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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 28, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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more. >> reporter: dry weeds and grasses act as fuel. we found this abandon home that had over grown vegetation. a tossed cigarette could fuel it. that is why they are asking people to clean space around homes. >> 95% of our fires start from humans. >> reporter: he still has 13 clear but he already started working on it. >> we keep our grasses cut short. once they die out we don't have to continue to cut them but we keep them back from the road and cleaned. >> reporter: they expect this to be a normal fire season. 25 more firefighters and an additional three engines will be brought in. janine de la vega, ktvu channel
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2 news. ktvu's rosemary orozco joins us now with a look at the condition today. >> we usually consider three facts awhen it comes to fire, temperature, humidity and wind. temperatures not bad. cool. humidity is up. it is the wind today. watching winds from 10-20 miles per hour. gusting to 30 in some cases. oakland 20. s if o17. -- sfo17. it is coming from the specific. with the humidity for today, it is pretty good. numbers running cool for this time of year. the winds are blowing. they will die down and we will look at improving conditions. but again, we are still early in the season. we have a lot of high to dry days ahead of us and the winds usually come late summer into fall. this memorial day a family
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is morning the loss of their son killed in afghanistan. he died saturday. the pentagon says enemy forces attacked with a explosive device. friends have already filled his facebook page with condolences. the bay area honored with memorial day day events. ktvu's rob roth is live where communities came together. >> reporter: memorial day parade has ended. folks here say this is a day for the community to come together. [ music playing ] >> reporter: on the streets of mill valley today. the parade route was lined with chairs as people honored what has become a tradition, the
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memorial day parade. as veterans passed the crowd showed their appreciation. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: he was a surgent and urb is in sure-- sergeant who served in korea. >> why did i enjoy this long life and they didn't. >> i think about the new veterans coming out, all their injuries and how we need to help them. for many memorial day, it means more than just time off work and a bbq. >> it is about community and seeing all the things going on. >> reporter: there were folks holding american flags, that doesn't mean they support the war in afghanistan but they support those fighting there and those that fell there. >> i wish we were more
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supportive of the troops. >> reporter: after all it is a parade. >> i like watching people and i like when they wave to me. >> reporter: well, hard to top her. there is a bbq still going on. the money raised goes towards sending care packages to the troops. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >> veterans and families in the south bay marked the day with a ceremony. for 100 years the community gathered for the traditional laying of wreaths and viz toots grave sites. -- visits to grave sites. she says it is important tapay respects -- to pay respects on this day. >> my dad and uncle are here and all the others that fought
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and died for us. >> she also said it is just as important to remember and to thank those serving now. >> 2,000 attended the ceremony today in san francisco. >> flags greeted the military procession. vetvens and civilians all expressed their grat -- veterans and civilians all expressed their gratitude. >> if i can teach them how horrible war is and how much better it is to live in a peaceful society it makes my day. >> one of the wreaths was dedicated to the men and women who died in iraq. >> a vigil at a hillside to honor the lives in iraq.
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in 2006 they began placing crosses on the hillside. the display can be seen from highway 24 and from the bart station. >> has more video from memorial day services. look under video on demand. >> announcer: happened -- it happened friday and this morning. police open fire on a suspect and killed him. ktvu's ken pritchett is live with the second officer involved shooting in less than a week. there have been three officer involved shooting in the month of may, two weeks ago an officer shot and killed a fr shot after they say he threatened them and now today at this apartment complex you see here, another shooting, a suspect who didn't have a gun after all. >> reporter: vallejo police say officers spotted this white car
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speeding with the headlights out. a chase ended here. >> sirens, tires screeching. gun shots. >> reporter: police say three men started running, including the driver, anton barrett who came face to face with a pursuing officer. >> he reached into his pocket and was removing his hand holding a black object. >> reporter: police say the officer fearing he had a gun fired. >> upon closer examination he had a black metal wallet. no weapons were located. >> reporter: anton barrett had a criminal record died that hospital. the family says he was a good father and never carried a gun. >> he didn't deserve to be shot at all. whatever chase he took them on he didn't deserve to be shot. >> reporter: as for three officer involved shooting in
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the month of may, may, the police department considers it a cluster of unrelated events. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. tomorrow san francisco's ethic's commission will continue its hearing on suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. he said he will fight allegations. >> i have always been very outspoken about responsibility i have taken. and the other charge being dissuasion is bunk. >> the commission will recommend whether to reinstate ross mirkarimi. mayor ed lee is trying to remove him from office. a death row inmate will ask for a new trial on claims the prosecutor with held key evidence. he was sentenced to die in 1993
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after his double murder conviction. in 2009 a court found the prosecutor failed to share evidence that a drug lord may have ordered the killings and threatened to kill his family if it didn't happen. they will consider the findings on wednesday. the district attorney insists the trial was fair. barry bonds looks different as you will see here. he watched part of the san francisco giants game from the broadcast booth today. he provided comitary. he lost weight because he took up bicycling. caltrans says work on the dumbarton bridge is on track and the bridge should reopen by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow in time for the the
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morning -- in time for the morning commute. it will allow the bridge to expand and contract by 37 inches in the event of an earthquake. >> drivers on tuesday will driver over a new 100-foot concrete taper because we did raise the bridge 5 inches. we want to slope that gently. >> the bridge should reopen on time by 5:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. san francisco's street car line is shut down. muni expects both lines to reopen a week from today. it says riders will enjoy a smoother and faster trip. people liven in martinez are weighing in on a bridge project there. it could connect downtown with water front park.
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they scheduled community meeting in july. they have committed $10.2 million to the project. as voting season begins, officials are warning against invasive muscles. they can clog pipe and they can wreck eco systems. boaters were asked to make sure their boats are clean before they enter the water. inspections are not mandatory this year but may be next year. the bay area remembers fallen service members, why so many new vets are disabled. >> a national treasure but sequoia national park, the title it holds that you wouldn't expect.
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president obama placed a wreath on the tomb of the unknowns today. he then joined the crowd in a moment of silence. first lady michelle obama and u.s. defense secretary leon panetta were there as well. the president spoke saying sending our troops into harm's way is the hardest decision he has to make as president. he also marked the 50th anniversary of the vietnam war. mitt romney appeared in san diego this morning with john mccain to pay tribute to the sacrifices of american troops this memorial day. [ music playing ] >> mitt romney said today that memorial day is about sacrifice, honor, courage and love of country.
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he told the crowd too many veterans are earnrenning home to poor -- returning home to poor job prospects. a ceremony saluted gold star families for their sacrifice. [ music playing ] >> hundreds tunneled out to -- turned out for the memorial day event. she lost her husband last year to the fighting in iraq. >> a great day to honor everybody that served and serving right now. and to, you know, know that you are not alone. >> the family is still come to terms with their loss. next month a memorial will be dedicated. on this memorial day there is new information about a surge in disabled service members. ktvu's john fowler is live with
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the cost of surviving war. john? >> reporter: this aircraft carrier is the icon for the last generation of warrior. [ music playing ] >> reporter: memorial day ceremonies for american combat casualties since september 11, 6,400 dead. >> these numbers are staggering. >> reporter: just as staggering, the wounded and disabled. more than 720,000 new veterans, 45% serving in afghanistan and iraq filed for disability, that is double the rate of any previous conflict. >> we had so many critical injuries in iraq and afghanistan. thousands and thousands of
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people coming back. >> reporter: many now need long term care. >> they pay the price for us and they are risking their lives for us. >> reporter: the cost is just beginning. it is estimated healthcare cost may not peak for 40 years and may top $900 billion. >> they probably need more mental health facilities and treatment and i think we need to support them. >> they deserve whatever we can get. >> reporter: veterans insist wounded warriors deserve our thoughts today. just as those who made the ultimate sacrifice. >> reporter: another record, 1- 8 disabled veterans is female. john fowler ktvu channel 2 news. has complete coverage of today's memorial
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day services. the sequoia national park is facing a pollution problem. it is the worst air quality of any national park in the country. the pollution is comparable to urban settles and comes from the valleys. researchers are looking into the long term impact of the red woods, the biggest and oldest living trees in the world. our chief meteorologist bill martin is off, rosemary orozco is tracking the forecast. >> we have got a warm up in store. we are looking at 80 to 90 degrees by thursday. for tomorrow we will rebound to near normal. at this hour, cool and brisk. the winds blowing to 20 miles per hour. sfo 15. san jose 21. in fairfield 20. gusts are stronger than that in
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some cases. low 60s livermore. mid-60s concord. 58sfo. 59 oakland. north bay, santa rosa 70 degrees. mid-60s in napa at this time. temperatures rolling back into the evening hours. feels cool. if you got the breeze a chill in the air. gusts 25-30. 25 livermore. 24 san jose. the clouds will be back tonight. tomorrow morning we are expecting partly cloudy skies around the bay. it will burn off by noon time. partly cloudy skies for the second half of the day over the coast. our temperatures will be similar to this morning. 46 santa rosa, 48 napa. 50 degrees in concord. 48 in fremont. 50 san francisco under gray
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skies. afternoon highs tomorrow, 77 santa rosa. 76 novato. 60s sausalito. 67 richmond. east bay, mid-60s for oakland. mid-70s inland. 76 livermore. 78 antioch. south bay, mild one. 74 san jose. 70 sunny vail. peninsula mild day, 70 degrees redwood city. 62 in the city. again, getting back to seasonal temperatures for tomorrow. and then we sore above average wednesday. thursday is the warmest day. we roll back as soon as we hit friday and into the weekend the weather is more mild. definitely a heat up inland. >> thank you. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36.
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>> here on the hill of crosses, a memorial vigil is being held tonight. coming up, personal stories from families who come here to remember. >> also syrian-americans respond and tell us what they think the community must now do. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. everyone is talking about it, the tribute to the golden gate bridge and the reason why work crews were back out today.
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it was a fireworks spectacular. this was the scene last night as thousands celebrated the bridge that spans between san francisco and marin. you can watch more by going to well after that party comes the clean up. they spent today breaking down the clean up. the 75th anniversary has special meaning for him. >> my mother and her sister
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walked the bridge the bay defer it opened in 1937. fun being here for the celebration knowing they were there. >> crews had to sort through the trash left behind by the crowds. mark ibanez joins us now with baseball news and a bounce back for barry zito. >> last start his worst of the year and comes back and pitch as nice one today. if he could do this everybody will be happy. another barry on hand. mr. bonds. says he wants to work for the giants someday. the first double steal. safe at second. giants up 1-0. following that up, sanchez, who is barry zito's personal catcher. a head first dive and the giants lead is added on to by
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brandon belt. tryingtrying to correct heisting. he ends up at -- correct his swing. he ends up at third. gives up only two runs and walked only one. the a's, they hit a couple home runs. you know how much trouble they have been having scoring but they don't get enough of it in minnesota. all decked out there. josh redick hit the solo home run. a's never have anybody on base for the guy. one-0. -- 1-0. a shot to deep right. again, the solo hoper. a's 2-0. come the 8th. a's 4-3. all those home runs for the a's and look at this, dunk double. that scores the tige run.
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-- the tying run. 5-4 your final and the a's having a rough time. nba basketball, the best of sporting life at 10:00, heat and celtics. >> thank you. >> thank you. we are in the final stretch of the dumbarton bridge project. tonight at 10:00, we will track the progress as they try to finish in time. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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