>> the greatest moment in my life. >> congratulations to him. los angeles is on course to become the largest city to ban plastic -- plastic bags. they approved this yesterday. well, the trend is right on track. more changes are developing. could be tracking a few rain showers as we head into your friday. right now, looking outtowards beautiful san francisco bay. mostly sunny skies here. a little bit of a bump -- a little bit of a bumpp on the water. right now, i'm mostly watching
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patchy fog re-forming around half moon bay. speaking of the winds, though, you can see wind gusting to 34 miles an hour outside of san francisco. still, a bit of some chop offshore and into the bay. current numbers, just upgreated -- updated are ranging from 58 degrees there. warmest locations in the fairfield area, right around 74. san jose, in the upper 60s at 68 degrees. winds will continue to crank up as we head into the afternoon hours and throughout the day today, you can see winds gusting by 5:00 approaching 35 miles an hour. by 8:00 back down to around 25 miles an hour. high pressure beginning to weaken. as a result we're taking down the temperatures a few degrees. this area of low pressure moves in from the north and the pressure difference generates winds. mostly sunny skies with the exception of some patchy fog near parts of the shore line. look at this system. this is something we typically see late march into early april
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this moves into friday. you can count the cooldown and also the chance for a few scattered showers. here is your forecast model. not a lot out there. look what happens into friday morning. a little bit of activity showing up in parts of the south bay. by the afternoon hours, we could be tracking some more cells moving into parts of the north and east bay. not everyone taking up the -- will get the showers. but something we'll be watching friday afternoon and even the chance for an isolated thunderstorm. a few showers out there. temperatures for today, ranging from the upper 50s, warmest locations inland approaching the 70s and here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast -- rain clouds reflect the shower chances. gonna clear it up for saturday and warm things up a almost bit on sunday and for monday, temperatures do warm back up. warmest locations approaching thele 8 -- approaching the 80- degree mark. the golden gate bridge
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birthday. >> i didn't known you were on the bridge for the 50th. >> i was. >> i was, too. >> couldn't find each other. >> now we finally meet. >> yes. it is soon to be packed. clearing weather? >> a little bit of patchy fog but clearing. >> ock. thank you. new controversy at san francisco city hall as one supervision leaves his decision to a wegy board to contact harvey milk. he said he wanted to see if milk minded a ship being named after him. >> news of that -- >> it's not out there. >> the ouija board involved in politics sounds very weird to me. >> well, avalos says it was all just a joke. he said he was just making light of the fact that all of his colleagues were consulting
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with everyone that ever new work regarding the naming of the ship. well, now we know the winner of "american idol" season 11 is -- >> phillip phillips. [ cheers ] >> last night, after a record- breaking 132 million boats, phillips became the fifth male winner in a row. he beat out jessica sanchez and he told us what was going through his head when ryan seacrest called his name. >> you know, i started thinking about the whole stop 12 and how far we had come, you know, in this journey and how close we are and -- how much of an amazing -- how much amazing sing -- singers they are. >> phillips will now join the rest of the top 10. mortgage rates. where they will now stand and the effects expert says they are having on the real estate
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there is a look at the big board. the numbers, re -- the numbers they are down. investors are not feeling great about european and greece possibly leading the eurozone. the labor department department has the total number of new applications in may after hitting a five-month high
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last month for unemployment. mortgage rates fell to a record low. interest rates dipped to 3.78%. that's down from 3.79 last week. it's the lowest rate since the 1950s. analysts say the record low interest rates are responsible for new signs of life for the real estate market. home prices jumped about 2.7% in march. that's compared to the same time last year. this saturday is will debut the new earthquake exhibit. >> the big draw is the shakehouse that left people like our own david steven son experiencing how the 190 -- stevenson experiencing how the 1906 loma prieta earthquake felt. well, today, on the news at 5:00, garcia-torres is set to make his first court appearance in just about an hour from now. at the time it's expected he
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will be charged in connection with the disappearance of morgan hill teenager sierra la mar. we have a camera in the courtroom and we'll have an update on the search. thank you for trusting ktvu -- ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we're always here for you at and mobile there's live look outside. have a great day, everyone. ñ#
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