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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  May 31, 2012 9:30am-10:00am PDT

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fé cherry berry chiller at mcdonald's. the simple joy of keepin' it cool. ♪ troutman. we've got the best videos of the day and the stories behind them "right this minute." a giant iceberg puts on a show for some tourists who got to see with a was below the tip of the iceberg. the rare sight nobody was expecting. >> it's like the iceberg did a 180. we've got the story of violent robbers with sledge hammers who got away with nothing. >> because this 71-year-old man decided he was going to be a hero. a poor little fox kid has his head stuck in a rusty old can. >> you'll see the delicate
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rescue operation. and the story of a wife who buys her man some beer. >> how sweet. >> but this is how he repays her. >> are you kidding me. >> she walked away from the car and has not stopped walking ever since. we're all familiar with the saying just the tip of the iceberg. the tourists in this video got to see what was below the tip of the iceberg. this is off the coast of argentina. parts of this iceberg cracked off and it causes the iceberg to lose balance and pretty much flip over so the bottom comes up, the top goes down and watch. it just kind of starts to break the surface of the water, slowly come up. it looks like waterfalls in the middle of the ocean. >> what's interesting to me always when i see something like this is to see how much ice is
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formed under the water. you think that like when you see an ice cube in the water they just kind of melt away once they're at the bottom. >> it is like the iceberg did a 180. whatever was hanging underneath the water was less buoyant and it just flipped over. that comes up out of the water but then that starts to crumble and melt. check out this video from the uk. four guys enjoying a fun afternoon on a scooter. by fun afternoon, i mean these guys are about to attempt a robbery at a jewelry store. they ram one of those scooters through the door to break in. a couple of the guys on the scooter wait outside and two of the guys on the scooters are preparing themselves for a quick get-away. this old man, 71-year-old michael graver, realized these guys are breaking in to this store. so when he saw this going down, he decided he was not going to let this happen and the
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surveillance video captures him walking up to the store and confronting the guys who are holding sledge hammers because that's what they used to break in to the jewelry cases to steal $34,000 worth of rolex watches and jewelry. you see one of the robbers run out of the store. he's holding a bag. and then takes a swing at michael with his sledgehammer. fortunately, michael wasn't struck and just a few seconds later he sees the fourth robber come out. he grabs on to the bag that contains the watches he just tried to steal and they run off without the jewelry. >> so they broke in and ended up with nothing. >> because this 71-year-old man decided he was going to be a hero -- and he was. this happened last year and
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the reason i'm telling but it now, is because a man, 34-year-old dwayne marsh, has been found guilty of conspiracy to commit robbery and he is expected to be sentenced with four other people who have pleaded guilty to the same offense. >> right on. >> this is like a perfect example -- and no disrespect -- but old man strength and old man toughness. fm. you guys won't believe this incredible truck driver rescue from china. >> in this video you see from news 24 out of india, this driver was going down some type of ramp and the car flipped over on its back. >> this happened at a construction site. going down a ramp, then something happens and it just rolls right on to its side. >> down in a hole? >> then on to its back. here's the amazing thing. they were able to get the driver
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out after an intense rescue. >> you got to think he's in that like steel sort of box. maybe that's what kept him safe sglp interesting. look at the driver, how he's crouched in there. >> oh, my gosh. >> and they worked to get this guy out. obviously no easy task. look, there he is. there's his face, you see his face, his nose, he's just covered in what looks like black soot. >> it looks like they used like hydraulic jaws of life to move some of that stuff out of the way. >> one of the people in the rescue operation is carrying him out on his back. once you see where he is, and how he was stuck in there, you're thinking, how did they even tell it was him unless he was screaming. and how did they get him out? >> the accident itself zblsh it was a construction site. when he was going down it was kind of like slow motion like, whoa, i'm not supposed to be going this way. then boom, it flips over on its
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back. got a video for you guys from the youtube channel military notes. it shows u.s. soldiers teaching afghan soldiers how to use these fragmentation grenades. >> pull the pin, put your arm out, direction you throw it, then you'll throw, and then as soon as you throw, you're going to get down. >> then of course they go out and they try it out for themselves. think it's safe to say they don't have little league in afghanistan because these guys don't have the best arms. >> that's live ammunition. >> oh, yeah, these are live grenades. these aren't fake ones. but watch this guy. you can hear all his buddies totally laughing at his wet rag of an arm that he has. >> the best part about this is that the instruction was to point in the direction that you throw. he points and then throws it that way. so i hope he just points far off
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to the right of where he wants it to go if he's actually if battle. >> but, it is nice to see the soldiers working together. >> there's guys here in america with lousy arms. >> we got plenty of lousy arms here like on pittsburgh pirates. >> ooh! this guy claims he pulled the first-ever double backflip on a skateboard. >> see if his claim is legit. and all these athletes have something in common. >> they're in better shape than us. >> nope. ear buds. but they're not just your regular earbuds. we'll explain why these are all the craze righ
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hard to believe that new tricks are still being discovered in skateboarding. trevor jacobs and his buddy are
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skateboarding across america. they made a stop in woodward, pennsylvania. believe it or not, trevor claims he pulled the first-ever double backflip on a skateboard. as it's been said, if you don't succeed the first time, try, try again. trevor tried 108 times before he landed this. that's two complete backwards rotations, sticks the landing. people go crazy. now this is trevor's claim that it's the first ever. how do we know for sure? he's at the woodward site in pennsylvania which is like the training facility for skateboarders. >> this looks like a back spin-around. >> when you do a backflip, you think of people going like this, backwards on a flip. but on a skateboard you really can't do the traditional looking backflip. it is almost like a double
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barrel roll. a double mid-air barrel roll. >> can you imagine trying that 108 times. >> i'd try it 108 times just to land in a big tub of foam. i don't know how i beat you to this one -- >> this is my favorite sport. >> this video was created and they decided they'd let all of us take a look at a race car by literally slicing one right in the middle lengthwise. >> they literally sliced it in half. >> oh, yeah. they disassembled the car, cut it in half, then assembled it back together. >> one of the challenging points of building a formula one car. >> it is all packed in to such a
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tiny little space. >> later in the video they do bring in a mexican race car driver, sergio perez -- >> that's how they drive? >> yeah. they want the center of gravity to be as low as possible. >> but look at where sergio's butt is. it is literally ten millimeters from the ground. >> they're in these cars for over two hours. cramped in this tiny spot. >>dy make your day? >> yeah, this is really cool. mario fish tanks. ♪ time for another prank and this one is a good one because it is a husband and a wife.
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we're seeing tammy and jason. they've been together for ten years, but jason ecently had so knee surgery leaving him o crutches. went into the store buy jason his beer because he can't walk. >> oh, how sweet. >> nice move by tammy. right? well, as she goes to get jason his beer, jason's in the passenger seat. kids are in the back seat, they're listening to bruno mars song -- >> she got my beer because my legs hurt. >> here comes tammy. >> that's the thank you she gets? for getting him beer? >> are you kidding me. >> i like how she didn't even yell, react, anything. just took it. >> she realizes this day is going to turn on him. >> because he can't run away from her now. >> no.
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>> he's a sitting duck literally. >> it is like a low blow of a prank. she's going to get him his coors light. comes back and just gets crushed. >> jason also said that tammy knew what she was getting into ten years ago so i guess the guy's a little bit of a prankster. either way, got to feel for tammy in this one. >> i do. >> do we know her reaction? >> she walked away from the car and has not stopped walking ever since. ♪ hmm. what lesson do we take away here? >> this is why people need to throw away their trash in the right receptacle. >> recycling or rescue? what's this video really about? see it -- next. sometimes we like to show you goofy stuff. >> it's funny. it's funny. it's funny. >> see if you think
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welcome back to the show. but don't forget to check in at great videos, all day long. beth, what is the name of a fox cub? >> a kit. this kit is in a can. >> oh, no! >> poor little guy! >> this poor little fox kid has his head stuck in a rusty old can. this is why people need to throw away their trash in the right receptacles. >> he's really jammed in there. this is making my face hurt. >> obviously this isn't working
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so they try another method. >> they need some like -- i don't know -- butter. >> they bring in some tools and they start cutting. >> oh! look at his face. he's so scared. >> that was the feel-good moment on "right this minute" today. >> all it took was a couple of snaps on the can, then it came right off. just pulling it with your bare hands didn't work as well. >> but here they don't take him to a sanctuary, they just release him back in the garden. >> did they give him some food first? he was after food. give his peanut butter or a doggie treat. >> a kit-cat. >> go home silly fox cub. this is just a reminder for us to not throw our trash out
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the window and recycle things we can recycle and not leaves can of food out there for in your neighborhood fox to get his head stuck in the can. for those of how hate the early morning garbage truck coming through our neighborhood, maybe we should start adopting the chinese way of picking up the trash. it's got the trash, it is working effectively. >> people here always say, garbage man, they make good money. these people make even better money because this lady has to sit on this mound of garbage all day. imagine how bad that stinks. got people's diapers and food and -- >> wait. this started off it's a good video that it is a quiet trash picking device. >> we are humanists and we are concerned about this woman
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sitting on the pile of garbage. >> she needs a hazmat suit. >> you two are contrians. here'she thing -- t entire country. this has to be just this select neighborhood. >> it does look like they keep it very clean. she's doing a good job. i want you to tell me what all of these athletes have in common. >> they look like they're in shape. >> they're all fit and muscular. >> they're in better shape than us. >> they are all wearing earbuds. here about these? headphones basically designed by athletes for athletes. they are sweat proof, they are waterproof. they are designed specifically with silicone so they kind of adjust to the shape of your ear and you put them in and lock them and they stay. >> i've developed all these terrible awful methods of keeping your earbuds in like
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wearing headbands over your ears. >> you know what, guys? let's test them out. i got us all some! >> and it's not even christmas yet. >> put them in, then you twist and you lock. >> twist which way? >> look at your instruction card. >> insert horn, twist and lock into place. >> you get it? >> you go like this to lock them in so these parts shoot forward. >> and you can answer your phone. >> am i talking really loud? my music sounds good. they have a good sound, too. >> would you be quiet? i'm trying to listen. >> i don't think they're going to fall out when i'm running. somebody call me real quick. i want to see if it works. if you tweet a picture of yourself using earbuds with
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#beyond the wall, the person who gets the most votes gets a trip to hawaii to the ironman. photo after photo for more than five years. >> and her eyes don't move. >> thousands of pictures of her and the story behind them. next.
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completely obvious. associate food editor ben minz from "civil war" magazine shows us how to core lettuce. >> we're both bachelor's. >> bachelor's starring nick and steven coming to hbo this fall. >> neither one of us do a lot of cooking but i few this one, too. just smash it down, bust a little root out. comes right out. >> you can take out some aggression if you want to beat somebody up. it is a head of lettuce. you just smash that down on the table. probably relieve some tension. >> remember you are just coring the lettuce, not trying to liquefy it. >> could be therapeutic. >> maybe some of the other bachelor's out there did know this trick. you're welcome, dudes of america, now find some people to make some meals for you and you can use this trick, too. >> i'm going to dip into our
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weird things people post on the internet file. try not to laugh. >> is it weird that the eyes in the glasses obviously stay the same, but it looks as though they change with his facial expressions as he changes from happy to sad to confuses to just weird. >> it is all his mouth and the weird noises coming out. >> it's funny. it's funny. i want to see what this guy really looks like because those look like they could be his weird eyes. >> he kind of sounds like -- he
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al has nine views. if we're going to talk about determination we have to talk about this girl because she took one photo every single day for 5 1/2 years. >> that's a lot of pictures. >> thee started in september 2006 and the pictures we're seeing here go through may of 2012. >> she went with the crop top there. she changed her hair. >> you can see her changing her hair, her makeup changes a little bit. but it is really cool to see how her face basically stays the same and her environment changes. you see her graduation and -- >> you see a bunch of halloween costumes. she's not really aging. >> not at all. >> her eyes don't move. it is kind of like creepy. >> it is like the focal point of
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the entire video. you stare at the eyes, and everything around it moves. >> if we are in fact seeing all her pictures for the last 5 1/2 years, that means she's got over 2,000 pictures in this video. the thing is she looks great with everything she's done. like her long hair, short hair, pi xich pixie. that's our show for today. have a great rest of the day, we'll see you tomorrow.
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