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stow twice, both times unprovoked. stow got hit the harder. >> he was going straight back, his arms were limp behind him like gravity had taken him. just like a tree falling, there was no movement and he didn't make an attempt to you know wasn't able to put his hands out to break the fall. >> reporter: the defense questioned bradford's conception of the event. >> how many beers do you think you had. >> at the hotel and prior to the game three or four. >> you also had some beers at the game itself. >> yes, sir. >> about how many? >> probably an additional three. >> reporter: today the court released evidence publicly of evidence tapes of norwood admitting his involvement. >> there's not much i can say over the phone , but i was
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involved. >> reporter: live in los angeles, robert handa, ktvu news. pension reform may not sound as an exciting voting issue but california's vote could change the look at pension reform throughout the country. all eyes from around the country are watching what happens there, matt. >> reporter: frank workers workers here are urging voters to oppose the measure. >> reporter: mail in ballots are already being counted at the santa clara county registrar voters. the big issue is measure b. if passed, new city employees would have a lower cost retirement plan and current employees would have to pay more to stay in their higher cost retirement. >> this is what i've wanted to be since i was 8 years old.
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>> reporter: conely has been with the police department for eight years, but says if the measure passes it will hurt the city. major chuck reed has been the advocate for the reform since he took office. he points to retirement costs for the past three years. the number of city employees has dropped. >> the first year of implementation will go down about $400,000. that will go up every four years. >> reporter: mayors across the country have talked to hip about the reform. san jose's model for lowering employee costs could be used nationwide. >> the decision that the voters make and the decision that the courts make will be the example that is followed around the united states. >> reporter: county election officials say they've already received 110,000 ballots and
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are opening up the registrar office for early voting. more californians plan to vote on tuesday. secretary of state debra boeing said today 17.1 million californians have registered to vote. that's 1 million more than the primary four years ago. she also says fewer californians are registered with a political party. that number is now 77.7% down from 79.9% four years ago. and stay with for complete election coverage on the june primary. we'll have live are results for you on election night and check out our politics page under the news tab. we have new details this hour about the ethics violations case against suspended sheriff mirkarimi. late this afternoon, mayor ed lee submitted his detailed
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complaint to the ethics commission. the first four allegations are wrongful behavior by a police officer, specifically domestic violence. abuse of office by allegedly threatening to misuse his political power against his wife. the mayor also says mirkarimi impeded a police investigation by participating in and condoning actions to dissuade a witness. and sentence based on his guilty plea to false imprisonment. breach of conduct that falls under the term of decency as the supervisor which is the title he still held when the incident occurred. the west contra costa debt to the state is now paid off. district officials were at ford elementary in richmond to hand over the final payment for a $28.5 million state loan four years ahead of schedule. >> it feels good.
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it feels real good to be in this situation. to do something that no one envisioned or saw possible. >> reporter: the district filed for bankruptcy back in 1991. it was the first district in the state to enter into a financial receiveship. crews had to deal with a wet mess this afternoon in oakland. water was running down the 4,000 block of norton avenue after a 4-inch cast iron pipe broke. east bay mud says the broken line did not disrupt service to any customers. it could be slow going for many bay area airline passengers this weekend. not one but two airports are reducing the flow of traffic. cara liu is live now with the construction work that's behind all of it, cara. >> reporter: right now there's still is a lot of activity on the runways behind us here at sfo. there are two primary arrival runway, starting at 8:00 tonight one of them will be shut down for the entire weekend. and that means more than 100 flights are expected to be
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delayed. >> one of two primary arrival runways at sfo, runway 2-8 left will be shut down all weekend. >> it'll be an impact as if we had rain or fog. >> reporter: short flights will field the effects for most. >> people who are flying less than two hours of length are probably going to be delayed on arrival. most international flights will be on time. >> reporter: young has dealt with his share of delays. >> two to four hours, it's just like going through tsa these days, you learn to deal with it. >> reporter: the shorter north field runways will be used for arrivals between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m. travelers should not notice a big change. but residents near the airport could. >> especially in the san leandro neighborhood and south of there may experience higher levels of noise over the
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weekend while this construction activity is happening overnight. >> airports often do construction in the summer because its dry. but it is just coincidence that both oakland and san francisco have projects going the same weekend. and officials are telling us they recommend anyone who has flights going in or out or they're picking people out to check with the airline for delays. we're live at sfo, cara liu, ktv you -- ktvu news. the moraga police department says it will not -- over sex abuse claims made in 1994 and 1994. bill walters was principal when two students claimed that a teacher there sexually abused them. that teacher was named dan witters and he committed suicide back in 1996. the moraga police chief says the statute of limitations has run out. a redwood city mother has
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filed a claim against a special ed teacher accused of abusing her students. nadia cortez wants $1 million from alexia bagas. bagas is accused of hitting cortez' 5-year-old autistic son and another boy at the school. four bay area hospitals are facing fines. these hospitals plus nine others outside the bay area made policy and administrative mistakes. >> three of them related to patient care issue, three of them related to patient safety issues and one was the result of a medication error. >> penalties range from 25,000 to $100,000 based on the number of previous offenses. a weak jobs report out
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today is sending shivers through the final world that the economy could be sputtering. american employers created 69,000 jobs in may. also the number of jobs created in the previous two months was revised down. the unemployment rate increased slightly to 8.2%. marking the first increase in 11 months. stocks took a real hit on wall street in part because of the job's report. the dow logged one of the steepest declines in six months and gave up all of its games for the year. it closed down 274 points, the nasdaq was off almost eight points. the senate is giving the green light to a bill that would regulate red light cameras. joe smitian wrote the bill but would accomplish regulations for red light cameras. the bill must now pass the assembly before going to the governor to be signed. a popular swimming pool is
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closed tonight. city officials say crews are working to repair a broken pump at the larkey pool. it's expected to reopen on monday with summer sessions for the public starting june 18th. tents are going up in san francisco's war memorial for the black and white ball. at charity event raises money for the symphony's education program. 75,000 bay area children participate in that program every year. the ball will be tomorrow night and it is expected to draw 5,000 people all of whom will be dressed in black and white. 10 bands will be playing on five stages and paul simon is the headliner. one ad, one controversy. tonight why bay area shoppers are being asked to boycott jcpenney. >> also the search for sierra lamar is still going strong. the new questions investigators had today for sierra's parents. temperatures with this fog is going to start to cool down, i'll show you how cool.
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authorities in the south bay are still looking for signs of missing teen sierra lamar. investigators reinterviewed sierra lamar's father. >> sierra's activity in social media, texting, that kind of thing. coming up at 7:00 tonight, sierra's parents will meet with family and friends in fremont for a rally at washington high school. police in pleasanton are working on a sketch to try and help them identify a woman who's body was found in a crash can last week -- trash can last week. the body was decomposed when
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they found it last thursday on dublin county road. they're hoping someone will recognize the sketch so that they can identify the victim through dental records. a federal judge in san francisco dealt a major set back for oracle over android smart phone patent. the judge ruled yesterday the java code known as interfaces was not protected by copyright. the jury previously found google infringed but could not decide whether the code was covered. oracle says it will appeal the ruling. a survey in april asked about 1,000 people if they urinate in swimming pools. one in five say yes but mainly by mistake. a doctor involved in this study says there's something about a body of water, everyone a small one that opens a person's natural flood gates. many germs are killed in pools that are properly maintained
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with chlorine and ph levels. jcpenneys effort to revamp its imagine is bringing controversy. mike mibach has the story. >> reporter: jcpenney stock is down 40% since february and here is what you're talking about. it is a new father's day ad that is hoping to spark some new business but at the same time is also starting to spark some opposition. it first popped up in 1992, 110 years later its faithful are still shopping. >> a company that i've shopped since i was a child. >> reporter: the aging retailer recently released this new father's day ad. a real life same-sex couple hugging their two children. part of the copy reads what makes dads so cool. >> i'm not particularly wowed about the ad. >> why? what is it?
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>> just makes me feel uncomfortable. >> reporter: yc penny stock was priced at $25 and 83-cents. >> they're fighting for their lives. >> reporter: greg paps teaches advertising, he says since the new year the company has tried to change its imagine. >> they're certainly saying, it's not the 1920s anymore. it's another century. >> reporter: brandon behan is responsible for the ad. >> representing a kind of core commitment to their customers and communities in which they operate. >> 1 million moms is asking activists to boycott jcpenney. continuing down the same path of promoting sin in their advertisements we must remain diligent and stand up for biblical values and truth. opinion from those outside on the street.
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>> i hope there's advertising that shows reality, really. >> make it part of the national culture whether i think it's going to be affective in raising their brands, i don't know. >> reporter: a spokeswoman for jcpenney said we're proud our june book honored men who shares the joy of fatherhood. >> mike mibach, ktvu news. today dc comics announced that one of its long time super heros is gay. this is a frame from the upcoming green lantern series showing the character in civilian clothes kissing his boyfriend. the character introduced back in 1940s is getting an update to quote the life we live in. the book that was 37 years over due, the precidio branch was due november 27th 1974 but was just returned by mail today. it came with a note that said, sorry we had this book for so
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long. the fine for overdue books is 10-cents a day but she says she will let this one off the hook. our chief meteorologist bill martin joining us with the cool down expected. >> it everyone cooled off today. the fog as you can see is making a big play for the coast. that's the mechanism that will cool us off. we talked about it last night. it's pushing inland. it's not going to push well inland tonight. that's why temperatures tomorrow is going to be slightly cooler. by sunday the fog is going to do this. it's going to get out toward fairfield and antioch. these are the highs from today, the national weather service official highs and yeah they're right where they were yesterday. there was a little cooling a the coast. inland 96 degrees, it's hot in the inland bay valleys. we have fog coming back. you knew that. nice night for outdoor
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activities in the bay. you can do an outdoor bar-b-que easily. sunday night not such a good deal. there will be more fog as i mentioned. tonight looks pretty good. the visibility got real low, here we are, there's lindamar right near the taco bell, right where the fog is going to be. right near highway 1. early morning fog. sunday is the coolest day on the weekend because of this system. that's what really pressing the fog in. coastal fog cooling begins on sunday but slow cooling. sunday more significant cooling. it's going to be a nice weekend. i'm splitting hairs because the whole weekend looks really good. it's just not as warm or hot as it was yesterday or today. there's the footprint. you can go down to monterey bay and watch what happens right. kind of just goes away. there we are sunday. lunchtime it's gone. then it starts to push in
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sunday afternoon, sunday evening so that's the big cool down. there's some rain drops north, there might be a sprinkle here on monday we'll see how that goes. the forecast for highs tomorrow. lots of 80s still a really nice day. 88 in clear lake, 85 in san helena. not the big 80s. upper 90s well inland. tomorrow upper 80s, i think we'll see a 90 some where but it's not going to be quite as warm. a nice weekend ahead. fog along the coast, in the avenues or whatever you're doing in the pacifica area. temperatures will be a little bit cooler in the bay area weekend. next week kind of mild as well. but a really nice looking weekend. the giants play tonight. >> happy it's cooler, so you don't have to go in the pool. we're still talking about the pool here. >> keep you out of the pool. >> state senate today passed two bills meant to save state parks from budget cuts. norene evans wrote the bill.
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one would require the parks and recreation to look for new ways to generate revenue. both bills now go to the assembly. coming up on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36, the sell off for stocks only intensifies on this first day of june. traders in san francisco's t financial district tell us if they're worried about this slide. >> this underwater scene is at a hospital. how the community is helping out. >> we hope you join us for these stories and more at 7:00 on tv 36. well there is a science behind a new exhibit that might open your eyes to the dynamics of skateboarding.
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the science of skateboarding is on display thanks to the sports legend tony hawk. organizers say it's a great way to get people into science. >> everybody knows what it's going to do. it's going to roll down the hill and in fact, it's going to roll some distance up the hill. what i'm going to do is come
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back exactly to the same height that i started out. >> and tony hawk will be on hand tomorrow for the grand opening and exhibit includes the childhood skateboard that he learned on. >> that guy is incredible too. mike is here on sports and boy the a's are hurting. >> just can't score. the pitching is decent but the beat goes on. change of city. kansas city, in bad need of a -- that has not helped out there. betancourt for the royals takes it the other way. josh redick will have a bit of a problem out there trying to feel it. alex gordon able to score for the royals all the way from first. it's 1-0. a couple of batters later, mike guscakis with a little dunker. good enough for a 2-0 lead in the fourth. women's world series cal in
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talks against oklahoma. first-inning, sooners chamberland joins the alley off joline henderson. then in the sixth, deep and way out for georgia casey for the sooners solo homer it's 3-0. get this cal batters have struck out 15 times so far in 7 innings. his game has been a little squirrely as you know but he's still tiger and that means we pay attention to tiger woods. at the jack nicholas event. 177yards here and nearly getting it to go down. settles for a birdie, double birdie on 12th. his only low point. his irons were hot. 194yards within about four or 5 feet of the cup. birdied that. he had five birdies on the day. he's one shot back of the
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leader rori. and the san francisco giants in the first of four against the cubs. they will finish that series on monday. highlights at 10:00. that's the sporting life for right now. julie, frank. >> mark, thank you. the economy was the priority the last time the country elected a president and it appears it will be again. >> the impact today's poor jobs report will have on the presidential election. >> and thank you for joining ktvu channel 2 news.
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