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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 30, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. a hazardous material situation in fremont leaves one woman dead, i will have details coming up. mitt romney hits the magic number, he is heading here to the bay area, ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. complete bay area coverage starts right now. >> yeah, right now, i am dave clark, it is wednesday may 30th. >> we have some fog and not as much as we have seen the past
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couple of mornings, we still have to deal with some of that low cloud deck, inland a few 70s and 80s and a few upper 80s, here is sal. we have from walnut creek to oakland, it is still light and also the morning drive looks good on interstate 880 in oakland. 6:00 let's go back to the desk. we are following that breaking news out of oakland we first told you about at 4:30 this morning. firefighters have managed to get a handle on it and claudine wong was first on the scene this morning and she is getting some new information, claudine? >> reporter: they have changed operations now that they have this fire out and you can see firefighters are up there. they were able to determine that the floor was still structurally sound and they
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were able to go and clear things out but there is no roof and that's completely gone, destroyed by this fire. if you look down at the bottom level, you can see fire damage but the fire started on either the second or third floor of this building. what you are looking at is a lot different of a situation than what we saw because when we got here flames were coming out of the roof. firefighters initially were on top of the roof but they had to get down because it got too dangerous. over the next hour we saw them dumping water from several different directions and finally they were able to get ahead of this fire. we did speak with neighbors and
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they say it did get them out of bed. >> are you worried about your home at this point? >> i am worried about all this smoke, it is making me a little nauseous. >> you can see the smoke is gone and the fire is out and we are in clean up mode. as far as how this fire started, that is still unclear. this fire by all accounts was vacant and vacant for a while. firefighters say there was somebody living on the bottom floor. i spoke to that gentleman, he was able to get out on his own. he did not want to talk with us because they don't know if he was there on his own. >> or simply taking up residence there. that will be part of the investigation but the good news is fire is out and clean up is underway and at least this part of the building is safe enough for the firefighters to go up
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and clean this up and clear it out but that being said they still plan to be out here for several hours. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. 6:03 we are still following developing news and firefighters are finding potentially harmful substance inside a car at a fremont complex and you say they are trying to keep residents safe here. >> they are. this is happening in that underground garage and they have had a shelter in place all morning and they have the fans going on to air out the substance which they have determined is high general sulphide. -- hydrogen sulphide. we know the husband found his wife who is described as distraught over some personal problems.
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he found her dead in her car. there was a handwritten note on the window of that car which said poise knows -- poisonous gas. it is for a shelter on and off all morning and it is a pretty large apartment complex and now the garage is off limits and there is a street here and civic center is closed. they tell us the substance is hydrogen sulphide. >> it can be manufactured a number of different ways. we don't know how she did it. we know there is a container of liquid inside the car and that with other things could produce the gas. >> right now they are airing out that underground garage at the moment and we are hearing we might get a whiff of rotten
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egg smell and we have not smelled that thus far. the fire department expects this scene to be clear within an hour but civic center drive between walnut and stevenson is closed and there are businesses located on this street kind of underneath that apartment complex, there is a starbucks, a sandwich shop, those are all closed and there is a hospital, keizer permanent, that is closed. they are moving cones to allow people into the hospital but right now that is the only business open and operating in this one block stretch of civic center drive, reporting live ktvu channel 2 morning news. mitt romney now has the magic number of delegates needed to clench the republican nomination. now after the primary, mitt romney now has 1183 delegates
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and that puts him over the 1144 delegates for this summer. after the primary results came in mitt romney issued a statement saying quote, i have no illusions about the difficulties of the task before us but we will set america on the path of full employment and prosperity. hillsboro is being held at the 6 5,000 square foot mansion. tickets are as much as $65,000. mitt romney needs to show people how his business background will help him fix the problem. >> he needs to say why he will be beneficial to jobs and why this will be better as opposed to raising taxes will be better for the economy. >> mention witness man is now ceo -- meg whitman is now ceo
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of hue heard pack card. and donald trump steels the show at a campaign in las vegas. there is a controversial issue donald trump will not let go of. two masked gunman broke into a house on reginald court. they tied up the casino owners covered their faces and stole several items. there have been 12 incidents of breaking and entering in livermore in just the past few weeks. they will begin a search for sierra lemar. family members still hope the missing 15-year-old will be found alive. they arrested and charged antolin garcia-torres with kidnapping and murder in connection to the case. he is due to go back to court
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tomorrow. the sheriff's dive team has been focused on waterways in this search for sierra lemar while volunteers are searching on land. they will all meet at 8:00 this morning. napa elementary school has been hit by thieves and 30 mac book computers were stolen. estimated about $30,000, the mac books were stolen from a locked area of a classroom at ultraheights magnum school. a $1,000 reward is being offered for anybody leading to the arrest and conviction. late last night, council unanimously approved the agreement allowing facebook to expand its workforce to 6600. they will pay fees and benefits since it does not generate
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sales tax but neighbors are still worried about noise. >> we can't handle all the recent traffic by still planned confident it will not be a problem. they will limit them to 16,000 a day. the council approved that report along with a request to remove 8 old trees. it has been hit hard on wall street. facebook starts the day at less than $29 and they have lost 24% since it debuted on may 18th. let's take stock of our commute, how is it looking sal? this is the time it does get busy and some of the pay
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gates are moving through and metering lights will be on and you will see a bigger crowd. also this morning we are looking at the commute on 237, still very nice and if you are driving between hayward and union city, we can look at that from our computerized map system, it is a lot of green here and we are seeing if it is getting busier and we'll see if it is in a small portion of pittsburgh, antioch and 680 looks good and 6:11 let's go to steve. those of you suffering from algaes because of -- allergies because of that weather, we see a decrease in the wind and temperatures. grasses continue to be very high almost through the entire category and you have two out of three, the fog is still
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there and san jose yesterday clouds are still clear. that is one location and temperatures are heading up away from the coast, the coast still deals with 50s and 60s and 70s, 84 in livermore and napa after yesterday's 77. still a westerly breeze and there is still a component of a westerly breeze but it is cut in half. 46 in the sonoma airport. you can see right there, it is a good sign and high pressure is building in for two days from that gulf of a class can -- alaska. morning fog, it will be a sunny afternoon for most, that fog has a tendency to stick and
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stay. a couple of 90s out towards sacramento if you are heading in that direction. 83 to walnut creek to brentwood and pleasanton. or los gatos, a little too much fog and warmer weather for inland areas, a cool down friday and a big cool down with your weekend always in view especially sunday into monday. an early morning crash took daughter. people are angry about how the case is being handled and we will hear what they want. and we will hear about the crisis in sire why, stay tuned -- syria, stay tuned.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, time now 6:16, the debate is escalating after the massacre of 100 villagers. it is also becoming a major issue in the presidential race, allison? >> reporter: republican presidential candidate mitt romney said president barack obama should take a more
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aggressive stand and the u.s. should help syrian rebels. more leaders are grappling how to deal with the president, more than 100 people were killed allegedly at the hands of syrian forces. they have expelled syrian dip low mats but -- diplomats but there is no intervention. >> the further millization -- militarization could lead to further chaos. >> they are saying there is a policy of paralysis but republicans are divided on how to deal with syria, reporting live from washington d.c., ktvu channel 2 morning news. donald trump appeared at that campaign event for mitt romney but most of it was about
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whether president barack obama was truly born in the united states. here is a heated exchange between donald trump and cnn wolf blitzer. >> many people do not think it was authentic. his mother was not in the hospital. there were many other things that came out. >> now when trump was asked what about the birth announcements that appeared in hawaii, many people put announcements in newspapers to quote get the benefits of being born in this country. mitt romney has an oops moment, the campaign released a nope with the word america misspelled. almost immediately people began posting things on twitter and
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they are making fun of the misspelling of the country mitt romney wants to lead. they are talking about the tragic deaths of two pedestrians. the white cadillac escalade crashed killing a man and his nine-year-old daughter had desk is a. -- nine-year-old daughter. witnesses say he was going faster than the speed limit and police say depending on how fast he was driving will tell whether he faces a felony or misdemeanor. >> it will make a big difference in regard to what they charge. >> it has been eight weeks since that accident and they want justice. the man's widow has already moved out of the neighborhood because the memories of what happened are just too painful. any troubled spots, sal? >> we have some slowed traffic
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dave, pam although we don't have many in the way of crashes. highway 4 is getting slower and it has been pretty good this morning. we don't have that a lot. sometimes i look at the page and there is slow traffic building and bart is right on time and you can see it in the middle of your screen. walnut looks good as well. it is about a five minute delay and if you are driving from caster valley it looks good, some slowing on 101 but that's about all. 6:20 let's go to steve. there is a little bit of a sea breeze, some clouds but nothing compared to the past few mornings, most locations are clear but coast and bay will burn off, upper 0s mid---
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40s mid-50s, a chill is in the morning air and days are getting much longer and there you can see everything is going towards seattle. morning fog gives way to sunshine, some of that fog tends to hang out but it should clear most of it. a few upper 80s will be warmer to the anterior and a big cool down with the cool down approaching. they want to know if they really like something on facebook, consumer groups say it could mislead others only because of an incentive. recent examples are a free make up bag from target and amazon giving a free tweet pre-written
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by the company. and pepsis partnership, they are offering a free download and a promise of free streaming video of concerts this summer. the first pop up concert will be in late june and followers will be able to influence them including songs to be played. coming up on 6:22 what happens when a propeller falls off a propeller driven plane? we have more on what happened. highway 24 is still in good shape as you drive from walnut creek to oakland and we will tell you more about the morning commute and bay area weather, stay tuned.
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. westbound 7, you can see traffic is getting a little bit sticky here, but that is about all. it is 6:25. listen to this, a pilot had to make an emergency landing when the plane's propeller fell off. it landed right on the roof of
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a home in a certain area. the pilot was not hurt and landed safely near the airport. three measures on the june 5th ballot in san mateo county could have a big impact on fso. the measure, it could raise the rental car tax and measure x would impose an 8% parking lot tacks. critics who worried say it could keep tourists away from the bay area at f-s-o- and those proposed measures will be affected through the year. >> these are important for our fiscal health. >> now if the rental car tax
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has the second highest of any airport in the count -- now the rental car taxes will have the second high he have of any in the airport. >> firefighters are still on the scene of this fire here in oakland and we spoke to the chief and we will tell you what he says about the fire fight when he went into defensive mode. >> stocks are down early this morning, we are taking you live for the opening bell up next. and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news morning news, we were just getting ready to ring the opening bell
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and that's pharmaceuticals opening up on the new york stock exchange and it looks like the numbers are lower after what happened overnight in asia and europe and a lot of concerns in the european economy, also responses in china and business numbers are coming in there so again, there it is, we will get you all the business news coming up. all right, we know you will, we will say good morning to you and we thank you for joining us, middle of the week wednesday may 30th, i am dave clark. >> time now 6:30, developing news from oakland and firefighters are still very busy cleaning up after a house fire. we were first on the scene, this fire raging near 28th street. claudine wong was there and she is back now on where this fire may have started, claudine
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wong? >> reporter: that's right, this investigation will get underway and the chief said it is part of a second floor in front of this home and this area it still blocked off and firefighters continue to do their working. they are on that top level and they are clearing off debris making sure there are no places the hot spots are hiding. the roof does not exist anymore and this is a much better situation than what we saw early this morning when the fire was raging at 430 them them this morning and the firefighters were -- 4:30 this morning and the firefighters were inside the the building. the chief tells me things quickly changed and they knew they had to get out of the building. >> we were checking on the 3rd and 4th floors and we had crews go in to do an interior check which is typical of what we do.
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a lot of the ceilings were covered with plywood and we had gotten to the point where having crews up there was too dangerous and the working they had to do was unsafe so we pulled everyone out and went into defensive operation. >> reporter: about an hour ago they went back in and they basically started their clean up and mop up and they tell me there was one person inside when this fire started and that person was able to get themselves out of the building. why that person was inside the building, the building had been vacant for a long time and it is not clear if that person was there with the owner's permission or if they were homeless and was using it without permission but that person did not want to talk to us. you can see there is more going on, on the upper level of this building and they are cutting
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stuff out of the top level in their clean up process. they will be out here for hours to come and still they are making sure this area is cleaned up and they are still not sure how the fire started. wopping wong ktvu channel 2 morning news -- claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. two feuding neighbors may be behind an arson attack. firefighters raced to the scene to find two carlsbadly damaged. witnesses spotted somebody in a white van throwing molotov cocktails parked outside the neighbor's home. they say the neighbor drives a white van. >> i am fighting with my neighbor. i don't know, if the white van -- he throw something into the cars. >> they gave them information about the neighbor he believes is responsible but so far no word on any arrests in the
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case. we have been telling you about police, firefighters discovered a potentially harmful substance inside a car along with a woman who was unresponsive. we will go back out to fremont to have a live update to make the area safe this morning. and san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi's hearing will begin june 19th. they set that date last night and at the meeting there were a lot of supporters for sheriff ross mirkarimi. now mayor ed lee suspended him without pay after pleading guilty of false imprisonment of his wife. they talked about which witnesses will be allowed to testify at that hearing. >> it has taken twists and turns from where it segwayed to what i thought was adjust and fair process and without -- a just and fair process and
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without denying it, it is completely political. >> the board will decide sometime in july or august whether or not sheriff ross mirkarimi keeps his job as sheriff. they discovered a body in a pond as a homicide. yesterday, the dive team searched the pond near blossom hill road and just after 10:00 the body of an elderly man was pulled from the water. it is the same body of the man who was reported missing the night before and they are now treating this case as a homicide. >> when you couple the fact he was missing for a brief time and now he is found at the bottom of a pond. >> the reports of a body in the water caused many people to call in saying it was missing teen sierra lemar, but they were kick to assure the public the two cases are not related. they are due back in court
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this afternoon. paul castillo is due to enter a plea including several charges including murder. a violent rampage began september 6thth. castillo shot a gas station attendant before murdering a vietnam miso talk -- vietnam talk show host. they are mourning the underexpected -- unexpected death of a teammate. johnny curtain was found in a santa clara hotel room. there was no sign of foul play and they are waiting for the coroner's report as well as toxicology tests. guy lombardi says his heart goes out to the team. >> they come in and have their breakfast and stuff like that and they go and have their
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practice, real respectful nice guys. >> he had only been with the team a few weeks but he did score including the game winning touchdown. he was the father of a two-year- old daughter. the patch reports collar county has just issued a rattle snake warning. one person encountered a 6-foot snake in the preserve. wear heavy boots that are four inches above the ankle, when walking in the woods pay attention to fallen trees and logs, they are popular areas for snakes to roam. >> time now 637, they are considering budget cuts and they are going for ideas and they have a $5 million budget deficit. they may consider closing the 12 selled jail and may consider closing to oakland instead. they will have more hearings
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about this and take public comment before they make any budget cuts final on june 5th. they will meet before voting to raise a half percent. now that money is separate from the general funds which was discussed last night. in downtown san jose, you will notice some big changes on your drive home. they plan to turn on some new metering lights on southbound 280 and they will stay on until 7:00 in the evening. metering lights are designed to reduce computer delays while improving highway safety. >> sal, did you follow all that traffic stuff, i know this is all new to you. >> yes, i did. dave was out there and right now we will check the east shore which we have been looking at for many years and it is getting a lot slower here
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coming in from albany hill all the way from berkeley to oakland. certainly more people have arrived here and it is backed up for a ten minute wait. nothing too bad and we have not had too bad of a morning here. traffic looks pretty good when it comes to accidents and stalls but just a lot of slow traffic beginning to pop up. and caster valley looks good moving along nicely and again in the south bay, not only near this area but 880 near the peninsular, 280 are the same in fso 101 in san francisco and a little slower near the interchange. sunrise over the big city, parts of the bay, not too much inland compared to the mornings and there are three webcams.
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all three cameras were set and some inland areas will be out of the gates with warmer temperatures and the pollen count continues to be high and the grass and trees, we took them down a few notches but now they are on their way back up so if you are suffering take your pick, the trees or grass. going 80 today, 61 in san francisco and there is just too much fog on the coast to get them to warm up. san jose a cool 72 yesterday to 78 today. temperatures are warming up, not much of a breeze still a component of a breeze, temperatures are close to each other but santa rosa again, 46 degrees and high pressure will come in and this unceasebly weather will -- under season -- unseasonably weather will come
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in and a sunny afternoon, although some of that fog on the coast is tough to burn off and although it does not warm up too much. upper 60s and some 80s and very low 80s inland. sonoma 81, kent field 71. 83 walnut creek alamo and brentwood 71. san leandro 68, 66 in alameda. santa cruz not bad, same for sunny veil and 66 san bruno, san mateo 73. warmer inland thursday and a cooling trends friday and with your weekend always in view, a big cooling trend kicks in. he is accused of cyber bullying his roommate why he chose to put himself behind
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bars. we are here with a hazardous material situation in fremont, what sparked it coming up. good morning, highway 4 is getting more crowded here in bay point and we will tell you more about the contra coster commute and have more on the rest of the drive to working.
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. well in our election coverage mitt romney will be here in the bay area and he comes here with bragging rights after getting enough delegates to clinch the republican nomination. here in hillsboro with a lavished backdrop to this convenient today... >> reporter: that is an understatement and tonight's party promises to be swankky and people are coughing up as much as $50,000 a plate here at the very impressive carolyn chateau. we understand a giant tent is already in place and it is not clear whether it will be held in the eight yum or one of the other rooms in the sprawling area. supporters are saying he is the man for the white house and the public is beginning to see
6:46 am
that. >> they don't want slow begans they want real solutions and he has to say why that will be better for the economy so this is the ultimate solution selection. >> reporter: now it isco chaired by billionaire meg whitman and she is now the ceo of another company. could she be the choice for his running mate? we will have more coming up in the next hour tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. here is a look at some of the top stories and there was a raging house far, look at these pictures from just a couple of hours ago. we were there on the scene and firefighters are cleaning everything up and the cause of the fire is still under investigation. the latest search for
6:47 am
missing teen sierra lemar is still underway and volunteers are being asked to register at 8:00 this morning. and we are still following developing news in fremont and firefighters are airing out an underground parking garage after finding a potentially harmful substance. they have been out there a long civic center drive for the past couple of hours and what is the latest? >> reporter: moments ago, firefighters said they were finished airing it out which is good news and one direction is open to traffic and the other direction should be open momentarily. they still have it blocked off and the other police cruiser might be getting ready to move but there is an underground parking garage and that's where all of this was taking place this morning. firefighters had to use fans to
6:48 am
fan out the hazardous substance after a distraught woman was inside that garage inside her car. her husband found her dead inside her car at 1:30 this morning and there was a handwritten note on that car which said poise noise gas and a tub of liquid inside the car with her. they now know what that gas is. >> what we are dealing with hydrogen sulphide is very toxic inside the car and what they are going to do it have everybody in the areas' shelter in place and they will blow out lower garage area. >> reporter: and so about 10 seconds ago they opened the other side of walnut to traffic so there are no traffic blocks associated with this hazardous spill. fire crews are on scene and
6:49 am
they will be turning this over shortly because sadly one woman is dead in this hazardous material as substance and if people need to get down into that parking garage where all of this took place they will be escorted into their cars which is where there is a police investigation, ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning, a former college student has been convicted of bullying and he has decided to go to jail. he was found guilty in march of secretly taping his roommate kissing a man and that roommate committed suicide by jumping off a bridge after learning of the webcam. he said beginning his sentence is the only way he can move on with his life. he denies it was motivated by hate or bigotry and he is
6:50 am
appealing the conviction. >> it is slow out there. it is slowey is normal stash slow which is norm -- slow, which is normal. 880 is light unless you are driving in the carpool lane. also it looks good unless you are driving on interstate 880 which is right near high street. if you are driving from antioch to pittsburgh, it looks good and san mateo and dumbarton are moving along nicely. 6:50 let's go to steve. a couple of tweets came in and 44 clear lake, stunning is what she said and william out there in vallejo, patchy and
6:51 am
52, some low 40s again and we will rebound, lots of sunshine, the fog is there and it is coast and bay and not as wide coverage as yesterday, it is mainly inland and there will still be some fog hanging in the coast. 60s in capitoa, a lot of upper 50s across the board here. that is high pressure building in but a really strong system will be sweeping north by the weekend. mainly today inland and a cool down by the weekend. morning fog then sunny and temperatures, well, for some back into the upper 80s and 60s closer to the coast and low 70s and 87 brentwood, 66 alameda, 88 gilroy, san jose and
6:52 am
milpitas 67 and redwood city is in there half-moon bay 62, warmer inland and a little cool down friday and a big cool down comes in on the weekend especially sunday and monday. there is a warning in the lake tahoe area, what scientists found lurking beneath the water. what you believe the facebook millionaire did not have enough cash? coming up we will talk about the morning commute. [ mechanical humming ]
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. welcome back, taking you live this morning, down 126 points, s&p 500 and nasdaq also down 1% mostly concerns over italy and greece. they have dozens of after shocks open at night and there was panic as already crippled buildings fell down. they are looking for trapped victims in the 5.8 magnitude earthquake. at least 16 people were killed, there was a 6.0 quake in that very same area just nine days earlier. a new fault has been found
6:56 am
near lake tahoe and in fact scientists say the faults were found thanks to new images technology. they say the faults were steep here on the west side and they have a magnitude of 6.3 to 6.9. they are worried about slides from the south end. mark zuckerberg, facebook founder and his new bride were celebrate willing and he ran into some problems. he tried to get cash and apparently he was out of money and came up empty. even mark zuckerberg has problems with atm. we have a few problems with the commute, right? >> wife some slowed traffic and as we look at these pictures, we want to know you traffic is going to be busy if you are
6:57 am
driving on the san jose commute and on the peninsular it is getting busy although it is not stop and go in many areas. and as you drive passed the coliseum, that is a nice looking drive. and at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is backed up to the badly as it was, then you are off into san francisco without a big crowd. let's go to steve. most inland locations are sunny and it will be warmer away from the coast, plenty of 60s near the coast, some 70s and some mid-to-upper 80s, inland. coming up on 10:00, coming up next on ktvu channel 2 morning news, one hazardous scare in an east bay neighborhood. also, in the east bay, a scare, what police think may be behind it, stay with us.
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firefighters are still on the scene of an early-morning house fire in oakland. we'll tell what you we're learning about where the fire started and we'll tell you what's happening now. developing news we've been following since 4:30 this morning. a frightening hazmat situation in an east bay neighborhood. two cars torched overnight in oakland.


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