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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 28, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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. this is k tv u channel 2 news at noon. now to a story we have been covering all morning, a fatal shooting with police. vallejo police are investigating the second deadly officer involved shooting since thursday night. christian captain tells us this incident started when a driver would not pull over and it
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ended in gunfire. >> reporter: vallejo police say the latest officers involved shooting happened on a special dui enforcement detail who saw this white lexus shortly after midnight. they were driving with their headlights off and when they tried to pull them over, it ended with a chase when he pulled a dark object out of his pocket and one of the pursuing officers shot him. all three occupants of the car got out and barrett was one of those occupants. he was the driver and came through this alleyway and you can see the bullet holes on the wall where the deadly confrontation went down. today the mother of barrett's children said he was not a threat to police. >> he does not carry arms, he does not only a gun so he was not armed at all. >> reporter: one of the other occupants of the car, the son
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officers shot was arrested on scene after being tracked down by a police dog. he was slightly injured by the police dog as was the officer who found him. witnesses who live at the apartment complex knew they pulled in and new there were problems almost immediately. >> i heard the car zoom and i heard police behind it and it sounded like shots fired over here and they apprehended somebody right there. >> reporter: the police as well as the district attorney's office are investigating. ktvu channel 2 morning news. from sea to shining sea they are honoring the war dead this memorial day. >> 3, 10, hut. >> reporter: president barack obama is honoring them by laying a wreathe at the tomb of
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the unknown at arlington national cemetery. they made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. >> sending the troops is the most wrenching decision that i have to make and i can promise you i will never do so unless it is absolutely necessary and when we do we must give our troops a clear mission and the full support of the grateful nation. >> reporter: today's ceremony was the 15th day of rememberance at arlington. and along with vice-president joseph biden, and first lady michelle obama they attended the memorial wall and this year marks 50 years since the start of the vietnam war. they begin a 13-year program in which 38,000 died since 1975.
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in san francisco a memorial day parade is underway and allie rasmus is where they are honoring veterans today. >> reporter: we are at the national cemetery and you can see a large crowd gathering behind me and right now they are listening to the first army bands showed up to turn out for this memorial day ceremony. a ceremony to honor fallen service members, several people flags in hand welcomed a procession to at the largest memorial day of its kind in northern california. army reserves staff sergeant is in the military band leading today's procession. >> it's not just about the veteran, it is like all of them who lost their lives. >> it is a camaraderie we have.
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>> reporter: antoine earned a purple heart while serving in the vietnam war. >> i have a number of friends who died that are on this wall and it is a hard thing but i think we do and i get a lot of satisfaction out of it even though it is painful. >> reporter: he brings his four children to this ceremony... >> if i can teach them to live in a piece full society, it makes my day and to honor all of those who lost their lives. >> reporter: one of the wreathes presented was dedicated to the men and women who died in that conflict. first off, she is with the people she worked with. >> they are all coming home and
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hopefully eastern than later and it will always -- hopefully sooner than later and it will always be there. >> reporter: and the coast guard helicopter circled overhead and the gun ceremony live ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> thank you allie. they held their first memorial day commemoration and the drums and corp opened the ceremony and they sang the national anthem. speakers included those from the coast guard and travelers air force base and they led a tour to the civil war plot. tonight there will be a display of crosses and they honor those who served while in
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iraq. they displayed crosses for each serviceman and woman who was killed in iraq. tonight's vigil begins at 7:00. and we have a big area on our website and control down to hot topics. a couple is looking to stay after a fire this morning damaged their homes. [ sirens ] >> reporter: a neighbor captured the flames on a cell phone, you can seated video there. the fire broke out at 5:30 a.m. and spread to a house next door. a firefighter fell partly through the roof and suffered minor flames but he heard the sound of the fire and made it out safely from the home.
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>> i woke up to gunshot noises so i was thinking there was something going on outside, so i am in the backyard and it is all passing and up orange... >> the cause of this fire is still under investigation and today is the official start of fire season in the bay area. you will hear from a california fire spokes person and that's coming up later in the newscast. hundreds of people dove from a -- from that area and alex has more. alex? >> reporter: well they want to challenge the elements and that is why they took the plunge with some infamous escapees.
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a few said no thank you and left the wet suits behind as they swam from alcatraz. escaping from the island, they may the mile and a half actress where crowds got them to here to them on at the finish line. he finished in just over a half hour and he didn't need any extra insulation either. he finished the race without a wet suit and the temperature in the water hovering in the lower 50s. >> i was touching the ground which is kind of funny but you know you are still moving and it is funny, the car keeps running and running, it was tough, it was definitely worth it though. >> the organization can swim
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dark ark can -- orchestra can swim challenge is away for swimmers to show they have the well pour to make it to shore. luckily there was no storm in the base and i swimmers finished in just under an hour. consider year they are saying it is wanter but i would probably opt for the wet suit. >> i think that is a smart thing to do, alex. they are wrapping up another holiday crack down. chp has extra patrols out until midnight looking for put controlled -- putting controlled parole on the road.
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and it happened in oakland, after the crash two more police officers arrested the suspect about a block away from the crash. the driver also suffered minor injuries and is now facing dui charges after he gets out of the hospital. when we get back you will hear an update on tomorrow morning's commute. clouds are out and you may be wondering if they are out on the bay, steve has your forecast. at first i was concerned about watching the movie. .. >> what a shock, you will hear more about a woman's reaction when a car crashed into her home. that you can charge it at home like your smartphone... that you'll never have to buy another tank of gas?
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. travelers should be prepared for changes and close use, parking will not be enforced. special event trains will be running for the diamondbacks game and that starts at 2:05. the muni line remains shut down for road repair and they have also shortened the church line. it ends on jay street and it is expected to be reopen on june
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4th and it is closed between mission and howard street and this is part of the construction working on the new transmission center. it is set to reopen at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. and the dumbarton bridge is still shut down as they continue retrofit on the span. they are working to include expansion and that joint is designed to be sorbian -- absorb and dissipate energy during an earthquake and they are on schedule. >> we are still on schedule and making very good progress over the weekend with the dumbarton bridge. we are roughly set to be on time. >> about 60,000 vehicles travel across it every day. we are now hearing from the owner of a pittsburgh home about the shocking moment her
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home was hit by a car. it happened on san jaun drive. four people were inside the home when the car crashed into the building. their first concern was the people inside. >> oh, my g-d, somebody just hit my house and everything was loud but the impact was quiet. >> large pieces of the wall fell down. three people in the home were injured and so far there is no word on their condition. the essex committee is meeting for a critical hearing in sheriff ross mirkarimi case which will then go to city supervisors. the board will decide if the suspended sheriff will get his job back. it is stemming from a domestic violence case and he has been suspend without pay and the mayor is trying to permanently
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remove him from office. the fire is expected to be fully contained today. it is in the town of julia and more than 5,000 acres of brush have burned. the fire is more than 90% contained and firefighters are working to put it out. there are no evacuation orders so far and the cause is under investigation. the official start of fire season is on for much of the bay area. cal fire is declaring a problem in contra coster and alameda. burn bermuda myths will be suspended and firefighters are encouraging people to clear the brush from your home. >> make sure you need to clear any dead brush or leaves, get that away from your home before fire season because it all creates fuel for fire season.
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>> reporter: they are looking to add more equipment for quicker responses. thousands of people lined the shore for a specific tack lar -- spectacular fireworks show. take a look at that, the golden gate bridge was fog free and had beautiful fireworks. they also had songs including bridge over troubled water and included a fantastic finish to the bridge's anniversary. it was closed from 9:00 to 10:00 for the fireworks and officials had encouraged people to leave their cars at home and take public transportation. still traffic was heavy as people lined up to see it on the marin side of the bridge. all in all, the 75 anniversary was a big hit. chrissy field and the other
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place drew crowds of people which included food vendors, family activities all leading up to the fantastic fireworks display. >> it connects us all and it is probably one of the nicest in all of the world. >> attendants was slightly lower than expected but long lines pursued and passes went to the waterfront. they were rewarded with breathtaking views and a party when they got there. and the 75th birthday celebration of the golden gate bridge was not the only party in town, take a look at this, the colorful sites and sounds of carnival. beach blanket battle led the grand parade for the festivals
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34th year. well, night and morning fog, there are a few breaks today and we have mostly sunny skies and it was a slow process over the weekend and it really brought temperatures down and we are slowly recovering. we will get fog as a westerly breeze or westerly component to that breeze, giving way to breeziness and blustery conditions, a little warmer, maybe a couple of degrees inland and wednesday and thursday do look warm. patchy fog is around the southwest napa airport and southwest at fso and keep in mind, temperatures are hard pressed buts a lot of low 60s and mid-60s. fairfield is 64 and now under sunny skies, a lot of low
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clouds and there does the low giving credit, this year he left his way for gold area. that is enough to keep the clear deck as well. 80s will be in the orange and today it is 50 and 60 and 70s. it is still losing a lot and it has maxed itself out, highs today some upper 60s and mid- 60s around the bay, maybe a few mid-towards antioch and brentwood and gilroy, these are cool temperatures this time of year. mainly 60s on the coast and a few 60s in capitoa. it looks warmer tuesday wednesday sunny and warmer and then it comes back down for the upcoming weekend with another cooling trends. >> well we lucked out with no fog for the fireworks last
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night. >> i am glad it worked out. >> nice job. >> thank you. well there are reports that facebook is planning to get into the cell phone business. the company has hired several smart phone engineers. they are reporting some of the experts including people who worked on the iphone, reports say the phone will likely make its debute sometime next year. when we get back we will tell you what kind of gas prices you might be paying.
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. i really enjoyed this. >> it was spectacular.
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>> i could not imagine a better way to spend a saturday. >> you should come up and try something new. here in the bay area, drivers are paying about 65 cents a gallon more for regular gasoline than the national average. as usual san francisco has the highest price was regular costing $4.37 per gallon. san francisco with drivers in oakland paying a penniless and the lowest prices are in the north bay where it cost $4.27 per gallon and it is slightly lower than last week but 15 cents higher than april of last year. police now say the dark object that officers mistook for a gun turned out to be an aluminum wallet. they also say the man who was shot was antoine bet and he had
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a criminal history. the suspect was driving with the car lights off and when they tried to pull him over he led them on a chase. he then pulled out that dark object which turned out to be the wallet and officers shot him. we will continue to have this story and follow up on k tv u news at 5:00. a new survey shows the number of people planning to buy graduation gifts are increasing. one-third of americans plan to give some kind of graduation gift this year and that's up from 30% last year. gift cards are the most common. it will be nearly $5 billion nationwide. and the news at 5:00, it was a huge day after the big bash joining the 75 birthday of the golden gate bridge, as well
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as the cleanup from the tens of thousands of people who watched the event, thank you for watching ktvu channel 2 morning news, we'll see you again at 5:00 and we are always here on and mobile have a great day.
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