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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 29, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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millions of dollars, it is all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, it is tuesday, i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook, let's check in with steve paulson, it is cool out there. they cleared the coast and a similar pattern will happen today but temperatures are held in check and they are warming up a little bit. 60s coast and bay and upper to mid-70s mid-land. traffic looks good as you are going to the tunnel and a nice drive to the to 680 as you head down to the fremont area. speaking of this area, tara moriarty is live at the
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dumbarton bridge which just reopened hours ago, good morning tara. >> reporter: that's right, originally it was supposed to open at 5:00 but then they upped it to 3:00. the span had been closed over the memorial day weekend inn stalling a new expansion joint and we were the only ones to talk to the chief designer which allows it to move as much as 37 inches in the event of a quake. >> this side moves like this and this side moves like this. this steel plate allows these structural elements to move and still provide support so the traveling public can safely go across it. >> they can go into the new bay
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bridge and it is built to hand the type of stresses that occur every 1,000 years. 60,000 cars cross every day. dumbarton bridge will close to complete the same working on the eastern side. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. we have new information on a busy san francisco street that was closed down all weekend and first street is back open all morning. allie rasmus is live with the details on the reopening and why it was closed down in the first place. >> that's right, dave, 1st street between mission and howard after it was shut down so they could install a temporary bridge and that bridge is in place. if you are wondering why you don't see it, it is not an overhead bridge but it is coming over a slight incline,
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that is where the bridge is. over here to our right you can see the asphalt is faked. it's all dealing with that construction which has been under construction for the past two years. crews have been inn stalling the temporary bridge and it is very helpful for the commute because it is the major thoroughfare to that connects sap fran to the bay brim. you can't see cars this early in the morning which takes them to the bay bridge and it should be a relief to know this thoroughfare is now open. there are more cars going to the bay bridge to the evening hours, ktvu channel 2 morning news tara moriarty.
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at least 10 people died after a powerful earthquake. they hit in the same area where a stronger earthquake killed nine people seven days ago. it affected areas that were already affected by last week's quake. 200 marijuana plants were found as they were putting out the fire just half the night. as they were fighting they discovered a growing operation for marijuana and each room on the second floor had a different stage of the marijuana growing operation. police are now investigating. >> me being from the streets, i never smelled anything, i never got a smell of it, i am in
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shock. >> witnesses reported seeing somebody running from the house at the time the fire started. she rented it for about a year ago. firefighters say a house fire led to a discovery operation. this appeared to be a sophisticated growing operation but several rooms in the three story home were devoted to growing marijuana. there is no official cause of how it started but electrical wiring could be to blame. a fire in oakland started at 5:30 yesterday afternoon near piedmont. the fast moving flames caused major damage to the four story building. the red cross is helping to
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provide for the people in their home. you are finding out about a shooting in vallejo. 3030 to the accept of tennessee street. they saw it skipping without its lights on. and want to better retaliate police -- barrett pulled out a dark object and they shot him. >> he didn't deserve to be shot. >> this was the second shooting in just the couple of days. on friday police shot a man who pulled out a weapon. that weapon was a beebee gun.
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he was threatened to shoot after a pitch fork which happened a dozen miles outside of sacramento. a 40-year-old man burst out of the house and charged two deputies with a pitch fork. one officer opened -- one officer opened fire on a man who had a history of mental problems. they are shifting the cost of pg&e away from pipe lines they are relating to pay for the first face to pay 90% of the cost. safe way has at least $660 million. they are helping with the related fall out with the san bruno explosion. jesus is now responsible for
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managing pipelines and safety. the gas missing operation integrity starts today. mitt romney says today is a big day for hip. and today, they win the republican residential nominee. >> -- presidential nominee. they were good about scheduling and they don't want to get the commute in a bad way starting off on a holiday. let's look at some of these pictures, interstate no major issues coming in from vallejo to the berkeley area and also if you are at the bay bridge toll plaza, it will not tie
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this way but peninsular traffic looks nice. as we mentioned south bound is moving well. we have cool, cool lows and this is not in sonoma but closer to shellville 39. kentwood 49 degrees, and 41 and 42 and 43, and up just looked towards napa and santa rosa but those are really cool. today a little warmer, not a lot. 75 couldn't dirt 73 after yesterday's sea breeze which is
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definitely in place. napa airport, santa rosa 45 and now it is official, i have seen 43 and 44, 49 fairfield and low 50s across the board. high pressure is building a little bit and it will give us a warmup starting today carrying us into wednesday and a lot of of 60s 7 as and 8s. still a sea breeze, no northerly wind, just high pressure building over the next 48 hours. 60s around the bay, a few upper 70s inland. not each there should. he is incredibly cool. we will have a lot of low 70s on the peninsular. d.c., 61 and san mateo 61.
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it will be warmer thursday and about the same friday and another cool down ushered in on the weekend. some new questions about the license plate program. we will have more on why some of that money has reportedly been raided. airplane debris falling on to people below. and good morning and we will tell you more about the bay area commute and the bay area weather. graduation, huh ?
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. time now 513, nato killed the highest second ranking leader. he died in eastern afghanistan, nato said he frequently traveled between afghanistan. entire families were shot in their homes during a massacre in syria, it killed more than 100 people including dozens of children. they found more than 20 of the 100 people were killed by artillery fire and the rest were shot in their homes. today un special on view is --
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on view is meeting with the president to end the crisis. they are officially trying to clench the presidential nomination tonight and all long has more -- sal son has -- allison has more about what mitt romney is saying. >> reporter: after a nasty primary season, mitt romney is looking forward to the good news after today's texas primary. he appeared at a memorial event with john mccain. he and president barack obama spent the day reaching out to veterans. the president and first lady spend the day visiting and they talked out about the candidate's records. >> we are certainly happy to talk about mitt romney and his record of not creating jobs. more importantly it is going to
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be obama's record and if that record is going to be a weak economy that will not get much better, i don't think he will make it. >> the issue trump is talking about, during my next hour, allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. parts of an air town, a jet was forced to make an emergency landing. chunks fell on cars and they can't say the debris actually came from a plane. one person described what it was like being on that plane. >> it was less than a minute when it suddenly powered back. nobody heard anything fall.
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>> they requested an emergency landing after they failed. it did land safely and the whole incident is under investigation. california's 9/11 license plate program is under investigation and according to the press review the state has collected money since 2002. but 3 million was reportedly raided to plug budget gaps. only $80,000 in scholarships went to the children of 9/11 victims and 40% was spent on antiterrorism programs. it will be used for the nation's honor. all bright is the first woman to become second of state. toni more sop had also give
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positive contributions to american society. >> 5:17 let's check in with sal, hopefully no problems for the commute. >> hopefully, you are right. so far so good, pam, dave, let's look at these pictures, off to a nice start on highway 4 coming to the willow pass grade, slowing in antioch which is to be expected. no probably almost if thing into the san francisco. you may have heard dumbarton is already open and in the santa clara valley we are off to a nice start there as well. let's go to steve. mostly sunny, a little warmer, still some low clouds around, a westerly president, maybe a few gets, it will be --
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it will be warmer and we will top out with hid the $80 away from the coast still some fog out there and a series of systems tips to move in and it is a really cool air mass coming in. napa 40, each napa airport 43 and san rafael ins 40s and a lot of low 50s. the system is weak and high pressure is building, everybody flows into the north. so low clouds and it will be a little warmer, highs checking in with 60s and 70s and 80s, trying to get back slowly far inland. 74 clear lake, 74 to napa and a
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little warmer, brentwood, oakland 65, alameda and 27 santa clara to sunny veil. a lot of 72s and palo alto, 60s on the coast including pacifica, and little warmer wednesday into thursday and friday about the same but here comes your weekend in view and temperatures drop right back to the 70s, dave, pam? 520 is the time this morning, all of the european markets are trading higher. china honk long south carolina is hoping they will change their economic stimulus policy. checking out where we start the day yesterday was closed for memorial day. dow jones industrial average starts 454 and right now there
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is a higher opening across the board, a pretty good opening across the nasdaq in particular. they have $25 billion worth of its hold and the bank will lose in two ways, first they must pay taxes from the innings on the sale and by selling off assets that will make money. fire season has started. why firefighters are getting ready and what they are doing to prepare. scientist -- scientists are surprised about what they are finding. >> the commute looks good in central san rafael, we will tell you more about the commute and the bay area weather
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straight ahead.
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. good morning some low clouds, a few mid-to-upper 70s. well no reports according to the wall street journal, and the justice department is now investigating whether bp executives lied from the company's big spill two years ago. now according to the journal, they are looking into
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statements that bp made numbers at closed door briefings. the explosion killed 11 workers and triggered the largest offshore spill ever. time now 5:24 bay area firefighters are ready for this year's fire season. they have been handled and this year they have been moving in to fire stations all over for the summer. its seasonal firefighters have just finished a week's worth of training. >> if there is a fire i can do what i need to do to be mentally prepared. >> we can basically open the station up for the first time. >> they are expecting this to be a normal fire season with the possibility of big fires around the state. there are no reports of major damage from tropical depression buehrel but it did
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bring heavy rain to the west. buehrel was expected to bring up to 10 inches of rain to southeastern north carolina. emergency officials in georgia said minor flooding is reported near the coast. marine biologists are finding high reactive seasoning in fish caught off the coast of san diego. scientists say it came directly from the damaged nuclear power plant. it is the first time it has been shown to carry radioactivity for more than 60,000 miles. it is more than 10 times higher than normal but still within the safety and cards. a critical meeting at san francisco that could determine sheriff ross mirkarimi's political future. facebook is looking to
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expand their headquarters but first they have to get a green light from the city. plus members of the armed forces in san francisco's area. and we are off to a nice start, this is northbound 280, that traffic looks good and we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather.
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. good morning to you welcome back t- tuesday may 29thth i am dave clark. >> we will check in with steve paulson, more cool weather ahead? >> yes, a couple of upper 30s , some sunshine once the fog burns off, a little warmer inland with a few mid-to-upper 70s, here is sal. traffic is moving along well on 880 oakland which is northbound on the right there of your screen and also looking at the commute on the sunole grade traffic is moving along nicely and southbound 680 looks good as you drive down towards the area. allie rasmus is down in san francisco where one of the major streets is. good morning allie rasmus. >> reporter: it is open to traffic after being shut down
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the entire memorial day weekend and it was closed because construction crews working on a nearby project had to install a temporary bridge. it is level with the street so where you see these cars coming over a slight incline down third street, you can see the line where they food over this -- smoothed over this new piece of roadway. this is all part of the construction project and it is a $4.5 billion construction project for bart muni and high speed rail. this is what it is supposed to look like and scheduled to open in 2019. they started working and broke ground two years ago and over a year ago they started the temporary bridge and put it into place and now it is open and it took up an entire city
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block. this is the view from a live camera, giving us an overhead view of all the working, between howard and mission. as we take you back here live it connects downtown san francisco and that's where all the cars are headed. it should be a relief to commuters, especially for the evening commute going towards the bay bridge. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are talking about a shooting that took place in broad daylight. yesterday afternoon, police responded to a home where they found a 21-year-old man suffering from gunshot wounds. he was taken to the hospital whereee he was treated -- where he was treated and released. he was arrested after a brief
5:33 am
chase. the other two a man and woman were arrested later in the day. a man is accused of three sexual assaults. fred wick junior -- frederic junior was arrested where they reportedly matched his dna to one of the crime scenes. this helped them identify him. he is responsible for three sexual assaults from last year. each attempt became more violent and the last one was choked to the point of becoming unconscious. they are meeting in the sheriff ross mirkarimi case. the panel could issue its final recommendation on whether the suspended sheriff should -- sheriff should permanently be removed from office. yesterday, sheriff ross mirkarimi spoke to us during a
5:34 am
memorial and he blames his political enemies for this entire case. >> i get it, i had haters, i had people who fought hard against me in my race for sheriff. he was out suspended without pay following a domestic violence incident and it will take many to remove him from order but it will not come until july or august. facing book is expanding its campus and they are live to tell us how much they are looking to grow their workforce, alex? >> reporter: they are hoping to get some likes and the social media giant needs to expand their existing campus and they want to add more buildings right across the street from
5:35 am
the existing headquarters. eventually they would like to put them and green lighted the expansion plans and send it to a vote. they are raising concerns about increased traffic congestion with the increase and there is a threat of a lawsuit and facebook said they would end count workers to carpool, and it will go for the city and the city is meeting tonight and they will decide whether they will be getting busier sometime in the near future, alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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away area school principal is supposed to be arraigned of two up ends hit-and-run -- she hit two cars and officers say she then drove away. she had a blood alcohol level over the legal limit when they stopped her. the u.s. soldier has died. army specialist hernandez died saturday in southern afghanistan. they said he was killed by a bomb. they are continuing to grow a men morial to mark memorial day on a hillside.
5:37 am
each on the hill represents an -- each cross represents an american service members who died in 9/11 and others died for the same cause. >> it includes contractors, state department andsky cia employees, nato forces and u.s. allies from around the world. >> an empty chair was placed. her children led the -- let the memorial live on. hundreds turned out in danville and the event paid special tribute from the area who have died. next time there are plans to honor them at the memorial in danville. remember, members of the
5:38 am
armed forces were in the spotlight in san san francisco. it was attribute to the living and the dead for servicemen and women. >> we paid my respect to my fallen come rods. i is your. >> i survived but a lot of them didn't. >> it is very emotional. i don't think we take care of our vets like we should. >> that included attribute to veterans of 1992 and also the afghanistan wars. firefighters say that fremont house fire was caused by an unattended barbecue.
5:39 am
firefighter say it took about an hour to clean under a it has left several people and two dogs without a home. coming up at 5:45, the questions that are being raised about the building's safety. >> sal is busy, he is opening bridges and streets and the east shore... >> it is certainly much busier than it was during the morning drive and let's go and take a live look you can see more cars heading to the bay brim toll plaza. usually the metering lights go on and you will not see a big crowd until those metering lights go on. again around 6:15 this is a look at the collar valley and
5:40 am
traffic is -- santa clara valley and no major issues with any of the other freeways, let's go to steve. trees are knocked down but still ceder cyprus, weeds are held in check at least for right now and there are many suffering big time and mainly blame the grasses and not the trees. supplement noma and kept wood 40, saab lastian 42. we still have low clouds around and still looking at the cameras mostly cloudy but we will burn out and manically
5:41 am
inland as we head for thursday and really cool napa ends at 43 and 50s very low, even san jose with a cloud cover, high pressure will nose in and that means temperature is coming up ,it will be warmer, still low breeze, can't get rid of this. some very low 80s. sun noma in the valley. walnut creek of ever, pleasanton 76, same for gilroy, that is what that says 73 san jose, sunnyville is in there, san bruno 65 and hand mop bay 62. fog comes back to a cool down.
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election protests in egypt, why they are unhappy with the choice of candidates. good morning, highway 4 traffic looks good, a little slowed trave being in the usual spots, it looks good straight ahead. lysol knows the soft places we love
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creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection. . low clouds around, fog mainly inland. here is the top stories we are following, there was a deadly earthquake in northern italy for the second time in
5:45 am
about a week. at least 10 people died near bologna. and the dumbarton bridge is back in business. in fact our cameras were reopened at 2:00 this morning. it was closed during a safety project. and this morning the ethics committee will meet for sheriff ross mirkarimi, and they will recommend whether the suspended sheriff should permanently be removed from his job. and he believes his political enemies are responsible for the domestic violence scandal. it happened in cat tar in dough half. some of the victims died trying to reach a childcare center where the fire may have
5:46 am
started. four teachers are among the dead and another 17 are injured. a witness said the sprinkler system and fire alarms did not seem to be working properly. >> there was a sound, a fire alarm sound. very gull. as i tipped i noticed the smoke near the exit was starting to get very heavy. >> inside there is a movie, a park and indoor rides. people are protesting egypt's first presidential election. that is after the president made it through the muslim brotherhood. they over through his regime but they did not make the run off. protesters say it leaves them
5:47 am
with a choice of those opposing the islamic state or regime they fought so hard against. some of the protesters fought, the candidate who used to be there. they smashed windows, even tore up posters and set the building on fire. a 14 hour standoff has ended with a man's death. he climbed inside a car yesterday. he fell 150 feet and he threatened to shoot if anybody approached him. the campus was closed for memorial day but the campus was used for housing projects. 45 minutes from now, in the
5:48 am
former presidential candidate john edwards will get back to working. this will be the second day and jurors have been sifting through 17 days of testimony and going over 500 exhibits including phone and financial records. he is charged with misusing political donations to try to hide his pregnant mistress. the jury may possibly be deadlocked. tonight they will take a second look at an ordinance designed to regulate massage parlors. they will require them to be register and it comes after. the issue was first discussed two weeks ago. hey, sal, you are back to working my friend. >> yes, we will talk about that and we are looking at the south bay, 280 traffic looks good as
5:49 am
you drive through downtown san jose and let's take a look at 237 westbound and you can see there is not a lot of stop and go traffic but a little later we are bound to see it if you want to get through relatively soon. 242 near concord avenue here, watch for slowed traffic iberville -- traffic and from interstate 880 we want to remind you dumbarton brim is back in business -- dumbarton bridge is back in business. we have low clouds, mostly sunny after the fog burns off, a little bit of a warming trend and it philip land and a lot of
5:50 am
60s to lower 70s southwest 13 and northwest was at san jose and now they say calm and low- to-mid 40s at san rafael, helding at 50 for -- holding at 50 for many, concord has gusts up to 20 miles per hour, this system plowing in from the north, it is not a monster high pressure testimony but it will start to keep up, still the breeze is there, lower 80s, upper 70s for some, clear lake, novato 74, vallejo oh venetia, it is a little warmer, and 77
5:51 am
morgan hill and 72 and 73 only 67 in san jose and low 70s and upper 60s around san mateo and 62 half-moon bay. thursday looks to be the warmest especially inland and then the fog comes back and with your weekend always in view, we will head into the weekend across the board. it has the latest smart phone in europe and it's supposed to be more success you will then ahead of the problem, they attract users he i movement to keep the screen from turning off or mute. they are losing another senior executive and the chief legal officer announced she is retiring and will not stay on
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when a replacement is found. that comes as they are announcing they could cut 2000 jobs. the blackberry is rapidly losing ground to more popular phones and operating systems. and a big trends in ice cream this summer, seems to making something else. there was a sushi cup cakes and it is actually coke cut, baskin- robbins has chocolate chips made to look like watermelon seeds and they will introduce a blizzard with caramel over soft served ice cream. ice cream is good any time of day. >> you know i am going to eat them all. after 77 years, they are
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. welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news, take a look at this picture, the road came crashing down on a pickup truck in san francisco, that tree came crashing down near scott. nobody was hurt but the area was shut down until about 11:00. still not clear what caused the tree to fall but there were reports of strong winds in the city. we are now hearing from a survivor that survived a plane crash. his wife and 26-year-old daughter were out sunday afternoon after the family spent the night on a snow covered mountain side. he said the plane stalled in stormy weather and a cell phone was crucial first when they crashed. >> we crashed and apparently from all the rescuers, the phone call should not have gone
5:57 am
through. >> reporter: they later used a strobe light to flag down rescuers in a helicopter. he and his wife suffered broken bones and head injuries and their daughter suffered bumps and bruises. a working crew renovating clifton's cafeteria found a knee on light has been burning 77 years. they found an area with six rose of knee on tubing most of which has been painted over. it was behind sheetrock and it is believed that light burned $17,000 worth of electricity since it was turned on. it is auctioning off a memo and steve jobs wrote it on how to approve the a to your are
5:58 am
you -- a tourry game. it is a handwritten note and the auction begins june 15th. we will have another check of traffic with sal. i want to quickly go there, off to a good start after memorial day, and traffic looks good as you are heading south. let's go back to the desk. a driver is shot and killed yesterday by police and why controversy surrounds what was not found at the scene. >> plus taking over after firefighters put out a house fire, what was found inside, stay tuned for more.
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