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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 29, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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of lower 80s. highs 60s, 70s pushing upper 70s, it does look warmer especially on thursday, it looks to be the warmest day but then another cool down especially for the weekend, here is sal. traffic is moving well, right now to start off this tuesday, westbound highway 4 looks good coming to the willow pass grade. also right here through the coliseum, bridges are open, we will go live to the dumbarton, as you approach the 880 split that traffic looks good, let's go back to the desk. just 90 minutes ago, the dumbarton bridge reopened ahead of schedule. joining us live from the bridge with what is happening, tara? >> reporter: well the bridge
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was not supposed to open but it opened shortly before 3:00 and you can see they were an hour and a half ahead of schedule. it had been closed for a huge earthquake project and 60,000 cars a day will be driving over it. cal trans is making plans to shut down the dumbarton later this year. >> we don't have a date or a weekend yet but we do need to do the exact same working on the eastern side of the bridge between now and the completion of the project. >> crews are selling a new expansion joint near the center span and they are looking to see if it can withstand a major earthquake. live from fremont, -- live from
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fremont, i am tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. crews have been in selling the first of three temporary bridges. it is part of the ongoing construction working on the trans terminal. the next bridge is set to be installed over the labor day weekend weekend. at least 10 people are dead after a 5.2 earthquake. it is the same area where a stronger earthquake killed seven people nine days ago. it caused more buildings to collapse that were already affected by last week's quake. back here it sparked a police investigation after firefighters found a marijuana grow operation. they put out the fire just after 5:30 last night. nobody was hurt but they found
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about 200 marijuana plants. the k tv u camera was allowed inside the house and each room had a different stage of the grow operation. >> i would never have thought not with the tenants living there. >> they reported seeing somebody run from the house at the time it started. the owner said she rented it to the people living there about a year ago. similar situation in vallejo where a house fire led to the discovery of a growing operation. this is the scene from 6:00. take a look, witnesses say it appeared to be a sophisticated operation with several rooms in the three-story home devoted to growing. now nobody was hurt in the fire. there is no official cause but electrical wiring is to blame. we have an update we first
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told you about during the mortgage news. firefighters say this fremont house fire was started by an unattended barbecue. firefighters say it took about an hour to put out that fire and it left 10 people and two dogs without a home. the sheriff ross mirkarimi case, the panel could issue the final recommendation on whether the suspended sheriff should permanently be removed from officers. yesterday during a memoirelel -- memorial day, he blames this entire case on his political enemy. >> what they are resorting to, i think the integrity is one of the findest cities on this planet and that's why i am not going to walk away that easily. >> mayor ed lee fired him
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following a domestic violence incident and it will take a lot to remove him from office. the board's decision will not come in july or august. they are scheduled to appear in court today. this is fredrick junior. he was arrested after police received a tip from the public. this surveillance video helped them identify him. he was arrested for several assaults and each attack became more violent. we are learning more about a report from vallejo from the scene of the gunfire near tennessee street. vallejo police chased a white
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lexus after spotting it speeding without its lights on and they then got out of the car. >> he reached into the front pocket of his sweatshirt and we saw a black medal object -- we saw a black medal object. he later died at the hospital. this was the second shooting in vallejo in the past few days. pg&e is helping with the fall outs. starting today, she is senior advice -- he is senior vice- president with pipeline integrity. they have faced a mountain of problems which killed 38 people and homes. pg&e broke safety rules and pub
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the public at risk allowing them to run at dangerously high pressures. >> they will be fined and they want customers to pay those of the coulds. this morning jerry hill, -- jerry hill, will layout a plan to reduce the cost of upgrading the system. his bill will safe rate payers. their joint memorial day event was certainly memorable he silenced john mccain and how he responded. a young girl is making
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history as the youngest girl ever to qualify for the spelling b. >> lori ann madison beat 20 other kids and it starts tomorrow. she will be completing -- competing against students many twice her age. she said she is not worried about the competition. >> it's not as big and i am more, like, it is fine. >> it is fine, madison is home schooled. her mother said she was reading before the age of 2, and at age 3 she competed in her first spelling bee. >> and for the 7th grade hayward student, last week they
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finished third in the national graphic b. this morning's celebration is taking place in fremont. california's dairy bored says happy cows but some darry land farmers are trying to keep their cows intend they are inn stalling water beds for them to rest on and some are hiring chiropractors for their cows. they believe they are giving more milk. 439 is the time. let's check in with sal too. >> right now traffic is happy too, if you are driving around the what i area, the dumbarton bridge has reopened.
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let's take a look outside traffic continues to move along nicely, also the morning commute looks good if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza, westbound looks very nicely. it is a job getting up to highway 17, let's go to steve. we are stick into this -- stuck into this pattern and a series of systems keeps reinforcing it and we still have the sea breeze in place, upper 40s for fairfield, 47 san rafael, 45 and a lot of low 50s, although high pressure is building and it doesn't look time much congresser to me. they are trying to come back a little bit, so mainly 60s and 70s just a little warmer each
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other so upper 70s san rafael 66 although they were only 54 yesterday, 78 gilroy and low 70s on the peninsular. los gatos at 64. a little warmer into wednesday but another cooling trends on tap for the upcoming weekend, pamela? >> the state that could deliver him his party's nomination. we are hearing from a family telling us about the one did i have vials that save their lives. there are no major problems with the commute, we will tell you more about the commute and
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the bay area weather, stay tuned.
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. good morning low clouds, still mainly 60s and 70s. >> all right, thank you steve, a storm known as buehrel still will not quit. it is moving west through parts of georgia and north carolina.
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that storm could regain strength turn around and resoak the same area. forecasters say a different system from the north could push the system back to sea. nine people have died after a fire at a popular mall in the middle east. investigators say some of the victims died trying to reach a childcare center where the fire may have started. four teachers and two rescuers are among the dead. another 17 people were injured. three of the people who died in the daycare were from new zealand. >> as a result of the fire they were very young children, they were in the nursery, they are likely to be triplets. >> the other children who died in the fire were from spain, japan and the philippines. that mall is a popular
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destination. inside they are a popular theme park and indoor rides. mitt romney said today will be a big day for him. voters are likely to give mitt romney enough delegates to formally clinch the republican nomination. there are 152 delegates at stake. romney needs 1,144,000 needed. yesterday, john mccain was at a memorial event. mitt romney like president barack obama never served but he said as president he would make sure america has a strong deagainst. >> we would make sure we can prevent war because a strong america is the best deterrent to war. >> mitt romney went on to say
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it is important to have a strong military because the war is not safe. now also at that memorial day, john mccain did not hold back with a protesters who was then escorted out of the event. [applauds] [applauds] >> jerk [applauds] >> well, the audience cheered john mccain's respond and the senator resumed his speech. we are hearing about a plane crash in the idaho mountains. his wife and 26-year-old daughter came through on sunday afternoon but that's after the family spent the night on a snow covered mountain side. the plane stalled in stormy
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weather, a cell phone was crucial, first when they flagged down a rescue operator... >> when you are turning it into a strobe light they said when the helicopters fly over we should have those phones ready. >> they suffered head injuries and broken bones and their daughter suffered bumps and bruises. two reports of a shooting at a home, they found a 21-year- old man suffering from gunshot wounds. he was taken to a hospital where he was treated and released. he was arrested after a brief chase today the principal is scheduled to be formally charged with hit-and-run and
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driving under the influence. justin brown was arrested on highway 101 just south of the golden gate bridge earlier this month. she had a bloodel alcohol content after hitting 2 cars and driving away. last year they complained about the paul revere disciplinary method. >> there are almost 6500 crosses on the corner of deer hill and bart station. each one represents a soldier or american air marine who died. >> although they not an active combat role, they will still
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have it and that is the reason we will remain here. >> the department of veteran's affairs says veterans commit suicide every day. 21-year-old army specialist hernandez died saturday in southern afghanistan. enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised bomb. right now it is 450 . new project for michelle obama, the underwater vessel she agreed to stops sore. the first words she spoke to her family in peeks, stay tuned for more -- familiar in weeks, stay tuned.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, the victim of a flesh eating bacteria is now speaking. the family of amy said she is speaking for the first time. she said hello, whoa, my mind is blown. this is the first time she was speaking because of a breathing tube. she became infected after falling from a homemade zip line. she lost a hand and foot to the infections. it would require a massage therapist be certified and establishments be certified and this comes after complaints of illegal sexual activity in some massage parlors.
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the issue was first decided last week. facebook wants to have as many as 66 new workers at its headquarters. right now it is only half that many but facebook is offering to working with neighbors. michelle obama is looking to sponsor a group of submarinessers. they will surf out of the -- serve out of the guided submarines and she will serve as a special link. back over to sal, how is traffic, sal? it looks good, we have a couple of minor things, we will start off with the maps 80 at richmond park, there is some
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police activity there, if you are driving to the freeway, it looks good and dumbarton and san mateo are both open at the peninsular. looking at the commute, that traffic looks nice, no problems on the upper bay bridge and northbound 101 traffic looks good approaching the 80 split, let's go to steve. we start off with some low clouds, a little less but it is still there. temperatures will come up, but it is another cool down with 5060s and 70s. a little warmer today, mid-70s, concord, santa rosa 45 and went warmer for 63 and 73 whopping degrees, still a westerly breeze, still a southwesterly breeze and cool lows this time
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of year, mid-40s , santa rosa 47 and it's close for everyone else, there are some 40s away from those official operations. >> there is outside pressure and temperatures are inching upwards and for us it looks like a lot of 60s and 70s. it will be a little warmer, breezy at times. the fog gets chewed up here. mid-60s around the bay. for most locations, 72, santa cruz half-moon bay, 75. it looks to be the warmest day especially inland and especially a cool down on the weekend, pam. another scout troop is more likely to be popular. the west sacramento sea south
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is the proud owners of the former coast guard cutter. it will be paid to have it turned over to the troops and leaders think it will change but they will have some of the best opportunities on the water. >> that is an opportunity most kids don't get to have. >> now it was built back in 1927 and it was used to catch bootleggers during prohibition. we are getting new information about a deadly earthquake overseas. and commuters, we will have more on what happened just two hours ago.
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7,000 students drop out every school day. that's a line of desks more than 4 miles long. keep bay area students in school.
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visit and take the first step. . we are live in fremont, the span is opening sooner than expected. a major thoroughfare is still open, we will tell you what construction crews did just below the surface here. another earthquake in italy hits the same area that was hit about a week ago. it could save


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