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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  May 31, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. live? san ramon, a botched robbery turned deadly. we will tell you why another jewelry store owner said it is expected. the suspect in the sierra lemar case heads back to court. the major developments today. and a teacher is facing serious charges involving children. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. . this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, good morning to you and welcome to the last day of may it is thursday may 31st, i am dave clark. >> good morning, it was really cool for the month of may too, right, steve? >> yes, and there was a lot of fog out there and speaking of fog it was a long the santa cruz coast and otherwise it will be sunny and warm to hot,
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especially inland and temperatures in the 90s and 60s around the bay, here is sal. good morning, traffic is moving along well in downtown san jose 280 north and southbound. also looking at the traffic that is good on highway 4, so far a little slowing in antioch. we had a truck crash that has been on the ramp for several hours in cupertino area, let's go to lorraine blanco to find out what progress they are making. >> reporter: chp said it will be at least another hour and the company has two trailers and an extra truck to try and clear the area on the 85 connector southbound 280. it carries 8 5,000 pounds of cement and the accident happened 3:20 a.m. the driver is okay and he said
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his rear trailer flipped over. he believes the accident occurred because of some kind of mechanical failure and chp says this is quite a cleanup. >> it is approximately 180,000 pounds and they want to upright it without spilling the contents on to the roadway. >> reporter: again, we are near the 85 connector or i should say we are on the 85 connector southbound 280 and it takes you to mountain view and gilroy. there is a chp sig alert to take you to 85 connector to right now you need to take an alternate route. lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. and another big issue, crews are cleaning up after a big-rig crash in oakland. claudine wong tells us in the last few minutes, there is a lot of activity out there,
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claudine? >> reporter: that is right they were able to take this big-rig away and there was a diesel spill so they have to do some stuff now that the big-rig is gun but if you pan down, this entire section was blocked off by the big-rig for hours this morning after this accident. i want to show you what it looked like a little earlier this morning because it was certainly a mess out here. the driver of that big-rig was driving as is subcontractor. about 130 i was coming down to fry to avoid that and it ended up crashing into the temporary guardrail and it was actually a construction area. that really made this a much less obstacle to traffic because most of the spill and
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the damage is over the construction area. they did have to shut a couple of lanes on 880 just for safety reasons but again they were able to open it and allow this clean up to continue. if you come back here live, you can see them coming through and the debris which shows you the path of damage and you can see the traffic is moving on the other side of this guardrail and everything is moving just fine and it is moving after they pulled the trailer and big- rig away. chp is worried about the visual hazard and that's gone so if you are going through this area, you are in good shape. claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is now 6:04 this morning there is a police search for suspects in a deadly incident in an east bay jewelry store. tara moriarty is in san ramon with the very latest on this, tara? >> reporter: police will be
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reviewing surveillance video from around this area to see if it gives them any clues as to who the suspects were that got away. you can see behind me, this place golden treasures went a rye. it happened yesterday afternoon when four people stormed the store. we believe it may have been the owner pulled a gun on the suspects and one suspect was shot and stumbled on the busy san ramon avenue where he collapsed. one says he and most others in this line of business have weapons on-site and are not afraid to use them. >> if somebody try to come to my store and try to rob me, i am going to do it, i don't know about him. we don't have any other ways to protect our stores. >> reporter: the suspect who was shot later died at the hospital and the other three
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suspects took off and at least one of them drove off in a white four-door sedan, a late '90s model. if you have any information that is valuable to police you are urged to contact the police department, tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. the suspect in the sierra lemar case is expected to enter a plea. this is video from antolin garcia-torres' first court appearance last thursday. prosecutors have charged him with kidnapping and murder and they say he is eligible for the death penalty. his dna was found on clothing belonging to sierra lemar and that bag was recovered near her home days after her march 16th disappearance. more than 100 volunteers fanned out searching for sierra lemar. they say they are now focusing on creaks and waterways because antolin garcia-torres said he liked to go fishing.
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the santa clara sheriff's department's dive team will resume their search either today or tomorrow and antolin garcia-torres reportedly went fishing there around the time sierra lemar went missing. and a teacher is being investigated on child pornography charges. that arrest is a result of a nine month investigation after receiving a report that he had child pornography. he lost his job at will rogers elementary school once they learned of the investigation. they don't think he committed any lewd & lascivious conduct with any students. and troops again are once again attacking the city of hule loo la where more than 100 villagers were killed last week. the ultimatum they are giving
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the syrian government if the attacks continue. they are coming up short because facebook's stock is not meeting the governor's expectation. they were counting on $1.5 billion from state income from people who bought and sold facebook stocks. it is hooferring near -- hoovering near $28. that would be less income for the state. you are covering cupertino? >> yes, this crash is still there and it looks like it might be longer than 7:00, we are hearing reports from chp to clear this crash, this crash is blocking the ramp from 280 southbound to 85, if you are going to sunny veil, please give yourself extra time, perhaps you will go a different way this morning. metering lights should be on soon and cash lights are
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getting stacked up here. and if you are driving on the east bay commute southbound 880, this looks good driving from union city to fremont. let's go to steve. we have mostly clear skies because fog has come creeping back and it looks like outer sun sets, san francisco state they have a southwest breeze there and there will be some patchy fog and temperatures will start to warm up pretty fast here. 83 in sonoma going 88 today downtown santa rosa will be 85. the city was 66 compared to where they have been 50s and 60s i should say. today will be warmer, 92 after yesterday's 77 in livermore. a slow warm up and we will have 83 today, not much of a breeze, most locations stay calm at fso out towards fairfield, nothing
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outrageous but the fact that i am seeing a sea breeze on the coast, well i guess everybody is sleeping here. 50s to 54 covers the temperature spread for four locations. it must be a bad day. everything is up and over, high pressure gives up warm to hot conditions. i say that for parts along the coach, there is some patchy fog. 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s except for the big fog bank. petaluma 85, napa 85, fairfield 92, low 90s, danville, mid-90s, brentwood, 70s brentwood oakland alameda, los gatos, 86 milpitas 82. here is where it gets tricky, 60s on the coast, san bruno 72.
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fog will be here in a big way, it looks huge and a cool down sunday and monday. gruesome discoveries, what was found in some mail and we will have who police are looking for. what two resident trans in italy -- restaurants in italy say mark zuckerberg did on his vacation.
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. first lady former laura bush and former president bush will be at the white house and president barack obama and first lady will welcome them to a private lunch. and new this morning, secretary of state hillary rodham clinton said any action in syria will require international support including russia. here is the new warning from rebel groups to syria's government. syrian rebels are warning the government they have until tomorrow to end the violence or the rebels say they will quit the truth or escalate their own a tacks. the fear is an all out civil
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war in the town over the weekend and continued mortar attacks. a cease plan negotiated by them is failing and the u.s. am bass car to the un is worried about the crisis deteriorating. she is worried about a dooms day intensifying. it is reaching a higher degree of severity and involves countries in the region and takes on sectarian forms and we have a major crisis not only in syria but in the region. >> reporter: they called on the alley russia to toughen their stand and more on my neck update, reporting live allison -- my next update reporting live allison burns ktvu channel 2 morning news. a movie actor is accused of
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dismembering a body and mailing it to different locations. a warrant is issued to a man connected to a human torso found in a suitcase in montreal. a foot was mailed to canada's conservative party and a hand was found in a postal facility in ottawa. it was found at the scene of a deadly shooting led to be arrest of two men. they have both been charged with murder and so far they have not been charged with murder. they have been charged with shooting two people earlier this month and the woman survived the shooting. the police officer has been cleared. the they determined -- they determined the officer was forced to use deadly force on
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the cal campus in november. he shot and killed christopher travis inside a computer will be a. he ignored demands to drop a gun he was pointing at two other officers. the cost of healthcare will continue to rise next year. according to a report, healthcare costs are expected to increase 7-point 5% next year. that is more than three times the projected rate of inflation and more than half the companies are considering increasing their employees share of the costs. time now 6:17, the mayor wants to band large soft drinks in an effort to fight obesity. sugary drinks will not be allowed and that includes energy drinks presweetened iced teas and that plan is not
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enough to fight oh dc-madam obesity. gourmet shelves say there is a feeding frenzy just before a statewide band. chefs are making a plan to add duck and the price has doubled. however, these meals are selling out and they are keeping the recipes a secret. california will ban the production and sale of it beginning july 1st. some of them sell duck liver at $60 a pounds. despite his wealth mark zuckerberg is facing a few problems. after dealing with an "a" tm -- an atm being out-of-order, he did not tip the restaurant
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waiters. while it is not customer to leave a tip in italy, owners say it is unexpected given his wealth. >> okay. we have a traffic problem, big ones this morning. >> we had a truck crash on cupertino sunny veil border and it has been there and this is the connector from northbound to 85 and this morning you will have either a detore or you will want to -- detour or you will want to use another route all together. it could be out there until 8:00 and we have had some conflicting reports and we will let you know more about that. southbound getting from union city to fremont looks good and no problems on highway 4 although highway 4 is slow stop and go and bay point traffic looks good coming over the hill
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and walnut creek to oakland looks good. let's go to drive picture, bay bridge is getting a little bit of a crowd and when there are clouds we don't have this problem but today it's nice and clear so you can see the sun blasting our cameras. also san francisco, that traffic looks good coming in from the peninsular annandalely city -- and daily city up to the peninsular split. let's go to steve. they are calling it morning sun and it is creeping northward, mop ray as well, very shallow so it will not make much of an impact. sunshine and warm temperatures and again there must be a missing day which is why you are only seeing a few temperatures. they are almost all in the 50s. and this system is beginning to move in and we are starting a
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cooling trends on the coast. it will not be warm or anything and inland temperatures will really come document sunday and monday. >> i know, it is overdone but it will be cooler. sunny for most because there is a little bit of patchy fog. patchy fog on parts of the coast and 80% is fog free. 60s and 70s to low and mid-90s and it will be sunny and hot. half-moon bay is tricky, same for santa cruz there is fog down there so it should burn off, 90s in the anterior, fog will be on its way back friday, big cool down sunday and especially monday. china's government approved sales of tablet and it is apple's second largest growing markets and apple released their products there after they
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debuted in other countries. they are having a lawsuit over the i-pad name in china. they are now offering free restaurant ratings from the service. google bought it and had been charges $25 a year for online access. information will be free, it is fancier. and other websites as well. the golden gate bridge celebrated with spectacular fireworks but after the fireworks, a different kind of show is making an appearance on some san francisco beaches. plus whether the new push to improve security at a cemetery in martinez, we will have more. good morning traffic looks good if you are driving south to the south bay, we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned.
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. we are looking good approaching the 880 split. six people were hurt in
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minneapolis when a runaway truck slammed into a bar. the driver suffered some kind of medical emergency and lost control. people were sitting there and heard a boom and then they saw that truck there coming through the wall. we can tell you all of the victims are expected to recover. well the golden gate bridges party is over and parts of the fun are now showing up on san francisco beaches. according to the chronicle, ever since the fireworks show says dog walkers are picking up huge amounts of litter which includes blasting caps, small parts of plastic and singed cardboard. dog walkers say it is ironic they are cleaning up after the city when they are often criticized for leaving behind waste from their pets.
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a security camera is being decided on install lakes at a cemetery. somebody broke into two graves and they say it is the latest of problems at the 144-year-old catholic cemetery. >> the door was completely off the hinge and one of the coffins was completely out. one was off to the side and the older one was completely open. it was the older one. >> the grandmother's granddaughter is looking into raising money to install surveillance cameras. they are trying to put flames out. we are live on the 85 connector where a cement truck flipped over and we will tell you how long it will be before chp will reopen the connector.
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plus, the job market is affecting the stock market and pam will bring you the early numbers. [ mechanical humming ] [ male announcer ] we began with the rx. ♪ then we turned the page, creating the rx hybrid. ♪ now we've turned the page again with the all-new rx f sport. ♪ this is the next chapter for the rx. this is the next chapter for lexus. this is the pursuit of perfection.
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. there it is live in new york, the woman ringing the bell, she is the oldest woman to ever hold a seat on the new york stock exchange and she is also involved in art rage juice. -- ragous ; it goes to help children in foster care and they are recognizing her business involvement and activities she does.
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>> facility fighting. >> congratulations that is a -- fascinating. >> that is a tough business. >> i know. >> good morning, i am pam cook, time now 6:30, we are still following developing news in the cupertino sunny veil area, truck overturned and we just got an update from chp about when it will be cleared up. it is not sounding good is it lorraine? >> reporter: no and as you can see tow truck operators are trying to get this cement truck off the roadway here and we are southbound on the cupertino area and chp said it will be 8:00 a.m. before it reopens out here. another tow truck arrived making a total of 3 trailers
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and another equipment truck attempting to clear it. the good news is, the driver is okay and he told us he was going the speed limit as he approached the curve and the whole rig turned over. he thinks the accident occurred because of some kind of mechanical failure and with 80,000 pounds of cement, it is quite a hall to clear up. >> we are trying expedite it and get it cleared up so we don't impact the morning commute as much as possible. >> southbound 280, the connection takes you to mountain view and gilroy. it will be 8:00 a.m. before the connector is reopened said chp and now there are some alternate routes i believe. >> right now we do have a look at some alternates, lorraine as you are driving down 280, you
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could use foot hill expressway exit which will take you right back to 85 and a lot of people are using 280 southbound to get to the sunny veil area and of course you can also use highway 101 and drive down that way and get down the peninsular and take 101 to 85 and get into sunny veil. we will let you know what is happening with our complete update in just a few moments, let's go back to the desk. one suspect has died and police in san ramon are involved in an attempted robbery at a jewelry store. tara moriarty is in san ramone right now, tara? >> reporter: they were trying to get jewelry when inside the store the owner shot one of the suspects and if you can pan
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around, you can see this busy intersection, this is where one of the suspects ran and collapsed. they stormed the golden treasures, four people stormed the store making demands when an employee we behave it may -- believe it may have been the owner, shot and killed one of the suspects. the daughter said her parents are not going to allow themselves to be victimized. >> reporter: three suspects took off and at least one of them took off in a white four- door sedan, a late '90s model and investigators will be reviewing surveillance video from this shopping plaza to see if it will provide them with anymore clues. tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> they hope to have a sketch of the woman's body who was
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dumped in a trash can. the coroner is having trouble trying to identify her. fingerprints have turned up nothing. she wore an old navy shirt and pajama jam bottoms. police are looking for a gunman who shot a student, it happened yesterday afternoon 15 minutes after school let out. a 17-year-old student was wounded in the leg. a bullet also lodged in the wall of a restroom near the field. five people are dead, one is fighting for his life right now after a gunman in seattle went on a shooting rampage. coming up at 6:45 with the brother -- what the brother of the suspected gunman is saying right now. chuck reid is standing firm against publically supporting same sex marriage. they are formally calling on
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the mayor to support gay marriages and then decided not to force him to support something he opposes. he supports domestic partnerships for gay couples but not the same sex marriages. his proposed budget for -- budget for the next few years includes 84 new firefighters and 30 new emts. the mayor wants to include more classes for fire and police recruits for the following four years. he is crediting the big bounce in coming up with the money and they are submit the plan at 11:00 this morning. san jose firefighters are blaming staffing shortages for a fire that burned two houses. is it started yesterday afternoon near croply avenue. the fire gutted one house and
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damaged the other. at least seven people were forced out of their homes. a fire captain said additional crews were brought in because the engine company nearest to the fire was not available because of budget cuts. in election news, mitt romney's campaign said the lavished -- lavished fundraiser was the most successful so far. they paid between $2,500 for a general reception to $50,000 to have dipper with the presidential -- dinner with the presidential candidate and people we spoke with said it was money well spent. >> george schultz gave an unbelievable speech and hopefully mitt romney is hopefully the next president of the united states. >> he is fiscally responsible and i am not putting down our current president but i just think he has a passion and
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loves the country. >> a group across the street is expressing their support for president barack obama. the president called mitt romney about winning enough delegates to clinch the nomination and he said he looks forward to a healthy debate about the nation's future and mitt romney said the conversation was brief and cordial. sal will show you how to get through some traffic problems, we had some big stuff this morning. >> that is right and south bay traffic is going to be busy and you already know about the crash that is blocking southbound to 285 and the rest of the south bay looks good but you can see a little bit of slowing after interstate 280 hitting north. it is getting slow after 238 as you head down to the san mateo and turn offs and by the way those bridges are okay.
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highway 4 westbound looks pretty good if you are driving throughout the commute and there are no major problems by the way. traffic continues to move along well highway 24 to oakland and the morning commute looks good on interstate 880, and at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are getting more of a backup and it is about the middle of where that administration parking lot is to 880 and let's go to steve. a little bit of patchy fog, also san mateo coast on santa cruz but chloe up in clear lake said it's going to be 85 degrees, and torres tweeted me said he poked his head out of the shell and looking towards the petaluma airport, it is a beautiful morning. temperatures will be warming up and on the coast it will mainly
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be in the 60s. inland no problem warming up. 80s and 90s, up 5 and san jose from 79 to 83 today. high pressure is building and there is really not a north wind but it is more of a westerly breeze. there are some patches of fog that have been increasing over the last few hours and bayside inland, there we go temperatures inland, lots of 40s and 50s and it is sunny there, we just looked at all three states and high pressure will give warm to hot conditions for most, there is a little bit of fog but it is shallow and will only impact the coast. 60s 70s 80s and 90s a summertime pattern petaluma 90, san rafael 8 , 92 -- san
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rafael 82 and 92 fairfield. we will find low-to-mid 90s and today will be the warmest day of the week by far. santa cruz is tricky, it will be sunny, 74 degrees, san bruno 83 annandalely city -- and daily city 84. much cooler with your weekend always in view sunday into monday it will be cooler pam dave. >> testimony resumes in los angeles as a judge tries to bring two men accused of beating bryan stow to trial. and northbound 101 heading to the airport, we will have another look at the troubled spots when we come back.
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. here is a look at some of the stories we are working on. now this big mess shut down the ramp connecting southbound 280 and highway 85 and luckily nobody was hurt but chp said it may take until 8:00 this morning before that ramp is
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reopened. all are open again after another big-rig crash this one is near high street. they say the crash caused the thank to rupture -- a fuel tank to rupture and it spilled out moments ago. prosecutors have charged antolin garcia-torres with murder and kidnapping sierra lemar. he is expected to enter a plea in today's hearing. prosecutors plan to detail the attack on bryan stow last year. claudine wong has more on how a suspect's own words are now being used against him, claudine? >> reporter: we are getting a clear picture of what happened at comingers -- dodgers stadium. the judge must decide if there is enough to send this all to trial.
6:46 am
let's talk about what he has heard so far. they are both charged with mayhem and assault in connection with the bryan stow beating. battery counts were accounted for that same day and both face gun charges as well. people were in the stadium who described the two menace drunk and irate. sanchez threw soda and peanuts at people. >> he was trying to come at the giant's fans. he seemed irate. the other gentleman was holding him back. >> reporter: he played a tape where you can hear martin norwood on a cell phone he borrowed during an interrogation last july. >> i got arrested for that dodgers stadium thing. there is not much i can say over the fun but i mean, i was
6:47 am
involved. >> bryan stow's family was not in court but bryan stow continues to make a slow and difficult recovery. he does not remember what happened or understand how he is changed but should he ever realize exactly what is going on and we will tell you yes, he is a different man but to us he is perfect the way he is. this hearing is expected to last a few more days. ktvu channel 2 morning news. in seattle a gunman is expected of killing five people in two separate shootings has also died. he first opened fire at this cafe near the university of washington and a short time later he shot and killed a woman during an apparent carjacking. he shot and killed himself during the time police cornered him and he later died at the hospital. his brother said he was mentally ill.
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new this morning just within the last hour, the two american tourists who were kidnapped in egypt were set free. the two unnamed tourists were freed after several hours and they are now traveling to an unnamed hotel. they were put up for exchange for a man arrested on drug charges. you know i am on twitter. >> i see you tweet every morning. >> i do and i got a tip on how you can see madagascar for free so follow me on twitter and i will tell you how. >> sometimes i hear more from you on twitter than i do -- >> i know. now dave is still here and we tweet for dave, right? let's take a look at the commute, traffic is moving well
6:49 am
out here on bay point but you will see slowed traffic in bay point and we don't have anything major reported along the stretch. 680 is getting more crowded and it looks good from walnut creek to oakland. this backup is not all that clear and in fact it has actually improved and we will keep not asking questions, this is light. the morning commute is also going to be a little bit slow on some of the freeways in the east bay. 580 livermore a little slow coming in and 880 getting slow and san jose traffic is doing well on the peninsular and san francisco looks good to downtown, let's go to steve. if we have some weather information, you can tweet me and there is some patchy fog though. marin heavy parts of it, san mateo and parts of the santa cruz coastline, unless you are
6:50 am
right there, inland it will be sunny and warm pretty fast. inland temperatures will top out and they will level off starting on the coast if not later tonight into tomorrow definitely for everyone over the weekend. 40s and 50s on the temperatures and still some 40s towards the north bay. nights are so short it will not take long to warm up. some patchy fog on the coast and mainly 60s there, sunny for most warm to hot 60s and 70s and 80s to 90s to the anterior and if you are cool you are sunny but not very warm. inland temperatures, fairfield walnut creek, pleasanton 91 degrees 83 san jose 92 gilroy, santa clara 83 and lower 80s mid-80s on the peninsular along
6:51 am
san mateo coast, meadow park 83. with your weekend in view, it looks really cooler sunday and monday and sunnyside up and warmer for many. they are making up alarmer share for home sales. 26% of all home sales are in some stage of foreclosure and that's the highest in years and may be a sign that banks will want a short sale instead of the foreclosing process. some people are taking much stronger measures to protest the high cost of fuel. >> the script national spelling bee is set to begin and gearing up is a student from san jose. good morning southbound 101 to san rafael we'll see some slowed traffic and we will tell you more about the morning
6:52 am
commute and bay area weather.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news, taking you live to the big board, down to 12373 a few concerns in europe but we are keeping an eye on tebow and stocks are down almost 5% on disappointing earnings report.
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people are taking to the streets in anger over the high cost of gasoline. they set fires in use of gasoline and they are blocking railways and roads. last week they raised fuel prices 11%, the biggest increase in 10 years. police continue to search for a cab driver accused of attacking a cab driver with a tire iron. it happened on filbert street and they reportedly were fighting over the fair when the taxi driver hit the customer. the victim a 25-year-old man suffered an injury and facial cuts. the man is described as 30 and 35 years old and asian weighing only 150 pounds. and the first commercial capsule to dock at the station is bringing home 1400 pounds of
6:56 am
scientific equipment and they are bringing food and supplies to the station. it is off the coast between san diego and bah-hah california before 9:00 our time this morning. the finals for the spelling bee will begin and it includes an 8th grader from san jose. >> t- i-r-t- i-a-r- y-... >> oh, he is good and he successfully spelled that word, pam, and he is from the middle school there and he have also passed a written test to become one of the semifinalists and rick lambert spelled both of his words correctly as well, unfortunately he was eliminated
6:57 am
because he failed the written test. >> they are all amazing. okay, let's go to sal for traffic. >> i like to word. >> a lot of kids never even heard that word. >> i would have, but i am a word geek. >> traffic is moving along well in some areas, not so well in others and the toll plaza is in the well category or in the good category. i'll take my bay bridge toll medium well, and this morning if you are driving north and south, we have a picture of that and traffic is moving along nicely.$♪ on the peninsular traffic looks good as we look at livermore valley a little bit of slowed traffic and traffic to union city is getting busier. let's go to steve. some patchy fog on the coast down towards monterey, it
6:58 am
will be sunny to warm to hot, 60s by the coast, inland temperatures are approaching upper 80s and low-to-mid 90s. coming up, traffic problems we have been reporting since 4:00 a.m. and the problems causing headaches in the south bay. there is a major development today, stay right here with us.
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