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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 1, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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say they're optimistic. >> i am much more flexible, i will go to another state if i need to. >> they're making it harder to find jobs. the people who don't have jobs have to overcome the situation and keep praying and keep looking. >> i'm constantly busy entering either phone screening or personally. and looking good, hopefully i'll make it through soon, you know. >> reporter: contra costa reflects the nation. >> we're not seeing a lot different. we're also seeing a very slows job picture here. >> reporter: how many jobs is 69,000 jobs really. on average it's just under 1,400 new jobs per state, or only 2,300 jobs per county. and california doesn't have much bounce back. >> what's different is we're not seeing a steady job hiring we saw after previous recessions here in california in the 80s, 90s and early 2000. >> it says it's going to be a
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little more difficult to get a new position, and i have to be on my best game. >> reporter: specific state figures are due out in two weeks but they also look to be very flat. reporting live, consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. today's jobs report also shows it is getting tougher to get a job if you've been out of work for a long time. the number of americans who've been jobless more than six months rose last month from 5.1 million to 5.4 million. about 43% of unemployed americans are considered long term employees. >> we still have more than three unemployed workers for every job opening and they are competing against a lot of other folks who are just looking to change jobs. >> reporter: the labor department says people age 55 and older wait the longest to get a job. there was one bright spot today when it comes to the
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economy. americans are buying new cars in big numbers. double digit sales gains were reported. toyota led the pack with an 87% job compared to last year but that increase was expected as the company recovered from last year's earthquake in japan. chrysler was second with a 30% increase in sales followed by volkswagen and ford. new information regarding the case on the beating of bryan stow. we go to robert handa, and he reports what happened to stow when he was laying helpless on the ground. >> reporter: it was a grim day of testimony here at this los angeles courtroom today . it was the third day of the
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preliminary hearing. today one of those friends allen bradford who's off camera testified the group was attacked twice, bradford said two men punched and shoved them then both groups walked away. but brad ford told prosecutors, a few moments later he heard the two men chasing them. >> it caught my attention, i turned back to see who it was. i turned around and got truck in the head. i saw bryan stow on a standing position, with arms limp looked like he was already unconscious going down. his arms were limp like gravity had taken him. just like a tree falling, there was no movement. and he didn't make an attempt to you know wasn't able to put his arms out to break the fall. >> brad ford said the ataebgers then fled. we'll show you the evidence
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that many legal experts say guarantees the two defendants are headed to trial. live in los angeles, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. and stay with ktvu for continuing coverage on air and online of the preliminary hearing in the bryan stow beating. you can find updates on your mobile device and by going to ktv you and click -- and clicking on the tab on top of the page. a man who was found dead has been identified as michael munoz of san jose. the body was found tuesday. the search came one day after police received a call about a missing person. witnesses also reported seeing the fight in the area monday evening. police have not determined whether munoz' death is a hods. a judge - - death is a homicide. a judge who has been
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monitoring investigation of incidents ordered a new probe calling officer shootings quote the most grave possible use of force. he also threatened the police with sanctions. since january, there have been three officer involved shootings in oakland. in pleasant hill, police are investigating the complaint that a man kidnapped her and tried to rape her. she described the attacker as a latino man in his 30s with yellowish teeth. let's hope you're not waiting for someone to fly into sfo this weekend because likely they're going to be delayed. cara liu explains what is causing the delays and it's not
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the weather. >> reporter: no, starting at 8:00 tonight one of the runways will be shut down for the entire weekend. normally sfo can handle 60 arrivals an hour, delays are expected. >> it's going to be an impact as if we had rain or fog here at the airport on a winter day. >> reporter: one of the two primary arrival runways will be shut down all weekends for construction. the work on runway 28 left is one of the ongoing runway safety project. >> we're trying to avoid it during the summer season, but that's when the best weather is and that's when we can get it done. >> i live in seattle so i have to make it a habit that i always take the first flight out from seattle. because when they release the plane then that's the first one to go. other wise you'll be delayed for i don't know how long. >> reporter: short hop flights will be afected the most and delays could get worse for all flights later. >> later in the day, we'll have
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a snowball effect because we'll have it all day late. >> reporter: oakland international will also restrict one of its main runways saturday and sunday overnight for taxi way reconstruction. north field runways will be used for flights arriving between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. travelers should not notice a big change. but residents south of the airport could see unusual traffic patterns. >> especially in the san leandro neighborhood and even south of there may experience higher levels of noise over the weekend while this construction activity is happening overnight. >> reporter: it is just coincidence that both oakland and san francisco have projects going on the same weekend. officials are recommending anybody with flights or anybody expecting anyone in to check with the airlines for delays. we're live in sfo, cara liu. >> you can keep up to date on any travel delays or problems at bay area airports by going to and checking web links. a homemade plane crashed by
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salina airport this morning killing the pilot who was the only person on board. the single engine went into a steep dive around 11:00 and crashed nose first. they said it sounded as if the plane lost power and the engine sputtered. the identity of the pilot has not been released. the faa and ntsb are investigating the accident. b.a.r.t. passengers say they like the new seats. 76% said they prefer the new vinyl seats to the only fabric ones. 96% rated the new seats good or excellent. b.a.r.t. plans to install the new seats by the educational background of july and 100 more after that by early next -- seats by early july and 100 more after that by early next year. the ethics panel will recommend whether the suspended
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sheriff should get job back. the mayor's documents detail the incident. one day after clearing john edwards of corruption charges jurors in the case are now publicly speaking about their decision. on network talk shows today, jurors described their nine days of deliberations as emotionallal and frustrating. yesterday the judge called a mistrial. today they said they disagreed amongst themselves as to whether edwards did something wrong but also they say there was no proof. >> based off of testimony, in my eyes it was all personal. >> i felt like the evidence just wasn't there.
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>> he was just smart enough to hide it and we could not find the evidence. >> edwards was charged with using campaign donations to hide his mistress and their child. prosecutors have not said if they planned to file new charges but some legal experts say it's doubtful. there was another dramatic turn today in the trayvon martin case. the florida neighborhood watch volunteer is charged with second degear murder in that teenage -- degree murder in that teenage's death has 48 hours to turn himself in. a federal judge revoked george zimmerman's bail. zimmerman is staying at an undisclosed location for his own safety. prosecutors argued that zimmerman and his wife misled the court failing to mention an
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online site collecting funds. zimmerman told police he shot the unarmed teen in self- defense. in just a couple of hours, a rally will be held for missing teen sierra lamar. her father told us what's different about tonight's events and her feelings on the man charged with her murder. >> back here in just 10 minutes, i have your bay area weekend forecast, we're going to talk about a bit of a cooldown and return of more fog.
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a wet -- a wet mess in oakland this afternoon, a cast iron pipe broke on norton avenue. the company says the water main break did not disrupt service to any customers in the area. in just a couple of hours a rally will be held in fremont for missing teenager sierra lamar. this comes one day after the man suspected of killing her made his second court
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appearance. janine de la vega spoke with sierra lamar's father about the rally and why he decided not to attend a meeting. >> reporter: we caught up with her father who had a meeting with sheriff's investigators today. >> reporter: steve lamar spent part of the afternoon being reinterviewed about his 15-year- old daughter sierra. lamar says he was asked about. >> sierra's activity on social media and texting that kind of thing. >> reporter: lamar says it was too painful to attend yesterday's court hearing of garcia torrez the man suspected of abducting and murdering sierra. lamar says he has witnessed torrez on television and says he wonders why.
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>> people were giving their condolences and ip sierra and i was like stop it, we're not even there. so we wanted to convey to the public and the children there's still hope. >> reporter: isen's daughter has been spreading the word around campus about the event which is being called the hope and faith rally. >> we want to make this one happy to remember her and remember what kind of person she was and how bubbly she is. because yeah she's not gone but she's not here with us so we want to keep her alive. >> reporter: a rally begins here at washington high school at 7:00 p.m. a prayer will be said and sierra's parents are also going to be in attendance and maybe speaking. a search is planned for sierra tomorrow in morgan hill. reporting live from fremont, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. cerrito police are asking for the public's help in finding a robbery suspect. police say he pulled a handgun
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and demanded money on wednesday on a business on san pablo avenue. they describe the suspect as african american, about 35 to 40 years old, weighing around 170 pounds. firefighters spent hours putting out a fire after a warehouse undergoing a remodel went up in flames. the fire was reported in the barlow building. the vintage clothing company called abergie using half that warehouse for storage. the fire raged through hundreds of clothes on wood pallets. they believe someone using a welding torch may have touched off the fire. >> it appears someone set two fires at evergreen high school in san jose. when firefighters responded just after 2:30 this morning they found textbooks on fire inside a dumpster and near by they found a pile of wood burning next to the library. >> there was an intense amount of heat up against the side of
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the building, fire crews had to force entry through this gate you see here, and attack the fire from there. the fire did not enter the interior of the library. >> the fires did only minor damage, school is out so no students were affected by the clean up that began this morning. and in 20 minutes, a look at a north bay fire department that has been hit hard by cuts but now the department is hiring new recruits. so where's the money come? the vallejo times herald says that a friend of capoot was fired after he guard add photo. that photo showed trayvon martin's face super imposed on to capoot.
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johansen says he was outraged and was requesting advice aopb how to respond to the text message. now the mayor tom baits wants to make it sit on sidewalks with commercial businesses. violators could be fined $50. some homeless advocates see it as an attack against those who live on the street. >> hopefully for people to come and shop in berkeley and be comfortable in berkeley. spend the money so we can actually get the revenue to be able to provide the services for the people who are homeless. >> mayor bates says because his request is so controversial he wants residents to vote. this last couple of days have really warmed up.
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temperatures outside today got back into the mid-90s in some of the warmer spots. some of us cooled across the coast. that's because of our friend the fog which is in big time right along the avenues, down toward daily city, pacifica, half-moon bay the usual spots. the winds blowing in our direction is going to keep the fog coming in our direction. the big heat up is over. temperatures are going to be as warm as they get all week. the on shore flow is going to usher that fog. not well inland but it's going to get cool moist air further inland over the next couple of days. by sunday it's going to be cooler in some places. right now in fairfield it's 44 degrees. concord is 92, 87 in liver mother. not bad these are the right now temperatures. -- liver mother, not bad these are the right now temperatures. fog back in the story. it's going to be a little bit foggy in the morning hours around the bay. then should burn off quickly back to the coast. but the fog came in in such a
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way today and it will tomorrow morning too which really compressed. visibility right down there kind of dense fog. the visible is low. the dense coastal fog which i mentioned is going to show up out by linda mar, sharp park, over by ocean beach, stinson you will probably get dense fog as well. that's how it goes this time of year. until we get to sunday when the fog is going to lift up, up, up. it's going to get over 1,000 feet and over the coastal hills. the fog is compressed. these hills reach about 1,000 feet, it's like a dam. that cool air gets stuck at the coast. you knew that but just sort of helps to reiterate. the fog is going to get fat sunday and the air is going to get cold. not a bad night if you're heading out downtown, you want to do one of those nights when
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you sit out in an outdoor cafe, i think it's going to be beautiful. out on the coast by the cliff house, not warm. you need jackets. or not cool or not warm but you'll need jackets. but the inland valley are going to be beautiful evening weather. the temperature for tomorrow, it's going to be cooler. that's saturday. coming up we'll take a look at the whole bay area weekend and the five day. there's a chance of sprinkles in the five day, i'll see you back here. social change coming to the comics. it's the green lantern but not the green lantern you know. and this memorial caused enough controversy to be pulled from display. and jcpenney's portrayal of gay fathers. >> it makes me feel
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uncomfortable. >> we'll detail the reaction to the act. >> a bill to regulate red light cameras and the provisions that could make it easier for you to fight tickets. >> plus -- >> all eyes are on san jose. why the pension reform measure on this tuesday's ballot could spread across the country. >> tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. i'm more of an absentee plant parent. [ cellphone rings ] tuscaloosa? schenectady? des moines? okay. okay. okay. i can't always be there to weed my petunias. so now we use miracle gro shake 'n feed plus weed preventer. it feeds plants and prevents weeds for up to three months. so my plants grow bigger, more beautiful, without all the weeds -- guaranteed.
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dc comics has come up with its latest gay character. the green lantern, but it's not the original green lantern. the gay green lantern lives in a parallel world. the emancipation proclamation was released in 63
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word did not reach texas until june 19, 1965. the day congressmen rated with june 10 celebration. >> i am grateful that you would pause to acknowledge that the word finally got to us because facebook, twitter, cnn, cnbc, none of those existed and the news traveled slowly. no one has asked him yet but jeb bush said today he will not join mitt romney. the former governor from florida was in washington today to attend budget hearings. he said that the team picking the running mate has not requested any documents from him. and bush says he supports his
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friend florida's marco rubio. he also had some advise for the pick, have fun. the president raised millions when he visited silican valley last month. this time he plans to speak at a luncheon at the merchants exchange building in san francisco's financial district. tickets will cost between 5,000 and $7,500 per person. a controversial as -- sculpture comes home to san francisco. the shocking elements that prompted its removal. how you can get a gift card if you participate in a special event tomorrow in oakland.
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one of the most controversial pieces of art in the bay area is back in display in san francisco more than 30 years after it was created. it's a bust of former san francisco mayor george masconi who was killed by dan white back in 1970. why it caused so much outrage back then and how it's being received now after all these years, david stevenson has the story. >> reporter: the bust was brought here today, years after it caused so much controversy. >> reporter: portrait of george is back on display at the museum of modern art. >> it rocked me back on my heels. it was shocking to me how strong it remained. >> reporter: benetian born artist seen in this sculpture
5:30 pm
created the piece for the masconi center. the mayor was murdered by dan white in 1978. >> this is a work that i always kind of lusted after because it's amongst one of his most important works. >> reporter: the busts captures the mayor's toothy smile and eyes, the red is the shed blood. and the twinkie a claim that white was on a sugar rush when he committed the murders. >> reporter: museumgoers say the 31-year-old piece is still powerful. >> funny, it's interesting.
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especially all of the super charged meaning is on the bottom of the pedestal. >> i think it's fantastic that this piece is back where it belongs. it was meant for san francisco and it really needs to be here. >> the bust of major george masc oni will be on display through the fall. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. they called it a peace event in oakland to help promote a gun buy back. people gathered to call for an end to violence. the gun buy back will be conducted tomorrow from 4:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on de la fuente boardwalk. >> we want the violence to stop in oakland. there has been far too many homicides. >> hopefully if we can encourage people to think
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before they commit certain acts then maybe it'll slow down a lot of the violence. >> oakland residents who turn in a working gun will receive a $100 gift card. >> the battle over gun shows in alameda county is now over. today a ninth u.s. circuit court of appeals panel ruled that alameda county's revised gun show ordnance is constitutional. it allows gun shows as long as guns are unloaded and attached to a cable on a display cable. police are hoping photos will help capture a man who beat another man in a restaurant. police say the man hit the victim without any apparent provocation then left the scene. police described the suspect as latino or black about 5'9", weighing 190 pounds. an explosion at a home in vacaville yesterday afternoon
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may have been caused by two men trying to process hash oil from marijuana. the explosion happened on juniper street around 4:30 in the afternoon. the blast blew out windows in the home and in the home next door. the two men in the house were also burned on their arms. the city of vallejo is adding firefighters even though the city itself doesn't have the money to pay for them. ktvu's claudine wong reports where the money is coming from and the incredible odds the new hires had to beat. >> reporter: it has been a long road to get here. training for weeks for a job they dreamed of, a job they weren't sure they would ever get. >> some of us wondered if we were ever going to get hired because it's been tough out there, a lot of the city governments facing sufficient touch budgets. but we just worked and perseveres and kept trying to make ourselves better candidates for when our time came. >> reporter: when their time
5:34 pm
came, gutierezz -- gutierrez says they were up against many candidates for their same job. and rebuilding hasn't been easy. these new firefighters were hired only because of money from a grant. >> what this allows us to do open up one of our fire stations that was closed due to the budget cuts and such. so we'll be opening up station five. >> reporter: that means better coverage for the city of vallejo. for these recruits know they are part of the rebuilding, part of coming back. that's also they say a big part of why they wanted to be in vallejo. >> vallejo has got to do a lot more than with a lot less than other places. so we're going to be kept busy. we're going to fight fires, we're going to help a lot of people who don't get help any other way. and if you want to be a firefighters there's nothing better than a place like vallejo. >> reporter: station 25 is going to open later this month. this is still the beginning of
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a long road. they still have a three year apprenticeship in front of them. they're hoping this is just the beginning of a career that will keep them in vallejo for decades. police say it wasn't hard to catch three people that broke into a snack shack. they just followed candy wrappers. it led them to a home where a man, woman and girl were living. they also found a cash register in the home. trustees voted for an independent evaluation, city college is facing a $14 million budget deficit and is trying to avoid lay offs and class cancellations while at the same time keep its full accreditation. the school has 90,000 full or part time students.
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one in 10 marines deployed over seas made plans or had thought of suicide. the one thing a new suicide study found as the most common link. and look who came to the graduation. a close encounter in the central valley that postponed the celebration. i'm more of an absentee plant parent.
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[ cellphone rings ] tuscaloosa? schenectady? des moines? okay. okay. okay. i can't always be there to weed my petunias. so now we use miracle gro shake 'n feed plus weed preventer. it feeds plants and prevents weeds for up to three months. so my plants grow bigger, more beautiful, without all the weeds -- guaranteed. [ cellphone rings ] with miracle gro shake 'n feed, anyone can have a green thumb. [ cellphone rings ] everyone grows with miracle gro.
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more than one in 10 u.s. marines deployed over seas say
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they thought about suicide or made suicide plans according to a recent study. more than 1,500 active duty marines and sailors took part anonymously. those suffering with post- traumatic stress and depression were most at risk for suicidal behavior. there were some surprises here saying problems with alcohol were not strongly linked to risk of suicide and neither was a lack of social support. there are now more places in sonoma county where smokers cannot light up. beginning today smoking is prohibited in outdoor restaurant and bar areas that fall within the jurisdiction of the county. that includes, bodega, bodega bay, greenville, forestville and grayton. also included are unincorporated areas outside the boundaries of cities in sonoma county. facebook users can vote on if they like proposed changes
5:40 pm
to the social network's policy, they include how it uses people's information and how apps use your information. major ruling today in a battle between two silican valley giants. what it could mean for the future of smart phones. things can sometimes get a little wild on school playgrounds but that doesn't usually include wildlife. a bear cub, you see it there was running around an elementary school. an outdoor graduation ceremony had to be put on hold. the bear came very close to that outdoor event. the bear made its way into an apartment complex where it was caught and taken by into the forest. a celestial event once in your lifetime. how and when you can see the transit of venus. back here in 10 minutes your bay area weekend is here.
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i have pretty neat weather to talk about but some fog as well. i'll have all your specifics back here at 10:00. new at 6:00 -- >> jcpenney polarizing portrayal of gay fathers. >> also a bill to regulate red light cameras and the provision that could make it easier for you to fight tickets. >> plus -- >> all eyes are on san jose, why the pension reform measure on this tuesday's ballot could spread across the country. >> tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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okay check out this video, you don't see this every day it's an iceberg that is actually flipping over. the video was taken back in march during a catamoran tour but it was just recently posted on you tube. scientists say it's melting by about 600 feet a year but whether that's from natural causes or climate change is cause for debate. another space spectacular that you can see live right
5:44 pm
here in the bay area, it's called the transit of venus and our health and science editor john fowler is live to tell us why this is probably everyone's last chance to see it, john. >> reporter: you can use an especially built sun spotter like this or just a simple plastic inexpensive telescope to witness this rarest of all predictable astronomical events. the passage of venus across the face of the sun. >> you're going to look up again. >> reporter: kawasaki and son nate this afternoon getting ready for cosmic history. >> it's moving. >> it's part of this amazing thing called universe. >> reporter: nate will not be able to see this again until he's 112. >> reporter: amazing. >> reporter: you can see this mid-afternoon spectacle with a
5:45 pm
simple telescope. >> a small dot. >> reporter: remember project the imagine on paper never look at the sun. venus normally passes above or below the sun. >> only when we get into these perfect alignments will venus be seen across the sun. >> reporter: perfect alignments come twice eight years apart. in 2004 looked like this. there's a very slight dimming and that's exactly how nasa aim scientist spot plants around distant stars. >> the keplar mission has begun to find earth sized plants from their stars. >> reporter: don pettit t will be the first to photograph the event from space. nasa will stream live on the web. a special filter on the telescope will allow people to get a great view from the eye piece. the transit begins tuesday 33:04 3:00 -- 3:04 our time
5:46 pm
and last six hours. weather permitting, this is a sky spectacular not to miss. john fowler ktvu news. the question of where to store nuclear waste has nasa looking at nevada. next week they'll vote on whether to allocate $10 million to the project. >> based upon the problem in japan with fukashimi and high level nuclear waste isn't it about time we stop this administration's attack and move to yacca mountain. >> nuclear fuel is stored at nuclear reactor sites across the country. iran's nuclear facilities have been infiltrated by a
5:47 pm
computer virus. the malware virus is called flame. it can copy audio files, record near by sound, take screen shots and capture pass words. the los angeles times reports russian researchers discovered the virus and that it was created jointly by the u.s. and israel. >> fire officials are expressing some hope tonight in their fight against the biggest wildfire in new mexico history. they say the wind has shifted and diminished. lightning touched off two fires about two weeks ago and they have since come together. nearly 217,000 acres or 339 square miles have now burned. and right now the fire is only about 10% contained. more evidence came out today suggesting that dark chocolate can be good for your health. researchers say daily consumption of 3-1/2 ounces of dark chocolate reduced the risk of stroke in some high risk people. they say that white and milk
5:48 pm
chocolate did not seem to have the same protective effect. dark chocolate contains a high level of flobanoids which is a oxidant known to protect the heart. it was a birthday for one and a retirement for the other. let's start with 66-year-old letter carrier francis o' leary. he made his last rounds today after delivering mail for 44 years. he told ktvu he will miss his routs and his customers. >> i like to get outside and deliver mail, and meet the people. >> well, o' leary plans to do a lot of fishing. another brentwood worker is celebrating his 82nd birthday and he says he has no plans to retire. >> over to bill martin, we saw fog just a few moments ago.
5:49 pm
>> that will be the factor for cooling this weekend. highs the last couple of days they've been up there. we had mid-90s the last few days. temperatures tomorrow we'll be mostly in the 80s. temperatures are coming down mainly because of the fog right along the coast. you can see it here. let's go to redwood city, you can check out the wind sensor, you can see it's blowing. that's an on shore wind, when it blows that direction it increases humidity and drops temperatures. you may not see the fog, when we talk about marine air we're not only talking about the fog. the fog is marine air. but when you get the cool winds blowing inland you don't have to have fog to cool things off. because it is just cooler air. overnight we have the coastal fog, it's going to be pushing a little bit inland. more so on sunday. tomorrow fog will get, alcatraz over to berkeley, over to oakland. sunday fog is going to get out to livermore. it's going to get out toward the walnut creek area.
5:50 pm
high pressure is where it sits right now. sort of vacates a little bit here over the weekend especially on sunday and starts to cool us off. that's the mechanism. the fog gets fat, goes over the hills. today the fog was really thin. tomorrow the fog will be a little thicker, a little bit cooler and sunday the fog gets really thick so it's going to get a lot cooler. if you can picture that in three dimensions. forecast daytime highs, you notice a lot more 80s. we will will see more 90s. but most temperatures tomorrow are going to be in the 80s like in sonoma, nevado and petaluma. already friday and the weather cooperating for the weekend. sunday you can bar-b-que but you're going to be wearing hoodies out there because that fog is going to be blowing in.
5:51 pm
giants are playing tonight and tomorrow and the weather looks really good for that. i don't know if the a's are in town. any outdoor activities you have this weekend are going to be nice. you'll need a jacket. the two men accused of -- and what they do for a living might really surprise you.
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pg & e crews are working to restore power to customers in san jose who have been without electricity since yesterday morning. the utility reports that a transformer blew just after 8:00 leaving residents in that area in the dark now more than 30 hours. pg & e says it hopes to have power restored by 8:00 tonight. the trial of jerry sandusky is set to go forward next week. this after the court of appeals turned down sandusky's latest request to delay the trial. he's accused of abusing 10 boys over a 15 year period. sandusky denies the allegations. jury selection is set to begin tuesday. two sacramento sheriff deputys are been charged with
5:55 pm
illegally selling guns. the two put dozens of guns on the streets and in some cases into the hands of criminals. we first showed you this video in february of last year when a six hour stand off in daly city ended in a hail of hand fire. today a federal official says a weapon used by suspects in that incident was originally bought and sold by a sacramento sheriff deputy. >> when law enforcement officers misuse their budgets to funnel dangerous weapons to the highest bidder they compromise the safety of the public. by putting personal profit ahead of public safety they undermine the very essence of their duty. >> prosecutors say deputies ryan mcgowen and thomas yu used their exempt to buy weapons and sold them at a profit. both deputies have pled not guilty. two firearms dealers have been arrested in the weapon's sales scheme. the washington air national guard has told two women members that they should not have been photographed in uniform breast-feeding their
5:56 pm
babies. the women sat for the photos as part of a campaign to promote breast-feeding. a guards spokesman says showing breast-feeding wasn't the problem here, he says they violated military rules to promote a cause outside of the military but they say they'll probably not be disciplined. you probably shouldn't call it infinon raceway anymore. the company is ending it's sponsorship deal. the owners are working on a new deal for the fall. well the audio was certainly compelling and some say this video could sway a judge. coming up in two minutes, the key role this jailhouse video could play in the preliminary hearing of two men accused of brutety attacking giant stan bryan stow. voters could set the stage for pension reform nationwide. the ballot measure that has unions and political leaders on edge as election day approaches.
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schenectady? des moines? okay. okay.
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of the two men accused of brutally beating giant fan bryan stow. the key role this video tape could have in the case. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener, bryan stow's own friends recanted the confrontation that critically injured the giant's fan. we're live with their testimony and video tape that was released to the public today, robert handa has the story. >> reporter: today was an important day of testimony here at the preliminary hearing being held at this los angeles courtroom. there were significant developments both inside and later outside the court. the two defendants accused of attacking bryan stow and his friends were brought in handcuffed. first marvin norwood in the light coloured shirt followed by louis -- th


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