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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  June 17, 2012 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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>> daddy loves you. >> raw emotion tonight from a grieving father whose little girl drowned. >> hot weather and water can be a deadly combination and this weekend has been a sad reminder of that. in one incident a three -year-old girl drowned after a share of her, and land fell into a lagoon. we are live with her family has
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a message for other parents. >> that's why they wanted to talk to us tonight. after what happened in this lagoon, they don't think parents can be too careful. she was happy and positive. >> they were both autistic and the joy of their parents lives. >> tatyana .-full-stop the front door come despite top box, and crossed at the foot of lawn to the lagoon behind their apartment. >> we have been there so long it was never an issue. >> they lived there since the twins were infants and always found the lagoon called in. >> had gone out before, they
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have a bench there and she was just look at the water. >> this time she got too close and tumbled in. after a family frantically searched, it was already too late. now they are looking to their faith and being together to pull them through. the lagoon no longer seems peaceful. they wish it was fenced. >> without want another child to suffer. >> they want other parents to know, johnny can happen in an instant even when you are trying to be couple. >> we have to stay strong for her. that's what she wants. >> the family also wants to express bush issued for neighbors who are here for them yesterday as of this memorial next to the liquor. this summer, child drowning is always right, so here's a reminder to always take precautions anyplace kids can
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get near water. >> and no command is missing tonight after a boating accident in the delta waters near stockton. the family says it's especially hard to cope with the tragedy on father's day. >> it hurts deep down inside and it tears me apart. >> like today. but it being father's day, i wish i could say happy father's day, dad. >> is that mr. pittman was a generous man that was posed to his family. >> to friends when their boat capsized. today the search for pittman continues. crews scoured a waterway near the community of homes and temperature it spoke with sheriff's officials did tell him that tragedy with the portable.
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>> this is what he slew. it was here where the accident happened. three fishermen and the east bay at capsized in their boat yesterday morning. >> iran that will put all foot aluminum boat. >> one man made it to shore with the help of a passing boat and then another was hoping with a search of the man. sheriffs used sonar and a dragline to help try to find the other missing man. >> this is our second similar incident in a week. we had one monday morning i was very similar. >> the similarity wasn't all that with the loss of life but a safety tool that the surest says all of the victims fail to use.
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we found him floating in here. >> and also all over the three ideas like jackets, shares recovered the boat which will be used as part of the investigation. >> to attend tonight, a sacramento man is spending father's day aboard a freighter headed for panama after being rescued off of a sinking sailboat. a whale hit his 50-foot long vote on tuesday knocking out his hearing and he tried to patch the hole but started losing the battle. an emergency beacon alerted the coast guard and asked a nearby ship to rescue him. his wife said, he didn't realize doctors that he was thinking. >> when it first happened, it
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started to stick to the side. >> a man was struck at 60% and east launch street near international boulevard around 10:00 last night. we brought you live pictures from the scene during last night's 10:00 news. officers arrived and found the victim lying in the street. the driver of an suv struck the van and drove off. >> a suspected drunk driving accident is suspected to have started the fire. it was reported at 2:00 a.m. on airport street south of stanford avenue. asserting annual pacific command crashed man crashes car into the building and set off the blaze. the charger and two others were taken to stanford hospital with
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minor injuries. and crews in contra costa county cap the leak and not those refinery and rodeo. at 30 but connection allowed a soldier smiling week to spread into the area. at least 10 people reported nagy, throat irritation and respiratory systems during that. >> redwood city police tonight say a fire that destroyed two apartments last week was likely the work of an arsonist. the fire started early wednesday morning in the carport of an anchorapartment. anyone with information is asked to give police a call. drivers around south bay may spend less time in traffic now that caltrans has approved a $45 million project. they will complete that portion
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of the work and they will get the first weekday. druse added lanes and also whited off to traffic and traffic signals. this portion of the freeway had been built in the 1950's. >> rodney king, the man whose police beating was made by famous, was found dead in his swimming pool in his backyard. >> that was rodney king in 1992 on the third day of the los los angeles riots. today, a was dead at 47. an avid swimmer, king was out
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the bottom of his swimming pool. >> he was drunk and not armed when he was pulled over for speeding in march of 1991. his brutal beating and iconic symbol of police brutality. more of the truckers were tried and that's when the biggest right in american history began. came later wondered, "if they blame me for all those people who died. ". it was eventually hanging around and turned his life into an author. it seems earlier at all he's there he took time on the agenda loss of faith. and that's how i would like to
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be remembered after i'm dead and gone. >> last year he appeared on the vh1 celebrity rehab, trying to tackle his aqua holism. he survived by three children. in los los angeles, anita vogel. >> oakland's civil rights. >> he introduced as a victim of police brutality to the wider a larger, and a american kid and just as it relates to police brutality. but it was not known beyond the community. >> he also said that the king beating brought to the server is the racial divide that existed but that was below the radar.
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he recalled there was an immense amount of hatred directed at king by those who police believe brought the brutality upon themselves. >> the san francisco hearing is scheduled to resume tuesday. they suspended him from office after heaps of guilty to a single charge of misdemeanor false imprisonment. in the ethics case, is accused of misconduct including allegations of domestic violence. a judge friday gave lopez permission to spend another native of venezuela. >> a freak accident brings community together in the north bay. a friend to perfect strangers are doing to help a heartbroken family. >> protesters at an oakland school, so what? how they send a message. >> and we are going to show you
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how people are celebrating this father's day.
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do video tonight on a grass fire in san diego county. exports 100 people from their homes and overall area northeast of campos. it was first reported around the clock this afternoon and
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had had to hear you say that dozens of homes are being threatened. of petaluma teenager never made it to the lake this weekend because he was killed in a freak accident. what do you make do today for the devastated family. >> a simple lemonade stand. there's a lot of heart and community trying to wrap its arms around the family at other sites. my heart broke, in-house, for this family. >> trevor and his friends had been on their way to the lake when their truck ran out of gas on highway 101. a few of them hopped out to push to talk to the site.
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the parent driving the truck told us by e-mail, i'm devastated. i had a life has been dedicated to kids. the thing i can do what they will express a bad deal. >> covers brothers just found out about the fundraiser. >> i think that's tremendous. >> they tell us that cover was a talented russell are not they are. today's fundraiser brought in just over $2000. >> a group of protesting parents to make us on the third night of camping out at lakeview elementary school in oakland, and about two dozen parents have set up tents on
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the school grounds. they been to the attribution of them and. >> does this affect the family could. >> that affects our family out in and around the schools. >> the protesters say that they will stay out of school until the district reconsiders its decision. they say they plan to start an informal summer school for students tomorrow. a border is expected to approve deals with all unions that would provide 3%, one-time payments, that would reverse your days for pro days. also, the three pixels, vice president and principal and
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mike. the fire started yesterday and has charged or then 2200 acres. a report on the damage or injury and no work yet. expect full attainment. officials have the mandatory evacuation orders for a subdivision that in the past obstructed wildfire. it was started by lightning six days ago and already 181 homes have been destroyed. that's the most ever lost in the colorado wildfire. >> traumas are hampering firefighting efforts tonight and at last check that fire was just 45% contained. in election 2012, that rummy says president obama has done nothing to help the
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economy. >> did a financial reform bill make it easier for small banks to make loan? no. >> the republican candidates visited ohio saying that it could be the deciding state in november and predicted they will win. romney finishes his tour of battleground states this week with stops in wisconsin, iowa and michigan. >> candidates released a new video today celebrating carter. >> giving these children the kind of continuity and ability he didn't have. >> the first lady narrated the video singer husband put his daughter burst and is home for dinner almost every night. they understand he's the president that they know he's there for them. at the end of the video, the first lady wishes them happy father's day.
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and this candidates five sons reminisce about their early years. he called his father a goofball, resulting in many pranks on his children and grandchildren. he also helped neighbors by shoveling snow and paying their heating bills. >> some others looked as though stories and others need coaxing. going to go tells us why some stories are historic. >> honoring military dad on one of the most decorated ships that are native history. the uss hornet of students stories of glory. the tech sergeant drove general george patton from normandy to berlin in world war ii. >> if these unique tales that may someday disappear and that's why nick encouragag his dad to keep telling them. in this family of night
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multiple services to the red white and blue, but their 92 -year-old patriarch of the one to offer and emulate. >> it's our family, that's the way we will raise. >> it travels from coast-to- coast sharing his stories and carries a small photograph of general patton's cheap ticket to young people. the key to longevity is to keep working and keep a sense of humor. >> i don't drink and i don't smoke cigarettes. >> advice and memories for the generation, something we should all fight to preserve. >> some bay area fathers have extra reasons to celebrate tonight. coming up, why spending father's day in the hospital resulted in the best gift i dad
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could get. >> it was a big day in greek politics. the outcome of the elections and why it's called calm fears. >> and something takes place tomorrow. what do you think his legal team will take. >> a major cooldown across parts of the bay area. you will notice your area and the timing of our next warming trend.
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would one tactic legal analyst said the defense may take us to attack the timing of the alleged goal stations and try to show complex with sandusky schedule. and is estimated to stand in his own behalf. jurors have had four days of testimony from prosecution witnesses including some of the alleged victims. >> the white house today
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congratulated greece after a win on parliamentary elections. the wind by new democracy party at home and appears to decrease leave their euros. stay anchored with a hero. this is a victory for all of europe. >> today's vote was seen and, there was concern that the movement may cause catastrophe and other economically struggling nations and have drastic impact on the world economy. and how markets are reacting to the elections in greece. sharks were up sharply at the midday break, a sign that investors worried maybe they'll them. >> the european economy and
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president obama will chicago this afternoon and planted it in mexico tonight for the summit. the white house said today that mr. obama will push for an end of the work crisis and urged leaders to focus on growth and not just austerity. efforts to provide for the summit while underway. police set up checkpoints and barricades around those covers. >> official results are not expected until thursday. earlier today the ruling military council issued an interim constitution, curbing presidential authority. and a muslim house attacked the man who host them. and new videos of what they
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call heavy shelling. today the head of a un observer mission demanded that all foreign parties allow for the immediate evacuation of women, children and the elderly from the city and other conflict zones. yesterday, the general said children and women are getting killed everyday. the the us suspended its assistance because it was too dangerous. >> this is a part of every instinct in my body. >> the scandal and cover-up eventually forced governor which is to resign. "washington post" reporters carl bernstein and rob ordered that with the contract called deep throat. in 2005 it was revealed to be
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overpaid area resident and former fbi agent mark phelps. he died in 2008 and is received apart and shortly after that. >> and golf fans poured into the gate to watch the final grade of the u.s. open. >> what better gift could you get? do father's day get us any better?
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on the content produced conditions for the 2012 hot air balloon classic. about 30 of those launches today and another 30 this
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morning. special blues had just sushi, and pencil bowls filled with because of the crowd and the people attend the event each year and it's so completely run by volunteers. golf fans witnessed a wild ending today. we talked to some of the spectators, some of whom traveled 1000 miles to catch today's action. >> is going to be a beautiful day. >> under blue skies and perfect weather conditions, the day started as early as 6:30 a.m. >> is either my dad or it's me, and he's from missouri. >> for dion and his dad has been a lifelong dream to go to the u.s. open. >> i've golf, ever since i was 12 years old. and i've never been to an
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event. >> they've plucked this right on top of the old olympic club course. >> the usta poured up to $159 and charge them. i. >> it's nice to see the best players the world are competing for one of the biggest event in the world. more than 200,000 people were expected to come last week called her name. >> we are rooting for the underdog. i should be a guide to good. >> are some tentative matter who one they just want to see and experience.
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>> coming up a little bit later in the sports wrap, will have all the highlights from the finish of today's terms, including dark horse that took home the prize. her coverage also continues on our website. >> the ipod may have some new competition tomorrow. by christophe is reportedly set to make the announcement tomorrow about the introduction of a new tablet. the new tablet reportedly runs the new version of windows, called teeseven. by christophe has not confirmed the tablet reports. based this weekend has agreed to pay 10 million to charity to settle a lawsuit considering privacy rights. the suit was brought by five if the writers, reducing their
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name was violated when they use their names and pictures to advertise so-called lakes and advertisements without using them. they argued that facebook users and show they were hurt by the practice. a settlement was reached last month but made public this weekend. >> they welcomed a new baby boy to the world. he says at 5:20 a.m. he got the word it was go time. he and his wife got to the hospital and baby was born two minutes later. >> what could you possibly get better than that. >> baby even event began at 7 pounds 6 ounces. it did when he says he couldn't be happier to be a father to the event and big brother
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jacob. >> is a new place for parents and kids get together. it's a cross between starbucks and an indoor playground. >> coffee, tea and spongebob. this is the plate cafi, the oakland hills version of a coffee shop. and playground. >> this is a great way for a mom to have a coffee and meet with another mom and the children can play and get them 30 minutes of talking time. >> this is a great place for them to play. >> i think this is a great place for parents to go. you want your kids to be able to do things and play, but you also need to be able to function. >> a former information- technology professional creating this business that you can also spend a lot coming
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down. >> is he all these other kids interacting and then they begin to integrate themselves with everyone. >> the cost is $8 per child plus food and beverages. >> our kids need a place to visit safe and we as adults need a place that's safe and fun for us. >> unlimited talk time is free. >> it's nice. at least you could sleep as i had consumers. in a little bridge to san francisco and the very serious issue that commemorates. >> this weekend's triple digit hit he is a thing of the past but we will tell you when to
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it's unbelievable how those pictures drop today. >> out to the rescue. they tell toward the coast guard would be without that. it has been increasing but continues to go back into the bed on the short-term. there is the immediate
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coastline out toward san francisco and san mateo. the transports have talked to the region and of the west wind. and there is that onshore breeze and we typically talk about this time of year. here's a review of yesterday's readings. you can see santa rosa, everyone going down a good 10 or 20, and 64 degrees this afternoon. a major draw for the dads out there on father's day. oakland at 66, livermore 96 and antioch in the mid- 90's officially this afternoon. forecast deadlines, fog will continue to push back. tomorrow, more cooling. we have something's warming up
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tuesday and wednesday and then go back down thursday and friday. overnight lows will be in the 50's, and this has been the case with high-pressure strengthening, and we have cooled off a good 10 or 20 degrees. and this was in for monday. once the system moves through, you warm up to temperatures by a and wednesday. and we took this picture from our website today. here we go with clouds first thing tomorrow morning. some leftover patch is right around ocean beach, pacifica and everyone continues to cool off work tomorrow. more 80's inland but no
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triple digits or 90's. san jose will go with 76 and san francisco write about 6 2 degrees. here's a look ahead at work by day forecast. temperatures cooler tomorrow, and by the way, summer begins tomorrow afternoon. next weekend will be completely different than this weekend, only in the 60's and 70s. >> thank you mark. >> folks, enjoy food, drinks and private music today. the street fair is held every year on gilmore street between geary blvd. and mcallister street. in addition to the great music and food there were arts and crafts booths and a healthcare. twiki is also celebrating the ending as later in the us. coming up, a player escapes
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good evening everyone and thanks for joining us sunday night edition of sports wrap. it seems every time the u.s. open comes to the olympic club, a dark post emerges late stages and pushes up in no victory. today, several champions all took a backseat to another younger. and finally, we'll olympic club weather showed


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