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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 6, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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she was found wearing a old navy shirt and pajama bottoms. with triple piercings in each ear. >> we are hoping that some of the characteristics of the woman might lead to or identity. >> reporter: her description does not match those of any missing women. but now that new details are available police are expecting to get leads. reporting live, patty lee, ktvu channel 2 news. to our election coverage. fast money for president obama in san francisco today. he was back in the bay area for the second time in two weeks. he was here for four hours and raised millions. ktvu's eric rasmussen is live
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at san francisco international airport where the president departed two hours ago. >> reporter: he did. and the president is out of the wind and in los angeles tonight. air force one left about 3:15. after his visit here today it got mixed reaction. even among supporters. >> reporter: on a visit where time is money, president obama came in to san francisco international airport. >> i said stay strong. we got your back. >> reporter: she was among a few volunteers along with san francisco mayor ed lee and gavin newsom who met the president before noon. minutes later other whose got this encounter at one market
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plaza. >> when he comes into town he sprints in 50,000 plate dinners. you know, it takes the humanness away from the issue. >> reporter: san francisco supervisor says she supports president obama but doesn't like the fact the bay area has become a place where the president only comes to raise money and not issues. >> people want access to him. makes the process seem something that is not within the reach of your average person. >> reporter: the president raised more than $9 million in the bay area, including $5 million from san francisco. $2million in oakland and $2 million in san jose. this afternoon the president was expected to pull in another
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$2 million in donations today. republican mitt romney has raise $2.8 million so far. eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news manufacture. >> more manufacture -- ktvu channel 2 news. >> more details on president obama. he stoped in san jose during his last visit and prior to that san francisco in february. not everyone was thrilled to see president obama. coming up, the protesters, including why one was dressed up like a bear. president obama was the only name on ballots yesterday. the president received 100% of votes. on republican's side, mitt romney received 79.6% of the votes. ron paul took second place and
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mitt romney made a stop in texas today. he is set to attend a fundraiser. the visit come as week after voters gave him enough delegates to secure the nomination. proposition 29 is still too close to call tonight. the numbers haven't changed much throughout today. it is losing by 64,000 votes. out of 3.8 million votes that were counted. it would impose $1 tax on cigarettes to fund cancer research. voters approved proper 28. the measure cuts the number of years a law maker can serve from 14 down a 12 but they can now spend all of that time in the assembly, senate or in a
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combination of the two. it was a close fight but it appears proper 29 will be defeated. at 6:00, why one says the lack of support may bode well. and for more on the election visit and click on the election day tab. boy was shot and killed by san francisco police and tonight the parents are making accusations. ktvu's john sasaki is live with how police and the family are responding. john? >> reporter: as you can see dozens of people, mostly young people came here for a candlelight vigil for derrick gaines. >> reporter: friends of derrick gaines came to this gas station this afternoon where he was killed by police. >> he was just so, like, energetic. he loved to go biking.
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stay outside. and then when it was time to go inside he did. >> reporter: derrick gaines was talking through the gas station, it looked suspicious so an officer tried to stop him and he ran. >> our officer in the protection of his own life discharged his weapon, striking the suspect. >> reporter: police did not say why the officer found the boys suspicious. >> i cannot be more specific for the reason for the contact other than to say they were suspicious. >> he is black, that is what. plain and simple. black. >> reporter: at the police station we asked and were told the department is not racist. >> i would hope that there would be a full investigation
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and i know that the police are -- they protect their own. i don't have to tell you that. >> reporter: back here live, the officer is on administrative leave. the district attorney's office is leading the investigation now. live, john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. a teenager and his grandmother were shot and killed in oregon. he was visiting his grandmother. the uncle confessed to the killings outside the family home. investigators have not motive for the killings. his family said he was the light of our lives. a young man who loved life and his family. a train struck and killed a pedestrian this morning. 135 passengers on board the train were transferred to
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another train. police say a preliminary investigation found the man who was killed intentionally stepped in front of the train. the incident caused delays of 90 minutes for passengers. similar accident brought service to a stop this morning in mountain view. a train hit and killed a man about 9:45. the incident caused delays that lasted throughout the morning. they did not release details about the circumstances but described the man as killed as a tress passer. the friend is -- the search on to find a boyfriend. police named her boyfriend as a suspect in the case. the death marks the first
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homicide of the year. pg&e told state regulators it did not take quick action after many gas pipelines were vulnerable to corrosion. they found in many cases the corrosion protection levels were low and pg&e admits it did not do follow up work after the readings. pg&e says the san bruno pipeline was among the lines being investigated. . 6 million passwords leaked online. a russian hacker is claiming to uploading the passwords. linked in said it is looking into the matter. google introduced new features to his mapping
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service. apple plans to drop google maps. apple plans to replace google maps with its own map service. gaggle maps is expected to launch its own app. the federal reserve launched its beige book today. despite last week's job's reports, they found companies are hiring. the reports detailed improvements in manufacturing and home sales. and that news sent the market soring today. the dow posted its biggest gain this year. the dow is up 287 to 12,415. the nasdaq is up 66 at 2,845. those are gains of more than 2%. friends of injured giants fan bryan stow take the stand and give emotional testimony. what the prosecution is trying
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to establish in this second week of preliminary hearings. >> and despite a bit of a warm up today it will be cold again tomorrow morning, i will have the over night low forecast and which cities will be the coldest. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off.
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emotional testimony today from one of the men with bryan stow when he was attacked at dodger stadium last year. ktvu's christien kafton was in court all day. prosecutors are working to establish who was where and the defense is trying to poke holes in witness identifications? >> reporter: that's right. corey maciel who was with bryan stow the day of the attack testified today, part of his testimony concerned a 911 phone call. we received the transcript, he describes bryan stow's conditions moments after the
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attack. >> my partner was punched from the side. he is unconscious. the defendants, louie sanchez and marvin norwood appeared in court today. coreydemocrat -- corey maciel says a man matching louie sanchez's description blind sided bryan stow. >> puffin punch with his left hand. >> reporter: he says both attackers kicked bryan stow. defense attorneys questioned how many beers they had and said the fight happened so fast that they couldn't have had a good view of the attackers. >> so you didn't really get a good look at the two
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individuals that's correct? >> incorrect. i got a good look. they were feet from my face. >> reporter: today in court we may have learned about comments bryan stow made before the attack that led to the attack, we will have that at 6:00. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. the san francisco giants expect pop low sandoval to return to the team next tuesday. the manager says if needed the team could call him up early. he is also currently under investigation by the sheriff's department for an alleged sexual assault last friday. authorities say they hope to wrap up the investigation sometime this week. san jose police say more victims come forward following
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an arrest. officers say they have identified 5 victims since waissuddin ali's arrest in march. the victims say they stepped forward after seeing waissuddin ali on the news. they say he assaulted them during appointments at doc's diet clinic. the man who police say shot at deputy was expected to be charged today. he sped off from a traffic stop monday night and started an hour's long stand off. he was wanted in connection with a shooting and on probation. a woman has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping after grabbing a three-year- old. the woman took the child yesterday afternoon and then began walking towards the door. the mother and others fought to get the child back. the woman was arrested.
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police say the child was not hurt. the coast guard says a 5 hour search turned up no signs of a body. they launched the helicopter at 7:00 a.m. the sheriff's department received calls of a body in the water there. the coast guard talked with fisherman in the area who say they saw nothing. voters are giving a former basketball star four more years as mayor. kevin johnson got 58% of the vote. he is facing a challenge with a divided city counsel. he also needs to find a solution for the pro basketball team. the plan to reopen yucca mountain took one step forward today. the house voted to give the commission an extra $10 million
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to complete the permitting process for the facility. the plan goes to the senate where it is not expected to survive. they oppose moving spent nuclear fuel away from reactors, they are concerned about the safety of transporting on roads and rails. this weekend people are encouraged to visit national parks for free, including here in the bay area. they are offering free admissions this saturday. this is the fifth year for national get outdoor's day. visitors could also receive a guided tour. just when the weather was getting to where we were comfortable, things are changing. >> the winds are dying down and the winds have been the story. that is where the fog has gone. temperatures over night have been cool because of the winds.
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towards the delta, what i have got here is a live weather station, it tells me how hard it is blowing. 21 miles per hour out of the west. that is gusty winds through antioch, pittsburg, danville. winds back down a little and we will warm up tomorrow. today's temperatures came up a few degrees. tomorrow comes up more. these are the current temperatures. 76 fairfield. 77 santa rosa. i expect expect 80s in here. by tomorrow, we will be looking at low 80s inland. continued warming. where does the fog go? doesn't like the strong winds. the north winds iare mixing the fog -- winds are making the fog lair out. it mixes out the inversion. the lower atmosphere. and the fog goes away. when you are fog free, in
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pacifica, temperatures go into the 60s. that is where we will be tomorrow. a warmer day coast side. over night lows, it has been chilly. it is june. temperatures in the north bay mid-40s. getting frust in some locations. tomorrow morning concord, hayward, it is chilly. morgan hill 49 degrees. cool start tomorrow. but as i mentioned temperatures increase. when i come back i will have the forecast and show you how much warmer it will be and we look that five-day forecast. remembering the turning point in world war ii. what happened 68 years ago today and looking at big banks and their big bets. the key player who will be facing tough questions next year. >> and the jury is set in the
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trill against jerry sandusky. the close ties the jurors have with the university. it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them.
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. sight years ago today -- 68 years ago today, a bronze statue is being unveiled as part of a d-day tribute.
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world war ii military planes flew over head marking the anniversary. congress is looking at how banks make big bets and suffer big losses. they grilled regulators today over jp morgan's losses. . >> jp morgan took a hit to their stock, that is is 401(k)s, a loss of wealth to a large number of people. >> we are talking about many pages of very dense and complex matters. >> next week jamie diamond, the ceo of chase will appear before the committee. the world of science fiction lost one of their
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writers, ray bradbury. from twilight zone to the book fahrenheit 451, ray bradbury was a master of science fiction. some of his books were made into movies and television shows. ray bradbury's writings predicted some trends that later came through including ipods. ray bradbury died last night after a long illness at the age of 91. jury selection finished for the trial of former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. 7 men and 5 women are on the jury panel and most have close ties to penn state, including a current and retired professor, a graduate and a season ticket holder. opening statement begin on monday. jerry sandusky pleaded not guilty to 52 charges.
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a court in san francisco refused to reconsider a ruling allowing the fourth medication of the man accused of shooting congresswoman gabrielle giffords. jared loughner claimed his rights have been violated. he is in custody in missouri. protesters greeted president obama in downtown san francisco today. but did their message get through? >> and a report is released today looking at how university of california at berkeley police responded to occupy protesters last year. what the independent review had to say about officer's actions.
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. >> back now a the president's quick trip to the bay area. brought out a number of protesters. our coverage continues now with ktvu's rob roth who is in san francisco and tells us who was out there today trying to get the president's attention. >> reporter: the president may have come here this afternoon but very few people got to see him. >> reporter: here along california street, people hoping to catch a glimpse of president obama. these members were among the crowd of sever hundred crowded around the merchants exchange
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building. they are upset about high taxes and the high deficit. >> using this occasion to criticize his politics and hope that he fails to achieve reelection. >> reporter: the tea party was joined by those angry at the president for his policies. and a group of environmentalists demanding he prohibit oil drilling in the arctic. >> we have seen nothing to what could happen. the motorcade passed by. it is uncertain if the president saw the protests. >> i think he always sees us. i don't think he will listen to us. >> reporter: crowd gathered near the first stop at one market street. this is as close as they came. >> i am disappointed to not see him. to see the motorcade coming.
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i mean, big deal. >> reporter: the number of supporters outweighed protesters but people are complaining the president only comes to town when he needs money. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. pete stark managed to bring in 42% of the vote. his closest challenger had 36%. the two will face-off in november. stark is 80 year years old and served for 40 years. she 1999 graduate of dublin high and a democrat. dianne feinstein will face a republican this november. she pulled 49% of the votes. she finished second with 12%.
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she had a job at ibm before running. in the north bay, two men beat out a crowded field. huffman won 37% of the vote and republican dan roberts won 15.3%. under california's system the two top vote getters will go on to compete in november regardless of party. coming up in 20 minutes, the nancy pelosi choked up a bit today. why she got emotional. and for more on california's elections go to and click on the election day tab. today university of california at berkeley campus police review board released its report on how officers handled a protest in november. the report focuses on police
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use of batons against protesters. the board includes members of the faculty, staff, students and police. this is the 36 page report and it is critical of the administration and the police use of force and response to the occupy protesters last fall. >> reporter: ktvu took video on november 9 of 2011 when they erected tents on campus. the board says all members were disturbed by the images and some actions did not apply with campus norms. the board underscored the need to have administrators present. >> no use of force is to take
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place under these principals without authorization by a designator of the response team. >> reporter: the police review board recommendations are not legally binding. some protesters hope this signals a change in the administration. >> i think that it is a positive step in the right direction, how the administration and police engage with students to have concerns about the way the university is run. >> reporter: a spokesman said the chancellor did not speak because he is named in a lawsuit against the university. cal is already implementing many of the regulations as it responds to different protests here on campus. ktvu channel 2 news. what researchers say you need to restrict from your
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ditoot get a healthier -- diet to get a healthier younger move. and world leaders come out to honor queen elizabeth ii. what she was presented with at today's events.
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this was the last voyage of the space shuttle enterprise. it floated up the river in new york, then a crane lifted the space shuttle enterprise on to the deck of the intrepid. the space shuttle enterprise never flew in space, it was supposed to be named the consecution but a campaign convinced the white house to name it after the star trek space ship. people who consume 30% fewer calories have heart rates like those 20 years younger. further research is needed to determine if the diet is responsible for a cardiovascular system. president obama's healthcare reform law, debates continues over what to do if the court
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over turns the law. supporters are pushing to preserve one provision that allows anyone up to 26 to remain on their parent's health insurance plan. one agrees but says it should not be mandated by washington. >> it means washington is deciding what healthcare coverage is and isn't. >> lawmakers say any new bill is not expected to get through congress till after the november election. an update on a story we told you about this weekend a drunk driving prevention walk turns out it raised $45,000. >> 200 people took part in the walk like madd fundraiser. organizers say across the
5:40 pm
country in 2010, 10,000 people died in drunk driving crashes. two bay area football icons raising money and having fun. the battle of the bay. raising money for juvenile diabetes research and special olympics. earning a spot in the trophy is part of the motivation but it is also about bragging rights. >> what happens is steve is a good guy, you know, but his problem is that his ability to play doesn't equate to his competitive spirit. steve walks around a lot very frustrated. >> we plan on winning our division and advancing to the playoffs.
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john, not so much. he probably will go home, usually gets beat and goes home and comes back for the trophy presentation. >> today the tournament raised more than $3.5 million for local charities. this is one of four new libraries that may open one day if measure b ever gets out of court. >> in the five-day forecast, i have 90-degree readings. when those couldaker. when those could occur.
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world leaders paying tribute to queen elizabeth ii, honoring her 60 years on the thrown. 70 guests joined the queen for lunch. the queen posed for a poteo with the heads of state and -- posed with the heads of state and other leaders. prince harry was not at the event, he is recovering from a bladder invection. the governor of wisconsin celebrated his win, defeating an attempt to recall him from office. scott walker is the first governor to survive a recall. the nation watched the drama play out here in wisconsin. that is when the governor ended collective-bargaining agreement for public employees. but he came out the winner with
5:45 pm
53% of the vote. tom barrett came in with 46% of the vote. >> we want you to take on tough challenges. my task is after the election, we are no longer opponents in the state. >> less than 24 hours after the election scott walker toured a manufacturing plant. he said he created 30,000 new jobs. san jose and san diego passed measures cutting and limiting pension pay out to retirees. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is live from one of four libraries that never opened but now may be able to. >> reporter: indeed the mayor says savings from measure b
5:46 pm
could open up these soon. >> we had a hearing this morning and the city agreed to -- that no part of measure b will be imelemented till further -- implemented till further notice. >> gives san jose authority over employee compensation. we have the right to dial back retirement benefits. the lawsuit rely on a ruling. >> the california supreme court in a published decision held that that was an unconstitutional impairment. exactly the way measure b operates. >> reporter: he says wisconsin had little to do with
5:47 pm
california's measures. >> measures that are unpopular with unions but not seeking to eliminate the unions. in wisconsin we had a governor that made collective-bargaining agreement illegal. >> i think collective- bargaining agreement is alive and well, unions remain a powerful force in the state. 1-5 workers in the state is a union member. >> reporter: measure b could be in the courts for years to come. warren buffett says all bets are off if the european
5:48 pm
crisis gets worse. and bidding picked up today on ebay in the auction for a private lunch with buffet. the bidding stands at $100,100. all proceeds benefits the glide foundation in san francisco andivorouses for the poor and the homeless. the bidding closes friday night at 7:30. university of california at berkeley scientists say the earth may be heading heading heading towards a point of no return. the growing population and the loss of plants and other impacts. the study out today calls for more research to identify all the warning signs. 100 university of california at berkeley scientists have involved in a major initiative to assess the state of the earth. back now to our bay area weather, our chief
5:49 pm
meteorologist bill martin. >> warmer out there tomorrow. these are the highs from today. numbers 5 degrees warmer than yesterday. temperatures outside 76 in napa. 78 in fairfield. 79 antioch. warmer today. warmer tomorrow. and then it will cool down again. highs tomorrow at 3 degrees to these numbers. no fog and the winds are dying down. san francisco 69 degrees. berkeley 73. east bay hills, livermore valley, antioch, upper 70s. low 80s further towards morgan hill and east side of livermore. warming up. the weather system to the north of us stays up there. high clouds tomorrow but that is it. warmer day. friday, this weather system, i have been tracking it for a few
5:50 pm
days, doesn't bring rain but increases the on shore flow and drops temperatures into the 60s and low 70s. the forecast for clouds tomorrow, look for fog to reform along the coast tonight and tomorrow morning. not a big deal. and then the afternoon temperatures warm. 80s in the central valley. and patchy fog right there along the avenues. highs, 81 napa. 82 fairfield. warmer than they have been all week. warmest day in a couple days. 84 in livermore. valley, 81 in gilroy. 80 in morgan hill. san francisco 67-75 degrees. five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view. nice one. fire danger a concern. not as high as it has been. good news. sunday low 90s. >> the timing looks right for
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the weekend, warm weather. thank you. >> sure. the reason why nancy pelosi was honored today and a contestant in the miss u.s.a. contest is calling it quits. the issue she is taking a stand against. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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jp. one of the contestant in
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the miss u.s.a. contest is claiming it was rigged. she claims another contestant knew the top 5 finishers before the broadcast. officials say she is upset. donald trump runs the organization and says it plans to sue her for making a false charge. she resigned for unspecified reason. one of the bay area's most powerful politicians, nancy pelosi marking her 25th year in politics. >> reporter: relecting on a quarter century in -- reflecting on a quarter century in congress. she choked up while relieving 1987 when she said nancy pelosi
5:55 pm
should succeed her. >> promised her -- a woman, member of congress, who decided that i should be a member of congress. now, this happened with men in the history of our country but when she did it -- >> reporter: her support of aids research was a minority voice. >> i never would have thought we still would not have a cure. >> reporter: nancy pelosi the first female speaker of the house. she said one of the her proddest accomplishments was working with president bush, bailing out the banks in 2008. >> we were told if we had not acted there would be no economy in four days. >> reporter: that vote and support of the healthcare law made her a lightning rod. her favorability rating is just
5:56 pm
29%. >> i think that women will continue to be inspired by her. >> reporter: nancy pelosi went back to politics, slamming republicans. nancy pelosi won't say whether her tenure will extend beyond 25 years. cat found injured now has a new home. >> we told you about the cat in april and today he met his new family. they picked up the cat at the san francisco animal shelter. the cat was found in tehran with injuries. doctors had to amputate his leg but he was flown to san francisco where he has recovered well. his new owner says she has lot in common with the cat because he left iran as a teenager.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: volunteers looking for sierra lamar, searching in a new spot, coming up, the link between the suspect and this lake that has volunteers combing the area. >> proposition 29 tax is facing defeat. but will voters feel differently about a tax to save california schools.
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5:59 pm
complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening. i am. i am julie haener. >> and i am frank somerville. >> we found out this afternoon searchers are continuing to look for sierra lamar. only on 2, ktvu's robert handa is in morgan hill with the link that led volunteers to a lake in san jose today. robert? >> reporter: the search for sierra lamar being conducted here at the volunteer center expanded today, going to a place familiar to the suspect in the case. >> reporter: a search team looking for sierra lamar went to lake cunningham today. ktvu was the only camera there. an area that had not been searched before. the


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