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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. a proposed bill that could save millions of dollars to customers. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> well, good morning to you, welcome to tuesday, it is may 29thth, i am dave clark. >> let's check in with steve paulson, it may be a little warmer. some cool readings in palo alto, even in los gatos, some other locations not as much as we have seen and 60s and 70s and a few upper 70s, here is sal. 101 traffic looks good approaching the 580 interchange and also highway 4 is slow, let's go back to the desk. we begin with overnight
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news, the dumbarton bridge reopened shortly before 3:00 a few hours ahead of schedule. tara moriarty has more on that, tara? >> reporter: it was supposed to open at 5:00 but it opened shortly before 3:00 and you can see cars have been sailing through and just a little bit of tiny back up this morning. the span had been closed for a huge safety earthquake project. they were working on the expansion joint which connects two sides which allow it to move as much as 37 inches in the event of a quake. they are planning on shutting down the dumbarton again later this year. >> we don't have a weekend or a date for that yet, but we do need to do the exact same working again on the eastern side of the bridge between now
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and the completion of the project. >> now the same technology here is being built into the new bay bridge and it is designed to handle the stresses that occur once every thousand years. it is connected to fremont and 60,000 cars pass every day and today will be no exception. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 6:02, a deadly earthquake in northern italy for the second time in about a week. a magnitude 5.2 earthquake hit the area and last week it killed seven people just nine days ago. people are still living in these tents and today's earthquake caused problems in many of those same areas. it is a story we first reported yesterday morning from the scene of tennessee street.
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vallejo police say they chased a white lexus after they spotted it without the lights on. the driver, barrett senior then got out of the car. >> barrett reached into the right front pocket sweatshirt and removed a black medal object. >> the officers fired several times fearing for his life and the object turned out to be a wallet. this was the second fatal police shooting in just the past few days. they are deciding whether to sign off on facebook's expansion plans. they say not everybody is happy about facebook's plans to grow, alex? >> reporter: there are concerns about more congestion in the area if facebook is allowed to expand headquarters and there would be a campus on this site and this is the old site across
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the street from the existing headquarters. eventually they would like to have 6600 employees and right now they are only allowed 3500 employees. earlier they green lighted those expansion plans and sent those over and they will be reviewing an environmental impact report. there will be increased traffic with this campus and they are threatening a lawsuit if nothing is done about the traffic issue. they are encouraging workers to carpool and facebook is offering a million dollars to the park for city improvement projects and that is money that will help deal with congestion, we are live this morning at at
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meadow park alex savage ktvu channel 2 morning news. they quickly put out a fire in the attic on 25th avenue just after 5:30 last night. nobody was hurt but firefighters found about 200 marijuana plants. a news camera was allowed inside the house but each room had a different stage of the growing operation. >> i would never have guessed it, not in a million years. not with those tenants. >> firefighters said they saw somebody running from the house right around the time the fire started. the owner said she rented it to the people living there just about a year ago. another house fire, this was the scene along monica place last night at about 6:00. witnesses say it appeared to be a sophisticated operation with
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several rooms in the home devoted to growing. there is still no official cause but electrical wiring is to blame. a big apartment house in oakland has left dozens of people homeless. it started 5:30 near piedmont. luckily nobody was hurt but it caused a lot of damage to this 4 story building. no word on what started the fire. >> they are helping people find new places to live. they will find out if it saves customers money. it is the site of the 2010 pipeline disaster. pg&e wants customers to pay 95% of the cost. but assembly hill relates fines should be used instead related to the disaster. he believes his bill will save
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customers $650 million. jesus junior is responsible for pipeline upgrades and responsible for gas operations engineering and integrity. pg&e hopes he will rebuild the company. they put the public at risk by letting some pipelines run at dangerously high pressures. mitt romney said today is a big day for him. it is expected to be the day mitt romney becomes the official nominee. also why a campaign with donald trump is causing some awkward moments for mitt romney. and starting tomorrow, it could be worth the wait. take a look, these are live pictures in downtown san jose and they will turn on metering lights for cal trans.
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they will decrease delays during the commute by as much as 6%. >> let's hope. >> time now 6:08, sal, you all set to take care of the folks? >> yes, once again we are looking at east shore westbound and we are looking at the mcarthur maze, no problems on the upper deck getting into the city and no problems at the toll plaza although we are getting more of a crowd but maybe in about another five or 10 minutes they will have the metering lights on and you will see a bigger crowd, even bigger than this at the toll plaza. there is a stalled truck and it willed a few extra commutes. it looks good e-dumbarton has reopened and so far so good.
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let's go to steve. still some low clouds around, it will burp off sooner for thousand of you suffering from all letter guess -- burn off sooner for thousands of you suffering from all letter if is -- allergies so if you are suffering, scott valley 39 degrees, a couple of upper 30s, los gatos 49, palo alto and meadow park 42 so it is a cool, cool morning. mostly sunny, still a westerly breeze in place. team -- inland temperatures will warm up but there is still a lot of fog out there, so the
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sea breeze is in place, 49 now livermore says a lot of 40s are around and this time high pressure is not that strong but it will kick in and give us a little bit of a warmup. once you start getting more that fog comes back. 70s for many petaluma 74, walnut creek 75, berkeley 65, oakland along with san leandro, 72 and 72 milpitas, 72 woodside, mid-60s and the city is 62. redwood city as well. friday still looks good but we will have a cool down on the weekend, dave, pam? a huge explosion injures
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more than 30 shoppers at a mall. now the fbi is involved. what we are learning about the powerful bomb that went off in kenya. it caused a plane to plunge down on to houses and cars, stay tuned for more.
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. time now 6:14 a big explosion in nairobi kenya, one official said people smelled ammonia. a man with a beard left a bag just before the explosion. witnesses blame foreign terrorists. this is just coming in, more and more countries are expelling syrian ambassadors. just within the last half hour, spain announced they are telling senior am bass -- syrian ambassadors to leave their countries, all of this follows an investigation by the united nations that concluded entire families were shot in their homes during a major massacre in syria that killed more than 100 people including dozens of children.
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un monitors found less than 20 were killed by artillery fire and the rest of the victims were shot inside their homes. un is meeting with syria to talk about the peace plan that will end syria's 15 month old crisis. they are expecting to clench the nomination tonight. they will have a campaign of attack. >> reporter: they are expected to give mitt romney the 1144 delegates he needs to be the gop presidential nominee. he will be at a fundraiser in whose vegas hosted by donald -- las vegas hosted by donald trump who once again will raise questions about where president barack obama was born. >> i don't agree with
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everything, i need to get 51% or more and i am appreciative to have the help of a lot of good people. >> reporter: campaign supporters will be stepping up their attack focusing on what they called his failed economic plan. more on the war of words over job in about my next hour. a wild story from cap do. parts of a plane fell to earth damaging cars and leading to an emergency landing. it took off from tokyo yesterday. the airline said one of the engines broke down during take off. the flight crew returned to the airport and around the same
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timepieces of metal rained down on four cars near the airport. at first the chunks were too hot to touch and it smelled like fuel. >> pretty shocked, yeah, it is just really, really change. >> luckily and is your presidentingly they are investigating. they are expected to wrap up the case against roger clemens. clemens is a 7 times cy young award winner, he is accused of lying to congress when he denied using steroids. his perjury trial is in its 7th week. they are under investigation this morning, according to the associated press, the state has collected $15 million from these
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specialty plates since 2002, however $3 million was reportedly raided by governor jerry brown and governor arnold schwarzenegger to plug in budget gaps. only $80,000 went to the victims of 9/11 and 40,000 was pleasant on antiterrorism programs. today, people will be armed with -- among them all bright the first woman of the secretary of state. and the medal of freedom is awarded to those who made major contributions to society. let's go to sal and check in on the commute how is it going, sal? not bad, if you are driving in some areas but other areas
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are getting busy though. highway 4 is getting busy passed willow pass grade and there is a stalled big-rig making it slow and even if that area is getting slowed, you will see it because of the rain blockage and you will see traffic will be a little bit slow now that the metering lights have been turned on. and the morning drive looks good on 280 and 81 so we are off to some good starts in santa clara valley. let's go to steve. we have some sun in a few locations and it will fall -- what i am trying to say, the fog will burn off even though it is still there. some of that low cloud deck has been there for the longest time and it shows no signs of retreating any time soon.
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sunny and a little bit warmer, still 60s by the coast and we have a sea breeze but high pressure is coming in for a couple of days and it will kind of be squashed. low 40s towards los gatos, to the east bay and a few upper 30s. everything is moving to the north and it will take a few days, that fog did been off and we are expecting a repeat. redwood 73, santa cruz has been nice, warmer weather takes us to thursday, still warmer weather inland on friday and everybody cools down on the
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weekend, pam? they cannot find enough skilled workers and the survey shows one-third of workers around the world are having trouble filling jobs because there are not enough people to do the working, that includes nurses teachers an accountant. . men in black 3 stayed well ahead of the heros. will smith debuted in ticket sales which pushed them and the dark sat does pass through. there is an investigation into the bp oil spill, what they said during congressional
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hearings. tropical depression buehrel could make a u-turn and rain on the same states it rained on yesterday. traffic looks good if you are heading to the fremont area, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned.
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. good morning traffic is getting better and it is looking good as we head to oakland. moving west through florida georgia and south carolina and now it may get stronger, turn around and drench that same area again. forecasters say a different system from the north may push the storm back towards the sea. the wall street journal is reporting whether bp executives lied to congress about how much oil leaked into the ocean from two years ago. according to statements bp executives made. the explosion killed 11 workers and triggered the largest
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offshore oil spill in history. firefighters say they are ready for this year's fire season. extra firefighters have been hired to handle potential fires. this week they have been moving in to stations throughout the bay area for the summer. they have just completed a week's worth of refresher training. >> if there is a fire i can do what i need to do and be mentally and physically prepared. >> we have basically opened the station for the first time in six months. >> reporter: they expect this to be a normal fire season with the potential for some big fires across the state. after being shut down for memorial weekend, we will have more on how the traffic is moving on the dumbarton bridge. and a critical hearing could determine sheriff ross mirkarimi's political future. the opening bell is about to ring on wall street.
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pam will have the early stock numbers.
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and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, they are just getting ready to ring that opening bell over there on the new york stock exchange there is the bell live and i am learning a little bit about this company, digital domain media group, they are the company responsible for that 3d -- you were telling me -- >> oh, yeah, yeah, fascinating. >> where they basically brought them back from the dead where he was performing on stage. so they are the ones behind the technology and maybe see some more of that technology in the future, you can invest in that as well. >> all right, we will smile and say good morning to you, thank you for joining us on ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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i am dave clark. and i am pam cook. we are starting for thousands and bay area commuters just hours ago, the dumbarton bridge opened ahead of schedule. tara moriarty is out there right now to tell us how things are moving, tara? >> reporter: everything is looking good so far, dave and they projected it would be open by 5:00 and they did one better, they decided to open just before 3:00 this morning and so far it has gone on without a hitch. this ban had been chosen and crews worked around the clock since friday night up stalling an expansion joint in the center span. we were the only ones to allow as much as 37 inches in the event of a quake. >> when an earthquake happens
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this side moves like this and this side moves like this. this steel plate allows the structural elements to move relatively to each other and still provide support. so the traveling public can safely go across it. >> reporter: now the same technology is being built into the bay bridge and it is being designed to handle the types of stresses that earthquakes doll out every thousand years. they are making plans to shut down the bridge again over a long weekend and it has yet to be announced but they will working on the eastern side of the bridge. i am tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> your time now 6:32. a san francisco elementary teacher is being charged with driving under the influence. you see her dressed in brown was arrested highway 1 just
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south of the golden gate bridge earlier this month. she had a blood alcohol content above the legal limit after she hit two cars. they complained because of her disciplinary methods. tonight they will vote on facebook's plan to expand its campus. i joining us from the park, they are looking to grow their workforce, alex? >> they could get even busier. the idea is to create a west campus across from the existing location. they want to add more buildings from what is the old facility. they want to have 6500 employees and right now they are only allowed 3500. they have sent their recommendation to city council and now city council will be
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reviewing the environmental impact report and take a vote. one thing to consider is the increased congestion and the city is threatening a lawsuit if nothing is done about the congestion. facebook has restricted a number of cars coming to the site and instead facebook is offering up a million dollars for city improvements over the next five years. they are taking up the facebook issues at their meeting and we'll see whether they will give the green light to facebook to expand across the street from their existing headquarters here at the park. time now 6:34 a man accused of sexual assault in the mission district is scheduled to appear today. he was arrested in january after police got a tip from the
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public. prosecutor's say this surveillance video helped them identify him and he is responsible for three sexual assaults between june and december of last year. investigators say each attack became more violent with the last victim being choked to the point of being choked unconscious. and they have a critical meeting in the sheriff ross mirkarimi case. they could issue a final ruling on whether sheriff ross mirkarimi should be permanently removed from office. that recommendation will go to the board of supervisors. yesterday sheriff ross mirkarimi spoke to us during a memorial service and he blames this entire case on his political enemies. what they are resorting to, i think compromises the integrity of one of the findest cities on this planet and that's why i am not going to walk away that easily. >> reporter: sheriff ross mirkarimi was suspended following a domestic violence case and it will take nine
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votes to remove him and the board's decision may not come until july or august. it is a story we first told you about and firefighters say this fremont house fire was caused by an unattended barbecue. it was near the corner of hampton avenue. firefighters say it took will about an hour to put out the flames and it left 10 people and two dogs without a home. a fire killed 13 children and 10 adults in a popular mall in the middle east. coming up, we will tell you why this tragedy has the leader of another country launching an investigation. 21-year-old army specialist hernandez died in southern afghanistan. pentagon said he was killed by an improvised bomb. they have filled his facebook
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with messages of condolences to his family. and fallen soldiers were given honors at away area hillside. there are almost 6500 crosses on the corner of deer hill and oak hill roads and each one represents an american soldier, sailor airman or marine who died after 9/11. and then there was this, look at this march. onlookers waved flags as this military band led the way in san francisco yesterday. the memorial day ceremony included attribute to world war ii, vietnam and the more recent afghanistan and iraq wars. sal, he is starting in the south bay, how is it looking? it is getting more crowded, westbound, you can see stop and
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go traffic and nothing really unusual but you can tell the regular commute patterns are back almost everywhere and let's move onto another live picture, this is crowded there as well. kind of a typical morning, at least be backed up with a 10 manipulate delay, those metering lights were on. and it's a stalled big-rig which is making it a lot busier to drive on 242 which is an unwelcomed surprise. those of you using 242 off of highway 4 and from walnut creek to oakland westbound 224, that looks good. let's go to steve. good morning, mostly sunny or low clouds but it looks like low clouds will burn off sooner and temperatures are trying to warm up, lots of 40s, even a few upper 30s , high pressure
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trying to build in more likely later today and into thursday, then another cool down for the weekend, those of you suffering from allergies, got send back a little bit -- sent back a little bit but the grasses continue to be very, very high. they will continue to go up after they went down into the medium or low congressman. i also saw 39 at gray done. kentwood 40, mill valley 42, palo alto park, 42, it will be warmer. today we will go mid-to-upper 70s and we will have a slight warm up as the fog burns off seen however the sea breeze is still there and as long as it is there it will be tough to warm up too much.
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san rafael 46 and there is a little bit of a chill there, high pressure will send everything to the north and for a couple of days we will have warmer temperatures. low clouds and sun and then it will be warmer, breeze is already there, 78 clear lake, 70 in ukiah. napa valley, 75 in danville san ramon, santa cruz has not been too bad, they are in the 70s, upper 60s south, low 70s on the peninsular but it will be warmer for wednesday and thursday and most of friday but with your weekend in view it will be warmer especially friday. 54:06:40 is the time, barry bonds is back why you may see him in a giant's uniform once again. traffic looks good
6:41 am
approaching the 80 split, we will tell you about the morning commute and bay area weather, stay tuned for more.
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. in northern italy, it was a
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magnitude 5.8 which hit early this morning. it is the same area where another deadly quake hit just a week ago. the dumbarton bridge is open again, and our cameras were there when they opened at 3:00 a.m. two hours early. it was closed this weekend for an earthquake safety project. they will meet about the future of sheriff ross mirkarimi. they will find out about the final recommendation and whether he should be permanently removed from office. sheriff ross mirkarimi is blaming his political enemies about the domestic violence scandal. it happened in the city of dough half. some of the victims died trying to reach a childcare center where the fire may have
6:45 am
started. four teachers and two rescuers are among the dead. 17 others were hurt. three of children who died, they were from new deland. -- new zealand. fire officials will investigate. >> the children hit from the fire, they were very young children, they were in the nursery, they are likely to be triplets. >> the other children who died were in spain japan and the philippines. this mall is a tourist destination and inside it include an -- includes an ice skating rink, movie theater and indoor rides. thousands are protesting the country's first presidential election. some protesters attacked the campaign headquarters for
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president hosni mubarak, and protesters say they do not want a president who was once part of the president hosni mubarak regime. police in texas dealt with a carjacking suspect, it is over. he climbed inside a crane yesterday and he fell 150 feet to his death early this morning. police say he was threatening to shoot if anybody came close to him. the campus was closed for the memorial day holiday and that crane was being used for campus housing projects. tonight the lafayette city council will take a look at an ordinance designed to regulate massage parlors. it will require them to be registered with the police department and this comes after complaints of illegal activity.
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baseball's all time home run king, he made the rounds at at&t park and said he recently met with the giant's ceo about working for the team in some capacity, maybe as a coach. barry bonds is publically referring to him -- refurring to himself as a convicted felon. and he will not be on the oakland a's but is likely to play in the majors tomorrow because his suspension is up. however the a's will not call him up from his rehabilitation assignment, they are likely to keep an eye on his continued progress and bring him up once he is playing at a major league level. they will start inflating a rubber dam on the russian
6:48 am
river. now the dam is inflated every spring to provide drinking water to 3,000 residents. signs have been posted warning people not to swim or fish in that area and it is expected to take until friday to fully inflate that dam which will stay up until the fall. three people are back, how is traffic. >> it is busy as you might expect, let's take a look at some of these things, highway 4, westbound, getting slow as you might expect, not only in antioch but coming over the hill to concord, 680 southbound is getting better, 242, a stalled big-rig is making it extra slow this morning, westbound 24 looks okay from walnut creek to oakland. this morning's commute will be slow over the bridge and it is a 10 minute delay before you make it on to the span. and this morning so far,
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traffic looks good and a reminder the dumbarton is reopened. let's go to steve. a little bit of a sea breeze, some clouds, definitely less compared to the past couple of mornings and temperatures are really cool this morning, temperatures will slightly warm up and it looks like a few mid-to-upper 60s and lower 70s over the past couple of days. however that will burn off yesterday but temperatures stay in the 60s and just a little warmer inland and a southwest wind continues likely into thursday. we'll see more 80s along the cost. southwest 10 at fso, lots of 40s today a few upper 30s and some lower 50s. santa cruz at 39, los gatos 41, alamo and palo alto 42 chilly
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degrees and we will warm up here high pressure is sending everything to the north at least for a couple of days. breezy at times and that's still a sea breeze. 50s and 60s, barely, barely, mainly out towards sacramento mountain, a lot of 70s here, pittsburgh, lafayette in there, oakland 65, pleasanton 65 degrees, 73 san jose and 67 saratoga, on the peninsular lomeinly, meadow park, 63 in the city and san mateo 68. degreesing the fog and the fog comes back and here comes another cool down for the weekend. 650, new reports the cal train made another turn around and they were calling for cut backs and there is a new plan
6:51 am
to boost its service a lot. coming up how cal trans was able to dig out of that financial crisis and what they want commuters to do. it increased out of the 12 trapped during march and that includes tampa and miami, many families prefer to move over the school break. today samsung will launch its smart phone in europe and this version is expected to be more successful as they push ahead of apple. the s-3 tracks the users' eye movement to keep it from turning off while in use. and it survived a plane
6:52 am
crash and then they were out in the freezing night on that mountain and the cell phone app that helped save their lives, stay tuned. a piece of steve jobs is up for sale, the handwritten message could be yours but it comes at a high price. and we will tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather, stay tuned. ♪ ♪ ♪
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. welcome back take a look at the dow jones industrial average it is up more than 100 points. traders are waking up to big gains and all the european stock markets are up as well. we are hearing from a sacramento firefighter who survived a plane crash in the mountains of idaho and the national guard rescued ryan brown and his wife and 26-year- old daughter sunday afternoon and that's after the family spent a night on the snow covered mountain side. he said the plane stalled in stormy weather but a cell phone turned out to be crucial. first when the call went through and then when brown flagged down rescuers. >> on the cell phone, there is a flash on your camera to turn
6:56 am
your phone into a strobe light and she mentioned when helicopters fly over we should have those cell phones ready. >> browns suffered broken bones and their daughter suffered bumps and bruises. juror are re-- jury records are resuming deliberation. edwards faces campaign corruption and using millions of dollars from campaign donors to help hide his mistress during his run for the white house. this is the 7th day of deliberations. here is a chance to own steve job's legacy. they are auctioning off a memo he wrote back in 1974 when he worked for the company. the auction house expects that handwritten note to bring in between 10 and 15,000 dollars and the same begins june 15th.
6:57 am
a sale from virginia is making history, the youngest person ever to qualify for the national spelling bee. >> q ue r o... >> she is cute and smart, pam. >> she will advance for the national competition and she will compete against other students and most of them are twice her age. >> i am going to remember her name. we'll see her again. coming up on 7:00, let's check back in for traffic. highway 4 is slow and also 680 and 242, a stalled big-rig it has been slow for hours and you may need extra time this morning and you also need some time on panola getting slow and hayward getting a little bit slow, dumbarton is open and we
6:58 am
had a look at the dumbarton, that traffic is busy for a 10 minute delay, let's go to steve. develop wally fog will burn off at the coast so temperatures are coming up a little bit but we still have a sea breeze in place, 60s and 70s and still waiting on those 80s. coming up, a deadly quake overseas and grim figures coming in from northern italy. the bay bridge project wraps up ahead of schedule, stay with us, more on that coming up, stay with us.
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