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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 29, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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bikes in concord. eric rasmussen live where family members say they are frustrated that charges have not been filed. >> reporter: i've called police every week since this cash. investigators believe this case could come to speed. the teen driver was going well above this posted speed limit. investigators say proving how fast the suv was going as it came off the roadway, hit a fire hydrant. the family and this building is apparently tough to prove. when this white cadillac escalate crashed killing muri and his daughter hedessa some thought justice for the 17-year- old driver would be swift. >> an individual cannot just drive down the street, kill two people, and nothing happen. >> reporter: the young driver was released from juvenile hall a few days after the crash and nearly eight weeks later still hasn't been charged with anything. that's why we're not identifying him.
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a friend and neighbor of the victim steve saez is among those frustrated. >> to see this drawn out as long as it has it's ridiculous. >> we want to make sure we do this accurately. >> reporter: police say they've been in contact with the victim's family and are now closer on taking the case to the district attorney. the quality of the investigation could determine whether the driver faces a felony or misdemeanor. >> was there degree of recklessness involved in the part of the driver prior to the collision. that will make it a big difference in regards to what they charge. >> that could be more than just going too fast? >> it would depend on the degree of speed. >> reporter: back here live at the scene you see the words loved not lost. authorities tell me they already have toxicology tests back and evidence whether this driver was on the phone at this
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time. police say they're not ready though to release that information. eric rasmussen. it is awful to watch but parents say it is evidence of a school bullying problem that is plaguing a middle school in vallejo. this cell phone video is making the rounds online. it shows an 11-year-old girl being beat up at hogan middle school. school officials there are not doing enough to stop these attacks on campus. ktvu's rob roth is live where he spoke to several parents who are very concerned about what's going on there. rob. >> reporter: frank, just here at this one school, hogan middle school several students tell us they've been the victims of bullying. jailin tells us she began attending hogan middle school and on her second day of school this happened. the video shows mayhem. >> everybody started jumping in at the same time. i felt mad about it.
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it just irritates me. >> reporter: a few months later, video of another girl under attack. the video made the rounds on the social networks but the victim's mother has posted it on to create awareness on bullying. >> at first i was so outraged and i thought you know what you've already done this. let's make this, we're going to turn this around and expose the bullies and show what's going on in our schools. >> reporter: a vallejo school official said they do not have a problem bullying. ktvu ran a story about anti bullying videos being shown in vallejo. >> i feel the least safe during lunchtime. >> reporter: jaline refuses to step one food on the hogan campus. >> trying to fight somebody just to prove you can beat somebody up. it doesn't matter you can beat them up. >> reporter: it sickens me my
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daughter could not go to school and feel safe while she's beenen educated. >> reporter: that mother says she plans to meet with the district attorney to discuss pressing criminal charges against her daughter's attacker. a body found in a san jose pond today is now at the center of a homicide investigation. the santa clara county sheriff's dive team found the body of a man around 10:15 this morning in the water off blossom hill road. there's still no word on who that man was or how he died. san jose police say they have taken over the case because officers had been searching for a man reported missing in the area. court records are revealing new details about the dui arrest of a state assemblyman in concord. a police report released by the contra costa county superior court says rocker hernandez plained to be staying at a concord hotel near where he was pulled over on may seventh --
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superior court says hernandez claimed to be staying at a concord hotel near where he was pulled over on may 7th. vilmar galarza hernandez died monday. we now know his many awards include the bronze star and purple hard. he is called a rock and added, specialist hernandez was the kind of guy i would follow any where knowing he was in the lead. a bill meant to curve shake down lawsuits. lawmakers say dozens of small business are targeted by lawsuits generating thousands of thousands dollars in attorneys fees. the measure would require a 30
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day notice before a suit could be filed. the bill now goes to the state assembly. turning now to election 2012, mitt romney has now clenched the republican nomination for president by sweeping tonight's texas primary. the polls closed about an hour ago. and right now you can see the numbers, romney in the lead there with one earlier returns there according to this page with 1% of precincts reporting. ron paul has 10%, rick santorum and newt gingrich are in single digits but have both dropped out of the rate. 152 texas delegates are up for grabs tonight and they will be awarded by percentage of the vote. mitt romney needs 38% or more of the vote to win the delegates needed to put him over the top. but we have just learned mitt romney has clenched the republican nomination for president. right now the city of pinol is holding a special meeting to consider severe budget cuts if voters fail to renew a city
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tax. an 8% tax is set to expire at the end of the year. the city is considering cutting 14 city positions. the city's swim center may also close. the city passed a bill that would limit the pay for state university employees. the measure would ban public pay raises at csu schools for the next 10 years and then limit raises to 10% for the next four. >> there's a balance of what we can pay and what we ought to charge our students and their families. >> reporter: the bill now heads to the assembly, if it passes, and is signed by the governor within the next month the salary cap could go into effect immediately. >> another controversy is surfacing over housing for csu presidents. the university system has
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reportedly spent more than $2 million renovating homes for campus presidents over the last few years. leland yee says the numbers replace the misplaced priorities of the csu administration. the commute through downtown san jose is about to change for many driverless. sal d riverless drivers. sal castaneda is going to explain. >> reporter: the new metering lights will be switched on at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow in time for the afternoon compute. the new lights are on seven onramps to highway 280 in south san jose. >> the biggest element is the safety aspect. because there's cars that's going to cause safer congestion and weaving. >> reporter: the downtown san jose meteringlights cost $5.5 million. caltrans plans to install more lights in almost every bay area
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county in the next four years. the next unveiling is next saturday near highway 92. this man lives very close to a freeway onramp that will have new metering lights. >> having the light here will slow the traffic down, as far as the safety for the pedestrians. >> most seem to favor the lights. >> the experience i've had for them it's not right. i'm sure when there's traffic, you're jacked any where. >> to merge on to the freeway it takes longer to having to wait behind bumper to bumper rather than with the meter light. >> reporter: but not everyone is in favor of metering light fearing it will adversely affect city street traffic. >> i think it's not a good idea because san jose traffic is bad as it is. i think it will cause a lot more traffic. >> reporter: caltrans says it plans to activate more than 300 new metering lights in the bay
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area by the year 2016. in san jose, sal castaneda, ktvu news. and's traffic section includes live traffic maps, advisories about delays and detours and live cameras showing the conditions out on the road. san francisco mayor ed lee announced a big boost. the major spent the morning in little saigon to announce grants for commercial corridors throughout the city. it's all part of the invest in neighborhoods initiative. >> we wanted to make appropriate investments in our neighborhoods and that's not been forgotten. it's certainly going to be reflected in this budget. >> the mayor also announced a new data base to track vacancies throughout the city and help businesses expand. after 11 county elections offices including contra costa, san francisco and san mateo all
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failed to send vote by mail ballots to uniformed and overseas voters by the government's deadline. the agreement lets those voters return their june 5th ballots by fax or e-mail or express delivery free of cost. happening right now many city hall. a hearing on san francisco's suspended sheriff. we're live in the room as they discuss the sheriff's fate. oakland police say they have taken the worse of the worse off city streets. the undercover operation that they say led to 90 arrests. and back here in just 10 minutes with the latest computer model that does show a significant warm up as we go ahead in the next 24 hours.
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police in piedmont are investigating a home invasion
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robbery that happened early yesterday. police say at least two masked men entered a home just after 4:30 a.m. yesterday morning: one of the robbers was armed with a handgun. he ordered a father and two teenaged sons to lie on the floor as the robbers ransacked the home. hopefully no one was hurt. a santa clara county judge has sentenced a san jose man to eight years in prison for setting a fire that destroyed trace elementary school. lazarus was 17 years old when he and another man torched the school. both were charged as adults with aggravated arson. the fire caused $20 million in damage. a man accused in a series of rapes in san francisco's mission district pleaded not guilty today to all charges. 32-year-old fredrick dozier is
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charged with 24 felony counts. the assaults happened between june and december of last year. dozier also faces charges of attempted murder, robbery and kidnapping. in oakland police today announced dozens of arrests in an undercover operation targeting the worse of the worse of the city's criminals. police and federal agents say 90 people are behind bars, 60 of those in custody face federal drugs and weapons charges. 30 more face similar state charges. 92 weapons were seized along with several kilograms of meth and marijuana. oakland police say they have already noticed a drop in violent crime. right now the san francisco ethics commission is hammering out the details for suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi's ethics hearings. the commissioner have been debates who they want to hear from and how they want to hear from them. >> reporter: this hearing started about 45 minutes ago behind me here at city hall you
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can see a couple of ross mirkarimi supporters. let's go inside that fourth floor hearing courtroom. where investigators have been talking about tape of evidence, including possible hearsay. tonight they're simply setting the rules for a set of hearings that will help decide whether suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi keeps or the áf officially loses his job. major ed lee suspended him without pay and accused him of official misconduct. over the next few days, evidence will be heard. the city indicated they may call a rebuttal witness described simply in court papers as jane doe to protect her privacy. >> people are just cannot figure out why they're coming at us so far. they're using my family as a weapon to destroy me so that i
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walk away from my career. >> it's such an important office, i made the best decision that i could and i think the others will do so if they got all the information. >> again another live look of everything going on at city hall. we're told the hearing here will likely go until the 8:00 hour because there are so many issues to explore in conjunction with this case. including if they will play a video of lopez displaying a bruise on her arm. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. shares of facebook tumbled below $21 a share today for a loss of 23% since going public. stock in the menlo park based social networking giant has taken a beating since the ipo last week. it is the subject of two shareholder lawsuits including one filed in san mateo county. facebook shares fell nearly 10%
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today to close at $28.84. shares of op era software soared today after word of facebook buying it. analysts say the norwegian company could be valued at $1.3 billion. let's talk about our weather now, chief meteorologist bill martin, maybe some 90s. >> we might see some 90s in the next 48 hours. a cool holiday weekend but things are shaping up as we go through this week. as frank points out maybe some more 90s. good news, a warm up and temperatures in the valley are warm. the winds right now are going like this. that's why it's not that warm. that's how it was this weekend. what's going to happen over the next few hours, the winds are going to start coming this way. it'll pull that heat from the central valley and into the inland bay valleys and that will warm temperatures up. the temperatures did warm. as we go into the next 48 hours you will notice a significant
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warm up and the warmest day right now looks like it'll probably end up being thursday. but friday could be light there as well. the forecast for tonight, patchy coastal fog. there's not a lot of it but there's a little bit. it'll be back tomorrow morning. it was everywhere today. you get plenty of sunshine. warmer period as we go through tomorrow. the computer model lays the fog right along the coast. this fog footprint has been very similar to the fog footprint that we've been seeing really the last three or four days. shooting across san bruno, over hayward, out toward the livermore area and it's being hanging in there. north bay has a lot less fog than the central bay. the sun comes out and highs get back into the, you will see the forecast highs tomorrow. these are microclimates. you will get a 60 out there. by the windmills about 60 degrees. not warm but warmer. nice fog should burn off by noon tomorrow. as you move through the bay area microclimates you're in
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the mid-70s. you move out into the big valley and you're back into the 80s. that's how your forecast goes for your wednesday. thursday will be warmer still. so the forecast then for this week is out of a warming trend. sunny and warming through the week. warmer day looks lake it'll be thursday and friday. temperatures are going to get up there, the last couple of days we'll see 90s. 83 out toward san helena, 83 in napa and fairfield. things are still green believe it or not but we're going to see more browning this week especially with the 90s starting to pop in. the bay area forecast, it's dry and it's warm. it's going to be one of the nicer weeks we see. a consistent week. it'll be a little cooler as we get into sunday afternoon, maybe upper 70s. >> like that graphic shows all the microclimates. >> thank you bill. >> thanks, bill. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. members of a south bay football team are in mourning. >> days after scoring the game winning touchdown here at hp
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pavilion a san jose saber cats player passes away. what police say about his death. >> and times are more than just changing they've come full circle from music legend bob dillan. the top honor he receiveed from the white house today. a hunting trip has caused a political fire storm in sacramento. the changes that state lawmakers are now considering in response to this picture of the california fish and game chief.
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more fall out tonight from the controversial picture of the head of the fish and game. killing mountain lions is illegal in california. republicans say because of this the state senate is now considering a bill as retaliation. that bill would restrict who can be appointed to the fish and game commission. >> all right mark joins us now. a big surprise at the french open. >> sometimes it's hard seeing a great athlete. and believe me serena williams one of the greatest ever. coming to the ends of their career and they just don't have what you're used to seeing out
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there. for the first time in her career, serena ousted in the first round of the grand slam event. never happened to her before. not so much that she was beaten by an unknown virginia rosano of france. she beat herself, 14-7 unforced errors and she dropped it in three sets. matched point right there. it's official, williams said after the match she was 100% healthy. no excuses at all. meantime the oakland a's. boy they are a team that has a whole lot of trouble scoring runs and the same is happening tonight in minnesota. we have a scoreless game in the 4th inning and the a's do play some defense. nice from cliff pentington. on the other end kaoi with a nice catch at third to keep it scoreless. going to the bottom of the fourth. 0-0. this is a high school game.
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watch the pitcher make a bare hand grab. the catcher can't quite catch it so he popped it up in the air. look at that effort by the pitcher right there. then they have some college baseball, watch this guy just launch himself back ward over the ball and save a home run. i've never seen a guy just launch himself back ward watch this. >> up and over robbing the batter of a home run and that's one of the best catches you will ever see. the giants in action tonight game two of the three game set with the arizona diamondbacks, full highlights tonight at 10:00 of course. but that is the sporting life. >> boy that guy is going to be a soar neck. >> is it illegal to jump out of bounds. >> it's illegal. a lot of people wonder about that but he caught it. no home run. >> that was nice seeing serena williams not making any
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excuses, saying you know what. i am completely healthy. i didn't have it. i got beat. >> yeah, she didn't have it. and tonight's court hearing for mirkarimi will determine whether a tape of mirkarimi's wife showing a bruise will be allowed into the hearing. >> thank you for watching ktvu news. thank you for trusting ktvu news. cçrrú
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