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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  June 4, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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here is sal. steve, good morning. we are off to a decent start. we are hearing of a traffic accident. we are trying to figure out what that is. let's take a look at these pictures. highway 4 looks pretty good with no major prones. also the morning commute looks good on interstate 880. and if yo are driving -- happening right now is the sky is clear in your area you may be able to catch the end of a lunar eclipse. christien kafton is attache bow space center in oakland this morning where many people came out in the middle of the night to watch this rare event. good morning, christien. >> reporter: we are well into that lunar eclipse. you can see there is a bit of a challenge. it's hard to show you. hard to see right now. lots of cloud cover right now. mother nature not especially cooperative. we did shoot video around 3:00
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this morning just as the lunar eclipse was getting under way. we will show that in a moment. we are up here now with conrad young from she bow space and science center. explain a little bit about what is going on. >> as the skies clear you can see a portion of the moon is covered by the shadow of the earth. cost on it. >> reporter: there is a lot of cloud cover around the bay area. the shadow is just starting to move across the moon. >> yes. unlike a total lunar eclipse it will only be a cookie bite out
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of the moon. we had an amazing view of a very, very deep partial solar eclipse. probably one of the deepest most people have experienced in a very, very long time. and that was the first of three events that involve the sun and celestial alignments. tonight's event is the second of the events. that is where the moon moves into the shadow of the event. and tomorrow -- excuse me. tuesday afternoon we will she a what is call #ed a transit of venus. venus moves between the earth.
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>> reporter: thank you for guiding us through what we will see tonight. as we get spectacular pictures we will bring those pictures for you as soon as we can. christien kafton. santa clara county sheriffs divers will return to the reservoir to search for signs of sierra lamar. the man accused of killing sierra went fishing at the reservoir shortly around the time she vanished. last week a sheriffs department spokeswoman told us here, there are a handful of sonar images that the dive team will be verifying while searching that reservoir. several students suspended over a senior prank will hold a demonstration this morning asking for forgiveness so they
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can participate in graduation ceremony. they put paint on their feet and walked around to symbolize the footsteps they are leaving behind. things escalated as more students showed up. a sheep was found chained on to campus. banners were stolen and stickers were placed on buildings. >> it wasn't suppose to be bad. it was supposed to be harmless. >> it's not okay to do it in a way that will deface the school campus. >> ten students were suspended for finals week. now more than 20 seniors decline up the school yes. he. newly renovate parks in san francisco have been vandalized.
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the playground reopened in march after six years and a $3.5 million renovation. the new children's playground has been hit with graffiti. the chronicle reports cleanup has already cost the city more than $150,000 this year. san rafael firefighters are look into the cause of eight brush fires that started early sunday morning. crews first responded to the area near the cities corporate center where three small fires were found. now while still fighting those flames, five more fires started between rice and anderson drive. firefighters say they were likely started by someone traveling a along that route but they are not sure if they were set intentionally. still no word on what caused a grass fire near the pittsburgh antioch border. that burned in a pastor off buchanon road. it started at 7:30 last night
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it was put out within an hour. about 25 acres burn. a man with a long gang history will be sentenced today until the killing of a stan father and two of his sons. edwin ramos was convicted of three counts of murder. he shot and killed anthony and two of his sons in 2008 after mistaking them for gang members. ramos faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. the legal team for ed lee has filed a court order to obtain ross mirkarimis phone calls, e-mails, and text messages. mirkarimi and his campaign manager exchanged several text messages followings new years eve incident where he bruise his wife's arm. he is accused of having his
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campaign manager attempt to prevent his wife and neighbor to go to police. district attorney will decide whether to file sexual assault charges against pablo san vol. at 4:45 how they describe his behavior hours before that alleged attack. in a couple hours a new ferry service starts running. and for this week only it is free. it will link oakland and alameda with a $25 million ferry terminal at oyster point just south of candle stick park. businesses in the area are encouraging employees to use the new system. people we talked to hope this will ease traffic. >> there is a lot of businesses out there. any way you can lessen the
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congestion on the highways or have people know public transportation is great for the whole bay area. >> one way ride takes 40 minutes. right now service is only offered during the week in the morning and afternoon. 4:37 is the time right now. less than bo minutes from now n- judah will be back in service. it has been shut down for the last 11 days for repair traffic. i think a lot of people will be happy to see that n- judah back. >> yeah. they like to ride the streetcar but for part of the way they have been riding buses. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along pretty well on 80 westbound as you head out to the mccarthur maze. no major problems here as you drive west.
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if you are coming in from vallejo and richmond it's an easy drive. when you get to the toll plaza that traffic is light. and this morning if you are driving on the peninsula, 101, 280 that traffic looks good. 101 is good all the way to san jose. at 4:38 let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. our system is moving. very slowly. it's on its way. it will give us some sun in the morning and increasing clouds throughout the day with light rain starting in the north bay. this system does not have a lot. this time of year. the mere fact it's here is impressive. light rain already so far to the authority. ukiah last observation says -- unless you run toward north western part of the state. that is our system moving in much, much cooler today. light rain. clouds coming in later. south bay probably won't get in on this party. it will be cooler for everybody.
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temperatures in the 60s or very, very low 70s. couple .01 to a tenth of an inch. some of the wettest locations could pick up a quarter of an inch. very mild on the temps. 50s and 60s. system is actually slowed down a little bit. it will drag across us. light rain starts in the south. the wind will also pick up in advance of that system. temperatures today sitting in the 50s and also the 60s. that will be it. this is a very, very cool pattern for this time of year. so 50s upper 50s low to mid 60s. mostly cloudy and cooler and some rain. >> thank you, steve. a tragic air disaster in nigeria the frantic search under way as a jet liner went down in a highly populated neighborhood. >> and a 74-year-old man gunned down in front of a northern california flee market. >> westbound 24 traffic from
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walnut creek to oakland looking pretty good. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather. that let you move the tv around wherever. no siree, bob. who's bob? and if you didn't have a tv outlet, well then you couldn't watch diddly-squat.
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clouds increasing in advance of a weak system that will be here. south of that probably not too much. it will be cooler today. lots of 60s or very, very low 70s. a vallejo woman wounded at a shooting at a park is getting
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better. the 67-year-old was shot along with three other people saturday at a picnic at crest ranch park. a 17-year-old boy remains in critical condition. one man was killed. vallejo police are asking for the publics help in fining the gunman. once detectives in santa cruz finish their sexual assault charges a attorney will decide if assault charges will be filed. he didn't leave the bar with any women early friday morning. three hours later a woman told police that sandoval raped her at a resort. sandoval's attorney says the sex was consensual. george zimmerman's attorney will ask a judge for a new bond hearing today. one day after he turned himself in. zimmerman that is accused of killing florida teenage aerotrayvon martin had been in hide examining he turned himself in yesterday. two days after a judge revoked his bond. the judge says he lied about
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how much money he had access to when he was freed on bond in april. zimmerman had not disclosed that he raised $135,000 through a website. stockton police are searching for the gunman that killed a 74-year-old jewelry vendor at a flea market. he was shot in front of his family saturday morning as he unloaded jewelry from his truck. he was a well known vendor at the flea market. investigators believe he was targeted for robbery because he sold jewelry. >> out of nowhere we saw four to five guys with masks and heavy clothing on with long rifles. >> they are very brazen, very violent because this happened in front of the victims family. >> police say the men also stole his car. it was found abandoned a half a mile from where he was shot. world leaders will be talking about the crisis in syria today. the issue is expected to be on the top of the agenda at an eu
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russia summit. it comes one day after the president of syria denied responsibility for the massacre in huola. more than 100 people were killed. nearly half of them were children. there are fears the death toll could rise from a devastating plane crash in nigeria. the jet liner crashed into a densely populated area. all 153 people on board and ten people on the ground died. there are reports the pilot was an american citizen. now crews and frantic locals work through the night to look for survivors. airline officials say the plane experienced some kind of engine trouble before it crashed. nigeria has declared three days of national mourning for the victims. united made its final departure yesterday.
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there was a certain monial water canyon salute. they have been serving oakland for the past 85 years. at least one traveler we talked to got a little emotional about the farewell. >> so many of my personal life changes happened on this airline. >> if you booked tickets in advanced you will be rerouted through san francisco. as for oakland based unit workers the airline says most are being transferred over to san francisco or san jose. one of the main arrival runways at san francisco airport is expected to reopen at 8:00 this morning. it has been shut down since friday night so crews could up date lighting and signs. it did cause delays of more than an hour. voters head to the polls
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tomorrow for the primary. dianne feinstein is seeking reelection. voters will also decide the fate of prop 29 which is $1 per tax cigarette tax to fund cancer research. tobacco companies spent $50 million to fight it but polls show it's a close race. also on the ballot eliminating the states legislative term limits. the top two candidates for congress and for state offices will advance to the november election regardless of party. and districts have been redrawn which could produce more moderate candidates. presidential and county races remain a classic primary with one winner for each party. 4:48. more than 300 mormon church members are being thanked by the gay community.
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yesterday members of mormon's building bridges walked in salt lake city's gay pride parade. they say it was about sending a message of love to the gay community. people there that are gay say it's hard living in utah because of the strict antigay mormon beliefs and this was a touching sight. still no bids on the power lunch warren buffet is auctioning off to benefit a san francisco benefit. the starting bid must be at least $25,000. this is the fifth year he has taken part in the lunch to raise money for glide memorial church. last years winner paid more than $2.6 million. the warning for dog lovers about a serious disease called kennel cough. bay area veterinarians are reporting a big jump in the number of cases in the disease. it's characterized by sneezing,
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nasal discharge, a honking sound that dogs make when they could have. it could develop in pneumonia. >> vets say the best way to avoid getting kennel cough is to avoid going where sick dogs are or may have been. the disease is not usually life threatening if it's caught early and treated. now 4:50. a deadly accident involving firefighters. how an effort to put out a wild fire took a tragic turn in utah. >> also space shuttle enterprise makes its final voyage at sea. where it's heading and why it's not all smooth sailing. >> plus she's a sweetheart of women's gymnastics but why you
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won't be seeing shawn johnson at the london olympics this year.
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but this can be prevented. we can reach the goal of no child born with hiv by 2015. together we can stop the spread of hiv from mother to child.
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go to one dot org and join us. welcome back. time now is 4:52. a fire fighting air tanker crashed yesterday killing two pilots. the two men were both from boise, idaho. they were on their second run of the day when the tanker went down in a steep mountainous terrain. investigators are still trying to figure out what went wrong. enterprise sailed to where no shuttle has gone before. new jersey and floated on a barge from new york's kennedy airport past queens and brooklyn and connie island. it was slightly damaged when wind made it graze a
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woodpiling. it will make the rest of the trip tomorrow. miss usa has been crowned. >> miss usa 2012 rhode island. >> that is 20-year-old olivia. took out the title. beating out 50 other contestant. she also voiced support for 20 other transgender. she will now go on to compete in the miss universe pageant. gymnast shawn johnson will not be making a return to the olympics this year. she is retiring from competitive gymnastics because she does not want to risk more injury to her left knee. that competition could have advanced her to the u.s. olympic trials that begin in san jose hp pavilion later this month.
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it's coming up on 5:00 we want to check in with sal. any problems? >> we are still doing well. we saw some things that turned out to be not a major deal. that is good on this monday morning. let's go outside and take a look at what we have. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. certainly people are out there. it's not enough to make a crowd. once you get on the bridge it looks good. the traffic is moving well on interstate 880 in both directions. north and southbound here in front of the coliseum. if you are driving in the south bay this is a look at the freeway. the freeway sensors not showing a lot of activity at all. just the way we like it. now let's go to steve. >> sal, thank you. a little system coming in here after an okay weekend it was cooler. at least some of the clouds cleared yesterday and it was nice. temperatures in advance of this system came up a little bit on sunday and went down on saturday. there will be rain to the north and looks like probably for everybody. it's june. this system is continuing to move in. rain up to the north.
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not to ukiah yet. nothing so far. it looks like the morning commute will be fine. us will be much cooler today. clouds very light rain again favoring areas to the north and south. temperatures today really held in check. 60s for about 95% of the forecast area. or upper 50s. very few 70s the farther south you go. a lot of 50s to 60 degrees. just because of the fact we have clouds increasing. doesn't look like much but it will give us light rain. clouds, cooler. forecast here with light rain developing later. highs 50s and 60s. it's not going to be very warm this week. mostly cloudy, cooler. 50s, 60s or very low 70s. clearing breezy on tuesday. wednesday another system clips us. doesn't look like rain. it will be clouds and cooler on wednesday. the weekend is looking okay.
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pamela. >> thank you, steven. you may notice some heavy equipment in san francisco's ocean beach this week. workers will be removing sand to prevent it from blowing on the great highway. the project will effect traffic in the area. the great highway will be closed between lincoln and slowed from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.. we are coming up on 5:00. a break in the case of a string of burglaries in san francisco. how police caught the four people they believe are responsible. >> plus a senior prank gets out of hand. what local high school students plan to do today to ask for forgiveness.
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a school prank that officials say wasn't funny at all. in fact, i will tell you what the students did and how it could effect their future. . >> a partial eclipse of the moon early this morning. >> also another way to get around for some bay area commuters. the ferry service that starts this morning and why it is free. this week. >> june 2011 was a very rainy month last year. but it looks like this year we could have light rain returning. we'll have more coming up.


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