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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 30, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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90s, and still 60s and 70s coast and bay and 60s to mid- and upper #0s, here is sol -- 80s, here is sal. there is a fire near oakland and dr. martin luther king, jr., we do have a crew on the way. let's go at and talk about the commute, we have roads set up some of the lanes are closed, not causing a huge delay at this hour but it is there. near southbound 101 that looks good, no problems if you are driving here and also on the golden gate bridge. traffic is light, at 4:30 let's go back to pam. a hazardous material situation has shut down several streets. joining us now from civic center drive with what is happening, good morning noel.
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take a look at my soldier, that yellow tape was thrown across there and beyond that you can see people getting kid did i, they are wearing some kind of protective gear. it was called out as a hazmat call and we will give you an idea where they are. where they are staging is kaiser hospital from walnut to a block of civic center to walnut to steve develop son, that area is closed -- stevenson, the area is closed to traffic but we are seeing a few bans standing by. we see them getting ready to go into a yellow building.
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we yes it was called as having to do with an trade and we don't know what kind of hazardous material but it was an initial police call. we will be in contact with them and as soon as they have an opportunity to talk, we will bring you the details, back to you. and in oakland, an ongoing feud between two neighbors may be behind two car fires. tara moriarty has more on why the fires were intentionally set, tartar? >> reporter: well detectives at police department headquarters are trying to figure out who set these fires. they raced to the scene to find two cars on fire. they were parked right in front of his house and witnesses say
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somebody in a white van through molotov cocktails into the van and took off. >> now earlier the man said he filed a police report against the neighbor that he move is responsible, so far there are no arrests in this case. they gave mitt romney enough delegates to clench the presidential nomination and that puts him over the 1144 need to clench the republican nomination this summer. mitt romney certain you had. >> statement. i have no illusions about the difficulty of the tacks before us but we will set america back on track to full prosperity.
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mitt romney will be here at a $65,000 square foot mansion in hills brow. there is a picture of the mansion there. now the republican party said people should pile feel right at home with this event. >> he is going around talking to so many situated people... >> this is funned by mention which the map is and a funded so that she may be on the list of possible running mates. the 13 people awarded this year of metal of freedom including a community activist in california. sheriff ross mirkarimi's hearing will start on june 19th. the ethics commission started a
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moot being -- a meeting that was reported for the more america. mayor ed lee suspended him without pay after pleading guiling. sheriff ross mirkarimi calls the process undemocratic and says his family is being targeted. >> it has taken twists and turns from what you thought was a fair process and without denying it, it is completely political. of a its section commission -- he is section commission they will decide in august whether or not is he keeps his job. family members are holding
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outside whether or or not he will be held for murder. he is set to return to court tomorrow, antolin garcia- torres. the dive team is focused on waterways while others search on land. the discovery of a body in a san jose area, the dive team was seen searching the area and shortly after 10:00 they discovered a body. it turned out to be an elderly man. they believe it is the same man reported missing monday night. as soon as he was reported missing divers thought they were looking for sierra lemar's body and that's because it was the same group looking near near sierra lemar's home. >> my first thought would be
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sierra lemar. they were quick to get the word out, this was not sierra lemar area body. they got dozens of guns off the streets. they worked to arrest 90 people and cons if he is skated 90 -- confiscated 90 guns. they targeted lots of violent offenders and 0 watched for a giant drop. that federal prosecutors seed 3 grams of meth and marijuana and cocaine. the operation was so successful, it will continue indefinitely. 4:37 is the time right now and
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several are planning a meeting at its share older meeting. they say their practices are destructive and irresponsible. that protest is set for 8:00 this morning. they took a hit losing more than $3 a share. the stock has lost 24% accepts it may beaud on -- debuted on may 18th. last last night they allowed them to expand to 6600. they offered to pay fees since it does not generate rails tax but neighbors are still worried
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about news. >> now facebook's attorney is confident traffic will not be a problem. the company will limb mix their time during the day and the council also requested they remove eight old trees. a consumer group is now making costly bank cards. they often make secretive deals and some of those fees could violates $10 trillion. well many will notice some big changes on their drive home this afternoon. cal trans is pose surrender pieced -- supposed to stay on
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to 3:00 in the evening. the metering lights are designed to improve highway safety. >> the most important benefit is the safety element and because car merge, it will make tag safer environment. >> cal trans is adding metering lights as well. we have news to tell you about in oakland. right now firefighters are battling a structure fire. huge scene behind you. >> reporter: absolutely, we are at 27th and martin luther king. i am tell you when we got on the scene there were several firefighters venting this fire and they got off for safety
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reasons and the flames pushed through the roof of this home. it house is abandoned and we don't know who spotted the fire and we drop up and again this is 27th and martin luther king and you can watching an active fewer fight. they have now retreating and there is another crew taking a ladder off their truck and bringing it in. at this point we are not talking to them because they are busy trying to get a handle on this fire. there are folks standing outside and they are just simply neighbors. neighbors tell me it is an a tandemmed home. but as we have been here the
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flames have just grown and as you can see they are just shooting up into the sky right now into the attic area of this home. again an active fire fight out here and we will keep an eye on the situation. at this point, officers are on the scene and what we will do is go the more information about what happen dollars and ate take you back being and firefighters have completely pulled out their ariel latter from the home itself and oftentimes they go into a defensive position and it appears they are going back for the potential of a fire and we
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will be right back allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 morning news. let's go to martin luther king and as claudine mentioned, you can see the smoke from the highway and this could cause some traffic problems this morning. >> yes, and also bart is reporting they can see the thick smoke spreading across the area and these are live pictures of the area and this abandoned home, claudine wong is there and you just saw her report. firefighters were inside the building and now they have come out. we have going to get another -- we have another report coming from her in a minute. also at the bay bridge toll
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matilda traffic continue to more well. 17, 280, and all the other 40s there, let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. you look for little signs and the fog comes back like this. it is running into resist dance. i think 50s and of 0s and -- 60s and 60s and 70s coast and bay and inland more 78 oz and -- 80s and a few upper 80s and you may even be closer to 90 degrees. there is nothing outrageous, also near san jose. another cool morning here and inland areas he instead of running after clouds it is a
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rather strong system sweeping in here. morning fog sunny afterren noon though, temperatures, that would be 90 there but it is closer to the sacramento valley. 7 7 brentwood, 64 in the city and there is still low clouds with a westerly breeze. 6 -- 76 san mateo and it will be warmer for everybody on friday and here comes that cool down for the weekend, pamela. >> thank you, steven, you know i like that. a propeller falls off a plane and the news the shock gives a british homeowner.
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why juliana will not leave any time soon. stay tuned we will have a live update on news weather and traffic.
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. good morning still some fog on the coast and that means temperatures will warm up and
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that has been gone for the last five or six. we are following this fire and it is a huge fire, it is a house fire but we understand from neighbors, they are telling our own wopping wong, we you -- claudine wong, this is an abandoned house. this is at 29th street and martin luther king in oakland. as claudine mentioned, this was a huge fire and firefighters were on the roof and they had to move off because of safety. i just got a tweet from oakland firefighters they requested an additional engine to assist and they say firefighters were evacuated from the building because of the safety concerns but excuse me 29th around martin martin luther king,
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certainly a huge fire and sal mentioned there is a lot of smoke at the mcarthur bart platform. claudine wong is at their on the scene and will have an update as soon as she can for us. a pilot had to make an emergency landing when the planes propeller fell off. the pilot who just bought the plane said the engine blew causing it to fall on to the home which i'm sure surprised the homeowner. >> i was shaking my shoes and i heard a loud crash and i came out and saw a propeller was laying there on the top of my roof. >> the man was not hurt and neither was the man who landed safely without the propeller.
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and they backed julian assange. they ruled he must be sent back to face sexual allegations by two wikileaks volunteers. he could still appeal to the court of human rights and julian assange has been fighting extradition since his arrest in 2010. they have 13 awards with the metal of freedom and a white house ceremony. [applauds] [applauds] probably recognized madeline all bright along with author tony morrison, former astronaut john glenn and bob
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dylan. the nation's highest honor. >> what sets these men and women apart is the incredible impact they have had on so many people, not in short blinding bursts but steadily over the course of a lifetime. >> now california's tell lorous -- tell lorous with caesar chavez. >> we have posted today's ceremony, just look at the -- ceremony just look at the hot topics section. what they are calling the largest occupational hazard related to cancer.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. a new report shows working the night shift can take a toll on a woman's health. it can increase the risk of breast cancer. now the risk is greater for women who describe themselves as morning people. nighttime shift working could be the biggest occupational hazard but they say they are exposed to light at night which increases the hormone, melatonin and that protects against certain cancers. let's check on the traffic, sal? well, it is having an affect and it is very close to the freeway and it is coming up to this house near 28th street and it is also close to the mcarthur bart station and firefighters still have a lot
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of working to do, that fire is definitely not out and that thick black smoke is rising into the air and you will see it as you drive by. we are the first crew on the scene and we will let he know more about this coming up. and westbound traffic looks good coming to the bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights look good and we are off to a nice start on 280 and 580. i have seen it before where the fog is hard pressed to get going but that's not the case this month and it still looks like a little bit of clearing on the sonoma coast so mild to warm mainly inland and i think
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may be more near 90, still a westerly breeze, another cool morning, santa rosa airport was down to 53 and livermore holding on to 50 and redwood city about 51 and a strong system will sweep by starting saturday and kicking in on sunday and monday for a big cool down but today and tomorrow warmer weather and temperatures starting to rock it up and those will be out towards the sacramento valley and still some 50s and 60s by the coast. just a lot of follow out there. fremont 76. santa cruz 74 and there is a lot of fog than there was the past couple of days. fog is coming back and here it
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comes pam saturday into sunday . still to come, we are following breaking news we are live on the scene of that raging house fire in oakland. claudine wong is gathering information and we will get an update for you in just a moments. why a shelter in place has just been inn used -- issued. stay tuned for more.
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