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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  June 11, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at noon. >> seated. come to order. department 21 is now in session. >> a sentencing that a family says was a long time in coming. i am tori campbell. we start with breaking news. a fire burning. here is a live picture from news chopper 2, it started an
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hour ago. it started at 175 south hill drive. we are told north county fire, san bruno fire and cal fire are all working on this. at this point it looks like crews have got a handle on it. i want to show you video. you can see the tall tree there engulfed in flames. we have a crew working a story in the south bay right now and they say the cal fire helicopter is working on this. parts of the bay area were under a red flag warning till 8:00 p.m. so we want to go to rosemary orozco to see what kind of conditions are out there now. >> hot, dry day. the temperatures, humidity and the winds not bad. 71 degrees right now. the winds light. coming in from the northeast. a dry breeze but light. humidity 55%.
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again, not too bad. we worry about when the winds pick up because it could create spot fires and fan flames. but the conditions there look good. >> thank you. it is sentencing day for edwin ramos, he was convicted in the death of anthony bologna and his two sons. the verdict was just handed down. ktvu's terra has more. the mother breaking down as each count was read. 20 minutes ago the judge led edwin ramos know he would spend the rest of his life in prison without the possibility of parole for the murdered of adrienne baine and his -- anthony bologna and his two
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sons. that is 182 years to life. edwin ramos was given the opportunity to speak, he was hard to understand but he said there is no words that i can express my condolences, not a day that i don't think about what happens and if i could change it i would. he addressed anthony bologna's daughter. he said he admired her for having the courage to speak. she spoke to the jury about what she has been going through. he still did noted a nite the killings and talked about -- did not admit to the killings and talked about it. they filed a motion for a new trial but the judge tossed it out and praised the anthony bologna family. the defense was trying to say emotional outburst from the
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family tainted the jury's decision. the jury convicted him last month. he is 25 years old. prosecutors say he fired shots believing one of the sons was a rival gang member june 22, 2008. he has been in jail for the past four years and he will spend the rest of his life in prison. live, ktvu channel 2 news. . >> thank you. developing news minutes ago. san francisco police wrapped up a press conference to release photos of people they are looking for in connection with the killing of a bay to breakers race participate. they are looking for a group of men wearing 49ers jerseys and women who were with them on the attack of stephen martin. he suffered a critical brain injury before 5:00 p.m. after last month's bay to breakers race. the family says the man was
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taken off life support last friday. police are asking anyone who can identify the people to contact them. man is dead after falling from a cliff. he and a friend were climbing on saturday night when he slipped and fell into the water. a friend says he hit his head on the rocks before disappearing into the waves. the coast guard recovered his back pack but nothing else. dozens flooded city hall demanding residents be hired when the old oakland army base is redeveloped. $400million in city, state and federal money is planned to go towards redeveloping the lot near the port of oakland. today a group of residents, youth and clergy met at city
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hall. they say -- >> just asking for justice and fair fairplay on this. the community -- fair play on this. >> after the stop at city hall they went on to a rally. a lot of excitement today at apple's worldwide developers conference in san francisco. hundreds lined up for hours to get in to hear the ceo speak. ktvu's allie rasmus lets us know what is happening. good afternoon. >> reporter: good afternoon. the speech is the highlight of the w-wler because that -- of the worldwide developers conference because that is when they unveil their new products. that is what they did. some of the highlights, they will change the way people use the voice command system and apple announced a new map
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system a3d satellite map system to compete with google maps. that just wrapped up 10 minutes ago. you can see all the people coming down. apple ceo tim cook took the stage, lasted for 2 hours. >> apple has been hard at work to deliver more innovations. today we are announcing exciting new changes in our notebook line up and major releases of ios 6. >> reporter: it is the first conference since steve jobs died. you can see he was wearing a black shirt. he talked about changes to the macbook, it will be thinner,
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lighter, and has it retina display, found on most recent iphones and ipads. here are the other highlights. the ios 6, the voice command feature will be available on the ipad. speaks in 15 different languages and integrated into the next generation of cars. so you will be able to use it that way. face time will be available over cell networks. currently you can only face time if both are on wifi. as you can see people are still filing out of the center after this speech. we will have much more on the stuff they talked about, ktvu's tom vacar will have more on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. special interest in the
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late leader of apple, we will have that story coming up. tomorrow a major construction project in san francisco is expected to make life difficult for many making their way through streets. they plan to excavate fourth street. part of a 1.6-mile tunnel to china town. it is expected to cause major traffic delays delays and detours. also expected to effect muni lines. a three-alarm fire sends a dozen people running from their homes. >> we will tell you more about how long the hot temperatures will last in your neighborhood and the good samaritan who jumped into action and a body of water when a car ran off the road.
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three good samaritan rescued a woman after her car ran off the road last night. rescuers spotted the car in the water feet from the shore. they say it was sinking fast. so they jumped in and pulled
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the woman to safety. she was treated and released. there is no word on why the accident happened. woman was killed after her car crashed into a big rig after midnight. officers say the big rig pulled over on the right shoulder because of a mechanical issue. and woman plowed into the back of the big rig and died at the scene. she was 28 years old. the cause is under investigation. investigators are also looking for the cause of a three-alarm fire this morning. started around 1:00 a.m. causing major damage to the complex. ktvu's lorraine blanco reports fast action by neighbors kept everyone safe. >> about to blow. >> reporter: a rager apartment fire caught on tape by a
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neighbor. it started in a porch after 1:00 a.m. and spread to three units at rivershore apartments. >> we were hysterical. we didn't know if they were dead or not. >> teen rushed to the rescue, waking up as many as he could. >> i told everybody to get out. i got everybody out of the house. went around the complex, knocking on everybody's door. >> reporter: crews elevated the fire to three alarms. 16 people and 4 units. >> get up. he wouldn't get up. i was screaming. >> reporter: fire ravaged two homes and two are unlivable. >> no injuries. everybody was able to get out and firefighters were able to make quick work of bringing the fire under control. >> reporter: investigators are looking into whether a bbq
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grill is to blame for the fire. they say you need to be extra careful in the dry conditions. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. crews put out hot spots after a apartment fire started at 6:00 a.m. this morning. there is no word of any injuries but it caused major damage to the building. investigators are trying to determine the cause. communication between the sheriff's debarments in alameda and contra costa counties improved. they are using a new system that allows them to better commute. sheriffs can hear and respond to public safety government agents in alameda county. the system will be expanded to allow more communications. bart is spear heading an effort to prevent copper left
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cop -- copper thefts. it threatened the safety of the tabst system. they are propertying part to responser their own bill to seek comitation. the bill is carried by joan buchanan. caltrain is make plans for a budget surplus but warns it could be looking at a deficit next year. they say ridership increased so much it will be able to add six trains every week day. it will increase fairs 25 cents for paper passes but hold the line on clipper card costs. it could have a $40 million budget gap next year. u.s. commerce secretary john bryson suffered a seizure in connection with two hit and run accidents in los angeles
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county over the weekend. john bryson rear ended one car saturday, got out and talked to the driver. he then left the scene hitting the car again and hitting a second car letter. deputies found him unconscious. they sited him for hit and run. the district attorney will decide whether to pursue charges. pedophile, former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky. that came as the trial got under way in pennsylvania. 8 men say jerry sandusky sexually abused them when they were boys. . >> it will be tough for the jury to hear. if it was one accuser, very difficult but with all of these
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witnesses makes it easy. organizes expect 245,000 people for the ostopen golf tournament in san francisco today. police blocked off streets where the tournament will be played. officials say the club is america's oldest athletic club. this is the fifth time the u.s. open has been played there since 1955. another hot, dry day around the bay area. red flag warning from the weekend allowed to expire. good news. the winds lightened and giving you a look at plenty of sunshine over the area for today. at the top of the hour we brought you a fire burning, firefighters getting a good handle on that. 72 in san francisco.
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humidity 50% or so. look at where it is already heating up. 89 in fairfield. 82 napa. 86 santa rosa. 80s east bay. concord, livermore. you will be hitting the 90s once again. 77 in oakland. 81 in hayward. we have changes by the afternoon and if the heat has been much for you, we have a cool down on the way. not for today but it will come. radar showing a weak system moving through. this passes through washington and oregon, that will bring down the high pressure over our area. and we have a southerly surge, that means an increase in the on shore breeze and that equals a cool down. first the coast line and then the bay. but tonight another sign that things are changing. the fog is coming back along the coast. tomorrow morning we expect it
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but we expect it to burn off. today sunshine. warm to hot and the breeze will be lighter. still off shore but the sea breeze begins by late afternoon for the coast. afternoon highs for today. 82 sausalito. mid-80s oakland. 96 in antioch. low 90s in santa clara, san jose. some of us may be hotter than we were yesterday. 88 san mateo. 79 in the city. and 60s for the coast. 66 pacifica. 68 half moon bay. if you had enough of the heat, head to the coast. extended forecast, rolling back the numbers on tuesday. bigger dip wednesday, thursday. and for father's day weekend, we warm it back up once again.
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hopefully not as hot. >> yeah. steamy today and over the weekend. thank you. a swimming pool will reopen after being closed for three years. there will be a ceremony at the swim center at buchanan park friday. it will be open on saturday. it has a new fence, and more accessible for people with disabilities. . the mid-peninsula region open space board is poised to turn a south bay land park into a park -- land mark into a park. the plan is to turn the air force station into a park with views of the bay and the ocean. under the plan the tower would stay as part of the park, following the meeting the board will hold a hearing on july 18
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and that will be followed by a vote in october. film crew is beginning work today at the home of steve jobs. the movie jobs will star ashton kutcher and will focus on job's life. based on months of research. they want to create a truthful portrayal of his life. apple smitted these images to the city. the company wants to start construction by the end of the year on the building the space ship. they plan to move in by 2015 but still needs city proval for construction to start -- approval for construction to start. the news that people who look for parking in san francisco do not want to hear.
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a early rally based on news of a bail out faded due to concerns about greek's elections. the dow down 96 points right now. nasdaq down 39. s&p down 11. san francisco's plan to install parking meters is moving forward. they are calling for 4,000 more
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meters throughout the hills, south of market and mission neighborhood. they were scheduled to explain the plan to the community in february but residents and protests delayed that. now it hopes to have the plan finished by next april. a plan to provide free muni passes to low income youth and moving forward. they secured $4 million for the program but still need $1 million more. this morning a milestone in the highway 4 widening project. the western half of the over pass opened at 4:00 a.m. this morning. starting today north bound and south bound traffic will drive on the new bridge during the next phase. this will allow for the demolition of the existing road
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and railroad bridges. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00, we are learning new details about a deadly attack following the bay to breakers. police just released new pictures as part of the investigation. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news we will see you the next time news breaks and we are always here for you on and mobile
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