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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  June 4, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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power lines. if you look down 5th street, you can see a dark gray car, and there's a dark power line in front of it. moments ago, we spoke with the driver of that car, who happens to be visiting here from las vegas. >> we stopped at the light. the bus that was driving through pulled out the bus wires and it came down, and hit a couple of pedestrians when they were crossing. >> what happened to you? >> nothing. just a little bit scratched up on the top, and that's it. >> this all happened about 90 minutes ago, when muni power lines broke off, and came whipping down. three people were struck, and injured. but their injuries are said to be nonlife-threatening. buses are stacked up, there's no places for them to go on market street. we're told muni is still working on this, and they think they're going to have this ready in about an hour, or two.
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we spoke to some other people who were there at the scene. >> i had just turned the corner, and i hear pop, pop, pop, pop. the wire exploded. as soon as it hit the ground, it was bursting up in flames. >> you were walking right next to it? >> yeah. >> how close did the wires come to you? >> i was hit by the wire. >> you were hit by the wire? >> reporter: muni says it doesn't know why the power lines came down. they say it's all part of their investigation. they think they're going to have everything back up and running be within the next hour or two. reporting live in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. the skies are clearing now after a wet start to the day. here's a live look now at
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mount diablo at contra costa county. >> the rain and cloud cover led to delays and cancelations at sfo. passengers faced the longest delays and in some cases up to three hours. an airport spokesperson told us they cut their air flow traffic in half. this is what it looked like in pleasant hill. people got out of their umbrellas and dodged the rain after a beautiful and sunny weekend. >> bill martin is live now in the weather center with the changes he's tracking right now. >> reporter: julie, we have showers today, let's take a peak. i will show you how much rain we got. it felt like a lot, but it really wasn't. heaviest locations about .3 of an inch of rain. outside, we've got the live stormtracker going. you see the boxes in our central valley, those are wind advisories. we've got windy conditions around the bay area as well. as we head up towards the lake
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tahoe area, there is plenty of activity. >> reporter: on camera, we have some accumulation on the ground, it wasn't here this morning. there's at least an inch here on the ground, maybe a little more at donner summit. if you look out here to interstate 80. there's not a bit of snow out there. the roadway is wet, but otherwise clear. the drivers we talked to today, say they had no problems. most were pleasantly surprised to see the snow. you can see people were unprepared, just by what they picked to wear. >> i didn't know it was snowing. >> reporter: many people cope with the snow, the wind, and the cold by running. >> what did you think the weather was going to be like?
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>> not snowing. >> not snowing. >> reporter: the yin family is from san francisco here for what they thought would be a warm tahoe vacation. >> i knew there was a storm or something, because the temperature was dropping on the weather. i didn't know it was going to be snowing. >> reporter: the heavy snow started coming down about 2:00. the department of water resources says this new snow won't add much to the water supply, but it helps. june snow is not unusual, but unexpected for many driving in the sierra today. >> i didn't think it was going to be this bad. >> reporter: the winter weather advisory went into effect about an hour ago. it will remain in effect until 5:00 a.m. what that means for drivers is the potential of more snow overnight. but also more winds which could create blowing snow for those drivers headed up and over donner summit.
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at donner summit, ken pritchard, ktvu, channel 2 news. a car and a truck collided just before noon on west leeland road. emergency crews had to pry open the car to get the victims out. four people went to the hospital, one of them with critical areas. one of the drivers t boned the other. the rain slickened roadways may have been a factor in the class. a san francisco teacher is accused of sexually abusing children at the school where he taught. the case is shedding light on an even bigger problem. >> reporter: the former san jose school teacher was accused of lewd and la viiveious acts with children. we should have been notified much earlier in this case. >> all i can tell you is, that he's pleaded not guilty, and
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he's indicated, he's innocent of the charges. >> reporter: testimony at chandler's preliminary hearing revealed a child did come forward in oak and made a claim about chandler to a school worker, but police were not notified until january. this lack of response from schools, sports leagues and other organizations has fueled the fight for sexual abuse victims. pushing lawmakers to enhanced background checks, asking schools and organizations keep a close eye on their workers and ban secret settlements. >> it's not hush, hush, under the table, but brought out into the open, so parents like me can find out who's coaching my children. >> reporter: he is currently representing the family of a 17- year-old student at aragon high school. they say he was a water polo coach and started an inappropriate relationship with a girl. >> like drug addicts going to drugs, pedophiles go to where the kids are.
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>> reporter: she says her coach molested her starting at the age of 13, and lasting fortunately self-years. she -- lasting for several years. she didn't realize until later there were abuse claims. >> who knows what else he did prior and people are just too afraid to come out and say anything. or they think they're too old. >> reporter: janson and her attorney are hoping for federal criminal charges against the coach and a jury trial for a civil case by the end of the year. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, ktvu, channel 2 news. we got our first look today at new sonar images from dive teams. search crews from the santa cruz county sheriff's department were back out at yuvas reservoir today. the reservoir is the closest body of water to sierra lamar's morgan hill home. it's believed to be the area where the suspect went fishing.
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a senior prank has resulted in 43 students being suspended at an east bay school. telling us about the apology that may not be enough to get them to their graduation. >> reporter: it's not enough. in fact, they have hired a lawyer. at least eight students have hired a lawyer who shared a strategy with me. he plans to ask a judge to lift those suspensions at least temporarily. irate parents stormed heritage high school this morning. >> we're sorry! >> reporter: after missed public apology by students failed to soften the suspensions. >> i'm suspended for five days. those days are my finals, and i'm not allowed to walk at gracious. >> reporter: what started as a senior prank last thursday night escalated into a night involving paint, obscene stickers. students showed up to say how sorry they were, but another vandal struck that night. >> students who were warned not
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to commit a senior prank, or their commencement exercises would be in jeopardy. >> reporter: at least 80 are believed to have taken part. >> basically, this was kind of done in a sweeping fashion. they're kind of picking them off one after another. >> reporter: a hearing is scheduled at 2:30 tomorrow afternoon. the school superintendent says he doubts anything will change, because the school has played by the rules. it's the students who haven't. the superintendent tells me suspending these students has been a slow process, involving videotape evidence, campus cameras, eyewitness reports, and admission of guilt. reporting live in brentwood, patty lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. the palo alto city council plans to discuss concerns about
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toxic emissions. neighbors have been demanding the company phase out its metal plating shot after potassium cyanide and nitrous oxide were released. tonight, they're deciding whether to spend $35,000 on a study that would dig into cpi's past reports. housing advocates joined two city council leaders today at stemming foreclosures. they detailed the new initiative today at san francisco's city hall. the foreclosure fairness ordinance would eliminate the transfer tax exemption given to lenders. >> this is just one more thing we can do to try to level the playing field, but also to really encourage more loan modification. an exclusive new ktvu field poll out today suggests that voter turnout tomorrow could set a record for the lowest
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ever in the state. 6million are expected to cast ballots tomorrow, that's a turnout of just 35%. ballot processing has already started in santa clara county. workers at the registrar of voters have started counting absentee ballots today. tomorrow's primary will mark the first time california uses the new top two system. that's when they will advance to the november election regardless of party. presidential races with one winner for each part. ktvu will have complete election coverage on air beginning at 4:30. bay area video game maker, electronic arts is now charging a $50 service fee for its battlefield 3 game. the redwood company says that
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will pay for premium features online. san francisco based sales said today it will buy buddy media for $689 million. buddy media helps big brands such as ford, hewlett-packard, manage their social networking. it is expected to be completed during the third quarter of this year. a convicted killer faces the woman he made a widow. >> the penalty costco is paying for the mishandling by some of its stores.
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a grieving widow confronts the man accused of killing her husband and two of her sons. >> let him rot. let him stay there the rest of her life. >> she brought the courtroom to tears today, as she gave the impact of losing her husband and two sons. >> reporter: raw emotions filled the san francisco courtroom today while the judge delayed sentencing edwin ramos. he did allow members of the balogna family. she held up photos of the three murder victims. one photo was of 16-year-old matthew in a hospital bed before she had him taken off life support. we're not showing her face, because she and her surviving families are in witness protection. >> at one point, i did see him put his head down. i didn't care what he felt. it wasn't about him.
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it was about a relief of pain. >> reporter: ramos was convicted of gunning down the balognas, mistaking them for rival gang members. >> let him rot. let him stay there the rest of his life. >> reporter: ramos's attorney is considering filing a motion for a new trial. >> there were some jury instructions that should have been given that weren't. >> reporter: perhaps the most emotional testimony when the daughter said i hate you with all my heart. your daughter will know her father is a murderer. ramos put his hands over his face. >> either the appeal will be granted, or ramos will be in prison for the rest of his life if he's not killed first. >> ramos was denied a chance to speak today. sentencing is set for a week from today.
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looking for a robber who targeted a 7-eleven store this morning. the man walked into the store on north main street at about 2:40 this morning and used a gun to demand money. the clerk says he believes the same man robbed the store on april 25. the store was also robbed in march of last year. leeland yee is toughening his stance on perks for top executives. he says he's angry over reports that state money has been used to renovate eight university owned homes for cal state presidents. >> it ought to be devoting more and more of our money to our students, rather than to top executive salaries, benefits, all of the perks that goes with it. >> state senator yee is expected to introduce his idea to lawmakers at the capitol this week. costco has agreed to pay $3.6 million to settle a
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lawsuit over allegations it mishandled waste. they violated laws on safe storage and disposal of pharmaceutical waste. officials say once costco was notified of the violations they quickly complied with regulations. a spill was caused by drilling accident. up to 3,000 barrels of crude oil seeped into the atlantic ocean. the amount of the fine should be announced later this month. bill martin joinses us once again from the weather center. he's tracking pretty strong winds out there. >> the winds have come up. the showers have ended. we're looking forward the showers to be east of the area as we go into the season. most of the showers should have ended. the wind advisory that frank mentions can up here. these are the yellow areas. the wind advisory for fairfield. just north of concord, vallejo,
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you've got a wind advisory. gusts are up there to 30 miles per hour. there's the front sliding through. it's unusual to get rain in late june, but not early june. we had some rain last june early. these were the highs from today. highs are going to come up gradually. tomorrow is not a huge warm up, but it's a warm up. this week is going to be kind of distinguished by just kind of mild temperatures. in the mountains, we had ken up there. you saw the snow coming down. there is know at the lake tahoe, about 6,000-foot elevation. we're going to see a little patchy fog tomorrow. a little more windy conditions. in the morning, it's going to be chilly. the winds die down, and this cool air settles in. tomorrow, it's going to be in the mid-40s. showers tomorrow morning, about 5:00 a.m., still going on in the mountains. then a little more activity tomorrow afternoon. so if you have mountain travel
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plans, you not, we're fine, but up in the hills, it's going to linger. be aware of a stray snow shower, i think that weather advisory should go away. forecast highs for tomorrow then, not that warm. 69 in sonoma. 67 in vallejo. forecast in the east bay, there'sy 70 in walnut creek and livermore. good air quality. probably not a horrible fire day. a lot of times, you get this late season rain like this. what's it going to do for fire danger, because you're growing more brush. the reality is, watching this type of pattern, the rain just postpones the fire season. it will give us a few more weeks before we have to really be concerned. the hills are still kind of green. this will add more green. three or four weeks before we're really sweating fires.
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>> thank you bill. about 250 hotel workers in san jose walk off the job today. why they say the hotel is treating them unfairly. >> plus, starbucks makes its biggest acquisition yet right here in the bay area. all that and an update on the muni accident we've been reporting on in san francisco. join us at 7:00 on tv36. the san francisco giants try to do something they haven't done all season. telling us if the giants big plays were enough against the chicago cubs. ♪
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at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters. an update now on developing news in san francisco. we're being told it will be at least another half hour before the intersection of 8th and market streets reopen. we're told the injuries are minor. again, that intersection is still shut down, expected to be that way for at least another half hour. today is the first day of a four day strike at the double tree hotel in san jose. the hotel is part of the hilton chain, workers are protesting a proposed increase in worker contributions to help benefit
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that they say come without a wage increase. the strike comes after 11 months of contract negotiations and union representatives say no new negotiations are expected. the hotel released a statement which said in part, we have always recognized, and compensated our team members to the contribution to the success of the hotel, and we are exited to bargaining in good faith. the giants were looking good today. >> yeah, we can actually say probably for the first time this year, they're hot. they have swept the cubs in a four game series. you cannot say they dominated chicago, but they're not picky, and they'll take it. brandon crawford, playing some consistent defense, and hitting a little bit with a shot into the right field corner. the other brandon, belt scoring. still 2-1. crawford again, double play ball, look at the shortstop, starlin castro, he thinks there are three outs, and the tieing run scores.
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they wake up later, the starting pitcher. nails, and ryan theriot there to end it. a four game sweep. great all around pitching and defense. they gave up only 6 runs in the 4 game series. >> a little fatigued there coming off that 19 straight games, and the way those guys have stepped up for us and gone deep into the ballgames. don't now how many times we've had to pitch deep into games, it's been awesome to see. unbelievable series. the l.a. kings, wayne gretzky, the great one on hand to drop the ceremonial first puck. they're back in l.a. after the kings won two in a row on the road. they're letting jonathan quick show how great he's been.
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there hasn't been a power play goal in this series yet. a 5-3 advantage was new jersey there. they could not score. it's scoreless in the 2nd period. that's the sporting life. >> those kings are just coming together right at the right time. they're incredible. >> a good time to be rolling. mark, thanks. a san francisco beloved bakery is getting gobbled up. the multimillion dollar deal. >> also always, thanks for trusting ktvu news.
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