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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 28, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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from vallejo the officer involved shooting. and a close call with a suspected drunk driver and we will tell you how officers are doing after the crash. and we will tell you what is happening on this memorial day. look at that celebrating 75 years on san francisco's waterfront for the golden gate bridge, channel 2 news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you, this is ktvu channel 2 morning news, it is memorial day t-s monday may 2 -- it is monday, may 28th i am dave clark. >> and let's get a look at weather and traffic, it is pretty nice? >> yes, a lot of low clouds and
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it will burn off sooner but temperatures 40s and 50s but high pressure is moving in and we will have 50s and 60s and lower 70s. here is sal. we are at the central san rafael because of an oil slick spill and southbound remains open. not much of a commute on this memorial day, 6:01 let's go back to the desk. developing news in vallejo, law enforcement from several bay area cities are at the scene of a reported police shooting. christian captain is there in vallejo and you have new information, what do you know, christian? >> reporter: dave, in just the last few minutes we spoke with a homeowner and you can see this home is right in the middle of this crime scene. she told me she heard shortly
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after 11:00, a loud police chase going into the apartment complex, and she saw a number of shots, one man on the ground he was an apparent gun victim and she also saw an officer who was injured. again you can see there are vallejo police still showing up to the scene right behind that vehicle that just pulled up and there is a series of evidence markers and we are still gathering information about what happened here but we know one officer was taken away needing medical attention. that officers may have been bitten on the leg by a dog and a second scene is right next to mayor island way. that white suv type vehicle is believed to have been the one involved in that pursuit. at this point there is no information on the driver of that vehicle. earlier we spoke to the man who
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drove by the sap shortly after midnight and we discovered many on the scene as well as emergency vehicles. we heard the pursuit that started all of this and he came out to see what was going on. >> usually around the neighborhood they burp their tires and i see police cars just flying down the street so i figured i would come out and see what was going on. >> reporter: so far we have not heard police's official narrative of what happened and they still have the area shut off next to mayor island way. we are still waiting to hear from vallejo police and we will continue to monitor the situation and follow up on any details we get from vallejo police department as soon as
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they tell us more. >> thank you christian, we will check back with you later. and holiday dui crackdowns continue and alex savage joins us live from berkeley and it has already been quite a busy weekend for highway patrol officers. >> reporter: it certainly is, and chp is searching for drunk drivers on bay area roadways and they see an uptake this memorial day weekend. a tweet came out with early numbers for the bay area. they had it compared to 52 same time last year and at 1:00 a.m., a dangerous crash which is believed to be alcohol- related, a car crashed into a police car with two officers inside and they both suffered minor injuries. the driver is facing dui charges after he is released
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from the hospital and despite this crash, we spoke to a cab driver who said there are lots of people who are choosing not to drink and drive. >> it is kind of you know how they drive. but tonight i have not seen it. it was like a safe night. >> reporter: chp's enforcement will ends at midnight and last year police over the bay area made 200 arrests during that time period. they told us this morning they expect their final dui numbers for this memorial day weekend to come out sometime tomorrow. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are investigating a death that happened at a busy intersection. it happened at jackson avenue.
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a driver struck and killed a 62- year-old man while he was crossing the street. that driver is said to be cooperating and at this point alcohol was not a factor in that accident. president barack obama will honor fallen u.s. troops at two events. earlier this morning the president will lay a wreathe at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington cemetery and later he will be at the vietnam memorial in washington d.c. marking the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war. we will take you live to arlington national cemetery with all of the day's events. in just a couple of hours, all of the memorial day events will begin here. they will be in vallejo at 9:00 this morning and at 10:00, the 91st member nor you' all commemoration begins --
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commemoration begins. they will stage an event at the all wars in danville. and san francisco mayor ed lee will speak and we have an entire list on our channel 2 website. just go to and look under hot topics. thousands at the bay got quite a show. last night's golden gate bridge fireworks display featured fireworks. they also had songs like bridge over troubled water. the bridge was closed for about an hour for those fireworks and traffic was heavy after the show as cars lined up to san francisco. golden gate bridge officials had encouraged people to leave
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their cars at home and take public transportation. it featured food history and lots of fun. thousands celebrated the bridge's anniversary, chrissy field, it was a smaller crowd possibly due to the lack of parking. the area was closed to drivers and some welcomed the breathing room. >> i was thinking a few more people were going to be here but it is kind of nice just the way it is. >> reporter: the party's location provided a beautiful backdrop for everyone taking photographs. it had old news clippings and it was one of the first cars to cross the bridge back in 1937. >> for more on fireworks and our celebrations be sure to visit our website
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the 8:00 a.m. news conference will give us an update on the huge construction project happening right now on the dumbarton bridge. the bridge is closed this memorial day week -- memorial day weekend for seismic retrofit working. the bridge is due to reopen at 5:00 tomorrow morning. until then, you have two major alternate routes around the closure. you can either head north to the san mateo bridge or you can take the trip south around the bay on highway 237. we have some breaking news we are following. it is coming to us in fremont where firefighters are on the scene of a house fire. that fire broke out 30 minutes ago at 5:30 this morning on the 3700 block and firefighters tell us two homes have been damaged in this fire.
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firefighters are headed to the scene and we will bring you a live update as soon as we can. sal, what are you seeing out there? >> well, it is pretty light out there guys. fortunately whatever problems we have are made easier on this memorial day as people obviously don't have to go to working today. we have a problem in marin county and there is the san they had to spread on the freeway northbound 101 northbound central san rafael exit and the first part is done and perhaps one of these brooms will be enough. it will not open until 7:00 and traffic has been very light. if there was a good day for this to happen, southbound 101 which is on the right, that freeway is still open and not a lot of cars are driving through hour. let's look at the westbound bay
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bridge, no major problems getting into the city. now we mentioned earlier that the breaking news we had from fremont, i just got new information reportedly fire investigators are on the scene or on the way to this fire in fremont and again we have a crew on the way. the freeways are not affected. the dumbarton bridge we told you awhile ago, we want to remind you are closed and 237 and san mateo are alternates and it will be opened tomorrow at 50/50, that is the schedule -- at 5:00, that is the scheduled opening. this is the worst they have ever felt. trees have been knocked down and cypress oak due to the temperatures, very famous law firm and grasses tip to be way up there and the forecast is for even higher. we have held it in check and grass and trees are expected to
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go up. our lower clouds continue to move inland and it was just extensive. mostly sunny, breezy conditions and a little more into wednesday and thursday. san rafael upper 40s and holding steady low-to-mid 50s with low clouds over san jose and high pressure will build in and light rain over crescent city and lots of low clouds over the coast and a few 50s, 60s and 70s and there is still a sea breeze in place. a west southwest wind and low- to-mid 70s. concord 72, and upper 60s on the peninsular, san jose will go 70 and giants are home, mostly sunny partly cloudy today, temperatures are on the
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cooler side, and it does look like it will burn off sooner, and continue wednesday into thursday and another system comes in for another cool down. >> all right, thank you. u.s. n special on view, how he is reacting to the weekend attack. and why they are sending president barack obama a bill for $35,000, we will explain, stay tuned for more. ñ#
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. welcome back time now 6:15, right now president barack obama and the first lady are hosting a gold star breakfast for families who lost loved ones in combat. renee can tell us what is happening for memorial day. >> reporter: a lot is happening and we are at the war memorial and we have seen people coming and going coming to pay respect for those who have served and you said it, in just under two hours we will see president barack obama at arlington national cemetery where he will lay a wreathe at the tomb of the unknown and that will be followed by remarks.
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hundreds of thousands of motorcyclists rode through arlington on sunday coming to the nation's capital annually in rememberance of those missing in action and prisoners of war. this is the only known prisoner of war in afghanistan and on friday, american flags were placed at the more than 260,000 headstones to honor every service member laid to rest there and i want to go to a live shot at the tomb of the unknowns and we are expecting the president to lay a wreathe and we will hear remarks at 11:00 eastern time this morning. back to you. and the homeown american soldier from the afghan war was the focus of the rolling
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thunder motorcycle ride. berg door of parents, he was captured in 2009 and his father thanked the motorcyclists and had a message for his son. >> beau you are not forgotten and so help me god, we will not leave you behind. >> this is one of the sergeant's since he was captured. he has arrived in syria and is horrified by the massacre of more than 100 people over the weekend. among the dead, 49 children and also 34 women. un monitors toured the attack scene as people expressed outrage over the syrian attack. syria denies responsibilities and they ask every individual to lay down arms and stop the
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killing. in newport beach, they are sending a bill to president barack obama's reelection campaign for $35,000. that is how much newport beach spent for extra police officers and over time pay to cover a fundraiser. the fundraiser was held at a home causing road closures an extra security in that neighborhood. >> sal still works on memorial day. let's hear the traffic. it is going to be busy if you are driving out to san rafael and as a matter of fact northbound 101 just after central san rafael there is that big oil slick and you can see they are still cleaning it up and this crash happened at 4:30 this morning and maybe a little before that and they have had the freeway closed ever since and they determined it was not safe to drive on, northbound 101 and central san
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rafael. westbound bay bridge, we call it a commute out of habit but there is not much of a commute on memorial day. and if you are driving on the dumbarton -- you can't do that, i just want to remind you, you can't drive on dumbarton, you have to use the san mateo or 237. chp says it has been pretty good and road sensors are working well obviously on memorial day weekend, it includes the south bay where we have not had a lot going on at all. 6:20 let's go to steve. clouds and fog, it will burn a little sooner, 50s 60s and 70s, we have a slow warming trends as we head to wednesday thursday and also as we head to maybe early friday but things start to cool down for the
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upcoming weekend so cooler, warmer and then cooler again. and spending on graduation gifts they are expected to be up. total spending on graduation press sents are -- presents are expected to be up, she expect to be up 30% than last year and they should not be surprised if they get a card. the video game is based on the icon any star wars games. they say all will be revealed on thursday on spike television. and lucas connect to star wars with the best selling title in the u.s., that is despite being slammed by lots of critics and they just marked the 35th anniversary. >> and the force is still with
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us. 200 miles over earth today and it is moving day. why the crew of the international space station has a lot to do with today and tomorrow. away area woman shares her memory of walking on the golden gate bridge back when it first opened. a major freeway is shut down in one direction, we will tell you why. stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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. good morning, right now traffic is going to be stopped on northbound 101 central san rafael and in fact traffic is not getting through and there is a detour off central city streets and the crash happened about two hours ago and cal trans said they will not reopen northbound direction until 7:00 a.m. this morning, it is 6:25 let's go back to the desk. >> boy, we have several things to show you, now news chopper 2 has an overhead view and if you
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want to see that it is golden gate bridge tabs on the channel 2 website. we also have fireworks crews on our home page. well 75 years ago today the first cars went over the golden gate bridge one day after it opened to pedestrians. we want to show you some of the footage from 1937 and you had a caravan of cars driving from marin to san francisco. the toll back there, 50-cents. since the historic opening about 2 billion vehicles have crossed the golden gate bridge. now alice from albany was only eight years old when she walked across the golden gate bridge. she is 83 right now. she showed ktvu channel 2 morning news some pictures she took 85 years ago on that day and one captured her looking down at the bay and she said
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she remembers being awe struck. >> very curious looking over and watching all the cars and it is just like a child going to a circus or a carnival or something special, or a special movie or something. i was real excited. >> reporter: -- >> as you can imagine she says her heart goes out to the 11 men who lost their lives building that bridge and they left behind a legacy of beauty. the six astronauts on board will be delivered by the space dragon capsule. the hatches between the two spacecrafts were opened on saturday. one astronaut said it will be like moving everything out of a fullly packed pickup truck and it will take full shifts to get
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all supplies onto the space station. we will have more developing news we are following on vallejo, our reporter is on the ground talking to witnesses that prompted a big response from several law enforcement agencies. the focus here shifts to a more solemn ceremony honoring our fallen soldiers. plus, what happened when this convertible slammed right through her front door. stay tuned.
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. well, good morning to you, it is may 28th, i am dave clark. >> and i am filling in for pam cook, it's now 6:30 and we want to bring you an update on some breaks news happening in
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fremont. we have live pictures of a house fire that broke out, take a look, it happened on the 37 block and two homes were in fact damaged by this fire and firefighters were able to put the fire out within a half hour and again two homes were damaged. nobody was injured. we expect to learn more and our reporter is there gathering more information and we will bring you perhaps the cause of this fire coming up a little bit later. coming up, also developing breaking news from vallejo, law enforcement from several bay area cities and christian captain is out there since early this morning and he is back now with some of the witnesses he has been talking to, christian? >> reporter: we are hearing this officer involved shooting happening with a police pursuit
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and presumably that tow truck came to hall out a vehicle which is still in the back of that apartment complex and it is still littered with evidence markers. we do know one officer was taken away needing medical attention and we hear that officer may have been bitten in the leg by a dog. on the back end, next to mayor island way, that white suv vehicle is believed to be the one involved in the pursuit. they arrived to hall it away and at this point there is no word on the condition of the driver of that vehicle but a few minutes ago i spoke with the woman who lives at this apartment complex and she said she was at the center of it all. >> i heard police zooming right behind and i heard shots fired and it sounded like over here and then they apprehended somebody right there and i guess the guy with the gun got away. >> reporter: now we have some
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new video we shot in the last ten minutes and you can see evidence technicians gathering evidence and we are trying to get in contact with vallejo police department to get their official narrative and we want to hear more details about the police chase and hear about the suspect who was either shot or taken into custody and you can hear the witness who said just a moment ago, there is the possibility of another suspect still free and we are still waiting to hear from vallejo police department and for now we are live in vallejo, christian captain ktvu channel 2 morning news. two teens are in jail accused of a stabbing attack. it happened at a petaluma shop be center -- shopping center yesterday afternoon. one stabbed another outside of
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a k-mart. the condition of the suspect is not known. both victims were on the mosquitos when they crashed into a guardrail. the 36-year-old driver died at the scene and the 31-year-old passenger died of his injuries on the way to the hospital. both men were wearing helmets but police say speed was a factor in the crash. a pittsburgh homeowner was shocked and wouldn't you be after a car drove right into her house. the incident happened after 7:00 on san jaun drive and a convertible slammed right into it. she heard a loud screech and suddenly the entire house shook. three people have been taken to the hospital and so far no word on their condition. fallen u.s. soldiers at the
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national cemetery. allie rasmus is live to tell us more about this ceremony, alley? >> reporter: well the -- allie? >> reporter: they will start here behind us and this is near the intersection of lincoln and sheridan. this military parade will head up to the national cemetery and they will have a series of events at 11:00 but most people are coming to celebrate the anniversary of the golden gate bridge. the day long party ended with a spectacular fireworks party. the crowd was amazed as they saw it from barges below and they heard san francisco themed music such as bridge over troubled waters. earlier people came to the field and they came to hear lectures about the history of
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the golden gate bridge but it shifted to a more solemn ceremony. this is video from last year's event. today at 11:00 there will be a wreathe laying, canon ball salute and coast guard flyer including san francisco may ed lee will speak at the event. they have cleaned up quickly from last night's celebration and we have these stacked cones and the procession starts at 10:30 this morning and there will be parking for people who want to attend parking and there will be a free shuttle to take people from this area just up the hill from here. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. all right, allie, there will be several memorial day events all over the bay area. there will be another event at the venetia post cemetery and in santa clara county they will
6:37 am
host the 21st annual memorial day event at oak hill in san jose. and at 1:00 this afternoon, on board the u.s.s. hornets there will be a memorial day service. they are paying tribute to nursing student michelle lei. she disappeared one year ago. they spoke about the positive impact michelle had on their lives and wrote messages on purple balloons. her nursing director said she was an inspiration to her classmates. her former friend has been charged with her murder. with the san francisco ethics committee, there is a critical hearing and they will be announcings official suspending of sheriff ross mirkarimi and it will then go to city supervisors. the board will decide if sheriff ross mirkarimi will get
6:38 am
his job back. he is facing charges which stem from a domestic violence charge and the mayor is trying to permanently remove him from office. it is a soggy memorial day and tropical storm buehrel hit california this morning and could drop up to a foot of rain in some areas. and on georgia's coast, two homes had two trees fall on top of them and they say the rain is actually welcome because the area is in a drought. we want to go back to breaking news in fremont. the house fire started at 5:30 this morning. you can see we are literally on the roof with the firefighters and they tell us two homes were damaged in this fire and luckily nobody was hurt.
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you can see the people standing outside watching. we will continue to watch and bring you updates from fremont as more information becomes available. also new information regarding the incident in san rafael, and sal will tell us a little bit about it, sal? >> reporter: northbound -- >> northbound 101 central san rafael it is still not clear and they did say they would reopen the northbound direction by 7:00 and it looks like they may be preparing to do that. we will let you know and southbound 101 traffic does look good through the area. and at concord and walnut creek, even in antioch, we have some slowed traffic here, but we don't this morning driving to the east shore and so is traffic on the san mateo bridge. dumbarton is closed but you can use 237 as an alternative. let's look at 237, it is nice
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and light carrying the traffic on the dumbarton and let's go to steve. thank you very much, a little shallower, and weak, it will be stronger towards wednesday and thursday and the coverage is not as extensive but it is just as incredible. for those suffering from all letter if is -- allergies, the wind certainly does not help but people continue to tell me this is one of the worst pollen seasons ever. trees are expected to go up later this week. >> and high pressure is coming intending with an on shore breeze and it is a sea breeze out of the west southwest and later tomorrow, we will take it into wednesday and thursday and have another cool down. west 9 at fso, south at
6:41 am
vacaville and even out to stockton, it tells you there is a sea breeze in place. 40s and 50s, mainly 54 in hayward due to the low cloud deck and they are not going anywhere any time soon, 60s and 70s for most, a few year the coast, a slight warm up and nice, just a little bit warmer, upper 60s and lower 70s and 70 for san rafael 70 for gilroy, half-moon bay 61 and some breaks upper 50s lower 60s today and finally warmer weather is on tap for wednesday into thursday and thursday looks to be the warmest day and with the upcoming weekend approaching it does look cooler again. developments to tell you about from the vatican, a very prominent figure who reportedly
6:42 am
was involved. and an early morning demonstration shows what happened when a suspected dui drunk driver slammed into a police car. good morning 101 traffic is moving along well in san jose and we have word of a problem in san rafael which is becoming much better. stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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. well, good morning to you, welcome back here is a look at some of the top stories we are following, breaking news in fremont and again we are live, literally on the roof with firefighters from a house fire and these are live pictures. you can see the home itself is still smoldering but just about 40 minutes ago firefighters knocked down the flames. we can also tell you a second house was damaged but luckily nobody was hurt. law enforcement are reportedly at the scene of a police shooting. we will have a live update for you on mornings on 2. and president barack obama will lead the traditional memorial day cemetery at arlington cemetery. he will lay a wreathe at the
6:46 am
tomb of the unknown and he will attend another ceremony at the vietnam memorial day sermon in washington d.c. -- ceremony in washington d.c. alex savage joins us live to tell us how a number of drivers have been cited for dui drunk driving. >> reporter: chp is in the middle of one of their maximum enforcement periods. a tweet came out from the golden gate division and announced 72 compared to 52 from the same time last year, a slight uptake there. police say a drunk driver slammed into a patrol car, two officers inside had minor injuries and the driver is facing dui charges once he is treated and released from the
6:47 am
hospital. during memorial day last year chp officers throughout the bay area made over 200 dui arrests during that entire weekend and we are waiting for final numbers from the chp on memorial day this weekend and we expect to have those numbers tuesday. maximum enforcement period ends tonight at midnight. alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:46 and a new report shows testing results could affect seismic safety. they found improper testing of two supporting piles from the tower of the eastern span. now in one part of the concrete had not fully hardened before it was tested and it was never reported by the worker. they reportedly showed missing test results, however cal trans said they can withstand any
6:48 am
earthquake. there appears to be more in the vatican. vatican police are accused of feeding documents to an italian journalist but they also suggest that the butler had help and that an unidentified cardinal is expected of playing a role. the vatican is not commenting. time now 6:47, japanese farmers are getting ready to plant rice and because of a nuclear disaster after the march 2011 tsunami, last year's crops had too much radiation to sell. now farmers are trying to sell it and every grain will be checked for radiation. they say they are worried about the results but they have to try anyway. well, memorial day a lot of people are off and if you are
6:49 am
watching in san rafael there is a problem, right? well, one of the things we just found out, they opened the freeway and there is that patch of san they put down, they actually fixed it, northbound 101 has reopened and it was closed for two to three hours, southbound was never closed and this was because of an earlier crash and oil spill. it never caused a huge traffic jam because it happened so early. and the morning drive on the dumbarton bridge is not happening, it is closed, of course, closed until 5:00 but the san mateo bridge and 237 have been doing a good job carrying that traffic instead. a few breaks in those clouds, should break off a little sooner and still there is a system that should keep the on shore push going.
6:50 am
just a little bit warmer, not a lot, temperatures stay in check but it does look warmer tuesday wednesday and thursday. there are some breaks in the clouds, fog, sun breezy, westerly breeze is not going anywhere. some of that low cloud deck, there is a tenuous rope right around the north coast producing some drizzle around crescent city and 40s and 50s, mainly low-to-mid 50s because of the cloud cover. there is that little guy, that keeps that west wind going. low clouds, fog sunny, a little warmer breeze in place out of the west. 50s 60s and 70s and low-to-mid 70s, we had big tumble on the temperatures during the weekend and today is kind of a transition day. it starts warmer inland wednesday and thursday and with
6:51 am
your weekends always in view, it's not as dramatic or strong but it does look good on the upcoming weekend. we have more than a half million new customers and former kodak is officially part of the shutter fly family. and for kodak, they had $24 million last month and it brought in, its international customers. now it will look to expand to more countries. >> you know you are not supposed to be north of canal street. >> relax punk... >> the movie is called men in black. will smith and tommy lee jones did what no evildoers could do. men in black three, ticket sales at $55 million and that's
6:52 am
just so far. now they top $514 million in north american ticket sales and it is the 14th ever to reach the half million dollar mark. dictator and diaries, members for the full holiday week will be released -- numbers for the full holiday week will be released tomorrow. also coming up ashley judd had an awful lot to celebrate at indie 500. good morning, traffic on highway 4 looks great for this memorial day, we will tell you more about traffic and the weather. ♪
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. time now 6:54, he won the indianapolis 500. >> bring it home. >> the scottish driver who is husband of actress ashley judd came in first just ahead of scott dickinson. he crashed on the final lap and he wore sun glasses in memory of his friend dan welden who
6:56 am
was killed in the final race of the season. and going to the college world series, top seeded golden bears, the bears got all the runs they needed to shut down the huskies especially with that glass in the 5th inning, bears win 2-0 for the sweep and they move on to face lsu coming up thursday. tonight will be a good night if you are an armature a strong mist. -- a front mist -- a strong mist. it will look like a bright orange yellowish spot to the right and left of the moon. mars is moving away and this may be the best chance to see it annex month will be a partial lunar -- and next month will be a partial lunar
6:57 am
eclipse. sal, are you looking at the sky? >> yes, i i am looking at the roads too, and maximum coverage for chp, there may be more officers looking for you so a word to thewise. bay area looks light, no major problems getting to san francisco. and dumbarton is closed so you can use the san mateo and 237 instead. we have a lot of clouds arounden it will burn off a little sooner but still it is rather reluctant to do so. 50s 60s and low-to-mid 70s. coming up, we will take you back to fremont, firefighters still at the scene of a house fire. also a story we have been following, more on that major police investigation in
6:58 am
vallejo, what witnesses told us just a short time ago. also away area bridge shut down and when dumbarton will be back in business, stay right here with us. ñ#
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witnesses are ri


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