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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 26, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. racing against time. caltrans is working to make earthquake retrofits to a south bay bridge hoping to have it re- opened by end of the holiday weekend. good evening, i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes, so far, so good, caltrans says construction is running on schedule at the dumbarton bridge which is closed this holiday weekend for a seismic retrofit project. eric rasmussen with a look at work underway. >> reporter: right now they say the bridge
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can handle about 19" of movement during an earthquake, but the work that they are doing with double that wiggle room to 37". they showed us exactly how they are doing it. for a few minutes tonight caltrans gave us a glimpse of the spot where crews have cut the dumbarton bridge in two, making room for a few steel joint that could make a height difference in the next big earthquake. >> the jo joint locks into place on the rebar an concrete and on the other side it's meant to expand and contract. >> reporter: it may not be obvious on- camera, but it's very windy and cold on the bridge. officials say that won't interrupt the work. the only thick that could get in wait is rain, but they are not anticipating any problems. engineers are watching a live feed of the construction and traffic conditions. the bridge that connects east bay and peninsula will be closed all weekend, but many drivers we talked to said they got the message to find another
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route. >> before i'm in construction, i have been commuting over the bridge and i have seen the signs. so i know not to go that way. >> reporter: so far caltrans says this $60 million project isn't expected to cost drivers anytime once the holiday weekend is over. >> caltrans is on schedule. they have completed everything that they wanted to do last night and today. >> reporter: and in just the last few minutes i checked back with our contact with caltrans and she says that work remains on schedule out here and they have actually begun some of the welding and say it's going well. they will re-open tuesday at 6:00 a.m. >> more details on the two major alternate routes. san francisco commuters have a couple other roadblocks to deal with this weekend.
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muni's line will be out of service near church street and duboce avenue. about 20,000' day use that line that runs from ocean beach to the calculate trayn station near at& caltrain. 1st street is closed between mission and howard streets. you crews. 1st tree is is scheduled it re-open 5:00 a.m. tuesday morning. today history buffs got a chance to learn about the construction of the golden gate bridge. after four years of dangerous and sometimes fatality construction the bridge opened may 28th, 1937. one of the bridge district
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directors say it's gratifying to represent the bridge as an international icon. >> no matter where you are in the world, you see that little golden gate and people recognize it automatically. architects choose international orange as the distinctive color to match the bridge's spectacular setting. . the big party starts at 11:00 tomorrow morning. among the main events are musical permits at crissy field and there will be a classic boat parade in the bay and big fireworks at:309:30. there is no parking available so down on walking beaking or using public transportation and no south dakota allowed. dog must be and a leash and large crowds may cause cell phone service to be limited. be sure to dress in layers to
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enjoy both the sunshine or fog and brig water bottles and flashlights for your group. head over to for more on the anniversary celebration. you can find a slide show of the early days of the iconic span. just click on the golden gate at 75 tab. a surprise strike today left golden gate ferries docked all day. the move left some people without a way to get across the bay. ktvu's noelle walker reports what the strike means for tomorrow's celebration of the golden gate bridge. >> i don't know, but i've been told. >> i don't know, but i've been told. >> golden gate just ain't got soul. >> reporter: instead of riding the wave to the city, workers with the golden gate ferry system walked the picket line. >> we're very generous with management takes on additional responsibilities that they compensate them and we expect the same treatment for ourselves. >> reporter: the inland boatman's union
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today 35 of them and other sympathetic workers went on strike. ferries sat idle at the dock. golden gate canceled service leaving some passengers stranded. >> they have to be lucky that they have a job, especially will in these times. >> i'm not sure if they are doing the right thing. i wish they didn't choose today and this weekend. >> reporter: union insists it did not time the strike to coincide with this weekend's golden gate bridge 75th anniversary celebration. >> we weren't here on sunday, which was the busydae. >> reporter: we tried to get insight from the budget district whether it was going to mediation or the district. >> i know the matter is being resolved and i don't they it's up to me or anyone to tell you how it's being resolved. >> reporter: in the meantime, sources here tell us that immediateace for both sides begins on tuesday.
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noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. more details now on those additional ferries, plan for tomorrow's golden gate bridge celebration, extra service stars at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. boats run every half-hour until 8:00 tomorrow night. and then start agent 10:00 p.m., ferries will again run every half-hour until midnight. protesters came to alameda today the same spot a man drowned last year while police officers and firefighters stood by. debora villone. >> reporter: you recall first-responders say they didn't have the training or equipment torection raymond zack. last year a despondent man was known to officers.
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they had picked him on the beach, but this year they watched him stand and go into the water until a bystander went in and grabbed him. >> it's unspeakable the flaccid especial of the city's response. >> reporter: these citizens plan to wade in the group to mark the anniversary, just as they did after the accident as criticism swirled and officials were both apologizing and defending their inaction. an independent review found a lack of training and equipment, plus poor communication. >> that is what you are hired for. >> reporter: this 30-year cop is unimpressed that alameda has now restored rescue boats and procedures lost to budget cuts. >> you have to be trained to go and take -- to help somebody? no. >> rell immediate is being sued for wrongful death by zack's brother and sister in ohio. >> they did offer support and they did what they could from
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where they lived. i am not so sure that they had the means to actually come out here and make the decisions for mr. zack. >> reporter: this retired physician knew zack from church and says his death has haunted her. >> something needs to be done to address the culture in our public safety department. i said there for the grace of go ahead might go me. >> reporter: today the protesters never made it into the water. it was too rough and cold, but many will be back tomorrow evening to throw flowers into the bay, in memory of raymond zack. no comment on this ongoing criticism from police or fire brass. live in alameda, debora villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. a woman driver is recuperating after an accident that sent her and her car into estuary near the airport. officers were called to doolittle drive. the woman was able to get to the shore herself and
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firefighters say she suffered only minor injuries. >> our guess right now is that she may have been trying to take the turn a little too fast and overcompensated when she realized she was going over the double yellow line. >> the driver told police she was the only person in the car. a search for the car was suspended because of the weather. but it is expected to start again tomorrow morning. tomorrow family and friends of slain nursing student michele le will gather in hayward to mark the anniversary of her disappearance. the 26-year-old nursing student wept missing back on may 27m of last year and her body was discovered four months later. a former friend of le is charged in her murder. the memorial vigil is set to begin at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow at mount eden park on west tennyson road. san bruno police are searching for a suspect that authorities say got into a shoot-out with an officer. police say an officer attempted to stop a group of three men, but the group fled on foot.
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then one of the suspects they say fired a handgun at the officer and the officer returned fire. two of the three suspects were caught. police are still looking for the third. it's unclear if the third suspect was hit. an early morning shooting in san francisco has left a man seriously wounded. the gunfire broke out after 2:00 at oakdale avenue and baldwin court. he was taken to san francisco general hospital with life- threatening injuries. no arrests have been made. oakland police arrested a protesters who they say vandalized a bar popular with off-duty police officers. >>the r-occupy oakland protesters marched into the streets late last night. they are angry over a officer- involved shooting that left an 18-year-old man shoot earlier this month. police say one of those
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protesters cracked a window at the warehouse bar near jack london square. authorities have not released the suspect's name. as the city prepares to celebrate the golden gate bridge's anniversary, water rescue crews with readying for the worst and their tips on staying safe this holiday weekend. paying their respects. how bay area boy and girl scouts pay respect to those who sacrificed their lives for this country. and the catholic bishops legal action that they are taking against the country. the news continues in 90 seconds.
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. >> tonight fire crews in eastern san diego county have the banner fire 65% contaken. increasessed humidity is helping firefighters on the line. the fire quickly grew. investigators believe that the blade of a bulldozer hit a rock, causing a spark that ignited the fire. no injuries have been reported. firefighters in southwest new mexico have not been able to contain a fire in the gila national forest, but better conditions kept the 82,000 acre blaze from expanding. cities including albuquerque remain under a health alert due to smoke. a san josi family escaped injury after a fire quickly spread through their home.
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one alarm fire was on a home at floresta driver. the residents insides were not hurt. fire officials say the fire started inside the garage, where someone was cooking with grease and left the stove unatended for foo long. ktvu's patti lee rode along with the coast guard, who is putting extra patrols on the water. >> reporter: whether by jet sky, sailboat or power boat, hundreds of ocean enthusiasts hit the water today. it's the reason that coast guard, fire and police will be patrolling all weekend for trouble. >> most of the problems will arise from people who haven't been on the water since last summer or maybe in a couple of years. >> reporter: memorial day weekend is historically busy, but this year promises to be even more so. the crowds following the u.s.s. iowa providing a hint of what to expect in days to come. >> the u.s.s.
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nimitz is coming in tomorrow and the fireworks for the golden gate parade. >> reporter: this two mile stretch will be closed to boat traffic tomorrow night for the fireworks show, but the minutes it's over, coast guard expects there to be a mad dash of thousands of boats towards home. >> a lot of boats want to see the fireworks, but a lot of people won't practice navigating in at knit the time. >> coast guard tips, wear life jackets and don't drink and drive, pay attention to surroundings and don't overload boats with too many guest. >> maybe a small chop, 1-2 feet can quickly swamp a boat that is over load. >> reporter: light wind averaging 10 knots kept decrease calls at bay, but crews say if fog rolls in or the wind kicks of, novist and even expert sailors could run into trouble. patti lee ktvu channel 2 news. as patty just mentioned the u.s.s. iowa made its way out toking about the. coming up in 13 moats next
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chapter for this historic ship as it makes its way down the coast to the los angeles. more than 3,000 bay area boy and girl scouts paid their respect to fallen service member memorial day weekend. today each one has a flag waving next to it. took the scouts about two hours to place a flag at each site. >> i know it mean as hot to me. my brother is buried on the top of the hill and my mother and father are buried around the corner. it brings a lost joy to see our young men and women come out and honor our veterans. >> 117 boy and girl scout troops participated in the event. it's a tradition that dates back to the 1950s he. a widow of a united flight 93 pilot has died. sandy dahl spoke often of the
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courage displayed by the passengers who stormed the cockpit and forced the plane to crash in a pennsylvania field. al-qaeda terrorists were likely aiming the plane to the capital or white house. she died of natural causes in denver. she was 52-year-olds. a warning from rick perry to president obama about aggressive campaigning. one time g.o.p. candidate regrets accusing mitt romney of vulture capitalism. >> the bottom line is that doesn't work now and didn't work then. if he has 13 of his own substantial democrats from across the country saying mr. president, don't go there. that is a bad strategy. i think he needs to take the advice of his close confidantes. >> the obama campaign aired ads attacking romney involvement with bain capital.
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some of the catholic cardinals angry over president obama's birth-control mandate spoke publicly about their opposite. 43 catholic institutions this week filed 13 federal lawsuits against the obama administration claiming that the birth-control mandate goes against their religious freedom. president obama churches and others an exemption to the rule. >> we have this great accommodation and you don't have to worry, because you are not going to have to provide or pay for the insurance company will. we're self-insured. we are the insurance company. so nothing has changed. >> some bishops are urging churches to ring their bells on june 21st and july 4th to show support for the anti-birth- control stance. president obama says he will visit the vietnam veterans memorial on monday as the us marks the 50th anniversary of
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that war. >> it's another chance to honor those we lost and we'll be calling on you, the american people to join us in thanking our vietnam veterans in your communities. >> the president also promised to care for a new generation of veterans, those who served in iraq and afghanistan with health care, college and jobs. some silicon valley business leaders with trying to persuade the president to save historic hangar one at moffitt field. three groups wrote to president obama asking them to keep it under nasa. nasa announced it may transfer it to the general services administration. the letter says if that happens, business partnerships years in the making are in jeopardy. cupertino-based apple could be unveiling their tv. cnet propertied that the product could be shipped to
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stores beginning 12013. apple hasn't released many details about the tv, but analysts believe it will incorporate ipad and iphone technologies with features, such as voice command and touch screen. the price range is expected to be from $1500 to $2,000. a violent day in syria leaves dozens dead, including children. how residents in mourning are reacting tonight to the shocking brutality. a pilot program at select u.s. airports will to go nationwide and what it means for travelers 75 years and older? a cool start to the weekend and tracking a fog bank moving in. coming up, i will tell you where that fog is first thing in the morning and the temperature change you can expect the rest of the weekend.
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. heart-breaking images and accounts of staggering government brutality out of syria tonight. mass burials are now underway after the killing of more than 90 people including 32 children. >> reporter: what you are seeing here is a
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mass burial of 92 bodies, as syrians are mourning another round of violence a.m.ed alt them by their government. this is amateur video from friday set to show the shelling that began the attack in houla, a neighborhood in homs province, witnesses saying that everyone in the path of troops fell victim. the united nations counting 32 children under the age of 10 and 60 others counted among the dead. observers conferrumming that the attack included the use of small arms, machine guns and artillery tank . a team of un responders seen here and once there the moniters are mobbed by mourners showing them the result of the attack. the head of the monitoring mission condemning "the brutal tragedy." >> that iss unacceptable attack on the
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future and aspirations of the synain people. syrian people." these members meeting in istanbul believe it's a failure. >> we cannot continue to see these massacres happen mg syria. it has to stop it. >> reporter: impromptu protests on saturday, thousands of syrians crying out through the streets at a risk to their own lives. joy +aza, fox news. in other news of the world in finland an 18-year-old is under arrest after police say he shot and killed two students while firing into go restaurants from a nearby rooftop. police say the restaurants were filled with teenagers, at least seven others were wounded. police say it's thought that the gunman didn't know the victims and no motive was
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offered. the finnish president said the killings showed that, "something has broken in society." a grim projection from unicef, epting than more that a million children in four african countries under the age of 5 are at-risk eh' food shortage to severe that it threatens their lives. officials say even in noncrisis times 3,000 children die each year from lack of food across western and central africa. from vatican city, vatican magistrates say the pope's butler was charged in estimation with a series of leak to the italian media. 40-year-old paolo gabriele is accused of possession of secret documents. gabriele worked as the pop's personal butler since 2006, serving his meals and helping him dress g. the u.s. government has announced changes that some elderly travelers may welcome. the tsa says passengers 75 years old and older will now
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be able to keep on their shoes as well as light outerwear, including jackets during screening. if anything unusual is found they will go through a full- body scanner. tsa has been testing the program at four airports since march and says the changes will be rolled out to all u.s. airports this summer. it docked yesterday and now astronauts on the international space station have opened the hatch. unmanned spacex capsule. the astronauts unloaded more than a thousand pounds of supplies. this is the first time a private spacecraft has successfully connected with the space station. a final voyage for the big stick of the sea. >> we are closing the chapter on a class of ships that will sail no more. >> the crew shares memories. the u.s.s.
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iowa. >> also road to recovery, the life-and-death situation that this canine faced a week ago and when he is expected to be back on the force. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected.
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the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection. . thousands of people lined the shores of san francisco bay to watch history sail through the golden gate. the u.s.s. iowa known as the big stick left richmond today on its way to a new home as a museum in los angeles. former crew members paused to remember their day as board the last of the great battleship as they got ready to see the ship off this morning. >> and now decades later, through the golden gate to los angeles. these former crew members helped to restore one of the greatest american battleships. >> i trained him back in the
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day. now he is the smartost guy i know. >> reporter: along with the missouri, wisconsin and new jersey, the iowa was one of the four great battleships from the world war ii-era. it could launch armor piercing shells 20 nautical miles. >> i made a lot of close, good friends on this ship, brothers. >> out of my long and distinguished 25-year naval career, that was the best command on was on, bar none. i don't care what the rest of the navy says.". >> reporter: the iowa served in the persian golf. during a training exercise in 1989 an explosion ripped apart the no. 2 gun turret, killing 42
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soldiers. the worst loss of live suffered. david canfield will be the new director of information technology. it's an emotional day as this grand lady of the sea so full of memories comes back to life. >> it means more to me than you can possibly imagine to have the ship preserved. >> the former crew members will get together in july when the floating museum opens to the public in los angeles. this memorial day weekend the real life rosie the riveters are being honoredment [ applause ] >> officials at the homefront national historical park in richmond paid tribute to the factory workers of world war ii as the park opened a newly restored visitor's center. center will now be open seven days a week and features that classic poster which symbolized the strength of american women, who took on traditionally male jobs. vice president joe biden praised the men and women of the military during a
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commencement speech at west point. he says the past ten years ever fighting terrorism shows that the u.s. can keep its values while protecting its citizens. >> we shut down secret prisons overseas and we banned torture. it was the right thing to do. it enhanced our power of persuasion around the world and the security of our soldiers stationed around the world. >> mr. biden referred to the graduates as members of the 9/11 generation and said their decision to enlist on the war on terror showed special courage. >> santa claraa county district attorney's oafs had a issued a warning about a exam about landscapers. residents should watch out for those showing up to work and ask for references.
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a sacramento police dog is hope from the hospital a week after he was hotpy a fleeing suspect. bodie walked out of the rancho cordova veterinary hospital yesterday on his own. he was shot in the paw and jaw by a suspected car thief on may 18th of. brodie's partner shot back and killing th >> the veterinarian expects brodie to be back patrolling the streets with his police partner. a winning lottery ticket worth more than $300,000 just may be in the bay area. lottery officials say someone bought a mega millions ticket worth nearly 313,000 at the chevron gas station in danville. now it matched five of the six numbers for the april 27th drawing. but has gone unclaimed.
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those numbers, 2, 5, 45, 46 and 47. and the mega number is 37. the winner has to the end of october to claim the prize. parts of san francisco's great highway remains close. on thursday the public works department closed stretch between lincoln and sloat boulevard because of drifting sands and between sloat and skyline boulevard. the windy area often fills the road with sand from the beach. memorial day may be the unofficial start of summer, but there was nothing summery about the weather conditions as vacationers hit the sierras. there were showers in the bay area. ktvu meteorologist max mark tamayo is next. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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. it was a picture-perfect saturday at the beach along the atlantic coast in florida, but there are already signs of the approach of subtropical beryl. red-flag warnings were posted to seep people from going more than dee index deep in the water because of dangerous rip currents there. the storm is expected to reach the u.s. late tomorrow. well last weekend of may and we're talking about a few rain showers. rain showers in the bay area and snow showers in the sierra. activities as you can see here, backing off quite a bit and that trend will continue. as the showers move out, we a few pop ups in parts of the north bay and a few into the east bay, but like now you can pick out the coverage of this. low clouds and fog developing offshore and quite a bit of overcast already heading into the bay. if you thought it was cool
10:39 pm
today, your observation was right on. you can see upper 50s in san francisco and pacifica. san josi topped out at 65 and morgan hill, 63. warmest locations only in the lower 70s. and the fog, this will be the big factor heading into tomorrow morning. a time-lapse showing that it's already pushing inland right now and as a result most bay area neighborhoods reporting partly to mostly cloudy skies. clouds will be a factor tomorrow morning and coolest locations in the 40s to right around 50 degrees and the golden gate bridge, a very popular destination for tomorrow for sunday with the 75th anniversary. tomorrow morgan at morning cool. there could be a fog bank beginning to bump up close to the golden gate bridge. so we'll be watching for that late sunday evening. today we had this area of low pressure moving out, skirting out to the north and east of
10:40 pm
the this will continue to move out of town. with that, temperatures begin to warm up. that is the trend for sunday and into monday. this is a minor warming trend, but monday form memorial day, it will be the warmest day of the weekend. here is our forecast model showing you first thing tomorrow morning, overcast and clearing back with some leftover fog. we'll watch that fog bank offshore as we do head into the even hours. here once again is hoeing you some of the overcast that you can pick out tomorrow morning and decreasing into the afternoon hours. forecast highs, everybody up a few degrees from today'she, 4-8 degrees higher than this afternoon. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast with your weekend always in view. a little bit warmer for memorial day and the real warming, heather and ken for
10:41 pm
tuesday, wednesday and thursday. if you are checking out the fireworks tomorrow at the golden gate bridge, you definite thrift want to dress in layers. >> but we'll see them? >> hopefully the fog remains just outside of the picture. >> hope so. >> thank you, mark. for those who made their way to the sierra for the holiday weekend, the weather did not offer the summer-like sunshine some were hoping for. at donner summit they were having snowball fights. campers put on coats and huddled around the fire for warming. some recall that last memorial day was actually snowing. so they say they could easily handle the rain. >> wow. >> coming up next the giants try to set their hooks into the marlin. also, oakland faces a local hero as c.c. sabathia and the yankees take on the a's. sportswrap with joe fonzi is next.
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this saturday night edition of sportswrap. it continues to be the little things, specifically is their inability to do them that is keeping the giants from winning games. dipsey lala, po and tinkey winkey at the ballpark in miami. jerry falwell, nowhere in sight. they trailed 1-0, but stanton puts the throw on the money, but speedy burris makes it 1-1. burris just beats the tag. miami


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