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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  June 18, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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cool at times. windy at times. highs today 50s, 60s, 70s and a few very, very low 80s. 50s and 60s and 70s and very low 80s. here is sal. >> steve, good morning. right now traffic is doing very well around the bay area as you can see from some of the pictures it is very nice drive on interstate 880 as you drive in oakland north and southbound. right near the coliseum. also this morning we are looking at the commute from marin county southbound 101 traffic off to a good early start. and the morning commute looks good in san jose and in the south bay northbound 280 is moving along pretty well. it's 4:30 let's go back not desk. >> we begin with overnight news from oakland. the chp is looking for suspects in a highway shooting. it happened shortly before 11:00 last night on 580 at fruitvale avenue. tara moriarty joins us now from the shooting scene. tara. >> we are right next to the freeway where the shooting
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happened. if you look off into the distance right on the freeway there right above fruitvale avenue is where it unfolded. police are done with their on scene investigation. the roadway is back open. emergency crews rushed the victim to the hospital last night where we are told he's in critical condition. it happened just before 11:00 last night on 580 eastbound. neighbhbors say they heard several rounds of gunfire and the screeching sound of a car peeling off. witnesses say that one man limped off the roadway and was heard telling police they just took my brother. the suspects were able to get away and the freeway was shut down until 2:30 this morning while detectives gathered evidence. traffic was backed up for more than three hours. we will stay on top of this and see where oakland police are heading in their investigations throughout the morning. we have no identification on the victim as of yet. if you heard or saw anything you are urged to contact the oakland police department. we have new information on a deadly weekend boating
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accident in the delta. that happened early saturday morning in the small town of holt just outside of stockton. three oakland men for fishing when their boat flipped over. one man survived. search teams found the body of one of the men. last night they found a second body but they cannot confirm it's the missing boater. his disappearance created a heartbreaking fathers day for his family. >> it's way too much for this to happen. like right now. i just spoke to my father. he was just here. he loves us all. he would not even call us for one day. he wouldn't do that to us. >> investigators say the three boaters were not wearing life jackets. >> this is our second similar incident within a week. we has one monday morning very similar. with a fatality as well. >> the coroner still has not identified the body found sat.
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the sheriffs department is inspecting the boat as they try to determine what went wrong. sacramento man is on his way to panama after being rescued from his sinking sailboat. 67-year-old max young says a whale hit his 50-foot long boat on tuesday. that knocked out the boats steering and bunched a long hole in the hall. his tried to patch the hole but water started sinking in. in an exclusive interview with ktvu the parents of the three-year-old girl that drowned in san mateo are describing their daughters short life. this is tatiana and her twin brother deshawn. he walked out of her parents apartment and crossed 50 feet of lagoon. >> it was very unfortunate but
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i believe now that she served her purpose in life. and now god called her home. >> the family says tatiana slipped out of the house even though the door and gate were locked. now they want a fence to be put up around the lagoon to prevent this from happening again. santa rosa police are investigating a gang related fight that broke out. a 40-year-old man and his 18- year-old daughter were hurt. a group of suspected gang members started -- in youth community park that is sat night when the 18-year-old daughter tried to intervene she was punched in the face. now police say her father tried to stop the assault and he was punched and kicked. both were treated at a hospital and released. one man has been arrested in connection with that fight. time now is 4:34. a leak at the conocophillips refinery has been capped. contra costa county officials
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say a 35-foot rupture in a 1.5 million-gallon tank allowed a sulfur smelling leak to spread to the surrounding areas on friday. people in benicia, martina all reported smelling the gas. the ethics commission will hear opening arguments tomorrow in the case involving suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi. mayor ed lee suspended mirkarimi from office after he pled guilty to false imprisonment with an incident involving his wife. the commission will make their recommendation to the board of supervisors which will have the final say on his job. a guy may have been trying to stop a fight right before he died. he was hit at 10:00 saturday night. witnesses say someone in a
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white suv hit the man and took off. the 19-year-old driver was detained and questioned but there is no word yet if any charges have been filed. the tragic death of a popular petaluma boy has brought one community together. 13-year-old trevor smith died friday morning while on his way to a birthday party at lake mendocino. the chp says he was killed while trying to help push a stranded car on to the side of the highway. yesterday there was a neighborhood fundraiser to provide financial and emotional support for the boy's devastated family. everyone remembers trevor as a happy, fun loving boy. >> he was a kid i was always like get him off the wall in the backyard. crazy and fun. he was really the kid. he was the life. >> organizers say yesterday's fundraiser raised mar than $2800. trevor's brothers hope to set up a wrestling camp in their
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brothers honor. autopsy is scheduled today for rodney king. he was found dead yesterday at the bottom of his swimming pool. what sources say king was doing before he died. >> right now it's 4:36. for the third morning in a row a group of protesting parents are waking up at oakland's lake view elementary school. the tents were set up on friday afternoon that was after a rally protesting the closure of the school. lake view is one of five scheduled to close because of budget cuts. the group says they stay at the school until the district reconsiders its decision. they are also thinking of starting imformal school for parents. possibly today. mt. diablo administrators will meet today. the board will approve deals with all of its unions to provide 3% one-time payments to reimburse employees for furlough days taken last year. they can appoint up to three
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elementary school principals and vice president and support administrator. today is the first test of the stretch of highway at tully road in san jose. crews added driving lanes, bicycle lanes and made sidewalk improvements. off ramps were also widened, traffic signals added. this portion of the freeway was built back in the 1950s and had not been improved since. the special olympics torch will wind through the bay area today. the law enforcement torch run begins at 7:15. at 9:30 the torch will be passed to livermore pd. mean-time the flame of hope torch run starts in san francisco union square. an hour later the bart police will start the torch on the run. the special olympic starts 59uc davis on friday. watch for the torch. cruising through, sal. 4:38 is the time.
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>> all right. that sounds exciting to me, pam. good morning, to you. it's 4:38. we are starting off the morning on a monday. doing pretty well. there is no major problems out there. looking at interstate 80 westbound that looks nice heading out to the mccarthur maze. also the morning commute looks good on interstate 80. right in front of the coliseum. it's a nice drive. northbound 280 getting up to highway 17 that is also looking good. a little bit of fog in some areas. nothing major for drivers just yet. let's go to steve. >> we have a big fog bank out there. moving local inland. sea breeze has kicked in a big way. cooling trend started yesterday coast and bay. even though inland locations were in the 90s. cooling trend begins mainly mid 50s on the temperatures. the low which was moving down the coast and gave thaws offshore wind and hot conditions on saturday has moved far enough away. we are getting a westerly
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breeze. it will eject toward us probably on wednesday night or thursday. this looks like a rather cool week. maybe a warmup tuesday and wednesday but nothing dramatic. fog, sun, cooler. windy at times. highs today 50s, 60s, and 70s. so 50s for some. 60s, and 70s. not much change tuesday into wednesday. here comes that system for big drop on the temps on thursday. kind of level off and it will be nice. >> all right, thank you. 4:40 is the time right now. president obama is joying the other leaders from the world's largest economies in mexico for a g20 summit. president obama arrived last night. the meetings will be held today and tomorrow. the european economy is at the top of the agenda. greek voters narrowly supported
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the democracy party and its leader. the new democracy party ran on a platform of supporting the bailout agreement greece agreed too earlier this year. a vote against the party could have forced him to leave the you are row -- forced greece to leave the euro currency. coming up on 4:41. it's week two of is the trial. >> plus more evacuation record everies as the wild fire grows in colorado. officials are worried about more than just the flames. >> if you are driving on 680 any time soon from pleasanton to fremont it's off to a nice start. we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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good morning. a lot of low clouds and fog has come roaring back along with a strong sea breeze. temperatures today settling in. 50s and 60s coast and bay. low 80s inland. in canada the investigation continues into what led to a stage collapse that killed a drum technician for the band radio head. scott johnson was killed while preparing for the band's show. a scaffold like structure collapsed. three other people were hurt. the sold out show was canceled.
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there will be an autopsy today for rodney king. the man's who's video tape beating led to riots in l.a. die yesterday morning. his fiance found him at the bottom of his swimming pool. tmz reports that king had been drinking all day. toxicology testing is expect to take 6-8 weeks. >> does it appear mr. king died of a drown something however the detective bureau is investigating the incident and when mr. king was removed from the pool, there was no obvious signs of trauma. >> now a 1991 amateur camera man record four white police officers hitting king more than 50 times with batons. at the trial three of the officers were acquitted. now riots cause more than 50 deaths and $1 billion in damage following that. king was 47 years old. jerry sandusky could present his side of the story today.
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the defense has suggested sandusky may take the stand. now they may also call in an expert saying he has a personality disorder. his wife is another potential witness. prosecutors could rest their case today. several alleged abuse victims testified last week that sandusky the former penn state former assistant football coach sexually abused them years ago. sandusky denies their allegations. the jury will resume deliberations in the roger clemens trial this morning. jurors are expected to restart at 6:00 a.m.. the jury deliberated for 3.5 hours last wednesday. clemens is charged with lying to congress when he denied using steroids or human growth hormones. if convicted he likely faces 15- 21 months in prison. time is 4:46. more evacuations have been ordered for northern colorado as strong winds fuel that high park fire. the fire burning 15 miles west of fort collins is being called
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the states most distrucktive -- destructive. it's about 45% contained at this point. 1600 firefighters have been brought in to battle that fire. now additional police officers are being brought in to prevent lewding. >> we also have extra robing patrols to watch property up here. unfortunately people are in there that shouldn't have been. >> in new mexico the little bear fire has burned more than 40,000 acres and destroyed 240 homes. despite the property loss, firefighters say they are fortunate no one has died or suffered serious injury there is. lightning strikes are being blamed for starting both of those fires. calm overnight conditions helped crews get in front of a wild fire in san diego county. the old fire began west of campo yesterday afternoon. as of last night the fire was
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zero percent contained. it had destroyed one structure. in egypt the muslim brotherhood has declared its candidate won the presidential election there. the muslim brotherhood candidate was 52% of the vote. he ran against a former prime minister to hosni mubarak the egyptian leader that was forced out. final results are expected to be announced on thursday. today republican presidential candidate mitt romney visits wisconsin as part of his five-day bus tour. he is criticizing president obama's policy to allow young illegal immigrants to stay in the u.s.. the presidents plan would halt the deportation of illegal children that came to the u.s. with their parents and meet
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certain requirements. >> what the president did, he should have worked on this years ago if he felt seriously about this he should have taken action when he had the democrat house and senate, but he didn't. he saves these sort of things until 4.5 months before the general election. >> but an advisor to president obama's campaign says this is not a political move. he says it's a reaction to republican failure to pass the dream act which romney said he's against. china joined the elite space program early this morning. the spacecraft which carries a crew of three including the first woman in space docked with an unmanned space laboratory. it makes the first to have a piloted spacecraft dock with another craft in space. the u.s. did it 46 years ago. the space flight is considered a key step to china billing its own space station by 2020. microsoft is acting a lot
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like apple. they have scheduled a major announcement for this afternoon in los angeles but won't reveal the exact time or location until later this morning. and it's not releasing any information about the topic. but several sources report microsoft will introduce a new tablet. it will use the same class of ships as the ipad. microsoft is not commenting on that. it's almost 4:50. trapped under a dresser for nearly four days. how an oregon woman was registration -- was rescued after an a moving accident.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. 4:52 is the time right now.
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an oregon woman is recovering. that is after spending nearly four days trapped under a dresser. neighbors asked sheriffs deputies to check on the 67- year-old woman on friday after they realized they haven't seen her for several days. deputies forced their way into their home and found her pinned underneath the dresser. she was trying to remove it when it fell on top of her. she suffer injuries to both of her legs and was taken to the hospital. she is recovering at a friends home. web simpson is the newest winner at the u.s. golf. he spot a two under 68 at the final round and then had to wait to see if his score would hold up. they watched graeme mcdowell miss a birdie putt. >> i never wrapped my mind around winning. this place is so demanding and so all i was concerned about was keeping the ball in front
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of me and trying to make par. >> tiger woods tied at bottom of the leader board but inned up finishing tied for 21st. he will also be remembered in his first major win for strange moment during his trophy presentation. [ laughter ] >> that was a fan dressed in a union knit cap. he jumped in front of the camera and youd like a bird as bob interview simpson. he continued the interview. later he didn't know if that was just part of the deal. part of the show. we have complete coverage of the u.s. open on and that includes pictures from the entire tournament. if you want to relive that, 4:54 is the time. how is traffic this morning, sal? >> it's good. it's monday. we are trying to ease back into it, pam. right now we are doing pretty
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well. let's take a look at what we have now. traffic is doing pretty well if you are driving around the bay. starting off on 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. it is a nice drive. also the commute looks good if you are driving on interstate 880 in oakland. and 580 has been reopened. hayward union city, fremont that traffic looks good. contra costa county highway 4 we're off to a good start there. enthen on 80 westbound between pi fell and richmond it looks good. let's go to steve. >> thank you. if you like cooler weather the weather looks good too after a really hot weekend. santa rosa 103. city is 86. livermore 106. holy cow. these will be the temperatures today. 60s, 70s and one 80.
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and you can see why west 25, fairfield, southwest 15 at vacaville. it's all out of a sea breeze direction. 50s on the temps. maybe one 60 mountain view. system that brought us the low went right offshore. now that is backtracked so far away it has allowed winds to turn from northeast to west. fog, sun, cooler windy at times. temperatures will be in the 60s and 70s for many today. few 50s on the coast. maybe very, very low 80s well inland. now clear lake and ukiah still warm to hot. san rafael 72. richmond 64. 84 antioch. brent wood 77. 64 alameda. 75 san jose. low 80s santa clara valley. 50s and 60s on the coast and a lot of low 70s on the peninsula. fog, sun, mild not much change
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tuesday and wednesday. that low ejects over us. that will bring a big cool down for everyone. it looks very seasonal on the weekend. >> thank you, steve. it is the final day of the x-factor taping in oakland. today judges britney spears, des moines knee will be back at the oracle arena. we just checked the website and there are still tickets available to watch the taping. coming up on 5:00 now oakland parents camping out to keep their kids school open. it does not stop with the tents. the actions they are now considering. >> plus a police investigation in the middle of a bay area freeway. the violent understand accident that forced police to shut -- the violent incident that forced police to shut down 580 overnight.
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oakland police need your help in trying to catch the people responsible for a freeway shooting. what the victims brother said immediately after the incident. >> parents, teachers, students and supporters are all staked out here saying they will not leave million the school is reopened. >> a new development in the deadly boating accident. the discovery made overnight that could permanently stop the


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