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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 29, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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a deadly earthquake overseas. it happened overnight. the latest casualty figures from that disaster area. we're live at the dumbarton bridge where drivers get a jump- start. we'll tell you about the surprise drivers are getting. a girl gets bullied at school and her mother says she has the tape to prove it. "mornings on 2" starts right
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now. well, good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm heather holmes in again forker to r it's tuesday, may 29th. overnight news from its lay, where the northern region was hit with yet another deadly earthquake. at least 15 people have now been confirmed dead and others are still missing. that magnitude 5.8 quake, it hit near boog -- bologna. some people affected by last week's quake are still living in tents there. be sure to stay with "mornings on 2." we'll have a live report from italy coming up for you at 7:45. time is now 7:01. new this morning, a quake safety project right here in the bay area was wrapped up a couple of hours ahead of
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schedule. yes, the dumbarton bridge opened up shortly before 3:00 a.m. tara moriarty is live at the bridge to tell us how things are going. >> reporter: well, good morning, dave. the dumbarton bridge is back up and running. caltrans amendmented it would -- anticipated it would be open at 5:00 a.m. they opened it earlier. we were there when the first cars went through. you shouldn't really notice a huge change. it had been closed over the long holiday weekend for a big safety project. the crews worked nonstop from friday night until this morning to install a new span. last night we were the only ones to speak with the caltrans about this. >> this is state of the art for seismic joints. we're very, very excited about
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this. transversely, we're applying this here. and it will be on both sides. self-anchored suspension bridge on the bay bridge. >> >> reporter: now, the same technology is used on the bay bridge. live from the dumbarton bridge, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. first street in san francisco is open between mission and howard streets. it had been closed over the holiday weekend while crews worked on the transbay terminal. they were installing the first of three temporary bridges. the next bridge is due to be installed over labor day weekend. 7:03. traffic engineers say it could take less time to drive on the south bay -- on the freeway
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tomorrow afternoon. this is 280 in downtown san jose. that's where new lights will be activated. while that could mean drivers need a little more time 0 get on the freeway, the experts say it will, indeed -- to get on the freeway, the experts say it will, indeed, speed up traffic by 6%. dozens of people have no home this morning after a big apartment fire in oakland. this started on linda avenue near piedmont. luckily, no one was hurt. but the fast-moving flames caused a lot of damage to a four-story damage. there's no word yet how the flames started. the red cross is giving help to 40 people forced out of their homes. it is video that may be hard for you to watch this morning but a mother in vallejo wants you to see it. it's part of her online petition to stop bullying. being kicked and punched by a 14-year-old girl, now, this
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fight happened at hogan middle school. rate yoactive tuna has made -- radioactive tuna has made its way here to california following that huge earthquake in ap. allie rasmus -- in japan. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: well, they are loading and unloading fish and getting ready to transport like they do every other day. one supervisor says they want to import blue fin tuna and they are expecting a shipment of it later on today. radiation was traced back to the fukushima power plant. that's the power plant heavily damaged after the earthquake in japan in march of last year.
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the ship tested tested 15 tuna off the coast. they found that the radiation levels was still within the limits of what was safe to eat. now, thud sh be a concern for consumers for people who like to eat sushi? well, people say blue fin is not the most common type of tuna for sue shue. usually it's yellow fin and that's because blue fin is simply very expensive. it costs about $40 a pound verses $13 for yellow fin. now, back out here live, this is a wholesale company. they are expecting a shipment of blue fin later today. again, pacific blue fin is the type of fish that researchers discovered had higher than usual radiation levels. but still the amount found is
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considered within the limits what is safe to eat. six minutes of a 6 -- after 7:00. mitt romney says today is a big day for him. coming up why today is expected to be the day mitt romney urge earn -- earned -- to be the day mitt romney earned the title. the oakland tribune reports the warriors may face a tough time because those arenas not in downtown areas are not so appealing to investors because corporate sponsors are ikely to pay for luxury and season seats downtown. you will be able to weigh in on a new plan to add six more daily runs to the service schedule. this is all a big turnaround
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from where caltrain was a year ago. that's when they paced a $30 million budget gap. com-- commuters are being asked to attend a meeting on this tomorrow. they are most likely checking in with sal to see how the commute is. how is it? >> so far so good, traffic not all that bad, although we do have the crowds back, the crowds are back. let's go out and take a look at the westbound been. that traffic is backed up for about a 15-minute minute delay. it's become more crowded in the last few minutes getting on the upper deck of the bay bridge. the morning commute looks good approaching the 80 split. that's becoming more crowded.
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as we look at the south bay, the freeways are not all that bad. remember, westbound 580 livermore pretty slow coming in from the valley. let's go to steve. sunshine for some, fog, low clouds for others. but it looks like sunshine will win out for everyone today. yesterday, we look for a repeat performance today. it should be a little warmer, not a lot but a lot of 40s. the low clouds will head back to the coast. the aillergy index will continue to be very high. although the trees were kind of suppressed there for a little bit. yesterday,'s temperature's 50s, 60s. concord, santa rosa, did go from 59 to 63 today. and san jose to 73 today. still, though, a west 17 in
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fairfield. west post at 30s for the temperatures to very low 50s. outside of sonoma there were some preupper 30s. los altos was in there as well. high pressure you can see it lifting up to the north. emphasis on little today. breezy at sometimes -- breezy at times. a lot of 60s and 70s. but those 70s are starting to increase a little pit. 74. kentfield, 7 had 4. brentwood antioch, oakland, livermore, 76. berkeley is in there, morgan hill, 73, santa clara 72. 72 is on the peninsula. palo alto is in there. 65 san bruno. a little warmer on wednesday.
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it looks like thursday could be the warmest day. friday we start another cooldown and it carries right into the weekend. health -- heather, dave? time is running out for thousands of people looking for a job. what's gonna impact 70,000 out- of-work americans? and the location where mitt romney 'will be is drawing -- mitt romney's will be is drawing a lot of controversy.
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low clouds in place but sun for some. highs today will be in the 60s and 70s. it will be cool this morning. a lot of 40s but a little bit warmer today. 7:13. developing news this morning about that crisis in sir reia.
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germany, italy and spain just told syrian ambassadors to leave their countries, following moves by other countries. all of this follows an investigation by the united nations that concluded entire families were shot in their homes during a massacre in syria that killed more than 100 people including dozens of children. u.n. monitors in sirry those killed were killed -- in syria found those killed were killed in houlu. today's primary is next will finally give mitt romney the republican presidential nomination. alison burns is live in our
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washington, d.c. newsroom with what romney is saying about his expected big day. >> reporter: well, after the failed 2008 campaign and the nasty prime minister -- nasty prime season, he's looking forward to going forward. romney's campaign and his big money support remembers stepping up attacks on president obama's job records this week. we're certainly happy to talk about that. that's what -- that's what this cam spain about, obama's record. and if that -- campaign is about, obama's record.
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and if that record is the economy, i don't think he will be with it. >> tonight, romney will be at a fund-raiser in las vegas with donald trump and romney is facing criticism for not raising questions about where president obama was born. >> and the gop candidate will be here in the bay area tomorrow for a fund-raiser. it's being held at 65,000 square foot estate with tickets running as high as 60,000 apiece. a former employee of romney's at bain capital. and she announced she's cutting 25,000 jobs at that company. federal extensions of
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benefits were running 99 weeks. but in a budget-cutting pressure the number of weeks they were eligible was cut. right here in california, the maximum number for claims filed is 79 weeks. so far this year $500,000 -- 500,000 people have had injuries cut off early. the manpower shows one- third of all employees are having trouble filling jobs because there's not enough po em to do the work. 7:17. football's controversial ipo is making -- facebook's controversial ips 0 making news. the mesh cuery news reports that tira beauty delayed their
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ipo citing market conditions and more companies may do the sam thing t coming up at. 12 -- coming up in 12 minutes, we'll go live to menlo park. well, the justice department is investigating whether bp executives lied to ten about louche oil leaked into thing water two years ago -- dash lied to congress about how much oil leaked in there two years ago. well, if you have a visit to a national park, plans for the summer, you may notice more frash on the ground and at national parks, years years
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before budget cutsing -- national parks before the budget, and part of an air canada jet reportedly fell out of the sky as that plane was force to make a landing. >> it was less than a minute and then suddenly powered back. the pilot said he requested an emergency landing. the plane had 318 passengers and crew and it landed safely and the investigation is under
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-- and the incident is under investigation. we may have warmer weather today. looking out our window. that's what we look like right now. steve is um congress back and he will tell us -- steve is coming back and he will tell us if it will stay that way. she's 6 years old and is getting ready to do something that nobody her age has done before.
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this 6-year-old will be competing against students in a spelling bee, many of those students, twice her age. >> we'll probably be working -- be working for her some day. >> probably will. hey, sal, everybody behaving out there? >> yeah, we do have some commutes that are lighter than usual. let's take a look at 237. we have stop-and-go traffic getting into the valley. this morning's commute has been slow in some spots. we have some slow traffic on
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680. 24 looks good, both before and after the caldecott tunnel. 7:23. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. plenty of sun from areas that didn't get the fog the last couple of days. there's plenty of low clouds out there. it burns back to the coast. but mostly sunny, a little warmer. still a westerly breeze. mainly an inland warmup. i don't think we'll get a northeast wind. if we do, it will help the coast. the next system is going well to the north. low clouds, morning, fog, sunny, a little warmer. a westerly breeze at times. 60s and 70s. low to mid-70s. a few upper 70s. but a lot of upper 60s and low 70s around the bay. a little warmer wednesday. thursday looks to be the warmest day of the week.
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it's a critical meeting tonight. up next, the hearing that could determine the fate of ross mirkarimi's career. an an illegal pot growing operation goes up in smoke in the east bay.
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welcome back. a very critical meeting tonight for suspended san francisco sheriff, ross mirkarimi. ktvu's pam cook in the newsroom right now to tell us what is at stake. >> a lot. san francisco's ethics commission will meet to discuss the ross mirkarimi case. that panel could issue the final recommendation on whether the sheriff should be permanently removed from office. that recommendation will go to the board of supervisors. now, yesterday, mirkarimi spoke -- mirkarimi spoke to us. he blames this whole thing on his political enemies. >> this is just one more choking strategy in order to i
7:29 am
think make me walk away. i get it. i get it. i had haters who fought against me. >> mayor ed lee suspended -- suspended mirkarimi without pay following the domestic violence incident involving mirkarimi and his wife it will take nine out of the 11 to push him out of -- to push him out of office. but the vote may not come down until july or august. back to you. >> thank you. there are concerns about traffic congestion once facebook expand ids headquarters and part of that expen shawn -- expansion will happen here. this is where new buildings could be added to the site.
7:30 am
facebook wants to double their employees from 3300 to 4300 -- to 6300. >> we're so happen foy have facebook as neighbors in menlo park -- we are so happy to have took as neighbors in menlo park. i'm so happy they are here. >> reporter: facebook has promised to restrict the number of cars that come to the site to mitigate traffic concerns. in addition, facebook is
7:31 am
offering more than $14 billion in benefits to which they will be using. mark and his wife made an unintentionally cameo on high- tech police techniques. take a look. you can see them right there. they can be seen walking behind two police officers in this footage. facebook like other social media sites is blocked in china. facebook is not comment on this video. and the facebook's ceo has reportedly taken his new bride to rome for their honeymoon. a tourist posted a photo on
7:32 am
facebook. the couple reportedly enjoyed oysters one night at dinner but they were also spotted eating mcdonald's one day. this woman here in the brown outfit is a principal. the chp says she hit two cars on highway 101, south of the golden gate bridge on may 12th. police say she drove away from the scene. police also say she had a blood alcohol level over the legal limit when she was stopped. a man accused of three sexual assaults in san francisco's mission district is due to appear in court today. this man was arrested in january after police got a tip from the public. prosecutors say this tip helped
7:33 am
them identify dozier. they say he's responsible for three sexual assaults last year. they say each attack became more violent. the last victim was choked to the point of becoming unconscious. a home on 25th avenue caught fire just after 5:30 last night. while inside battling the blaze, firefighters say they discovered a marijuana-growing operation. a ktvu news camera was allowed inside the house. firefighters say each room on the second floor had a different stage of the marijuana grow operation. police are now investigating. >> me being from the streets, i never smelled anything. i never got a whiff. i'm in shock. >> firefighters reported someone running from the home.
7:34 am
the homeowner said she rented it to the people about a year ago. a similar situation in vallejo where another marijuana- growing operation was found inside the home. this was the scene last night around 6:00. witnesses say this appeared to be a very sophisticated operation with several rooms in the three-story home devoted to growing. no one was hurt in the incident. vallejo police say officers chased a white lexus after it was allegedly speeding without its lights on. investigators say a police officer shot and killed 41-year- old an ton barrett, after he -- anton barrett after he allegedly got out of the car and pulled out a metal on the
7:35 am
that -- object. this was yesterday morning. >> he didn't deserve to be shot. and sheriff deputies in sacramento county say they were forced to shoot and kill a man when they were threatened with a pitchfork. investigators say a 40-year-old man bust out of a house and charged at two deputies with a pitchfork. one officer opened fire killing a man who reportedly had a his -- had a history of be mental problems. we're looking at the roads. they are getting a little more crowded.
7:36 am
this is 280 coming in from, let's say, was was come avenue -- from was come avenue -- from bascom avenue. this is a typical delay of about 15 minutes before you make it on the span. and we're looking at contra costa county. give yourself extra time. 7:36. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal. thank you. low clouds around but also breaks in the clouds. a little bit of a chill. had some 30s and 40s. 30s, yes, yes. it's tough to warm up when you
7:37 am
get the fog like this and the fog bank that's been front and center. it may as any indication of summer. the pollen index continues to favor the grasses. the temperatures start to warm up at -- the cedar grass continues to be high. upper 40s. scotts valley dipped to 39. 39 for about an hour and then they started to warm up. these are not the current temperatures. these are the lows. kenwood, 40. los gatos, 41. alamo, palo alto, all in the 40s. the high pressure goes up to
7:38 am
48, 72 hours. fog/, sun -- fog/sun, warmer. 50s, 60s, 70s. the orange would be 80s. we can't find any of those. tomorrow, it looks like. 68 vallejo to 76 fairfield. san ramon, danville at 75. pleasanton, livermore, all around 76. a little warmer berkeley, a.m., 70s for the -- a.m., 70s -- alameda, 70s for city. -- for the city. heather? >> thank you, steve. 7:38 is the time now. we have an update on the story that we first brought you during yesterday's morning news. firefighters now say this house fire in fremont was caused by
7:39 am
an unintended barbecue. it was reported on hansen avenue around 5:30. firefighters say it took about an hour to put out the flames, which spread to the home next door t left ten people and two dogs without a home. on a recent -- door. it left ten people and two dogs without a home. and sad update, javier low pedestrians, the 6-year-old in the car accident, has died. his mother, this woman, she died at the scene. this happened happened on may 18th, the accident. court documents show the cause of the accident was the individual driving with a blood legal limit, twice the amount legal.
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let's take you live to new york. pretty good numbers right now. the dow is up 145 points. this could be because investors are feeling pretty optimistic when they come back from the memorial day break. a number of reports are due out. the home price index came out about an hour ago, it showed that home prices were up in march and that's the first time that that happened in seven months. while that index report that
7:43 am
looks good, america's confidence in the economy apparently fell in may to its lowest level in eight months. the conference board says the index stands at 64.9 down from april. researchers say slow hiring, a big stock drop and the global economy are among the biggest concerns. and j.p. morgan chase has sold an estimated $25 billion worth of profitable securities. j.p. morgan is not commenting. a deadly earthquake has hit northern italy for the second time in just about a week. our reporter is joining us live
7:44 am
from italy to talk about this damage and the death toll. what do you know? >> reporter: well, this is really devastating for these people. there are now about 12,000 people who are without homes. that's 4,000 more than there we yesterday. 7,000 had been displated. there are confirmed 15 people who lost their lives. there is a big difference between the may 20th earthquake and today's. and that is on the time it happened. the earlier quake it was 4:00 in the morning, people were in their homes. there was damage to the factories and the renaissance buildings but this morning the earthquake struck at 9:00 when people were at work, a priest
7:45 am
was preparing for mass. several people who arrived at work walked into this. >> if you can hear me, we know the quake was a 5.8. how far was it felt? i understand a very, very wide area felt the strength of this quake. >> reporter: that's right. they felt the earthquake all the way up in milan and evacuated several buildings there. in bologna.
7:46 am
seismologists are examining whether another faultline is down there. there have been 800 after shocks. the size miss experts are re-- are really studying what this means -- means. now maybe this will be a new norm for the people in the area. >> this is fascinating, also frightening. reporting live from italy on this morning's earthquake in northern italy. 7:46. well, 19 people have died, including 13 children after a fire at a popular mall in the middle east. it happened yesterday morning in dotat. investigators say some victims died while trying to reach a child care center. four peachers and two rescuers
7:47 am
are among the dead. 17 others were hurt. one witness says the sprinkler systems and fire alarms didn't work properly. >> a i -- as i continued on, i noticed the smoke was about to get heavy. in egypts thousands are protesting the results of that country's first presidential election under a formal premiere that hosni mubarak was
7:48 am
named to have made it through the first part. [chanting] some protesters smashed windows of mubarak. john edwards has arrived at the north carolina courthouse as jurors went back to their deliberations. edwards faces six felony counts
7:49 am
of financial corruption. he's accused of losing some a million dollars from his two owners to help hide an extramarital fall and his mispress it be. barry bonds says he's ready to urn -- and his -- and his mistress. barry bonds says he's ready to return to the giants. bonds is publicly referring to himself as a convicted felon but is quick to point out that was obstruction of justice not
7:50 am
for spheroids. they want to keep -- steroids. the defense will start presenting its case in the clemens in washington, d.c. roger clemens is a seven-time cry ward award winner accused of lying to congress in 2008 when he denied wearing steroids. they spent a night on a freezing mountain side after their plane crashed. now we're hearing what hemmed -- what helped them.
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welcome back. 7:52. now we're hearing from a sacramento firefighter whose family survived a plane crash
7:53 am
into an idaho mountain. brian brown, his wife and 26- year-old daughter were rescued sunday afternoon after the family spent a night freezing on a snow covered mountain -- snow-covered mountainside. a cell phone turned out to be very crucial when their 911 call went through. >> remarkably had it connected because area we crashed in -- remarkably it had connected because air area we crashed in, that cell phone should not have gone through. >> but it did. he used a strobe light to help flag down help.
7:54 am
southby they -- sotheby's is auctioning off a memo that steve jobs wrote. he wrote the memo when he worked with the video game. they expect the note to bring in anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. that sale be -- begins june 15th. apparently the big trend in ice cream this summer seems to be making it look like something else. cold stone ice cream is using sushi cupcakes. baskin-robbins is bringing back
7:55 am
its watermelon chip ice which has chocolate chips made to look like water melon seeds. sownes yummy -- sounds yum her -- sounds yummy. >> i'm there. i'm there. sal has an accident to report. >> there's one car in the road. there's another on the side. southbound 101 coming down. it's already busy this time of the morning from novato to san
7:56 am
rafael. let's take a look at highway 4. highway 4 has been in bad shape. the truck is finally out of the lanes. highway 4 ville very -- highway 4, still very slow. caltrain had some major delays because of a stalled vehicle. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. already sun for many locations. the fog is still there. it will burn off earlier. had a lot of 40s.
7:57 am
still on the cool side here for the end of may. had some upper 30s and 40s which is really cool. high pressure is gonna send everything to the north for a couple of days. fog, sun, sooner. thursday looks to be the warmest day. guess what. another cooldown ushers in on the weekend. >> thank you, steve. 7:57. a bay area school district makes anive vent mountain -- an investment in attendance. find out if that is paying off. >> reporter: we're live at the -- dash where the -- we're live at the tampa bay bridge -- at the dumbarton bridge this
7:58 am
morning. "mornings on 2" continues after the break. here you go little man.
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welcome back. i'm heather homes in for tori. >> i'm dave clark. new this morning, it's back in business. the dumbarton bridge reopened shortly before:00 this morning and -- before 3:00 this morning and that's a few hours ahead of schedule. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: that's right. the dumbarton bridge is back up and running. this is the eightia construction crews were working on. it's the western -- this is the area construction crews were working on. it's the western span. we just went across and the metal joint that you drive over is really the only thing you will notice. crews worked nonstop to install an expansion joint. last night we talked to the
8:01 am
dean signer. >> we also have keys longitudinally. so the wheels, they get good lockings. >> reporter: caltrans is making plans to shut down the dumbarton on another long weekend to complete the same work on the eastern side. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. the next bridge is set to be installed over labor day weekend. the street reopened around 5:00 this morning. the road is now clear after a tree came crashing down on a pickup truck in san francisco.
8:02 am
the tree came down around 7:00 last night on haight street near scott street. no one was hurt. but eightia was shut down until about 11:00 -- but the area was shut down around 11:00 last night. it's not known what reportedly call caused the fall but it was pretty windy, they say. will any of the tuna being reported end up on people's dinner plates? there's still some people doing some work here but for about 0 minutes ago, they finished loading up the niche and shellfish into vans getting ready to transport it to restaurants across the bay area. now, this company does import
8:03 am
blue fin tuna. they are expecting a shipment later on today. scientists discovered that fish had higher-than-normal radiation levels. radiation levels found within the blue fin were within the limits of what is considered safe to eat. none of the wholesalers sell blue fin tuna. should consumers be concerned about the radiation levels? usually yellow fin tu know is the most common prepared for sunni. it's a lot cheaper than blue fin. blue fin is about $40 a pound. scientists say blue fin is more
8:04 am
commonly served as tuna -- as belly sushi. live in hayward, alley has russ, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:04. three people have been arrested for a shooting in union city. police say it happened at a home yesterday often on core ta monterey -- coreta monterey yesterday afternoon. police say an argument broke out. one person started shooting. that person was arrested after a brief chase. two other people, a man and a woman were arrested in the day. the pentagon confirmed, a u.s. soldier from salinas has died.
8:05 am
the army specialist died saturday in southern afghanistan. the pentagon sad he was killed by an improvised bomb. his took page is filled with messages of condolences. nine months ago, the superintendent used $250,000 to track student attendance more closely and to follow up with parents. the effort seems to be working. now that more students are indeed attending class. the school district is getting more funding. the district uses about $35 in funding daily every time a student misses class. jerry hill wants the state to use pg&e fines to relate is to the pipeline disaster to pay for the first phase of the
8:06 am
pipeline incident. pg&e wants pg&e customers to pay 95% of the costs. pg&e meantime has hired a new exactly to help with the project. jesus is now responsible for managing pipelines. he's the new senior vice president of if i -- senior vice president and he starts that new position today. traffic engineers say it could take a little less time
8:07 am
for you to drive on a south bay freeway starting tomorrow afternoon. these are live pictures. this is showing interstate 280 downtown san jose. that's where metering lights will be activated on the southbound side starting tomorrow afternoon. now, while that can mean drivers can mean more drivers -- while that can mean more drivers on the freeway, it could actually speed up traffic by 6%. >> oh, boy. 6%. that's not bad. >> no. let's check in with sal. we just saw caltrain in that picture. caltrain is delayed. we will a stalled train. so if you take caltrain you are no go need extra time although the planes are not as severely as they woulding at the time. >> this crash was in the lanes for a while. i watched the with -- i watched the fire department show up.
8:08 am
southbound 101 is slow coming in from novato. southbound 101 right through central san ralph fall that's cleared up -- san rafael. let's look at the bay bridge. that's cleared up he very nicely. 8:07. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. 30s, 40s. 30s? yeah, a couple of. 40s, low to mid. i think santa rosa is stuck a little bit. a lot of low 50s. temperatures due to mostly low clouds, some sun. it will end up.
8:09 am
high pressure will number and give us warmer weather. i think the coast gets in on the sun. snowe is about 20, 25 miles an hour. 50s, 60s and 70s. i think more 60s, 70s. 77. st. helena. san rafael 72. brentwood, antioch, oakley, after discover -- discovery bay. hayward only 76. not much -- not much warmer for the santa clara valley. low 70s palo alto, machine low
8:10 am
park. a little warmer onwards. thursday looks to be the warmest dae of the week. fog comes back to the coast on thursday and then much stronger with a big cooling trend for the weekend. heather? dave. meantime, san carlos and berkeley also examining rules governing massage parlors. they say the goal is to ballens allow lag why themy. le -- is to develop growing
8:11 am
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well, sunshine already for some. temperatures coming up sunny. still low clouds around. 60s and 70s. low a little bit warmer.
8:14 am
a little bit of a westerly breeze. some developing news to tell you about this morning regarding the crisis in cerium. u.s. state department just announced within the last half- hour, that the u.s. is be expelling top syrian diplomats in this country to protest the recent massacre of more than 130 civilian. the other countries announced the same think, including germany, italy, spain and the netherlandss, france, britain, australia, canada. the country all say they want to send a strong message to the syrian government. u.n. monitors in syria found that those killed were killed
8:15 am
by artillery fire. the u.n. says the rest were shot in their homes. kofi anan met with president a. kenya's prime minister is blaming foreign terrorists for an attack in nairobi. police suspect a -- 34% of veterans support president obama but the poll
8:16 am
shows 58% support mop among all registered voters, the poll shows president obama and mitt romney are tied at 46% each o. well, mott is expected to oofficially chin -- clinch the -- the nomination tonight. alison burns has more. >> reporter: mitt romney is expected to have the 1144 delegates he needs to become the gop presidential nominee. he's rallying supporters in craig, colorado this morning. this is a live look at his event ha just got underway a few minutes ago. romney will be making headlines
8:17 am
-- >> i continue agree with all of the people that support me. i need to get 51% or more. >> romney's campaign and some big money supporters are going to be stepping up their attacks on president obama this week focusing on what they called his failed economic stimulus plan. the plan. >> this is mitt romney on stage right now. now, romney will be here in the bay area tomorrow for another
8:18 am
fund-raiser. meg whitman announced that she's hutting -- cutting 25,000 jobs at hewlett-packard. >> california's 9 -- 911 license plate program under investigation. according to the press review "the state has collectedle a few people about the state's budget -- according to the
8:19 am
press preview the state has collected -- contacted a few people about the state's budget program. in just a couple of hours, a judge will dae side whether audio recordings of a manson family member should be turned over to the l.a.p.d. police believe those recordings which contain conversations between charles "text" watson and his mother may include watson talking about this. he'ser is everyoning a life sentence for f.m. murder. it's if the -- it's against the law but that's not stop be
8:20 am
zip lining. police cut some of those rope swings down but they say they put them right back up. >> i like drinking -- drinking beer and then doing rope things -- doing rope swings. >> police say they are fighting to keep rivergoers from jumping off. getting ready for it getting ready for another foggy/chilly day. and things are a little more crowded and we'll update
8:21 am
the commute when we come back. i'm more of an absentee plant parent.
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so my plants grow bigger, more beautiful, without all the weeds -- guaranteed. [ cellphone rings ] with miracle gro shake 'n feed, anyone can have a green thumb. [ cellphone rings ] everyone grows with miracle gro. bay area firefighters say they are ready for the fire season. other departments have been fired. calfire says the seasonal firefighters have just completed a week's worth of refresher training.
8:24 am
>> if there was a fire, i could do what i needed to do and be more mentally and physically prepped it be dab prepared. they expect this to abnormal fire season with the potential for big fires across the state. let's check in with sal. get in to where you need to know -- sal is getting you where you need go -- getting you where you need to go. this is 80, heading up north to downtown oakland, a little slow. highway 101, betting -- getting a little bit busy now. been 101 right near third avenue, there is a crash.
8:25 am
i would -- i would say you will be in for some slow traffic. why don't you try using 280 in let's go to steve. we have some -- well f.m. a west wind in place. so -- a west wind in place. we had a lot of -- a lat of cool, cool -- lot of cool, cool readings. another cooldown by the weekend. fall giving away toward sunshine 60s around the bay and
8:26 am
then upper 60s. 80s -- 80s return for the inland areas. be it will be. testimony infant but the fog noms roaring back away from you -- away from you. away from your house. and facebook plenty to expand its headquartersge -- including new buildings at this location. why the social media giant is hoping for some likes tonight. and also also mirkarimi's political future could be decided not. -- could be dean sided tonight at san francisco city -- could be decided tonight at san francisco city hall.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
we are a getting more information about the deadly earthquake in northern italy. at least 15 people have been killed. more than 200 others were hurt. it was a 5.8 quake. it hit near bologna earlier this morning, the very same area where a bigger quake killed seven people nine days ago. some people affected by last week's quake, they are still living in tents. the cake caused many more buildings to collapse. last week's quakes caused more than 200 million in damage. well, back here at home, tonight, menlo park, city council will vote on facebook's plans to expand its campus. alex savidge is in menlo park. he's been out there all morning
8:30 am
long to tell us that facebook is about to grow its work force. alex? >> reporter: they want to build up their existing campus there and they also want to create a west campus. the mayor of menlo park says they want to have around 9300 employees. earlier, the commission okayed facebook's expansion plans. one issue is to -- one issue to consider is the increased possibility of traffic. the mayor of menlo park told me that facebook is facebook has a
8:31 am
very aggressive trafficmentment system. so wherever -- that means bikes, shuttles, caltrains. >> reporter: the neighboringly of threatening lawsuit if nothing is to be about the traffic in this area. menloing's tells me she's in -- she's in caulk congress the menlo park -- she's in talks with the menlo park city county. i'm told by the mayor, the final vote on this won't in until next month.
8:32 am
took -- won't come in until next week. the mercury news reports that some experts say they may delay their vote next month. 75 people will get their final unemployment checks as soon as predicted. federal agents had run 99 weeks. but in a budget-cutting measure, the number they were eligible was cut as. states were seeing drops. here in california, the maximum number of claims filed have it
8:33 am
be their gauge. 8:3. dozens of people are homeless this morning following a big apartment building fire in oakland. it started around 5:30 yesterday afternoon on linda avenue near piedmont. no one was hurt. but the fast already-on. the let cross is -- but it was -- but the video was on. now, a fight happened at logan middle school about a
8:34 am
month ago. the mother says she has memory loss and missed about a month to stop the bullying. she did not think the teachers 0 anyone there were doing anything. >> not only did she tape -- i was so out raged. i said let's make it -- let's turn this around and show the bullies what's going on in school. for the second time in a month, ross mirkarimi will go before a very important committee in san francisco. pam cook is in our newsroom to tell us the process to tonight san francisco's commission --
8:35 am
commission competes. and this meeting could take ross mirkarimi out for good. now, sherr now, her cuery spoke to us. he has -- now, sheriff mercksh -- now, sheriff mirkarimi smoke to us. >> what they are resorting to compromises i think the integrity to one of the city's able. >> the legal analyst tells us that jim ham -- jim hammer says they will rely on wife witnesses apanly have a long list of witnesses in this case.
8:36 am
i'm corey time now 8:35. a prayer prime minister scheduled to be opinion -- scheduled be to be in -- a prayer -- 8:35 is the time right now. the chp says this woman hit two cars on highway investigators say also mo looseky had a alcohol -- dash legal limit when she was finally stopped. ha bran is po -- this is 32- year-old frederick frodzier are. %ge vas say each attack became more -- investigators say each
8:37 am
attack became hon moral partly -- sal few minutes ago was telling us about the disruption in caltrain's office -- service. any update of this? >> reporter: there is an -- a
8:38 am
stall. there is 680 crash. wash for slow traffic in the area. 6 the better location is southbound -- watch for slow traffic in that area. the better location is southbound. 508, a beast coming in. highway 4 has improvedlele let's going to -- let's go to some trafficle also the morning -- let's go to the track. sunny -- funny, sun, foggy. just a little bit of a warmer da darn just a little bit of a warmup.
8:39 am
-- of a warmer day. the warmup looks to be more of an inrand projection over the next couple of days, especially towards thursday. maybe some upper 80s to near 90 degrees. but then a cooldown could be on tap for the weekend. west-southwest, fairfield. west-southwest san jose. everything is coming to the sea breed. low 50s to mid-60s. ready really cool. for this time of year, the days are longer of a of -- at it's a low prole the orange would be
8:40 am
80s. we don't -- it's a low there. the orange would be 80s. we don't see much of those. a little warmer out towards oakley and brentwood. 8:40. investigating an air canada flight. how that flight is being about tied to trouble on the ground. it wasn't just furniture that went up in smoke what. firefighters say they found in a home in the east bay. should consumers worry about feeting you tuna? we'll tell you -- about eating
8:41 am
tuna? we'll tell you about that next.
8:42 am
8:43 am
taking another live look at the big board. the dow is up, more than 100 points right now. this comes after some pretty
8:44 am
positive economic news just about an hour ago. the home price index was released. it showed home prices were actually up in march. however, at the same time, consumer confidence fell in may. as you can see from the live picture, invest -- investigators focusing on the positive. 8:43. let's bring you up so date on some of the other top stories. an earthquake this morning in northern italy has killed at least 15 people and injured 200 injuries. look at these pictures. it was a magnitude the same area where another quake hit nine days ago. the dumbarton bridge is open again. ktvu was right there at 3:00 this morning when caltrans opened the bridge. scientists are finding high
8:45 am
levels of radiation cat off the coast in san diego. allly has more and concerns rep well, they are loading books here -- loading there things in here that they were -- now this company does ship and testimony -- does ship that tuna. scientists say blue fin caught off the coast in they held the judge can heavily damaged --
8:46 am
in the f.m. the question is, should consumers be worried? scientists who did the sturdy say the fish is safe to eat but they point out the study shows that radiation can be carried across the pacific. from this case, they've troubledle -- they've had trouble. blue fin is a lot more expensive man 91113 a mo -- blue fin is a lot more expensive. about $13 a -- about $40 a
8:47 am
pown. about a pound -- about $40 a pound. 8:46. there are no reports of any major damage from the rel thans of tropical depression beryl but the storm brought some very 0 -- very fierce winds. the national -- the justice didn't investigating whether bp officials investigated whether any information was leaked from
8:48 am
the from the if you plan to go to a national park this summer, you may see more on the ground so near will be fewer seasonal rainable he hours at theviors center. be -- some are trying to find folkive. authorities in canada investigating a report that plane callses f.m.el it the air canada flight to toronto took off yesterday. one of the engines shut off and the plane returned to the air. about the same time, pieces the
8:49 am
-- pieces of medal fall down. able maybes say two -- neighbors say they were pretty too it dad to -- pretty much too hot. i testimony i expect a to happen to us. a house fire in oakland has i do expect that to happen to us. a house fire in oakland has been put out. >> i would never have guessed it. out of the -- automatic of the don't as that lived there were
8:50 am
they nice. >> just around the time when the fire start -- that the really. the reality -- the reality of modern pro supports could create the local sportsance. the going if the spell sports. a 6-year-old girl from virginia making history now. the young e person ever to qualify for the national
8:51 am
spelling bee. >> that's lori ann and der son -- lori ann anderson. >> 6 years old, such composure. >> yeah, yeah. coming up next -- a man he climbs up in a cab and keeps police at bay for more than 14 hours. how the standoff finally came to an end in texas. sal will be back for one more look at your morning commute.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
a 14-hour standoff between texas police and a carjacking suspect ended with the man's death. he climbed inside of a huge crane right on the campus of southern methodist university in dallas. early this morning, he fell 150 feet to his death after threatening to shoot if anybody came close. the campus was closed yesterday for a memorial -- for memorial day. that crane was being used for housing projects. john edwards arrived this morning at the north carolina courtroom as jurors went back to deliberate as his corruption trial. he faces six felony cuts of -- counts of campus financial construction. he's accusedded of using $2 --
8:55 am
accused of using $2 million to done seal -- to conceal his mistrees. and at -- mistress and his affair. a driver, 41-year-old anton barrett, seepier, got out of the car. >> he reached into the front front -- into the right front pock of his sweatshirt and was removing his handholding a blue metal ob. that october turned out -- that object turned out to be a wallet. after he was shot, he did die at the hot hospital.
8:56 am
a sad update for on a recent car crash in berkeley. the daily could you reports xavier chavez, the 6-year-old boy hurt in that -- the daily cow reports xavier chavez, the 6-year-old boy hurt in that car accident, died. and her mother, milanca lopez, she also died. court ox report the driver's legal limit was more than twice the legal imlit. we also have an update on a story we brought you yesterday morning -- this morning. firefighters say this house in fremont was caused by an unintended barbecue.
8:57 am
it was reported near han -- near hansen avenue around 5:30 in the morning. and left -- it left ten people and two animals without a home. it's ticket tuesday here at tut. the winner -- it's ticket tuesday here at ktvu. you can earn two kicks to the nevada tourism -- tickets to the nevada tourism. go to the website to get the secret word to enter and that's "getaway." the all right stat off with the maps in contra costa county. i want to look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's light. northbound, northbound and southbound 101 moderately heavy
8:58 am
as you get into sunshine. there's still some out there until it turns off, it will be sunny today. breezy, a little warmer but we continue this wednesday, thursday, most of friday. thank you, steve. thank you, steve for allowing me to sit in. >> my pressure. >> thank you. that's our report. thank you for trusting ktvu news. we will see you the next time news breaks. and be sure to watch the news at noon. we're always here for you at and mobile ktvu.
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