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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 25, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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police are investigating a fatal officer-involved shooting. what police discovered about the type of weapon that the suspect had. we're live in oakley where a grass fire threatened some homes and we'll also tell you what made firefighters' jobs so much tougher this morning. and a sailboat in distress. find out why firefighters and the coast guard had to get involved in getting the ship back to shore. and what is learned about a woman's body found in a trash can. "mornings on 2" good morning to you. i'm claudine wong. it's friday, may 25th.
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tori campbell has the day off. right now, investigators in vallejo are still on the scene of a fatal police shooting. it happened around midnight at sonoma boulevard and carolina streets. allie rasmus is live now at the scene with what led officers to fire their guns. allie? >> reporter: this is sonoma and carolina street. police had opened up the street. it had been closed. traffic is moving freely. there are some people still here at the clean. 24 all started with a call about an attempted robbery about -- this all started with a call about an attempted robbery, a man called to report a man wearing a white jacket pulling a gun on him. when police arrived, they found the suspect walking along sonoma boulevard. it was at this intersection just under the stoplight where two vallejo police officers where they told the suspect to
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put down his gun. after the suspect was killed, however, investigators discovered that the gun the man had on him was a pellet type gun, a nonlethal weapon. vallejo police and the solano county district attorney's office will -- the two officers involved in the shooting had been placed on paid leave. back out leer live. you are looking where this -- where this happened is right next to elementary school, cleaning up the area, clearing away the crime scene. as for the individual killed, we don't know his name. we're told he's 53 years old,
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and that's all we know. back to you. in another developing story, a big grass fire in eastern contra costa county. it started last night around 9:30 near east cypress road and came really close, dangerously close to some houses. tara moriarty is live with more. tara? >> reporter: well, the wind really played a major factor. you can see it's still going here and some spot hots. the -- hot spots. the wind really spanned the fire around. it hopscotched about. it left up over this ridge and it got dangerously close to that row of homes. now, early their morning, firefighters got it out, it left, it reig flighted --
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reignited. firefighters have been really busy in the past three weeks battling fires in the area. strong, gusty winds engulfed several large homes may 23rd. and then two weeks before that, a two-alarm fire gutted a home and also damaging a home across the street. this all start of brings up the issue of measure f. it is a proposed $200 parcel tax that's been met with a little resistance, that means up to 19 firefighters would be rayed off and fire chiefs surround this area say that that could have some disastrous repercussions. live from oakley, i'm tara
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moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. in other blight overnight news -- the chp is investigating a -- in other knight news, the chp is investigating a fire. it involved two people and a taxicab. two people suffered minor injuries. the bridge was shut down for 90 minutes. the chp opened the lanes again this morning. it's still not clear what caused the crash. police are searching for three people who robbed a mailman. it happened yesterday. they stole more than 3,000
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pieces of mail. the three men ran away from the scene, possibly in a red ford mustang. new information this morning, some old audio recordings could connect followers of the manson family to unsolved murders. theland is requesting eight hours of records of charles "tex" watson talking to this attorney. he's serving a -- talking to his attorney. here iser isveing a life sentence -- he's serving a life sentence. police believe he may -- believe they may have committed more murders. san francisco gas prices are the highest in the state with an average of $4.38. prices in the north bay area are about a dime cheaper.
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7:06. hey, sal, how are we doing? it's friday morning. it is light trafficwise but i want to mention when i talked -- what i talked about at the shop of the -- what i talked about at the top of the show. coast guard officials were out on the water when someone reported seeing a sailboat that was distressed. we're not sure if the boat was just out there and -- i don't know what the circumstances are. informs are trying to figure it out. it's unclear if they are looking for anyone in the water. but the firefighters and the coast guard are still out there at the presidio marina. we're looking at the bay bridge. it's light. today has not been a typical day. a lot of people completed their
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getaway for memorial day already. if you are driving in the south bay, we're off to a night start. a little bit of slow traffic there. some people -- some people still going -- highway 101 and 280 looking good. one-hour delays, especially later, so check with your flight. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very happy, cool, windy friday. i just heard from cassie near half moon bay. super windy. that will be the forecast here for a while. our low is finally moving in right there. it could get a little bit of sun here. 49 and 50 degrees. turning much cooler, windy here in the morning. scattered showers in the morning as this system really drops in. it will really juice up the
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atmosphere. the angle of the sun -- i think highs today, 60s for almost everybody. 50s and 60s. they are trying to pencil in. be west breeze. west 16 in san jose. upper 40s, low 50s, take your pick. everyone is really, really close on the temperatures. our system rotating there. you can get a good look at it. it looks like one forecast model put it on us. suffice it to say, it's here and that's giving -- does look much better. sun cloud, sun and clouds and
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then we'll get the afternoon high. upper 60s. this is a cool, cool pattern. i went one 70 that. was down in gilroy. 67 livermore, 67 redwood city. bell -- well, today, mostly cloudy and then scattered showers into saturday. better sunday/monday. happening right now -- we're watching history. the astronauts on the international space station have successfully captured the dragon space capsule. >> capture is confirm. -- is confirmed. [ applause ] >> i would applaud, too. they were just applauding at that's mission control. the dragon was delivering a half a ton of supplies. this is the dock situation.
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the dragon has been -- has been snared. this is so significant because had is the first time in space history that a private company has delivered supplies to the space company. >> that's a new era. 7:10. brought to tears, a 26-year-old man finally cleared his name. and the new preparal to end lavish trips in government that taxpayers pay for. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the u.s., russia, china, britain, france and game are pushing for iran to free for their production of enriched iranian, while i ran want as lift on the sanctions.
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boy, look at these pictures. these are lawmakers fighting over a bill that would have made russia the official language of the much of the country. right now the official language is the ukrainian. one lawmaker had to be rushed to the hospital for stitches. new this morning, ending lavish trips paid for by taxpayers. scott macfarlane is in our newsroom with more. >> reporter: on a weekend so many people are traveling, had is striking. there are several new pieces of legislation to produce what the government spends on its travel including its high-end expenses for executives and workers. one proposal in the house would
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reduce by 50% what every federal agency spends. >> do they not read the newspaper or watch tv and not know hout outraged the taxpayers are? >> reporter: this one in the u.s. senate would limit any expense on any single trip by a u.s. agency -- agency is
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$500,000. jeff neely had -- jeff neely had been on leave and his employment ended yesterday. he it not answer any questions yesterday. public pool oners will have more time to comply with access -- at issue, the installation to of -- of lifts. the justice department said many new owners misunderstood the comply aens -- compriance. a judge threwout the conviction against a one-time rising football star who was wrongly convicted by rape by a woman who now admits she lied.
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>> you can see 26-year-old brian banks. he spent five years in prison, five more years as a registered sex offenders -- sex offender. in 2002 he was convicted of the rape and kidnapping of the high school friend who last year admitted she lied. >> i feel like anything is possible and it's proven to me by getting my freedom back. >> california innocence product pushed for exoneration, banks says he still becomes an nfl player. well, the trainer of the kentucky winner could be suspended. doug o'neill's horse "i'll have another" is just one win away from the triple crown. but back in 2010, another test hested with -- tested with high
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levels of enhancement. he was suspended for 45 days that thatnot -- than does not begin until after the race. and if these ps are upheld, it could be years before the penalties begin. several investor groups are suing facebook before launching its ipo. analysts say nasdaq and it's banking partners -- analysts say -- analysts say took an it's banking partners believe
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be they were wronged. the ceo says apple doesn't have to pay him $75 million otherwise. tim cook told the board of directors he doesn't want the $2.60 share dividends he would have collected. apple -- got some bad press when they revealed that apple gave cook 1 million restricted stock units. a landmark in the berkeley hills is for sale. i'm talking about this. the 279-room claremont hotel. the current owners bought the property last year as part of a foreclosure auction. bloomberg news says the asking price for the claremont $8 -- claremont, $80 million. we're in store for a big change in the weather.
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up next, steve paulson is gonna tell us about the showers and even possible hail headed our way. to have created an icon and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters...
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♪ the 2013 sl.
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now -- now, oakland mayor jean quan is saying the new
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city budget is pretty good. there is an extra $10 million in tax revenues. that means no layoffs or program cuts are planned. the budget calls for a new police academy. extra crews to fix potholes and marking -- parking meters and there will be expanded hours at senior center. 7:23. hopefully, it will be an easy commute. sal is watching a couple things going on around the roads. hey, sal. hello there. we have more on the sailboat rescue. on the san francisco may -- on the san francisco bay. you can see at just about 6:00 this morning about a half-mile west of the north tower of the golden gate bridge. the fire department and the coast guard got a report of a sailboat spotting two kayaks. the coast fort lauderdale and fire department got out there
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and found the boat abandoned and towed it back to the presidio marina. the fire department and the coast guard are still investigating and so far that's all of the information that we have. these are live pictures from one of our views. let's go out and take a look now at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's been lighter than usual today. definitely as a lot of people try to make this a four-day weekend coming up on the beginning of summer here. bay area highway 1 and 101 and 280 looking good. some airport delays looking good. let's go to steve. partly sunny, but cool and windy out there. had a nice tweet from chloe, come on, steve, four bad hair days. [ laughter ]
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>> the key to this is heat. it won't be that warm. unbelievably cold system for this time of year. the best part of that day i think will be in the morning. showers will be developing later on. especially toward the north bay and east bay. 60s on the temperatures. not much -- i think it will an little better as we head into saturday. but hear still could be some wraparound showers. monday should be mostly sunny and warmer. the vice mayor -- the vice
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mayor of an east bay city is facing embezzlement charges. and a body found stuffed unside -- inside a trash can and dumped along pleasanton. what's being done today to identify that victim. >> reporter: getting ready for the going bridge and the 75th navy -- the golden gate bridge and the 75th anniversary. so, ah, your seat good?
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a disturbing discovery on the side of the road in pleasanton has police searching for answers. they are still trying to identify the remains found in a garbage can. alex savge is live on the scene with more -- alex savidge is live on the scene with more. >> reporter: police confirm this was a female found dumped in the trash. just checked in with a coroner's office. investigators sea they don't have an approximate -- say they don't have an approximate age on this body but they say it's not a child. it what spotted add. the neighbor thought it looked out of place and called police. that's when officers came out and found the body partially closed. pleasantton police are treat this as a homicide. they don't know how that person
7:31 am
died. investigators are going to be talking to neighbors out here to see if anyone saw anything. >> we've been talking to people to get any kind of information to determine how long it had been there. >> pleasanton say they are checking with other nearby agencies trying to draw any connections they possibly can. a source tells ktvu the body found here in pleasanton is probably not 15-year-old sierra lamar, the teen from morgan hill. planning an autopsy from yesterday. we're live in pleasanton, alex savidge, ktvu channel 2 news. the 21-year-old man accused
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of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. he did not speak for one minute in front of the judge. >> the key for the prosecution is not just 20 show that sierra lamar is dead but that this -- to show that sierra lamar is dead but that she is dead. >> he's being held without bail until his next kurt appearance, may 31 -- next court appearance, may 31st. ross mirkarimi and city officials are supposed to identify rebuttal witnesses in
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the sheriff's case. $159 nourk from the wireless network i-pass. he was acting as an insurance bloker. prosecutors say he didn't pass the money along to travelers insurance as required. if convicted, joe medrano faces five years in prison.
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an 85-year-old man is dead after being hit while riding his bike on highway 1 near bodega bay. the chp is also investigating a dead le accident involving a pedestrian in the sonoma valley yesterday afternoon. the highway patrol questioned the driver for several hours. it's still not clear what led up to that accident. the bum bartok bridge will close tonight and not reopen
7:35 am
until actuals -- the dumb bar -- the dumbarton bridge will closened to and not reopen until tuesday. also in san francisco, first street will be closed between mission and howard starting at 8:00 tonight. that's where work on the new transbay terminal is. temporary bridges will be -- will be set up to redo the area.
7:36 am
>> reporter: a different perspective. you get a sense of the scale of just how big the bridge re-- reslip -- really is. a lot going on this weekend. we've been working on this all morning long. chip vaughn and i shot video of some preparations underway. you can see that there's plenty of barricade there to keep the crowds in order. a lot of festivities and a lot of activities going on in marina freezing rain and christie sold. if you can't be on the bay like we are, certainly one of the better places to watch would be from christie field and marina
7:37 am
green -- green -- crissy field and marina green. we're out on the voyager with captain charles jennings. tell me a moment, have you the best job in the world, first off, getting to see this every day. what is it like? if it's like a piece of heaven every day. it's beautiful. >> you -- >> reporter: you are sold out? >> i sold out in 0 minutes. >> reporter: if people are --
7:38 am
>> make all of the calls to every single place you can possibly think of. walk down the waterfront and you might be able to find something. i think everything is sold out by now. >> reporter: thank you so much. you heard it from captain jennings earlier. >> part of what will be out here -- because that fireworks show is going on, the bridge will be shut down. that's a safety precaution. take that into account in you are going to be traveling in the area. we'll continue to bring you
7:39 am
live reports from. san francisco bay so you can see the bridge and all of its imagine city. for now live out on the san francisco bay, christien kafton, cut kut. >> who wouldn't be -- who wouldn't want to be out there? >> i know. i want to be out there. sal probably wants to get out there. >> i've been out on the bay. i've had some spectacular patients. good morning, everybody. happenmy memorial day coming up to you. let's take a look at the commute now, traffic is -- well, it's moving well, usually on 237 -- i have one particular person who follows me on twitter. 237 is wide open for you.
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westbound bay bridge this all lax good coming into the city. no major problems here. i think yesterday, there was a huge egress. now, lighter than usual. if you are driving in antioch. let's go to the -- let's go to the maps. the rest of the commute looks good. westbound 24 looks good on the way to oakland. 7:40. let's go to steve. >> a lot of tweets coming in. bad hair day. another bad -- bad hair day, thank you,. >> jennifer up in reno. sunny, breezy.
7:41 am
we have one-man go throw. that's really -- don't get that false a -- we'll see it turn much cooler, windy at times. the days are very lightning. you get a little afternoon heating even though the highs won't be that warm. thunderstorms are possible, especially north bay, east bay and out to the valley. upper hoes, low 50s. there's the system rotating around. we're right in the window of as -- right in the window as well. by about noon, they start to pop up in the north bay. i definitely buy in to this,
7:42 am
it's kind of a broad brush forecast. we're not done yet. saturday, the wraparound, i think northern sonoma and napa could be in line. by saturday night things will calm down. winter weather advisory out for the mountains sierra nevada. around lake level around 37 degrees off and on snowshowers. some of the passes that he, snowshowers saturday. windy and cooler here for us, definitely windy. sun and clouds will give way to more clouds, the possibility of scattered showers. a little rebound -- especially on monday for you. >> thank you. 7:42. the father of phillip phillips revealing new details about his
7:43 am
son's journey on the show, how many surgeries he endured on the -- during the season and why he once it refused treatment.
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all right. there is a look at the big board. the dow is down by 23 points. consumer sentiment actually climbed in may to its best level of '07. that report came out this morning but it doesn't look like it's enough to send the markets into positive territory. everybody is still getting trumped by that uncertainty. the bay area market in suspect is considered a
7:46 am
sellers' market. coldwell behavior said 80% of its residential properties had several people wants to -- wants to buy. the number for lower-priced home sales in the bay area has dropped by 53% in the last year. genetic should hear by june 8th if the fda has okayed pertuzimim. it's a drug that would fight breast cancer. police in stockton looking for a group of people who
7:47 am
stuffed in an area that injured a dog. >> he's still in pain and discomfort. but he's handling it very well and he's very sweet and loving with. >> now, witness reports say a group trapped the -- strapped the exploding fireworks. a $500 reward is being offered.
7:48 am
people who live in the area say it's normally a low-crime neighborhood. new information on a wildfire burning -- on a wildfire burning. that fire is now 20% contained and has charred 2500 acres. the fire started yesterday east of the town of julian and was fanned by strong winds. no homes have been damaged. last night evacuation orders in the area were lifted. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. environmentists in the u.s -- environmentists in the u.s. attorney's office are criticizing about limits in payouts in lawsuits. this would save timber companies and major california landowners hundred of millions of dollars in court damages. the new president of france made a surprise visit to afghanistan today and told
7:49 am
french troops they will be leaving soon. president hollande announced he would pum the troops out by the end of this year -- pull the troops out by the end of this year. questions about whether a nuclear-powered submarine can be saved after it got fire. the fire occurred wednesday evening as it was docked in maine. the captain and the navigating officer of a cargo ship that ran aground in new zealand, they've each been
7:50 am
sentenced to seven months. they spilled about 400 tons of fuel oil. the captain and fave gangal officer pleaded guilty and that they altered documents after the crash. tide pods are getting a lot of attention because they are bright in color and doctors say children mistake them for candle. >> begot it in her mouth and kind of turned her skin rashshy. i think i got it out because she didn't swallow it. >> the bay area's poison patrol center has received -- has received thousands of dollars. tide is looks to pain the
7:51 am
packaging more child proof. we have new details about the health of the. -- about the health of the newly crowned "mesh idol." ♪ >> we hear you, phillip. his dad told people his son has had eight, count them, eight surgeries on mission leg. the "uss iowa" is preparing to head south for its home. when you can see it pass under the bridge. hey, it's me again.
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two volcanos are being closely watched in central america, one in costa rica, the other in mexico. there's concern they may erupt any time. in costa rica, the evacuations are starting. in mexico, no evacuations yet. the "uss iowa" is scheduled to leave for its new home tomorrow. stormy seas and strong winds held up the departure. the u.s. patent and trademark office rejected two applicants who wanted to cash
7:55 am
in on the phrase "lin-sanity." all right. 7:54. let's go out to sal castanedo for a look at the roads on this friday morning. >> hey, claudine and dave. the clouds are doing pretty well. we haven't had a lot going on which is just how we like it. contra costa county traffic looks good. livermore valley, and a little bit of slow traffic. a band of clouds go through and it's mostly sunny. a lot of low 50s. breezy to windy. west at 26 miles per hour. it's mainly this afternoon when the clouds build up and this
7:56 am
little low settles in. upper 40s, low 40s. santa rosa, 54. you can see the low spinning. it looks like it will end up somewhere near us, that in turn means it can -- that in turn means it can give us -- 50s, 60s on temperatures today. just a really well below average on the temperature. a new campaign against crime in one bay area city. what police are doing to make the park safer. it began with a call about an attempted robbery on a cabdriver and it ended with a fatal officer-involved shooting. latest on the investigation straight ahead. we're live at oakley where
7:57 am
a grass fire. we'll tell you what she described. &c%c1
7:58 am
well, good morning, welcome
7:59 am
back. i'm claudine wong. >> i'm dave clark. it's friday, it's may 5th. well, we're still following developing news coming in from vallejo. a man is dead after being shot by the police. now, it happened around midnight at sonoma boulevard and carolina streets. allie rasmus has been out there. she's at the intersection which is now reopened after being closed for several hours. allie? >> reporter: that's right. intersection behind us is where it happened. it was closed off pretty much all dog the -- all during the overnight hours. for the seven hours overnight, after this happened, after midnight, the scene was closed off. it started off with a call about an attempted robbery. a cab driver called police about a man wearing a long jacket and had pulled a gun on him. when police arrived, they found a man fitting the description
8:00 am
and they say they told the suspect to stop. he d. at that point -- he didn't. at that point, he was fired at. this man heard the commotion. >> i was going to go to bed and i heard five shoting. they said yes, officers are -- officers are on their way. now, police corporal and sergeant here at the scene toll us that investigators discovered the suspect was carrying an air soft gun. the idge intersection where the shooting happened is right next to lincoln elementary school. for about an hour, there were workers cleaning up the crime scene getting it prepared for school to start. vallejo police and the solano
8:01 am
county da's office had been paid on leave. in overnight news, firefighters had to -- had to return to a grass fire in oakley. the fire was near several rows of houses. tara moriarty is live in oakley to show us just how close the flames came. tara? >> reporter: as you look behind me, you can see the rows in patches here. it's being blown in this direction. right here, this group of buildings here. there is a lot of dogs here. there is a kennel, very frantic panic here. now, then the flames whipped up
8:02 am
over this ridge over here and got very close to that row of homes. early this morning, firefighters did get the fire out and this is video of what it looked like f -- dash of what it looked like. it threatened some homes off san mount boulevard. we spoke to one firefighter who said one was on scene. the winds were driving us really fast. we just knew we couldn't catch it. we ordered structure -- structure protection. firefighters have been busy battling these fires and then a two-alarm fire gutted one home and damaged another two weeks earlier. it really brings to light the
8:03 am
parcel tax. but if it doesn't pass, the district would close and fire chiefs say that would put homes -- put homeowners in the area. coming up we'll let you know what the fire has to say about it. overnight in san jose, firefighters -- firefighters rushed to put out a fire at a vacant medical office at sear raw toe ta avenue. ktvu's cameras got a look inside at some of the damage. the tenants had just moved out. new tenants were -- there was a three-car crash in the vallejo bridge. three people had been injury.
8:04 am
that car crash shut down the lanes for about 90 minutes. the chp opened the answer at about 1:30. it's still not clear what caused the crash. new surveillance cameras are gonna be installed at parks in anaheim to help fight crime. antioch city council approved
8:05 am
seven cameras for knoll park, antioch community park and antioch marina. the measures fund from mww are paying for this. well, the oakland police department has scheduled a news conference for 10:30 this morning. howard jordan will be talking about the city's recent crackdown on violent crime and funs. oakland mayor jean quan will be at that news conference. ktvu will have all of the details on ktvu channel 2 news at noon. a controversial plan to put the project forward is going forward. some may try to block it. after more than six hours of public comment, the planning commission approved the
8:06 am
project's -- project's environment property -- report. >> there's always the possibility of an appeal and a lawsuit. but we haven't thought p that yet. sal, i know you are watching the golden gate bridge because. anniversary. but you are watching traffic, too. >> yes. >> today we're off for a nice start. nice picture from our camera in downtown san francisco. this weekend a lot of people are going to be visiting the bridge in honor of its 75th anniversary. plan ahead. the best way to get there especially if you are in san
8:07 am
francisco is to use -- one hoff hour flight delays expected at sfo -- one-hour flight delays expected the sfo today. let's go to steve. temperatures, breezy for some. but underdy for others. we had a little band of clouds. most of that is clearing out. it's sunny to mostly sunny now. but it will start to develop pretty rapidly.
8:08 am
it will be cool and windy for everyone i cross the board. we'll bottom out on temperatures. even out to parts of fairfield, only 60s for any. this is a really chilly pattern. west 26 already at sfo. northwest santa rosa, north north stock ton -- stockton. winter weather advisory until 6:00. more likely above lake level.
8:09 am
the roads are rather norm. it's really cool up there. the -- does look better for us. scattered showers will develop. folks down here in gilroy. 67 in mountain view. cool, cool. saturday looks to be about the same and it looks better on monday. strange story, two criminals keeping their word in stockton p they went to a church to get a ride. they wanted a ride to -- he wanted to get a ride to see his
8:10 am
friend t the church said -- the driver said he had to drive others places first. we checked to see if -- >> obviously, these criminals were not real smart. >> mrs. say they quickly locked up those men with their -- with their friend. overnight news, they are initiating the capture of the dragon. >> capture a dragon. we'll explain. why are we here? you said we should try club chipotle! i said we should try a chipotle chicken club! spicy, crispy chicken with bold chipotle sauce on toasted sourdough.
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clouds are beginning to build up. we can expect shower activity over san jose. things are beginning to build up. super windy and cool for everybody. in south florida, a very unusual item fell out of the sky onto that golf course. look at that. that's the door of a small private jet. this all happened on wednesday. shortly after the plane took off. the door crashed and left a huge hole in the course. no one on the ground or on the flight was hurt. the faa is now investigating that incident. happening now, the dragon space capsule is no longer
8:14 am
loose in outer space. >> capture is confirmed. [ applause ] >> just before 7:00, that's workers were -- that's workers were clapping before the international space station captured the capsule. this was after lengthily delays. the -- lengthy delays. it brought supplies. you are taking a live look. now, dragon is spearheaded by a billionaire tycoon to helped create pay pal. the force is still strong. 35 years later. the original star wars film was released in 1977. it's spawned to sequels, hundreds of spinoff novels, comic shows, and, of course, millions of fan. to mark the 35th anniversary,
8:15 am has the first movie's theatrical trailer on its home page. new this morning, putting an end to lavish trips paid for by taxpayers. scott mack par land has -- macfarland has information about stopping or limits the travel expenses. >> reporter: growing outrage about how much money taxpayers are spending to send government workers to faraway places to posh resorts. you will recall the recent $800,000 party in las vegas. this week there were revelations where federal judges were at a ritzy resort in maui and they will be there
8:16 am
in august. >> let's tone this down. let's have web cameras in the office. that way we can share information. we'll see what happens when the house reconvenes in washington after the holiday weekend. scott macfarland, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. california alargest state -- california's largest state employee union want to help governor brown to save money. the union is asking its members for saveth ideas to offer as alternatives to the governor. so far the union says it's received more than 1,000 ideas from its members. governor brown has proposed shifting employees to a four-
8:17 am
day, 38-hour workweek. the jury in the trial of john edwards, the corruption trial is now in its sixth day of deliberations. there's john edwards. he's accused of diverting almost a million dollars in campaign money as part of the scheme to hide an extramarital affair during the 2008 campaign. if convicted, he faces up to 30 years in prison. well, three eighth-grade girls -- girls have been suspended for cyber bullying. the girls used facebook to threaten physical harm. california law allows schools to suspend students for cyber bullying even if it did not happen on campus. well, today is therd anniversary of the -- well, today is the 3rd avenue of the
8:18 am
disappearance of evan -- anniversary of the disappearance of evan patz. new york city police say they have the signed confession of hernandez. hernandez says he lured the boy in the convenience store by offering him soda and then by check -- and then by choking him. 8:17. an anonymous tip leads to a $10 million drug bust. authorities in rancho dominguez raided a warehouse and was willed -- and was filled with marijuana plants. the marijuana alone was worth $10 million. they say the operation was capable of producing $30 million or more a year. five people at that warehouse were arrested. mount everest is crowded these days. hundreds of climbers want to reach the summit today and tomorrow. that includes the team from outside magazine which took these dramatic pictures. you -- look at all of those
8:19 am
people along the slopes. apparently they didn't carry enough own -- oxygen for the extra time it took to climb the mott because there were so many climbers -- mountain because there were so many climbers clogging the roof. we look outside of our window. it's a very busy holiday weekend in the bay area. look at those clouds. steve is coming back. he will tell you what to expect for this holiday weekend.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
118 pg&e customers are still without power this morning in san mateo. last night, strong winds knocked down trees and power lines in an area around highway 101, bordering east hillsdale boulevard, the utility hopes to fix the problem by 1:00 this afternoon. there were two outages last night that knocked out to a combined 1200 customers, including the hillsdale customer center. but it's believed they are back on. >> good for them. a good commute so far, sal? >> it really has been. not much of a commute. i think a lot of people got out of town yesterday or had the
8:23 am
day off. the rack is looking good on the span ahead of the 75th anniversary remember -- remember, it's likely to be veb crowded as not only bay areaians but people are showing up here to pay a tribute to the bridge. that's -- it is 75 years old. i know how many of you are old enough to remember when it is 50 years ole. they won't be allowing people -- 50 ears old. they won't be allowing -- 50 years old. they won't be allowing people on. the winds have died down. the as are hosting the yankees. you've heard of them. a lot of people are probably gonna go see those games tonight, tomorrow and sunday. and northbound 17 commute, the traffic here is moving well. looking pretty good. a little bit of slowing on 880 northbound 101. let's go to steve.
8:24 am
partly sunny, partly cloudy. the clouds are starting to build up. it sure likes like the low is dropping in. it's coming right over us. we'll be prime time here by late this afternooning for showers, possible showers. it will be breezy and windy at times. more than -- more on that is in -- more on that in a second. it won't be warm. if you are going to see the fireworks at the golden gate bridge, just dress room. >> for us here's officer room -- for us here's our system. i took the forecast model over the east bay. it looks like a bull's eye. with that, we'll have much warmer temperatures. rater -- later today, i think north bay east bay down toward the corridor, very windy at times. it will linger here for another
8:25 am
day. it won't kick out of haar po -- it won't kick out of here. possible thundershowers. a mixed bag of weather. sun, cloud, showers. definitely cooler and windy. we'll take that into saturday. sunday looks better. sunshine warmer temperatures not a lot, though. >> thank you, steve. and hurricane bud will begin to wash the mexican coast with wind and rain in the next few showers. we want to show you pictures from that's. we will show you that in a little bit. but that's expected to coming up in a little bit here. also we'll tell you you about the big meeting today. one that involves the oakland's as. what the team's owners are expected to say to a very powerful oakland executive. and we'll tell you what we've been leaving about a woman's found in a -- learning about a woman's body found in a trash can.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
welcome back. 8:27. an autopsy is scheduled for today on the body of a woman found in a garbage can in pleasanton. ktvu's alex savidge is in the neighborhood where the body was found to tell us more about what police know about it. >> reporter: good morning. police say guide was found in one of those 45 - -- body was found in one of those 45-gallon cans. police don't have an approximate age. they say it's not a child. neighbors saw the trash can, thought it looked suspicious and called police.
8:29 am
officers came out, find the -- found the body partially decomposed. they can't say how the person died. investigators will be talking to neighbors to try to find out if anyone saw this trash can here. people living nearby disturbed by the discovery. >> it just made me concerned and nervous. it kind of makes you sick to know that these kines of things go on. you know -- kinds of things go on, you know, it's terrible. >> reporter: police are looking into missing person's cases. sources say the body found here is likely not sierra lamar. the coroner's office will be using dna technology. that's later on today.
8:30 am
uc police increasing their patrols on the campus after several car break-ins. thieves targeted eight cars on wednesday. the cars were parked along centennial drive. so far no arrests have been made. police are searching for three people who robbed a mailman at gunpoint. they stole more than 3,000 pieces of mail. they left the seen possibly in a red ford mustang. new this morning, old audio records could thread followers of the manson family to unsolved murders. the l.a.p.d. ising with records of watson
8:31 am
talking to police. watson was manson 'right-hand man. he's searching a live life sentence -- serving a life sentence. police believe the group committed more murders that remain unsolved. the chronicle reports that the as owner will meet with clorox 'ceo. now, nouse has been working -- has been working on this. lew wolff says the team is not for sale. the race from san francisco to monterey will start this morning. the low-speed chase accident as
8:32 am
you know prompted the ban. enhanced training for the crew. safety seminars and equipment inspections to make sure sailers stay save. a dozen chickens living in an -- living in a la fayette apartment complex may be heading home. residents have been carrying for the birds behind the complex. the city has ordered the chickens be moved. residents say they may be able to relocate the birds under the street. well, landmark in the berkeley hills is for sale. it's the 279-room claremont hotel. the current owners but the property last year as part of a foreclosure auction. it was then based in bankruptcy. the asking price the fairmont, bloomberg says, is $80 million. the chancellor is retiring from the university state system. he will stay on the job until a
8:33 am
replacement is found. he's been head of the system for the past 14 years. he's planning to move to florida to spend more time with his family. the great chirp is -- highway in san francisco is still closed because of drifting wind. we just talked to the department of public works. and they are advising people to stay away. crews are still trying to clear that road. there are closures between lincoln and sloat. big clouds expected at the festivities marking the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. christien kafton is there. do we have -- there you are right there. you are rockin' and rollin' on the bay. >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. good thing i don't get sea sick out here. take a look at the shot of the
8:34 am
golden gate from. bay right now. everybody is excited about the upcoming 75th birthday of the going bridge. taking a look at it from this angle. you really get a sense of the scale and the open of the bridge. we've been following this story since early this morning. we have shots that we took in the last hour just floating around so you can really get a chance of the imagine city of the bridge. a lot of activities going on this weekend, the governor set to speak here at 10:00, we will bring you coverage of that a little later on today. a lot of activities og on this weekend, certainly over in crissy field we shot some video -- you can see what may be part of the festivities out here. we saw some lights going on
8:35 am
this morning. it may -- that may be part of the festivities. we're -- we're out here live and out of here with captain charles jennings. charles if we can talk to you about this weekend and about trying to -- trying to see the fireworks and some of the activity going on, robbery you won't get a much better view. >> that will no longer be the best it's -- if the best place to be. you -- you said you were booked out. you really want to call those companies 'ferry service. >> call them as quickly as you can. if they are not sold up, they can. what are you hoping the passengers get a chance to see. >> i want them to see the fireworks show for the golden gate.
8:36 am
just being out here and celebrating the birthday. testimony -- it will be beautiful. >> all right -- all right. thank you captain for bringing us out here letting us see some of the spectacular fews of the bridge. the thing is, of course, getting out here. public transportation is probably going to be your best option. there's limited parking around the golden gate bridge. if you can take public transportation, be sure to take it. the bridge will be shut down for several hours. take that into account if you are driving back and father. for now we're live on the -- forth. for now we're live on the bridge. back to you. >> for more details on this weekend's celebration as well as to see a slide show, look for the golden gate@75 tab.
8:37 am
it's been a pretty good commute. maybe a lot of people already taking off on the memorial day weekend. they already have, a lot of people have left the bay area and yesterday we had a really tough commute getting out of the bay bridge and out of san francisco. today, this morning, woe haven't really had a big commute. the traffic -- also this morning's commute looks good on 880. although it's getting busy. this weekend, the as were hosting the yankees. you can expect crowds around the memorial day weekend. we're looking at the south bay. we haven't had a lot going on. at 8:37. let's did to steve. >> thank you, sir. well, it looks sunny in the
8:38 am
north bay, then partly cloudy, mostly cloudy art the be -- mostly cloudy and -- we're getting a little bit of sun and that means the clouds are starting to bill up as this low things in right on us. windy. we've had that scattered shower. late morning early afternoon and then i think our thunderstorms stretch from lake to solano right along the 680 corridor and out to the valley as well. this is a very cold, unable system coming in for this time of year and that's it. the 70s be -- there's going to be a cool pattern in place. they've been very, very close upper 30s, low.
8:39 am
40s. snow up towards shasta/lassen. there will be some snow -- some snow. it's above lake level but it's a -- it's above lake level. but sunday morning will be cool. sunny. it looks good sunday into monday but not really that much warmer. just more sunshine. as you know it's been kind of a rough week for facebook investors they may get some gauze news.
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8:42 am
a man was arrested after allegedly rushing the cockpit of an american airlines flight at miami international airport
8:43 am
this morning. police say he was intoxcated. two passengers restrained him. the plane just landed from montego bay in jamaica. we're taking a look at stocks. it mass not been a great morning. the numbers are down. however, we'll take a look at those exact numbers -- oh. there they are. dow down 28. light trading expected today as we head into the holiday weekend. it's still europe that seems to be worrying investors this morning. ibm is apparently worried about the iphones' personal assistant. big blue will allow employees who work outside of the office to use their own smart phones and tablets. 8:43. lets bring you up so date on some of the other top stories
8:44 am
we're following for -- we're following for you right now. we got an inside look at the damage. luckily, no one was hurt. the tenant just moved out. new tenants planned to move in next week. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. we're expected to find out more -- to find out more today about a body found in a pleasanton bar gidge can. police -- garbage can. police say it's a female but they don't know the age or ethnicity. they do say the woman was a homicide victim. and attempted -- an attempted robbery suspect was shot and killed. allie rasmus is live to tell us what led up to the gunfire. >> reporter: well, the street where this happened is now clear, the intersection is now open to traffic. at this point, there's no sign
8:45 am
of the fatal officer involved shooting. this shooting happened around midnight last night. follow several hours afterward, crime scene technicians were out here gathering information. it started out with the call about an attempted robbery. a cabdriver two blocks away called police to report that a white man wearing a long black jacket had pulled a gun on him. when police arrived, they found a man fitting that description. the officers told the man to stop. he then turned to the officers and pulled what appeared to be a gun out of his coat. >> gonna go to bed. heard five shots. my wife said she heard somebody yelling at somebody.
8:46 am
they called 911 and said, yes, officers are on their way. now, a vallejo police corporal and sergeant told us investigators found out, the gun the suspect had on him was an air soft gun. they said it's a pellet type gun and a nonlethal weapon. >> the intersection where the shooting happened, early this morning, there were workers out here working for at least an hour to clean up the scene completely. the two officers involved in this shooting have been placed on paid leave. as for the man who was shot, he'sed described only as 53 years old, a resident from vallejo. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. this morning, another earthquake in new zealand t was a 4.7 centered east of christ church, the same city woked. it was a 4.7 centered east of christ church, the same city rocked in the previous earthquake. no one was hurt and there's no damage reported from the quake. nuclear talks between iran
8:47 am
and six world powers will continue in moscow. that's after two days of negotiations failed a breakthrough. russia, china, britain, friend and germany pushed iran and iran wants easing of economic retrick shins -- restrictions. look at that. lawmakers, as you can see, claim to blows yesterday. this is all over a bill that would make russian the official language in much that country. right now, the official language is ukrainian. one lawmaker was rushed to the hospital and had to get stitches. needless to say that meeting came to an end without any decisions on that bill. 8:47. a senate panel just voted to cut aid to pakistan as
8:48 am
retaliation. the senate aappropriation voted to cut $30 million in aid for pakistan, one million for each of the doctor's sentence -- one million for each year of the doctor's sentence. pakistan convicted the doctor of tree son -- treason. shares of facebook are at 21.39. the company could be liable for a lot more money. several investors groups are suing facebook over allegations it concealed negative finance am reports before it launched the ipo on friday. analysts say took and its banking partners could be on the hook for a billion dollars or more in damages. some investors claim they took heavy losses after the stock plunged.
8:49 am
some took investors may be getting money back from morgan stanley. there is a report that the -- if it's believed anyone overpays, they reportedly will make price adjustments. administrators announced the school district was becoming solvent again. the tribune says they are about $8 million short. reasons include rising transportation and a budget air. future cuts are possible. there is an extra $10 political in tax revenues. that means there's no layoffs or -- extra crews to repair potholes and even broken parking meeters. there will be expanded hours as
8:50 am
well at the senior center. the average price for gas in california is $4.30 for a gallon of regular. in san francisco, prices are the highest in the state with an average of 4.38. prices in the north bay are about a dime cheaper. 8:49. bay area drivers, a lot of them hitting the road, there they are. sal is gonna come back and look at the roads. we'll check out everything for you. >> reporter: we're live where a fast-proving grass fire threatened some homes an now the battle over s heats up. we'll tell you why one firefighter says it's a life or death -- it's a life or death situation.
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
in overnight news, a grass fire is finally out in oakley but not before it became dangerously close to several rows of homes. that fire started last night in the area of east cypress road and summer lake drive. tara moriarty is there this morning with the problems encountered through the night. >> reporter: it was definitely a factor last night, the wind, when the crews arrived here. these were the homes threatened last night f we pan to the right -- last night. if we pan to the right, you can
8:54 am
see the smoke being blown off the grasses. the fire leaped over this levy and came within -- levee and came within feet of the home. it threat bees -- east contra costa county crews orderedicks tra engines to do structural protection -- ordered extra engines to do structural protection. two to three stations in the district will close and there won't be enough resources to stay in the homes today. we will just depend upon contra costa county districts to come in and they are coming from antioch. it's gonna be very difficult. these properties will be in big jeopardy all of the time. strong, gusty winds engulfed several homes. two weeks before that, a two- alarm fire gutted a home and
8:55 am
damaged another. opponents of measure f say fire crews are using scare tactics. firefighters say home premiums will soar if measure f fails and so will response time putting homes and lines on the lines. live from oakley, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:54. the chp planning a holiday track down on you drivers who drive too faster drink or do anything illegal. the chp memorial day maximum enforcement period starts tonight at 6:00. it will continue through monday night. that he will be out there look -- they will be out there looking for suspicious activity, people without seat belts and drunk drivers. san francisco police will have a sobriety checkpoint monday night. several parts of sonoma county will have special dui saturation patrols. san mateo county will have
8:56 am
checkpoints and redwood city and there will be extra officers on the bay bridge. three major closures start today. the dumbarton bridge will be shut down at 10:00 p.m. tonight and won't reopen until 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. crew also spend the weekend replacing the concrete and joints. bus shuttles will be available during the j judah closure. and also in san francisco, that's first street and that will be closed between mission and howard starting at 8:00 tonight. that's for work on the new transbay terminal. temporary bridges will be set up to move traffic through the area. the streets are scheduled to reopen -- reopen at 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. sal, would it be apropos for me to you to take me to the bridge? >> yes, it would. you can see the golden gate
8:57 am
bridge looking great approaching -- approaching the 75th anniversary. i don't know. it looks 60 to me. a little younger. traffic will be tough, especially on sunday as people come and try to get to the celebration. just be aware. stay with us. we'll have "mornings on 2" on the weekend. let's take a look at the bay bridge taupe. the traffic is light -- toll plaza. the traffic is light. no problems getting in. maybe hour delays at sfo because of weather. be safe. let's go to steve. our system is dropping in here. that means sunshine will give way to mostly sunny skies, scattered showers, breezy be. it will be better the latter part of the holiday weekend. >> cold, though? >> nights and morning for may, yeah. >> claudine has plans. >> i have plans. i want you to warm it up. >> i know.
8:58 am
i know. i will do my best for you, claudine. [ laughter ] >> thank you, steve. that's our report for this morning. we will see you. next time grew breaks. >> be sure to join -- the next time news breaks. >> be sure to join us for the news conference in oakland today that could signal a victory against violent crime. we vu for choosing ktvu channel -- we thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news.
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