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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 30, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. we are live in fremont where a shelter in place has just been lifted but it is still happening. >> i just got new information from the chief and we will tell you what neighbors are saying. two cars on fire, a dispute between neighbors that may be behind it. and mitt romney may clench the presidential nomination, but the big dispute it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news.
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good morning, thank you for waking up with us, may 30th i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark, let's check weather and traffic on this wednesday. >> it is a beautiful friday. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. >> we have some fog but inland areas are poised to start warming up. it is out there, it is not going anywhere. some low 70s but then you get inland and you will find a few upper 80s, here is sal. traffic is moving well in and out of marin county and also this morning we are looking at traffic that looks good on the sunole grade, let's go back to dave and pam. from oakland, we first told you about it is 4:30 and crews are still battling that raging
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house fire. claudine wong, we see huge flames behind you, how is it now? >> well they are dousing it and you can see flames and they are shooting water from the top of this ladder truck but they are in defensive mode. >> reporter: i spoke to the chief and he was busy as he was racing by. he said we are not getting a handle on this fire as we had hoped and we pulled back firefighters and went into defensive mode. what we know is this building was abandoned. they say homeless people squatters were constantly going in and out. the chief told us there was one person inside when they got here but that person was able to get out and as you can see they have been fighting this fire ever since. when we got here they were
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trying to get in front of these flames and they say the strategy now is simply to save the buildings around the fire. i know you are watching this and we are just live on the air can you tell me if you have made any progress? >> yes, well we are in defensive operation right now and largely we are waiting for it to burn a hole through the roof to allow us access vertically from above to put the fire out. >> reporter: are you confident you can put the fire out on either side of this if. >> yes. >> reporter: and you told me earlier one person was inside and they whyable to get out safely, neighbors -- they were able to get out, are you confident nobody is inside? >> yes, it is vacant. >> reporter: thank you, we are just trying to make sure they get a handle on this and what
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he just said, he is confident there is nobody inside the building and two, he is confident they can save the building or either side of it and neighbors woke up simply because of the amount of smoke in their building and they are two doors down so they are worried. it is still an active fire at the type top of this building. live in oakland. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:04 we are still following breaking news in fremont. residents were told to stay inside their homes because of a hazardous materials situation. again this is all happening a long civic center drive and noel just got an update from police. >> reporter: that shelter in place was lifted but there is still one for the people in this area. it is still an active scene and
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we have people suiting up into active suits. this is video from when we first got here. the first one, they went into if an underground apartment garage to check out a hazardous materials situation, a woman was in distress, her husband had not seen her for a day and found her inside her car in the underground parking garage not responsive and i talked to the chief and he describes what the husband saw. >> there is a sign in the window that says hazardous gas and she is unresponsive to her husband who went to check on her. we currently have the fire department out and we will try
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to determine what exactly is in the car. >> they tell me that woman appears to be in the underground garage and that is the area that is off limits to anybody who lives in that apartment complex beyond that yellow crime scene tape. so we have police and fire on- site here and they have not determined what, if anything is inside the car with that woman but they are using an abundance of caution because they don't know what that substance is, if that actually is a substance within the car. in fremont, they are closed for one block and that's between wal-mart. they had to remove some cones so they could let the man bring
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his wife into the emergency room. it is closed for the time being and police say this could be quite some time that they are here. know well walker ktvu channel 2 morning news. in overnight news, an arson attack in oakland. it happened on logan street near fruit veil avenue. they raced to the scene to find two carlsbadly dammed. somebody threw molotov cocktails and they say the owner was somebody who drives a white van >> i tonight know if this is my neighbor, [inaudible] >> reporter: now the man said he has given them information about the man he believes is responsible but there is no
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other information about the case. they have been tied up where there have been several home invasions. they tied up the casino owners, covered their faces. there have been 12 inn sense in just the past month. they are still searching for sierra lemar, and authorities have arrested antolin garcia-torres with kidnapping and murder in connection to the case. he is set to return to court tomorrow and volunteer searchers are asked to meet at the elementary school this morning. napa elementary school has been hit by thieves and 30 workbook computers were stolen from a locked area of a
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classroom, a $1,000 reward is being offered to lead to an arrest and conviction. they gave mitt romney enough delegates to clench the republican nomination. he now has 1183 and that puts him over the 1144 needed for the convention needed this coming summer. in a statement mitt romney said he has no illusions about the task before us but we will settle for nothing less than getting america back on track. towed they will be holding a funds raiser in -- hillsboro and tickets will go for as much as $50,000. in the meantime donald
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trump steals the show from mitt romney at this campaign event in las vegas. the controversial issue donald trump refuses to let go of. i know you are eaching an eye on it. >> i think it will be mostly city streets pam and dave and you may see smoke rising from this area. let's look at the fire here. now the mcarthur bart station, the people at the station were reporting smoke coming on the platform and you do need to be aware this fire is going on. this is a look at the east shore freeway and traffic looks good as you head out to the mcarthur maze. it is all but cheaped up and it is not causing any major
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traffic delays and the bay bridge looks light coming into san francisco. livermore looks good into caster valley. san mateo and dumbarton bridge are doing well and in the santa clara valley we are off to a nice start. at 5:10 let's go to steve. the grass has been very high, that sent them down into lower categories and -- and it is only going to get worse. high pressure is still coming in and inland areas are definitely warming up by the coast, mainly 60s, fog sun along the coast, follow will give way to sunshine and we
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will top out tomorrow and a cool down starts this weekend. not much of a breeze but nothing outrageous. her to cool start but you can see everything up and over this time of year it toes not take much. warmer inland and some of that fog is reduct and it to burn off near -- reluctant to burn off near the coast. 81 santa rosa and 64 in the city too much fog lurking around. we did have 78 in san jose and gilmore. and warmer on thursday, fog sun warmer on thursday here comes your cool down sunday into
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monday. the latest countries to kick out syrian dip low mats -- dip low mats showing -- diplomats showing their outrage over the massacre of citizens. they are wondering why the teenage driver has not been charged. traffic looks good heading to the golden gate bridge, there is a little bit of fog and we will tell you more about traffic and weather straight ahead. [ male announcer ] it would be easy for u.s. olympian meb keflezighi to deposit checks at the nearest citibank branch. ♪ like this one. ♪ or this one. ♪
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, time now 5:15 and people had a shake from the earthquake. a magnitude 4.0 earthquake hit about 10:14 and that's 14 miles west of downtown l.a they have not received any calls about injuries or -- injuries or damage but some people reported feeling a sharp jolt. >> julian assange is being extradited to sweden. now prosecutors there want to question him about sex crime allegations. he has been fighting since being arrested in 2010 however the extradition proceedings may still be delayed because his lawyer wants to reopen this case. well just in a few hours, they announced the journey in
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expelling syrian diplomats. the obama administration is under pressure to do more, allison. >> reporter: the white house's military action is not the best for dealing with syria and there are more reports for shelling near damascus and they are trying to deal with the president where mostly women and children were killed at their forces. -- at the hands of their forces. they are expelling syrian diplomats as a strong condemnation. >> this is a statement of our extreme disapproval and horror at the massacre. >> reporter: the debate over syria is now becoming a big issue in the presidential race
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and what presidential candidate mitt romney said president barack obama should do? i will have that in my next update. allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. they were at a campaign event but most of the buzz surrounded donald trump questioning whether president barack obama was born in the u.s. here is a heated exchange between donald trump and wolf blitzer from cnn. >> a lot of people do think it was authentic. his mother was not in the hospital. there were many other things that came out. >> when trump was asked what about the birth announcements in hawaii, many people put those kind of announcements to get the benefits out of being born in this country. mitt romney's campaign had
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an oops moment with mitt iphone app with america, look it is misspelled. almost immediately people started posting messages on twitter about all of this making fun of the mitt romney campaign misspelling the country mitt romney wants to lead. eight weeks after two people were killed in early april, that white cadillac killed a man and his daughter. witnesses say the 17-year-old driver was going much more than the 45 miles per hour speed limit. he was released from juvenile hall since the crash and has yet to be charged. >> you cannot just drive down the street, kill two people and let nothing happen. now all of a sudden, what does it teach younger society.
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>> concord police are getting closer to taking the case to the district attorney. they say pinpointing how fast he was going to determine whether he faces a felony or misdemeanor. you are still watching that fire scene in oakland. that is because that fire is visible from the freeway and people could smell it and smell it nearby at the mcarthur bart station and this is on martin luther king in oakland and you can still see firefighters still in defensive posture outside this old house we hear was a dan bonded. -- abandoned, claudine wong is there and she will have another report live at the scene. there are no problems getting into san francisco right now, the contra coster region is still getting busier and if you are driving between funnel and
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richmond -- panola area, that traffic looks good. that is about it, we already did antioch, let's go to steve. >> that's it? >> yeah. >> all right, thank you variety sal. we are not -- the fog is not making that big push inland temperatures, you have noticed it yesterday. we will hold onto some of that mild to warm, low clouds persisting along the coast but coast, fog a few 70s, capitoa, inland temperatures will come up and the winds will be cut in half. still a westerly breeze out to fairfield and nothing compared to what it has been. 40s still and low low 50s, most inland locations are staying clear.
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this system no turning of the gulf then one forecast model drops another low on us on monday and we will have a big cool down not a huge one. temperatures will start to come up for those in the interior, more 70s and 80s or you may like this kind of white supremacists. hayward the biggest julyp will be away from the mid--- biggest jump will be away from the mid- 80s and out on the coast it may be tough to warm up with some fog there. it comes back in a big way, big cool down for everyone by sunday. a new downgrade on spain's debt is weighing heavily. overnight most markets in asia also dropped this morning and
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that followed reports china is unwilling to go on another spending spree. hong kong is also there and they have 25580 and futures indicate a 20,000 point drop and the s&p 500 is also down. facebook stock lost another $3 per share and it has fallen 204% -- 24% from its ipo price in less than two weeks. some are saying proposed tax measures are bad for business. two southern californians get quite a surprise when a
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bear comes for a dip in the pool. >> we are off to a nice start, if you are driving near 880, it should be another nice drive, another update is straight ahead. 3q
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. here is a picture for you,
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it is too darn hot out for that bear. a bear cub is taking a dip in the pool. they were filming it, the bear was not phased at all. when he was done taking a swim he climbed back out and walked into the woods. and in san mateo county, it could have a big affect on travelers. it would raise the car tax and measure u would raise it to 12% and major x would raise a parking lot tax. critics feel it will hurt business at fso but some say it will generate $1 million a year. if the rental car tax is passed they will have the highest than any other in the country.
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sheriff ross mirkarimi is fighting to keep his job. when his ethics hearing is scheduled to begin and we will hear what he is saying about the whole process. we are live where firefighters are suited up in hazardous gear and they are taking out the potential of hazardous material in away area garage. and more on what police are saying about a man's death. northbound 280 getting into the west valley it looks pretty good and we will tell you more about the morning commute. ♪
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. good morning, pam knows it is wednesday. i am dave clark. >> and i am pam cook. >> steve, do you have some temperatures? >> i do. still some fog on the coast and without that wind it is only 60s and we are starting off clear, a few mid-to-upper 80s, here is sal. good morning, traffic on northbound 280 looks good with no major issues and it looks good on westbound toll plaza, let's go back to dave and pam. we first told you about
5:32 am
this, firefighters are battling a house fire on martin luther king way, claudine wong has been out there, what is happening now claudine? >> reporter: take a look behind me they are still dumping water on this home from multiple directions. there is still smoke coming out and very often we see another batch of fire pop up but right now they are dousing this building with water making sure it's not hiding in any of the spots in the home. when you consider what it looked like before they got ahead of it, i want to show you some video we took this morning just after 4:30 when this fire was just booming actually when we got on the scene firefighters were still on the roof trying to vent it very quickly and they got off the
5:33 am
roof because they determined they were not ahead of it and they made sure they were going to save the building around the home. there are a lot of neighbors and i spoke to a couple of them who woke up to the fire and to the smoke. >> smoke, i smelled smoky looked out and saw flames shooting through the roof before the fire department got here. >> did you call the fire department? >> no, i just hoped this was no people in there. >> reporter: firefighters say there was one person inside at the time of the fire but the chief is confident there is nobody inside the building. they are also confident they were able to safe the
5:34 am
structures. they are just peaking out there and really before the roof was taken down, there is not a roof from before. wires were completely gone because it kept burning and burning and they are still dumping water but the chief is keeping an eye on things and they have made quite a bit of progress getting most of the visible fire out. live in oakland ktvu channel 2 morning news allie rasmus. they are investigating a potential hazardous material situations and joining us with the discovery that prompted all of this, here is more. >> reporter: we saw them roll the vans by and they brought
5:35 am
them passed that fire truck and they tried to air out whatever is in this and we have some idea what this substance might be. >> i spoke to the fire department and what we are dealing with is hide general -- hydrogen skull paid to. what they will do is have everybody in place and they will blow out lower garage area. it is not a has hard and we will have everybody deal with the shelter in place. >> for anybody tuning in and explain how this all came about. >> we got a call 1:30 this
5:36 am
morning from the man of the diseased woman who stated they were having a spat and she was inside her car in the underground parking structure. he went to the car, she was in the back seat none pre- responsive and he saw a note which said poisonous gas and presumably that was the gas where they went and where would somebody get hydrogen skull paid to. >> apparently it can be made with household products. we know there is a tub of liquid inside the car and that along with other things could produce the gas. it is not a hazard to the public. it is not a hazard unless you are in a confined area like in
5:37 am
a car. >> reporter: thank you so much for updating us on this situation again and right now, what is that street up there? >> walnut. >> reporter: walnut is closed for a block and the only business on this street would be the hospital and that is right across the street from where all of this is happening from the apartment complex. for the time being, these things take some time to sort through and it will take awhile to air that whole area out and for now there is a shelter in place and the underground parking garage which is the point where this is all happening, that is off limits. ktvu channel 2 morning news. in oakland, police are
5:38 am
looking for the arsonist responsible for starting two car fires. the arsonist attacks stem to appear to be between neighbors. >> reporter: he believes the neighbor was trying to target him and there may be evidence but they are trying to figure out who torched an suv or a compact car. it happened right in front of the victim's house. a man in a white van drove by and threw molotov cocktails into the space and drove off. earlier the man said he filed a police report against the neighbor he believes is responsible but so far there are no arrests in this case. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2
5:39 am
morning news. sheriff ross mirkarimi's ethics hearing will start june 19th. san francisco's ethic's commission drew a lot of supporters for the suspended sheriff. >> reporter: mayor ed lee suspended him without pay after he pled guilty to falls imprisonment of his wife. he discussed which witnesses he will allow to testify and sheriff ross mirkarimi says his family is being used as weapon. >> they are using my family as a weapon to destroy me and they are going too far and this process is unconstitutional. >> after this it will go to the board of supervisors and they will decide whether or not he keeps his job. right now it happened in
5:40 am
san francisco near franklin and -- franklin and oak streets. a truck hit the cyclist who was riding on oak in the object sit direction. that cyclist is listed in critical condition in general hospital. on monday night, johnny curtain was found dead inside a santa clara hotel room. police say there was no sign of foul play. they are waiting for a coroner's report and toxicology tests. he says his heart goes out to the team. >> they come in and have their breakfast and stuff like that and then they go to practice and i see them in the afternoon and they are real nice guys, real respectful nice guys. >> he scored three times on saturday including the game
5:41 am
winning touchdown and he was the father of a two-year-old daughter. there is a new warning about earthquakes for lake tahoe. scientists discoughed new faults and the ski resorts are right in the middle of the day. good morning traffic is doing well around the bay area, there are some things to watch out for but this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and in the next half hour we'll see more people showing up and 6:15 we'll see the metering lights and so star everything looks good. 880 heading down there is not bad and i want to mention, we had an earlier crowd.
5:42 am
it is westbound miles canyon road, east of the area there was a crash they have cleared that up and it could be a little bit slow. if you are driving from 880 fremont, it is slow but looks good and freeways are off to a good start. let's go to steve. not as much on the coast. it is rather solid but it should clear up and it has been the case over the last couple of days. around the inland areas, temperature are clear, so i just pumped the city up. livermore a cool 77 yesterday 84 today, and we will have 78
5:43 am
today. inland areas by the coast are about the same here. westerly breeze same it is not that strong and it has been decreasing. santa rosa and napa airport and morning fog sunny afternoon bayside warm up and the coast is in the 50s and 60s which will be a little warmer. a few 90s are painted in and those will be out towards sacramento valley. 88 san rafael, 83 concord, oakland 68 berkeley 67, 84 livermore, san mateo 73 and 75 in san jose. warmer on thursday and it looks like follow comes back for the coast. and over the weekend a big cool
5:44 am
down. >> see how it is making a difference, the uncover operation aimed -- undercover operation getting the worst of the worst offenders off the streets. we will have some hints at some changes. it looks good from walnut creek to oakland and we will tell you more about the commute and bay area weather, stay tuned. 3q
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from the wildflower valleys of yellowstone
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to the serene waters of glacier bay, air wick has partnered with the national park foundation so you can experience the spirit of these national treasures in your home. the national park collection. something in the air wick. . good morning some locations low to mid-80s. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following for you, in fremont right now firefighters have
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discovered hydrogen sulfur at a complex. they found an unresponsive woman in that same car at 5:30 this morning. police are bringing in fans and they want to air out the underground parking garage and residents are being told to stay indoors. firefighters are still battling a raging house fire and look at the pictures, crews are starting to get it under control and claudine wong is the first reporter there, she has been there all morning and she will bring us a live update. and an ongoing feud may be behind an arson attack in oakland. two cars were set on fire near fruit veil avenue last night. the man who owns the cars says a neighbor may be responsible. they are now considering
5:48 am
cut backs but they are hoping you will not notice a thing. for instance, they may close the 12 celled jail and send them to county jail instead. they have two inmates a day and 6 jail lores on the payroll but alameda firefighters will not be cut. >> that would take something desperate but truthfully, we have not much left to give. >> firefighters stood by as a suicidal man had drowned. they forced them to discontinue water training and equipment. there will be more review before any new cuts become final. new faults have been found west of lake tahoe thanks to new imaging technology. they could generate earthquakes with a 6.3 to 6.9 and there is
5:49 am
also a threat of land slides through west of chuck can i and through the squall ski resort. they are arresting 90 people and confiscating 90 guns in a crime crackdown. the investigation lasted four months and howard jordan called it operation giedion 3 and it led to a significant drop of homicides in oakland. authorities seized 3 kill grams of meth heroin and crack cocaine and they say the operation was so successful it will continue indefinitely. >> sal, are you ready to take care of folks in the south bay? >> we are looking at that now, i would say if you are driving on 280 northbound it looks good and northbound 17 traffic also looks good and today is the first day metering lights will be on for the southbound
5:50 am
commute but northbound lights will not be installed until the fall. taking a look at westbound 280, if you are iving towards the mcarthur maze, we have one of the lanes closed for some road working you can see for yourself. if you are driving in contra coster county, traffic in the usual spot in antioch in pittsburgh, concord to walnut creek is fine and from walnut creek to 0 oakland looks good -- oakland looks good straight ahead. this is one of the worst seasons, pam cook is one of them, he said i -- she said i never had it this bad and my neighbor said the same thing. the grasses continue to be way  up there and weeds are held in
5:51 am
check and grasses are making things up bearable. i would like to say -- under bear and -- unbearable. there is morning sun and fog along the coast base side it will burn off inland areas will burn off and water temperatures continue to be cool, sea breezes are not that strong, crocket is on the calm side and there is not much of a sea breeze on the delta. upper 50s in san jose unclear skies, last couple of mornings we had low clouds. 49 degrees and you can see it right there, they are starting to warm up and we have a big cool down for the weekend. heading back to the coast, the fog should burn off by the san mateo coast and the rest of low 90s are projected for inland areas. 81 vallejo concord 80 and
5:52 am
brentwood 87 and 60s on the coast, livermore 84, gilroy 86, san jose at 78 and it will be warmer and we have a cool down and high pressure gets out of here and low pressure brings us a big cool down over the weekend. more than 20 african pilots were passed over management positions because of their race. they filed a lawsuit in a san francisco court. most of the pilots worked before the merger with continental. united airlines denies the charge and says they do not tolerate harassment or discrimination. the new ceo for apple said they will double down on secrecy. they said that last night at an all digital conference in california. he dodged points about what new
5:53 am
things apple could release. they talked about a new television and hinted at possible changes to seer are you, that voice -- seerry that voice activated technical device. bay area bullies, why they are out of control and do school officials agree? stay tuned, we will have more.
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. welcome back, it is now 5:55, tonight we will have attribute for first responders and it will mark an end to the world trade center, an estimated 1 million tons of steel was removed since the attack. they have built memorials to remember 9/11 victims and the one world is currently under construction. they have two videos which show girls violently being attacked. now here is the most recent video which was posted online by the mother of the 11-year- old victim, however a couple of months before that, she said she was in the very same
5:57 am
situation and the attack came out of nowhere. >> everybody started jumping in and everybody was jumping in at one time. i am not mad about it, i just wish like -- it just irritates me. >> she said since the attack she has not gone back to the middle school. the mother of the latest victim is considering pressing charges against the daughter's attackers. traffic is getting busier in some spots, let's check in with sal. all right, we are looking at some things starting off in the south bay, northbound 280 looks good getting up to highway 17. sunole grade looks good southbound on the sunole grade and that traffic is moving well and i think we have the sunole grade southbound looks good. if you are driving in hayward, 880 traffic is also looking very nice. let's go back to the desk. all right sal, for the past
5:58 am
couple of hours we have been telling you about a raging fire and claudine wong was on the scene minutes after this started and she is coming back with a live update. also following news from fremont and we are learning more about that hazardous material update that shut down several streets. we have your forecast in two minutes, stay tuned. 3q take the gamble out of stain removal. introducing resolve all-stains! the pre-treat that combines a chamber of oxygen formula with a chamber of enzyme formula in the same bottle.
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