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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 25, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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scattered thundershowers. >> we'll give you a preview of all of the festivities for the golden gate bridges 75th anniversary. good morning, to you. welcome to friday it's may 25th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for ginning us. we will see first weather. sometimes you just have to check. >> dave and pam, good morning. we have a really interesting pattern here today. it's turning much colder. clouds are starting to increase. dropping down into mendocino county and northern sonoma county this looks like a very active day with cooler temperatures. highs 50s and 60s. here is sal. good morning, right now traffic on highway 4 looks pretty good. we don't have the typical commute just yet we'll see what happens with this busy holiday weekend approaching. and the morning commute looks
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good if you are driving in san francisco along northbound 101. let's go back to dave and pam. we are following breaking news that is coming in from vallejo. officials are telling us vallejo police are investigating an officer involved shooting. this happened a little while ago. we do have a ktvu news crew headed there now. they will bring us more information on what happened coming up in a live report. the alameda county coroner will perform an autopsy today on a body found in a garbage can. alex savidge is where that body was discovered. >> reporter: good morning, to you. this was the body of a female. they don't know the approximate age but they say it was not a child. it was found in one of the 45- gallon plastic trash bags and was left here on the road. neighbors saw the trash can, thought it looked out of police
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and called police. the neighbor didn't open the can but when they got here they found the body of a female partially decomposed. the discovery of these remains is disturbing for neighbors. >> it made me concerned and nervous about the whole then. just kind of sick to know these things go on. >> reporter: police are checking with missing person cases that are still open. sources tell ktvu it's unlikely this body is of that of sierra lamar. the coroners office will continue their investigation. they will try to make a positive identification by conducting an autopsy. 5:02. overnight in san jose
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firefighters rush to put out a fire here at a vacant medical office. started about 10:30 in the buildings attic. our ktvu news crew was able to look inside at some of the damage. look around here. luckily no one was hurt. the tenants had just moved out. new tenants were planning to move in next week. the investigation into the cause continues. contra costa county firefighters battled a grass fire in oakley all night long. this started around 9:30 last night. at least 75 acres burned. luckily no one was hurt. no homes or other structures were damaged. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. despite high grass prices. >> reporter: gas prices have gone down in the past week but
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they are still 21 more cents a gallon compared to this time last year. aaa estimates 4.2 million californians will travel 50 miles or more over the holiday. that is down about 1.5% from last year. 3.5million travelers will hit the roadways and more than half surveyed said high gas prices will not impact their travel plans. some said they would plan a shorter trip. others say they would cut cost by staying at an economy hotel or with relatives. when it comes to the airways 390,000 will be in the airplane. 260,000 will catch a train or bus or boat. monterey is at number one. followed by calistoga. lake tahoe. gas prices in the golden state continue to climb and experts say they could reach more than
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$4.50 a gallon in some spots. congress now taking action to try to limit how much government agencies spend on travel. coming up at 5:15 what lawmakers are proposing to make sure there is no more lavish spending. 5:04. the celebrations start today for the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. ktvu christien kafton is joining us live. he is in san francisco to tell us what is planned today and throughout this holiday weekend. christien. >> reporter: the excitement is building here in san francisco. just a couple of minutes ago my photographer chip vaughn and i were taking a look at the sky. you can see dancing lights up there. maybe a preview of what is to come this holiday weekend. we on the marina green. preps have already started out here. they have put a big tent out here. over to the side you can see barricades to do a little crowd
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control. the golden gate bridge is expecting tens of thousands of visitors this weekend. as you said there, dave, the celebrations does kick off today. governor jerry brown will be at the gift of the bridge ceremony this morning at 10:00. that is just the start of all the festivities. there will be events going on all weekend long. then sunday evening main event a major fire works show. a show so big it will be shutting down the bridge from 9:00 until midnight on sunday. the bridge district is advising anyone that wants to see the show to take public transportation to the area. parking will be very limited this weekend. one of the best ways to see the show is from the water. somewhere a nice clear morning right now coming back to our live shot. hopefully that's what it will be like on sun. one of the best views you will get is from the water that is a little preview of what we will
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be doing this morning. we will have an awesome view of the golden gate bridge. for now we are live in san francisco christien kafton. >> i'm jealous of christien. he's right there. if you want more details on this weekends celebration, go to look for the golden gate at 75 tab it's right there on the home page. >> i don't know if christien will be the one but we will be there on sunday. i'm sure we'll be showing all of the fun. if you can't get to christy field or don't field like trying to get in there. >> right. we'll be there along with international coverage from everywhere. in the just our bridge but this weekend any way. good morning, everyone let's take a look at what we have here. it's a goo year to avow.
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we'll see -- westbound interstate 80 the traffic looks good. if you are onlying in from vallejo and richmond down to oakland it looks like a nice drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. once you get to the toll plaza it is light. you can see the sun in the eastern sky there. or at least some of the light from the sky. no major problems on the bridge. this mornings commute has been looking good in the south bay so far. we are wondering what kind of commute we will have all over the bay area. we won't be possible to tell until later on. 5:08 let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. for those sunday for the golden gate bridge chilly and breezy is the best bet to me. i don't think it will be very warm. it's mostly clear. that's not the case here for friday and sat. our system is dropping in. this time of year you usually don't see this cold of a system moving in. turning much cooler. windy at times.
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scattered showers. possible thundershowers. they sure likely to me. the coldest air is coming in around noon and 2:00. the days are very long now. highs today 50s and 60s. thunderstorms inland and a cool blustery pattern. it will be here late morning and early afternoon which adds a little juice. storm prediction center i believe that. 40s and 50s on the temps. not much of a difference here. that should mainly be a big impact but it's really close. winter weather advisories are out up there. they go until 6:00 tonight. although they may fine tune that. it's already snowing up there. and also getting really breezy. colder with snow showers today. some one. a lot of showers. possible thundershowers. high today 60s. also rather blustery at times.
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sun clouds windy on saturday. clearing out sunday. looks breezy. warmer on monday and into tuesday. a big surprise involving silicon valley giant. why apple ceo is saying no to $75 million. >> all i want is my freedom and i got that tea. >> california man that spent years in prison for a rape he never committed. what happened that set him free. >> good morning, 680 southbound looks pretty good as you move from fremont down to sunol we'll tell you more coming up. streaming six ways to sunday.
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5:12. in southern california the judge just threw out the conviction between a one-time rising football star that was wrongly convicted of rape by a woman that admits she lied. you are looking add 26-year-old brian banks. he was crying in court when the judge made the announcement yesterday. he spent five years in prison and another five registered as a sex offender. in 2002 he was convicted of the rape and kidnapping of a high school friend who last year admitted she lied. >> i feel like anything is possible and it's proven today by me getting my freedom back. >> banks original lawyer at the time encouraged him and he was a teenager at the time to plead no contest to avoid a 41 year
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prison term. once the new information came out the innocence project pushed for his exoneration. he still dreams of a possible nfl career. the trainer of the kentucky derby winner could be suspended. doug o'niell's horse i'll have another is just a victory away from the triple crown. but back in 2010 another horse tested elevated levels of carbon dioxide which would enhance its performance. the state of california has fined o'niell $15,000 and suspended him for 45 days which won't start until the belmont race. inspectors found no deliberate wrong doing and if the penalties upheld it could be years before that suspension actually kicks in. new this morning ending lavish trips on the taxpayers tab. ktvu scott mcfar land is in our washington, d.c. newsroom in efforts to stop or slow down the trips these federal workers
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are taking. >> reporter: in a weekend where so many people are traveling, there are several new congressional efforts to reduce government travel. one new proposal would chop by 50% the travel budget of every federal agency but also require each agency to send a report to congress detailing every trip made. to do so every year starting in 2014. the controversial high end party you see here by the j services administration in las vegas last month triggered outridge and west coast judges and staffords would convene at a resort in maui stirred up new trouble. >> do they not read the paper or watch tv and hear how outraged taxpayers are? >> reporter: a new proposal would limit government spending on any one conference or any one trip to $500,000. live in washington so many
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mcfar -- scott mcfarland. we want to go back to the breaking news story we are following for you new. vallejo police have shot and killed a suspect. allie rasmus just arrived there on scene. >> reporter: we are at the intersection of carolina street. off in the distance you can see the a forensic team gathering evidence. there is several evidence markers scattered around the street. this was around midnight. when police got a call about an attempted robbery happening. the person at that business reported a white male with a gun tried to rob their business. when police responded, they per sued and -- pursued and saw what they thought was the suspect running down the street. thiasus protect pointed a gun at one of the two officers pursuing him and we don't know
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if it's one officer or both services fired shots and the suspect was not and killed. forensic teams and investigators are out there still gathering evidence. at this point we are waiting for the coroners office alive. both are fairly experienced. these two officers are fairly experience z and are going to be several investigations out here. san mateo forensic team. live in vallejo allie rasmus. claims against facebook public stock offering could cost them upwards of $1 billion.
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it could steal negative financial reports before launching the ipo last friday. analysts tell the mercury news that facebook and banking partners may liable for $1 billion or even more. some investors took heavy losses after the stock plunged. 5:17. listen to this. the chief executive officer of apple has decided he doesn't want to collect $75 million. tim cook told the board of directors he doesn't want the $2.65 share dividend he could have collected. that decision came out in a recent fcc filing. apple got bad press earlier this year when it revealed it gave cook one million restrictioning to options as a bonus. 5:18 is the time. sal deserves millions in bonuses. for the work he does. >> billions. >> sure. excuse me billions. >> good morning, everybody. let's take a look at what we
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have. today it's going to be an unusual day. people are not going to work but they will be on the road trying to get away. let's go outside and take a look at what we have. it's windy too. throw in the weather element and you have yourself an interesting day. 237 traffic is moving well. our camera on top of that building is shaking. the cameras shaking near the bridges. let's move along to interstate 880 not so gusty here. in -- and the traffic moves well in both directions. you don't have that tip coo showing just yet. fro mont those freeways are looking good. let's go to steve. >> well we have our system moving in. it's already in minute see know
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county and city noria county. coo and breezy as well. showers in the forecast but possible thundershowers. the question is will it come over us or stay over us. there is an agreement it's dropping in. main impact will be up in the mountains. more clouds this afternoon as we get afternoon heating and possibility of thundershowers. my best conjecture would be north bay and east bay. highs today 50s and 60s. i mean i really don't think there will be very many 70s. if there are they will last a minute and a half. here comes our system rotating in. it has an over the water trajectory. upper 40s about 48-51. napa is the coolest but everyone else is just as cool. our system will rotate in here and inject out by early saturday morning. winter weather advisory is out for the mountains.
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there could be 3-6 inches of snow up there. it will be better on sunday and also monday. snow showers and colder today. windy cooler for us. sun and clouds. scattered showers. possibility of thundershowers. i painted in a lot of 60s here. i just think there is too much cool air in place. sun and clouds windy on saturday but much better on sunday and into monday and tuesday. >> thank you. some up and some down on the european stock markets after reports of increase german consumer confidence. overnight benchmarks in china and taiwan lost three quarters of a percent each. investors appear to be concerned weak bank credit could continue to hurt chinese economic growth. checking in on wall street where our markets start the day. little bit of a fixed picture here as well yesterday with the dow jones starting at 12,029. and right now taking a look at the futures looks like a
5:22 am
slightly lower opening. some facebook investors whey getting a refund from morgan stanley. there is a lead report they are reviewing orders placed by retail clients. if they believe any of them overpaid for the stock, it will make price adjustments. the bank is not saying what it would consider an overpayment. the continuing investigation into what some are calling the worst cases of animal cruelty. exploding fire works strapped to that dog. the big question, who did it? >> from the stage to the hospital the surprising revelation about the health of the newest american idol. ñ#
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well our system is dropping in. clouds have been increasing. cool and breezy. sun, clouds, and showers and temperatures really comfortable. 5:25. two volcanos being closely watched in central america. one in costa rica the other in mexico. they are spewing smoke and ash. they could erupt at any time. in costa rica some evacuations are starting in mexico so far no evacuations are urn way. pg&e crews were busy. they spent the night getting the power back to parts of san mateo. there were two outages last
5:26 am
night. one at 6:30. the other just before 9:00 p.m.. they effected the areas around highways 101 and 90 bordering east hills dale boulevard. a problem the last couple of days has been the strong winds knocking down powerlines. stockton police are looking for a group of people that strapped fire works to the back of dog. he suffered a huge gash when they exploded. he was taken to a pet hospital in pretty bad shape. animal control workers are amazed at his recovery. they have nicknamed him rocket. >> he's still in pain and discomfort but handling it very well. he's sweet and very loving. >> a witness says a group of adults strapped the exploding fire works to the dog. a $2500 reward is being offered in that case. our time is 5:26.
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now that the new american idol has been crowned, the winner is heading to the hospital for an emergency surgery. we are talking about you. that is phillip phillips performing right after his big win on thursday. his father told people magazine his son has had eight surgeries on his kidneys over the course of the show. one time he refused treatment so it wouldn't hurt his chances in the idol competition. he is expected to make a full recovery in time for the american idol live tour. time 5:27. they are happening all over the bay area. the closures getting under way today that could make it tough to get around during the memorial day holiday. >> also a major announcement in the sierra lamar case as the suspect goes before a judge. >> the intersection is closed. forensic teams are gathering evidence. we are at the scene of an officer involved shooting in
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vallejo. [ man ] hmm. a lot can happen in two hundred thousand miles...
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♪ i don't wanna be right ♪ ♪ if being right means being without you ♪ [ record scratch ] what?! it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, 100% whole grain oats... and that sweet honey taste. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. yes, it's friday may 25th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve paulson. a little drizzle out there? >> not yet. there has been snow up in the mountains.
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we are looking at interstate 280 here. this traffic looks good. so far so good for the start of the morning commute. we want to bring in overnight news. the chp is investigating a three-car crash on the san mateo hayward bridge it happened shortly after midnight. it involved two cars and a taxi cab. the crash shut -- the chp reopened the lanes around 1:30 this morning. it's not clear what caused the crash. let's go back to the desk. sal, we are still following breaking news coming in from vallejo. ktvu allie rasmus is at the scene right now. you have details on what led up to the shoot something >> what led up to the shoot willing be the focus of
5:32 am
multiple investigations going forward. this is the intersection of sonoma boulevard. this is where around midnight this officer involved shooting happened. this intersection is going to be closed off to traffic for the next hour as police conduct their investigation. a forensic team is out here. and later on the solano county da office will be out here. it all started around midnight when police got the call of a robbery happening two blocks away. they reported seeing a white man flee with a gun. what happened next is still unclear. at some point police shot and killed the suspect. officers report that suspect did point what looked like a handgun at them. the da office is going to be investigating to determine the exact course of events of what led up to this. and that is also why the forensic team is out here. if you look off in the distance behind the police officers, there is a blue van.
5:33 am
that is from san mateo county sheriffs office. that is because they contract with vallejo to do some of their forensic work with them. some of the officers explained that solano county doesn't have one of the crime lab. that's why they are out here. carolina street and sonoma boulevard is closed off to traffic because of a fatal officer involved shooting. we are told the next stop is for the coroners office to arrive and remove the body here. live in vallejo allie rasmus. the 21-year-old man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar could face the death penalty. the da office made that announcement yesterday as antolin garcia torres made his first court appearance. he did not speak while he appeared before the judge for less than a minute. prosecutors could have a very difficult case but they are considering going for the death penalty without a murder weapon a murder scene or even a body. >> the key for the prosecution
5:34 am
is not just to show that sierra lamar is dead but this defendant killed her. >> garcia torres did not enter a plea. he's been held without bail until his next court appearance next week may 31st. stay with us right here for continuing coverage of the sierra lamar case. we will have more on the suspects appearance in court. time is 5:33. today will be another big day for suspend san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. they are supposed to identify rebuttal issues. both sides will turn over summaries of what reach witness is expected to say. ed lee and mirkarimi will have to decide if they will testify live or by a declaration.
5:35 am
>> protestor chris moreland was arrested on wednesday. it happened after a community meeting on the death of allen blueford he was a teenager shot and killed by police three weeks ago. they accuse the police of targeting moreland because he spoke out about alleged abuses. however oakland police told ktvu he believe the blueford shooting was justified. new surveillance cameras will be installed at three parks to help deter crime. they approved serve cameras for noel park, antioch community park, and antioch marina. funds for measure ww are being used to pay for the $225,000 project. it would include a monitoring station at the police department which would also incorporate existing cameras at the community water park. a store plan to -- a controversial plan to put
5:36 am
artificial turf at parks -- last night people packed into city hall even young soccer players. they were among those that bleed to replace the grass field. the planning commission approved the projects environmental report. critics of the projects say they are disappointed. >> there is definitely a possibility of a peel to -- appeal to the board of supervisors. >> supporters say it could be used longer and will be safer for the soccer players. field renovations are expected to begin at the end of the year. work is to be completed by early 2013 or 2014. here's a reminder for you drivers the dumbarton bridge will be shut down tonight. it will stay closed through the memorial day weekend. it's part of a seismic retro
5:37 am
fit project. the bridge will close down at 10:00 tonight. it won't open until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. san francisco muni also begins a major shut down of the n judah and j church lines. it will last for nine days. bus shuttles will be available during that time. also in san francisco first street will be closed down between mission and howard beginning at 8:00 tonight. that is for work on the new transbay terminal. temporary bridges will be set up to move the traffic through that area. the streets are scheduled to be open again at 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. today the bay area will start celebrating the golden gate bridges 75th anniversary. christien kafton joins us now and tells us the festivities will last throughout the whole weekend. >> reporter: those festivities and the preparations for them getting under way right now. in the last half hour we have moved from the mauve that green
5:38 am
to the marina gates. you can see the preparation under way. you can see the big sign set up. you can also see the barricades and tons and tons of port potties. they are expecting tens of thousands of people to come out for the 75th bridge birthday. celebration kicks off today. governor brown will be at the bridge around 10:00 this morning. that is just the start. there will be events all weekend long building up to sunday's golden gate festival. that kicks off at 11:00 on sunday morning. then sunday evening the main event. a major fire works show. a show so big it will be shutting down pedestrian and vehicle traffic on the bridge. that is beginning to be from 9:00 until -- there are lights in the sky. don't worry about it the aliens are not here. we got a sneak peek of the big show this weekend. people can expect light shows,
5:39 am
fire works, etc. all going on this weekend. the bridge district is advising anyone that wants to see the show take public transportation to the area. parking is very limited. one of the best ways to see the show is from the water. i told you we will get an up close and personal view of the bridge. but coming out to our live got you can see that the seen here that the roads will be shut down. you heard dave talk about the rose that will be shut down. dumbarton bridge, san francisco, first street access between howard and commission that area is going to be shut down. we will have a lot more this weekend including that promised dramatic dramatic view of the golden gate bridge a little bit later on. for now we are live in san
5:40 am
francisco christien kafton. >> nice. for more details on this weekends celebration as well you can check out a slide show of the old photos and head to our website look for the golden gate at 75 tab. 5:39. that is an event made for the sal castaneda camera. >> pam and dave i was there 25 years ago when it was the 50th and there were so many people that walked on the brunch. >> right. it flattened it. >> yeah. they decided it was not a good idea. >> yeah. people were stuck out there for hours. >> i was smart enough i went early and left early. good morning, everyone. yes, i might be taking pictures this weekend in case you care. let's take a look at what we have now. we're looking at the contra costa commute. here is something you see. we don't have a big backup coming out of antioch. not a typical commute. 24 looks good to oakland. if you are driving from vallejo
5:41 am
and pinole that looks good. hayward union city fremont you head south it should be a nice drive. also across the dumbarton. let's move to the toll plaza. traffic looks good. already clouds in the sky but the weather is not a factor for the morning commute any way. it may be a factor later. we'll consult with our meteorologist steve paulson in a moment. and this is a look at north and northbound 280 that traffic looks good. and now here is steve. >> you had me there, sal. i thought you weres ting -- i thought you were tossing to me. sunday night chilly and breezy conditions. it should be mostly clear as things move out of the area on saturday. overall i think mostly clear way. mount shasta says mixed precipitation. our system is rotating in.
5:42 am
it will send in right over us once we get going here late morning to early afternoon turning much, much cooler windy. scattered showers. possible thundershowers today. there will be some sun mixed in. i think you will notice the big change in the pattern. the key is where that low ends up. there is discrepancy one forecast model has it over us. it's very close. it's already starting to increase some. not only the clouds but the rain rates will pick up a little bit later. 40s and 50s. upper 40s and low 50s for everybody. it looks like it wants to favor northeast california in the sierra nevada. and there will be off and on snow friday and probably into saturday. it will be a little belter on saturday. sunday and monday do look better. and so lightning later on
5:43 am
today. 50s and 60s. i wanted one 70 and that was in gilroy a little reintown bound on sunday and monday. 5:42 may swirl into mexico today. these are nasa pictures of bud. it's a category two storm with 110 miles an hour winds. right now it's over the pacific. it may make landfall just south. it's a big one out there. it has been downgraded from a category three hurricane which it was earlier this morning. >> wow. time is 5:43. a warning for parents about the concentrated laundry packs. the reason the new household products are particularly dangerous to children. >> good morning, highway 4 traffic looks good. it looks unusual. something unusual is happening today.
5:44 am
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5:46 am
cool, breezy, windy at times. scattered showers are possible. highs today very cool for this time of year. mainly 60s. >> all right, steve. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at the top stories we are follows for you. a man is dead after being shot by a vallejo police officer. around midnight police responded to the call of an attempted robbery at a business at sonoma boulevard. police chased what they thought was the suspect. investigators say that man pointed what appeared to be a gun at police officers. >> autopsy will be performed today on a body that was found inside of a garbage can in
5:47 am
pleasanton. police saw the body is a female. they don't know the age or ethnicity. they do believe she was the victim of a has. >> contra costa county firefighters worked all night long fighting a grass fire. 75 acres burned near east city press road. evacuation orders have been issued as firefighters continue to make progress. the 1200-acre brush fire is burning east of the town of julian. it started yesterday afternoon. six air takers, six helicopters, and 40 engines are fighting that fire. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. environmentalist and u.s. attorneys office are criticizing provisions in governor browns new budget that would limit payouts in wild fire losses. now the proposed legislation
5:48 am
would potentially save tim burke company and major california landowners hundreds of millions of dollars in court damages. the new president of france made a surprise visit to afghanistan today and told french troops they will be leaving soon. shortly after he was elected earlier this month he announced he would be pulling french troops out of afghanistan by the end of this year. two years ahead of schedule. the president said french advisors and trainers will remain in the country. soldier with ties to san jose was killed in afghanistan. he was killed bay roadside bomb on wednesday. he was only 25 years old. morgado was on his first deployment to afghanistan. he lived in washington state but spent summertime with his father in san jose. parents are being warned
5:49 am
the concentrated detergent packs are particularly dangerous to children. they can desolve easily in a child's hand or mouth. now tide pods are getting a lot of attention. they are especially bright in color and doctors say children mistake them for candy. we talked to one mom that had quite a scare. >> she got it in her mouth and kind of turned her skin like rashy but she had a lot in her mouth. i think i got it out because she didn't swallow it. i think they are pretty dangerous. they are so colorful. >> the bay area poison control center said they have received dozens of calls of toddlers wheezing or becoming drowsy. the product contains warning labels but they are looking into making the packages more toddler proof. a seventh grader from hayward won a $10,000 scholarship for his third place finish in the national
5:50 am
geography bee. >> this one of the greatest moments in my life. >> he is 13. his whole life. this is varun. he goes to prince of peace christian school in fremont. he was one of the ten finalists that competed in the national geography bee. it tests the knowledge of history, world cultures, landmarks and climates. and yes that is alex trey beck. that young man is very, very smart. >> feography. that is very tough. 5:50 is the time. let's check in with sal. >> good morning, to you on this friday. we have unusual things. we already have a couple of crashes and stalled vehicles out there. let's go outside to the maps. i want to show you here 880 southbound let me get the direction wise. i think it is southbound 101 at 880. there is a crash. reported by chp.
5:51 am
and this crash is a sole vehicle that hit one of the wall there is. it's blocking one of the south lanes. looking at the peninsula traffic moves well. we heard there is a scattered power outage in san mateo. could be effecting some of the signal lights and maybe near the mall there near elle camino ray yell. remember to treat the intersections as four-way stops as we go across the bay no problems on the san mateo or dumbarton bridge. the problems are the live pictures now. i want to show you the traffic well moves well but still a while ago it wasn't windy here. and now it's shaking our camera near the coliseum. it could be windy. tonight there is a baseball game at the coliseum. the yankees are in town. you might want to listen to steve's forecast after this to see if you will be going to that game. also the morning commute westbound bay bridge the traffic is light. let's go to steve.
5:52 am
>> all right, sal. thank you. if you are going to the game, i would dress well. it will be a cool evening for this time of year. our system is dropping down. it will pick up the shower activity once we get a little afternoon heating going. we start off with cooler windy forecast here. showers are moving down the coast. they will pop up a little bit later. more thunderstorms in the north bay or east bay. highs today 50s and 60s. trying to pencil in a very few soft 70s. upper 40s or low 50s on the temps. very cool coast bay and inland as the temperatures under the influence of this system. there it is rotating in. main impact toward the sierra nevada though. winter weather advisory out until 6:00 tonight. truckee has had some snow.
5:53 am
saturday snow showers. decreasing sunday and monday. for us windy and cooler today. partly cloudy partly sunny. scattered showers. maybe some thunderstorms later on today as we get a build up in those clouds. it's very dynamic for this time of year. 50s and 60s on the temps today. cool mornings sunny and warmer days. pam and dave. >> the bay area real estate market is heating up again. multiple offers are common on bay area properties. so far this month 80% of the local properties had several people wanting to buy. and it's not just upscale homes that are drawing the buyers. genentech awaiting approval. the south san francisco based company should hear by june 8th if the fda has okayed pertuzimab.
5:54 am
it expects to file for approval of a fourth cancer drug that is less toxic before the end of the year. when it comes to basketball star jeremy lin what is in a name? >> plus excitement in space. the history making rendezvous that has been happening. it will happen very soon at the international space station.
5:55 am
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. i want to take you out to space this morning. right now the robot arm on board the international space station is preparing for the dragon spacecraft. that is the privately operated spacecraft that is supposed to deliver half a ton of supplies to the station later this morning. it's expected to make contact with the docking sport in three hour -- docking port in three hours. >> jeremy lin is only person that wants to trademark the term linsanity. however he has not officially been granted that trademark yet. coming up on 6:00. a developing story in eastern contra costa county. a late night grass fire in oakley. the damage it has caused so far. >> also a vallejo intersection shut down after a fatal police
5:58 am
shooting. we have new information on what happened overnight. >> partly cloudy, windy and cooler and maybe possible showers today. we'll talk about that today and cooler forecasted highs. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options. with more choices and fewer calories,
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