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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 30, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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we have no word on the vision time's condition. our reporter is on the way to the scene. right now, oakland police are look for whoever shot and wounded an 18-year-old student near oakland high school this afternoon as classes were ending for dpaipt the student was with a group of other students when a bull struck him in the leg. police are not made any arrests in the shooting. there is a new development in the case of beaten giants fan brian stowe. a video appears to provide evidence against, you of the marvin norwood appeared for a preliminary hearing. the recording shows norwood talking to his mother by cell phone during a police interview.
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>> i mean, i am involved. i'll probably go down for this. >> before he hung up, norwood norwood and the codefendant luis sanchez have pleaded not. firefighters have gained control of a fire. the fire started about 2:30 at conifer lane. a neighbor noticed the smoke and then woke up a man sleeping in the house where the fire started. we're told a total of 7 people live in the two homes. no word yes on what caused that fire.
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parents are banding together in nap air tonight to replace some $30,000 worth of laptops that were stolen from a classroom over the holiday weekend. we have a look at how the thieves got in. >> reporter: a reward poor is taped near the front door, $1,000 to anyone who leads police to those who stole laptop computers. the principal showed us the formerly locked metal cab fetes. the locked doors were pried open, and the 30 laptop computers were missing. >> we are pretty smongd. >> reporter: parents are appalled. >> sphrealg these kids is robbing their education and their hope for learning. and you condition even believe that anybody would choose to do something like this. >> reporter: the computers were mac pros just like this one, worth $1,000 each, but
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invaluable to students at this school that special eyed in technology. >> it affects 120 kids this year, but they're purchased to go on for years. this really affects hundred and hundreds of kids. >> reporter: police are investigating. the black smudges are where they dusted for fingerprints. the biggest surprise came in the reaction from the 2n -r4th graders. >> a loft the kids began rallying to, what can we do to raise money for computers? >> reporter: if police can't fine the computer, it may be town them to find a way to replace them. >> they're important to our work, so we do need to replace them somehow. >> reporter: again, there is a $1,000 reward out for anyone who provides information. bay area supporters of mid romney are gathering right now
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at a huge, historic mansion where romney is holding a fundraiser this evening. even some democrats are showing up tonight. matt? >> reporter: guests are starting to arrive here for tonight's fundraisers. some cars have been making their way in font of the huge mansion here. -- in front of the huge mansion here. the biggest guest besides mitt romney is follower secretary of state condoleezza rice. our cameras showed anne leaving the home of john chambers. anne focus on unemployment. >> reporter: anne romney told the story of a need to turn our economy around and encouraged us all to go and talk to our
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friends and family about mitt. >> reporter: the democrats just showed up to criticize mitt romney about his record as governor of massachusetts. >> his long error of gutting companies for personal gain, leaving american workers without an opportunity to succeed and standing up for the middle class. >> some of the houghing i- profile attendees including condoleezza rice, again. prawment called mitt romney today to graft him for clunching the republican nom
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nation. the president wished romney and his family well. >> more e details on some of the people being mentioned as possible running mates. several are from key swing states. mark koa rubio is a contender, and so is former minnesota governor till pawlenty, and new jersey governor chris christie is also said to be in the running. has complete election coverage, including states that romney won. some people in martinez are struggling to understand a case of vandalism at an old cemetery, where some coffins were actually opened up. this isn't the first time this cemetery has been targeted. >> reporter: in the last hour, i talked to a woman whose grandmother's grave is among those disturb pmed she's appalled by what happened, and
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caretakers say they have treated nothing as off-littles at this cemetery, not enthose who are laid to rest here. >> you can see that poppy crypt. >> reporter: pete carpenter knows graverobbers have been nearly as long as the 15150- year-old cemetery. even he was disturbed by what he found. >> pulled two coffins out, and they were able to break into one coffin. >> reporter: with only a minimal amount of metal stolen, he doesn't whoa know who it did it, or not. >> i try not to racials the actions of anker rational mind. >> reporter: it's a good base from are the road, but this is apparently from weather vandals broke into the cemetery. they've patched it up and put some concrete down to close the gap. >> we are going at it full bore. >> reporter: members of the church say that might includes
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motion-activated high and cameras. unlike more pod earn cemeteries, funding for upkeep of this site was largely left town families of those buried here decades or even centuries ago. >> it doesn't surprise me that much that things like this goes on, but -- >> reporter: and the care taker tonight tells us that a lot of the work and repairs here has been done by volunteers. some help may also come from the oak lan diocese. the california state senate approved a bill today that would ban therapists from using so-called gay conversion treatments on minor. supporters say what's known as repairtive therapy is dangerous, especially for young people and can lead to compression and even suicide. some religious groups say the measure interferes with fortune's rights to seek help
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for their children. gay rights activists called on the may court of san jose to publicly support same-sex marriage. chuckin the past, lee has said he opposes gay marriage but supports antidiscrimination laws. protesters gathered outside the annual meeting of chevron in san ramon. they accused them of damaging the environment and evading taxes. >> people from around the world are calling on chevron to stop choosing profit over people and to be a better corporate citizen. >> chevron is a strong community support near over 100 countries around the world, from right here in our backyard
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to over 100 countries around the world. >> about 100 people joined today's prozest tests. no arrest were reported. hewlett pack hard named its new chief operating officer. bill bigsby led the software division division. the company will cut 27,000 jobs, which is about 8% of its work force. ed leave say the city of set to -- his plan will pay for 50 officers over the next 6 careers. san francisco's fire chief says her staff is at itself lowest level in a decade. >> we've had a heavy reliance jorch time, so we're glad we'll be able to bring that level
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back down. >> the plan also starts a class for 20emts in july. the sheriff's department has now confirmed to ktvu that a shooting that we've been reporting on that happened in a strip mall did not involve law enforcement. her hoaments is on the way to the scene. we will bring you a live update in a couple of minutes. the cigarette tax initiative. our exclusive ktvu news field poll, and why voter turnout may decide this ballot measure. and a big warm-up headed your way. i'll show you how warm it's getting in your neighborhood.
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our exclusive new ktvu field poll shows an 8% lead on prop 29, that's an 8% sales hike in cigarette taxes. the vote could be a toss-up. >> the tobacco-industry backed no on 29 may be poised for an leday expwak. >> reporter: 58% of voters are in they've, 28% against. state wade, it's 5-42. prop 29 would add $1 to the tax of cigarettes. >> i'm hoping younger kids will think tie if it's $1 more a bongs. >> smoking is not healthy for the person doing it and the others they're around. >> young people are opposed.
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55% of women favor the tax. >> i happen to think shocking is one of the worst things you can do. >> reporter: some don't like the new bureaucracy it would create. >> i think we have enoughations in the sate of california already, you know? >> reporter: our analysis shows big tobacco's $40 million in advertising may be nay rowing the lead. >> where the is going to, and what all the level rf bureaucracy are that are actually involved. >> a the love times, this is what happens when they say they're going to up a tax. where does the money really go? >> reporter: it'sed supposed to fund cancer reg. our poll found more in-person voters are opposed, so that turnout on tuesday could decide this measure. reporting live.
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another sceufs ktvu field poll finds most californians favor change when it doms term limits. prop 28 would reduce the total number of years that could be served are 12 opinion turnly, lawmakers can serve only 6 years in l the aseemably and 8 years in the state gnat. oakland firefighters say a raging fire caused an estimated $200,000 in damage. ktvu was the first to bring you these pictures on the air. when it became too dangerous to fight the fire inside the home, cues took a defensive position outside to keep the flames from spreading to nearby homes. a tragic discovery brought a hazardous materials crew into
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an apartment complex. a man said he found his wife dead inside a car. the story we first told you about, on the early edition. firefighters said toxic hydrogen sulfide was in the car. crews used fans to dissipate the material. police are look for a suspected bank robber. here's a photo taken of the man who police said sai held up the bank of america yesterday afternoon. lafayette police say the man walked away with an undisclosed amount of cash. the state asellably have approve a bill for how the green gas program will be spent. it allows businesses to make state air quality standards. selling those credits could make the state as much as $14 billion a year by 2015. the bill, which was passed yet
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within calls for the bill to be used for clean air and clean energy projects. it was called a tax on business. >> small business owners and consumers will be hit with higher prices. it will have the potential for $6 per gallon gasoline. let's talk about something nice out there, our weather. beautiful day today, and bill, tracking a warming trend. >> it has been warming and keeps warming into tomorrow. today, we got into the upper 80s. the winds on the golden gate bridge are blowing west-west southwest. as we go into the evening hour, they'll start doing this, blowing from the warmer direction. t not directly an zwrauf shore blue floe with you, but it's enough that the air will sink and begin to warm. as we head towards the weekend,
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those offshore winds begin to come the other way. so today's highs, look where we go tomorrow. look at the santa rosa, 3eu opinion they're town 89 degrees. a nice, warm day tomorrow as you head into your thursday. friday looks prety nice as well. we have 50s, so the hot pressure doing what it does. when air sinks, it arm warms. that's what's happing right now it's not really compressing. what's really dressing is record heat. coastal sections in the 60s, fog should be clearing away from the coast because of that descrauf shore flow. fog tries to reform at the coast late tonight and tomorrow morning, and watch what
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happens. it also jack up temperatures in the stralt valley. you will find 90s, and in the inland bay value 2003, lots of upper 80s and 90s. it might be hot, and it will be a photoable heat change. almost 90 in santa rosa. wouldn't be hard to get there. 92 in antioch, 92 in littleworth. we've seen 90s already this year, but tomorrow will be nice, good air quality despite the heat. temperatures in san francisco, around 70, but the concrete will make it feel more like 75 or 76. it will cool down as we head toward the bay area weekend. >> no complaint. taste a good-looking forecast. >> thank you, bill. coming up on bay area news at 7, as we just showed you, some of the the bay area's
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heaviest hitters are new tonight. we'll have a live update from hillsboro. a message of a different kind being delivered by angry parents. join us for these stories and more at 7. and more on that developing news in san ramon. police are investigating a shooting following an apparent robbery at a jewelry store there. we'll have details coming up.
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more now on the developing news in san ramon. officers investigate a shooting that happened there late this afternoon. heather oklahoma arrived on the scene just a short time ago. what can you tell us, heather? >> reporter: we are told that the police chief is here, and we are waiting on official word of what took place here. let me set the scene for pup you can see that this shopping mall here at the twin canyon shopping pal is blocked off. if you take a look, you see this golden treasures jewelry so store. i have been talking toens on
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the gown. they have said there was either a robbery or an attempted robbery with and either tan employee or perhaps the owner shot one of the suspects, an ki tell you that i have seen some blood-stain clothing in the middle of the road here. begun, talking to witnesses about what took place, and that is what they are telling me. we are waiting word from the police chief. there was a large police residence here. the shopping mall parking lot is blocked off. we hope to hear from the chief momentarily. i can tell you that san ramon police are inverse gaiting a shooting here at this strip mall. i'm heather holmes, ktvu channel 2 news. the warriors found out where they will pick in the p had ba lottery. >> watching the ping-pong balls didn't urn out that bad.
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the god l state warriors get to keep their pick. >> 7th pick will be made by the golden state warriors. >> reporter: there's bob meyers. he will give little wink to his friends there in the audience. and they get the 7th pick. the new orleans hornets move up from number 4 to 1, and they will most certainly pick anthony davis, the star out of kentucky, the number one team in the nation. it's getting townright serious for the oakland as. not only 8 losses in a row, they just can't hit the baseball. tyson ross didn't pitch that is all poorly. he gave up hit to josh willingham. he started the twins in the right direction. here's a former san francisco giant who struck out 9 oakland as for the victory, giving up
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no runs. the as were shut out, but for good measure, willingham, a two- run shot. giant highlights tonight at 10. >> thank you, and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we're continuing to follow that shooting. we'll have the very latest coming up at 7. we'll see you tonight on the 10:00 news.
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