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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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vallejo police officers are under investigation for this officer involved shooting. >> another big fire in eastern contra costa county. a ktvu news crew is heading to that scene. >> horrifying discovery made along this roadside in pleasanton. a body found stuffed inside a trash can. what we have learned about the victim. >> heading into the holiday weekend it will not be sunny and warm that is for sure. possibility of thunderstorms we'll have the forecast coming up. second hour now of the morning news. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day and it's friday, may 25th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve. a lot of people want to know what is the weather like today? >> well, don't shoot the messenger. >> i know. >> possibility of not only partly cloudy but mostly cloudy
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skies. i think you probably notice the cooler air filtering in. our low is settling in. as it does it will give us a wide variety of clouds, sun showers, maybe thundershowers. 60s almost for everybody. here is sal. right now in san rafael you are driving from novato to san rafael it should be a nice drive for you. if you are going even farther it's a nice drive to southern marin county. also the morning commute in san francisco along northbound 101 looks good. let's go back to the desk. at 6:01 we are still following breaking news from vallejo. police shot and killed a suspected robbery suspect. we have new information. what is going on? >> reporter: that attempted robbery happened about two blocks away from here. a cab driver in that area called vallejo police to report a white man with a gun was trying to rob him.
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vallejo police responded from the scene and pursued this suspect. this is carolina street and sonoma boulevard. what happened next is -- two police officers responding they report the suspect painted his weapon at them and that's when the officers fired and shot and killed the suspect. this all happened around midnight early this morning. early this morning the forensic team was still here gathering evidence. five hours into this investigation they were still collecting evidence. after the suspect was shot and killed investigators discovered the weapon that that man had was an air soft. it's a pellet type gun and a nonlethal weapon. the solano county da's office is investigating this shooting. this is the intersection of carolina and sonoma boulevard. off to our right is lincoln elementary. and you can see the street the intersection is still closed off here. and there is still an active
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scene, however with the crime scene tape still up. there are forensic team is still out here and the sonoma county coroners van is out here. two vallejo police officers involved in this officer involved shooting. one man a white male was killed here this morning. live in vallejo allie rasmus. developing story in contra costa county. firefighters battled a grass fire all night long. it started about 9:30 last night. at least 75-acres have burned. no one hurt though. no homes or other structures were damaged. s cause of the fire is under investigation. overnight in san jose firefighters rushed to put out a fire at a vacant medical office. that started at 10:30 in the buildings attic. our cameras got a look. take a look inside. no one was hurt. the tenants just moved out and the new tenants plan to move in
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next week. time is 6:03. police in pleasanton investigating a gruesome discovery. the body of a female found in a garbage can. ktvu alex savidge is in planton to tell us what investigators know so far. >> reporter: investigators say that body found inside one of the 45-gallon plastic garbage cans and was left here. investigators confirm this was a body of a female. they don't know the proximate age but they are certain it was not a child. the discovery was made yesterday. that neighbor didn't open the can when officers looked inside, they found the body. it was partially decomposed. pleasanton police at this point can't say how that person died they are treating this as a homicide. investigators now talking with neighbors trying to figure out exactly how long this body had been there. they are also looking at other
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nearby missing persons cases. >> many of the local agencies that have open cases for missing persons we have been in contact with them. we are reviewing all of the track fliers that go out in the area. so that is something we will continue to work on and until we can identify the body. >> reporter: and because the search is still ongoing at this point for 15-year-old sierra lamar from morgan hill. we asked investigators for a possible connection here. they said it's unlikely the body found here is lamar. they plan to use fingerprints to make a positive identification. we hope to learn more later on today. live this morning in pleasanton alex savidge. congress is taking action to try and limit how much government agencies spend on travel. coming up at 6:15 what lawmakers are proposing to make sure there is no more lavish spending like that gsa
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convention in las vegas. california drivers will pay more for gasoline than we ever had during a memorial day weekend. average price is $4.30. that's what drivers in san jose and oakland are playing. san francisco is the highest in the state with an average of $4.38. prices in the north bay about a dime cheaper. sal, you have been working hard since i saw you when you came in at 4:30. you have something going on now. >> we do have a lot of -- it's unusual. today is not a typical commute day. we've had incidents out there. kind of unusual things. let's take a look at what we have. the san mateo and dumbarton bridge looking good but it's windy out there. i'm getting complaints from people. 880 -- i'm sorry southbound 101 at 880 there is a one car crash hit the wall there. chp is on the scene. the rest of the south bay is doing well. we look at the peninsula
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highway 101 and 280 look good. there are some scattered power outages. you may see signal lights that are not working. let's go outside. i want to show you live pictures. we are not getting the typical bump. a lot of people may not be going today. the morning commute at the toll plaza still lighter than usual. and maybe it will stay this way. 6:07 let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. we do have our system dropping in. giving us partly cloudy skies. cool, breezy already. and once we get going a little bit of afternoon heating here and showers and possible thunderstorms turning much cooler today. windy at times. scattered showers. and the thundershower activity would be early afternoon. that would be mainly north bay or in the east bay as that low drops right on in. it will be very, very close to us. also up in the sierra nebraska
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winter advisories are out until 6:00. our system will give us a very chilly air mass. 50s and 60s. upper 40s and low 50s for everybody. temperatures have been going down in the north bay. this is our cloud and rain forecast. at 1:00 here are the scattered showers. they continue to rotate around. the main action that will be up in the sierra nebraska. maybe northern pap pa and possibility. on sunday after that everything will clear out. today and tomorrow very interesting as that low drops all the way in and ejects out of here. windy and cooler. sun and clouds. scattered showers. possibility of thundershowers. 60s for almost everybody. low to mid to upper. with your weekend always in view here, we will not start off well. cool and breezy showers off and
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on into saturday and improving conditions sunday and monday. new revelations about the health of the newest american idol. sacrifices he had to make to stay in the competition. >> also more money problems for oakland public schools. why there is $8 million less than first thought. >> wait until you see what ended up on a golf course. ly give you a hint it -- i will give you a hint, it fell from the sky. [ teen ] tisee back in my d?
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time now 6:11. all right. look at this. this is what fell out of the sky and landed on a golf course. that is the door of a private plane. this happened wednesday shortly after that jet took off. the door crashed through the trees, left a big hole in the golf course. crews had to bring in heavy equipment to get it out of there. no one on the ground was hurt, no one on the flight was hurt. the faa is investigating. there are questions over whether a nuclear powered submarine could be salvaged after catching fire. the fire on the uss miami broke out wednesday evening as it was docked in maine. the torpedo room and command and control and living room suffered damage. two crew members, three shipyard firefighters suffered minor injuries before that fire was put out yesterday morning. the captain and the navigating officer of a cargo ship that ran aground in new
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zealand has been sentenced to seven months in jail. rina ran aground spilling about 400 tons of fuel oil. the captain and navigation officer pleaded guilty to operating the ship dangerously and altering documents after the crash. time now 6:12. new this morning ending lavish government trips paid for by taxpayers. scott mcfarland in our washington, d.c. newsroom with several new efforts to stop or cut back on the travel expenses of federal employees. scott. >> reporter: dave, this is clearly a response to the two most recent cases of expensive government travel including that famous party in vegas. $800,000 party in vegas. this revelation that west coast judges and staffords will convene at a ritzy resort in maui.
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one report we are hearing would chop the budget by 50%. a second proposal in the u.s. senate would cap how much taxpayers can spend on any single conference or trip at $500,000. >> let's tone this down. let's not go somewhere. maybe do a teleconference. maybe have a few web cameras in the offices that way we can share information. >> reporter: so we have multiple congressional efforts to reduce government travel. we will see the urgency which congress works on this issue when the u.s. house returns here on tuesday. live in washington scott mcfarland. >> also we are learning the gsa regional commissioner planned that vegas conference no longer works with the federal agency. highway had been on administrative leave on april after reports of that conference first came out. gsa spokesman says the employment ended yesterday. during congressional hearings on the scandal he invoked his fifth amendment rights.
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he did not answer any questions. public pool owners will have more time to comply with disabled compliance. the justice department says many pool owners misunderstood how to apply new accessibility requirements to preexisting pools. as a result the department extended the compliance date to january 31st, 2013. the numbers aren't adding up for the oakland school district. administrators announce the district was becoming solvent again. however the tribune reports fiscal analysts estimate they are $8 million short. reasons include rising transportation costs and a budgeting error. the district should have enough money to cover costs through next year but possible future cuts are possible. on the flip side oakland mayor jean quan says the new city budget paints a rosy picture. that mean there is are no
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layoffs or program cuts. the budget also calls for a new police academy. extra crews to repair potholes and broken parking meters. 6:15. the trainer of the horse that ran the kentucky derby could be suspended. trainer doug o'niell's horse i'll have another is just one victory away from winning the triple crown. but back in 2010 another horse tested positive for high levels of carbon dioxide which would enhance his performance. the state of california fined o'niell $15,000 and suspended him for 45 days which won't begin until after the belmont stakes. the last triple crown race. but we have to point out inspectors say they found no deliberate wrong doing. if the penalties are upheld it could be years before the suspension actually begins. the cup race from san francisco to monterey starts this morning. now that sailboat racing ban has been lifted.
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the low speed chase accident prompted the ban. u.s. sailing reviewed the crash and released the new safety recommendations. enhanced training for the crew. safety seminars and equipment inspections to insure sailor safety. new details are being revealed about the newly crowned american idol. now that is phillip phillips performing right after his big win on thursday. his father tells people magazine his son has had eight surgeries on his kidneys during the course of the show. one time he refused treatment so it wouldn't hurt his chances in the treatment. phillip ask said to under go a full recovery. the great highway in san francisco is still closed this morning because of drifting sand. really gusty winds push the sand over the roads and crews
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have been trying to clear it out but the winds are making it tough. southbound lanes are closed between lincoln and fulton street. southbound lanes are closed between skyline boulevard. ktvu will watch it for you. we'll let you know when the road is opened again. >> of course sal keeps an eye on all of those things for us. what are you keeping an eye on now? we are looking at a bunch of freeways and where it's obvious to me today is not as typical as a commute we saw yesterday. let's take a a look outside. we do not have a lot of slowing. we do have people on the road. there is not a lot of slowing in the intersection of antioch and pittsburgh right now. but the traffic is looking good. 680 looks good and so does 24. also the morning commute at the toll plaza usually by now we see a crowd this morning. we not. just enough people are not come into the city just yet. watch out it could be a little
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gusty winds. and this morning we are looking at the peninsula. speaking of bay area bridges. san mateo and dumbarton bridge looking good. it's 6:18 now. let's go to steve. >> thank you. happy friday. cool friday it is. just heard from our observer steve bridges up in the keys. occasional light snow mix. 37 degrees. trace of snow on the ground. our system is moving in. winter weather advisories are posted until 6:00 tonight. you can see the low spinning tonight. much cooler. turning much cooler windy today. most of these will be late morning or early afternoon. we get a little heating even though it won't be very warm today. this will be a prime time recipe for development of showers and possible thunderstorms today. yes, could be lightning for those that i get tweets from people. you think today? yeah i think today. upper 40s a enlow 50s on the temps. computer model forecast right there. you can see a line. right through the 680 corridor.
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it continues up in the sierra. most of friday and into saturday. that will be the key on that. for us even late saturday afternoon there is a wrap around shower activity toward the north. we're not done after today. we still have one more day after that. saturday. sunday and monday look much, much better. our low will continue to flex its muscle and give us a wide variety of weather. windy and cool. highs today will be in the 60s for almost everybody. upper 50s to low to mid upper 50s. sun, clouds off and on. showers into saturday and decreasing clouds and sunshine and more weather for calmer conditions as we go into sun and monday. >> thank you, steve. this morning there is a report morgan stanley will compensate retail investors. morgan stanley was the lead under writer for the ipo. the firm is reviewing orders from retail clients for
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facebook and will make price adjustments if the clients paid too much. ibm worried about the iphone personal assistant siri. employees with an iphone 4s has to keep siri quiet. chief information officer say there is are concerns any questions workers ask siri will be saved and stored and that could lead to information leaks. >> interesting. 6:21. a california man cleared of a rape conviction that cost him five years in prison. >> all i ever wanted was my freedom. >> the reason that case was finally thrown out and what are his dreams for the future. >> 35 years ater -- the gifts being shared with fans. >> strong on the bridge looks
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good. getting word of coast guard and san francisco fire department involved in towing a sailboat. we'll tell you what that is all about.
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good morning. as we look live at the golden
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gate bridge the traffic looks good. i want to mention there was a sailboat in distress. the san francisco fire department and the coast guard were towing to the marina. straight ahead we will find out if anyone was on it and why the boat seemed to be in distress according to a witness. keep an eye out for red light runners this weekend. red light running is 27% higher on memorial day weekend than nonholiday weekends. researchers also found more red light violations occur on friday afternoon. you will notice police and chp on increased patrols all weekend. 85-year-old man is dead after he was hit while riding his bike along highway 1. the driver told the chp the cyclist was riding north in the southbound lane as he veered across the road right in front of his car. the driver braked but his car clipped the bike. the bicyclist was with a cycling group visiting bodega bay from southern california.
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6:25. southern california a judge threw out a conviction against a one-time rising football star that was wrongly convicted of rape by a woman who now says she lied. that is 26-year-old brian banks. you see him in tear there is in court yesterday. he spent five years in prison. five more years registered as a sex offender. in 2002 he was convicted of the rape and kidnapping of a high school friend that last year admitted she lied. >> i feel like anything is possible and this is proven today for me by me getting my freedom back. >> now his original lawyer encouraged the then 16-year-old to plead no contest to avoid a 41 year prison term. once the new information came out, the california innocence project pushed for his exoneration. banks says he still dreams of a possible nfl career.  claims against facebook public stock offering could
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cost the company upwards of $1 billion. several investor groups are suing facebook over allegations it concealed allegation reports. analyst tell the mercury news facebook and banking partners may be liable for $1 billion or more in damages. some investors took heavy losses after that stock plunged. the force is still strong 35 years later. the original star wars film was released on this day may 25th back in 1977. it has since spawned two sequels, three prequills, hundreds of spinoff novels, comic books, tv shows, millions of fans. to mark the 35th anniversary has put the first trailer on its home page. right now coming up on 6:30. it may be challenging getting around the bay area this weekend. the three traffic closures going into effect today that could create headaches. >> it started out with an attempted robbery on a cab
6:28 am
driver and ended in a fatal officer involved shooting. latest on the investigation coming up. >> we will take you live to the opening bell this morning. we are live in the trading familiar to tell you what happened overnight that will effect stocks today.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. there it is right on time the opening bell this morning. hope for the warriors are there. we have hope for our own warriors. we are talking about nonprofit charity. mission to enhance the quality of life for members of the military and their family. certainly especially those that have been adverse reeffected by injuries or the families that have lost a loved one in the military. they are there. and they are honoring them today on the nasdaq exchange. we will get you the numbers in just a moment.
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>> we'll smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's friday. >> yes, it is. >> it's may 25th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. we are starting with breaking news from vallejo. there was a fatal police shooting there. investigators are still out there on the scene. allie rasmus is also there in vallejo now with the details that led the police to fire at a suspect. >> reporter: as we speak the coroners van is pulling out of this intersection. they just removed the body of this man from the scene here. this is the intersection of carolina street and sonoma boulevard. it started out as a call about an attempted robbery. two blocks away from here. a cab driver called police for help saying the man with the gun was trying to rob him. vallejo police pursued the suspect. the two officers point -- that's when police fired and shot and killed the man. this all happened around
6:32 am
midnight last night. the forensic team was still out here gathering evidence when we arrived at 4:45 this morning. they are still wrapping up their work. as you saw a few seconds ago the coroners van removed the body from the scene. after the suspect was shot and killed they discovered the weapon he had was an air soft. it was a pelt type gun. neighbors have started showing up at the scene to look what happened here. >> that don't surprise me. it's like the wild, wild west. everything happens. >> reporter: the solano county da office is investigating this officer involved shooting. trying to piece together what happened here. the circumstances that led up to this shooting to see if the officers will be at fault in any way. if we take you back out here live we can give you a better idea where we are. this is the intersection of carolina and sonoma boulevard. it's still closed off to traffic. off to the right is lincoln
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elementary school. the coroners van just came to the scene to remove the body from here. we are told this intersection should be opening up here shortly. live in vallejo allie rasmus. we hope to learn more today about a gruesome discovery made in pleasanton. a body inside a garbage can. alex savidge is near where the body was found and talks about how this all unfolded. >> reporter: that discovery made yesterday when a neighbor spotted a trash can here along dublin canyon road. that neighbor for whatever reason said the trash can looks suspicious so they called police. officers came and looked inside and found the body of a female that had been partial lady composed. they don't know the approximate age of the body but don't believe this is a child. they are treating this as a homicide. they are looking at nearby missing persons cases as well. trying to find out if there are connection there is. sources is telling ktvu it's unlikely the body found here is
6:34 am
that of 15-year-old sierra lamar. now short time ago i did check in with the alameda county coroners office. i asked them if they had any new information. they said so far they do not have a positive identification. they do plan to conduct an autopsy at some time later on today. live this morning in pleasanton alex savidge. the 21-year-old man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar could face the death penalty. the santa clara county da's office made that announcement yesterday. coming up at 6:45 why prosecutors may have a difficult task. 6:34. today will be another big day for suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. they are supposed to identify rebuttal witnesses in his
6:35 am
ethics violation case. both sides will report on what each witness is expected to say. mayor ed lee and mirkarimi also have to decide if witnesses will testify in person or by a declaration. meantime occupy protestors plan a rally tonight in oakland for support of a demonstrator they claim was wrongly arrested on a charge of battery of a police officer. that protestor chris moreland was arrested on wednesday. occupiers say it happened after a community meeting about the death of allen blueford. he was a teenager shot and killed by police. they accused police of targeting moreland because he spoke out about alleged police abuses. however oakland police chief howard jordan tells ktvu he believes the blueford shooting was justified. 6:35. we have new information to tell you about. a power outage in the peninsula. pg&e says 118 customers have no electricity in an area around
6:36 am
highway 101. bordering east hills dale boulevard, norfolk street. they are hoping to fix it by 1:00 this afternoon. there were to outages last night that knocked out power to 1200 customers including the shopping center. it's believed power is back on there. there are three major traffic closures getting under way today. want to remind you that dumbarton bridge will be shut down at 10:00 tonight. it won't reopen until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. crews will spend the long holiday weekend reenforcing concrete and replacing deck joints. san francisco muni also beginning a major shut down of the n judah and j church lines. bus shuttles will be available during the closure. also in san francisco first street will be closed between mission and howard starting at 8:00 tonight. that is for work on the new
6:37 am
transbay terminal. temporary bridges will be set up to move traffic through the area. time now 6:36. let's get you moving even rob a friday. sal, how are we look something >> we are looking better than we normally do. people are perhaps not going and it makes it easier for the rest of us that have to go to work today. i want to mention 237 you can see traffic is much lighter than it normally is. normally by now we have stop and go traffic. what is concerning we have the winds and it looks like the storm is coming. interstate 880 the same thing goes. pretty windy here. gusty winds blowing our camera. i want to mention overnight news chp investigating a three- car crash on the san mateo hayward bridge it happened shortly after midnight. involved two cars and a tax viz cab. three people suffered minor injuries. the chp reopened the lanes around 1:30 this morning.
6:38 am
it's still not clear what caused the crash. 6:37 let's go to steve. >> thank you. partly sunny, partly cloudy skies. the wind has already picked up as you saw. rather cool blustery day here. let's fast forward to sunday. should be fine weather wise. chilly and breezy. you want to view the golden gate bridge fire works. it's friday and saturday the main days. after that it will be mostly sunny but cool and breezy. our system is rotating right in there. i think we will have sunshine there for the morning and it starts to cloud up there. turning much cooler and often windy. possibility of thundershowers coming in. pretty dynamic system for this time of year. really cold temperatures aloft that just translates the days are so long. any afternoon heating was a good recipe for thunderstorm activity. highs today mainly in the 60s. winds out of the west 17 miles an hour at san jose. flight delays at sfo just came
6:39 am
over flighted a advisor on twitter. 40s and 50s on the temps. it's a cool start to the morning. i think mostly sunny partly sunny in the morning. then we will turn mostly cloudy in the afternoon. sierra nevada already picking up a little bit of snow. kind of a rain-snow mix. winter advisory out until 6:00 tonight. 3-6 inches not so much on the roads. the roads are warm. just so you know it's not the best camping weather. highs in the 60s for everybody here. really windy and cool is the main forecast here. i did go to 70 in gilroy. sun clouds windy into saturday. warning for parents about a common household product. the reason you need to be extra careful when doing the laundry. >> also the golden gate bridge looking good after 75 years. how the bay area will celebrate
6:40 am
the iconic birthday. ♪
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[ male announcer ] it's one thing... to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl. welcome back. good morning, to you. this is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you. an investigation is happening now into a fatal police shooting that happened in vallejo. police say an attempted robbery suspect pointed what appeared
6:43 am
to be a gun at police officers and the police officers opened fire. police now say the man had an air soft gun. it looks like a real gun and shoots pelts. >> autopsy will be performed today on a body of a female found in a garbage can in pleasanton. police say yes it's a female but they don't know the age or ethnicity. they do believe she was the victim of a homicide. 21-year-old man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar could be facing the death penalty. santa clara county da office made that announcement yesterday. the suspect appeared before a judge for less than a minute and did not speak. prosecutors say they are considering a murder charge with special circumstances. but they will talk to sierra lamar's family before deciding whether to seek the death penalty. >> we will seek justice here as in all of our cases in a way
6:44 am
that is fair and treats everyone with respect. >> however proses equators could go to trial without a murder weapon, murder scene, or even a body. garcia torres did not enter a plea. he's being held without bail until his next court appearance next week. 6:43. this morning there is a warning for you parents this morning. these detergent packs are dangerous for children. they can desolve in a child's hand or mouth. now tide pods they are getting a lot of attention because they are bright in color. kids with sometimes mistake them for candy. the bay area's poison control center says they have gotten dozens of calls reporting small children vomiting, wheezing or becoming dangerously drowsy. those products contain warning labels. however, the company at tide they are looking to make that packaging more child proof. >> now to a developing story this morning in eastern contra
6:45 am
costa county. firefighters race to put out a grass fire before it got out of hand. tara moriarty is in oakley this morning with the damage that fire has caused. >> reporter: the wind is pretty hefty out here. you can see how windy it is. that really added fuel to this fire that scorched 75-acres. it's still poking over here and threatened this group of homes over here. then flames leapt up over this ridge and got dangerously close to that row of homes. early this morning firefighters did manage to get it out. they left and it reignited. these are pictures of what it looked like last night. flames broke out around 9:30 near summer lake at cypress and it tore eastward. now firefighters have been busy the past three weeks battling fires in this area on bethel island strong gusty winds also
6:46 am
fanned a fire that engulfed several large homes may 23rd. then two weeks prior a two alarm fire gutted a home leaving one resident with minor injuries and damaging a home across the street. this all sort of brings up the issue of measure s. it's a proposed $200 parcel tax that is met with a lot of resistance. if it doesn't pass two to three fire fight station -- fire stations could be closed. live from oakley i'm tara moriarty. turning 75 and san francisco is throwing a big bash to celebrate the major milestone. christien kafton joins us now from san francisco with how all of the festivities will kick off. where are you? [ laughter ] >> reporter: surprise. we have moved a little bit. we were in san francisco earlier now back in oakland jack london square. a big trip across the bay. we are on a boat.
6:47 am
now that is the spectacular view i've been referring to all morning long. we are about to go out on the golden gate. we are joined by captain charles jennings. if we could talk about what we will see this morning. we will have a chance to see the golden gate bridge up close. this has to be a great opportunity. >> its will be fantastic. any time you get to go on the san francisco bay it's beautiful. there is so much to see. so much to do. and it's different every single day. this morning the golden gate it will look really nice. >> tell us about your week. you run bay runners. >> bay voyager. >> reporter: pardon me. it's the name of the company. you say business is booming for people that want to go out and go see the fire works and see all the festivities. >> yeah. this weekend we are really busy. the bridge fire works show is all sold out. it sold out in a half hour. and we are really excited about it. we depart here from jack london
6:48 am
square. >> reporter: as charles mentioned they will be departing from jack london square going to the golden gate bridge. that's what we will be doing here. we will be putting on our life vests and be taking off going over to the golden gate bridge. we have video of some of the setups that were going on if you take a look at the video that we shot. you can see the preps are around way over there in san francisco. certainly they are expecting crowds of tens of thousands of people you can see over there. they had some of the tents set up. signage set up. a lot of the barricades to help keep people organized. they are expecting tens of thousands of people. they are encouraging people to use public transportation. the next time we see you, we'll be out on the bay and we're looking forward to that. that should be a lot of fun this morning. we'll have that spectacular view coming up. for now we are live in oak lands christien kafton.
6:49 am
>> nice. get to ride along in a boat with christien this morning. for more details as well as to see a slide show of old photos of the bridge you can head to our website we have a golden gate at 75 tab on our home page. >> why do you let christien? you never let me. >> i know. we sit in here with sal and steve. >> and that is a benefit right there. [ laughter ] good morning, everybody. you know what, we are looking add the traffic it has been different today. it may not be a typical commute but we still have things out there. let's take a look at the bay bridge. even though it's lighter certainly people are going. some people are not some people may be going the other way to try to get out today. out of the bay area. yesterday we had a huge delay trying to get out of town. just remember though the chp does maximum enforcement during holiday periods. they have more officers out there looking for any sort of
6:50 am
violations. let's move along and take a look at 880 north and southbound that traffic moves well in both directions. a little gusty and windy. and the morning commute on the peninsula looks good on 101 and on 280. one hour air delay is expected at san francisco airport later today. 6:49 let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. partly cloudy skies. our system is moving in. it will drop in with very cool weather for this time of year. already snow up in the sierra nevada. our system looks like mostly sunny here then we will get a little dynamic heating. that will give us mostly cloudy skies later on. therein lies where we will get scattered showers. cooler, windy to start. showers will be developing late morning early afternoon as that low settles in. more clouds and breezy to windy. in fact thunderstorms are possible north and east bay. westerly breeze west,
6:51 am
southwest. north, northwest. you name it's there. already breezy ankling. upper 40s and low, low 50s. the low looks like it drops in today and ejects out late friday into early saturday. for the ier -- sierra it will linger. main message for awhile here is windy and cooler with a lot of 60s on the temperatures with your week always in view here. very unsettled today. most bay area drivers seen something unusual. slightly lower gas prices. aaa reports gas prices have dropped a penny overnight. nickel in the last week. usually gas prices peak in time for the memorial day weekend. we are paying $0.72 a gallon more. industry analysts also say this is the highest prices we have paid for memorial day weekend. it's likely to change and price gross back then the west coast
6:52 am
refineries are back online. there is a new developer for a three acre site at at & t park. san francisco business times says strad has a $220 million development plan for that department there. it will clean id a hotel and retail and residential units. the land is the only site in mission bay area zoned for a hotel. >> wow. 6:51. there is a reason we are watching space because it has been a morning of stops and starts at the international space station. that is a live picture. what is causing a hold up at this hour up there. >> good morning, right now traffic looks good. we are watching the buildup to the memorial day weekend. find out why you may see a lot more chp officers on the road.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:55. let's go into outer space right now. happening right now we're outside the international space station. these are live pictures from space the international space station is trying to grab on to that space x dragon capsule. it has been rescheduled for a couple minutes from right now. the dragon it has been on track nearly all morning to deliver a half ton of new supplies to the international space station. but it has a sensor that
6:56 am
started sending out bad information when it came within 100 feet of the space station so they pulled it back. the space station is scheduled to leave the bay area. i'm on to something else right now. we are looking at the plan docking in outer space. we will keep you posted as to what will happen. this is exciting stuff. first time a private commercial rocket has gone into space. they are applauding. back at nasa. so we'll find out exactly what is happening. all right. time is 6:56. back here on earth the uss iowa is scheduled to leave the bay area for the new home in southern california tomorrow. the historic world war ii battleship was due to be towed out of the port of richmond but the seas were stormy and strong winds delayed that departure. the uss iowa is due to pass under the golden gate bridge
6:57 am
around 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. it will be going to the port of los angeles and then transformed into a naval museum. the highway patrol planning patrols this weekend hoping to keep things safe for everyone. the maximum enforcement period starts tonight at 6:00 it continues all the way through monday night. officers will be looking for any illegal activity from those not wearing their seat belts to drivers that have been drinking. 6:57. let's go to sal to see what is happening in our commute. >> the commute today dave and pam is not typical. it's lighter than usual at the bay bridge. by now we usually have a big crowd. also this morning we are looking at the commute on the peninsula. that looks good. across the bay and on to contra costa county we do have a little slowing on highway 4 a commute that never takes a day off. westbound 24 looks good. let's go to steve. >> thank you. partly sunny here. really cool and breezy. i just walked outside. man a little chill in the
6:58 am
morning air. sun in the morning. clouds and possible thundershowers in the afternoon. still a rather cool breezy unsettled day saturday. things do calm down. it will be much nicer sunday and monday. >> thank you. coming up next developing news from vallejo. the investigation under way now into a fatal police shooting. >> also another big fire in contra costa county. this is the second one this week. stay right here with us. ♪ [ male announcer ] for our families... our neighbors... and our communities... america's beverage companies have created a wide range of new choices. developing smaller portion sizes and more low- & no-calorie beverages... adding clear calorie labels so you know exactly what you're choosing... and in schools, replacing full-calorie soft drinks with lower-calorie options.
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