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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 25, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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possibility of a thunderstorm as well. the storm prediction center spca has painted us for a general area of thunderstorms. those are the big boys. wind is already west, or northwest. it will be a cool breezy day. upper 40s and low 50s. unbelievable close on all of these temps. coast bay or inland it doesn't matter. there is our big system. i think it will be a big time player up in the sierra nevada. so -- truckee is already reporting light snow. windy and cooler today. scattered showers, possible thundershowers. anything else? no, that will cover it. 50s and 60s on the temps. this is a really cold air mass. here is sal. we have overnight news about chp investigating a three- car crash on the san ard bridge shortly after midnight. it involved two cars and a taxi cab.
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the crash shut down westbound lanes of the bridge high-rise for nearly 90 minutes. they reopened the lanes around 1:30 this morning. let's take a look at the live picture of the san rafael area. traffic does look good heading down to the 580 interchange. it's 4:30 let's go back to pam. in overnight news contra costa county firefighters work to put out agrias fire in oakley. it started around 1:30 last night. fire officials tell us 75 acres burned. no one was hurt and no homes or structures were damaged. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. also overnight in san jose firefighters responded to a fire at a vacant medical building. investigators say the fire started at 10:30 in the attic of the saratoga avenue billing. we got a look at some of the
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damage inside. fortunately no one was there. no one was hurt. the tenants just moved out and new ones were set to move in next week. that fire looks like an accident. autopsy is scheduled today for the body found in a burgage can. alex savidge is in pleasanton. >> reporter: we know that body was found inside one of the 45- gallon plastic trash cans. the kind you buy at the store. it was left here along the side of dublin canyon road. it was the body of a female although we don't know the proximate age. the discovery was made yesterday when a neighbor saw the trash can and called police. when officers looked inside they found that body. it was partially decomposed. they have opened a homicide investigation. they are checking with other nearby agencies that have missing persons cases. >> many of the local agent cigs
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that have open cases for missing persons we have been in contact with them. we are reviewing all of the fliers that go out in the area that have photos and descriptions of anyone that has been missing recently. that's what we will continue to work on. >> reporter: but a source does tell ktvu it's unlikely that body of that of sierra lamar the 15-year-old from morgan hill that went missing back in march. the coroner will be working to make that positive identification. they will be conducting an autopsy that will happen later on today. we're live this morning in pleasanton alex savidge ktvu channel 2 news. the 21-year-old man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar could face the death penalty. the da office made that announcement yesterday as antolin garcia torres made his first court appearance. he appeared before the judge for less than a minute and did not speak. they are now considering a murder charge with special circumstances but they will
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talk to sierra lamar's family before deciding whether or not to seek the death penalty. >> we will aggressively seek justice here as in all of our cases in a way that is fair and treats everyone with respect. >> however prosecutors could go to trial without a murder weapon, murder scene or even a body. garcia torres did not enter a plea. he's being held without bail until his next court appearance. new surveillance cameras will be installed at three parks to help deter crime. antioch city council approved seven cameras for noel puck, antioch community park, and marina. funds are being used to pay for the project. it will include a monitoring security camera. controversial plan to put
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artificial turf at golden gate parks is moving forward but opponents could put up a fight. last night people packed san francisco city hall for a joint hearing by the planning commission and recreation and parks commission. you can see young soccer players were there among those that pleaded to replace the grassy fields after more than six hours of public comment they approved the project and its environmental report. >> it's really exciting. one of the great things today there is hundreds of kids that came and had a voice to talk to the commissioners about what they thought was important. they want safe healthy places to play. >> we were shocked these commissions would vote to destroy the western end of golden gate park with paving and 150,000 watts of lights. >> field renovations are expected to begin at the end of the year. work is expected to be complete by the end of 2013 or early 2014. opponents say they plan to meet with their lawyer and decide whether or not to appeal. a new household product has
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become a poison risk. concentrated laundry packs have sickened hundreds of children nation-wide. time now 4:35. today is scheduled to be another important day for suspend sheriff ross mirkarimi in his fight to save his rob. they are supposed to identify reput l witnesses in his ethics violation case. both sides will turnover summaries of what each witness is expected to say. mayor ed lee and mirkarimi will decide whether they all testify live or by a declaration. occupy protestors plan a rally in oakland tonight far demonstration that they claim is -- demonstrator that was wrongly arrested because of battery of police officer. occupiers say it happened after a community meeting on the death of allen blueford the
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teenager that was shot and killed by police. police chief howard jordan told us here at ktvu he believes the blueford shooting was justified. just want to remind you the dumbarton bridge will be shut down tonight. it will remain closed over the memorial day weekend. crews will be reenforcing the concrete and replacing major deck joints as part of a seismic retro fit project. it closes down at 10:00 tonight. it won't reopen until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. san francisco muni also begins a shut down today of the n judah and j church lines. bus shuttles will be available during that slowture. and of course the golden gate bridge 75th anniversary celebration gets under way today. there is a new ribbon cutting ceremony. mayor ed lee and house minority
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leader nancy pelosi are among the speakers. the big anniversary events are sunday at four point christy field. 4:37 is the time. sal, i heard mary curry that represents golden gate bridge if you don't get down to the celebration by 3:00 in the afternoon on sunday, you will hit major traffic. >> i wouldn't drive my car. >> if you can avoid it. >> sometimes you have to. especially if you are in san francisco. there is no reason to. you can take the bus or bike or walk. >> a lot of options. >> yeah. good morning, everybody. you know we are on during the weekends. mornings on 2 is on during the weekend. we'll have all the updates on all that we talked about. let's take a look now at 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze it's off to a good start here if you are driving on 80. no trouble driving to vallejo or up to the fairfield area.
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i know a lot of people may be in the car early trying to get away from the holiday weekend. this happens on owl hours of -- on all hours of this holiday weekend. it will be interesting to see if we have a big commute getting to the city. i think a lot of people will be making it a longer weekend. and if you are driving on 280 northbound, there goes cal train by the way. northbound 280 traffic moves well. we will also have an interesting day around here in the weather. here is steve. >> i will say so. it's already beginning up in the sierra nevada. light snow being reported there. our system is swinging on into our area. it's just entering northern sonoma county. once we get going a little bit of daylight that will destabilize the atmosphere. this is a very core system. scattered showers possible. thundershowers look very likely today because some of the coldest air is coming in around noon, 2:00. days are very long now.
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possibility of thundershowers. windy already. west, northwest. this should turn a little more southerly. already clouds increasing. upper 40s and low 50s on the temps. remarkably close. it doesn't matter where. there it is. spinning right there. one forecast model keeps it up in the sacramento valley. probably between somewhere. it will end up very close to us. windy, cooler, sun and clouds. possible thundershowers today. highs very, very cool. 50s and 60s almost for everybody. and maybe a very isolated 70. if you are heading out to the golden gate bridge it will be mostly clear. all you need to know it will be chilly and breezy by that time. by 9:30. so there you go. >> i like the little fire works over the bridge. very nice. >> thank you. 4:40 is the time. a hurricane baring down on mexico. we will tell you when it's expected to make landfall.
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>> also the place where police say burglars are ransacking homes own setting them on fire. >> three students suspended for threatening a classmate online. >> traffic looks pretty good heading south. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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we are hearing of police
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activity in vallejo. this is on sonoma boulevard. sonoma boulevard one of the major streets in vallejo right now it's blocked. it's still very light obviously at this hour. and there are not that much traffic. there is a lot of police activity at this intersection. ktvu is on it. we're on the way and we'll let you know what is happening at this location straight ahead. an earthquake rattled new zealand. the same city rocked by a deadly earthquake last year. it's still trying to rebuild and construction projects are on hold because of precaution. nuclear talks between iran and six world powers will continue next month in ma cow. that is after two days failed to have a breakthrough.
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they pushed for iran to freeze production of enriched uranium. a soldier with ties to san jose was killed in afghanistan. he was killed by a roadside bomb on wednesday. he was 25 years old. morgado was on his first deployment to afghanistan. he lived in washington state but spent time with his father. parents are being warned that the concentrated detergent packs can poison children. they can desolve easily in a child's hands or mouth. tide pods are getting a lot of attention because they are right in color. we talked to one mom that says she stopped using tide pods after quite a scare. >> my daughter who is 15 months i left them on the floor when i took them home from the grocery store and opened them up and took them out.
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she got it in her mouth. >> bay area poison control center says it received dozens of calls reported toddlers vomiting. the products contain warning labels but tide is looking to make its packaging more child proof. a $2500 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest in a series of home burglars in santa rosa. five homes in the coffee park neighborhood have been burglarized since april. police say two of those homes were also set on fire. now it began on april 5th and the latest one happened saturday night. neighbors are worried z because they say their neighborhood is usually quiet. >> it's pretty calm. at one time we got a deputy sheriff that lives down the street and they said it was one of the safer neighborhoods around here. >> police say the crime os curred in both the day and night. items taken from each home are similar and there are other
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undisclosed details they have in common. oakland mayor gene quan is not giving up. she is pushing ahead with a multibillion dollar coliseum. it would turn it into state of the art sports facilities. the plan would also build a hotel and retail center on some under utilized land nearby while generating 32,000 jobs. >> i inherited sort of being the pinch hitter in the ninth inning. we were pretty aggressive and put out a really good alternative. as far as i'm concerned the game is not over. >> quan says the projects could be completed in 2-3 years. the warriors hope to relocate to san francisco in five years. while the city does not have any meetings scheduled with the warriors or a's there is the next one with the raiders. mayor quan proposed a new city budget declaring brighter days ahead. there is an extra $10 million in tax revenues.
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that mean there is are no layoffs or program cuts planned. the budget also calls for a new police academy, extra crews to repair potholes, and there will be expanded hours a the the senior center. 4:47 is the time now. president obama back at the white house after his big fundraising swing through the bay area. according to the san francisco chronicle the three fundraisers here expected to bring in more than $4 million for his reelection campaign. the president attended two private events where supporters paid $35,000 per person. at the only public appearance tickets started at $250. u.s. senate rejected both democratic and republican plans to prevent student rates from doubles on july 1st. that means efforts to resolve the dispute will be delayed until next month. they want to keep the student loan rate at 3.4% for another
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year but disagree on how to cover the $6 billion cost. today is the 33rd anniversary of the disappearance of etan patz and the man confessing to killing the boy will be charged with murder. new york city police say they have pedro hernandez signed confession to killing six-year- old eta n patz. he lured the boy into the convenient store, killed him, and put him in a plastic body miles away. three eighth grade girls have been suspended from a san jose school for cyber bullying. the girls are enrolled at quimby oaks middle school. they used facebook to threaten a classmate with physical harm. the threats were not carried out but they reported the threats to officials. california law allows schools
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to suspend students for cyber bullying even if it didn't happen on campus. seventh grade student won a $10,000 scholarship for his third place finish. >> this is one of the greatest moments in my life. >> that is 13-year-old veroon. he attends christian peace of school in fairmont. and it tests students knowledge of history, world culture, landmarks and climates. congratulations. 4:50 is the time. surprising find. the door of an airplane turns up on a golf course. how it got there and the information urn way. >> just ahead of the holiday weekend the record breaking gas prices that may have some drivers feeling the pain at the pump.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 4:52. take a look at this. came crashing down from the sky landing right in the middle of a florida golf course. it's the door of a small private jet. now it happened on wednesday shortly after the plane took off. the door crashed through the trees and left a huge dent in the course. crews had to bring in heavy equipment to haul it away. no one on the ground or on the flight was hurt. the faa is investigating that incident. the first private supply ship to fly to the international space station is maneuvering into position. the unmanned dragon spacecraft is carrying a half a ton of supplies to the space station. it's supposed to grab the dragon sometime in the next half hour. it will take more than three hours to lock into port. this is the first spacecraft to reach the space station since
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the u.s. first discontinued the shuttle program. california drivers we will be paying more for gasoline then we have ever had during the memorial day weekend. the average price $4.30 per gallon. san francisco prices are the highest in the state with the average of $4.38. prices in the north bay about a dime cheaper. keep an eye out for red light runners before you drive through an intersection. the national coalition for safer roads found red light running is 27% higher on memorial day weekend then on a nonholiday weekend. more red light violation os curred on friday afternoon. you will notice police and chp on increased patrols this weekend. hoping to keep things safe. also helping us keep things safe is sal castaneda. >> we have news in vallejo. roads are closed there because
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of police activity. this is ktvu has learned this is an officer involved shooting at that location. a lot of police activity. it's early in the morning. it's not causing a big traffic jam. of course our crews are arriving on the scene and getting more information. but we want to let you know that is a good area to avoid while in vallejo. you shouldn't have any trouble at this time. again it's an officer involved shooting. this activity is likely not to go away for awhile. they will be out there for a bit. let's take a look at the bay bridge. over the holiday weekend we have unusual traffic patterns. we may not see the typical commute getting into san francisco but we may see a lot of people on the road just all over the place. we will let you know what happens. this morning if you are driving in the south bay off to a good start. just a little windy. the weather may play a role in your driving around today and over the weekend for that let's go to steve.
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>> sal, it's may right? end of may? yeah. this system says i don't care it feels more like february. very cold core system on its way. it's go time baby. it's go time for this. turning much cooler. windy scattered showers. they look very likely later on this afternoon. coldest air is sliding in. that is a recipe for thunderstorm activity. this is about as good as it gets for us. thunderstorms likely inland. not so much on the coast. it wouldn't surprise me highs very, very cool. high temperatures in the 50s, 60s, and 70s. live storm tracker two shows everything swinging in. starts to head into northern sonoma county. that is swinging in toward us. upper 40s and low 50s on the temps. everyone is within a couple degrees here. here comes our little guy. the mere fact it's here is really impressive. winter weather advisories are out for the sierra nevada.
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snow is falling up in truckee. does not look very good today or tomorrow. very, very cool up there. cold i should say. windy and cooler for us. sun and clouds and scattered showers. highs today in the 60s for almost everybody. or a few upper 50s and if you're heading to the golden gate bridge sunday should be better. much better conditions sunday, monday, and into tuesday. pam. we continue to follow breaking news. sal just mentioned an officer involved shooting in vallejo. we have a news crew heading to the scene. >> also the big birthday celebration for the golden gate bridge. how that could effect your travel plans. >> a grim discovery in pleasanton. a woman's body found in a trash can.
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a body stuffed inside a trash can and then dumped alongside a roadway here in pleasanton. how that discovery was made. >> it's the holiday getaway. find out what cities are most popular. >> unseasonally strong system is dropping in. possibilitto


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