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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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the scene. we're expecting to show you the situation from high above in less than 15 minutes. now back to today's unusual weather. it's write and breezy -- bright and breezy out there, earlier, dark rain and skies covered the area. live team coverage from the bay area to the snowy sierra. let's start with noel walker, live at sfo, where it was slow going for some travelers. >> reporter: it still is gasia. for the most part, the rain has stopped outside, but the domino effect continues here inside. take a look at the big board. delays everywhere. the shortest flights are the most affected. san diego looking at a three hour delay. june gloom took no time to settle in over the bay, from alameda, to oakland, and walnut creek. today's umbrella weather made getting out of town seem like a good idea in theory. in practice, not so much. >> really nice when i come, i'm a little dispointed. >> reporter: her flight with
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daughter kennedy, wasn't just late. >> megalate. >> reporter: two and a half hours late. passengers on short flights had the longest delays at sfo. >> limited visibility, and it's just, instead of getting about 60 planes an hour, we're doing about 30. >> reporter: the airline schedule for 60 flights an hour, the results delays. missed meetings. >> i'm trying to get on a u.s. air flight to get me there in time. >> reporter: this is a good day to be alone with your thoughts, especially if you run an electric bike and sales store. >> nobody wants to get wet on two wheels. >> reporter: there are always exceptions to a rule. a barista at pete's told us any change in weather is good for
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business. he had no idea why. >> some flights are up to three hours delayed. >> oh, my god. i'm glad it's not us. >> reporter: so pack some patience if you're coming here. worth noting, i checked with san jose and oakland, they don't have any flight delays. noel walker. firefighters say the rain may have contributed to a crash in pittsburg that injured four people today. it happened just before noon on west leeland road. emergency responders had to pry open the car to get to the people inside. four were taken to the hospital, one of them with critical injuries. it appears the rain may have been a factor in this accident. >> road conditions are slippery. we haven't had a rain for a while. the roads are definitely slippery. >> there is no word yet on whether anyone will be charged as a result of that crash. let's talk now more about the rain that we got today.
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somewhat unusual for june. bill martin is here. are we done with all the wet weather? >> yeah, most of the rain has moved out of the area now, you mentioned june rain, we do get rain in june about 30% of the time. that's what we got to do, up to two tenths of an inch of rain in some places. let take a look at live stormtracker 2. you're going to see green on the radar. there it is right there. you can see we've got showers up in the mountains. a winter weather advisory in lake tahoe. most of the showers have moved out of our area. up in the mountains, they're seeing snow. above 6,000 feet, they could see, 4, 5, inches of snow. it's windy up there as well. we're going to talk about a warm up coming your way in a few minutes. the rain in the bay area turned into snow in the sierra. ken pritchett is at donner
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tonight. it looks like winter behind you. >> reporter: it does indeed. you can see light snow coming down. about a half hour ago, it was snowing much harder than this. you look at the ground here, none of this snow was here this morning, say around 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. the ground was bare. no snow at all. as you heard bill mention, snow in june, it's not terribly unusual, but it certainly caught a lot of travelers offguard. we saw them running from cars to shelter, and we saw them all ready for warm weather. running in shorts. >> it was a beautiful weekend, i thought it was going to rain lightly, but i didn't think it was going to do this. >> reporter: at about 2:00, at donner summit, it really start today come down, and pile up on the under. >> it's nice. my first time coming here. i'm very excited. >> reporter: june know is not unusual, it happens more often
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than not. last year on about this same day, several inches of snow fell. the sierras saw 4 inches of precipitation in june of last year. for people we talked to, they expected something different, and were pleasantly surprised. >> i think it's kind of fun. >> reporter: you can see the snow accumulating on the ground from this afternoon's snow. if you look over there at the interstate, interstate 80, the road is wet. no snow has piled up on the interstate. it got a little slushy this afternoon, but right now, you can see the roads are just wet. for those coming up here, you need to be aware that the roads are wet up here. also be aware there could be strong winds up here as part of that weather watch advisory. ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> you can always find live stormtracker 2, and the forecast for where you live by going to our website,, then clicking on the weather tab at the top. a serious head on collision shut down a road in part of the
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north bay. it happened shortly after 6:30 this morning. the highway patrol says a big rig and a jeep collided, knocking down a power pole. witnesses tell the chp, the driver was driving recklessly, weaving, and passing other vehicles. he suffered injuries described as life-threatening. the chp shut down the roadway for more than 6 hours to replace that downed power pole. an overloaded extension cord is blamed for a garage fire outside of a hayward home. it broke out about 5:00 a.m. in south hayward. not far from union city. when firefighters arrive, they found a live power line down in the front yard, which put them in serious danger. pg and e was called in to shut off the power there. firefighters were able to keep flames detained, mostly to the detached garage. no one was injured. >> primary search was done of the homes to make sure the
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occupants were out. the fire was knocked down in a earthquake time. >> the flames did some damage to the outside of the house. the fire cost an estimated $100,000 in damage. we have new information now on this weekend's shooting at a park in vallejo. the solano county coroner's office identified the man killed in the shooting as homer woodrow of vallejo. a woman and a boy were also seriously injured in the shooting. another man was treated for a bullet wound to his arm. police think at least one person opened fire from a dark colored sedan. they're asking anyone who may have any information about that shooting to contact them. what started as a senior prank in brentwood is turning ugly. the school has suspended students and we're learning some students are threatening so-called snitchers. >> reporter: there is a lot of anger here at heritage high
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school. a school that prides itself on values like respect and integrity, but where 43 students have been suspended, and because it's final's week, many students won't be able to take those finals, which means they won't be able to graduate this weekend. this group of seniors and their parents made a public apology for this mess left, that involved paint, obscene stickers, the relocation of a half ton bench, and a sheep tied up in chains. >> all of us sending out a letter of our apology. >> reporter: seniors we spoke to called it a prank that may have gone too far, but the school superintendent said that's an understatement. >> the escalation took two full days to clean up after. this morning, we saw that the school was graffitid again. >> reporter: the superintendent says heritage high school seniors were specifically
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warned, that senior pranks that led to destruction of property would lead to severe consequences. >> a suspension for an act of vandalism is appropriate. unfortunately. these are good kids. >> reporter: missing finals could permanently hurt their record. >> people are going to go to college. they need this grade. this is going to effect lifetime decisions here. >> reporter: this fight is far from over there have been new developments in the pacific hour and a half. we're going to tell you about the legal battle now brewing around this issue and approximate a courtroom -- and about a courtroom hearing that will be scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. san francisco police are investigating a violent bike theft. investigators say a thief struck a 65-year-old bicyclist over the head with a wine bottle in the city's western addition. police say the victim fell to the ground, and the suspect got onto the victim's bike and rode
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away. we're told the victim is expectedton okay. sexual assault allegations against giant pablo sandoval are still in the investigation stage. analysis of forensic evidence could take longer. they say they're also still talking to witnesses who reportedly saw sandoval and the 21-year-old accuser at a santa cruz bar and the sea escape resort last friday morning. the attorney for the florida man accused of killing unarmed teenager trayvon martin filed a motion today for another bond hearing. yesterday, george zimmerman reported back to jail after a judge revoked his $150,000 bond. prosecutors say the defendant and his wife did not disclose all of their assets to the court in order to obtain a lower bond. today, zimmerman's attorney says his client was confused.
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zimmerman is charged with second degree murder for the killing of 17-year-old trayvon martin. starbucks, the world's biggest coffee chain says it's buying san francisco's la bulange bakeries. starbucks says it's first order of business is to offer lava lounge crescents and bakery goods in their stores. the biggest may increase since 1999. the may is the first month of the teen summer hiring season. it appears colleges in
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other states are strepping up their efforts to try to recruit students from california. the universities of washington and oregon have both doubled their enrollment of california students this year. more california students are also attending school in arizona, and other western states. for the first time, we'll show you underwater images of what divers are seeing as they search search for clues in the sierra lamar case. we are following developing news happening in san francisco. that's where some muni lines have come down, causing injury at a very busy intersection.
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we have new information now concerning the developing news out of san francisco. muni wires that came down at 5th and market. a very busy intersection, swee showed you what it looked like -- we showed you what it looked
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like from the ground. this is what it looked like from the sky. the intersection of 5th and market will be closed for about another hour. that is causing major problems with the commute. our reporter in the area says traffic there is awful. the f line is now being turned back at 11th and also at the ferry building. so shuttles are being set up to hopefully help out with the commute. rob roth is making his way there. we hope to have a live report from him with more updated information on the traffic and the issues of what happened to three or four people who suffered minor injuries when the power lines fell down. we hope to have that for you coming up at about 5:30. the headline right now, the intersection at 5th and mission shut down. will probably remain shut down for about another hour after some muni overhead lines fell down and hit a couple of people who happened to be in the crosswalk at the time. their injuries are only said to be minor. search crews were out again
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today on yuvas reservoir, and looking for sierra lamar, we're seeing images from underwater. how this search is different from the others. >> reporter: we're here at this and nearby yuvas reservoir are closest to where sierra lives. i just spoke to the dive team. he told me, they came up empty handed. they wanted to make sure remember remains were not in that reservoir, or other water ways. the last time they searched it, they weren't using this. >> this is the new sonar. >> reporter: the team received new side scan sonar recently that produces much clearer images. they wanted to use it at the reservoir that is closest to where sierra lived near her
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mother. this is where anton garcia often fished. >> it was very easy to find vehicles and six foot objects. this one, you can not only find six foot objects, but weapons and guns, stuff like that. >> reporter: in total, 41 water ways in the south county have been searched. these images show the clarity of the new equipment. >> that's more than likely, a rock. here we have like a circular object. we have the capability to zoom in on it, that's a tire. >> reporter: the team spent the day diving for images that could be objects. >> until we touch it, we don't know. it looks almost like it could be a weapon, or it could be something that might be associated with the case. >> reporter: the sheriff's department has decided from here on out, they're only sending out the dive time and searchers if they receive a tip that warrants it. their priority is finding sierra's remains or any
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evidence that helps their case against garcia-torres, and of course to bring closure to the family. ktvu, channel 2 news. police in germany today arrested a canadian adult film actor wanted in a gruesome slaying and dismemberment of a man he was dating. he was reading about himself at a cafe in berlin, when he was arrested. he was wanted on suspicion of killing a man, and mailing his severed body parts to canada's top political parties. the case set off an international manhunt. police say the arrest followed a tip from someone who recognized him at that cafe. the supreme court today ruled against a protester who was arrested by the secret service for accosting dick cheney. it stems from an appearance cheney made at a colorado shopping mall. the case says steve howards pushed cheney and made angry
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comments about the iraq war. charges had been dropped, but he sued. the supreme court ruled, secret service agents cannot be sued. a loud and angry protest today at city hall. you see there, a lot of the city's taxi drivers stopped picking up passengers at noon, and protested outside city hall. some picketed, while others honked their horns and circled the civic center. later, they caravaned, and drove down lombard street. it was all part of a protest against policies governing taxis. they're upset about the way tax medallions are issued, and the rate to charge drivers for credit, or debit card payment processing fees. >> the problem was the mta really setting rules to make their on profit in the
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industry. >> tomorrow, the board of supervisors is set to address several issues. also, two of muni's busiest railways are up and running. the work was done in the areas of church and debo streets. the work shortened the church line for a week and a half. muni says the new track will help them provide more reliable service. coming up, another option for commuters. a look at the first new ferry service for the bay area in 20 years. this week, marin clean energy will decide whether to sign up the city of richmond. they were formed to provide renewable energy to homes and businesses. richmond currently has 43,000 electricity customers. they estimate about 34,000 of those would enroll with them.
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starting july 1, it will cost marin clean energy customers more per month than they pay pg and e. it was really coming down there. >> a tenth of an inch, to two tenths of an inch. it came down, and had an impact on the morning commute, and the afternoon commute. it's dry out there now. see all of these areas in yellow, towards napa, and by the napa area, a wind advisory. you've got a wind advisory out towards southern sacramento valley, and up here towards lake county, you've got a wind advisory. the winds are blowing. you can get a feel. come in close. let's go to one of the traditionally, real windy areas out here. let's go up by concord, by pittsburg. winds gusting to 30 miles per hour. it's very windy outside, the weather system has moved through, the system is gone, now we're going to deal with some of this wind. in the mountains, they're
5:22 pm
dealing with snow, and this winter weather advisory that will stay in effect for a while. it wouldn't be hard to see it having to go on at highway 80. we'll watch that for you tonight. rainfall totals, as i mentioned, santa rosa. .02 of an inch. mountain view, .07. you know, this time of year, you put a little water on the roadway, and it slows things down, you probably saw it this morning. san francisco airport had issues this morning as well. overnight lows tonight are going to be cooler. tomorrow morning, as you get going, 6, 7:00 a.m., temperatures are going to be in the low 40s in the north bay. that's chilly for this time of year. 49 in fairfield. getting the kids to school, or to work, yourself.
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you will notice it. over in berkely, 64 degrees. out towards albany, 46 degrees. the livermore valley, low 70s. that's it. this time of year, i expect this next move into the delta, to 85. it's going to be 72. it's gradually warming as we go through time. tomorrow, a slight transition with plenty of clouds out there. no sprinkles. those are done. tonight, when i come back here, we're going to go specifically to your neighborhood. a forecast high for 44 cities around the bay. we have the five-day forecast with your weekend in view. it will certainly be talking about a bit of a warm up. also, hypotheticals on the pollen counts. we'll see you this week. a once in a lifetime opportunity is happening this week. the rare sight in the sky. what it is, and when you'll be able to see it. >> we're live over a pretty intense scene in san francisco. crews in the middle of the road
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there at market, trying to put the situation back no normal. hoping to have a live report coming up here, more information throughout this newscast. installing cable. you know this is an ikea, right? yes, but look at this sofa! it's so comfortable. we don't want to leave. have you been living here? can i have dinner at michael's house? they're having meatballs. don't be back too late. you know it gets dark when they shut off the lights. okay. i can stay. you know, you can just buy the sofas and take them home, today. for a limited time, get up to
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monday moved into the earth's shadow. here on the west coast, we only saw a partial eclipse. if you missed this one, there is another big event coming tomorrow. >> it's called a transit of venus, where venus moves between the earth and the sun, we'll see the silhouette of the planet venus as it tracks across the face of the sun. >> the transit starts just after 3:00 p.m. tomorrow, it will take nearly 7 hours for what will look like a small dark dot to gride across the face of the sun. those were pictures of the last time it happened eight years ago. tomorrow will likely be your last chance to see it, because the next one won't be until the year 2117. saying goodbye to a long time tradition. dogs will be unable to run off
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leash at the rancho laguna park. however, there are plans to build an offleash area, but the design is the subject of a heated debate. there are all kinds of ways to amuse children. a lot of people are asking, is facebook one of them? we'll have that story coming up. >> ktvu's early look at the field poll shows california's viewer turnout for tomorrow's election will be historic. we'll show you what kind of history is expected to be made. must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end. back in '08, we didn't have these u-verse wireless receivers that let you move the tv around wherever. no siree, bob. who's bob? and if you didn't have a tv outlet, well then you couldn't watch diddly-squat. you talk a lot. you have no idea how good you have it. that's not working. [ grunts ] [ male announcer ] get a wireless receiver in time for the olympic games. get u-verse tv for $25 a month with free hd for six months. rethink possible.
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as we've been reporting, a very busy intersection in shut down. muni lines came down at 5th and market, that's where ktvu's rob roth is live right now. what's the scene there? >> reporter: gasia, police have
5:31 pm
closed off 5th and market in the heart of downtown san francisco. right at the heart of the afternoon commute. this all happened in the past hour. at least six muni power lines snapped. you can perhaps see some of them lying on the ground still. those are the lines that supply power to the buses. you can also see buses stacked up with nowhere to go on market street. we shot video about an hour ago as the lines came down. [ inaudible ] >> it's hard. >> i had just turned the corner, and i hear pop, pop, pop, pop. the wire exploded. i don't know if the bus brought it down, or the explosion brought it down, but as soon as it went down, it exploded with flames. >> reporter: we're back live.
5:32 pm
you can see muni workers trying to repair this power line. i just spoke to muni within the past five or ten minutes. they believe that this should all be cleared up in about 90 minutes. that's the latest from here. we've got three people injured. none believed to be serious. 5th and market is closed. that's the latest from here. parents are reacting to facebook lower its age limit to below 13 to get an account. why parents are so concerned. >> reporter: dozens of moms and dads brought their kids to the play cafe in the oakland hills today to escape the rainy weather. we asked the parents, themselves children of the internet age, what the appropriate age is for a facebook account. >> i would say teens. maybe in high school. >> i would think 14. 14 would be a good age.
5:33 pm
>> probably 13. probably right before teenage years. >> reporter: many already have facebook accounts. what of facebook openly offering accounts to the very young. >> i just think the dangers out there with pedophiles and photos is maybe the concern of children posting inappropriate photos. not being monitored. >> i want to know what the kids are doing on there, so they aren't using it to spread too much information, or get themselves into danger in any way. >> it worries me that there's a lot of bullying going on in facebook. how they're using social media to curse and harm others. >> the content is not 7-year- old appropriate. >> i think it comes as we would ask why. what is necessary, and why do kids that age, 7, 8, 9, need to be on a social networking site. >> reporter: the children's advocacy and watchdog group.
5:34 pm
>> we know about the privacy concerns on facebook. we know there's location issues: >> reporter: facebook issued a statement saying we're in continuous dialogue with stakeholders and regulators on how to best keep their children safe in an evolving environment online. ktvu, channel 2 news. >> facebook stock slipped again today after an analyst said the revenue from advertising is slowing down. the stock dropped 82 cents, or almost 3%, closing just under $27. a santa clara county court on hp's claim that oracle broke its promise to supply new software for hp's server. the company was stunned because the two firms had such a long
5:35 pm
mutual beneficial partnership. but oracle's attorney says his company never agreed to keep making the software and says those kinds of partnerships can be volatile. in wall street, the dow jones industrial average down 17 points. the nasdaq rose about 13 points. the s & p 500 remained mostly unchanged. showing a gain of a little less than a point. an exclusive new ktvu field poll shows californians will likely set a record for the lowest state voter turnout ever. the poll estimates no more than 6 million californians will cast ballots in tomorrow's presidential primary. the turnout would be a steep drop from the 2008 primary, when almost 60% of registered voters cast ballots, and worst than the previous record low of about 42% set back in the 1996 primary. the apparent voter apathy is reflected so far at many polling places collecting ballots in the bay area.
5:36 pm
robert honda reports on what's behind the low turnout, and the impact it will have on ballot measures. >> reporter: the machines and workers were busy sorting ballots today. at this point, it seems this might be the peak of their activity. santa clara county has only received about 24% of the 546,000 vote by mail ballots sent out, and along with the field poll's expectation of 35% state voter turn vote. as one voter jokes, apathy is running rampant. >> i do feel bad that the people don't come and vote, because if they want to complain later, they have no one to blame but themselves. >> it makes me feel people have kind of given up. >> reporter: it will take a big unusual rush of voters to make the historical average for primaries. >> if we are going to hit that 41 to 50%, we have to do that between now and 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> reporter: the director says the lack of a competitive
5:37 pm
presidential race, and no compelling statewide issue are the reasons for the apathy. they will be decided mainly by older, more conservative voters. >> we have a pension measure on the ballot, which is likely to be supported by more conservative voters. >> reporter: the registrar of voters is trying to make it as convenient as possible for last minute voters, with extra drop off stations throughout santa clara county. people can also bring ballots into any city clerk's office. u.s. justice officials announced today that federal observers will monitor voting tomorrow in three california counties, including one here in the bay area. the monitors will make sure that the balloting complies with the voters rights act. that law prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, or language. they must provide help for
5:38 pm
latino, chinese, vietnamese and filipino voters. the morning news at 4:30 will have coverage on air throughout the day, and online as well at a school in contra costa county scoring high. but it's not a test passing with flying colors. this reward is all about something else.
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the little girl who became a symbol of the horrors of the vietnam war was reunited with the photographer. they shared a hug. she was just 9 years old, when he snapped this picture of her, after she was burned in a napalm attack. kim phuch says this photo is a part of her. >> she has a joy. she has a hope, she learned about forgiveness, that a little birl can do it, so they can do, -- girl can do it, so they can do it too. a bay area college prep school has been named one of the most environmentally friendly schools in the nation.
5:42 pm
the school in danville is among the 78 green ribbon schools named in the country. they must ban pesticides, and harsh cleaning chemicals, while using earth friendly school supplies. a new way across the bay. find out if this morning was smooth sailing for commuters. >> changes coming in the forecast. when i come back, the complete forecast for tuesday afternoon.
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5:45 pm
more live pictures on a developing news, the situation at 5th and market, where six power lines snapped. six muni lines snapped. that has closed the intersection there while crews work to clean up the problem. they're saying that they should have the repairs made by about 7:00 tonight. a couple of people were injured. fortunately, those injuries were only minor. we do have our reporter, rob roth at that intersection gathering information. we will have more coverage coming up on ktvu, channel 2 news at 6:00. with the snip of a scissors, officials launched the first new ferry service on san francisco bay in two decades. it took place at the oyster point terminal. it will link the east bay, and the south bay. the ferry should provide a less stressful commute for those who have to cross the bridge.
5:46 pm
found out if it is indeed smooth sailing for commuters. >> the new service round trip from alameda and oakland. a notoriously difficult community. >> the ferry takes about 40 minutes to get from oakland, to south fran. about 50 minutes from alameda. passengers say it beats sitting behind a wheel. >> people are cutting into the fast track lane. it's just stressful, with gas. >> reporter: once onboard, passengers can get something to eat or drink, or a little free wi-fi before they get to work. the ferry is free this week as part of an incentive to get passengers onboard. regular fares will be $7 each way. there are shuttle buses,
5:47 pm
including one specifically for workers to get them to their offices. workers say that's a strong enough incentive to get them out of their cars and onboard the ferry. >> sometimes my hours weren't work for it. >> reporter: they're anticipating carrying 100,000 passengers its first year, and say it's ready to pand service if needed. if you've recently left your car at home, and are now taking public transportation, you're not alone. according to the nonprofit american public transportation association, americans use public transit 2.7 billion times in the first two quarters of this year. that is up 5% compared to the same period last year. people commuting to work made up 60% of those trips. speaking of gas prices, those high gas prices have been falling across the state for the third week in a row now.
5:48 pm
the state average for a gallon of regular is now down to $4.26. that's down 5 cents compared to last week. here in the bay area, according to aaa, a gallon of regular is $4.32 in san francisco. in san jose, and oakland, it's $4.24 a gallon. aetna is suing a northern california surgery center, claiming it's overbilling the insurance carrier. they've filed a lawsuit against bay area surgical management. the suit claims the surgical center is making millions of dollars and enriching doctors by sidestepping state laws. the government began stricter inspections of ground beef today. the usda is testing raw beef for six strains of the e. coli
5:49 pm
bacteria. the expanded infections will keep more tainted food from keeping it on store shelfs. it can be fatal, especially among young children and the elderly. >> they suffer particularly the most damage. >> the usda says consumers should not notice an increase in meat prices because of the stricter inspections. the winds are picking up out there. there are wind advisories in parts of the bay area as you go east out towards fairfield. wind advisory gusts in complaces places -- some places over 30 miles per hour. vallejo to south of napa. live sensor readings here in fairfield. so the winds are gusting in fairfield right now. should pop in here in a second. let's check out pittsburg again. pittsburg is gusting to 30
5:50 pm
miles per hour. a wind advisory is not in antioch. it is windy out there. it will be windy tonight, when the winds die down, it's going to get cold tomorrow morning. these are the actual highs from today. forecast highs tomorrow will be warmer than these. so numbers kind of cool today, especially in pacifica and gilroy in san jose. as we go through tonight though, we're going to see patchy fog develop. showers should have ended for the most part. it will be cool overnight. temperatures are kind of warm this week. they've got nowhere to go but up. the computer model had a few showers lingering tonight and tomorrow morning in the mountains. the low pressure moved through, dropped very cool air in our area right now. that's why the overnight lows are going to be significant. the overnight lows into the 40s. we're not going to see frost, but it's going to be chilly, and you'll notice it for this time of year. windy out there at the
5:51 pm
ballpark. the game starts at 7:05. they're playing the texas rangers. it should be a nice night at the ballpark, but chilly. so take a jacket. winter weather advisory stays into effect until tomorrow morning. you could be trading up on parts of 80. but maybe three or four inches. it's going to be slick up there. warmer than they were today. but compared to last week, we were in 90s, over the weekend, such a nice weekend. temperatures definitely on the mild side. the cool side. as you would guess or suspect, a gradual warming trend, but if never gets that warm. lots of 70s, or low 80s. the first action of its kind in the south bay in decades. what these striking workers say they're upset over, and the impact management says this had on operations today. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way.
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hundreds of hotel workers in san jose walked off the job today. the city's first hotel strike in decades. about 250 members of unite here, local 19 began a four day strike today. many of them marched and chanted outside the double tree.
5:55 pm
the union is fighting proposed wage freezes, and new worker contributions to health insurance. >> i have a 4-year-old son, and i'm working on another baby. and insurance is very expensive. >> the workers say they'll keep up their noisy picket line all week and return to work on friday. the union and hotel management have reportedly reached a stalemate after almost a year of contract talks. the raiders are calling on fans to support oakland schools by purchasing season tickets. for all new season tickets, the raiders will donate 10% of the price to oakland unified school district. the prices start add $260 for upper level seats. for the premium saturdaying package, it's about $1,500.
5:56 pm
music's biggest stars joined britain's royal family today for the diamond jubilee concert. it was a star studded concert at buckingham palace. it's part of the event to celebrate queen elizabeth's 60 years on the thrown. the lineup included stevey wonder, elton john, and you just saw him there, sir paul mccartney. the queen's husband, prince phillip had been in the hospital, but ended up joining the royal family halfway through the concert. we put together a slide show of the jubilee celebration on our website,, just click on the tab at the top of the home page. an employee training program in san francisco. how about that? a graduation ceremony was held for 19 people who all completed a green, construction, and solar training course. many have already secured jobs. 75% of the students enrolled in
5:57 pm
the program are on probation or parole. this is the 35th graduating class from the program. we're following developing news in san francisco. coming up in two minutes, a live report on progress being made to reopen that busy intersection where muni lines came down, injurying three people. a grieving widow confronts the killer who shot her husband and two grown sons. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
5:58 pm
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good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. news chopper 2 caught the scene from above in san francisco, where we are waiting for the road to reopen at 5th and market streets after three people were injured by falling electrified muni lines. a ktvu camera was there within minutes of the accident. our reporter, rob roth joins us live on the ground with what he's learning about the accident, and also when that busy intersection may reopen. >> reporter: frank, 5th and market streets remain closed at this hour. you can see repair work going on. they're trying to fix the down


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