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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 28, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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charred pot plant inside a home in oakland as an illegal pot growth operation goes up in smoke. good evening i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm gasia mikaelian. a small fire uncovered the pot growth. matt keller has what police found inside the home. >> reporter: oakland police are not saying much about this fire. but when we were escorted
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inside the home officers kicked us out saying we were seeing evidence in a criminal investigation. eventually the evidence was going to go up in smoke. but this was not the plan. >> there's reports that when the fire started,. [ indescernible ] >> reporter: fire fighters found a fire when they arrived on the scene. instead of furniture, gifts and home decor fanning the flames, they found about 200 marijuana plants. the battalion chief let us go inside and get video of what was left. each room had different stages of the plant with lighting set up within the home. one neighbor told us he had no idea what was happening right next door. >> maybe in from oakland, being from the streets i never smelled anything, i never got no whiff or anything. i know those houses are going on everywhere, but i would have never guessed it. i'm in shock. >> reporter: firefighters got the flames out quickly and were
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on scene for about two hours. now a criminal investigation is on the way by oakland police. but the suspects may be hard to find after blending well in this neighborhood. >> they had a certain look to themselves or something. now it's like, regular families, regular people just trying to make a living i guess. a woman identifying herself as the owner of the home told us she started renting it to the people living there about a year ago. firefighters in sra -- vallejo say they found a marijuana growth operation after responding to a fire. the marijuana growth operation seemed to be very sophisticated with three rooms in the home devoted to the growth. the wiring used to grow the marijuana is the likely culprit. a northern california pilot
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says it was design intervention that allowed him, his wife and daughter to survive a plane crash this weekend. ryan brown is a sacramento firefighters and was piloting the cessna and he says he came upon a storm. when he felt himself dropping, he put it nose first to try to gain some speed. >> it was a choice because i could see the terrain and if i would have nosed the plane in we wouldn't have walked away from it. >> reporter: the browns called for help using their cell phone, the three are in stable condition with back, neck and head injuries. a man accused of three sexual assaults in san francisco's mission district is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. 32-year-old fredrick dozier jr. was arrested back in january after police received a tip from the public.
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prosecutors say this surveillance video helped them identify dozier as the suspect. they say he is responsible for three sexual assaults from june to december of last year. investigators say each attack was more violent then the last with the last victim choked to the point of becoming unconscious. in eight minutes, san francisco's suspended sheriff, what he said to us today about the allegations against him as this case goes before the ethics commission again tomorrow. now to our continuing coverage of the construction work that's closed the dunbarton bridge all weekend. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live now with an updated time line on exactly when that bridge will reopen. lloyd. >> that's right frank, a late breaking development we just talked to caltrans a few minutes ago and we told them that the work on the bridge has gone a lot faster than we anticipated. they expect to have the bridge reopen to car traffic at 3:00
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tomorrow morning. crews have -- >> reporter: crews have been working around the clock since saturday night installing a new seismic joint. this is what the joint looks like and this is the only close up look you'll have of it because once the bridge reopens some 60,000 cars a day will be driving over it. caltrans says no one will notice a difference unless an earthquake hits. >> this is very exciting. this is state of the art. >> reporter: tonight we were the only ones to talk to the chief designer of this expansion joint which connects two segments of the bridge and will allow the bridge to move as much as 37-inches in the event of an earthquake. >> when an earthquake happens, this side moves like this, and this side moves like this. this steel plate allows these two structural elements to move relatively to each other and still supply support so the traveling public can still safely go across it. >> reporter: caltrans says this work will have to be repeated
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in upcoming months. >> we don't have a weekend or a date for that yet. but we do need to do the exact same work again on the eastern side of the bridge. >> reporter: this same technology is being built into the new bay bridge and is designed to handle the stresses of the type of earthquake that occurs once every 1,000 years. again the update on the opening of the dunbarton bridge now scheduled to open at 3:00 tomorrow morning. live in newark, lloyd lacuesta. you can find live traffic updates by going to the and clicking on the traffic tab on the top. first street has been closed all weekend. crews have been working on the temporary bridge. that work is set to wrap up overnight and the street is scheduled to reopen at 5:00
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a.m. stay with ktvu for continuing coverage. we'll be monitoring both the first street and dumbarton bridge traffic accident. ktvu news begins at 4:30 a.m. on this memorial day the pentagon announced the death of a soldier from salinas. galarza salinas died saturday. enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised bomb. he was a member of the second brigade team based at louis mccord washington. tonight dozens of people gathered for a solemn ceremony to remember thousands of service members killed in iraq and afghanistan. ktvu's ken wayne live in lafayette where memorial day was marked where america still has combat troops serving over seas. >> reporter: there's now 1,600 crosses across from the
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lafayette b.a.r.t. station. each one representing an american soldier, airmen or marine who died in combat since 9/11. about 90 people gathered at the foot of this memorial. it's not likely to come down any time soon. >> although it may not be an active combat role, the u.s. government is still going to have military troops in afghanistan. to us here that constitutes the reason why we're going to be here. >> he was 34 years old when he was shot eight times and killed in baghdad iraq in an ambush. he was killed by the iraqi soldiers that he was training.
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>> reporter: one speaker reminded the audience that other americans and allies have also died since 9/11 all fighting for the same cause. >> it includes contractors who are often our own, state department and cia employees, nato forces and u.s. allies from around the world. others spoke of the need to support vets to return from combat before they too become a casualty of war. >> it's pretty staggering for every combat death in iraq and afghanistan there's 25 suicides when our veterans come back. an empty chair was placed here for luis clark, she's the landowner who allowed the crosses to be here, she has since passed away. her children have allowed them to continue this cross memorial in her honor.
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live in lafayette, ken wayne, ktvu. dozens of people turned out to a memorial's day memorial. the family of army major evan mudike was among those who attended he died last year in iraq. his daughter said today was not necessarily a time for sorrow. >> he would have been sad if we were sad all the time or just mourning, he would have wanted us to celebrate his life and the happy times we had with him. >> next month there are plans to dedicate a memorial honoring fallen hering in danville. tonight at 10:30, we want to take you to other memorials including the precidio. president obama and mitt romney this memorial day and a poll taken among veterans and the results are not even close.
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just look under video on demand at ktvu. after the big party comes the big clean up. today workers in san francisco's chrissy field dismantled stages and cleaned up. >> a mother and her twin sister walked through the bridge the day before it opened in 1937. it's a lot of fun, being here for the celebration knowing that they were there. >> reporter: worries over fog melted away with the fireworks and laser spectacular last night. organizers won't estimate the number of people who showed up to see it but they tell ktvu it was a well behaved crowd. we -- he didn't deserve to be shot at all. >> an unarmed suspect shot by police what prompted an officer to open fire. >> a robust warm up is coming to the bay area. coming up whether it will be here in time for your tuesday.
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>> embattled sheriff ross mirkarimi spoke to us about his job. tomorrow he faces a tough hearing.
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>> new video tonight of a tree that came crashing down on a tree in san francisco. the tree fell near scott street. fortunately no one was hurt but hayte street has been shut d own in the area. there's no word what caused the
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tree to come down but there has been strong winds in the area. new at 10:00, amber lee tells us there are some important decisions that have to be made before they can even begin to hear from witnesses. amber-- >> reporter: here at city hall, they will go through the process to determine if ross mirkarimi will keep his job as sheriff. >> this is just one more choking strategy to make me walk away. i get it. i had haters who fought hard against me. >> reporter: mirkarimi first faced the five member ethics commission about a month ago. tomorrow he will be back to learn exactly how the process will work. >> the ethics commission is writing the rule book on how to hold one of these hearings.
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>> reporter: the ethics commission has had to made several decisions like how lengthy the hearings should be and what type of evidence should be allowed. the mayor suspended mirkarimi without pay after he was convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence. mirkarimi vowed to continue his fight against the charge. >> i'm not going to walk away that easily. >> reporter: the ethics commission main task is to make a recommendation to the board of supervisors. tomorrow night, they will decide if its recommendation should be unanimous. it'll take nine votes from the 11 member of supervisors to
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permanently remove mirkarimi from office. the entire hearing will reach the board by saturday. amber lee, ktvu news. research in motion the maker of the blackberry has announced impending lay offs. over the weekend the company announced 2,000 to 6, 6,000 workers will be laid off. research in motion has lost traction with the rise of iphones and android smart phones. no comment tonight from facebook after mark zuckerberg and his wife turned up in a chinese television documentary.
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zuckerberg and his wife can be seen walking behind police. the menlo park city council is ready to vote on a plan to expand its facebook campus. facebook wants to have as many as 6,600 employees and remove some trees that are legally protected. the menlo park planning commission has already unanimously approved the plan. new information now about the cause of a fire in fremont that's left 10 people and two dogs without a home tonight. we have cell phone video here that was taken by a neighbor. the fire started at about 10:30 this morning and spread to the house next door. fire officials say it took about an hour to put out the flames. one firefighters was treated for minor injuries after he fell through a roof. investigators believe the cause of this fire was an unattended bar-b-que. the official start of fire
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season, what firefighters tell us about the season ahead and how they're getting ready. in vallejo it has happened again. another police shooting the second in just days. the police officer says he fired because he saw the suspect holding a metal object. it turns out that object was not what the officer thought it was. >> reporter: vallejo police say officers on dui patrol last night spotted a black lexus speeding with hislights out that's when the chase began. >> i heard a car, zoom, and i heard police behind it. then i heard shots fired it sounded like over here. police say three men exited the car, the driver 41-year-old anton barrett senior ran behind the apartment complex and into the alley, then into the front of a squad car.
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>> he reached into the pocket of his hooded sweatshirt, then took out a black metal object. >> the black metal object turned out to be a wallet. >> reporter: a second suspect was found in the bushes. a canine bit him. his family sitting on the police department's steps this morning said he had faults but was a good father and would never carry a gun. >> he didn't deserve to be shot at all. whatever chase he took them on whatever he didn't deserve to be shot. >> reporter: as for those three officer involved shootings in the month of may here in vallejo, the police department considers those an anomaly, a cluster of unrelated events as they are the only shootings of their kind this year in the city. in vallejo, ken pritchett. an oakland driver faces dui charges after ramming into a police car. the accident happened early today on martin luther kingway
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and sixth street. police say the suspect was quickly arrested. the suspect complained of injuries but he was treated at the hospital. a heat up is under way. for tomorrow it'll be a little more subtle for wednesday into thursday we're looking at a bigger warm up but tonight pretty nice skies. we were gusty a little bit earlier. tomorrow the low clouds will be back by sunrise. we'll be cool once again. a slight warm up expected by the afternoon with a bigger warm up to follow. tomorrow by the afternoon we'll look at low 60s for parts of the coast mid- to upper 60s right around the bay. get inland and it will be more widespread 70s. mid- to upper 70s in the forecast perhaps even an 80 degrees near antioch, pittsburgh and areas right around brentwood. but this will be the beginning of a warm up.
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we'll take a look at which days are expected to be the warmest and a sneak peak at your weekend. there are fears the quaga muscles could spread to the lakes threatening the water supply for 6,000 people. you can see what happens there, the mussels clog up the pipes and cost thousands to remove. some experts are saying what's being done is not enough. new reports of bloodshed in sierra. up first, new video from the scene of an apartment fire this evening. why many residents may not be able to return to their homes tonight.
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new video of a two alarm fire tonight in an oakland apartment building that at least temporarily displaced all the people who live there. started about 5:35 tonight at
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92 linda avenue right near the oakland piedmont boundary. firefighters evacuated all 38 units and it's not clear who will be allowed back into their homes or when because the building's gas and electricity has been turned off. no word on what started the fire. new word on killings by syrian forces. this follows the massacre of 108 people in another town last week. the u.n. council has condemned the attacks. the syrian government denies responsibility and is blaming armed terrorists but even russia which is syria's allies says the government there has a responsibility to keep its people safe. walker spoke to two syrian americans today who live in the bay area and they are very worried about their relatives back in syria. even down to which part of their homes are the safest. >> reporter: for most of us the phone and computer are ways to
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keep in touch and be entertained. for alhlou, they are the lifeline to family in syria. >> i cannot believe in this century, that we so this happening. >> reporter: shellings, snipers left more than 100 people dead, half of them children. >> he was a baby. he has a pacifier in his mouth. what was his guilt, why was he killed. >> reporter: today syrians buried the graves in mass graves. these two syrian-americans worry about their families. >> they don't know which part of their house will be the safest because bullets can come and go through any wall, any window, any door. >> reporter: farah's sister has similar stories when he can reach her.
10:26 pm
>> you try her cell phone, house phone. >> reporter: when the calls are not answered, there's the internet. >> this is the revolution. >> reporter: here in the virtual world the couple's two worlds collide. >> we just want to go in the street and shout and scream, that this has to stop. >> reporter: they hope to get the call one day that syria is at peace. two people were killed yesterday in a motorcycle crash. excessive speed was likely the cause of the crash which killed two. willton lost control of the motorcycle at a sharp turn hitting a guardrail. both men were wearing helmets. mitt romney brings his campaign to president to california. how he tried to appeal to
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voters on this memorial day. the fire season ahead and why it may be worse than last year. [ creaking ] [ male announcer ] trophies and awards lift you up. but they can also hold you back. unless you ask, what's next? [ zapping ] [ clang ] this is the next level of performance. the next level of innovation. the next rx. the all-new f sport. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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calfire says it expects to have a wildfire fully contained sometime tomorrow. the fire started last thursday near the san diego county community of julian. as of 5:00 tonight, calfire says the fire has burned more than 5,300 acres and is now about 95% contained. three people suffered minor injuries, there's no word on what caused the fire. today is the fist -- first day of fire season in california, and you don't have to look far to see how dry things are out there. >> reporter: briana evans is unloading her bags at her new house for the next few months just outside of gilroy. one of the first tasks is
10:30 pm
getting the station ready. >> we got the engine here, have the crew here and basically opened the station up for the first time in six months. >> drinks. >> reporter: why the crews spent the morning stocking the station, an extra 75 fire personnel have been hired for the summer. s in last few weeks they've already seen an increase in the grass fires including this one in hayward last thursday. >> there's a lot of dead dry grass. the potential to start is there in the lower country. >> reporter: jim crawford showed us just how dry the ground is with a winter with little rainfall. >> as we continue to have dry days, it's only going to dry out more. we're not going to get significant rain until
10:31 pm
september, october. >> reporter: evans says after months of not works, the force is helping her greatly. reporting from morgan hill, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. a new gallop poll shows overwhelming support for -- we're actually on the wrong story. first though these here are pictures of president obama who is honoring the nation's fallen service members this morning by laying a wreath as you see here at arlington national cemetery tomb of the unknown. he recognized them for making the ultimate sacrifice. >> while their stories might be separated by hundreds of years and thousands of miles, they
10:32 pm
rest here together, side by side. row by row, because each of them loved this country. >> president obama along with the vice president and first lady also attended a ceremony at the vietnam war memorial in washington. a new gallop poll shows overwhelming support for mitt romney among veterans. 35% of veterans support president obama but 58% support romney. according to the gallop, among all registered voters, it shows obama and romney are tied. romney appeared with john mccain today. romney praised mccain as a hero he also paid tribute to the generation that won world war ii. >> our duty is to take up the torch they carried so gallantly, so bravely with such great sacrifice, it's a torch
10:33 pm
of freedom. along with describing memorial day as one of sacrifice and patriotism, he worked in a bit of campaigning as well. romney said that as veterans return home, they are having a hard time finding jobs and he said it -- san francisco's memorial day ceremony began with a spade, onlookers waved flags as a military band led the way into the national cemetery at the presidio in a tribute to
10:34 pm
living and deceased servicemen and women. >> to pay my respect to my fallen comrades. i survived and a lot of them didn't. >> i'm going to start crying. it's very emotional. very emotional. i mean i don't think we take care of our vets like we should. >> reporter: cal student and iraq war veteran smith led the pledge of allegiance. the ceremony included a memorial to veterans of world war ii and the iraqi war. >> there's a greater significant behind memorial day. it's about those who lost their lives to protect us. >> we are reminded of the
10:35 pm
sacrifices our service members are doing right now. >> reporter: the national parks service kept the cemetery at the precidio opened until 7:00 this evening extending normal daily hours to allow everyone to pay tribute to servicemen and women. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. 100 people came out to the cemetery in culma to honor fallen soldiers, sailors and marines. those who have died are often remembered as heros but are often so much more. >> they played games as children, went to school as adolescence and as young adults they dreamed of their future. >> reporter: blackey said few of those who died wanted to fight but they picked up weapons when war was thrust on them. a san jose oak hill memorial park, veterans and their families gather for the traditional laying of the wreath. one woman said today is not just a day to remember those
10:36 pm
who are gone but also to give thanks to those currently serving in iraq, afghanistan and around the world. and in oakland the mountain view cemetery hosted its 91st annual commemoration. a local drum core played bag pipes all to honor those service members who died while serving their country. playing tarzan could get you a ticket, in just three minutes why police are now patrolling rivers looking for people swinging on ropes. >> as our holiday weekend winds down, our weather will be winding down. i'll have what you can expect for the week ahead. >> but up first a tropical storm slams florida. the damage it left behind. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi
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tropical storm beryl soaked the holiday plans of many in the south eastern united states. arlington florida overnight down power lines crackled sparking a fire. over 1,700 people were without power at one point. utility lines causing more problems. soggy conditions washed out plans for a day at the beach or bar-b-que. so far there are no reports of any injuries or major damage. a girl from the sacramento area was badly injured using a rope swing to jump into the river. rope swinging is illegal, but that law did not impress a lot of people. >> reporter: a desire to experience what it's like to be tarzan seemed to fuel people on
10:40 pm
the river. until the fun turns painful. >> it could be very painful, the water levels are so low right now. >> reporter: it's also illegal. according to city code it's against the law to place any rope, wire or other on a tree, shrub, building or structure owned by the building. every evening, sacramento police cut down hundreds of rope swings, often times they are back up the next day. marine police say they are also fighting to the áf keep rivergoers to jump off the bridge. >> we just jumped off the bridge. >> i landed on my face. >> do you know you technically can't do that? >> yeah, but it's okay. >> yolo. >> yolo. >> which means you only live once. >> yeah. >> reporter: in sacramento, i'm malory hoff.
10:41 pm
in news of the world, in qatar several children died in a fire. the parents of a 2-year-old who was killed told reporters it seemed that the mall had no sprinklers or alarms. in egypt, prodemocracy activists are returning to the square angry over the results of last week's elections. today election officials confirmed the muslim brotherhood's candidate muhammad will face shafik a former leader of the mumbarak's government. an explosion that tore through a shopping complex in niarobi may have been caused by a bomb. the blast and at lunchtime and injured 33 people. the prime minister said the blast seemed to be the work of terrorists. the militant group has
10:42 pm
repeatedly threatened attacks after kenyan troops went into somalia. a grueling swim this morning in rough waters, -- plus. >> as the bay area remembers, fallen army members on why so many new army vets are disabled. >> and cool this memorial day. but rosemary orozco is tracking a warm up, she's back in a moment.
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a slice of americana as firefighters, veterans and others all paraded this memorial day at downtown mill
10:45 pm
valley. a bar-b-que raised money for packages to be sent overseas. the cost of caring for veterans is going to be astronomical. >> reporter: aboard the u.s.s. hornet, memorial day ceremonies for american combat casualties just since september 11th. 6,400 dead. but just as staggering the wounded and disabled. more than 720,000 new veterans, 45% of those serving in afghanistan and iraq have filed for disability. that's double the rate of any previous conflict. >> we've had so many critical injuries with the i.v. bombs throughout iraq and in afghanistan. just thousands of thousands of people coming back amputees, brain damaged. >> reporter: advanced medical care saved 95% of those injured many now need long term care.
10:46 pm
>> they pay the price for us. >> reporter: for taxpayers the cost is just beginning, it's estimated the health care cost for disabled veterans may not peak for 40 years and may top $900 billion. >> they probably need more mental health facilities and treatment and i think we need to support them. >> they deserve whatever they can get. thank goodness we have the technology to keep them alive. >> reporter: veterans insist that wounded warriors deserve our thoughts today. just as those who made the ultimate sacrifice. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. first lady michelle obama is sponsoring a future navy ship that will be based in her home state of illinois. expected to be completed by 2015. as sponsors mrs. obama will be involved in the life of the
10:47 pm
submarine and establish a special link to the ship's sailors and their families. about 350 people took the plunge today into the chilly waters near alcatraz. it's a mile and a half across the bay to chrissie field with water temperatures in the low 50s. >> it was tough. it was worth it though. definitely worth it. >> you just get used to it. when you're running back on the beach you can't feel your feet touching the ground. but you just know, i'm working, i'm still moving. >> the water temperatures were warmer than some races in past years said some experienced runners. outside our doors this evening mostly clear, cool and still a bit breezy in some spots. the on shore winds really helping to knock out that marine layer. and again we have mostly clear skies outside our door. we will have that fog redevelop. take a look at that futurecast model in just a moment. west southwesterly winds to 15 miles per hour.
10:48 pm
13 san jose, 15 in fairfield. and a light breeze blowing over areas near santa rosa. numbers have slipped into the 50s. we'll wake up tomorrow morning, upper 40s to low 50s. so we have a little more cooling to go. 53 in oakland. san francisco, low to mid-50s. down in the peninsula into san jose. the east bay reporting 53 in livermore. 52 as we head north to napa. 54 expected outside your door at this hour. santa rosa, warming back in or i should say cooling back into the 40s in the overnight hours and by tomorrow. satellite radar with mostly clear skies over head. it's going to be cool overnight. this is the system that has continued the on shore breeze. has kept our temperatures running cool for this time of year and has blown out that marine layer at least for now. we will have a pattern change by tomorrow. the ridge of high pressure that has been flat for the weekend will finally begin to rebuild in the afternoon. tuesday, wednesday look to be the warmer days. tomorrow morning we wake up with patchy fog once again. a subtle warm up expected by afternoon. the hottest days will be
10:49 pm
wednesday, thursday. some of our warmest spots expected to hit 90 degrees or so. it's going to feel like summer all of a sudden now that the memorial weekend has come to a close. your forecast tomorrow morning we're waking up with patchy fog in the coast. looks like our inland areas could wake up partly cloudy to mostly clear with a cool start to the day. it backs off. partly cloudy skies hanging on to the coast. the rest of us will be mostly clear. evening temperatures into the overnight hours and by sunrise tomorrow morning. 46degrees expected santa rosa, 49 san rafael. 50degrees as you start your morning in san francisco. upper 40s, low 50s for the inland spots. that's a cool one. but by the afternoon still feeling good in some areas. 77 expected santa rosa. widespread mid-60s expected. down into the south bay 74 san
10:50 pm
jose. 76 expected morgan hill. 70degrees sunny vale. that ridge of high pressure will bring the warmer weather wednesday, thursday, we roll back a little bit more on friday and a modest cool down into the weekend but nothing like what we saw this past weekend. we had that active weather roll through on friday. took us all weekend to get back to near normal. >> thanks, rosemary. >> you got it. what's it like to unload a half ton of supplies in space? just ask the astronauts on board the international space station they'll tell you it takes a while. they're unloading supplies from the space x dragon capsule. on friday the dragon became the first commercial space vehicle to dock at station. once it gets unloaded they will get working on the experiments sent from earth. ♪
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new metering lights are scheduled to be turned off in downtown san jose for the evening commute. the new lights should reduce delays by nearly 6%. the san jose mercury news reports that more than 80% of the freeway ramps in san jose
10:54 pm
are now metered. the california department of transportation has plans to add more than 320 new metering lights in the area over the next four years. it's a real achievement to make it to the spelling bee but wait till you hear about one girl from virginia. madison she is only 6 years old. she's the youngest girl to qualify for the spelling bee. she is home schooled and will be competing against 7,700 other students. the preliminaries are set to begin tomorrow. mark ibanez joins us now and it was a great day for the giants. >> it was all about the barrys this afternoon. zito. and bonds who pays a visit to the yards and says among other things he would like to return maybe as a coach. all tim lincecum has to do is call him and the slugger will
10:55 pm
help solve his pitching problem. a very svelt barry bonds. hector sanchez has turned into barry zito's personal catcher. the base hit to right. angel pagan with the slide, no problem. belt reworking his swing. maybe it's working finally into the wide open spaces. got himself an rbi triple. the giants on top of the d backs 3-0. at that point zito the win, key statistic for him along with his 7 innings of work. he walked only one in his fourth win. >> just a terrible game, last week and wanted to come back and get right back on track. that was huge too. >> want to throw more strikes instead of trying to be too fine and point it to them.
10:56 pm
>> six straight for the a's that will tell you that we're starting to see most everybody figured the a's to be before their surprising start. reality is starting to set in. and what really is the a's can hit when nobody is on base. every now and then that's the problem. josh redick number 14, the solo shot minnesota. 14 homers but only 27 rbis. tells you nobody is ever on base. deep right almost the same spot he's got himself, yeah another solo home run. 8th inning. a's still leading 4-3. a couple of home runs for the a's but the twins with this little dunker down the left field line by justin morneau. turns into an rbi double. that tied it 4-4. they'll go ahead 5-4 on a sacrifice fly. and that's the way it held up. when you're losing up that's the way it works.
10:57 pm
nba pitting old and creaky and young and streaky. the issue long decided miami beat boston to every lose ball headaching it look easy down the stretch. even with bosh at the bench. lebron back door on his way to a 32 point output and coming up. you will like this. alex smith to randy moss. that's what they like to see a little of. it is dwayne wade, the bomb. perfectly to lebron. who just sets it in no problem. leads the celts way behind. game two wednesday in miami. 1-0 the series lead. celtics are down. >> sure looks like the heat can be in the finals. >> head and spur -- heat and spurs is the way it's going to go. >> we'll see. thank you for joining us. we'll see you the next time newsbreaks. >> the ktvu morning team will
10:58 pm
be looking at plans to reopen the dumbarton bridge. we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu.
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