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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 7, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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. live in oakland where police have prompted an officer to shoot somebody. and focused in the sierra lemar case, and we will have the search for evidence. are we getting gouged at
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the pump, we will tell you about an investigation that could affect prices for all of us. well, good morning to you, welcome to a brand-new day, good evening, thank you for joining -- good morning, thank you for joining us, the coast is not clear? mainly around parts of the city and also down along the san mateo coast, it will be clear but here is sal. and good morning. highway is moving well westbound pittsburgh and it is slowing down and when you get to bay point it looks good, no
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problems on interstate 680. this is a look at marin and southbound is dog well. we are following developing news where a man was shot and killed on east gloria way. it led them to the area last night. there they found set are drink who had been -- set rick who had been shot -- a man who had been shot. >> we had to knock on doors and ask if anybody saw anything, witnessed anything, asked these questions early on. >> now police don't have a motive for the shooting.
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a car crash took down a pole and it sparked a fire last night. a high voltage line fell and it was caused to go underground. the driver was taken to the hospital and the cause of the crash is under investigation. tara moriarty is at the scene right now with the details of what witness the and the police are saying, tara? >> reporter: one neighbor said he was sitting in the backyard and four period shots and the remail officers noticed a gun on one of the suspects and decided to shoot. he said she shot him in the leg
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right here with is the corner of 105 and echt. there would have been earlier but again there was some sort of confrontation between the female officer and the two men. nobody would a exactly man was shot miss 20s. >> the only person injured is currently at a local hospital analysted in stable condition. -- and listed in stable condition. we do not have any officers. >> reporter: the shooting is still under investigation and typically, we not received any warning from what is happening
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during this case. it happened during a driveby shooting which happened near 98th avenue. police say a car drove passed and hit one man in the hand and a joyest between objecting land police. oakland police. police say crimes have dropped compared to april but they have 19% compared to last year. atf agents helped them sees 92 guns and arrested 60. near lake cunningham near east san jose, this is a known fishing spot of the suspect, antolin garcia-torres who has been charged with the
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kidnapping and murder of sierra lemar. the sheriff's department has made no comment on that. the next volunteer search is scheduled for saturday. well defense secretary leon panetta made a surprise visit to afghanistan unannounced. just as violence there is on the rise. united states is reaching the limitationings for gas. this morning there is a new call for government look into the high price of gas on the west coast and lorraine blanco is at a gas station and the call comes from a u.s. senator. >> many of us cringe when we notice the high prices and it is 45 per gallon of -- $4.50
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per gallon of regular. it caused a supply and they are questioning why other refineries are recently shut down at the same time. they are looking to investigate the refineries to find out if supply was shut down to keep prices high for all of us. and just so you know, reporting live lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. sal, how are we doing so far? >> 12, we are doing pretty well. and let's go outside you can see the bay bridge, there are a
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lot of cars it might be and it is not happening right now. 101 san francisco, northbound traffic looks good approaching the 880 split. and from san ramon to pleasanton, and dumbarton brim that looks good. we do have some fog, some of it came back in parts of the city and on the san mateo coast and it is not solid or anything -- solid or anything. 55 on the lows and the lows are starting to dip. 56 and 72 and still some of the inland locations and we have no doubt about the sea breeze up to the delta. 70s and 80s, waters sun, fog,
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systems to the north is helping some of that fog man she and napa 49 redwood city, 51. west southwest at travis and there is a delta breeze but san jose and santa rosa are staying calm. there is spinning ands actually -- and it is actually a bigelow. coastal clouds, patchy low clouds mainly inland temperatures are starting off in the 40s and 50s and it will be sunny mild and warm. 80s, you will have to go to the east and napa 75, brentwood 68,
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livermore 77. 75 los gatos, sunny veil and low-to-mid here. fog will be on the increase and the weekend does look better he is spermly sun -- especially sunday into monday. the criminal activity police say is to blame. our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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. welcome backfire steaks also close because they reject -- stations will close because they rejected them and they closed document bethel island brentwood or cut 19 jobs and close two fire stations. the district's board will meet and decide. they may have saved those jobs and services. 800 final ballots. they dropped them off in person at polling places and by law,
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election officials have until july the 6th to announce the final amount. more than a million is being spent on home renovations for state presidents. they are necessary to make money because they are made at the hopes and they are meeting with severe budget increases. >> information about top secret government programs and there have been leaks about president barack obama ordering cyber attacks. john mccain is accusing the white house of purposefully leaking information as a white
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house. leon panetta has arrived in afghanistan for is surprise visit. here is leon panetta's message for the troops. allison? >> reporter: secretary leon panetta arrived after the deadliest day for of a gap civilians. the u.s. is preparing to draw down -- preparing to draw down troops and they are based in pakistan. he defended the use of u.s. drones to target them. >> we have every responsibility to defend ourselves. >> leon panetta is meeting with the defense minister about the
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senate tow airstrike killing 15 yesterday. >> the group is asking them to accept gays as leaders and the review process could take up to a year. now the scouts are more than century oil with excuses and eight quests. -- atheists. george zimmerman surrendered and was sent back to jail. they revoked his bond after he could not come up with that much money but george zimmerman raised the money through a website set up for his defense. now several items were seized
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at the home of pedro hernandez. they say he lured the child and dumped his body in the trash. now he is charged with second- degree murder and his wife claims his confession is a lie and he suffers from mental illness. police believe deand jello should be considered armed and dangerous. -- believed to be armed and dangerous. he is described as a transient. they lost their service after not one but two wire thefts at nearby vallejo. they stole 160,000 feet of optic wire and it happened on
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monday and tuesday. so far no arrests have been made. well a nobodyel act gets a new feature. you can tell them where they are and what they think of a particular place. they will start recommending restaurants and shops and bars. the new features are expected to begin service starting today. we will check on traffic sal. >> we checked highway 4 it is a little slow in antioch and here is 4 in oakland and lafayette, traffic does look good and he started to say something about it earlier and it is only 61 8-
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a m. and it -- it is only 6:00 a.m. and it looks a lot lighter but not yet. usually this time we have a backup and we will just leave it alone. looking at the santa clara valley. northbound 101 is looking good and as we look at livermore things are getting easier. it is 619. there is a little bit of a sea breeze through the delta and temperatures will be similar to yesterday, which means a few lower 80s inland and today's forecast does call for low clouds by the sun. 50s of 0s and a lot of you
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about 5 and it does not take much this year. so far may into june, fog forms really fast. upper 50s for many, fairfield travis and west at fso, you can blame or thank that system to the north which is also producing some light rain. form drops a lot. sunny and breezy. that wind does crank up well and upper 70s otherwise 50s and cities the eighths broke in and it looks like it will cool down into friday and breezy and a
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little warmer inland. a slightly better claim for unemployment insurance dropped by 2000 last week. it puts it slightly higher than the number most economists indicate that will are new ones. e-harmony has been hit by the same hacker. there are 8 million where the two sides were posted online. it is not clear if the hacker took more and is not finished posting them all yet. users from both sides are being told to change immediately. occupied, how protesters say their speech rights were
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violated and using them for responses from those claims. they are just open for business. good morning ,if you are driving from novato to san rafael, we will tell you more straight ahead. [ mechanical humming ]
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. good morning, traffic is getting a little bit slower but not all that bad here, especially in front of the oakland coliseum, it looks good on 880 both north and south. look the vet why flooded and the size of golf ball hail was falling. a funnel cloud was even caught on camera. back here at home, police have hired a mental health counselor to help them deal with tense situation -- tense situations. they needed one after somebody shot and killed somebody and they will teach them how to deal with an approach situation
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with people who not only have illnesses but to also diffuse dangerous situations. they are under fire from their own review board. this is from last year and in it, police were trying take down tents set up by occupied cal protesters. they tried to push the crowd and that goes against normal procedures and it recommends that when they have to use the use of force. >> no use of force without authorization by a designated member of the protest response team. >> a uc berkeley spokesperson said the school is adopting most of the information for the entire uc system. >> we have a entire particular.
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time now 6:26, supermarket workers have voted for the strike but we have not seen signs of a walkout yet. however negotiations continue and we will all the way from napa to monterey. the first food truck park is now open for business. they had their grant opening yesterday on 11th street south of market. now the park will be open 7 days a week for both lunch and didn't engineer. 10 trucks will go week to week offering a variety of foods. and comments bryan stow made on the night of his brutal
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beating, what may have set off his attackers on the night of his brutal beating. >> what may have set them off. and stock markets around the world, pam will be there when the opening bell rings with the early numbers. ♪ ♪
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. there it is right on time, the opening bell, ringing the bell on the new york stock exchange help care trust of america celebrating their initial public offering, yesterday they went public and they decided to take their company public because there is optimism in the market. a lot depends on the market.
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kim calling them to do help on the federal economy and we'll see that this morning. we will say good morning, it is a thursday, june 7th. we are still following up. a man was shot and killed on gloria way. kara is live, how were the police tipped off? >> reporter: police tell us it was a shot that happened overnight that happened in or near the driveway and they picked up about 9 gun shots bust before mitt night. here at the scene several times this morning he did not have any comments. east palo alto resident he was known to police and
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investigators tell us they found him in the driveway appetite at the hospital. there were people yelling, somebody has been shot. >> it was pretty chaotic. it took us a lot to stabilize the scene. we had to clear people out of the way because we wanted to preserve the scene and preserve evidence. >> reporter: police tell us right now they do not have a motive and -- ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> it happened on 105th street and coming up, we will have a live report from the scene and we will tell you what witnesses say led up to that shooting. also this morning, a power outage has been fixed after a
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car crash knocked down a pole. look at what is car sparked. pg&e said a car hit that power pole and the line fell on to that chain link fence. the driver of the car was taken to the hospital and the cause of the crash is still not known. it was a subject way, it happened when a car was headed to a warehouse when flames started coming out of that truck. the driver didn't notice it until another driver was honking his horn to get his attention. police blame the fire on an electrical unit in the
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refrigeration unit in that truck. it has reached the ear of a us. they could be costing west coast drivers millions of dollars a day. lorraine? >> reporter: they want to know why our prices are going up while prices are going down everywhere else here at the chevron, $4 per gallon for a gallon of regular and that's 79- cents more than the national and they are questioning why other refineries recently shut down for repairs at the same time. they are asking the federal trade commission to investigate those refineries to find out if they wanted to keep prices high for all of us.
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according to the information they resulted in huge prices and they made about $42 million a day. they plan to cooperate with any potential investigation and now just for a point of reference, the average price point for a gallon of regular is $3.89 and that's 31 cents less than our average here. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> print tonight police have a sketch and her body was found in devlin county road. they found her with three distinctive earrings in each ear and they have not been able to determine a cause of death. >> we are still waiting on
6:36 am
toxicology reports and they may indicate something that was in her blood at the time of her death. >> police believe she was in her mid-20s to 40 years old. she had no tattoos there are the earrings. they had been checking missing persons reports. and bryan stow's friend testified that bryan stow said he hoped the people harassing them would code. that is medical lingo for heart attack. his attackers apparently heard that statement. >> two men came from behind the vehicle and pushed ryan and said what the bleep did you say
6:37 am
homemy. >> they say there was no way of identifying who was doing the attacking. >> you didn't get a good look at the individuals who came behind the truck, is that start -- correct. >> they were feet from my face at one point. >> now this preliminary hearing is expected to last through tomorrow. muni wants to raise overtime costs and they have fired 88 part-time workers to working full-time. now this year, it will cost some $60 million. how is it looking, sal? it is not really crowded right now dave and pam and you can see on the road, you can see a little bit of a crowd
6:38 am
when 20 freeways are coming together at this ramp. it is moving well on sunnyville and 880 southbound nearby is getting slow from fremont to the milpitass area. it looks good approaching the 880 split with no maiming problems. traffic is starting to -- no major problems. traffic is starting to get busy and i am surprised how good the commute has stayed in fremont. as you move through the valley and you may at least today, have that today. and sunny by the coast,
6:39 am
patchy fog, clear across the board, another cool morning not as cool as yesterday. 56 to 07, it -- 07, fog tends to get chewed up and temperatures are not that warm. temperatures are moving in from the north and it is sending high pressure to the south sending in more of a sea breeze. high pressure will be back sunday and monday for a warmup and 70s down towards santa cruz and the system is spreading some rain as it moves closer. so low 50s and west 20 at fso and going straight to the delta and all because of that system skipping up in the pacific
6:40 am
northwest it will deepen and that means a cooling trend takes us to friday. patchy sunny breezy inland and cool to mild to warm, mainly 70s or very low 80s and we have to go far to find some of those low 80s. 72 san rafael, 77 sonoma and clear lake, ukiah, pittsburgh antioch, 67 in oakland, very breezy in dublin about 4:00 and 79 for gilroy. 75 for los gatos, and 70s on the peninsular, upper 60s to near 70s, palo alto 74. upper 50s or very low 60s,
6:41 am
mostly sunny. cooler with your weekend coming into view and especially saturday and monday. a warning about a new technique used at the boarder. and we are learning more information about why a female officer shot a suspect, why some neighbors say she was justified and why others say she was not. good morning, it is getting a little more crowded, we will tell you more about the commute and bay area weather.
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take a step forward and chase what matters. . good morning, here is a quick look at some of the top stories, police in east palo alto are investigating a fatal shooting which led them to gloria way, a man had been shot several times was noun a driveway. -- was found in a driveway. and it was restored by pg&e crews, on millwood drive, knocking out a power line and sparking this fire. the driver was taken to the hospital but we don't know the extent of the injuries. and defense secretary leon
6:45 am
panetta is putting more pressure on pakistan. pakistan needs to do more than root outer wrists who are in safe haven in pakistan. a police officer is recovering this morning. we have new information from a neighbor. >> reporter: one of the neighbors told us he did not want to appear on camera but he felt the female officer was justified in what she did. this is a corner store called music market. he heard four shots fired and he ran out and found a female officer who shot a gun at somebody's leg. he was asking questions when she noticed one of the suspects
6:46 am
had a concealed gun. she fired and police confirmed the officer shot the man who was in his 20s. she was nice enough not to gravely wound the suspect, others say she is contributing to the problem. >> they are shooting youngsters out here. this is an ongoing thing, police coming around here harassing people. >> now police detaped a second person and again they are not commenting and any type of incidents, they are put on administrative leave, we are not receiving any information about this particular case. tara moriarty live in oakland. we will hear from the mother of the boy who was fatally shot. they are remembering derek
6:47 am
gains where a san francisco officer shot and killed the teen tuesday night. he ran away from the police officers and pulled a gun and the police officer shot him. his mother has a different opinion on why he was shot. >> i think he was a minority and we believe it is racism. >> the officer feared for his safety and they say it is not racism. president barack obama is waking up in los angeles where he will attend one more campaign fundraiser before heading to nevada. cheers broke and there were 600 lesbian and gay supporters. he said founding fathers
6:48 am
created a framework that has allowed more and more americans to gape equality over time. >> and on behalf of the communities it's just part of a broader fight on behalf of all americans. it is part of our history. >> now earlier, president barack obama made a quick stop in the bay area where he attended two fundraisers. police in taiwan in are gluing magnets to bundles and sticking them under cars. unsuspecting drives are bringing them across the u.s. they are aware of this problem but there is little they can do about it. lawyers are facing you can face
6:49 am
serious criminal charges even if you are an innocent victim. we are starting in cost terrible county which is one of the slowest commutes. now we are getting more information between pleasant hill and walnut creek. still a decent drive between walnut creek and oakland. we do have a crowd now and it is backed up for a ten minute delay may be more than that but not all the way passed 80. and if you are driving in the santa clara valley, it is a little slow and 880 still looks decent. let's go to steve. the san mateo coast, fog or sun by the waters' edge are
6:50 am
peeled back by the coast and it may be stubborn by the san mateo coast. it is breezy with morning low clouds breezy inland and as dave just tweeted me, yes, it has been very windy and a series of systems are moving in. we can use these back in december and january when it was sunny mild and warmer where we hardly had any rain at all. those are the reasons why. that's all it takes t- temperatures lower 50s, that is a big chance with flight delays due to low clouds. you can see the system associated with the low and that will keep us on the cooler side so fog sun breezy coastal clouds, cool breezy and warm,
6:51 am
blustery, it depends. 60s and 07z, closer to the bay, even in the santa clara valley, mid-70s and a cooler pattern and 70s and 80s, 50s and 60s in the san francisco peninsular, it looks like a cool down for friday clearing breezy and especially away from the coast sunday to monday. thank you, steve. american airlines is cutting the number of flights starting next month and it will increase flights as travelers will be competing for seats. they are blaming their pilots saying many of them are calling in sick. they want to be let out of
6:52 am
their contractual appointment. two tombstones were found in away area beach, but they say there is a reasonable explanation for why they are there. the coyotes cub season is now affecting dog trails in palo alto. and between walnut creek and oakland, it is getting a little more crowded. these sweet honey clustery things have fiber? fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one! i've never heard of that. [ wife ] it's great. it's a sweet honey cereal, you'll love it. yeah, this is pretty good. are you guys alright?
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. welcome back, taking you live to the big board, do you is up, our stocks around the world, part of the reason, the interest rate is keeping the rally up and we can see some stimulus when ben bernanke speaks to congress. a really strange site along san francisco's ocean beach, some very old tombstones visible because of the recent winds. 1890, delia pressby died at the age of 26. san francisco's remains were relocated but not all the
6:56 am
tombstones made that trip. >> they were not necessarily wealthy and so they were less likely to have the means to move the grave stones back down to the new graves. >> many of them were used as a sea wall in ocean beach and there has never been any plans to remove them. this is more than a year after it happened, a 7-foot toll 60-foot dock washed ashore in oregon on tuesday. it is debris that hit the area in japan last year. they confirmed what it is with japanese writing. they tested the dock for possible radiation but none was found. starting this week, dogs will have to be on leash.
6:57 am
the nonprofit lop what and dogs, -- lama and dog if submitted it will be on temporarily on hold. there have been several reports of coyotes acting aggressively towards dogs. coyotes appear to be protecting their den and pups. the trails will likely remain closed to dogs through december. you have the toll plaza under control? >> yes, we do and i am saying it is backed up, up to about a ten minute wait. traffic is moving along relatively well as you pass the coliseum seem, and this mortgage's san jose is the
6:58 am
closest. patchy clouds, that system to the north will help to enhance some fog and it is not solid on the coast, 50s and 60s coast and bay and a few lower 80s, inland. and stock market once again on the up swing and ben bernanke just sat down to testify to congress about the economy and we will tell you what investors are hoping to hear. and a deadly shooting in palo alto, what led the police to the crime scene, stay right here with us. cçrrú man: there's a cattle guard, take a right. do you have any idea where you're going ? wherever the wind takes me. this is so off course.
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