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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 4, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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sal and then we're determined. we're out there and we're trying to assist. >> divers keep the focus on one particular south bay lake in the search for sierra lamar. good afternoon. i'm tori campbell. search crews are refusing to give up in their search for morgan hill teenager, sierra lamar. once again, they are scouring a lake near her home. it's happening right now. and tara moriarty is explaining a specific reason why this specific lake is such a target.
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>> reporter: you know tori, divers have actually scoured 41 pounds and that does not include area reservoirs like this one. divers hit several spots along the uvas reservoir. so far their attempts to find missing teen, sierra lamar, is missing. >> it's bitert sweet. you do but you don't want to find any evidence of that nature. but yeah, we're exploring all possibilities out there in the water and making sure that everything's checked. >> reporter: sheriff's investigators believe that lamar's accused killer, antolin garcia-torres, disposed of her body in a waterway. officials say garciaer to ris' mother confirmed her son went fish -- garcia-torres' mother confirmed her son went fishing the day after sierra lamar went missing. >> we have previous areas that we scannedded earlier over the
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weekend and -- that we scanned over the weekend and we'll scan those again. >> reporter: now, the conditions are extremely murky. so at times, divers are having to feel around with their hands. >> we've deifier vas -- uvas before. usually we dive 06 feet. it gets deeper than that in spots. >> reporter: we caught up with the dive team when they are fueling the boat. despite the tough conditions, they are determined to continue. >> we have been working on this case for quite sometime. we all have families. we are doing everything we possibly can do to find her. >> reporter: now, the sheriff's department is focused on finding sierra's body because without it, the outcome of the trial will likely be decided by forensic evidence which some experts believe is not rock solid. drivers say they will be out here until 5:00 tonight. we'll let you know if they find
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anything. and janine will let you know if there's any more at 5:00. back to you. >> thank you. 25-year-old ed ramos was convicted last month for three counts of murder in connection with the shooting of tony ba lonia -- tony bologna and his three sons. ramos was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. the rain returned today, just as our ktvu meteorologist said it would. this is a live picture of the walnut creek area looking toward mt. diablo. the rain is moving east butty -- east but appears to be
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tapering off. the roads can be slick in the wet weather. the highway patrol advisers drivers to slow down and to return to turn on headlights when using windshield wipers. rosemary has more. >> this system, atypical for june. we have roads out there and a lot of people are needing that umbrella. a lot of people caught offguard. you can see to the north bay, we're actually watching the rain taper off over the peninsula as well where we're seeing it still ease and south. to the east bay inland, down to danville, antioch, seeing pretty good rain along the stretch of 580. as we head into the south bay, we have some rain milpitas, evergreen, south bay, off to the coast we're dealing with a little bit of rain. you can see over the santa cruz mountains. so far we've seen anywhere from
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.10 to .2.10. we'll remain cloudy, cool. the winds are expected to pick up. the winds are 10, 15 miles an hour at this point. but they are expected to pick up in the afternoon. coming up, how long you can expect the showers to last and a winter advisory. tori? >> thank you, rosemary. and the airports are reporting delays up to three hours. the faa has the airport on flow control. sfo is urging travelers to call ahead and check on flights to make sure the flights are on time. there's no delays at the san jose or oakland airports. the weather may be to blame for a serious accident in the north bay. accident happened shortly after 6:30 this morning at old odoeby road near petaluma. the highway patrol says a big rig and suv collided flocking
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down at least one power line. the chp shut down a lane of old odoeby road which is expected to open in about an hour. the extent of injuries to the victims are not known at this time. they were taken to the hospital. voters head to the polls for tomorrow for california's primary. dianne feinstein is seeking reelection. voters will decide the fate of prop 29 which would impose a $1 per pack cigarette tax to fund cancer research. tobacco companies have spent $50 million fighting it. but polls show it's a close race. also on the ballot an initiative limiting the state's term limits. tomorrow's primary is the first test at california's new top two system. the top two candidates for congress and for state offices will advance to the november election regardless of party affiliation. districts have been redrawn
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which could produce more moderate candidates. presidential and county residents remain per one winner for each party. president obama will arrive on wednesday for more fund raising. he's expected to attend private events in san francisco at one market restaurant and the merchants exchange in the financial district. then the president will travel to leaks for a gala sponsored by gay rights activists. for more on the -- to los angeles for a gala sponsored by gay rights activities. for more on this, go to the website. what started out as a prank inned up with suspensions mea culpas at heritage high school in brentwood. paul chambers has been there all morning and students are apologizing for a prank that went too far. >> reporter: one day after students spent most of the day cleaning up a prank, the
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principal found graffiti on most of the school windows after another prank overnight. >> banners were stolen from our -- from some of our buildings. >> that was not part of us. but i think it was outrageous that anybody would do that after we spent hours and hours of cleaning that up. >> reporter: he's talking about this mess left behind thursday night after seniors painted -- painted their feet and walked around the campus to symbolize their footsteps left behind. they also placed a sheep on the roof and because of this, some seniors won't be able to take their finals. to show their remorse some students stood outside this morning holding signs asking for forgiveness. >> we sent a letter of apology, hoping to take our finals. >> people are gonna go to college. they need to grade. this is gonna affect a lifetime decision here. >> reporter: she's one of
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several parents this morning who stormed into the principal's office about the disciplinary actions. the principal says all toe the -- although the graffiti is upsetting, the main problem is the threats online. >> right now 20 have been suspended. >> reporter: it's up to the principal to decide if that decision will change. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. nearly ren -- newly- renovated parks have been vandalized. this is delow rose park. the playground reopened in march after a 3.5 million renovation. the new children's playground has been hit with graffiti. the chronicle reports the vandalism in the city has already cost $150,000 a year. this is great. you know, i think -- i think we should have more ferries. >> a grand-mu way to cross the
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-- a brand-new way to cross the bay. rosemary's back in just nine minutes for more specifics on the june showers in the bay area. and we'll tell you why these workers are walking a picket line.
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dozen of hotel workers -- dozens of hotel workers walked off the job. the union workers rallied outside the double tree hotel which is part of the hilton chain. they say that they are protesting what they call long- term wage freezes and underfunded healthcare. the strike comes after 11 months of contract negotiations. it's expected to last until friday. just minutes ago, we received a comment from the hotel which said in part, "we've always recognized and compensated our team members for their contribution to the success of the hotel and we are committed to bargaining in good faith." there's been a new development in the legal case over proposition 8, california's ban on same-sex marriage. just a few hours ago, the 9th circuit court of appeals announced there will be a new legal filing in the case tomorrow. the court expected to decide
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whether to rehear the case with a panel of 11 judges. supporters of prop 8 asked for that review after a three-judge panel upheld judge walker's ruling that the prop 8 is institutional. a fire in hayward broke out around 5:00 a.m. at a house on fairview street. that's in south hayward near union city. when firefighters arrived, they found downed power lines outside. pg&e had to be called in to shut off the power to keep firefighters out of further danger. they were able to keep flames contained. mostly to the attached garage and quickly got it under control. >> a primary search was done to the homes to make sure the occupants were out. the fire was document -- was knocked down in a very quick time. >> flames did some damage to the outside of the house. the fire caused an estimated $100,000 in damage. commuters have a new way to
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make their way from the east bay to the peninsula hitting the waves in stead of the roads. new service began today between south san francisco and outer point. [ cheers ] >> local leaders, including jackie speier were onhand to officially launch the ferry service. christien kafton has more. >> reporter: san francisco's ferry launched its new service, round-trips -- round-trips from alameda, a very notorious commute. >> we're very excited. >> s. >> ferry takes 40 minutes from oakland to san francisco. about 50 minutes from alameda. passengers say it beats between sitting behind the wheel -- it
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beats sitting behind the wheel. >> this is very competitive. >> reporter: once on board, passengers can get something to eat or drink or use wi-fi to get some work done before they get to work. the ferry is free this week as part of an incentive to get parks -- get passengers on board. once passengers arrive in san francisco. there are shuttle buses including one for genentic workers. workers -- workers say that's a strong enough incentive to get them out of their cars and on board the ferry. >> i'm gonna try to make this part of my regular commute. >> reporter: the ferry plans on 100,000 passengers for the first year and is ready to expand service if needed. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. a porn actor accused of murder was arrested in jame. he's also suspected of videotaping the homicide and
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posting it online. he was taken in custody in berlin. he's wanted in canada on first- degree murder and other charges. police say he killed a chinese college student he had dated and then mailed the victim's body parts that canadian political offices. the torn for the florida man accused of shooting fail tally trayvon martin is accused -- fatally trayvon martin is was in court today. the judge accused of defendant and his wife of not disclosing all of their assets when bail was set. so zimmerman could obtain a lower bail amount. zimmerman's attorney says his client will remain behind bars until the judge decides if and when a new bond will be set. people in the south bay felt an earthquake yesterday morning, a 3.5 earthquake hit the area at 10:30, the us geological survey says the epicenter was nine miles north of morgan hill and 15 miles
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north-northeast of may -- san jose. no damage or injuries were reported. a concern of earthquakes is one of the reasons that an east bay shelter for pregnant women may close its doors. the catholic diocese says an inspection found that the building on 62nd avenue would not hold up during an earthquake. social service workers say the shelter is one of the few places that allow women to stay for several weeks after giving birth. there was a dramatic show in the sky early this morning. about 35 people went to the space center in oakland to watch a partial lunar reclips. the moon passed behind the earth and was caught in its shadow. the ellipse started about 3:00 a.m. and lasted for two hours. some are dispointed because there were clouds. but others say that's all part of the experience. >> it's nature. so have you to take it on its rules. we were lucky. earlier we saw beautiful breaks in the clouds, the loud layer, and we saw fantastic views as
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it was going -- cloud layer, and we saw fantastic views as it was going into the eclipse. >> tomorrow there is a rare event starting at 3:00 in the afternoon. you should be able to see the transit of venus t will take about seven hours to see what looks like a small dark dot gliding across the subject. the last one happened eight years ago. the next one won't happen until 2117. good afternoon. it's a soggy start to the week. unusual, yes. this is unseasonably cool and wet for this time of year. giving you a live look out over the bay and you can see all of that gray. the rain already beginning to paper -- taper off in some areas. the main bond moving south and east. here this is and you can see well inland at this point. so areas over the north bay, the peninsula fairly dry at
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this moment. very gray and perhaps a little drizzly as well. the winds anywhere from to 1015 miles an hour. not too bad -- 10 to 15 miles an hour. not too bad out there. the winds, 5 to 5 degrees tool -- 5 to 15 degrees cooler. we're seeing rain over parts of the delta, fairfield, vacaville and off to the east, just east of antioch. antioch seeing a few showers. livermore, you are also in that same boat. just a few scattered showers. it looks like they are beginning to push east. over san jose and the south bay, we have showers. gilroy, over the santa cruz mountains. we've seen .10 to .2/10. as it continues to move through, the rain will taper off. if you are going out to see the giants play, bring along the jacket must in case but it looks like we'll be in the clear by then. we'll have the gray skies, a few hit or miss showers there.
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here's your satellite radar view. easier to see the front when if is in motion as it continues to push off to the east. behind it, we are expecting breezy conditions. so that is what we will see. giving you a look here at the forecast, it's 1:00 we're still seeing a few scattered showers develop over the north bay into 2:00 more of the same. 3:00, really doesn't leave us completely but not as steady as we've seen it so far this morning and into the early afternoon for the inland east bay. by the night, a few scattered showers. cool and breezy. we are looking at any where from .25 of rain for some of the wettest spots to maybe a little bit more than that for the hills today. numbers will be well below average and the -- and the sierra, winter weather advisory starting at 5:00 in the afternoon. 4 to 6 inches possible with the snow level dropping down to about 5,000 feet font. the afternoon highs 50s and 60s in the forecast there and your extended forecast, once beget
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past this frame, scattered showers breezy conditions and then by tomorrow we begin to rebound with the afternoon highs and get back to the seasonal averages on wednesday, thursday. once we get into friday, slightly cooler and a nice bump in time for the weekend. hundreds of butt commuters had to take the stairs last week because of a broken escalator. a record 28 escalators were out of service. many were at stations in downtown san francisco and some have been broken for months. in all, b.a.r.t. has 179 escalators. a b.a.r.t. repair manager says the agency is having a hard time keeping up with the wear and tear. facebook and children under the age of 13 -- coming up. and we're learning about a settlement between the kos co stores and the -- costco stores and a bay area district attorney.
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a measure of call returns to the stock -- of calm returns to the stock market today. major indexes are mixed in afternoon trading after being down for most of the day. the dow is currently down 44, 12,074. nasdaq is flat, s&p, down 3. costco has settled a lawsuit for $3.6 million over allegations the warehouse chain improperly handled hazardous
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waste. the suit was brought by 29 california district attorney offices which claim costco violated california laws for the safe storage and disposal of pharmaceutical waste. officials say the violations occurred over a five-year period at several stores, including five in alameda county. upon notification of the investigation, officials say costco quickly came into compliance with regulations. facebook is reportedly testing out new ways to allow children under 13 to use its wall street. "the wall street journal" reports that facebook may be considering connecting the accounts to their children's page. right now, children under 13 are not permitted on the social networking site. but millions are estimated to have lied about their age to get an account. today on ktvu news at 5:00, the calendar says june but taking a look outside, you wouldn't know it. we're tracking rain in the bay area and snow, yes, snow in. sierra. the forecast for the area where
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you live at 5:00. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. also we're always here for you on and mobile
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