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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 8, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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> >> there were lines fall around us. she had a --. >> it was not evening attention. it happened so fast. we just tried to help her and didn't realize how much danger we were in. >> reporter: it took just over an hour to get the fire under control and during that time a few dozen surrounding houses on the hills were evacuated. oakland police alerting them with bull horning to get out. very nerve-wracking for them. >> the side of my house, right by our bedroom. our neighbors planted trees. about 20 years ago and they just went into flames. >> my mother was in the house, so, you know they did get my mother out, so we just hope our home is safe. >> reporter: a live look from news chopper 2. you can see this scene is still a challenge as far as mopping up the fire and getting this neighborhood
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back to normal. evacuees even when they go back in won't have power for some time. no estimates from pg&e but several poles were damaged or dragged down by the themselves in the fires. the streets at the bottom and the top created a natural fire break so that was lucky but crews will be here all night long. the driver who hit the pole was conscious, she was talking, she was complaining of chest plain. she may have had a seizure or heart attack. they is in the hospital in stable condition and she was driven to the hospital by a passerby who put her in his own car. we will hear from him at six. >> from her we want to get a closer look at the current weather conditions from bill martin. it was quite windy. the winds died down? >> reporter: they are still up and the winds are up today as well but we are lucky the fire didn't happen tomorrow or
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sunday. i will get to that but these are the conditions at two. 68 degrees, the winds southwest at 20. humidity, that's key. these aren't nasty conditions, this is a on shore wind. mild temperatures, a look what happens tomorrow. a red flag warning into effect for parts of the central bay, or the east bay and then up in to the lake tahoe area and that's when the winds go north northeast. the humidity drops to 10%. fortunate it happened today and not tomorrow or sunday and as we move forward over the next few weeks we get into fire season. we had rain the other day but things will dry out fast. of course when i come back we will have the weekend forecast, we will talk about it. ly see you back here. >> thank you. continuing coverage of fire season and crews in the north bay stand at the ready. tom live at the sonoma base where he has been talking to cal fire about what they expect
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this season. >> reporter: indeed. today's fire only under scores even more, cal fires wisdom in dispatching its crews and it's air craft early this it year. cal fire tanker 86 and spotter plane 4140 start their fire season tomorrow morning break of day. long time tanker pilot they have their work cut out. >> california is as about dry as i have seen it in a long while. this is my 38th season. >> reporter: 22 air tankers spread across the state can respond to any location in california in 13 minutes or less. >> strategicly placed throughout the state for response times. making it equal response all over the state. >> we slow fires down and let the people get there to put them out. >> reporter: and judging from the dryness and the large number of early season fires so far tanker pilot said he has reason to be worried. >> i feel 38 years that we
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will have more than our fair share of fryer fires. >> reporter: another tanker will join the one here at santa rosa and this spotter plane in just a few days. they will spend many daylight hours dropping retardant on fires. most of their work unknown and unappreciated. reporting live. >> congress has passed a bill to help modern ize the fleet of planes. they want to award contracts for new air tankers. it's used to drop flame suppressants. today the house followed the senate's lead and approved it. it now goes to the president for his signature. in los angeles, a judge today ordered the two men suspected of beating giants fan brian stow to stand trial. we were in court today and the judge also allowed everybody to hear a dramatic jail house conversation between the suspects. >> i'm ordering the
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defendants be held. >> reporter: the judge ruled they have enough evidence. both argued witness identities were shaky. >> it is clear that there -- that will was no identification. >> reporter: prosecutors painted hugey is sanchez as the aggressor. >> my client is not looking for trouble. he isn't going out there arguing. he isn't the one yelling. >> reporter: the judge and prosecutors point to a taped jail house conversation as a key piece of evidence. >> [inaudible] . >> reporter: though it appears
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sanchez was the aggressor prosecutorrers say both should face justice. >> both need to answer and like wise mr. sanchez should be held to answer on the other charge. >> reporter: those other charges mean sanchez faces 11 years, norwood nine years, both are also facing gun charges if they are convicted in federal court. they both are due back in criminal court for arraignment in two weeks. in los angeles. u. and stay with us for continuing coverage of the case an air and online. you can go to the website and click on the tab. >> a state appeals court upheld the involuntary manslaughter conviction in the shooting death of oscar grant. the attorney had argued that the evidence didn't j ustify
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the conviction but it was rejected. he has already served his prison term. a counselor arrested an drug charges in santa cruz. deputies say the 33-year-old is a accused of selling heroin at her home. she was arrested at the residence wednesday afternoon. officers who served the search warrant say they found 6.7 grahams of heroin, packing materials, cash and other items. >> reporter: a driver of a tanker truck crashed today. a passerby called for help after hearing a man screaming from the canyon. the chp said the truck was watering a steep dirt road when it started to slide. it then flipped onto its side trapping the driver. a ambulance crew pulled the man out, he was then taken to a
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hospital. police hope to make a quick arrest in a deadly shooting. it happened around 2:30 this morning at the happy oakie bar. the victim was in an argument. they do say they have strong leads. think say it was to much alcohol and guns. police are investigating whether that shooting may be gang related. >> a street car hit a man on san francisco on market street, the accident happened just before ten on market. a muni spokeswoman said the man was trying to board a street car while it was moving. he was trapped underneath until firefighters could get him out. >> cable cars just hit the guy and ran over him. didn't stop or nothing. just kept moving. >> didn't stop. >> officials onto scene a the
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man's injuries weren't life threatening. >> happening right now workers with at&t on the picket line tonight. >> hundreds of employees throughout the state including here staged a walk out today. the workers are with the communication workers of america union and some say they got eye memo threatening job losses because of the union activities. they say they have been without a contract now for two months. >> april 7th is when it was up and we are still in baring just want to make sure the members get what is due to them and be fair across the board. >> we talked to at&t officials today about it. they say they are working with the union to get the workers back on the job as soon as possible. >> in san jose it's a huge mistake that is going to have big time consequences. matt keller is here and says
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why this mistake means four new library that have never opened may stay shut down for two years. >> reporter: this library branch, was completed two years ago but as you can see by the sign it has yet to open. the group wants to increase funding to kay that with an initiative on the november ballot but a mistake by the clerk could force them to wait two years. >> going to submit but people are --. >> reporter: 40,000 signatures were twice as many as they needed to put the initiative on the ballot increasing funding for libraries. it reached that number this week and they were ready to turn it into the clerk's office but instead the group got bad news. >> the city clerk and city attorney said that we would need to triple that threshold and we would have to do it in the next week in order to make it in time for the ballot. >> it was an error on our part and we apologize for that. >> reporter: san jose city
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clerk admits he messed up when he told them it only needed 5% of signatures to qualify for the ballot when they started back in march. code requires 15% to change the charter. >> it was a error. there is no conspiracy. there is no direction by anybody to sabotage. >> reporter: they could continue until september 18th to reach the new threshold but more than 50,000 signatures but that would get them on the ballot in two years, the deadline for this ballot is next week. >> it's very unfortunate. i would like to foe who said what when and hold them responsible. >> reporter: the group wants the city council to make amends for the mistake and vote to put the charter amendment on the november ballot. reporting live in san jose mat keller. >> lived up to its name.
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how unusual tactics led this it once washed out street got back to normal this morning. >> and a key ruling on a lawsuit against wal-mart that started a east bay woman. why it may be the end of the road for those accusing them of discrimination. must be nice, cheering on team usa from the shallow end.
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. businesses at tourist hot spots, mesh fisherman wharf water logged after a water main ruptured. around 4:30. crews worked through the morning. >> reporter: it may be hard to picture but this stretch was a construction zone and you can see where that red mustang is parked now, that was just a hole. a leak in a pipe set off a chain
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reaction of trouble. >> we use that bathroom there. yeah. >> reporter: these tourists from australia were among the 500 at who found out the hard way their it hotel was among the dozens without water. management tried to keep guests comfortable but mostest wanted a shower. >> one of the most frustrating times because we don't have control. we do row lie on the city. >> reporter: they said the aging infrastructure is the problem. this cracked pipe was installed in 1905 and connects pipe that were replaced. >> i think they were done about 2004 to this section just didn't get done. >> reporter: losing a couple hours because of a water main break may not be a big deal on
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vacation but losing a half of day of business because of no water is a huge hit. a hit to the wallet. by the time water came on it didn't make sense to try to recoup losses. >> it's past the busiest hours. >> reporter: crews were able to repair the crack and will turn to fix other problems soon. judgement one section of that pipe was replaced today. that means crews will have to return and rip up this street again to replace the rest. >> reporter: caltrans is demanding the bee set the record straight on a story about the bay bridge. they are demanding a retraction of an article last movement the report said the bridge foundations weren't properly tested but caltrans said a review has determined they are completely inaccurate. the agency said that the span
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has been tested by experts, who have determined that the bridge is safe and sound. official its in san francisco think reare on track for the new part of the transbay terminal. are you looking at a time l aps e video of the installation of a temporary bridge. the next bridge is set to go up offer labor day. >> a settlement reached in the harassment lawsuit against monte ellis. the attorney for erica smith said he is not allowed to discuss the specifics of the settlement. smith accused ellis of sending her unwanted sexually explicit texts. a class action lawsuit against wal-mart that started here in the bay area has hit a bump. a judge ruled the plaintiffs can only move forward if they have new evidence against the chain of discrimination. the case started more than a
5:18 pm
deck ate a decade ago. they refiled after it was thrown out last year. >> a man reach aid plea deal over the killing of his former girlfriend. he pleaded no contest to a refused charge of manslaughter and kidnapping. they were on vacuation when galloway attacked her. galloway now faces up to 40 years in prison. he is set to be sentenced in december. marin having a hard time collecting back taxes on a house owned by the former prime minister of the ukraine. he bought the home back in
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1918. he has since been sent to prison on money laundering, marin wants to collect $2.1 million in back taxes and vandals just robbed the home and stole a 31,000-dollar print. >> time to get another check on the weather. >> warming up and as i said a good thing we covered the fire earlier today off 13 by 580 and it's a good thing it was today instead of tomorrow or the next day because conditions will increase. into the bay area weekend, we have a red flag warning. it's out toward davis and vacaville but it's just indicate that the seasons are changing and we are -- get figure to the summer months where things start to get brown. just kind of slow things down.
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it's howling at ocean breach. i know a lot of people are cleaning sand out of the door ways. the fog exists in an environment without a lot of wind. i suspect tomorrow we will see patchy fog. dodega, all those areas plenty of sun. may start off with patches of fog but should go away. the forecast overnight lows on the cool side. that's the wind. overnight 50 in fairfield. 48 livermore. i'm not a golfer but i know you get up early. when you get you early and get in the inland valleys it's mid40s so it's early then. be prepared for that. you won't see frost but it's cool in the morning.
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63 at the cliff house, by the golf club. we will be about 64 and as you work east toward the ballpark about 67 degrees. 70 out toward berkeley. 73 out toward haywood and morgan hill. east toward antioch upper 70e and low 80s. that's how it shapes up a real nice day. warmer on sunday. when i come back we will go to the sunday forecast and give you what you can expect with temperatures in to the 90's. >> thank you. >> all right. how would you like to play drum drums like a rock star? >> these kids plays. >> this may look like a normal diploma but there was a mistake. what 8,000 of those were missing. graduate, now that your journey begins,
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you're going down! it's all over! no! it's not over yet! sofas that can take anything life throws at them. . a a bomber in phoenix is planting bombs in discarded particular lights, three have gone off . the result three people had minor injuries, billboards are now warning people of the danger. investigators don't have
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suspects. >> 45.3% in the south bay the san jose valley area is second in the nation for the concentration of college educated adults. washington is number one. the brooking institution put together the data from the census. >> some young hospital patients got drumming lessons today from a rockledge end. >> this performance took place just about two hours ago at the children's hospital. the former grateful dead drummer brought a fleet of drums and led them in a drum circle. he said music and rhythm can be a powerful medicine. >> look at their smiles narcotic will tell you everything. they are feeling good. having fun. forgetting about their problems, creating a virtual
5:26 pm
world. >> the drum lesson was part of music day at the children's hospital where the patients are allowed to explore different types of instruments. >> some high school grads got a unusual keepsake. the 8,000diplomas contained a big error. the letter r was left out of the word program. they are being reprinted but the county will still have to pay to mail them. one student said they doesn't mind because now she has a good story to tell. >> the message one popular san francisco neighborhood has for drivers and why the city is stepping in. . >> was a crime committed? why these bear cubs are the focus of an investigation.
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. complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> a downside to a booming neighborhood in san francisco. the efforts to get drivers to slow down on busy streets. the south of market neighborhood has seen a lot of growth in recent years. with the growth comes increased traffic congestion. we talked to transportation officials. >> reporter: one of the streets police departments say is dangerous to cross. so the city has lowered the speed limit from 30 miles an hour to 25. folks who live or work south of market say crossing some of the
5:30 pm
streets is a scary proposition. >> when you cross. people fly down, the transportation agency studied the area and agreed there is a problem. so it's reduced the speed limit from 30 miles an hour to 25 on four major streets south of market. folsom, howard, harrison and bryant. >> we looked at vehicle speeds, collision rates and traffic volumes in the areas and we figured we should do some work to lower the speed limit to increase safety. >> reporter: they say south of market is more densely populated over the years where once it was more industrial now it's teeming with offices and restaurants. >> more residents means more pedestrians but the lanes, the traffic still are more geared for industrial use. >> reporter: it's not only people who walk the street that favor the change but we found a truck driver who is also glad to see it. >> ? people go to fast.
5:31 pm
fast fast fast. >> if it's 25 they are probably doing 30. that's the difference. >> reporter: the pedestrians are also lobbying for more improvements, especially countdown clocks but no word on when or if they are coming. reporting live. robob roth. >> all of the streets in downtown martinez are soon going to be two way streets. this after a 3-2 vote by the city council to eliminate the one way streets in the downtown area. those who vote ford it say it'll make the streets safer. across the country protesters came out to demonstrate against the mandate in the president's health care plan that would require religious organizations to pay for birth control. they gathered in vallejo's martin luther king junior. many are catholics who object to forcing the church to pay
5:32 pm
for birth control against its religious doctrines and other groups agree saying it's protecting religious freedom. >> it's good but there is a clause -- which forcing people, religious people regardless of belief to provide abortions, as well as birth control. that's something that infringes on our religious belief. >> the backers of the mandate say it's necessary to make sure the women need the health care they need. >> the president today stirred up a political nest when making remarks on the economy. the president noted that the country has created 4.3 million jobs over the past few years but take a listen to what he said next. >> the private sector is doing fine. we are seeing weaknesses have to do with state and local government. >> he later said that the economy is not doing fine. he said many people are still out of work and that there has been good momentum in the
5:33 pm
private sector. romney wasted no time. >> for the president of the united states to sand up and say the private sector is doing fine? that's going to go down in history an a huge misunderstanding by a president who is out of touch. >> he held a rally at a round table meeting in iowa today. next he heads west to utah for a campaign event in salt lake city. in wall street stocks rose for the 4th day in a row. the dow added 93 points, the nasdaq up 27 and the s&p500 climbed ten to finish the week on the up note. >> a new field poll finds more support governor brown's tax hike compared to a competing ballot measure. his plan would raise state income for those who earn more than $250,000 a year and raise the state sales tax by a
5:34 pm
quarter percent. a activist is proposing another plan that call for permanent tax hike. 52% support the governor's plan. 42% back the other initiative but many are still undecided. the violence in syria escalated as troops and rebels clashed in some of the heaviest fighting in the up rising. explosions rocked several cities? syria as troops mbded rebels. it was some of the heaviest fighting in the 15 month up rising, in a remote farming village observers found a sight of horror, a civilian massacre80 people killed. in washington the secretary of state hillary clinton met with a envoy to discuss ways to try to end the blatche shed. a 17-year-old plead not guilty
5:35 pm
to charges he murdered three classmates in a shooting in school in february. a court ruled that tj lane should be tried as an adult. witnesses said he came into school fired, picking his victims at random. in addition to killing three he wounded three others. the judge today set his bail at a million dollars. a health program may be expanded for first responders and new yorkers, stricken by toxic dust unleashed in the 9/11 attack. after moss of study the national institute for safety and health said the program should also include treatmeme for 50 types of cancer. the expansion would make those affected eligible for free treatment and compensation payments. 60,000 have enrolled in the health program. update to a story we first brought you yesterday. two bear cubs taken in a nevada county than have been transferred to the lake tahoe
5:36 pm
area. the man they were taken from is still under investigation. >> this is new video of the two rescued bear cubs inside the lake take mow care center. even here handlers can't believe someone according to the department of fish and game is under investigation for trying to sell them. >> ridiculous. i just couldn't imagine somebody trying to do something like that. >> reporter: thursday fish and game revealed the man who denies wrongdoing is under investigation he tried to sell two after shooting their mother. now, we have confirmed that fish and game won't arrest anyone or issue any citations, instead they said that they are going to file a formal complaint with the da and in another development they revealed that dogs specially trained to track bears have had in success finding the cubs mother. a fact leading investigators to question whether or not the
5:37 pm
mother bear was ever struck by a bullet or whether there is more to the story involving this man. >> he shot her you would think he would have an idea of where she is. >> reporter: for now they will let the nevada da decide if these cubs are or are not evidence of a crime. in south lake tahoe, ktvu. >> cutting edge technology right in our backyard. the mission that will let local scienckists look deep into space. >> the cell doors open up for a couple dozen inmates, we take you inside the walls of the prison to explain this unusual yet special day.
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. lawmakers fought into a partisan food fight on cool roll hill. the house voted down down a bid to ban styrofoam. she were banned but when the republicans regained power they brought them back. >> this is a -- a condemnation of a industry that employee about 50,000 americans around the country. >> we should we using other products. >> reporter: the house is the only place that reverted back to using them.
5:41 pm
>> sciencists at berkeley getting ready for the launch of a new kind of xray telescope. it's called new star. they will work with people from cal tech and nasa operating the telescope. nasa announced yesterday it'll cancel another project called gems because of coast over run. facebook making easier for you to find out that menlo park network revealed it's new app center to find apps for computers or mobile devices, it's available on facebook's website and it's ios and android mobile apps. later at six it pays to learn the ropes and you may be surprised just how much interns at facebook get. >> the former ceo of a firm
5:42 pm
sentenced to 21 years for a multimillion dollar stock scheme. he is the former head of pegasus. starting back in 2005 he had the company issue almost 500 million shares of stock to cover fake debt. he profitted when the shares were sold. he plead guilty last year. his sentence is three times longer than what prosecutors recommended. >> a father's day reunion for some. the inmates who got to embrace their children and some of them for the very first time. >> and back here in just ten i'm looking at your weekend. one of the days will be way warmer than the other. i will let you know which that is.
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. it's something that most people can't imagine. having a father locked up. at prison, some dads got an early father's day gift. mike was there for this emotional visit. >> reporter: prison, home to criminals and on this day, home to family hugs. a father's arm around his child, small hands held by larger ones. >> make me feel good. i just wish that the feeling would never go away. >> reporter: inside there are about 3700 inmates, inside this room now, a couple dozen fathers who are embracing their children and in one instance a
5:46 pm
father seeing his daughter for the first time. >> i love her. i want her to know that. >> reporter: troy's 10-year-old lives in bakersfield. they have talked by phone but never met until today. >> happy. excited. i was nervous. >> i want her to know that education is the most important thing in her life. through education she will -- can have egg she wants a i better life. you know and -- just know that regardless of what i have done i love her. >> reporter: and then the story of this man. we first met troy williams inside last year, and at the time he had only a picture of his daughter and then they met. >> for her to overcome what she had to endure, by me not being in her life. . >> reporter: today his daughter came back, this time with her 8- month-old son. troy is now a grandfather. >> beautiful to be able to meet them for the first time.
5:47 pm
to see him smile. you know i'm not in prison right now. i'm at home with my family right now. >> reporter: it's a family moment for a group of fathers who won't be home this coming father's day. >> if you are trying to quit smoking an aid may be in your kitchen. in a 14 month study researchers found that smoker who ate the most fruits and vegetables quit smoking completely or had fewer cigarettes daily. they note that produce can change the taste of cigarettes for the worst and that could help explain why it helps people quit. the studies author say that 19% still smoke and they say most of them want to quit. the fda has approved a drug to treat shingles related nerve pain. the medication, is already approved to treat restless leg syndrome in the united states.
5:48 pm
however the shares declined on concerns over a legal battle between the two battles thatta alleged they breached a contractual obligation. it'll get a milestone ten million dollar payment. >> health officials investigating annie colely outbreak. most of the 14 people affected are in georgia. the illness may have killed a girl in new orleans. there is no word on what caused this outbreak. officials say the symptoms have been mild andno reason to panic. almost two dozen are reaching for the stars this week in oakland as they compete for a job with pg&e. >> let's go head and start. feet at the six foot mark. >> reporter: its like a circus act. 21 are larning the art of pole climbing and at the end of three weeks they will be able to go up a 40-foot pole and go hands free at the top. >> i enjoy working outside.
5:49 pm
i like helping people so being able to work with power and help people something i like to do. >> once they pass the climbing test they qualify for a position starting salary $48,000 a year. >> artists, dancers and other preformers can take a bow. a new report finds the economic impact of san jose's nonprofit arts groups and their audiences is up by 19% since the last study five-years ago. the industry generated more than $122 million in she economic activity for the city. they also supported 2800 jobs and produced more than $8 million in state and local tax revenues. >> right now making weekend plans, let's check in on the forecast. >> for a lost kids around the bay area last day of school. use you head in to the weekend, the first day of weekend, it'll be outstanding. the heat right now is in the central valley. those are red.
5:50 pm
you notice this kind of cool color. the winds going this way. what will happen is the heat will get blown out of the valley and in our direction with the north northeasterly wins or north northwest. either way you will draw warmer air and it'll be a warmer weekend. today's temperatures were nice. they stayed about the same, warmed up in some areas but it's increase the numbers tomorrow and on sunday. sunday the warmest day on the bay area weekend and continues, hot on monday and tuesday. i think we will see numbers in the inland val i also on monday. maybe a little warmer. 80 fairfield. 79napa. highs tomorrow a good five to six degrees. this high pressure will strengthen. as it does that's where the red flag warning coming from for the lake tahoe area. the air will sink and it goes off shore and when it does it warms and temperatures come up and even at the coast my friends at princeton to the sea you will have a beautiful bay area weekend. there may be a little bit of fog but if you see sun, inland
5:51 pm
you will have the barbecues, both saturday and sunday night. really nice, daytime highs and mild overnight lows. these are your 80's. temperatures -- colors to show temperatures and can see the cooler temperatures along the coast. 60's. 70s and 80's and that's a typical map. this time of year. here is the forecast high specific. not using colors but numbers for the local areas, 82 concord, 84 pittsburgh. over 50 cities represented. that's a lot. 81 livermore. which have more than 50 cities in the bay area but i only got enough room for this it 50 did you can see they will be beautiful nice weather. fire danger coming up, especially east of year, five- day forecast with your weekend in view. looks good. a real nice looking weekend. next week it'll feel like summer. >> good stuff.
5:52 pm
>> thank you bill. >> last night we told you act a disabled man who bike was stolen. tonight he is speaking out. why the thief that took his bike stole his dream. hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on. isn't technology supposed to make life easier? at chase we're pioneering innovations that make banking simple. deposit a check with a photo. pay someone with an email. and bank seamlessly with our award-winning mobile app. take a step forward... and chase what matters.
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. >> a champion is pleading for the return of his custom built bike taken in san francisco. is he a cancer survivor and a
5:55 pm
double amputee and he planned to hand pedal across the united states from san francisco to new york. yesterday someone stole his 13,000-dollar custom bike. it was in a locked entry way of the home where he was staying. he and his doctor are making an appeal to the thief who please bring it back. >> we are not angry. you make mistake, you can -- you can do good thing forepara olympics. >> now this is a picture of what the bike looks like. the 53-year-old says he if it's not returned by tomorrow morning he is going to have to start his cross country trek in his wheelchair instead. >> i will have another's bid ended today. the colt that was the favorite to win the triple crown is retiring and will not race in
5:56 pm
tomorrow's stakes. his trainer said he has a problem with his tendon. it may be possible for him to recover in about six months. the he had the chance to be the first triple crown winner in 34 years. with the race tomorrow there is increasing investigation of the horse racing industry. a new senate report say there is an aalarming level of exploitation of horses in the industry. 24 race horses die a week nationwide. members of congress are proposing laws to prevent the abuse and neglect. >> serious, violations going on. there is doping of horses going, pushing them to hard. >> the racing association said the industry itself is cracking down on the abuse. >> a 4-year-old from concord struck by a hit and run driver and she may loose her leg. coming up in two minutes her long road to recovery and also
5:57 pm
what her parents are doing to ria to catch the driver. >> and live in the oakland hills where the fear of fire season is very real tonight. we are checking in with fire crews putting out the hot spots and residents waiting to get back home.
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. complete bay area news cover range starts right now. >> good evening. >> 4-year-old girl still in the hospital. its been a month since she was struck by a hit and run driver as she played outside her home in concord. we explain why the family is putting up it's own reward to track down the person who is responsible. >> reporter: the 4-year-old looks peaceful in her icu bed but there is nothing serene aboutt. eight surgeries in a month. u. she is a happy child. i want her to be happy. >> reporter: last night muscle was taken from her torso to rebuild her ankle. >> this is like somebody almost taking my heart and destroying it. i was very sad. very sad. >> reporter: it's all because


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