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tv   KTVU News Special  FOX  May 26, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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just one day before the big golden gate bridge sell operation. ferry workers walk off the job. >> the dunbarton bridge is closed this holiday weekend. what's being done to the bridge and how you can get around the closure. >> and the history rush u.s.s. iowa begins its last voyage. good evening, everyone. home you enjoyed the baseball game. thanks for watching this special edition of k.t.v.u.
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news. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wake. more sports including highlights from the giants game later on. first the news. a surprise strike by golden gait ferry workers left thousands of travelers stranded on both sides of san francisco bay this morning. noelle walker is at if he ferry terminal. >> reporter: on a holiday weekend and big bridge anniversary weekend, when commuters are being urged to take public transit, the ferries in larkspur never left the dock. >> i don't know but i been told. ♪ i don't know but i been told ♪ golden gate just then got sold. >> reporter: workers with the golden gate ferry system walked the picket line. >> very generous when management takes on additional responsibilities that they compensate them. and we expect the same treatment for ourselves. >> reporter: the inland boat mans union, represents terminal assistants. today this 35 of them and other
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sympathetic workers went on strike, protesting wages and working conditions. the ferries sat idle at the dock. golden gate cancelled service. >> no ferries today. >> reporter: leaving some passengers stranded. >> they ought to be lucky they have a job. especially in these times. >> i'm not sure if they are doing if right thing. i wish they didn't choose today and this weekend. >> reporter: the union insists it did not time the strike to coincide with this weekend's golden gate bridge 75th anniversary celebration. >> we weren't here on sunday, which is the busy day. that should say something for us. >> so you will be here tomorrow? >> i'm not saying that. i'm saying wow didn't pick tomorrow. we picked today. >> reporter: we tried to get some insight from the bridge district whether it was going to mediation or the governor to get an injunction and get workers back on the job. >> i know that the matter is being resolved and i don't want it's up to me or anyone to tell you how it's being resolved or what's happening. it's our job to work with the union to try to resolve the
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matter. >> reporter: no picket lines tomorrow, we know that the ferry service will resume tomorrow. in fact, with extra service added to accommodate the traffic going to the bridge anniversary celebrations. also, a source tells us that the two sides will start mediation on tuesday morning. live in larkspur, noelle walker. >> as noell, mentioned, today's ferry strike comes as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. coming up, today's festivities. if cal trans says it is making progress but there's a lot of work that needs to be done on the dunbarton bridge which is shut down for seismic retro fitting. our crew went onto the bridge this afternoon to see the work in progress. overnight, cal trans says crews demolished a six foot stretch of concrete across all lanes on the western side. that's where a new seismic expansion joint will go in. cal trans will also install seismic bearings that will allow the bridge deck to move
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independently of the foundation during an earthquake. >> 96 of those will go in over the next year or so. and this weekend, we're raising the bridge at certain locations and keeping them on hydraulic jacks so we can install the bearings over the next few months. >> the dunbarton bridge is set to reopen tuesday morning at 5 a.m. here are the two major alternate routes, though, around the construction. drivers can head north to the san mateo bridge, or make that freak south around the bay -- trek south around the bay via 237. the dunbarton bridge isn't the only traffic headache facing drivers this weekend. crews are working to build a temporary bridge in san francisco south of market area as part of the new transbay terminal project. first street is closed between mission and howard streets. that street will not reopen until 5 a.m. tuesday. >> there's more major construction going on in san francisco that will affect thousands of people who depend on the city's most traveled light rail line.
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muni began shutting down service at 10:00 last night on the line running from ocean beach to the cal trans station near at&t park. it will be out of service for nine days due to construction. about 20,000 people use that line each day. a female driver is recoup rate tonight after a solo accident that sent her car right into the estuary near the oakland airport. firefighters were called out to do a little drive near 2:5 this afternoon. she was able to get herself to the shore and firefighters say she suffered only minor injuries. police say an initial investigation suggests that the woman might have been driving a little bit too fast when she hit a curve in the road and overcorrected. sending the car into the water. she told officers she was the only person in the vehicle. a search for the car was suspended, because of the weather but it's expected to start again tomorrow morning. the u.s.s. iowa is making its final journey from the bay area to los angeles, where that battle ship will open a new chapter of
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its long history. the sanchez francisco fire boat gave a salute as the iowa headed towards the golden gate bridge this afternoon. k.t.v.u. news crew was aboard a u.s.s. coast guard cutter to take these spectacular pictures. earlier the restoration crew gathered at the port of richmond for the emotional send- off. >> we're closing a chapter on a class of ships that will sell no more. >> the iowa museum is set to open in july. coming up at 10:00, we'll hear the stories of some you members who served on the great world war ii battle ship. authorities in san bruno are looking for a suspect who police say got into a shoot-out with an officer. the violence broke out around 1:45 this morning near san bruno and fourth avenues. police say an officer attempted to stop a group of three men but they fled on foot. then allegedly one suspect fired a handgun at the officer, and the officer returned fire. two of the three suspects were caught.
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police are still looking for the third suspect. the officer was not injured, and it's unclear if that third suspect was hit. in san francisco, police are investigating a shooting earlier this morning that left a man seriously injured. it happened just after 2 a.m. at oakdale avenue and baldwin court in the city's bay view neighborhood. police say the victim was shot at least once. he was taken to san francisco general hospital with life- threatening injuries. so far, no arrests have been made. police in oakland arrested an occupy protester last night, suspected of vandalizing a bar popular with off-duty oakland police. >> this is under attack. what do we do? >> stand up. fight back. >> hundreds took to the streets last night angry over an officer-involved shooting of an 18-year-old man earlier this month. police say one of those protesters cracked the window at the warehouse bar on webster street near jack london square. authorities haven't released that suspect's name. a fire at a san jose house has left a family of four
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without a home tonight. the one alarm fire broke out just after 11:00 this morning at a home on floresta drive near portal way. the residents, two parents and their two teenage children all got out safely. fire officials say the fire started inside the garage, where one of the residents was apparently cooking with grease, and left the stove unattended. a group of alameda residents gathered on a beach today to remember a man who died there a year ago. folks gathered at crown beach this afternoon to remember raymond zach. last memorial day, zach walked out into the water and eventually drowned. alameda firefighters were there on the scene, but did not attempt to rescue zach, because they didn't have water rescue training. yesterday, zach's family filed a wrongful death suit against the city and county of alameda. we'll have more on today's memorial coming up for you tonight on the 10:00 news. tomorrow, family and friends of michelle le will gather in hayward to mark the anniversary of her disappearance. the 26-year-old nursing student disappeared may 27th of last
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year, and her body was discovered four months later. a former friend of le is now charged with her killing. the memorial vigil is set to begin at 6 p.m. tomorrow night. at mount eden park on west tenneson road. the search for sierra lamar has been suspended for the holiday weekend. last night, people in gilroy turned out to support her family with a fund-raiser. the volunteer search effort resumes on wednesday morning. on friday, a hope and faith rally will be held at washington high school in fremont. that's where sierra attended school before moving to morgan hill. the gilroy dispatch reports that the suspect in the sierra lamar case has a criminal history that includes felony assault, and obstructing police. antolin garcia-torres returns to court for a scheduled arraignment next thursday. he is charged with sierra's kidnapping and murder and is eligible for the death penalty. authorities say his d.n.a. was found on clothing that belonged to sierra. find out more about the sierra
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lamar case on click on the sierra lamar tab. memorial day weekend may be the unofficial kick-off to summer but in the sierras it didn't feel like it today. there was a mix over sun, rain and even snow. at the donner summit rest area, you could see there was enough snow for children to throw some snowballs. some of the adults around, they grumbled that the weather was not what they were banking on. >> it's freezing. [ laughing ] we thought we were going to go up to the sun in tahoe. >> nope. further west, the cisco grow campgrounds, firewood was hauled in to campsites today. some caverners recalled that last memorial day, it was snowing at the campsite and they say they will take this rain, plus some of them have a trailer with a heat sore they can handle the cold. the events this holiday weekend are bringing out more boats to san francisco bay. how the coast guard is making sure all the festivities are safe. >> and thousands of boy and girl scouts all across the bay
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area honor fallen soldiers this memorial day weekend. why some say today's tribute hits close to home. >> the celebration is under way. how the bay area is commemorating the 75th anniversary of the golden gate bridge. >> showers and some clouds across marts of the bay area. where the fog will be in the morning.
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crews in eastern san diego county have the banner fire 65% contained. increased humidity is helping the hundreds of firefighters on the lines. the fire started on thursday and quickly grew to more than 4000 ikeers. residents described an inferno moving towards their homes but crews managed to save all the
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houses from the flames and evacuation orders are now lifted. investigators believe that a blade of a bulldozer hit a rock causing a spark that ignited that fire. no injuries have been reported. some silicon valley heavy hitters are trying to persuade president obama to help save historic hangar 1 in mountain view. three major business groups wrote to the president, asking him to keep the air field under nasa management. nasa recently announced possible plans to transfer the hangar to the general services department. the letter points out that google has already offered to pay $40 million for its restoration in exchange for using some of the language gar space to -- hangar space to house its fleet of private jets. protests and a mass burial were held in syria after a brutal government attack claimed the lives of more than 90 people, including 32 children under the age of 10. these are the caskets of those killed yesterday in hula, a neighborhood in hams province. witnesses said that everyone in the path of the syrian troops
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fell victim. witnesses told u.n. observers, first came the shelling, then the attackers stabbed and shot men and women and children in the streets and their home. >> it is unacceptable. attack on the future, and on the aspirations of the syrian people. this is exactly what we need to stop to bring the situation forward. >> in istanbul, members of the cerne national counsel said -- syrian national council said the u.n. monitoring mission is a failure and called for the world community to step in and stop the blood shed. in his weekly address president obama said he will visit the vietnam veteran's memorial on monday as the u.s. marks the 50th anniversary of that war. >> it's another chance to honor those we lost at places like wai and kaison, danang and hamburger hill, and we'll be
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calling on you, the american people to join us in thanking our vietnam veterans in your communities. >> the president also promised to care for a new generation of veterans who served in iraq and afghanistan with healthcare, college funding, and jobs. more than 3000 bay area boy and girl scouts paid their respects to fallen soldiers this memorial day weekend. there are more than 112,000 grave sites at the golden gate national cemetery in san bruno. today each one of them has an american flag waving right next it to. it took the scouts less than two hours to place a flag at each site. >> i know it means a lot to me. my brother is buried up here on the top of the hill by the big flag. my mother and father just down around the corner. it brings a lot of joy to me seeing our young men and women honor our veterans. >> 117 boy and girl scout troops participated in the event. it's a memorial weekend tradition for troops in the bay area dating back to the 1950s. many people will hit the water this memorial day weekend
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and will have lots of country. lots of crowds are expected for the new golden gate bridge celebrations. we talked with rescue crews ability how to stay safe. >> reporter: whether by jet ski, sailboat or power boat, hundreds of ocean enthusiasts hit the water today. it's the reason 12 coast guard police and fire boats will be patrolling all weekend for trouble. >> most of the problems are going to arise from people that haven't been on the water since last summer, or maybe even in a couple years. >> reporter: memorial day weekend is historically busy but this year promises to be even more so. the crowds following the u.s.s. iowa today, providing a hint of what to expect in days to come. >> the u.s.s.nimitz coming in tomorrow or the fireworks for the golden gate parade. >> reporter: this two mile stretch under the golden gate bridge will be closed to boat traffic tomorrow night for the fireworks but the minute it's over the coast guard expects there to be a mad dash of thousands of boats towards home. >> a lot of both want to come
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out and see the fireworks but a lot of people don't practice navigating at nighttime. they're daytime sailors and it could be a hazard on its own. >> reporter: coast guard tips on ways to stay safe. wear life jackets, don't drink and drive. pay attention to surroundings and don't overload boats with too many guests. >> even a small chop that maybe one or two feet, can quickly swamp a boat if it's overloaded. >> reporter: light wind averaging 10 knots helps keep accidents and distress calls at bay this afternoon, but crews say if fog rolls in or the wind kicks up, novice and even expert sailors could run into trouble. reporting from the coast guard cutter, patty lee, k.t.v.u. >> makes you want to go sailing. it's pretty out there. mark is here to show us about the weather the rest of the holiday weekend. >> we start our cool weather but a few changes or sunday and monday. already a few changes showing up here with the live camera. we have some fog expanding in coverage, pushing back over the bay and of course we'll be watching this as we head into tomorrow night with the
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fireworks at the golden gate bridge. you may y have noticed at least the cloud buildups in the north and east bay. right now the shower activity way up to the north around lake county. and basically, diminishing in coverage. as you can pick out in part officer the south bay, not a lot of coverage here. showers are moving out of town and some more weather change is expected as we head into sunday and monday. first thing tomorrow morning, you can count on some overcast out there, especially coast side and right around the bay. temperatures in the 40s to right around 50 degrees and here is the forecast. the golden gate bridge will be a very popular destination for tomorrow. and at 10:00, it will be cold, patchy fog, temperatures in the upper 50s. as we head into the afternoon by 3:00, partly cloudy skies and breezy. wind speeds around 10 to 20 miles an hour. and then by 9:30, is when the fireworks begin. partly cloudy skies. there will be a fog bank developing off shore, but it looks like that moves in late tomorrow night, as we approach the midnight hour and into early monday morning. it's something we will have to
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keep an eye on as we always say with the fog graft and fireworks. this area of low pressure we have been tracking. eventually heading to the east beginning tomorrow. as a result the high pressure returns and temperatures warm up. but it's a minor warming trend for sunday into monday. the clouds a factor in the morning hours, clearing back to knorr the shore line. in fact that shows up nicely with the forecast model showing you some overcast tomorrow morning at 8:00 and the clouds pull back to near the shore line revealing partly cloudy skies but then we could be tracking at least some patches by late tomorrow afternoon. temperatures for tomorrow, everybody up 4 to 8 degrees from today's highs. lower 70s towards san jose and los gatos. san francisco 63 with the fog in the morning. skies partly cloudy into the afternoon hours. here is a look ahead. your five-day forecast. you'll notice this into monday for memorial day. the real warming, heather and ken is scheduled for tuesday,
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wednesday and thursday but if you were shivering today, we'll warm it up just a little bit over the next couple days. >> thank you, mark. >>this weekend, the bay area continues to celebrate its most famous landmark, the golden gate bridge has graced our horizon for 75 years. today, history buffs got a chance to learn about the construction of the bridge at the history tent that's at chrissy field. after four years of dangerous and sometimes fatal construction, the bridge opened to traffic on may 28th, 1937. hard hats, usually used for mining, were adapted for construction of the bridge. one board director says it's gratifying to represent the bridge as an international icon. >> and no matter where you are in the world, you see that little golden gate pin, and people recognize it automatically. >> architects chose international orange as the distinctive color to match the bridge's spectacular setting. fromers travel guide calls it
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possibly the most beautiful and certainly one of the most photographed bridge in the world. the big party starts 11:00 tomorrow. musical performances at several different stages, and a classic boat parade on the bay, and the big fireworks show at 9:30 tomorrow night. admission to all the events is free. head to for more on the anniversary celebration, and find a slide show of how the bridge looked before it went up. see how if golden gate looks there before it went up. click on the golden gate at 75 tab. next, the giants tried to reel in the marlins. highlights next in sports. >> plus the woman who inspired a famous poster being honored this memorial day. how a national park in the east way is paying tribute to the real life rosie the riveters.
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[ applause ] >>this memorial day weekend the real live women who were rosie the riveters are being honored. visitors at the home front national historic park paid tribute to the factory workers of world war ii. the park opened a new re restored visitor center featuring the classic poster which symbolized the strength of american women who took on traditionally male jobs. let's check in with joe
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fon. zi and see how the giants did. >> the giants continue to be done in by their propensity for hurting themselves. the result was their second straight loss in miami. the rest of the world might not but miami still remembers the teletubbies. they go to baseball games. the giants trail 1-0 but blanco's single with burriss at second. stanton puts the throw on the money but the speedy burriss slides in to make it 1-1. madison bumgarner trying to keep it tied but he was undone by a three-run. this hit by hanley ramirez that scored reyes. the giants hurt themselves again. turn the double play on this ground ball and the sing over. get one at second but burriss stoas to bumgarner covering first. the marlins get two runs on the play. burriss charged with an error. 4-1 florida. the marlins got one more in the 6th. giants made some noise with a run in the 8th and one in the
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9th but randy choate struck out blanco with runners on base to end it. giants lose a second straight tight one in miami 5-3. they wrap up the four game series tomorrow. vallejo product c.c. sabathia on the hill for the yankees. they try to make it 2 in a row after the a's. local guy against local guy as jonny gomes fights one off for a hit. weeks scores in the first. it was 1-0. the yankees took lead but the a's 3u8ed even in their half of the third. josh reddick tha drive over the 400 foot mark in straight away center. number 13 on the year for him. but bartolo cologne didn't have an answer for mark teixeira. he pulls one off colon in the fourth. 3-2. number 7 for teixeira this year. number 8 came in the 9th off gram god re. this -- graham godfrey. he takes at this time other way. 4-5 today for him. two runs scored and five r.b.i. sabathia's record improves to 6- 2 the yankees win it 9-2.
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the celtics and 76ers still at it in the 7th and deciding game of their n.b.a. playoff series. that and all the rest of the day in sports tonight at 10. see you then. >> thanks, joe. coming up on the 10:00 news. following the progress being made tonight on the dunbarton bridge. whether the bridge will reopen in time for tuesday's early morning commute. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. see you the next time news breaks. >> coverage continues with the news at 10 on ktvu channel 2. we're always here online at and mobile tktvu. see you back here tonight at 10.
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