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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 28, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the officer fired multiple shots fearing for his safe, anton barrett died at the hospital. the object turned out to be be a wallet. another man was arrested. and an officer was injured when his dog bit him. anton barrett has a criminal record and on parole. his family said he had faults but was a good father and wouldn't carry a gun. >> he didn't deserve to be shot. he didn't deserve to be shot. >> reporter: this is actually the third officer involved shooting in the month of may in vallejo. at 6:00 why police say what may seem like a rash of shoot association just an anomaly. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. two families from fremont
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are out of their homes after a fire damaged their houses. [ sirens ] >> a neighbor captured the flames ota phone. -- at a home. a firefighter who was on the roof fell partially through the roof and suffered minor burns. the sound of the fire woke up the people inside and they all made it out safely. >> i woke up, heard cracks, pops, like gun shots, i was thinking there was something going on outside i look up and the backyard is where it is happening. it is all orange. i am getting scared. everybody is running around. >> the cause of the fire is under investigation. easy to forget today is more than just a holiday. ktvu's david stevenson tells us, all you have to do is see
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all the grave stones to be reminded of what memorial day is really about. >> reporter: hundreds came for the ceremony it included a tribute to those serving in iraq and afghanistan. [ music playing ] >> reporter: san francisco's memorial day ceremony began with a parade. a military band led the way into the national cemetery in a tribue to service men and women -- tribute it service men and women. >> i survived. and a lot of them didn't. >> i am going to start crying. it is very emotional. very emotional. i don't think we take care of our vets like we should. he brought flowers for the
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grandfather he never met. >> i forget how grateful i am till i come out here. >> reporter: he led the pledge of allegiance. it included a tribute to the members of the wars. >> there is a larger significance behind memorial day. for the guys who fought for us and paid the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: military families spoke of service abroad. he timed his leaf from afghanistan -- his leave from afghanistan for his son's birthday and today's memorial day ceremony. [ taps playing ] >> reporter: the gates at the national cemetery are open till
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7:00 p.m. tonight for those wishing to pay tribute. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details on memorial day. this is the day america remembers those who died and it has deep roots. in the 1860s it was called decoration day. people put flowers on the graves. the name changed to memorial day back in the 1880s and in 1971 congress declared memorial day a national holiday. soldiers and boy scouts placed flags at the graves. in oakland mountain view cemetery hosted a memorial day commemoration. [ music playing ] >> they opened the ceremony. the sons of the american legend
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gave a rifle salute. and the oaklandyie corps sang the national anthem. memorial day is a time to stop and remember those who gave their lives. >> we often take the surack fices for granted. we don't think about the price of freedom. freedom is not free. >> after the ceremony, they led a tour of the civil war plot. >> doves were released in a peace flight. one vet said those who died in service are remembered as heroes but it is important to remember them as fathers and mothers, husbands and wives. who picked up a weapon because
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war was 31st -- was thirst upon them. in 2006 volunteers started places flags for each service member killed. tonight's vigil is at 7:00. in 15 minutes we will go to the nation's capple where the -- capital where the president remembers. the pentagon announced the death of a soldier. the 21-year-old died saturday in afghanistan. his unit was attacked with a explosive device. the day after the golden gate bridge 75th anniversary celebration. there is a lot of clean up, ktvu's cara liu is live where crews have been hard at work. >> reporter: they made a lot of
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progress out here. they were out early this morning cleaning up trash and things are getting back to normal out here. >> reporter: it was an unforgettable celebration, the golden gate bridge's 75th. he was working the stages. >> one of the best i have ever seen. it was spectacular. >> reporter: today he is back at work. >> we have been taking down the audio towers,ers, the dj stage. everything is going down quickly. >> like a mountain of trash when we got here this morning. >> reporter: others spent the day cleaning up what the clouds left behind. >> just sorting. nonstop. >> reporter: he was smiling, even after six long days
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working this event. >> i have always had a fascination with the bridge anyway. the golden gate bridge holds special meaning. >> my mother and her sister walked the bridge the day before it opened in 1937. >> fun being here for the celebration. >> reporter: no estimates as to how many people were out here but organizers tell us things went smoothly and it was a well behaved crowd that helped celebrate the golden gate bridge's 75th birthday, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. >> we went aboard a crews boat to capture the show from the water. it was packed with people from all around the country who came out. we have more video and pictures of last night's fireworks show
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for you on our website, click on the golden gate bridge tab. the san francisco ethics commission meets tomorrow to talk about suspending suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. following that it will be up to the supervisors to decide, 9-11 would have to vote against ross mirkarimi for him to be removed. he is facing misconduct charges. mayor ed lee is trying trying to permanently remove him. a ktvu crew caught up with him, hear what he has to say on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. no identity on a pedestrian who was killed by a car last night. police say the victim was 63 years old. he was hit as he crossed the street before 10:00 p.m. he was pronounced dead that
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hospital. a driver stayed at the scene and talked with investigators. police identified two men killed yesterday in a motorcycle crash. investigators say speed was the factor in the crash that killed two. he lost control of the motorcycle and hit a guard rail. both men were wearing helmets. with summer on the way and tons of dry vegetation, dozens of firefighters were called back to work. we will tell you what to expect for this fire season. >> another cool breezy day around the bay area but we have a warm up on the way, what you can expect for tomorrow and when some of us will hit 90 degrees once again. i'm more of an absentee plant parent.
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today marks the first day of fire scenes over the bay area -- fire season over the
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bay area. ktvu's janine de la vega is in morgan hill where she found out what kind of fire season we are in for. . >> reporter: i don't know if you could hear the siren but a truck just pulled out of the station we are near heading off. but this field, if we come back here, is a good example of the dry vegetation you will see and starting today each of the cal fire stations superbeefed up their staff to -- have beefed up their staff. >> reporter: station 21 just outside of gilroy, getting the station ready to be lived in. >> we got the engine here, have the crew here and opened up for the first time in six months. >> reporter: they stocked up on
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groceries and this afternoon they inspected their equipment. it is one of 12 that is fully staffed for the fire season. 75 fire personal have been -- personnel have been hired hired for the summer. they have already seen an increase in gras fires -- grass fires. >> there is a lot of dead, dry grass. the potential is there. >> reporter: not a lot of rain during the winter and spring which didn't leave moisture in the ground and will lead to dry vegetation. >> as we continue having dry days, only going to dry out more. we are not getting any more moisture. >> reporter: cal fire says crews are prepared. they have just completed a week of refresher training. >> if there is a fire right now i can do whatever i needed to
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do and be prepared. >> reporter: cal fire expects this to be a normal fire season with a potential of big fires across the state. at 6:00, they say there are critical things home open can do to help them. janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. the banner fire burning near julian in san diego county is expected to be contained tonight. it broke out last thursday and burned 5300 acres. evacuation orders have been lifted. three people received minor injuries battling the fire. a entrepreneur has a new home now after squatting. he was working on a start up company out of the aol headquarters. when his funding ran out he
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lived at the office. investment on couches and ate snacks left out for employees. he was found out by manager back in december. he is now renting a house. the man in charge of security at dodger stadium since after the beating of bryan stow is being replaced. he was a 40 year veteran of the los angeles police department is retiring. he will be replaced by police deputy chief. the retirement doesn't have anything to do with an attack last week in the parking lot. he was planning for the retirement for quite some time. the man who led stanford university during the protests of the 1970s died. he was the 7th president from 1970 to 1980. he opposed violent student protests but defended the right to free speech.
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he drew fire from alumni when he agreed with native americans. he died yesterday. a national educational group claims colleges are waisting money on remedial classes. they are designed to help students catch up but they say the classes cost $3 billion a year and are not effective. less than 1/10 of remedial students graduate within three years. the same-sex marriage debate is expected to heat up as four stilts plan to vote on the issue. -- states plan to vote on the issue. analysts say despite the outcome of the races, the u.s. continues to experience a gay marriage paradox, a majority of
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americans support the unions. a new review finds sepoyia national park has the highest smog levels of any national park in the country. another california park, the mohavey preserve had high -- mohave preserve had high levels. let's talk about our weather. memorial day supposed to be the unofficial start of summer but it doesn't feel like summer. >> we saw temperatures few degrees around the bay area, inland areas, concord, livermore, 6-9 degrees warmer than yesterday and that has been the tread over the weekend. better with each passing day.
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the winds blowing. you may see the trees swaying around. you can feel the cool breeze pulling in. sfo17 miles per hour. san jose 17. the gusts are stronger than list. livermore, 18 miles per hour. areas around oakland, 65 livermore right now. may feel cool. 60 in oakland as well as san francisco. 72 santa rosa. 67 napa and temperatures continue to cool into the evening hours. sunsetting close to 8:30. the winds continue. not going to die down till over night. gusts reported sfo26 miles per hour. 29 in fairfield. 25 livermore. 26 miles per hour san jose. mountain view 30 miles per hour. quite strong at times. weak waves that continue to pass through, kicking in the breeze and keeping the
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temperatures below average. look that radar, we have mostly clear skies. partly cloudy skies long the coast. the latest will be in montana by tomorrow and finally the ridge of high pressure will build, we will be near normal tuesday and above normal wednesday and thursday. evening hours, partly cloudy skies, cooling down once again. numbers similar to this morning. the fog, the low clouds returns over night. winds die down and tomorrow subtle changes in the forecast with a bigger warm up by wednesday and thursday. i will show you the numbers, what you can expect and when we might hit 90 degrees coming up. the traditional remembances of the troops -- remembrances of the troops took place today and what mitt
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romney did today.
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military veterans marked memorial day today with a ceremony. thousands of red and white crossed represent the troops killed. the veterans for peace puts it up every sunday there. president obama preside
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over ceremonies today. the president vowed the national will never forget the sacrifices made by the military heroes. >> reporter: 50 memorial day come and gone since the u.s. deployed troops to vietnam. the veterans and the fallen were honored as the country embarked on a commemoration leading up to the 50th 95 of the end of the vietnam war -- 50th anniversary of the end of the vietnam war. >> you should have been commended. >> reporter: across the country monday americans paid tribute. risked their lives and lost their lives. >> they gave all their futures so that you and i could live in this beautiful america.
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>> reporter: a single wreath was placed as a single tomb. a symbol of the tremendous sacrifices made. >> union needed to be saved, they left their homes and took up arms for the sake of an idea. from vietnam to afghanistan, they stepped forward and answered the call. >> reporter: because they answered the call the country pauses to honor, to remember, and to say thank you. ktvu channel 2 news. >> mitt romney spoke at a memorial day event in southern california today. he appeared with john mccain at a san diego veteran's center. mitt romney says america still faces threats from around the world. he also said our country should take its cue from our military
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heroes. >> to preserve in the predom for which they gave -- freedom for which they gave their lives. >> he head the crowds in a standing ovation for john mccain. a poll finds veterans back mitt romney for president over president obama. 58% support mitt romney. 34% support president obama. 13% of u.s. adults are veterans and most are older men. in afghanistan today a fallen marine from northern california was honored. he read a letter from the surgent. he was killed by a bomb in afghanistan earlier this year. he wrote a letter to be given to his family in case of a
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> some sobering moments today during a memorial day ceremony. it was one of many ceremonies across the bay area honoring the men and women who died serving in the armed forces. ktvu's patty lee is in danville where fallen heroes are not forgotten. >> reporter: hundreds of people
5:30 pm
filled this park to honor fallen heroes. including 18 service men who died since 9/11. >> reporter: a pilot flew over head and scores of civilians saluted as the procession of flags passed by. >> reporter: those whose loved ones died were honored. >> great day to honor everybody that served and is serving right now and know you are not alone. >> reporter: he died last year in iraq. with the help of the community, the family is working on coming to terms with its loss. >> i know that he would have been sad that we were sad all the time or mourning. he would want us to celebrate his life and the happy times. >> reporter: upon hearing the
5:31 pm
first note, he broke down and wept. he was killed in afghanistan last november. his passing united the community and launched a new foundation dedicated to supporting injured marines. >> each one of us are doing things to try to remember and honor him. >> reporter: next month on june 23, they will dedicate the fallen hero memorial at the veteran's memorial building. patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the floating museum held a ceremony today. they listened to a bugler play taps to honor all u.s. troops. they provided music and the boy scouts presented the colors. on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00
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a startling statistic about recent war veterans, the spike in costs to help those who survive. two teens facing charges in connection with a school break in. police arrested the boys after they were spotted leaving the school before 10:00 p.m. last night. the officers were responding responding to a silent aarm. -- alarm. the suspects were booked on burglary, vandalism and resisting arrest charges. a new study suggests gun deaths in certain states are outpacing traffic deaths. researchers called the violence policy center found that deaths from fire arms outnumbered car
5:33 pm
accidents. california was not included. while americans are reaping the benefits from laws, there needs to be more done to regulate weapons. officials pressured syria to stop the violence that disrupted a cease fire. 100 civilians were killed and governments attacked two cities. dozens of victims were children under the age of 10. they denied responsibility for the attacks and urged both sides to stop the fighting. 19 people are dead, 13 children after a fire broke out inside a shopping mall in cutter. it started in a child care center. 17 other people were injured. most were rescuers trying to reach the victims. four children were spanish
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sitvens. -- citizens. tony blair testified today, investigating the relationship between the media and politician. it is a continuation of the phone hacking scandal involving rupert murdoch. he is accused of having too close of a relationship with rupert murdoch. he said he never challenged because it would have been a politically damaging fight. >> this would have been a major confrontation. you would have had everything part of the media against you for doing it. >> today's hearing was stopped when a protester burst into the room. travelers are making their way around the bay area despite major transportation changes and closures. in san francisco muni remains
5:35 pm
shut down for repairs. and work shortened the j church line. trains have been replaced by shuttles. both are expected to be up and running once again on june 4. we just got an update on progress made over the weekend's bumberten bridge closure -- dumbarton bridge closure. >> reporter: this is an active construction site right now. that is why caltrans has us suited up. there are two big yellow cranes, that is where crews are working on reconstructing the bridge barriers. crews have been out here since friday night replacing an expansion joint. it will make the connection from the east a bay to the peninsula safer during a earthquake. it allows the bridge to expand
5:36 pm
and contract so it could take 37 inches of movement if needed. they expect to finish on time. >> on tuesday drivers will be driving over a new concrete taper because we rose the bridge 5 inches. >> reporter: 2 miles away at the command center they are watching a live feed of the project, they also monitor traffic conditions. the team will monitor efforts throughout the evening. the bridge is closed till 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. take 237 or the san mateo bridge instead. it is windy out here but that won't effect the work. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. >> find live traffic updates
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anytime by going to click on the traffic tab. the peb's butler will -- the pope's butler will cooperate with authorities. the key question he is expected to answer. >> swimming to alcatraz is impressive but it is how he did it has us all saying wow! ;
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a week after facebook launched its ipo there is a new report. facebook is hoping to release its own smartphone. the times is getting the information from anonymous sources at the company. facebook hired a dozen former apple engineers who worked on the iphone. new technology aimed at reducing the number of pat downs at u.s. airports. if a full body scanner detects something they will receive a pad down. in an effort to reduce the searches the government issued a request to companies to come up with a handheld device that would detect hidden objects. officials say the instrument should way less than 5 pounds. the butler at the center of a leak scandal said he would
5:41 pm
cooperate with the investigation. he was arrested last week after confidential documents were found inside his apartment. he is accused of informing about power struggling and corruption inside the vatican. few believe he acted alone and many believe that some high ranking cardinals will be imprecated. a report released today says fish showed radioactive levels. they were surprised by the findings because large fish can usually metabolism and shed radioactive substances. family crashes in a remote area in freezing temperatures,
5:42 pm
hear from the pilot about the decision he had to make. >> a warm up is headed to the bay area. i will have what you can expect for your neighborhood coming up.
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hundreds of swimmers took the alcatraz challenge and ktvu's alex savage tells us why some decided to do it without a wet suit. >> reporter: escaping from the island this morning, 350 strong swimmers made the mile and a
5:45 pm
half trek from alcatraz to east beach in san francisco where crowds gathered to cheer them on. >> just jumped in and did it. >> reporter: he finished in over a half hour and he didn't need extra insulation either. he finished without a wet suit. the water temperature in the low 50s. >> after a while you get used to it. when you run on the beach you can't feel your feet when is funny. but i am working and moving. it is just -- keeps on running and running. >> it was tough. it was worth it, though. definitely worth it. >> reporter: the swim challenge is put on by tri-california events for racers to get a look at this bay area land mark. and a way for swimmers prove they have the will power to make it to show. >> accomplishment.
5:46 pm
>> reporter: there wasn't a strong current today and most swimmers finished in under an hour. some said the water was actually warmer today than it has been in year's past. probably a wise decision to opt for the wet suit today. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. a study finds ithat lake tahoe is vulnerable to strong seismic activity. faults west of the like are hazard and could generate earthquakes from 6.3 to 6.9. the report found a landslide hazard exists. a northern california family is recovering after their plane crashed in idaho leaving them stranded for hours. the national guard rescue flew to the scene yesterday. it was piloted by a sacramento
5:47 pm
area firefighter who was with his wife and daughter. the plane went down saturday night. >> i slammed the belly of the plane into the side of the mountain there. and it was a choice because, you know, i could see the steepness of the terrain. >> before the family was flown out rescuers walked through six foot snow drifts to reach the crash site. they built a fire till the rescue helicopter arrived. they are in stable condition. national weather service officials say the agency did not improperly use government funds. jack haze who headed the national weather service service announced his retirement last friday. an audit found more than $30 million was used to pay for
5:48 pm
costs that were not budgeted. all of the officials emphasize there was no evidence the money was used for personal gain. no major damage to report from tropical storm beryl. thousands of people were left without power. georgia and florida got drenched and memorial day events had to be canceled. tropical storm beryl was down greated to a tropical depression -- down graded to a tropical depression. race against time and wind for this florida couple. they were trying to get through their vows as tropical storm beryl came to shore. the timing was perfect. they said i do before everyone rushed to take cover. >> i do. now get inside.
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our weather now, rosemary orozco is here. >> we have a warm up on the way but the weekend has been cool and another round of cool weather today. it has been a very gradual warm up. we are still running cool for this time of the year. highs for today. 73 in santa rosa. 72 concord. 74 antioch. 59 degrees pacifica. 50s around the bay. san francisco, oakland 60. if you plan on going out doors, it is breezy out there as well. winds 10-20 miles per hour and gusting above that by 10 miles per hour. mostly clear skies. partly cloudy skies. but we continue a have these waves that move through. as they do they kick up the breeze, keep temperatures below average. going to have a pattern change, near normal tomorrow and above
5:50 pm
normal by wednesday and thursday. tuesday, morning fog once again. slightly warmer, 2-5 degrees. especially inland. wednesday and thursday mostly sunny skies and hottest spots hit 90 degrees. looking at a cool down in time for the weekend. low clouds return tomorrow morning. they are similar to this morning. 51 in oakland. 51 for hayward. 48 napa. chilly in santa rosa, 46. 49 48 livermore. 49 antioch. the breeze dize down tonight and tomorrow -- dies down tonight and tomorrow morning good weather, upper 60s around the bay. upper 70s around pleasanton, san jose 74 tomorrow. 70 redwood city. cool day by the coast.
5:51 pm
low 60s for the afternoon. 70 degrees expected with partly cloudy skies for santa cruz. upper 70s inland tomorrow. wednesday mid-80s. and thursday will be the warmest day, 90 degrees in some spots. we begin to watch the numbers roll back in time for friday. still a good looking weekend, just not that warm up mid-week. >> thank you. how influential are childhood friends, how the company a child keeps can effect their activity. and sharing a piece once occupied by elvis, the auction that is taking place that would put someone there permanently. and we emphasize the word permanently.
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(overlapping voices) preteens and teens should get vaccinated against meningococcal meningitis, a rare but serious disease. health officials aren't the only voices recommending it. hear ours at
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friendships can influence how active children will be. friends can bring each other up or down. they studied 81 children during a three month after school program. they were given the choice to keep their levels the same or
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change them to match their friends. they were six times more likely to adjust their level to match their friends. you or a loved one can spend eternity in a tomb briefly occupied by elvis presley. it is in memphis. when he died he was originally buried there. but the bodies were moved to graceland because fans were damaging other graves that cemetery. it is an amazing feet to make it to the national spelling be but for one girl it is more amazing. she is only six years old. she is the youngest person to ever qualify. she is home schooled and beat out 21 other kids in virginia to advance to the national
5:56 pm
spelling bee. the national spelling bee begins tomorrow. first lady michelle obama known for her healthy eating and now she is writing about it. she is releasing a new book. it is called american grown. the story of the white house kitchen garden. it is filled with photos and stories about her efforts to encourage children. the book includes a recipe by her. fire season arrived. coming up, the around the cluck precautions -- clock precautions now in place. >> plus on this memorial day, there is new information about a surge in disabled service members, the cost of surviving war.
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
killed in combat. a california soldier's death. >> a man shot and killed by police. the item he was carrying that officers thought was a gun. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening. i am. hello. i am gasia mikalian. >> and i am frank somerville. >> today marks the first day of the official fire season in
5:59 pm
california. firefighters will be on alert around the clock because of high fire danger. a live look here where gusty winds and dry brush could make for a dangerous combination. ktvu's janine de la vega is live with more. >> reporter: as you can see i am next to a field with lots of tall, dry grass and weeds. firefighters know this is potential fuel, especially after the dry winter we had. >> reporter: fire season officialsy started. today dozens of firefighters moved in for the summer. firefighters started their day inspecting equipment. cal fire says we had a dry winter and it will lead to dry vegetation. >> as we continue having dry days, only going


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