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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 30, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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hits really close to home. >> reporter: we're live in hillsborough, where mitt romney is holding a fund-raiser at a swanky mansion in hillsborough. we'll find out why democrats are so fired up about it. "mornings on 2" starts right now. well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's wednesday, may 30th. an update now on developing news in oakland where firefighters are still on the scene of an early-morning house fire. this is what it looked like at 4:30 this morning when flames could be seen for miles coming from the home on martin luther king way near 28th street. ktvu's claudine wong tells us that the street remains shut down right now. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, tori. yes, there's still work to be done. firefighters are still out here. they've been inside this building taking a look at the
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damage and cleaning up and making sure that the situation in this building is secure before they leave the scene. the section of martin luther king, junior and 28th avenue where we are does remain shut down so they can do that work. buses have been rerouted. you can see there is obviously a lot of damage. firefighters were able to protect the surrounding building. we should say the fire did get a head start on the crews t was already out of -- crews. it was already out of control when the crou arrived. the chief says the fire likely started in the front of the building on the second floor and said there was no one living on the second floor of this building or in the attic. there was, however, apparently one person on the first floor who got himself out before crews got here. it's still unclear if he got
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here before the owner. i tried to talk to him. >> the smoke -- i smelled smoke and i looked out and i saw flames shooting through the roof before the fire department even got here. >> reporter: did you call 911? >> no. i heard the sirens off in the distance. i was like i hope no one is in there. >> shocked. >> reporter: are you worried about your home? >> i'm more worried about all of this smoke making me a little nauseous. >> reporter: and there was certainly a lot of smoke while they were dumping the water on this fire. some of the trucks have been released from the scene. for now this area does remain blocked off. you can see firefighters wrapping up their work out here. but still, trying to figure out how this fire started. live here in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:02. crews finished out airing out an underground parking garage
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after discovering a potentially harmful substance. police were called to an apartment complex on civic center drive around 1:30. they say a man found his wife dead inside the car along with the note that said "poisonous gas." police said they were dealing with hydrogen sulfide which can be very toxic in a contained area. >> they brought in fans in. they are gonna blow out the lower garage area. apparently, it dissipates rather quickly and is not a hazard to anyone outside. >> as a precaution, police issued a shelter in place. but that order has since been lifted. within the last 30 minutes all traffic reopened on civic center drive. coming up at 7:30, we'll go live to fremont into the investigation about the woman who was found. an ongoing feud between two neighbors may be behind an arson attack. it happened around 10:30 last
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night near fruitvale avenue. firefighters raced to the scene a and found two cars -- and found two cars badly damaged. witnesses say they saw someone throwing molotov cocktails in the car parked outside of the house. he's convinced the arsonist is a neighbor who drives a white van. >> i don't know. he drive very slow in the white van and throw something in the car. >> he says he's given oakland police about the neighbor that he believes is responsible. so far we have no word of any rests in this case. it is 7:04. mitt romney will be in the bay area today for a cal pain fund- raiser. he comes here -- campaign fund- raiser. he comes here after getting enough delegates from the texas primary to clinch the republican nomination. tara moriarty is in hillsborough where guests will party at a lavish mansion. >> reporter: good morning,
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tori. "opulent" is the word that comes to mind when you look at 2465,000-square foot -- 65,000- square foot machine shawn. and the cost to get in tonight -- mansion. and the cost to get in tonight, some are coughing up nearly $50,000 a plate at the chateau. a tent is already in place. democrats charge that romney is an elitist that don't understand the plight of americans. but supporters say obama has missed the mark when it comes to the economy and everyday americans and romney gets it. >> he understands what they are going through and hopefully can provide some rationality going forward because these current policies are not happening. >> reporter: now, the former governor's fund-raiser is chaired by meg whitman. she's the current ceo of
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hewlett-packard. could she be the vp for romney? it's doubtful. coming up later, find out why experts say romney needs to stick to doke policy rather than -- domestic policy rather than foreign policy. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. and donald trump steals the show in las vegas. coming up, the controversial issue the donald refuses to let go. a worker at the center for the mentally disabled is due to be arraigned today on charges of indecent expose ure. the "press democrat" is reporting that the worker is accused of exposing himself to a 39-year-old patient. authorities say the alleged victim has the mental capacity of a 4-year-old. another employee reportedly says they saw the lewd act and then called the administrators. in just about an hour, volunteers will be gathering again in morgan hill to start a new search for sierra lamar.
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family members are holding out hope the missing 15-year-old will be found 0 alive -- found alive. authorities have arrested and charged antolin garcia-torres with kidnap and murder. he's due to did back to -- to go back to court tomorrow. and the dive team have been searching on waterways, while the volunteers have been searching on dry land. and the volunteers will be back at burnett school at 8:00 this morning. meanwhile, $30,000 worth of mac books were stolen over the holiday weekend from a locked area of a high school at alta heights magnet school. a $1,000 reward is being offered by the school for information leading to an arrest and conviction. it is 7:07. mail theft is a growing problem in vallejo. someone has been stealing from
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large community mailboxes that serve several homes. the back of a community house in the glen cove area was bent open on may 6th. in other cases, thieves stole not only the mail but the actual mailboxes. the postal service told "the times herald" mail theft is being committed all over vallejo as well as other cities and counties. 7:07. tori's back. welcome back from vacation. >> thank you. very good to be back from vacation. good to be home. and sal how is back. how are we doing? >> we have a problem -- welcome back tori. a car -- back, tori. a car ran off the roadway and an ambulance was han dispatched in in air -- was dispatched in this area. antioch slow traffic, also bay
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point, slow traffic as well. also this morning we're looking at the bay bridge taupe. not all that bad -- toll plaza. it's backed up for about a five- minute delay. a little bit of slowing here and then after that it looks good over to sunnyvale. 7:08. let's go to steve. a very, very good morning. thank you, sal. most inland locations are sunny. but there is a lot of fog, coast and let's get to the pollen count first. the trees we -- we kind of took them down a little bit. they are heading back up here. so cedar, cypress and olive on the medium category. i have no jokes for that. the cco and the trees. the grasses continue to be
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very, very warm. the temperatures will be warming up. there will be inland temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s but by the coast, we have to hold things in check. there's too much fog out there. i noticed that for may. the fog forms really fast. 75 in napa. we'll go 80 today, only 64 in san francisco. that's a cautious 64. livermore, 77. we'll go 84. san jose, only 72. 78 west-southwest fairfield, 15. not outrageous but it's still a sea breeze. there's just low clouds around for some. 40s, upper 40s, san rafael is in there. and now redwood city at 48. low to mid-50s. inland temperatures should have no problem. you can see how right there, that little bend in the clouds. that's high pressure building in. morning fog, coast, bay but turning off sooner. san mateo coast tends to hold onto the fog a little bit longer than anybody else. 80s to near 90 out towards the
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valley but i think upper 80s for many. clearlake 86. 42. 8 walnut creek -- 83 walnut creek. oakland, 68. alameda/berkeley, 68. 74, santa cruz. fog burns off there. 79 cupertino, 78 san jose, 77 in sunnyvale. woodside on the peninsula, too much fog, 60s, low to mainly mid along the san mateo coast, the city and south san francisco. warmer inland on thursday. here comes a little cooldown on friday. a bigger cooldown for sunday and monday. 7:11. new this morning, the british supreme court has already issued a ruling involving the sex crime case against the founder of wikileaks. why a teenaged driver who caused the death of two people in concord two months ago has still not been charged. and why gavin newsom's
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comments about life in san francisco could spell pew chur for his -- could spell trouble for his future political plans.
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7:14. southern california had an earthquake last night. it was a magnitude 4.0 quake in the channel islands area. about 10:14 last night. we're talking about 27 miles southwest of malibu. so far, there's no word of injuries or damage. some people did say they felt a sharp jolt. 7:14. new this morning, wikileaks founder julian assange is one step closer to landing in a scanned navian court --
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scandinavian court. he's been fighting extradition since his arrest in britain in 2010. however, the extradition proceedings could still be dayed laws his lawyer says she -- delayed because his lawyer says she wants to reopen the case. and police have arrested the former top media adviser to to british prime minister davey cameron in the phone hacker scandal. he's accused of committing perjury. 7:15. in just the last couple of hours, turkey announced it is joining the united states and more than a dozen other countries in the syrian
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situation. alison burns has more. >> reporter: kofi annan met with syrian's president, bashar assad, and more than 100 syrian villagers, mostly women and children were killed, allegedly at the hands of pro-assad forces. republican presidential candidate mitt romney states the u.s. should help arm the rebels. but the republicans are divided. here's what chairman of the house committee said in an interview this morning. >> i'm not sure arming is the right answer here mainly because we're not exactly sure who the bad guys are and who the good guys are in syria. you are not sure who you are giving weapons to. >> reporter: the obama administration has maintained that military intervention could cause more chaos. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:16. new this morning from iran, an iranian technology official says iran has defeated a
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powerful new computer virus. this follows report out of russia yesterday that a new and physical skated virus is attacking -- physical skated virus is attacking -- sophisticated virus is attacking and has the ability to eavesdrop and steal information off computers. iran says the virus was being used for spying. there is a new report out suggesting the obama administration is redrafting its drone policy to cut down on accidental strikes. the "huffington post" and "the new york times" reports the administration has been concerned about the number of civilian casualties caused by drone strikes. officials decided to redefine combatants as basically all military-aged men in a hot
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zone. it is 7:17. donald trump appeared at a campaign event for mitt romney in las vegas. most of the buzz centered on the ongoing questioning of whether president obama was truly born in the u.s. here is a heated exchange between trump and cnn wolf's blitz zer. >> blitz -- wolf blitzer. >> a lot of em people don't think it was an authentic certificate. >> how can you say that? >> a lot of people don't think it was authentic. his mother was not in the hospital. there were many other things that came out. >> when turnp was announced -- when -- when trump was asked what about the announcements in the newspapers, trump said many people put those ads in.
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and in this romney ad, you can see that "america's" misspelled. many people were talking about the misspelling of the country that romney wants to lead. gavin newsom announced he was going to start hosting a tv interview show for san francisco-based "current tv." he says it would not interfere with his duties at lieutenant- governor and now "the be"is reporting that newsom was asked off camera how often he's in sacramento and newsom reportedly said one day a week at the most. it's so dull. later, newsom said he actually spends two days a week in sacramento. pg&e's pipeline project may cause traffic delays in palo alto. a gas line that runs along nelson to amal street is due for replacement beginning july
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11th. now, another segment at miranda avenue will also be replaced. the palo alto weekly is reporting there will be lane closures for about a month. pg&e is replacing old gas lines after the 2010's deadly san bruno pipeline disaster. people in concord are demanding justice eight weeks after two people were killed. in early april, this white cadillac escalade crashed on treat boulevard killing two people. witnesses say the 17-year-old driver was going faster than the 45 mile-an-hour speed limit. he was released from juvenile hall a few days after the crash and has yet to be charged. >> an individual cannot just drive down the street and kill two people and nothing happens. i mean, now, all of a sudden, what does that teach younger society? >> concord police say they are getting closer to taking the
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case to the district attorney. they say pinpointing how fast the driver was going, could determine whether he faces a felony or a misdemeanor. bob dylan once compared the precise guitar picking of doc watson to rutter -- water running. sadly, the water runs no longer. ♪ the river blues ♪ >> doc watson won seven grammy awards. although he lost his eyesight as an infant, he was famous for his flat-picking style on the guitar. he underwent abdominal surgery last week in north carolina. he's survived by his wife. >> he influenced a lot of physicians. >> yeah. all right. partly cloudy, look out our window. that's what it looks like but it's gonna get warmer. heave's -- steve's coming back. he will tell us it's a sign of
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things to come. a san jose sabres as player passes away -- sabres' player passes away just days after joining the team. good morning. the commute is getting busy. i will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area. happiness located?
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who owns it? who keeps it? if we fall down; if we fail; where can we fall back to, to that place where we are most happy?
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we think about these things when we make tillamook ice cream. the purer, the happier, the very center... of happiness. a player on the san jose sabercats has died. johnny curtain was found dead inside a hotel room monday night. they are waiting for the coroner's report. the owner of a gas station next to the hotel says his heart goes out to the team. >> he would come in and have the breakfast and they go to practice and -- nice guys. real respectable nice guys. >> kurtin had only been with
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the sabercats for three weeks but he scored the game-winning touchdown on saturday. let's check in with sal. i mean, so far, not too bad. >> not too bad at all. i think today is better than yesterday. let's go outside. i want to take a look at highway 4. it is getting busier, though, as you drive up to bay point. it had been slow in antioch. it's getting more filled in. 680 nearby is busy as well. 24 in decent shape from walnut creek to oakland. moving along to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's been backed up to about a five, ten-minute delay. not all that bad. once you make it on the bridge, it looks okay. 280 and 85 getting more slow. 101 and mountain view is slow. 101 san mateo is slow. 280 is better. hayward, 880 getting slow as
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you approach a street. let's go to steve. good morning. foggy, typical summer pattern. for some, there's fog. for some it's sunny. we have a breeze and that tells me yeah, it will warm up inland. not a lot. this time of year with the days being much longer we'll see some 70s around the bay. upper 80s far enough inland. but still, a lot of coastal fog. upper 40s, 50s on the temperatures. we're starting to warm up. it shouldn't take too long. but that system churning in the gulf of alaska is going to knock this high-pressure system out of a -- out of here by friday, saturday. morning fog, mainly coast and bay. it will be warmer inland. sunny afternoon for many. 60s, 70s and 80s.
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yes, i almost checked. 62 half moon bay, pleasanton, 83. fremont, 66. it will be warmer and then we turn it around and then a big cooling trend takes us into the weekend. tori, welcome back. >> thank you, thank you. a trick of home invasions in one bay area city. why the latest case is getting so much attention. >> reporter: a hazmat scare that losted -- that lasted all morning has turned to a police investigation. i will have what sparked it -- coming up. and watch out for the snakes. yeah, rattlesnake attacks are on the rise in northern california. we'll te you the pictures late -- we'll show you the pictures later.
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for me, it's really about building this extraordinary community. american express is passionate about the same thing. they're one of those partners that i would really rely on whether it's finding new customers, or, a new location for my next restaurant. when we all come together, my restaurants, my partners, and the community amazing things happen. to me, that's the membership effect.
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time is 7:29. developing news in fremont. firefighters have cleared a hazardous materials situation at the underground garage of an apartment complex. noelle walker joins us live along civic center drive where the situation ended about 45 minutes ago. >> reporter: yeah, not before it lasted five hours. all morning long, that scare left one woman dead, a closed road and it left people inside that apartment building behind me sheltering-in-place all morning. right now, there is a police investigation into what happened inside the underground
7:31 am
parking garage. now, at 1:30 this morning, a man found his wife dead inside her car which was parked inside the garage. there was a note on the window that said "poisonous gas" and that's what brought out police and the fire department. hazmat crew spent the whole time determining the threat was sulfide. >> we don't know how she did it. we know there is a tub of liquid or a container of liquid inside the car. and that along with other things could produce the gas. >> reporter: so now police are investigating the woman's death and how she adwyered the -- acquired the hydroagain sulfide -- hydrogen sulfide. we know that the roads were closed but about an hour ago, they opened to traffic. at last check, the businesses on the street, with the exception. host hospital were -- of -- of
7:32 am
the hospital, were still closed. reporting live in fremont, noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:31. two casino owners are the latest home-invasion victims in livermore. a city that's recently seen  several home invasions. police say two masked gunmen broke into a home on reginald court early yesterday morning. the owners of a bay area casino were inside. the gunmen tied them up, covered their faces and stole several items. a san jose man accused in a deadly crime scene last fall is due back this afternoon. paul castillo is expected to enter a plea to several felony charges, including murder. the charges all stem from a violent morning ram pain that dashsh dash rampage that began
7:33 am
on -- violent morning rampage that began with murder and he's also accused of several violent robberies. san francisco's sheriff's ross mirkarimi's hearing will start this morning. there were a lot of supporters for mirkarimi. san francisco mayor ed lee suspended mirkarimi without play after pleading guilty to false imprisonment of his wife. mirkarimi says his family is being targeted. >> they are using my family as a weapon to destroy me so that i walk away from our career and they've gone too far. and the process is undemocrat,
7:34 am
it's unconstitutional. the board will decide sometime in july or august whether he will get to keep his job. the discovery of a -- the discovery of a body in a san jose pond raised concern regarding the search for sierra lamarr. the dive team has been searching the pond near blossom hill road yesterday morning. shortly after 10:00, they discovered the body of an elderly man. they believe it's the same man reported missing monday night. police say as soon as the search began, people started
7:35 am
calling in thinking the difference were looking for divers were -- the divers were looking for sierra lamarr's body. >> of course my first thought would be sierra lamarr. >> police say they were quick to geck the -- to get the word out that its with not sierra. they are investigating this case as a homicide. this man entered a gang on mount dean an blow -- mt. diablo boulevard and demanded money. he's described as a white or hispanic male, 25 to 35 years of age with a large mole on his right cheek. anyone with information is being asked to call la fayette police. 7:35. all right. watch out for snakes if you are out walking, particularly in the south bay. there are reports santa clara county has issued a rattlesnake
7:36 am
warning. one person said they came across a 6-foot long snake in the russian ridge open space preserve. here's some ideas if you do see a rattlesnake. wear heavy boots that are 4 inches above the ankle. keep an eye out for high brushes, bushes or fallen trees and logs. snakes like to roam around there and veterinarians, they say people are not the only ones who need to be protected by snakes. this time of the year, animals get attacked as well. a man from placer who only wanted to be identified as 49er jack says his family dog recently died after being bitten by a rattlesnake and it happened in his own backyard. >> to lose a dog to a snakebite in your own backyard, you not only have to feel for your animals about you your children. >> pet owners should be on
7:37 am
alert, watch for certain signs on your pets, look for bruising, puncture marks, swelling. 7:36. the warriors may leave oakland but they may not be able to escape a huge bill related to oracle arena. "the chronicle" reports the team may owe $07 million for construction to construct the arena. the warriors have been paying millions each year to help pay off the bonds. if they move out before the bonds retire in 2026, they still owe the money. city officials in alameda are considering cutbacks but they are hoping you won't notice a thing. most of the proposals will not affect the public. for instance, the city may close its 12-cell jail and send criminals to county jail in
7:38 am
oakland instead. >> i don't think we'll touch -- we don't have much left to give. well, this morning, the uss iowa will drop anchor near is new home. now -- its new home. saturday, it sailed out of san francisco and headed for the port of los angeles. once it arrives, crews will scrub down the ship's hull, take down any contaminants and then it will be permanently anchored on june 9th when it will become a floating museum. it was used during the korean war, world war ii and, once again, in the 1980s.
7:39 am
well, many freeway commuters in downtown san jose, you will notice some big changes driving home this afternoon. these are live pictures of the area we're talking about. caltrans will turn on new metering lights at -- on seven onramps to 280 and they will stay on from 3:00 in the afternoon until 7:00 in the evening. the metering lights are designed to reduce the commuter delays while at the sale time designed to improve -- same time designed to improve safety on the highway. we want to check in with sal see how things are moving on this wednesday morning. >> you saw 208 was slow. a little bit slow. 0 westbound getting -- 80 westbound getting slow traffic in pockets all the way down to oakland. not a solid line but just pockets of heavy traffic here and there. also this morning we're looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. now that's backed up for about a five-minute delay. it has not been as bad as it
7:40 am
normally has. he -- it's pretty calm. that goes for the senate and the dumbarton bridge as well. speaking of which, we can look at that from our map system here. san mateo and dumbarton bridge doing very well. 880, however, getting a little bit slow after 288. and then 101, 280 and 85 slow getting into the valley right now on the peninsula, i think the slowest is 101, right near 92. 280 is a good bet. 7:40. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. most inland locations, the fog is still there. a lot of low clouds and -- this is really high pressure. we still have a westerly breeze. so coast and bay kind of held in check. inland temperatures will warm up pollen index continues to favor. the trees are making another
7:41 am
push. cedar, pollen, you can make those. we'll go to 80. too much fog out there. san jose, a cool 72. nice 72. today we'll go 78. yes, we're warming up. but it's -- unless you are far away from the coast, things are kind of held in check due to the cloud cover. and also this westerly breeze. today, 40s and 50s, mid-50s already. mountain view san jose. the system will send temperatures across from the -- away from the coast. sunny afternoon for the bay. most of the coast, although it looks like the fock is kind of hanging out there -- like the fog is kind of hanging out
7:42 am
there. there's a few 90s out there but i think that's in sacramento. 67 sausalito. stinson beach, 63. napa, 81. fairfield, 86. 81 martinez. 84 danville. 86 antioch, mid-80s len ton, livermore, a little warmer towards gilroy. 78 santa clara. a lot of 70s on the peninsula. warmer inland on thursday and then here comes a cooldown. with your weekend in view, it will be a big cooldown by sunday/monday, tori. we'll check where facebook's stock is trading in a moment. 3q
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from the wildflower valleys of yellowstone to the serene waters of glacier bay, air wick has partnered with the national park foundation so you can experience the spirit of these national treasures in your home. the national park collection. something in the air wick.
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stocks sharply lower. concerns over spain's banking problems. taking a live look at the big board, the dow is down 150. s&p down 17. nasdaq down 40. now, fighting that trend right now is facebook taking a look at its stock, it is up 1% right now. trading at $29.15 that's after closing at an all-time low yesterday. there may be some bargain
7:46 am
hunting going on. menlo park will be changing the zone on the campus. the social network wanted to have 6600 workers on the ground and add buildings. in exchange, facebook offered to pay $850,000 a year as well as finance some infrastructure projects in the neighborhood. city leaders call if a win-win situation for menlo park and facebook. >> most cities don't charge a company to come to their city. they are paying in lieu fees to be here. that doesn't happen frequently. >> but leaders in neighboring atherton are still concerned about how traffic will affect their city and plan to continue discussions about potential
7:47 am
problems. apple, known for keeping secrets and that's a policy the new ceo approves of. tim cook says apple will "double down on secrecy." he said that last night in southern california. the jury in the john edwards cal pain corruption
7:48 am
trial is right now in its 8th day of deliberations. we're live outside the courthouse in greensboro, north carolina. what are you hearing about possible reasons why it's taking so long. >> reporter: yeah, there are two theories. one is that the jury is really going over all of the evidence from this very complex case, a case so complex that even experts in cal pain finance law can't seem to agree on whether or not john edwards is guilty but another theory is that the jury may be approaching a deadlock, that there may be some holdout and that this jury is -- is continuing to try to reach consensus and perhaps some of the jurors even threatening to go into another week until these holdouts come along with the majority opinion,
7:49 am
tori. the judge is going to remind the jury about all of the time and expense that went into this trial in the event they can't come one a verdict, they could consider finding mr. edwards not guilty if they believe that prosecution has not established beyond a reasonable doubt that mr. edwards committed the crimes he's accused of. if they -- they cannot reach a verdict after that, then it's up to the prosecutors if they want to go over the trouble and
7:50 am
expense. >> okay. thank you. four young men who say they were sexually abused by jerry sandusky will appear in a pennsylvania courtroom. they will ask the judge to prevent their real names from being made public citing privacy reasons. sandusky's trial is scheduled to begin next week. 7:49. a south bay city now ranked among the top city in america to raise your family. and the new concern about earthquake danger near lake tahoe. this country was built by working people.
7:51 am
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the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy. we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪ dozens of aftershocks hit northeastern italy overnight. rescue crews are using search dogs to find people still buried in the rubble from
7:53 am
yesterday's 5.8 magnitude quake. at least 16 people were killed. another 350 injured. there was a 6.0 quake in the same area. just nine days earlier. and new earthquake faults have been discovered near lake tahoe. scientists studying the area say the faults were found using new, high resolution imaging technology. they say the faults are steep and could generate earthquakes with a magnitude of 6.3 to 6.9. there's also the threat of land slides stretching from west of truckee through the squaw valley ski resort. 7:53. we have more information about a -- a story we first told you about yesterday. since we aired the video of a girl being beat be up -- beaten up at vallejo's hogan middle school, several parents said their kids are being bullied -- are being bullied and now we're hearing from a victim.
7:54 am
>> everybody started to jump in. i'm not mad about it. i just wish that -- i don't know. it just irritates me. >> she says since that attack she's not gone back to the middle school. >> the mother of the victim plans to meet with the district attorney and talk about pressing charges for her daughter. "company linger" raises sunnyvale as the best 7th city in the u.s. to raise children -- "kip linger" lists sunnyvale
7:55 am
as the best -- 7th best city in the u.s. to raise children. the other cities were -- hey, sal, how are we doing? >> i would say, dave and tori, we're doing okay. in fact, today i think we're doing a little better than we had yesterday. let's take a look at what we have. highway 4 is slow and certainly there is slow traffic. when i say we're doing better, i think we're doing better incidentwise. although in the last few minutes, we're starting to catch up. southbound 680 just north of oak park boulevard. it's a crash with no injuries that just came in.
7:56 am
so we're trying to figure it out. willow pass road, also in contra costa county, there is a brand-new crash reported there. that's cleared out. it's a nice-looking drive. if you want to get into san francisco, this is your opportunity. many times when i see this, if i -- i -- right now is a good time to get on. this is a look acthe peninsula. highway 101 is getting busier. let's go to steve. around the bray -- bay the fog will burn off sooner. too much fog out there and too much of a westerly breeze. high pressure will definitely nose in for inland areas, yet there's still a west or
7:57 am
southwest breeze. morning fog, sunny, it will be warmer inland for all. sunny afternoon for many, all -- along. san mateo coast could be tough. you get closer to the bay, though, it's 60s and 70s. upper 80s, gilroy, along the coast, 50s, 60s. a lot of low to mid-60s. why heartless vandals are targeting a bay area cemetery. traffic is, once again, moving on martin luther king, junior after a huge fire at a
7:58 am
home here. we'll tell you what firefighters are saying about it and we just talked to a neighbor about the damage or possible damage to this -- or possible damage to his building. we're live -- >> reporter: we're live where mott -- where mitt romney will be holding a rally. find out why some are so fired up.
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. well, traffic moving again right now on martin luther king way in oakland after a big fire just hours ago. the raging fire -- look at these pictures -- it broke out on m.l.k. and 29th street. claudine wong has been on this since 4:30 this morning. she's back now. the fire crews are gone now, too, right in. >> reporter: yes, they left around 20 minute the ago. the mopup phase is now underway. you can see the investigation walking along the side of the yard. she got here and is now going through the scene to figure out
8:01 am
how this started. crews took control of the fire and got it out with damage contained to -- contained to that one home.
8:02 am
there was smoke inside the building the water was on the floor. the man has watched the home for years and doesn't know the owner but he says it's been vacant for a lodge time. >> since ten years ago, i purchased this building eight, ten years ago i haven't seen people living there. >> reporter: you've seen people coming in and out? there was one person inside the fire. firefighters say it appears he had been living on the first
8:03 am
floor. back to you. the martinez "gazette" reports this cemetery is having vandalism. police found several crypts that have been desecrated and found two coffins taken out of mausoleums and taken out to the point where you could see the body. a worker at a center for the mentally disabled is scheduled to be arraigned today on charges of indecent exposure. the "the press democrat" reports that rue leroy -- rue
8:04 am
leroydenencourt is accused of exsupposing himself to a 39- year-old woman who has the mental capacity of a 4-year- old. the latest search for sierra la mar is about to get underway again. authorities have arrested and charged antolin garcia-torres is kidnapping and murder. he's said to report to court tomorrow. the dive team has been searching on the waterways and the volunteers have been searching on the land. mac books were stolen, about 30,000 worth, from alta heights magnet school. a $1,000 reward is being offered by the school for leading -- leading to an arrest
8:05 am
and a conviction. mail is being stolen in vallejo. thieves are stealing from large mailboxes. mitt romney will be right here in the bay area today for a big campaign fund-raiser. he comes here with new brag the -- with new bragging rights. he's got enough del will gets and has -- delegates and has clinched the republican nomination. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: it's a very stunning backdrop here at the
8:06 am
chateau. it's a 65,000-square foot mansion. it is the exclusivity that has democrats upset. a tent is already in place near a giant pool. democrats charge that romney is an out of -- out-of-touch millionaire. when it comes to the issues of this campaign. analysts say romney can't go after obama's policy since obama got bin laden, got out of the war and is wine with inwag down the war. >> i think -- and is winding -- out of the war and is -- and is winding down the war now. en siders say it's -- insiders
8:07 am
say it's unlikely that meg whitman would get the vp nomination. back to you. mitt romney and the super- pac that supports him, they received a $535 military loan and then went bankrupt. we want to check in with sal, keeping a close eye on the commute and some problem out there wednesday. >> that's right. good morning, tori and dave. a new problem in contra costa county. a noninjury crash. it's slowing traffic from concord to walnut creek. 24 westbound between walnut
8:08 am
creek and oakland. a little bit of slow traffic there as you drive to the caldecott tunnel. richmond, some slow traffic here, heading west. and also looking at the maps here. hayward you can see some slow traffic just after lieu welling and -- lieu -- l uwelling. i think the -- luwelling. i think the metering lights are on. the morning commutes look good when it comes to accidents. at 8:08, let's go to steve. mostly sunny inland. is something wrong? maybe i'm not sheer -- here. believe me. i'm here. we have some low clouds around. i've seen where low clouds get
8:09 am
chewed up and it's sunny everywhere and others -- the heat in the valley, while some of you have been looking for that. that's just going to crank up the fog machine. we get a couple of warmer days inland but not really a bunch by the coast. i still thank has to do with too much fog. trees on their way back up again for those of you suffering from the allergies. cedar, cypress, olive. grass continues to be high. napa,p 75 yesterday, san francisco only 61. livermore, 77. san jose was a cool, cool 72. today we'll warm it up. there's already sunshine for many in areas that had to do with fog. not much near the coast. i think we keep 60s there is. low clouds and fog there, kind of getting suppressed a little bit as the system moves into the north. high pressure will send that well to the north and that's allowing us to see warmer
8:10 am
temperatures. but there's still a westerly or southwesterly breeze. until that falls apart, temperatures, yes, they will warm up but nothing outrageous. upper 50s for some. there goes our system up and over but here comes another one. a deep system. morning fog heads back to the coast and kind of slowly erodes there. it will be warmer inland. 70s, 80s. a few 90s in there. 87 clearlake, ukiah, petaluma, 79. napa, 81. 78 san rafael. 73 vallejo. that's probably closer to mare island. 84 concord. 87 brentwood. hayward, 70. livermore at 84 degrees. megan hill about be -- will be in there. 78 san jose, cooper -- morgan hill will be in there.
8:11 am
78. 60s on the coast and also san bruno at 67. warm he inland thursday. fog starts -- warmer inland thursday. fog starts to come back and a big cooldown for the weekend. >> thank you, steve. southern california had an earthquake last night. it was a magnitude 4.0 quake in the chan -- channel islands area about 10:14 p.m. that's 27 miles southwest of malibu. so far no word of injuries or damages. some people report feeling a sharp jolt. a pilot flying an experimental plane had to make an emergency landing when the plane's propeller fell off. it landed right on the roof of a manteca home. the pilot who just bought the plane said the engine belt blew causing damage that made the prop fall on the home and it definitely surprised the homeowner. >> i was just changing the my choose, and i heard -- changing my shoes sitting at the end of my bed, heard a loud crash, went outside and saw a
8:12 am
propeller on the top of my roof. fortunately the man was not hurt. 8:11. it's a ross for -- it's a loss for oregon but it's a gain for sacramento. sacramento police just received a new helicopter. it came frommianhill county -- from downhill county. sacramento was next on the list of law enforcement agencies waited for donated equipment. sacramento's two other helicopters have about 12,000 miles on them. this bell helicopter only has about 4,000 miles. it is 8:12. a disney cruise ship becomes the happiest place on earth. the critical role it played in a rescue at sea. also -- a former college student at the center of that cyber bullying case. why he decided he's going to jail. q
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
sunshine for almost already -- sunshine for some already. we'll have 60s and 80s. fog around the bay. it will burn back to the coast. the debate is escalating in washington over how to deal with syria after friday's massacre that killed more than 100 villagers. as alison burns reports from our washington, d.c. newsroom,
8:16 am
it's also becoming a major issue in the presidential race. alison? >> reporter: tori, republican presidential candidate mitt romney says president obama should take a more aggressive stand and help arm syrian rebels. united nations observers say 13 more bodies were discovered today, bound and shot. world leaders are grappling with how to deal with syrian president, bashar assad, after the massacre in houla. mostly women and children were killed at the hands of pro- assad forces. u.s. and a dozen other countries have expelled syrian diplomats. now the u.s. is tightening economic sanctions but there are no plans for an intervention. >> there's concern that further
8:17 am
militarization could lead to more chaos. >> reporter: republicans are divined about how to deal with it. the united states security council meets again today. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. a disney cruise ship helped rescue four cuban men spotted 0 -- spotted on a raft spotted -- on a raft spotted near florida. they gave them food and water. and now the coast guard is working to help rae move those men. the former new jersey college student, the one accused of bullying his college roommate has decided to go to jail. he will start his jail term tomorrow. he was found guilty of secretly taping his roommate kissing a man. that roommate later committed suicide, he jumped off a bridge
8:18 am
after learning about being captured on that webcam. he says it's the only way he can move on with his life. he did apologize for spying on his roommate but denied it was motivated by hate or bigotry. in san diego a homeless man on parole wassest raked for allegedly trying to stow away on a plane. the suspect sneaked into the tarmac by going through an emergency door in the commuter terminal. that's where passengers were boarding a united express plane. flight attendants noticed they had an extra passenger when they did their head count. every passenger had to deplane and go through inspections again. two dozen african-american pilots are suing american airlines for racial pile ult -- pilots. they say they were passed over for management promotions because of their race. most pilots say they worked for united before the merger with
8:19 am
continental. united airlines denies the charge saying it does not -- it does not tolerate harassment or discrimination. 8:18. it's debatable. we now know what san francisco's top foods are. according to the iphone app, san francisco's most popular food is salad. in compared to the rest of the country. the people of san francisco eat 3.4 times more cashews, four times more brussels sprouts. 3.3 times more sourdough and 3 times more crab. that information was compiled by more than 7 million app users who took pictures of everything they ate during five months. well, a waiter in texas is saying thank you to two very generous customers. they left him a five-figure tip just a couple of weeks ago. greg's car was discovered by water. now, he works in a houston
8:20 am
restaurant. says he's been lee -- says he's been right lying on the bus and cabs to get back and forth to work. he says it can be really difficult because of the unusual hours he works. then during the memorial day weekend, two of his regulars came in and gave him a $5,000 tip. >> i was hesitant about it. he said no, you take it, buy you a car. people can be jeberous. they told meal they felt like i deserved it. >> he says he told them about his car problems but never expected to get that tip that big. now he plans to put every time towards buying himself in a new -- buying himself in a -- by buying himself a new car.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:23. three measures on the june 5th ballot in san mateo county could have a big effect on travelers around sfo. measure-t could raise the rental car tax by 2.5%. measure-u would raise the hotel tax from 10% to 12% and measure-
8:24 am
x would impose an 8% parking lot tax. critics fear the higher taxes will keep tourists away from the bay area and hurt business at sfo. county officials say the proposed measures would generate around $14 million a year. these are relatively minor to the individual traveler. they are extremely important to our overall fizz health -- physical health. >> the u.s. travel association says it did a study and it showed there would be more than 100,000 fewer car rentals and hotel bookings a year near the airport. let's check in with sal, get you to where you need to go this morning. sal? >> good morning, dave. traffic is still busy out there. we've had a couple of late inscy ents -- late incidents. in the south bay we're seeing some improvement for your drive into the valley. also this morning, we're
8:25 am
looking at 880, that always gets really busy approaching hide street. and this morning's commute in contra costa county, very slow on highway 4, still it's improving a little bit. the accident at oak park has been removed. westbound is still slow between walnut creek and oakland in spots. let's go to steve. fog for some, sun for others. temperatures, some 80s inland. but by the coast, more 50s and 60s. there's still a lot of fog out there. but it will burn back sooner today, especially for the bay. some of that is holding steady. a westerly breeze in place. nothing outrageous. but already 59 fairfield. 57 for concord and san jose. there's still some fog holding temperatures. high pressure is building in for a couple of days here. that means warmer temperatures inland. it will be a sunny afternoon for most. some of that fog wants to persist along the coast.
8:26 am
morning log -- morning fog, sunny. inland over those coastal hills. low, mid, a few upper 80s. warmer inland on thursday, a little cooldown on friday. the big cooldown is ushered in by the weekend. two cars set on fire in oakland overnight. why this arson investigation hits really close to home. we got about 100 protesters outside of chevron. we'll tell yu they are here -- coming up -- we'll tell you why they are here -- coming up.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
happening right now, there is a protest outside of chevron's annual shareholders' meeting. ktvu's noelle walker is live in san ramon right now to tell us who is protesting and what kind of message they want to send. knoll? >> reporter: >> reporter: it's a large group of protesters, protesting as one. it's kind of hard to see between the traffic. you have about 100 protesters there. it's part protesters, part party. they are playing music, dancing, chanting. they are here to protest chevron during their annual shareholders' meeting, which is taking place today. they are protesting, the destruction of fisheries, toxic waste they claim that chevron has dumped and they say that chevron is not a great corporate citizen. we spoke to one of the protesters. >> people from around the
8:30 am
world, nairobi, ecuadorian are begging chevron to stop choosing product over people and respect theshsh -- and respect the communities where they are operating. >> reporter: a few minutes ago, i spoke with a chevron spokesperson who told me that he respects and chevron respects the right of people to protest -- protest their opinion. they are hoping for a productive meeting today. when you say you disagree with some of the things you are saying point out to me you think chevron is doing right. he told me they employed within the state of california 70,000 people. he says chevron creates jobs in california. he also pointed out they are part of a partnership to fight a.i.d.s. around the world. so some disagree as to the good chevron does or does not do. but this protest just getting underway. it started at 8:00, it's
8:31 am
expected to go through 11:00 this morning. noelle walker, ktvu channel 2 news. just about 30 minutes from right now, the man accused of throwing bricks off a rooftop during an occupy san francisco protest is due in court. here's some of the video. look there. jess nesbitt. he threw pipe at protesters and brick an also he threw pipe and brick at police. -- and also he threw pipe and brick at police. last night around 10:30 on logan street near fruitvale, firefighters raced to the scene to find two cars badly damaged. witnesses spotted someone in a white van throwing molotov
8:32 am
cocktails inside the vehicles parked outside of the neighbor's home. he's convinced the arsonist is a neighbor who drives a white van. >> i don't know if -- he drive very slow and then he throw away something from the white van. >> the man says he's given oakland police about the neighbor who he believes is responsible but so far there's no word of any arrests from this case. time, 8:32. the sabercats football team mourning the unexpected death of one of their teammates. monday night, the body of johnny kurtin. police say there's no sign of foul play and they are waiting for the toxicology results. don lombardi, who owns the gas station next to the hotel where the players play, his heart goes out to the team. >> they come in and have breakfast and they go practice.
8:33 am
nice guys. real respectable nice guys. >> he had only been with the team three weeks but he scored three times on saturday, including the game-winning touchdown. he's the father of a 4-year-old daughter. terrell owens has been kicked off the team. he missed a public appearance at a children's hospital. terrell owens is 38 years old. he recently told "gq magazine" he's almost broke despite earning about $80 million in his nfl career. 8:33. right now, the "uss iowa" is anchored near the port of los angeles. this is new video of the battleship heading towards its final home. the largest ship sailed out of san francisco to begin the four-
8:34 am
day journey in l.a. the "iowa" was used in the world war ii, the korean war and then in the 1980s. the "press democrat" reports crews are putting finishing touches on lights at west college avenued a link lane. community members pushed for two years to get the lights after a 15-year-old girl was hit and killed while at a crosswalk in january of 2010. 8:34. hey, sal, are you still watching that crash in contra costa county. it's gone which is nice. i like it when accidents here. no injuries. ee talking about 680 at oak park southbound. let's take a look at some of these things. 880 northbound. the backup that approaches 880 at hide street, almost every day at this time, i wish i could clear this up. i will show you some good
8:35 am
things, bay bridge toll plaza, let's take a look at that. it's light. it's been light since about the 8:00 hour. that's good. mooterring lights should be off. and the morning drive, we talked about that crash weeing gone. i want to move the maps here -- i don't think my maps are moving. i want to talk about the traffic on 80 westbound. see how slow it is heading down to albany and berkeley. let's go to steve. some of that fog is already burning off, it looks to be north, south. a lot of blue sky, temperatures will definitely be warming up away from the coast. by the coast probably with sun. high pressure is here today and tam -- here today and tomorrow. morning fog definitely warmer temperatures inland, the warmup is mainly for inland areas.
8:36 am
temperatures getting back to normal. still a westerly breeze, southwesterly. we don't have any component. some of that fog is reluctant to burn off. 50s on the temperatures. they still have a little bit of a westerly breeze. you can see everything is heading out to seattle. it won't stick and stay as we say. this system will sweep in for the weekend for a big cooldown. morning fog eroding faster today. it will be sunny. warm he inland. 80s. near the coast, 60s, for many. so 86 clearlake. already 50 that right now. napa, 81. sonoma na 819. martinez 81 but 68 oakland. 73 castro valley. san jose at 78. santa clara is in there as
8:37 am
well. low 80s. did go 74 in santa cruz. 77 -- 77 palo alto. it's kind of tough to warm up. warmer inland. we'll top out upper 80s to near 90. a cooldown and much, much cooler on the weekend, tori. 8:36. new this morning, britain's supreme court is backing you -- is backing the extradition of julian assange. this morning, the top court ruled that he should be sent back to sweden to face sex crime allegationing. prosecutors want to question him. but he won't be leaving britain any time soon. he could still appeal to the european court of human rights. he's been fighting extradition since his arrest in december of 2010. more fallout from the british phone hacking scandal. police have arrested the top
8:38 am
former immediatia adviser to the british prime minister, andy coleman. he's accused of committing perjury. the owner of a shopping mall in the persian scuffle country has been detained after the fire at a mall that killed 19 people. the country also ordered the detention of three managers at the hotel along with the owner of a daycare manager where 13 children died. witnesses say no children die -- no children died. all of those who died were foreigners from spain, new zealand, japan and the philippines. back here at home, oakland police say 90 criminals and dozens of guns are off the streets. the joint operation led by the a.t.f., l.a.d for four months.
8:39 am
now, "operation giddyian 3" targeted violent offenders and let to a -- and led to a big drop in violence on the streets. >> i think you can connect the dots with why we have the number of shootings and homicides. >> 92 guns were confiscated. they also seized three kilos of meth, marijuana, heroin, crack cocaine. authorities say this operation worked so wall. it will continue indefinitely. a teenager has been sentenced to ate years in prison for starting a fire that destroyed aable elementary school. lazarius was 16 and prosecutors say he and another teenage turned the school on -- put the school on fire. the fire caused moor than $10 million in damage. the school is due to reopen
8:40 am
this fall. the other suspect is due to appear in court next month. a string of disturbing crimes in one bay area city. the latest incident involving casino owners. new signs that gavin newsom really doesn't like his current job in san francisco.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
welcome back. these are live pictures of the president. he's about to sign the reauthorization of the export/inpoem bank which promotes u.s. sales. the bank has -- import bank which promotes u.s. sales. the bink has been -- the bank has been -- the president has been supporting renewing the bank, they say this play as very important role creating jobs for americans and also
8:44 am
selling their products. the president speaking live. he's about to sign the reauthorization of the export/import bank. we just wanted to take you there live to show you what was happening. new this morning, pen -- pending home sales fell in april from. still, sales are way up from last year, suggesting that home sales are going up. partly cloudy's stock is flat, trading at $28.83 -- facebook's stock is flat, trading at $28.83.
8:45 am
let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you. police in fremont, investigating the death of a woman after firefighters cleared a hazardous materials situation just about two hours ago. police say the woman's husband found her body inside of a car parked in the underground garage of an apartment complex on civic center drive. police say firefighters discovered hydrogen sulfide in the car with the woman and that prompted a shelter-in-place warning. a raging house fire in oakland has been controlled now. we were first on the scene of this as it was burning about 4:30 this morning. firefighters have left the scene now. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and republican presidential nominee mitt romney will be here in the bay area today for
8:46 am
a campaign fund-raiser in hillsborough. romney comes here after winning enough delegates in the texas primary yesterday to clinch the nomration. tara moriarty is in hillsborough right now where the guests will be at a very lavish party mansion for the romney campaign. tara? >> reporter: that's right:avenue seen some workers coming here this morning to get -- that's right. we've seen some workers coming here getting ready for this opulent area. this is a mansion, 65,000 square feet. it's a mansion tucked away in that exclusive neighborhoodp and that exclues -- neighborhood. and that exclusivity has some democrats fired up. this is to raise money for mitt romney's campaign a tent is in place near the giant reflecting pool. democrats charge that romney is an out-of-touch millionaire. maybes -- neighbors say it's kind of neat to have a
8:47 am
presidential hopeful on their block. >> there have been events before but nothing this big since i've lived here. >> how do you feel about it? >> reporter: it's kind of exciting. >> when it comes to thish as -- when it comes to the issues in this campaign, romney can't go other his foreign policy, president obama's, but they say romney can sign in or areas. but he will get it right. we're live in hillboro, ktvu channel 2 news. well, donald trump was in las vegas at a campaign event for mitt romney. but most of the attention focused on trump's yessing whether the president was truly born in the united states. >> a lot of people don't think it was an authentic certificate.
8:48 am
>> how can you say that? >> wolf, many people don't think it was authentic. his mother was not in the hospital. there are many other things that came out. >> when donald thumbp was asked what about the birth -- what about the birth announcements that appeared in two different highs. a lot of people put they ads in cases to get the benefits from this country. and then an "i'm with mit" iphone app with the word "america" misspelledded. almost immediately people started to post messages on twitter and main --ed a mind fun of the romney -- twitter and made fun of the romney campaign for misspelling the country he wants to lead.
8:49 am
"the associated press" said some fund from the 911 plates were raided by governor brown and former governor arnold schwarzenegger to plug budget caps. the money was used to pay for scholarships for those children in california who lost their parents in the attacks and for anti-terrorism programs. i'm against smoking. >> there is any poll out that shows slightly more than half of the voters who were surveyed say they would have voted for the cigarette tax but that's
8:50 am
down from two-thirds support last month. philip morris has spent $39 million according to prop 5. california lawmakers have until friday now to finish work on almost 400 proposals for new laws. one of the pressures still under consideration include new regulations on medical marijuana including a sales tax. another one would protect small businesses from lawyers who demand quick payment for violations of the americans with disabilities act. ten minutes before 9:00, they've are -- 9:00. there are indications that gavin newsom is not happy with his job. there were reports that he
8:51 am
would host "current tv" and he said it would not interfere with his duties as lieutenant- governor and then he was asked how often he's in sacramento, and he said one day a week at the most, adding "it's so dull." he added -- added he spends two days a week in san francisco. work, the night shift can take a toll on women's health more than twice a week. it can increase the risk of breast cancer. the risk is even greater of women who describe themselves as morning types. 8:51. two bay area casino owners were
8:52 am
tired up and robbed in a home invasion. police say two masked gunmen broke into a home on reginald court early yesterday morning and tied up the casino owners, covered up their faces and stole several items. the contra costa times reports there have been 12 cases of breaking and entering in livermore in the past month. it is nine minutes before 9:00th, a -- it is nine minutes before 9:00. a close with a snake in the south bay. sal's coming back to tell you about a new crash that just happened in san jose. and quite another to have done it generation after generation. to the long line of legendary mercedes-benz sl roadsters... ♪ the 2013 sl.
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everyone grows with miracle gro.
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new this morning from iran, an iranian technology official claims iran has defeated a powerful new computer virus. this follows reports from russia yesterday that a new and sophisticated virus is attacking computers in iran and other middle eastern countries. the so-called flame virus has the ability to steal information off computers and eavesdropping. the virus has been used for spying. well, back here at home, three bay area cities are if a statewide race to reduce their carbon footprint. pleasanton, pittsburg and san
8:56 am
jose are among ten cities in the cool california challenge. the cities are awarded points for each household that signs up online and tracks the way they use energy and their automobiles. three winners will be selected at the end of this month as well as june and july. each city will be awarded a $10,000 grant for an environmental project. 8:55. watch out for snakes. especially if we're walking in the south bay. santa clara county has just issued a rattlesnake warning. one person encountered a snake in the russian open space reserve. if you do see a rattler, wear heavy boots that are four inches above the ankle and when walking in the woods, pay attention near high brush, fallen trees and logs. this are popular areas for snakes to be. and vets say people aren't the only ones that need no watch
8:57 am
out for -- that need to watch out for snakes. one homeowner's family dog died. it happened in his own backyard. >> to lose a during a snake white in your own backyard, well, you not only have to fear for your animals but your children. doctors say pet owners should be on alert and watch for certain signs including -- including swollen skin and they say it's important to prevent a snakebite in the first place because the antivenom medication, around $80. not cheap. what happened, sal, just now? >> northbound 101 at israel tull you will. a lot will-- northbound 101 at tully. san francisco a little bit of slowing approaching the central freeway. let's go to steve. still some fog around.
8:58 am
it's mostly burning off around the bay. a little cooldown on friday. >> all right. thank you. >> you bet. we say welcome back to t.c. >> yes. good to be back. >> that's our report. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we'll tell you why the oakland police department at noon will remain airborne. we're always here for you. thank you for joining us.
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