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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 12, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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we're live in livermore where a late night fire injured a mother and left a family of
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four homeless. we'll tell you why pg&e is here right now making repairs. >> a suspicious fire in martinez, arson investigators think they know who is responsible. >> hundreds of people evacuated in north beach. what we're now finding out about the woman linked to a bomb scare. >> mornings on 2 starts now. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> welcome to mornings on 2 i'm dave clark. good morning i'm tori campbell. it is tuesday june 12th. right now pg&e crews are still on the scene of a livermore house fire. it started just after 11 last night near shetland and arabia roads. lorraine blanco has been there since 4:30 this morning and there's more on the new work that is now underway. good morning.
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>> good morning. pg&e is repairing a hole they dug up last night. the fire was so intense that firefighters could not turn off the gas valve last night so p and e had to dig into the ground this morning to turn off the gas. let's thattic a look at cell phone video. there were four people inside the house when the fire broke out after 11 last night. a woman was taken to the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and burns. a neighbor tells us she was hysterical and had to be convinced to get on the ambulance. >> it's sad because you work really hard. they've been neighbors with us. we've been out here for almost 20 years. they've been our neighbors this whole time and it's sad to see that their whole life is gone like that, just in an instant. >> firefighters worked most of the night hosing down hot spots. they left about 5:00 this morning. we called the livermore fire to get an update on the woman's
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condition. fire investigators are expected later this morning to determine aquas. reporting live in livermore. ktvu channel 2 news. >> it is 7:02. the threat of fire danger is closing some bay area parks and adding restrictions to others. yesterday the national park service revoked fire permits for the point reyes national seashore. in that same area mount vision road will be closed to all vehicle traffic today. open fires are currently banned in the golden gait recreational area. and in the south bay allen rock park is closed today because of fire danger. this morning the search continues in west oakland for a man who may be in handcuffs. police say he ran away from officers after a traffic stop near 39th and market streets last night. that set off a big search involving dozens of officers on the ground and a chp helicopter. police say the suspect made his escape while they were trying to put him in handcuffs and
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police believe he still has a handcuff on at least one wrist. more allegations against the suspended sheriff. he was asked to surrender his guns. police investigators say he had three different weapons registered. however they say mirkarimi insisted he only had two and they were buried deep inside the house. now all three guns are being held by san fransisco police. in the meantime while the suspend's sheriff's wife, wants san fransisco mayor ed lee questioned about the video you're looking at. it shows her tearfully showing a neighbor a bruise and explaining what happened after the couple got into an argument. that video was released last week. her lawyer has now filed an official complaint saying that video is causing psychological
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damage because it has gone viral. it's available for everybody to see. >> it is 7:04 today. arizona voters will decide who will take over the congressional seat once held by gabrielle give fords. give fords who gave up her seat following an assassination attempt in january of last year has been campaigning recently for her former aide, ron basher. they both were shot in the attack. he is running against republican jesse kelly a former marine and tea party member who lost to give fords two years ago. polls show it is going to be a close race. attorney general eric holder is scheduled to testify on capitol hill. this is a live picture of the senate judiciary committee meeting and, that is new york -- >> that's senator patrick lay highway who is chairman of this committee. coming up at 7:15 the questions the senator has for holder.
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>> well. this afternoon san fransisco's word of supervisors will hear a plan to make a one time exception to the city's condominium conversion law. it will allow owners of some apartment buildings to pay $20,000 to skip the city's condo conversion lottery. supervisors say that could raise as much as $25 million for the city's affordable housing fund. critics say it would lead to a loss of rental units. happening right now the practice rounds for the 112th 112th u.s. open. a lot of people want to catch a glimpse of the top golfers in the withhold world. allie rasmus joining us live. she's at candle stick park where the journey will start for those spectators. >> the 112 u.s. open is happening 11 miles away from here but for people who are watching this is where their day starts. they're being asked to park in
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this parking lot at candle stick park where you see these cars pulling in behind the guys in the yellow vest, and that's because the area where the u.s. open is happening, olympic park it doesn't have the ability to handle all the cars and tourists that would otherwise drive there, so people here parking here are going to take one of 125 shuttles over to olympic park for the u.s. open. behind us is the security line. you can see security is pretty tight here. they do have metal detectors that shuttle passengers have to go through. there's a long list of things people can't bring with them, no food or beverages, no cell phones or cameras and no signs. the week long event started yesterday with some of the first practice rounds. golfers were checking out the course today. the first practiced rounds started about 5 minutes ago. the first championship rounds begin on thursday. close to a quarter of a million people are expected to watch, work or volunteer for this
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event. that's supposed to pour $140 million into the san fransisco economy. for spectators and staff, the only other way to get to olympic park to watch the u.s. open unless you're walking you can also take bart. they have about a couple hundred shuttles waiting for people at the cull ma bart station that will also take them to watch the u.s. open. live at candle stick park. >> thank you and i heard there's some restrictions, no phones, no electronic devices and not any bags bigger than 8 inches. a lot of restrictions. let's check in with sal keeping a close eye on the commute. >> good morning tori and dave. traffic is doing well in many areas. bart is on time by the way. lets go out and take a look at the commute on westbound 24. that's off to a decent start, you can see at walnut creek in oakland it is not a bad drive.
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once you make it on to the bridge it looks good. tonight there is a baseball game at at&t park. you can see highway 101 looking good. near the capitol expressway and again between 280 and sunnyvale and we are looking at highway 92, half-moon bay, highway 1 that's also busy. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir and a very good morning. some fog is working its way back. it was on the santa cruz coast and now really filling in on the san mateo coast. there's a lot of through the. the water temps are really cold, 47 off bodega bay and 49 off the golden gate and 51 minute ray. that's really cold. i focus more on coast and bay for these cooler temps. inland will still be warm to hot but i think those inland temps come down about 4 to 5
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degrees. daly city 68. oakland was 83 that tied a record high. that was oakland airport. 75 today, the city 75, remember they were 82 on sunday. santa cruz this is a tough tough pattern for them, 79 yesterday, only 68 today. can't really see the fog but it is there. it's way down there so it's not making any difference inland although there's a hint of a sea breeze starting to kick in. still some low 60s already. yesterday at this time fairfield was 64. at least that's better than getting warmer according to many. west north wet west at 9s if o. that is a cooler direction. that's a sign that it's starting to turn that way. high pressure will still give a very toasty day for some away from the coast. you might look out and see it there. that means more of a westerly breeze tomorrow. that sea breeze starts to kick
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in. it will be cooler for everybody but big difference in the temps today. 60s to 90s. cool for some, hot for others just warm in between. fog on the coast starting to fill in a more westerly breeze. there will be a big difference in some of these temperatures. brentwood 95, 72 alameda, 90 pleasantton and hayward and san jose was 94 yesterday. 86 santa clara. half-moon bay already fog combing back in. redwood city 85, redwood city yesterday was 95 that's what they said. fog starts to move in on wednesday, thursday, kind of a transition day friday. your weekend does look warmer again. thank you, steve. it is 7:11. a disturbing video of a hit and run crash in southern california. why investigators say the crash that sent a pedestrian flying may not have been an accident. also an announcement about the u.s. commerce secretary
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after he was involved in two car crashes in la. >> and how neighbors living near steve jobs childhood home are being asked to help in the movie about apples cofounder. 20 piece chicken mcnuggets ] now on mcdonald's new extra value menu.
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at home...why would he? ♪ woooo! [ male announcer ] citibank mobile check deposit. easier banking. every step of the way. . not making an impact inland but it will be slightly cooler but anywhere from 60s to 90s that fog means 50s for lows. steve it is 7:14. disturbing new video of a hit and run crash in southern california. take a look at this. surveillance photo shows a driver running down a 20-year- old man as he crossed the street. this happened on sunday. the victim was thrown into the air. his brother tried to chase after the car, but it sped away. the victim's injuries are not life-threatening and police say the incident may have been
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intentional. u.s. commerce secretary john bryson is now on a medical relieve of absence. secretary bryson says he is taking the leave to" focus all of my attention on resolving the health issues that arose over the weekend." police found him unconscious behind the wheel of a car after he reportedly hit a car saturday afternoon, drove away and hit another car. the commerce department says he suffered a seizure. developing news in washington the dc the nation's top prosecutor facing questions. u.s. attorney general eric holder is sitting before the u.s. senate judiciary committee. he says holder will have some questions to answer about two growing controversies. scott? >> in fact eric holder took his seat just a few moments ago. let's go live to the u.s. senate and the hearing room. that's the top republican speaking.
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the questioning will begin shortly including over a program called the fast and the furious. that was a program inside mr. holders justice department. it was botched and ended up with u.s. guns falling into the hands of mexican drug cartels and with the death of that u.s. border agent bryan terry. republicans threatened to hold holder in contempt of congress for not hanging over all the paperwork for the fast and the furious. the top republican on the senate panel said something similar moments ago. >> here we are one year later and the terry family is still waiting for answers and justice. the fbi doesn't have the shooter in custody. >> eric holder will also likely face questioning about the leaking of national security, national intelligence information in recent weeks. dine ann feinstein among those on the judiciary panel. she also has spoken retrently
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about those intelligence leaks. 7:15 well, yemen says its military has regained control of two al-qaeda strongholds that al-qaeda has controlled for more than a year. army troops swept into those two towns in a surprise attack earlier today. al-qaeda says it withdrew from the towns to spare bloodshed but also vowed attacks on yemen's capital city. the u.s. state department says there are concerns the syrian government is planning another massacre. in the town of ha fa there are reports of a buildup of government forces around that town. earlier this month syrian government forces were accused of killing 108 people in one attack, 78 people in another. >> it is 7:17 jpmorgan chase knew two years ago about the risks that cost the bank deerly. the paper says some bank directors and investors had
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discussions about curbing london's trading activity in 2010. the losing foreign exchange options were believed to have come from the london office. jp oh , stock price was hurt when the trades resulted in loss of $2 billion. don't tonight the berg lyric city council will all commercial areas. if the measure is approved it will make sitting on city sidewalks illegal from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. violators will be given two warnings and then receive a 50- dollar fine or community service. right now there is a law in place against lying down on sidewalks but police say people just sit up when officers walk by. 7:18 we have new information about a deadly iden victim as 21-year-old value tee know hema teeon poor. he was shot and killed at west knife and eye streets early
7:19 am
saturday morning. he was killed while trying to stop a street robbery. police are still out there searching for the suspects. and police in stockton serging for jewelry thieves who are ripping neck necklaces off people's necks. the reason the high price of gold according to police. we did check in this morning with the police and the price has closed to $1600 an ounce for gold. the victims in these cases range in age from 5 years old and 70. they say people should be aware of their surroundings and keep your valuables hidden. production continues on the movie version of steve jobs buy rockography. the actors and crew will be busy where jobs lived as a child. the movie is reenacting the early 19 70s so neighbors were asked to help make the movie as realistic as possible. >> they came and they asked us
7:20 am
if it was okay for them to like -- like if we can move our cars somewhere else, if they can put stuff in our driveways, if they can use our street basically and we said yeah. >> fans have been dropping by the neighborhood. they're hoping to see ashton kutcher who plays job. they will leave los altos tomorrow. the mow highway virginia is expected to be in theaters next year. well the weather forecast is different. it's depends on what part of the bay area you're in. as we look outside, this is what it looks like. which arts will see dramatically colder temperatures and who's going to stay really warm. steve's coming back and he'll have your forecast. >> a judge sentences gang member edwin ramos for three murders. how the victim's family is reacting to ramos' punishment.
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a san fransisco judge has sentenced ramos for shooting and killing three members of the bolonga family in 2008. >> now edwin ramos there in the orange insisted throughout the trial that a fell gang member shot and killed anthony bolonga and two of his sons in an apparent case of mistaken identity. daniel bolonga the wife of tony bolonga said the trial was very difficult on her. >> and something this horrific, it's hard to compose yourself. it's really hard to put this all in perspective. but i did it for my loved ones. >> now, we were not showing her face because she and her family are in a witness protection program. the defense claims it will appeal and they will ask for a
7:24 am
new trial. went to check in again with sal, see what's happening with the roads. >> it's a little busy there, it's slow in antioch, also slow here in bay point. it's pretty slow coming up and over the hill but there are no major problems on the way. as a matter of fact we've been looking at -- we had a couple of problems earlier but they have been cleared up. let's move along and take a look at interstate 880 in oakland. you can see that traffic is moving along pretty well until you reach high street and then it slows. actually, until you reach 66th 66th avenue which is what you see. then it's slowing down on the way to downtown oakland. there was an earlier traffic collision, this is a truck and a car and it still seems to be blocking one of the lanes. this is a look at 181 still some slow traffic. >> sal, thank you, kind of interesting the fog on the san mateo santa cruz is closing in. on the sonoma coast it's mainly fog free, for inland temps
7:25 am
they'll be warm to hot but there's more of a component of sea breeze. warm to hot inland but probably coming down about 2 to 4 degrees. high pressure is kind of losing its grip. we topped out looks like yesterday on those temps and the fog is hard to see but it's coming up the coast. 50s, 60s, cooler than yesterday at this time. there's also more of a sea breeze but there is a component of it. that system will kind of see it swinging in right by where it says pacific satellite. fog goes very shallow today to still hot inland probably not as hot as yesterday but still some low 90s. fog will continue to ramp up wednesday into thursday, friday all signs point to another bit of a north wind and warmer weather by the weekend. it is 7:25 a house in martinez destroyed by fast
7:26 am
moving flames overnight. who are the prime suspects in this arson investigation. >> we're live in san fransisco where neighbors are reacting a to a bomb scare. who triggered the commotion coming up. >> also hockey fans in los angeles, celebrating the new kings of professional hockey. man: there's a cattle guard, take a right.
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a frightening discovery forced the evacuation of more than 200 people in san fransisco. police found several suspicious devices and a number of of weapons inside a north beach apartment last night. ktv good morning. many people say they were really caught off guard and surprised when police evacuated them from this apartment building. they live off a very busy intersection. yesterday afternoon police say that a mentally unstable woman fired a gun in her apartment. police evacuated the more than 200 people who live here around 7:00 last night. the red cross gave those folks blankets while police did a sweep. the bomb squad was called in to examine some devices in the woman's apartment and investigators found a new automatic weapons and a sword. neighbors say the woman is exmilitary and has had a history of anger and mental problems. >> about 2, 2:10 i heard the
7:30 am
pop and when i heard the pop we look out the door and there was other people looking out the door, and she looks out the door, salesman that, and she's all frazzled. >> ,000 neighbors say that that samantha who the woman is being identified as was aenjoyed with some painters doing work on the building lately. that woman was taken to san fransisco general hospital for psychiatric evaluation and the guidances is that no one was hurt. we're live in san fransisco's north beach district. >> thank. overnight flames burned out of control from the attic of a house in livermore. it began around 11 p.m. on h street. after an hour firefighters managed to get the flames under control. they say the house was vacant and no one was injured. they say it's possible squatters are responsible for starting the fire.
7:31 am
today more than 200 farm animals will begin eating their way toward fire safety. this is video of goats and sheep in the oakland hills. today they will start clearing vegetation along the banks of walnut creek and iron horse trail in concord. san jose allen rock is closed today because of extreme fire danger. yesterday's temperature of 94 degrees convinced park staff to restrict public rack eases and activities. pam cook will have more about today's threat and other restrictions in place at bay area park. the budget committees of the state asemiand senate plan to pass a state spending plan today. they face a $15.7 billion deficit. democrat's budget would ignore the governor's plan to change the welfare of the work program
7:32 am
and -- the proposed budget would also allow school districts to cut 15 school days over the next two years. the deadline to pass a state budget is this coming friday. the democrats and the governor need voters to approve a hike in the sales tax. they also need voters to approve an income tax on people who earn more than $250,000 a year. republicans they oppose those taxes but democrats can approve a budget without republican approval. we're also finding out more about two new initiatives that have been added to the november ballot. one would require mandatory labeling on foods that have genetically modified ingredients. the other would change the three strikes law. under that plan someone can get a life sentence on a third strike only if that third strike is serious or violent. the secretary of state's office has approved eight measures so far for the november general election. 7:32 up to 540 inmates
7:33 am
could be released from two county jail. the budget proposed by county supervisors would leave his department with a 10 million- dollar budget shortfall. that would mean reduced paroles, also the types of crimes deputies respond to could change. the sheriff says he's working on a plan for which inmates to release and when. >> that's 540 folks that are going to be out on the street. we have a population of 1 hadn't 3 million so people shouldn't panic b but you have people with known propensity for violations. >> the proposed inmate release comes at the same time sheriff's deputies are scheduled to receive a 5.7% pay bump. 7:33 demonstrators are protesting a plan crack down that they say would violate
7:34 am
their civil rights. >> these demonstrators rallied yesterday against oakland city council woman patricia car begans proposed bans on objects like clubs rocks and shields that are often used during occupy protests. >> it's a very clear violation of the 1st 2nd and 5th 5th amendment. they're saying the proposal infringes upon people's right to free speech. it just infringes on your right to carry fire accelerants and large hammers and wrenches and spray paint. >> she told ktvu her proposed ban will go before the city council for a vote next month. no charges are going to be filed against protesters who occupied farmland owned by the university of california. the alameda county da's office decided not to file charges against nine people arrested on may 14th. the protesters planted crops in an area known as the gill track. you see filed a civil suit
7:35 am
against several of those demonstrators. the trial sex abuse trial against jerry sandusky continues this morning in pennsylvania. yesterday jurors heard from the first alleged victim who is now 28 years old and coming up at 7:45 we'll go live to pennsylvania where a second accuser is now testifying. after eight weeks of testimony jurors are finally getting to hear closing arguments in the roger clemens trial. deliberations will begin later today. the jurors could even come back with a verdict. clemens will not take the stand. he's accused of lying to congress when he said he had not used steroids or human growth hormone. a big parade is planned for thursday for pro hockey's new stanley cup champions. the la kings beat the new jersey devils in six games. we'll go to our reporter live at staple centers in los angeles where the kings won their first championship in 45
7:36 am
years, good morning lauren. >> good morning to you. that's right 45 years, 45 and a half decades of franchise ended last night. it was quite a sight to see. if you missed it it all came down to 5 minutes, 5 minutes after that puck dropped there was a new jersey's steve bern yay slammed rob skew dare are face first into the board. the kings were awarded a 5- minute power play. they had one extra skater on the ice for the entire 5 minutes. they made the most of it. the kings scored 3 goals during that power play and went on to add three more beating the devils 6-1. for players and fans and everyone here in los angeles and california for that matter a dream come true for the la kings that had never won a stanley cup. this was the 8th seed going into the nhl this year. they made history. we've been talking to fans this morning outside the staple
7:37 am
center who have still been partying. they're up from the night before because the celebration was that big but for the most part the crowds were under control. police arrested about four people. they had to use some rubber bullets on a group but for the most part the celebration stayed peaceful and calm and everyone had a great time and everyone celebrating this morning as the kings are the new stanley cup champions. that celebration continues through thursday where they will the parade for the kings. that starts at noon here at the staple center. we're excited for that. i don't know if i'm going to stay up that long but for sure the celebration continuing today. >> thank you live from los angeles. it's interesting because the kings were the 8th seed and the sharks were the 7th seed. pretty impressive. let's check in with sal. >> not hearing you bud. >> hey, sal.
7:38 am
>> got to turn that micro phone on. sometimes it takes a little break. >> we got you now. northbound # 880 at 23rd. this problem is blocking at least one lane and the process is problem is a truck and a car that got into a collision. if you look at this freeway backup, it is terrible. normally we don't have a backup at this time, so if you're leaving the house and this is your commute please give yourself extra time or i would say use 580. now the people who drive on 580 they're going to see a lot of extra people on their commute because people know about these things. if you're a 580 driver you're going to have a lot of traffic as well. this is a serious problem. northbound 880 at 23rd. we have word of a new crash, pleasantton to freemon, southbound 680, word of a problem there near where my arrow is. watch for slow traffic heading
7:39 am
down the hill. i also want to mention a problem on san mateo bridge. there is a crash reported on the high-rise there. northbound 280 getting pretty slow driving right up through downtown san jose. >> that you think and a very good morning. mostly sun any some fog though is really coming back to the coast in a big way. we need it to get up here if you want cooler weather yonder. that will happen tomorrow. most of the coast is fog free. south of that it's filling in so it will be cooler for -- i focused on areas around the coast and bay with this graphic here. 68 yesterday, 61 today, maybe even upper 50s, low 60s. oakland that tied a record high, 83 we'll go 75 today, and santa cruz in this typed of a pattern that really is tough so the upper 60s probably at best
7:40 am
for them. inland the fog is not a factor but a little bit of a sea breeze might be. pollen index hasn't changed in the longest time. it's still the same today. olive junior and cider continue to be in medium to medium high category. 50s and 60s, 53 in san fransisco. west southwest, 10, yesterday was 0, calm. that's a little bit of a difference. west at sfo not a big deal but a little southerly breeze in the north is a sign of a cooler direction once you start to see that fog. so the system moving in right there will continue to plow into the pacific northwest. that knox the high down a little bit there. still hot in inland. fog on the coast means a big cool town there and we'll continue that tomorrow for everybody. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s.
7:41 am
there will be a boundary between really cool and really warm. a westerly breeze so 94 clear lake, bubba the tortoise up there said it looks like a beautiful morning in petaluma. kentfield, alameda d 72 but brentwood 95, 94 morganton. santa clara in there as well. now 60s on the coast, 60s in the city, 70s in south san fransisco upper 60s and low to mid-80s on much of the peninsula. fog will continue to cool things down wednesday and thursday and maybe into friday and warmer weather for the weekend. what's moving the markets this morning and also what a new survey on hiring revealed for the rest of the area. and an update on that huge wild fire burning still in colorado.
7:42 am
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good morning, there is a problem on the nimieties freeway. it's pretty bad. look at this picture, 880 northbound coming up to 23rd. it's a truck accident up at 23 23rd. the traffic on the freeway is nearly at a standstill here because of this crash. we do not advise you to take 880 anywhere north of hayward. don't dry to oakland or from san leandro to oakland. just going to be a world of slow traffic. you might want to use 580. this means you're going to be a with a lot of other people using that freeway. let's go back to the desk.
7:45 am
thank you, sal and taking a look at wall street stocks are mixed right now due to uncertainty over whether europe's plan to rescue spain's banks would be enough to prevent the the continent's debt crisis from affecting other economies like italy. the dow up right now 31 at 12442 the nasdaq is slightly down 1 and a half and s&p is flat. a new survey shows overall employers plan to hire more workers than they plan to layoff in the coming months. the biggest gain are expected in the return and hospitality industry. government education and health care industries will see the smallest increases but the survey by manpower says most employers only plan to hire a new new workers. and 70% of companies asked say it is good business to hire military veterans because of their leadership and team work skills but some executives admit they have a hard time
7:46 am
understanding how military skills can transfer to civilian life, and others say they worry about post-traumatic stress disorder. iraq and afghanistan veterans have a higher unemployment rate than the country as a whole. a second accuser has taken the witness stand now in the child sex abuse trial of jerry sandusky. our reporter renee marsh is live in bellefonte pennsylvania to tell us what 18-year-old has said in testimony so far. renee. >> well, we could tell you that court just broke for a 20 minute recess but from what we know about this testimony it was extremely emotional. this alleged victim no. 2 broke down in tears on the stand several times. victim no. 1 broke down on the stand several times there as he shared details, graphic details, he says that he had several sexual encounters with jerry sandusky, and he explains
7:47 am
them as being against his will. >> former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky arrived at court tuesday for the second day of his trial. he's charged with child rape. there's anticipation of more dramatic testimony as another alleged victim takes the stand. he says sandusky forced him into sex acts at least 20 times. day 1 of the trial began with defense attorney joe am encola telling jurors sandusky routinely showered with kids after workouts but nothing sexual happened. the he said the victims are looking for financial gain. >> the facts are at least as to my client he never sought this out. it's an obligation of citizenship to testify when called by a prosecutor to tell the truth. >> during opening arguments prosecutor joseph flashed photos of smiling little boys, sandusky's alleged victimmings. the first witness victim no. 4 now 28 years old. he said he met sandusky through
7:48 am
his second mile charity. he says sandusky forced him to perform oral sex and other sexual acts. >> so we can tell you a little bit more about alleged victim no. 1 who at this point has been giving testimony this morning. we know that he is 18 years old. he recently graduated from high school, and he told the jury that jerry sandusky forced him into sexual acts at least 20 times. he was questioned on the stand and asked did he say to stop. did he ask jerry sandusky to stop. he responded he said no, he just didn't know what to do. >> reporter renee marsh from bellefonte pennsylvania. time is 7:48 we have breaking news in oakland right now. a southwest airlines jet has landed at oakland airport after reports of a strong odor on the plane. now you're looking at live pictures from news chopper 2. there's the plane right there. we're getting reports of some of the people on board the
7:49 am
plane became ill including a flight attendant who said she was feeling lightheaded. over at oakland international airport. this is gate 21. a fire truck, an ambulance also in place outside of that plane. the plane was flying in from burbank and southern california. again, this is just happening. we're keeping an eye on things an odor aboard a plane that just landed at oakland international airport. some people felt ill. a flight attendant said she ing and you can see all the crews there. we'll keep you posted there again on this breaking news story from oakland international airport and bring you details as soon as we get them. it is 7:49 summer is here, and so is fire season. summer actually almost here. and as we report a number of wild fires, there are some warnings and some closures you should be aware of. pam cook is in the newsroom.
7:50 am
it is the time of year when a lot of people head out with the kids to explore the nice parks and open space we have here in the bay area but this morning not all the space is actually open. this is new video this morning out at allen rock park in san jose where it it is -- starting today it is closed because of the high fire danger. that means no public access for a place known for its trails, visitor sister picnic area and playground. temperatures were in the 90s with low relative humidity. as they do on a day by basis this time of year. that's not the only area off limits. the national park service also revoked fire permits for the point reyes national seashore, in that same area mount vision road will be closed tomorrow because of the fire danger there. open fires currently banned in
7:51 am
the golden gaitgate national recreation area and restrictions there also called on a day-to-day basis. now, i just checked in on some of those parks web sites. really the best advice is to call the ranger stations because the sites aren't always up to date but they give a phone number you can call. i also check on twitter. if you have some current fire information feel free to tweet us as well. i'm on p cook news, so we can keep you up to date on the fire danger and the warnings out there. >> thank you, pam. 9 minutes before 8:00 a wild fire in colorado is still 0% contained this morning. this is new video from larimer county. more than 41,000 acres have burned and more than 100 buildings have been destroyed. at least one person died. yesterday authorities found the remains of the woman who had been reported missing in the area. new mexico's governor is declare a state of image emergency to help fight their
7:52 am
fire. it has destroyed at least 30 buildings. yesterday an additional 80 people were brought in to help fight the fire. firefighters say the fire in new mexico is at least 30% contained and their fire line is starting to work. but obviously not a great start to the fire season with those huge blazes burning. the latest on the deadly attack. it happened just hours after last month's bay to breakers race. the pictures san fransisco police want everyone to see. plus a controversial request that could force the state of georgia to end its adopt a highway program.
7:53 am
7:54 am
the ku klux klan wants to adopt a highway in georgia. now the state department of transportation is thinking about ending that adoption program. the clan wants to adopt a stretch of highway near the north carolina border. that would allow the group to
7:55 am
get official state recognition for cleaning up litter from the highway. however, some state leaders say they would end the adopt a highway program before they would ever grant the clan's request. san fransisco police are released new photos tied to last month's deadly attack after the bay to breakers race. they show victim stephen martin and several other people moments before the fatal fight at golden gate park. investigators are interested in identifying the man in the 49ers jersey and the woman in an orange tutu. he hit his head, never regained consciousness and was taken off life support. this gets you to where you need to go. sal a major mess on the road. >> that's right. northbound 880 at 23rd, a truck accident. look at this mess we have here because of this major truck crash at 23rd. they say 8:00 until it's going to be cleared, but this is
7:56 am
having a major impact on all of the east bay. 580 is very slow now from san leandro to oakland because people have heard about the crash and they're on 580 instead. let's go to 880 southbound -- i'm sorry the bay bridge toll plaza and that is backed up for a 20 minute delay. 880 southbound and 680 southbound on the maps, very slow traffic, 680 and then # 80 because of earlier crashes. very slow traffic and then the south bay traffic is busy on 101. let's go to the 280 picture that we have. actually, this is news chopper 2. i guess we're getting some news chopper 2 last minute stuff. look at this, 880. the chopper is about to approach the accident. now let's go to steve. >> some fog on the coast, mainly san fransisco south, but there's a lot out there and i just tweeted if you have a flight to hawaii you'll see nothing but fog. there's a lot out there just
7:57 am
not making muff much of a push inland. probably not as hot as yesterday, but close, low 90sed in of mid-90th but by the water's edge mainly 60s. 66 in concord. fairfield should probably be about that as well. 61 santa rosa. inland temps are warm but a little bit of a sea breeze showing itself today. 60s, 70s, and 90s. fog on parts of the coast, not all the coast but it's filling in rapidly, san mateo, santa cruz, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. temperatures will continue to cool off wednesday, thursday and into friday and there's some signs we could get warm as we head into the weekend. it is 7:57. we'll have more on that health scare on board a jet that just landed at the oakland airport. >> also a missing picasso art work now back at a bay area
7:58 am
mansion. the surprising place it was found. >> livermore police just put up crime scene tape at the scene of an overnight fire. we'll have the latest details. if you plan on driving to the u.s. open in san fransisco you will have to start your journey here at candle stick park. we'll tell you why parking near the open is not an option.
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back to the second hour of mornings on 2. we have this major collision here on northbound interstate 880 right here at 23rd. it is blocking the three left lanes. these are live pictures from chopper 2 and this crash has been here going on 45 minutes. it's had a major impact on the east bay traffic. northbound 880 one of the busiest freeways in the bay area has been reduced down to essentially one lane. a lot of people are on 580. they're making some progress but it doesn't look like they're going to clear it by 8:00 so that means more trouble for the anymore its freeway. use 580 as an alternate. it doesn't look like it's going anywhere anytime soon. let's go back to dave. that's big and so is this.
8:01 am
we have an update breaking news in oakland at oakland airport. a southwest airlines jet just landed after reports of a strong odor on that plane. there are reports some people got sick on board including a flight attendant who felt lightheaded. what that odor was we don't know. we just found out the plane was headed to burbank and had to turn around. again, these are news chopper 2 pictures taken just minutes ago. the flight pulled into gate 21 at oakland international airport. you can see there's a fire truck out there, an ambulance out there just in case any of the passengers needs some help, but again this is something we're investigating. news chopper 2 live, a plane had to turn around after taking off from burbank airport, an odor on board, people feeling ill. we'll bring you more details as we get them in. we're also following a developing situation from the scene of a house fire in
8:02 am
livermore. a fire first reported after 11 last night near shetland and arabia roads. ktvu lorraine blanco has been there all morning and police have shut off part of the street. what's going on lorraine? >> that's correct dave. livermore police just moved us away from the home and put up this crime scene tape. they would only tell me arson investigators want to preserve the scene out here. let's take a look at cell phone video shot by a neighbor behind the home. there were four people inside the house when the fire broke out after 11 last night. a woman was taken to'den hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and burns. a neighbor tells us she was hysterical. she said it was quite a scene leave of last night for this quiet neighborhood. >> it looked like a giant mushroom type of flame and ball and everything, and then after they got the house out, there was a gas line over here that burned for -- we were out here
8:03 am
for at least an hour and it was still burning when we went home. >> firefighters worked most of the night hosing down hot spots. they left here about 5 this morning. back out here live pg&e crews are on scene right now. they're repairing a hole they dug last night and you can see one of the people who lives in the home just arrived here as well arson investigators. they're going to be here all morning trying to investigate the cause. reporting live in livermore lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 news. the east contra costa fire board just says warnings about response times after some major budget cuts were approved. the areas affected are brentwood oakley and unincorporated communities bethel island, discovery bay, knightsen, byron and morgan territory. it comes after voters turned down a parcel tax measure some
8:04 am
people say was asking just too much. >> so you went for the double or nothing thing, and you lost and now we all are going to pay for it. >> those budget cuts will close down three of six fire stations. half of the staff will also be let go. 8:03 we're now hearing about mu allegations against suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. when mirkarimi first came under investigation for domestic violence charges he was asked to surrender his gun. police investigators say he had three different weapons registered to him. however, they say mirkarimi insisted that he only had two and they were" buried deep inside the house. all three guns are now being held by san fransisco police mt. meantime his wife lopez is calling for san fransisco mayor ed lee to be questioned over this video. in the tape she cheerfully shows the neighbor her bruised arm and explains what happens after the couple got in an
8:05 am
argument. the video was released by city attorney's office. her attorney has filed a complaint saying the video is causing psychological damage because it's gone viral and available for everyone to see. today the first day on the job for the newest alameda county supervisor. the board voted unanimously to appoint former union city councilman richard vie yay. hi takes over the seat. knack yea resigned in april saying she was not able to care for her young son and serve her constituents while recovering from drug addictions. badly injured while riding a zip line in mow wee. firefighters say she fractured her femur when she landed on the middle tower at the maui tropical plantation. an ambulance took her to the hospital. this is not the first zip line incident to happen in hawaii. last year a man died on the big island when weak soil caused
8:06 am
one of those towers to collapse. the bay fair bark station reopened this morning after the death of a man on the tracks. the bart station was closed for more than two hours last night. witnesses say that man stepped off the platform as the train was arriving at the station. his death is now being investigated as a suicide. happening now practice rounds for the 112th u.s. open in san fransisco. many people want to catch a glimpse of the world's top golfers. the journey will begin at candle stick park for many spectators. >> the 112th u.s. open is happening at olympic park 11 miles away from where we are but if you're driving to this event this is where you have to come first. people are asked to drive and park their cars here. you see cars pulling into the lot, and then there's a flood of people making their way over to the metal detectors off to our left. this event is happening at olympic park in san fransisco.
8:07 am
the neighborhood just can't handle the number of cars that would otherwise park there if you didn't have this lot open at candle stick. security is tight. there are some metal detectors that people have to go through be ever they get on one of 125 shuttles taking them to the open. there a long list of things people can't bring, no food or beverages and no cell phone, and no cameras. you can bring cameras today and tomorrow but thursday to sunday you cannot. no signs allowed, no bags larger than 8 inches wide. the event started yesterday with golfers doing their first practice rounds. the first practice outside today started an hour ago and the championship rounds start on thursday. >> we want to see all the golfers hit the ball really long. >> i have a favorite, phil mickelson. i'll be watching him. >> i'm hoping to see my uncle win.
8:08 am
>> who's your uncle. >> i my uncle's name is mark mccore mick. >> close to a quarter of a million people are expected to watch, work or volunteer for this event for the entire week and that's supposed to pour about $14 million into the san fransisco economy. we take you back out here live. you're seeing people walk towards the metal detectors. unless you're walking to olympic park, the only other way to get there is these shuttles or you can catch the bart, you can take it to the culma station. there are also shuttles will. live many san fransisco, allie rasmus. and u.s. open's defending champion will trade golf balls for a baseball. rory mcillroy will throw out the first pitch. the 23-year-old is ranked 2nd mt. world and he says he looks forward to playing in the open and hopes to repeat as champion. 8:08 and less than an hour from now it will be harder to
8:09 am
get around in san jose barryes is a neighborhood. lanes are going to be closed because of work on the bart extension that will run in that dare. lanes will be closed on barryes is a lane and mayberry road. this work should be -- it should be finished in about ten days. 8 minutes after 8:00 we're going to check in with sal because there's a real problem on northbound 880, normally fairly heavy but a parking lot this morning. it's really bad let's go to news chopper 2 overhead. this crash that be there for almost an hour. that truck was perpendicular to the lanes for a while. they've managed to open up one more lane, but the damage is done. this is one of the bay area's busiest freeways and right now it is severely jammed up, driving from hayward, san leandro and into oakland. this backup stretches way past
8:10 am
the coliseum and we can only show you a small snippet. you should take 580 through oakland if you can. let's go and take a look at some of the maps here. northbound 101 very slow this morning coming up into san jose, and also it's slow on 880 coming out from hayward to freemon, very slow traffic heading south. want to show you a live picture of northbound -- let's go to steve. >> thank you ask a very good morning. we have some fog on parts of the coast, san mateo santa cruz coast. sonoma coast so far fog free. the key though is the water temperatures off of bodega bay, 47 degrees, unbelievable and outside the gate 49, half-moon bay 51, 52. 68, beautiful degrees yesterday in daly city, 83 in oakland which tied a record high.
8:11 am
the city was 75 and santa cruz was 19 degrees. not today. oakland dropped you to 5, the city 67 on sunday it was 72. the reason being that fog is just screaming up towards the coast but kind of putting on the air brakes right about near san fransisco, so it's out there but some of it has a hard time making a push inland. 65 in fairfield. blossom hills 61. 56 in the city, redwood city at 62. yesterday at this time it was flat, calm, nothing, besides a little bit of a sea breeze. santa rosa has had a little puff of a south wind but right now it's calm. system moving in from the north nudges that high out of here. fog along parts of the coast, not all the coast but there's plenty out there and i'll tell you there's a big fog bank out
8:12 am
there, it can't make much of a push yet. it will tomorrow. temperatures today 60s, to 90s there will be a definite spread here versus coastal and inland temps. some of that fog on the coast means 60s, 70s, 80sst and 90s. we'll see. it will be close. napa at 90. alameda 72, 76 san leandro, livermore at 91. still rather toasty in santa clara valley. cupertino 88. now daly city 61, san bruno 70, and then 85 redwood city. those are down about 5 to 10 degrees from yesterday. fog will start to make its impact wednesday, thursday, into friday. the weekend looking warm. in fact, if anything, sunday father's day could be hot and
8:13 am
windy. it is 8:12. this is a hearing in santa clara county superior court this morning in a dispute over the dissipate over the late painter thomas kincaid. the painter known as the painter of light was legally separated with his wife and was living with his girlfriend at the time of his death. the girlfriend claims she has handwritten documents where kincaid left his mansion and $10 million to her but kincaid's wife claims she is the legal executor of the estate and she has been fighting the girlfriend every step of the way and describing her as a gold digger. a 30,000 picasso has been returned to a nevada mansion. police say the art work reappeared on sunday. it was left propped up against a fence surrounding the property. the lithograph was reported missing last month after a group of 100 teenagers held a party at the home. the home belongs to a former
8:14 am
ukranian prime minister. time now is 8:13 happening right now in washington the u.s. attorney general facing some pretty tough questions on capitol hill. a woman shot while driving down a bay area freeway. we're about to get important new information. >> plus it involved a dinghy, a mother and her baby, a highly publicized missing child case, well, it has finally ended. ♪
8:15 am
8:16 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] go from being on the road to being on vacation. hilton honors. the guest loyalty program with over thirty-eight hundred hotels worldwide. foggy cool for some, even by the coast it will only with in the 60s for many.
8:17 am
inland still 80s and low to mid- 90s. thank you steve. 8:16 right now attorney general eric holder is appearing before a senate hearing on capitol hill. as political reporter jamie due pee reports via skype from washington d.c. some lawmakers accuse holder of botching an investigation of the farce fast and furious investigation. >> just across the street from us here at the capitol senator lindsey graham a republican from south carolina right now running eric holder the attorney general through a series of questions not only about fast and furious but about recent leaks of sensitive intelligence operations to the media. graham arguing that then senator obama and then senator biden backed the idea of special counsel investigations in the valerie plain case and other items during the bush administration and that attorney general holder should also now move to a point of
8:18 am
special counsel to investigate some of these intelligence leaks. graham saying we can read about these in the newspaper but we can't seem to get anything of the administration about fast and furious. the attorney general saying today he hopes to work with congress and avoid a contempt of congress citation. but we'll have to see if that happens over the next week. >> and what exactly would a contempt of congress citation mean? >> well, it would mean first of all, that the republicans argue that the justice department is not turning over various items that have been subpoenaed. a committee next week is set to vote on that contempt of congress citation and it would then have to be approved by the full house. if it is then it would go to a federal u.s. attorney here in washington d.c. to decide what to do. so it could be more of one branch versus another and a stalemate on documents, more of a political show down than anything that might bring new information. butholder expressing the hope
8:19 am
he can find middle ground. a lot of republicans saying what's being offered by the justice department falls far short of the documents and information they've been asking if ever. >> we're looking at live video on the left of the screen. south carolina senator bill graham there giving some harsh questions -- lindsey graham. giving some questions, can you give us a taste of what he's asking. >> he was just asking, basically running why did checking account democrats are ritzing them on these items and more in the obama administration sort of a classic political back and forth. back in the bush years it was republicans resisting those calls. holder degenerativing his decisions on this saying he's appointed prosecutors to take a look at this. republicans rallying around this issue feeling like they can put the white house on the defensive. >> you can find a link to his
8:20 am
washington insider blog on our web site. go to pull down the news, menu bar and politics page. police in richmond hope to get some new clues when they questioned a woman who was almost killed in a freeway shooting. that's shot spotter technology capturing the sound of gunfire. police say a 57-year-old new ark woman was shot in the throat as she drove on westbound interstate 80. she's in stable condition. she is recovering. and police say that shooting appears to have been random. >> it could have been in another vehicle on a freeway. could have been someone standing on the side of the freeway. obviously that's something we're going to continue to look into. >> and police say no shell casings were found in the area or even off the freeway to back up that information from that shot spotter system. >> it is 8:20. we're now hearing from the university of wisconsin,
8:21 am
students who survived 9 days in the new zealand wilderness. >> we didn't have that much trouble. we could have maybe lasted another week laying in those hot pools but we made it out. >> the two were hiking in the south island when they became trapped by rain and snow and searchers say if it wasn't for the natural hot spring the two would have likely died in the freezing temperatures. >> 32 years later a coroner has ruled a dingo did take a baby from a camp site in the australian outback. the disappearance of of czar yea chamberlain captured international attention. at one point the newborn's mother lindsey spent three years in prison accused of killing her baby. she is now officially cleared. that was such a big story back then. >> it was one of those farfetched things that a dog came in and took the baby. >> time now 8:21. here's another farfetched
8:22 am
thing. it fell from the sky, smashed into a bay area house. the big question, where did it come from? also another hot day in the bay area meteorologist steve paulson tells us change is in the air. news chopper 2 still showing this big problem on 880. looks like they're making some progress here at 23rd, but the damage is done. @
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
it 8:24. a chunk of ice slammed into the roof of a fremont home leaving a hole the size of a basketball. now authorities are trying to determine if it came from an airplane. no one was hurt in the incident sunday night. homeowner wrong jang was at home with her young son when she said they heard a loud boom and the house shook. some neighbors were playing basketball outside when it happened. >> we heard the impact and we heard the tiles fall to the ground. >> i can't believe that ice could like make a big hole like that. >> the federal aviation administration is checking to see what planes were in the area at the time. they say the ice was white, not blue, which indicates it did not come from an airplane's lavatory. >> time now is 8:25. sal, we have a major mess on 880 in the east bay don't we. >> looking at this crash it's been there for more than an hour. that fedex truck you see there, along with another car were involved in the crash.
8:26 am
they're just about to tow that away. but the traffic is really very very slow stretching back as far as hayward now if you can believe it. this is 880 northbound. we don't recommend you take it. also looking at the south bay we have some slow traffic on 101 and 280 and getting there on # 80 south and on 680 south is slow. >> thank you. we have some fog but i mean there's a lot out there, not all of it touching the coast there, inland will still be warm to hot but probably coming down a couple degrees, 2 to 4. there's a stronger sea breezed to even though there's not much of one. high temperature though will be in the 90s for many away from the coast. some of that fog just kind of filling in lightly. then it pulls off some rain and then it fills back in. system moving to the north will kind of knock down the high pressure a little bit so fog
8:27 am
near the coast, otherwise sunny, breezy, westerly breeze will take place so 60s to 90 and. looks cooler wednesday, thursday and friday and we could turn things around again especially on sunday, some projections of hot windy weather. we've been following this for the past 45 minutes. we now have new information on a health scare on a flight from oakland to burbank and finding out more about the woman behind that bomb scare. and. >> and a suspicious fire, arson investigators say they think they know who's responsible. hello?
8:28 am
8:29 am
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8:29 we are still following developing news from oakland international airport this morning. a flight just had to return to the terminal. ktvu pam cook's in our newsroom are some new information on what happened and what is going on out there right now. pam. >> well, we just got off the phone with a spokesperson from the oakland airport and right now all of the people on board that plane are safely off and waiting to hear from southwest airlines as to how and when they will get to their destination. just about 45 minutes ago, which was right after that plane landed at the airport, returned to the airport. it was southwest flight 508 headed for burbank but shortly after takeoff a flight attendant reported some kind of odor in the cabin and that she was feeling lightheaded. she told the pilot who then made the decision to turn around and return to oakland.
8:31 am
>> i've just got a text that she has been transported to the hospital for further evaluation. >> that's joe an hollow way a spokesperson for the airport talking about that flight attendant. she also tells us that right now the fire department is inspecting the plane trying to identify any problems. you can see the ambulance that was there just in case, but at this point the airport does not have any reports that any of the passengers or other crew members are affected by this or that they even smelled anything on the plane, just that one flight attendant so far, which again you just heard she has been transported to the hospital for further evaluation. and we'll stay on this story and report more updates. reporting live in the newsroom i'm pam cook. >> thank you. time now is 8:31 a frightening discovery caused some tense moments in san fransisco. police found several suspicious devices and several weapons in
8:32 am
a north beach apartment last anytime. ktvu tara more yourty joining us live with a woman connected to this bomb scare. a lot of the neighbors have been trickling back into the building this morning. they were evacuated from their apartments around 7:00 until about 11:00 or at midnight. we're here off columbus and vallejo streets where yesterday afternoon police say a mentally unstable woman fired a gun in her apartment. police told the more than 200 people to get out while the bomb squad examined some suspicious devices. the red cross gave people blankets. it turned up of a catch of automatic weapons and swords. neighbors say the woman is exmilitary and has had a history of anger and mental problems. >> she'll let you know that people gets on her nerves that paint, and the painters were getting on her nerves, and she
8:33 am
was acting like she was going to shoot them. she didn't like the way they were looking in her window i think. this happened three weeks ago and she was wanting to shoot them. >> now the good news is that no one was hurt. the woman was taken to sf general for psychiatric evaluation. she is only being identified as samantha. live from san fransisco. ktvu channel 2 news. an overnight house fire, in martinez is being called suspicious. it's being investigated. at # 1:00 firefighters rushed to this house on h street because of a fire in the attic. it took about an hour to get those flames under control. now the house was vacant, no one was hurt. fire officials say they've had a problem with squatters at this particular house, and they think the squatters may have started that fire. a man in handcuffs is still the focus of a very intense police search in west oakland. police say he ran away from police last night after a
8:34 am
traffic stop near 39th and market streets. that set off a big search involving dozens of police on the ground swells that chp helicopter. police say the man escaped while they were trying to put him in handcuffs. police think the man still has at least one handcuff on his wrist. it is 8:33. a water agency director from southern california is now facing felony child abuse charges. sheriff deputies in imperial county arrested annny sanchez after a neighborhood shot and posted a shocking video. the tape shows sanchez whipping his 10-year-old stepson with a belt after the boy dropped a baseball during a backyard game of catch. this may not be an isolated incident. another neighbor says sanchez would often fight with his stepson while driving him to school. >> he would tell him get in the car. and the kid was like, no, i don't want to get in the car with you. he's like well get in the car. he would pull him and hit him and throw him in the car and i
8:35 am
was like okay that's kind of crazy. sanchez's stepson was not seriously hurt. the county district attorney is expected ore veal the specific charges later today. aonian any who was arrested on suspicion of child molestation will appear in court today. john walker faces several molestation and child pornography charges. he was once in charge of after school for a number of children. police say there are at least eight victims. our time is 8:35. the church of england has formally objected to the governmentes proposal to allow gay marriage. church leaders say they believe marriage is between one man and one woman. right now gay couples in england are allowed to enter into civil partnerships which the church supports. british prime minister is seeking support for a same sex marriage legislation. both president obama and republican challenger mitt romney are out fund-raising
8:36 am
today. mitt romney at a campaign event this morning in orlando florida. he appeared at a town hall meeting and next on his schedule a private fundraiser at a country club and then later in the afternoon romney flies to franklin tennessee for another fundraiser. president obama has a very busy fund-raising schedule today. he'll appear at three campaign events in baltimore maryland and then three more in philadelphia, pennsylvania. both president obama and mitt romney are in a really fierce battle. they want to stockpile cash now to use that to buy tv ad time in the fall heading into the november elections. and the federal election commission has decided that campaign donations can be made by cell phone text messages. the new rules allow donors to send a text message to a campaign, and the campaign then adds a charge on to the donor's cell phone bill.
8:37 am
a similar method was used for contributions after the big earthquake in haiti. cap donations are capped at $50 per cell number per month. 8:36, voters will decide who will take over the arizona congressional seat once held by gabrielle give fords. she gave up her seat following an assassination attempt in january of last year and has been campaigning for her former aide. both give fords and basher were shot in the the attack. this is considered a swing district and polls show it will be a close race. crews are now prepping the walls of san fransisco's bedroom heights library for the painting of a new mural. the original mural was painted in the 1980s but is badly worn. the a group tried to save the mural saying it had historical significance. the new mural will be finished in august.
8:38 am
8:37, sal that problem on # 880 any better. >> it is a little better. they still have that left lane closed. it seems as if one of the tow trucks stuck in traffic getting up to the 23rd street onramp or off ramp there where the crash is. we don't recommend you taking 880 heading north. it's probably better to use 580. let's go to look at some of the bay bridge approach here, it's at least a 20 minute delay before you get on to the bridge and this morning 880 south not taking a backseat and also the san mateo bridge, terrible commute, 680 from pleasantton to fremont is also bad. these maps we have are red everywhere just a lot of slow traffic. and 280 is recovering. a lot of slow traffic out there steve. >> thank you sal, we do have a little puff of -- there you go -- westerly breeze, so the fog
8:39 am
is itching to go but it just wants to hang out towards santa cruz and there's a lot out there and the water temps are really cold, up for 40s for some and 50s. all the ingredients are in place, 68 yesterday in daly city. 61 today, oakland 83 which tied a record high. 75 today, 75 yesterday in san fransisco. 67 today in santa cruz which was 79. a little tough because that fog is right there. the system that's moving in to the north is helping open the door very slowly to get that sea breeze kicking in. the pollen count hasn't changed a lick in a week. nothing's changed on the sources olive juniper and cedar. the wind tailed off a little bit. 50s and 60s, already 67 fairfield, concord 66. 62 san jose. santa rosa 57 on the city. there's a the fog. it's not that solid.
8:40 am
it's mainly south of the pacifica and you have to go out to the pacific to find it. it looks to be rather solid there. system moving to the north is going to help, that will allow temperatures to start coming down but it will be a slow process away from the coast. main impact will be buy the coast and around the bay inland will still be hot. so fog on parts of the coast, but more of a westerly breeze today. so 60s to 90s by the coast. should get a little sea breeze out to crock et, bene sha, concord was 95 yesterday, we'll go 90 today. berkeley 74, 9:gilroy, 89, 80s on the peninsula and then it starts to change. 60s for parts of the coast, 60s or 70s towards south san fransisco but then low to mid- 80
8:41 am
fog will be starting to move inland on wednesday and thursday. a little change on friday and then it does look breezy, windy and warm herb on sunday. just about an hour from right now the apple worldwide developers conference starts its seconds full day of events. some of the nudes coming out yesterday include an apple app that will replace google maps in the iphone and ipad. also some of the improvements to siri that voice activated assistant. today's highlights will include an apple trivia contest. >> sounds good. it happened in he or she anklet overnight. fans hit the streets to celebrate the new king's pro hockey. >> and the sharp drop in real estate prices and how it is really hitting home. we'll explain. >> more police and more firefighters have arrived here at the scene of an overnight
8:42 am
fire in livermore. we'll have the latest details on this developing story when mornings on 2 continues. i should be arrested for crimes against potted plant-kind. [ clang ] my house is where plants came to die. ♪ but, it turns out all i was missing was miracle-gro potting mix. it's got what a plant needs. even plant food that feeds them for up to 6 months. you get bigger, more beautiful plants. guaranteed. who's got two green thumbs thanks to miracle-gro? uh, this gal. boom! everyone grows with miracle-gro.
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8:44 am
a nice jump this morning on the dow. it was a mixture slightly
8:45 am
higher in today's early going. still uncertainty over europe's plan to rescue spain's banks. there was also a a report coming out saying jobs should be growing in the next quarter. take the dow up 112. that has dads dak up 25. the drop in u.s. home prices during the recession is a big reason the average american family lost more than 1/3 of its total wealth between 2007 and 2010. the federal reserve says the medial household's net worth fell to 1992 levels if inflation is taken into account. that means the average family's net worth at $77,000 down almost $50,000 since 2007. and facebook still growing, but at a slower pace. according to a report in the wall street journal, and that's especially true in the u.s. the paper says unique u.s. visitors to the social visitor site were
8:46 am
up 5% in april and they spend about six hours a month on the site. both of those numbers are the lowest. in case you're wondering facebook stock up 2% this morning at 27.60. time is now 8:45. this morning that southwest airlines flight you're looking at had to turn around and go back of oakland international airport shortly after taking off. muse chopper 2 is flying over there. a flight attendant on board reported an odor in the cabin, said she felt lightheaded. after the plane went back to oakland airport that flight attendant was taken to the hospital to be evaluated. also this morning these are live pictures from a senate hearing right now. attorney general eric holder is testifying at a senate judiciary committee hearing. the senators have been threatening to file contempt charges against the attorney general. they say he is has not
8:47 am
cooperated with them in two different investigationings. and back here at home arson investigators now investigating a house fire in livermore. the house completely destroyed. one woman had to be treated for burns as well as smoke inhalation. lorraine blanco has been on this story since 4:30 this morning and you say more police officers are arriving now right lorraine. >> that's right a few investigators arrived here a short time ago. you can see them behind me. they've been interviewing some of the people who lived in this house. you can see livermore police have put up crime scene tape. they told me it's to preserve the scene. let's take a look at the cell phone video shot by a neighbor who lives behind the home. there were four people in the house when a fire broke up, a mother a father and two adult children. a woman was taken to eden hospital suffering from smoke inhalation and burnings. she had been to be convinced onto get on the ambulance.
8:48 am
a firefighter told me at one point flames shot 30 feet in the air. >> higher than the trees up there was just huge orange and yellow. it lit up the whole sky and there was popping and banging noises like you could hear the water heater explode. when the house was engulfed you could hear the roof collapse. >> firefighters worked most of the night. they left here about 5 this morning but an new jersey just engine just showed up a few minutes ago. i asked the fire investigators what's going on and if there's reason to believe it's arson. he said give them time and they may have petter answers later in the day. we'll have more information for you in later newscasts. reporting live lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2. new this morning the man charged with killing three men near auburn university is still on the run. authorities in montgomery alabama stormed a house while
8:49 am
looking for desmonte leonard last night. they used thermal and tear gas. he is wanted for killing three men and wounding three others in a shooting near the auburn campus. two of the victims were formaller football players. u.s. commerce secretary john bryson now on a medical leave of absence after two car crashes this weekend in the los angeles area. secretary bryson says he will focus all of the attention on resolving the health issues that arose over the weekend. police found bryson unconscious behind the wheel of his car after he reportedly hit a car saturday evening, then drove away and hit another car. the commerce department says bryson suffered a seizure. and then there's this shocking new owe video you have a hit and run crash showing a driver running down right there. a 20-year-old man as he cross the street sunday.
8:50 am
the victim was thrown into the air. his brother chased after the car but it sped off. the victim's injuries are not life-threatening but police say this may not have been an accident. a search continues for that driver. well today two san fransisco supervisors will propose a one time exception to the city's condominium conversion law. the plan would allow eligible tenancy in common owners to pay $20,000 to skip the city's condo conversion lottery. supervisor scot weaner and mike fair say they could realize as much as $25 million for the city's affordable housing fund but critics say this could lead to the loss of rental units. new york city mayor michael bloomberg will formally propose a ban to ban supersized servings of sweet drinks from restaurants. it would limit the serving size to 16-ounces. mayor bloomberg says it is necessary to combust the rise
8:51 am
in obesity deaths. if approved the ban would take effect early next year. businesses violating the rules would face a $200,000 fine. and. and people in middleboro massachusetts better watch what they say. they voted to approve to impose a 20-dollar phenone public profanity. they want to crack down on loud profanity in downtown areas and public parks. it allows police to write tickets as they would for a traffic violation. happening right now a second accuser on the witness stand in the child sex abuse trial of former penn state coach jerry sandusky. this is day 2 of the sandusky trial in bellefonte pennsylvania. the 18-year-old accuser tearfully told the jury jerry sandusky performed oral sex on him after he met sandusky through the second mile charity. he also testified he often spent the night at sandusky's
8:52 am
home where he claims some of the abuse occurred. jerry sandusky husband denied the allegations. all the woman who spent 16 years on the run with former mobster will learn her punishment. a judge in boston will sentence katherine greg for helping to hide one of the fbi's most wanted fugitives. she pled guilty to conspiracy to harbor a fugitive swells identity fraud. prosecutors are pushing for a ten year prison term. the nickname for los angeles could be hockeywood after the los angeles kings won their first stanley cup. a lot of noise but police say no serious incidents after the king's uponned the new jersey devils 6 to 1 and that gave the king's they're fourth win in the playoff finals and their first championship title in the franchise's 45 year history. the coach is already looking
8:53 am
ahead to a possible repeat. >> you know the first thing you think about as a coach is these guys are all young enough to try it again. >> the kings came into the playoffs as the 8th seed, the last seed in the western conference, even behind the san jose sharks. the first time an 8th seed has ever skated off with the stanley cup. police say there were no major fires or vandalism, at one point people threw bottles and trash cans at police officers and one group surrounded the city bus and began kicking doors and windows. police fired rubber bullets to break up the crowd. one man was hurt and four people arrested. so congratulations to the kings i guess. i'm sure sharks fans aren't exactly celebrating. berkeley city council is getting resident ready to vote on a controversial proposal. >> and we'll have a final update on the morning commute
8:54 am
including conditions on northbound 880 in oakland.
8:55 am
♪ [ man ] excuse me miss. [ gasps ] this fiber one 90 calorie brownie has all the moist, chewy, deliciousness you desire. mmmm. thanks. at 90 calories, the brownie of your dreams is now deliciously real.
8:56 am
tonight berkeley city council will vote on a possible daytime ban on sitting on sidewalks. if it's approved sitting on the sidewalk between 7 a.m. and 10 p.m. would be illegal. violators would get two warnings. then a 50-dollar fine or they have to serve community service. the city right now bans lying down on sidewalks, but police
8:57 am
say people often just sit up when the police walk by. this proposal is strongly criticized by homeless advocates. it is ticket tuesday today's winners will get to head over to the alameda county fair which is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. ten viewers will win one family 4 pack for june 20 through july 8th. the fair provides fun with carnival rides, livestock, horse racing concerts. for your chance to win go to before midnight put in the secret word centennial. that's a big deal. celebrating 100 years. we had a big deal on the 880 in the east bay. >> they're still checking it. let's go right to it. northbound is getting a little better but not much. i would say void 880. instead use 580 because of an earlier crash. looking at the bay bridge toll bra plaza still very thick.
8:58 am
san jose recovering although 1011 still busy. >> a little cooler coast in bay. some fog is working its way back towards parts of the coast. temperatures will start more of a trend on wednesday. but thursday it reverses as we look towards the weekend. >> all right. steve. that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. be sure to join us on the new developments in a house fire in antioch. have a great day. dude you don't understand, this is my dad's car. look at the car! my dad's gonna kill me dude... [ male announcer ] the security of a 2012 iihs top safety pick.
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