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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 25, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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this is ktvu news at noon. >> they claim there is progress to report. good afternoon. i am claudine wong. police say in the crack down
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against crime the city won key battles. what the department just finished in a press conference to announce new victories. allie rasmus joins us now. >> reporter: the police chief and the mayor touted the system. >> reporter: this is what officers see and hear. it was used this weekend. police found the gun and were able to take it off the street. they have had the technology since 2005 but they recently upgraded it. police get to see the location on the computers in their cars within 45 seconds of a shot
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being system. it custs $800,000 -- it costs $800,000 a year. this year there have been 2,000 shots fired in oakland. the residents only call into report 30% of the time. so police are hoping to improve the response rate and respond to the crime with this new technology. >> we are hoping the public sees there is another way to get involved, there is confidence in the fact that we are taking the calls seriously and this impacts their community. >> the technology allows the neighborhoods who are frightened or new immigrants who don't understand how to report, whatever, that these officers can get the report automatically for technology. >> reporter: also on the topic of getting guns off the street they talked about a gun buy back program that is happening
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saturday june 2. following problems in the past, in order to sell your gun back you will have to verify you are an oakland resident and instead of giving people cash they will give 100 dollars gift cards for target and other stores. live, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. a man with a pellet gun was shot and killed by police. happened before midnight. officers responded to a call of a man pointing a hand gun. they following the suspected ordered him to drop the suspect and so he turned towards them and they fired fearing for their lives. >> heard 5 shots and my wife heard somebody yelling. >> police say the 53-year-old suspect carried a pellet gun and had a long history of drug convictions. the two officers are on paid administrative leave. the search for a missing
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teen, sierra lamar is suspended for the holiday weekend. prosecutors consider the death penalty for the man accused of killing sierra lamar. antolin garcia-torres did not enter a plea yesterday. prosecutors are considering the death penalty based on dna evidence. sierra lamar vanished march 16. an autopsy is being performed today on a body found in a trash can. authorities said based on the age, it is doubtful the body was sierra lamar. the boundy was found yesterday. -- body was founded. wind -- was found
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yesterday. expect the possibility of scattered showers this afternoon. the roads in the sierra already wet. look at this traffic camera. shows you the snowflakes falling on interstate 80. half a foot of snow coulda cumulate over 6,000 feet. rosemary will be here with your forecast. . the chp is flanking a crack down on drivers who do anything illegal. it starts tonight at 6:00 and will continue through monday night. the chp will be looking for people without seatbelts and drunk drivers. san francisco police are also going to have check points monday night in the glen park neighborhood. several parts of sonoma county will have dui patrols, san
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muterra county -- san san mateo and on the golden gate bridge bridge. this is interstate 80 on berkeley. a lot of people heading in and out of the city. if this is bad it could be worse as we head into the weekend. coming up in 10 minutes, we will tell you about three major closures during the holiday. the golden gate bridge is turning 75 and celebrations are planned through the weekend with fire works on sunday night. getting to the celebrations may be a challenge with the huge crowds. ktvu's christien kafton was on the water and joins us from a beautiful view of the golden gate bridge with what you need to know. >> reporter: we are back up sea level. look at the new bay bridge pavilion here. it is painted in the orange the bridge is painted in. mayor ed lee and nancy pelosi
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cut the ribbon here. it is part of the opening ceremonies for the second festivities. the golden gate bridge right there. the guest of honor is, of course, the golden gate bridge. [ music playing ] >> reporter: today's ribbon cutting is just the beginning of all the fun planned. a fire works show on sunday evening. that will shut down had gring for several hours -- shut down the bridge for several hours and parking is limited. anyone who wants tocome out -- to come out, use public transportation. governor jerry brown was on hand this morning. >> don't shrink because you have budget cuts. or few taxes. you know, suck it in. [ laughter ] >> we got to build, we got to
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do it right and this brink, i think it expresses that sense. >> reporter: we have been working on this story since 5:00 a.m. this morning. three hours ago we were under the bridge where we got these beautiful shots and earlier today we were on the marina green and we got a sneak peek at the light show for sunday evening, that could be part of sunday evening's light show. we can tell you david stevenson is working hard on this story and we will bring you the latest tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. live in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. for more details on the weekend celebration and a slide show of photos, head to and look for the golden gate bridge tab on the home page. 20 minutes ago a sailing
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regatta got underway. look at that. this is the first one allowed since last month's deadly crash. news chopper 2 caught these pictures. the race is responsered by the san francisco -- sponsored by the san francisco yacht club. the ban was put in place after 5 people died in a yachts race. -- yacht race. a close call for homeowners after a grass fire and this is a reminder of a ballot issue that is coming up. as promised rosemary will give you specifics on the cool weather and the possibility of showers and snow. and a very surprising picture off the florida coast today. but this is not what you think.
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[ cheers and applause ] houston's mission control applauding after the international space station was able to snare the dragon. arrival was delayed due to a clip. it is the first private
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delivery in space history. from over head it did look like the real thing. but what you are looking at is a replica of the space shuttle. it had been on display for a decade and is being shipped to the johnson space center to make room for the actual shutter. firefighters are keeping a close eye on hot spots after a over night fire reignited this morning. it burned dangerously close to homes. people in the area are about to vote on the possible closure of fire stations. ktvu's terra -- terra has more.
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>> reporter: gusty winds across 75 acres. >> you don't realize how scary it can be till you are there. >> reporter: she was watching tv last night when a firefighter knocked at your door. >> he said get out. there is a fire and with the wind it is coming. >> reporter: she got out safety and so did her dogs. >> you can see where it came up here. >> reporter: flames got one a few feet. the fire broke out and tore eastward. >> 50-foot flames. winds driving it really fast. we knew we couldn't catch it. >> reporter: it threatened these buildings here and there are still hot spot. the fire last night came within feet of those homes. >> we knew we wouldn't be able
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to put it out. >> reporter: this comes on the heels of two recent fires. one on may 23 that gutted two homes and damaged another and two weeks earlier a two alarm blaze destroyed another home. >> the fires are happening. there is no real reason why. >> reporter: firefighters haven't determined a cause for the fire. she is glad they are all right. ktvu channel 2 news. firefighters rushed to put out a fire around 10:30 in a medical building. no one was hurt. the tenants just moved out and the new tenants were planning to move in next week. the cause is under investigation. there was a three car crash on the bridge around midnight and involved two cars and a taxi. three people suffered minor
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injuries. it shut down westbound lanes for 90 minutes. the chp reopened the late around 1:30 a.m. this morning. drivers will pay more for gas than they ever have during memorial day weekend. the average price is $4.30 for a gal on regular and that is what drivers in san jose and oakland are paying. san francisco drivers prices are the highest in the state, $4.38. and prices in the north bay are a dime cheaper. three marriage bay area traffic closures start today. the dumbarton bridge shut down tonight. crews will reinforce concrete and replacing deck joints. san francisco muni begins a major shut down. that begins at 7:00 p.m. tonight and lasts for 9 days.
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bus shuttles will be available during the closure. also in san francisco, first street, that will be closed between mission and howard starting tonight. that is for work on the new transbay terminal. the streets are scheduled to reopen 5:00 a.m. on tuesday. has all the details on how to get around this weekend. look for the hot topic's section. a judge says california's public employee pension system must make long term care insurance available to same-sex same-sex couples. a provision demines marriage as between -- determines a marriage as between a man and a woman. new surveillance cameras will be installed to help
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detour crime. the city counsel approved 7 cameras. measure ww funds are being used to pay for the project and it includes a monitoring system at the police department. san francisco police say they broken up a stolen bicycle operation. an investigation took officers to the home of the 18-year-old suspect. at first they found 8 stolen bicycles and then it led police to two storage lockers where they found 106 bikes. if you have had a bike stolen, go to and click on web links and you will see all the bicycles. to recover your bike if you see it, you must have a theft report or proof the bike belonged to you.
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drifting sand, gusty winds pushed sand on to the road. kings there are worse today than -- conditions there are worse today than yesterday. crews are trying to clear the road. there are closures between lincoln and slope. another cool breezy day around the bay area. we are going to throw in showers and thunderstorms for friday. live look at the partly cloudy skies we will call it. some areas mostly sunny. around the bay we have a mix going on, including the possibility of a few scattered showers, through the delta, the clouds have a lot of moisture with them and we will see again the possibility of scattered showers for today. the winds are blowing in some areas. oakland 12 miles per hour.
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sfo22. with the gusts to near 30. 9-mile per hour right now. south bay breezy conditions as well. widespread. like what we have seen lately continuing on. 56 san jose. 59 in areas around palo alto. mountain view 50s. 60 in oakland. san francisco 60s. 60s in areas remember around napa. scattered showers around the area. thunderstorms around the north bay and east bay. we have unceltled weather. -- unsettled weather. we could see an afternoon thunderstorm, that means hail, possibility of a short down pour and lightning and thunder. what is going on, the center over the central valley. you can see the sierra getting most of the action.
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that will be the case for your friday. over the north bay, throughout the afternoon, possibility there, brentwood, antioch, central valley scattered showers. saturday dry but we will have lingering moisture for the north bay for the north bay. winter weather advisory in the sierra through 6:00 this afternoon. snow level down to 6,000 feet. chilly one. a warm up by sunday, looks like the nicest day. partly cloudy skies, 7 for novato. 60s around the bay area. 64 oakland. 66 danville. if you are seeing the a's tonight, dry, 66. 61 san francisco. again, the main event will be the cool, breezy conditions,
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the chance for a shower. some of us will stay dry. may get a sprinkle. clearing up by tomorrow. >> thank you. there is a power meeting today between the oakland a'ss and a business executive. he accepted an invitation to talk to a's co-owner. he hopes to keep the a's in oakland. they are willing to work with the team. important part of american history will be celebrated tomorrow. the 4 point building will dedicate a visitor center. the park opened in 2003, honoring those helping the war efforts. military equipment was assembled. the 12,000 square foot center
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will include show rooms. it begins a 10:00 a.m. still to come, the for sale sign is up at the claremont hotel. he made a million dollars, why things have not gone well for the father of bristol palin's baby.
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. look at your numbers. the dow is down 103 points.
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people still not feeling great about what is happening in europe. land mark in the oakland hills is up for sale. the 200 room claremont hotel. they bought the hotel as part of a foreclosure auction. the asking price is $80 million. levi johnson is living with his mother and hasn't paid child support in a long time. levi johnson's girlfriend is pregnant. today on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, the biggest birthday party going this weekend. we will have more on the plans to celebrate the golden gate bridge turning 75. and we will show you some of the special tributes already taking place.
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thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we will see you the next time news breaks and we are always here for you on and mobile have a great friday. thank you for joining us.
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