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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 18, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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we're live in oakland where we're learning more information about a man who was shot while driving on a freeway. we'll tell you where it happened. three big fires have created one big problem for the red cross. live coverage from san mateo county. and students, parents and
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supporters are sitting behind that sign because they want things to change. and his beating by police triggered one of the worse riots in american history. how the coroner is now investigating the death of rodney king and we'll take you live to southern california. "mornings on 2" begins right now. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's monday, june 18th. we begin with overnight news, gunfire that happened last night at 11:00 on interstate 580 and fruitvale avenue. tara moriarty just got information and joins us live from the shooting scene. >> reporter: good morning. sources close to the investigation say the victim was shot in the neck as he was driving on the freeway that you see behind me here.
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it's unknown if this incident is gang-receipt late -- gang- related. is all unfolded right above fruitvale avenue. emergency crews rushed to the hospital with the victim last night. we're told he's in critical condition but is expected to survive. neighbors say they heard several rounds of gunfire, then the screeching sound of a car speeding off. witnesses say one man livermoreed off the roadway and was -- limped off the roadway and said they took my car. the freeway was shut down for three hours. traffic was backed up as you can imagine. the victim was not -- has not been identified as of yet.
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police are look, to any information that they might -- might be helpful to them. back to you. >> thank you, tara. [chanting] greek voters narrowly supported the conservative's new democracy party and its leader. the new democracy party ran on a platform supporting the bailout deal. a vote against the party could have forced greece to leave the euro currency. today, the lead begins a work of forming a coalition government. here is a live look at the market. the dow is down as initial enthusiasm over a victory for pro-bailout parties was overshadowed by rising spanish and italian bond yield.
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taking a look at the dow, it's down. and president obama and leaders are meeting in los cabos. coming up, the side meeting that president obama is evacuate with one of the word leaders today that has a lot riding on it. tomorrow, the san francisco ethics commission begins their hearing into suspended san francisco sheriff ross mirkarimi. mayor ed lee suspended mirkarimi from office after mirkarimi pled guilty to merchandise false -- merchandise false imprisonment. the commission will make their recommendation to the board of supervisors which will have the final say. happening right now for the third morning in a row, a group of parents are waking up at oakland's lakeview elementary
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school. ktvu's paul chambers is there as well talking to the protesters about why they are refusing to leave. paul? >> good morning, dave. indeed, they are waking up. i can see a couple are having coffee. take a look at the signs here they've posted, asking for people to support this school closure. there's banners up there. that's where the kids and parents are sleeping. they are asking for support. >> i'm trying to stand up for kids and students and others who don't have a voice so we can stop the damage that we're doing to our children in our society here. >> reporter: here is a look at the signs. where the supporters are sleeping. they held a cookout and began to protest. this is one of four schools
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that oakland decided to close. they say -- another man we spoke to said he wants the district to leave the resources in the neighborhood. >> we're not funding the community schools and this is a great community school which the district basic starved of funding and now that they are closing as well as the other ones because any want the building in order to convert them to charter schools. >> reporter: now, here is a live look at the grand lake theater asking to give support for the sit-in. the lakeview will be sent to others and the 14 teachers will be sent elsewhere. we'll have a press conference brought to you at 10:00.
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paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you,. several school districts are offering free meals. in oakland kids can get breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. the program will start today and it will continue until august 17th. there's no program requirements. parents in east san jose are declaring a middle school crisis. they say schools in the franklin mckinley and alum rock districts are underperforming and are not safe for the students. now they've joined the group people acting together and they wantfullies to come up with more -- want officials to come up with more options. now, p.a.c.t. plans to meet with officials tonight. more than 100 officials are rejecting cut for the library system. the head of the library
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surveyed to see if they preferred closing more libraries or just ten and keeping the staff. berke has already reduced its library spending by 12%. it lost 70 of its 400 library professionals. all right. coming up on 7:08. we want to check in with sal, keeping a close eye on the monday morning commute. how is the toll plaza looking? >> it's pretty crowded, especially in the middle of june here. westbound bay bridge backed up to 880. that's about a 15-minute delay. it's not like this -- it's not light this morning. metering lights are on. so you'll be waiting for a while and make it on the bridge. also looking at 237, getting more -- getting more crowded as you cross and try to get in the valley. 101 northbound, it's gonna be busier as you drive past 880.
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if you are drive on the peninsula, 101 or 280 is about the same. and then across the bay, hayward southbound traffic slows as you come down to win ton avenue and head down to a minor crash southbound 880 near ail vau -- alvarado. 7:08. let's go to steve. a big sea breeze. big fog bank, a howling sea breeze. temperatures were in the 100s two days ago were in the 70s. there will still be some locations well inland and they will probably be in the 80s. but for the most part, it will be in the 60s and 70s. these were the temperatures on saturday. 103 in santa rosa. 86, san francisco. livermore 106. i think vacaville was 107 or 108. these will be the temperatures ta. this is downtown santa rosa, 73. the city, 63. livermore, 80 and san jose down
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to 75 degrees. coastal fog, drizzle. 5 to 10 drizzle. coast came down yesterday, the bay will be in the 60s today and the trend will be kind of -- we might level off, maybe a slight warmer, nothing dramatic or anything. and there looks to be a significant cooldown. 33 at fairfield. i've seen gusts to 53 miles an hour. it's all a sea breeze direction. mainly 60s on the temperatures. 61 degrees for moffet. the low to the southwest of us on saturday, giving us the north-northeast wind is so far away the wind has turned westerly. that's allowing that -- allowing that cooler breeze too kick in. 50, 60s, 70s. there could still be a few 80s or 90s but those 90s up towards lake county. 74 novato, petaluma, 73.
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kentfield, 73. fairfield, 79. antioch/brentwood. that's the tough one. for other areas like concord, walnut creek it will be cooler. 75, san jose to 8 -- to 78 saratoga. up 07 san mateo, 50s pacifica. -- up 70 san mateo, 50s, pacifica. slight warmup inland. not a big deal but that will be well inland. a big cooldown on thursday. we'll take it into what looks to be a sunny, breezy weekend. why israel says it carried out an air strike in the gaza strip. and what san francisco's mayor did to reach a two-year deal with 26 unions. temper, temper. how a brief outburst caused a tennis player to lose a championship and now police are investigating.
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low clouds and fog have come roaring back. so that means cooler for everybody today. kind of a breezy, cool day for many. 50, 60s, coast and bay. 70s and now looks to be more low on the inland -- row 8 -- low 80s inland. saturday night after the annual low rider club car show there was trouble. the trouble began when a 40- year-old man got into a heated argument with a member of a local street gang. that triggered a bigger fight that led to several injuries, including the man and his teenaged daughter. the low riders club said the fights were not directly connected to the car show. 7:14. new this morning, the israeli military carried out an air strike against suspected palestinian militants in the northern gaza strip. now, palestinian medical officials say those men were killed in the air strike as they were riding a motorcycle.
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>> the attack happened shortly after the militants infiltrate -- infiltrated militants from egypt. this is egypt and the muslim brotherhood has declared its candidate won the presidential looks there -- elections there. the returns are showing that muhammed morsi had 51% of the vote compared to mubarak. the final results of the lightnings are scheduled to be -- elections are scheduled to be announced on thursday. [ sound of gunfire ] the united nations wants both sides to allow the evacuation of endangered women, children, elderly and sick from the city of homs along with
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other combat zones. so far, neither syrian troops or rebels are willing to hold their fire to let the civilians leave. increased security in afghanistan has been bad news for poppy farmers this year. coalition leaders say the opium poppy crop is 40% smaller this year compared to last year. coalition leaders say they expect to see a 6% decline in cultivation in the coming year. experts say insurgents are supported by revenues. 7:16. well, president obama tried to head off a deeper deeper global recession at this week's g-20 summit in mexico. alison burns in our washington, d.c. newsroom to tell us the message for the world's biggest economies. alison? >> reporter: dave, president obama is calling for more action to stimulate economic growth. here is a look at his arrival last night in los cabos,
7:17 am
mexico. he's using meetings with world leaders to make an urgent prefor more -- plea for more stability in the european economy. this is a way to revive the economy, he says, white house officials say the stakes are very high for the u.s. as well. >> what we expect to see at los cabos is european leaders articulating how they are gonna move toward on that eskate lating their response to the -- escalating their response to the crisis. >> reporter: there's still a lot of uncertainty. president obama also has a high- stakes meeting with vladimir putin. the reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:17. well, today, republican presidential candidate mitt romney goes to wisconsin. it's part of a five-day bus tour. romney is criticizing president
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obama 'policy to allow some young illegal immigrants to stay in the u.s. he calls it a politically motivated decision in an election year. the president's plan to wop -- would stop the deportation of immigrant children who came to the u.s. with their parents and they meet certain requirements. >> what the president did, he should have worked on this years ago. he didn't exact soon enough and he saves these things until four and a half months before the general election. >> an adviser to president obama's campaign says this is not a political move. it's a reaction to republican failure to pass the dream act which romney has said he's against. 7:18. hundreds of jobs are on the chopping block as a budget battle keeps in san mateo county. county leaders will meet to discuss ways to save money tolling the construction of a
7:19 am
jail and other -- to the construction of a jail and other facilities. san francisco mayor ed lee has reached labor agreements with 6 unions. the city controller's office says about 18,000 city and county workers will get a combined pay raise of $41 million over the next two years. they will also get a 3% cost of living adjustment in two years. 7:19. changes are being recommended to help save whales near a san francisco bay. two marine advisory councils want to change the shipping lanes where hump back whales have been cited. and they want to work with port authorities to produce ship noise. some residents of vacaville, squawking about
7:20 am
vacaville's restrictions on where people can have pet chickens. those chickens coulding take -- could be taken from them under the current zoning laws. they have to live on one acre of land to own any chickens. but most homes are on smaller lots. so the critics plan to go to next week's city council meeting to ask that the law be changed. 7:20. zach osbourne, the son of ozzy osbourne has multiple sclerosis. in an interview with "people" magazine, the 26-year-old says he was diagnosed just two weeks after his fiance gave birth to their daughter. he says he's angry, frustrated and concerned about this diagnosis means for his new family. multiple sclerosis affects the brain and spinal cord and can result in disability. an assault charge has been filed against a tennis player.
7:21 am
david was leading in the queens final. he got angry and kicked an advertising board. a piece of the board cut off cut part of one of the official's leg. police are investigating. you know how hot it was. >> yes. >> saturday was unbelieve an. look out our window right now. this is what it looks like right now. the changes is coming. also, trapped under a dresser for nearly four days. how an oregon woman was rescued after a moving accident -- av a moving accident -- after a moving accident.
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7:24. sal's back. how is highway 24 doing? >> it's doing okay. i want to show you this right now. although it's getting a little bit slower in la fayette. not stop and go. 680 nearby, getting a little bit slow and, of course, highway 4, the slowest traffic is in antioch. it's now getting slow in bay point. speaking of slow, it's been pretty slow. kind of surprising for mid-
7:25 am
june, it's backed up to the 80 overcrossing. this morning, speaking of 880, southbound there is slow traffic there heading down to a crash in union city. southbound. it's on the shoulder already. you might see some slow traffic as a result of that if you are driving there and we look at the south bay. the slowest traffic is 101 northbound near 880. let's go to steve. we have a lot of slow loud in place. it came back to the coast. it was there and started that sea breeze. there is a lot towards the north bay and also on the coast. temperatures will continue to come down and really the key is the sea breeze right there at travis, right there. 33, gusting to 39-miles an hour. that's just roaring through there. concord says calm. just depending upon your location, not much freeze -- breeze, fog or sun. 50s an 60s on the -- and 60sen
7:26 am
the temperature -- 50s and 60s on the temperatures. it will start to come back toward us. today, fog, sun, cooler. sunny for some, there will still be a couple of 90s. clearlake, depending upon what part of lake county you are in, it could be anywhere from 86 to 90. 85, antioch. oakland, antioch, santa clara, 75, 70 san mateo, 66 san bruno, 58 daly city and 62 in the city. thursday a big cooldown for everybody. breezy conditions, a far cry this week compared to last week. 7:26. well, it was his brutal beating that led to deadly los angeles riots more than two decades ago. what police are now saying about yesterday's death of
7:27 am
rodney king. >> reporter: there have been three apartment fires in san mateo county in the past two weeks. we just got an update from the red cross about the number of people displaced by these fires. it's more than 100 people. coming up, we'll tell you what the agency is doing to fine find -- to find housing for everyone. really?
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redwood city police now blame an arsonist for a fire last wednesday. fires in the last two weeks have forced so many out of their homes. ktvu channel 2 reporter allie rasmus is live now to explain the reason for this and what they are doing about it. good morning, allie. >> reporter: good morning. we just got an update for the number of people displaced. there have been three fires in san mateo in the last two weeks, a total 137 people have been displaced. one of the fires happened here 234 the building behind us. this is in read redwood city. the flames here spread an reached across this driveway. you can see on the balcony on
7:31 am
the other side of the driveway. in the latest update from the red cross this morning, a total of 32 people who lived in this building can't go back home. they are saying in hotels and motels in the meantime. the red cross says so far everyone has a roof over their heads but, again, they are worried about running out of hotel space. one of the displaced residents came to check on his house. since this happened, he's been living in a hotel. >> especially right now to find some place to rent. >> with a 2-month-old? >> yes. >> reporter: now, over the weekend, the red cross responded to another apartment fire at the north park aunt complex in burlingame. the red cross says 76 people were displaced in that fire. some of them had to sleep in the clubhouse. the red cross was running out
7:32 am
of space in the hotels and motels it usually contracts with. now that the u.s. open is other, the apple conference is done and graduation weekend is behind us. they are feeling better about this housing crunch subsiding a little bit. live in redwood city, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. thank you, allie. more evacuations have been ordered for northern colorado as strong winds fuel the high park fire. the fire is burning 15 miles west of fort collins. and it's being called the state's most districtive with almost t -- with almost 200 homes already destroyed. so far, the fire is 45% contained. 1600 firefighters have been brought in to battle the fire. now additional police officers are being brought in to prevent looting. >> roving, extra roving patrols to watch property because unfortunately there's people in
7:33 am
there that shouldn't have been. >> in new mexico, the little bear fire has destroyed homes. firefighters say they are fortunate nobody has died or suffered serious injuries. lightning strikes are being blamed for those fires. and in southern california, full containment of the highland fire is expected tonight. the fire is burning in beaumont. it started on saturday. it quickly spread to 2200 acres. right now, the fire is 70% contained. so far no reports of damages or injuries. no word on what started this fire. so far, the old fire in san diego has burned more than 800 acres and 150 homes have been convicted. coming up at 8:10, we'll go live to the fire line for the latest on the effort to contape those flames. 7:33. there's new information about a deadly weekend boating accident
7:34 am
in the delta. it happened early saturday morning in the small town of holtz outside of stockton. three oakland men were fishing when their boat flipped over. one man survived. search teams found the body of a man saturday afternoon and last night they found a second body, but they still have not confirm that it's a missing boater. you can imagine, his disappearance made it a heartbreaking day for his family, yesterday, father's day. >> right now, it's -- i just spoke to my father. he was just here. he would not calls for one day. he wouldn't do that to us -- he would not not call us for one day. he wouldn't do that to us. >> there's an.message -- an
7:35 am
important message here. >> life jackets. there were life jackets floating. they do you know food unless you are wearing them. 67-year-old max young says a whale hit his 50-foot long boat on tuesday that knocked out the boat's steering. it also punched a big hole in the hull. he tried to patch up the hull but the water was leaking in real fast. an emergency beacon brought in the coast guard. there will be an autopsy today on rodney king, the man whose beating was made public. he died and bob decastro is live with more. >> reporter: good morning, dave. this is about an hour outside
7:36 am
of los angeles. you can see there's police here as the death into rodney death continues. police are still considering this an accidental drowning but they are awaiting those autopsy results which they will exa tight today. the toxicology report is what he -- is what they are specifically looking for. the 911 call made about 5:30 yesterday morning by rodney king's fiance, cynthia kelly. she said she had been talking to rodney king outside their back glass door when she heard a big splash and she went outside and found him at the bottom of the -- bottom of the pool. she cannot jim -- swim. she called 911. police arrived. they pulled him out. he was brought to the hospital and pronounced dead. rodney king, by the way, an
7:37 am
avid swimmer. the neighbors heard a lot of noise the night before, crying. rodney king had been known to swim even at that hour, and that was nothing unusual. this is the 20th anniversary of the riots. rodney king just published "the riot within." he said he suffered nightmares about that night but finally forgave the officers. he is survived by his three children who were here yesterday and an autopsy is being determined to try to -- is being done to try to determine the cause of death. back to you. if you live in san francisco, the m.t.a. plans to give you more tickets to make up for the deficit. they plan to hire more enforcement officers to track down on parking violenters. the mta -- violaters. they hope to make an extra $6
7:38 am
million with the ticks they are -- with the tickets they are handing out. crews added driving -- added driving lanes, bicycle lines. offramps were widened and traffic signals added. this portion of the freeway was built in the 1950s and has not been improved since. 7:38. i don't know if you know it, one of the top photographers taking pictures of the u.s. open was that man, sal castanedo. >> had a little fun with the camera and also had fun watching these -- what a tough course this is. let's go out and take a look, speaking of tough. i don't know -- i don't think you are gonna like some of these commutes. 237 getting tough. there's always the bay bridge. we'll have some commutes out there that are not doing well.
7:39 am
westbound 237. even beyond the spot all the way do -- all the way to 101. isn't this supposed to be a june light commute? not today. northbound 880. traffic looks okay in oakland heading closer to downtown. you will see some slowing. and oakland, it's backed up almost all the way out to the maze. san francisco, tough traffic on 101 and on the peninsula, that looks okay. some slow traffic getting into the silicon valley. let's go to steve. after what was a scorcher for a saturday temperature, across the board, a big fog bank has come back. it's starting to burn off for some, san jose is already mostly sunny. but this low cloud deck is in place. temperatures on saturday were up there. oh, boy were they up there. i will tell you, everyone is
7:40 am
struggling. 103 in san francisco. 86 in san francisco. the 98. today's temperatures are coming way down. 60s, 70s and even 80s for livermore. but 62 in the city. 73 will be in downtown santa rosa. coastal fog, maybe some drizzle. but probably later in the week. sunday started to drop but it was still hot for some inland. a little warmer inland. tuesday, wednesday but not a big deal. west-southwest, 3 out of travis -- 33 out of travis. 50s on the temperatures or very, very low 60s but they are kind of stuck in the cloud cover. the low will be back. it will start to eject toward us as another low drops in the pacific most. that will be on thursday. today, fog, sun, cooler. sunny, mild for some. really on the much cooler side,
7:41 am
especially over towards the coast and bay. we'll go from 50s to 90s. it's that kind of pattern. once you get the heat, it's tough to break it. unless you -- you don't get a sea breeze, but for many 70s and 80s. the temperatures are coming down. not a problem. 80 pleasanton after yesterday's 90. morgan hill, 80. santa clara, cupertino, 68 santa cruz. 50s, 60s on the coast in the city. south san francisco and low os for most. maybe a slight warmup for those inland. there's the big cooldown on thursday. friday, sunny and breezy. and it looks like a comfortable weekend. 7:41. a 3-year-old girl drowns in the lagoon just 50 feet from her san mateo home.
7:42 am
what the young girl's family told us in an exclusive interview. and the accusers have spoken. now it's jersey sandusky's attorneys' turn to decide who they will call to the witness stand. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] go from being on the road to being on vacation. hilton honors. the guest loyalty program
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despite yesterday, both spain and italy are in focus and will require international help if they can't convince bond investors they are sound. the dow is down 13. the nasdaq is up 6. s&p down 1.5. this afternoon, microsoft
7:45 am
has scheduled a major announcement but it's not releasing any information about what is planned. it's even waiting until later this morning to announce the exact location of the announcement. we just checked microsoft's website. facebook is offering to give $10 million to charity to settle a lawsuit by five. social network's users. they claim their privacy was violented after facebook used their photos in ads without their permission. rielle hunter, who became john edwards' mistress, has written a tell-all book. now in her book, hunter says when she first met edwards
7:46 am
years ago, he told her he had several mistresses. later he said she only said that so she wouldn't get attached. hunter said she decided to right the book for the daughter she had with john edwards. 7:45. happening now, jerry sandusky may take the stand in his child sex abuse stand today. the defense has suggested, the assistant football coach may testify on his own behalf. his wife may be called as a defense witness. prosecutors could rest their case today. several alleged abuse victims testified last week that sandusky sexually asauced -- sex orbier a -- sexually abused
7:47 am
them. jurors clubbed last week in the -- last met last week in the roger clemens is case. if he's convict -- roger clemens' case. if convicted, he cases jail time. the parents of a 3-year-old girl are calling for safety improves of a their -- after their -- improvements after their daughter drowned at a lagoon. here's a photo of her, tatiana. saturday afternoon, she slipped out of her parents' apartment and walked across the lawn to this nearby lagoon. that's where she was found unresponsive. her parents are calling for some type of barrier to be put up. >> i hope this wasn't in vain.
7:48 am
say to -- i would -- i would hate to see anybody else go through what we did. >> her parents say they are as peace with what happened. it must have been her time to go. scott johnson was killed on saturday while preparing for the band's snow a toronto park. a structure collapsed. three other people were injured. that soldout con cert was canceled. 7:48. the result of the greek election boosted the price of crude oil. this morning, oil was selling for $85 barrel. analysts say what they are calling a relief rally. tehran faces an oil embargo at the beginning of next month. bay area drivers are
7:49 am
getting relief at the price reduction. in oakland and san jose, it's selling for a little more than $4 a gallon. as usual, san francisco is the highest. santa rosa has the low elf average at 3.99 a gallon. there is an unexpected sign the overall u.s. economy is getting better. the price of used cars is starting to fall. a report for used cars troped about 2%. that's because -- dropped about 2%. that's because people are starting to buy new cars again. when the economy was worse, people were opting to fix up their old cars again. there a proposal to build a wind turbine on top of the observation death at the cliff
7:50 am
house. some worry this 31-foot turbine would be an eyesore but others say it's a terrific environmentally-friendly idea. >> i think it's a good thing. it generates free electricity. >> well, the national park service which owns the cliffhouse says the turbine would generate enough electricity to run the gift shop. look at this captured on video, minnesota, you don't see this often. funnel clouds as -- as they are forming. this is from wheaton near the south dakota state line. the national weather service received reports of two tornadoes touching down yesterday. the storms brought hail. trees were uprooted, power lines were knocked down and several buildings were damaged. >> all right. he may be remembered as the
7:51 am
birdman of the u.s. open. >> i you -- i knew that -- i knew -- also, the hazmat situation in the east bay that lasted all weekend.
7:52 am
7:53 am
this family-friendly movie stayed on top for the second weekend in a row. also the sci-fi adventure stayed number two. that kept rock of ages with tom cruise, catherine zeta-jones, alex baldwin no better than third place. well, the special olympics torch is being carried around the bay area right now.
7:54 am
the law enforcement torch run is making its way through new arc and fremont at 9:30 this morning, the torch will be passed to livermore police. that's also when the flame of hope torch run will begin in san francisco's union square. and then an hour later, b.a.r.t. police will start the torch on a run to the castro valley and bayfair stations. special olympics will be held at uc davis on friday. hazardous material teams have capped a leak in rodeo. contra costa county officials say a 35-foot rupture in a 1.5 million tank allowed a sulfur smelling leak to spread to the areas on friday. residents in benicia, martinez could smell the gas. ten people reported nausea and breathing problems during the leak. 7:54.
7:55 am
the 26-year-old, ceremonyson, won the u.s. open. he to wait in the clubhouse to see if his score would hold up. he waited in the locker room with his wife and watched graham miss the birdie putt that would send the open to a playoff today. >> i told myself don't get too excited, don't try to win. have you to go out there and try to make pars. that's kind of what i did. tiger woods was tied -- tiger woods was tied at the top of the leaderboard but ended up finishing tied. there was a strain -- there was a strange interruption in the middle of the trophy presentation. >> i knew that -- i knew that -- >> that was a little weird. a fan dressed in a cap jumped in front and crowed as the man
7:56 am
pulled away, simpson said he wasn't sure if the interruption was part of the deal. we have complete coverage of the u.s. open at that includes pictures of the entire tournament. let's check in with sal. let's go out and ache -- let's take a look at -- duncan is not wearing a british cap. let's take a lack at 237 westbound. you can see it's a little bit slow as you drive out there. this has been slow all -- this has been slow all the way out to 101. taking a look at the commute if you are driving on the 880, there is a large backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. san francisco to the maps we go. northbound 101, getting busy up to downtown.
7:57 am
today's weather with steve. i snow san jose saw the cloud deck burn off. there you see. west-southwest, 33. that's fairfield. it's rather solid on the coast. 50s, 60s. livermore is out of the gate at 62. temperatures will be noticeably cooler today. a little warmup tuesday/wednesday. so fog, sun, cooler, temperatures really coming back in to 60s, 70s and 80s. still well, well inland when you get the heat, it's tough to break. here's the big cooldown as the low comes right over us. and then another one is going to settle in on the coast. 60s 0l, 70s -- 60s, 70s for almost everyone by the weekend. a 10-year-old girl rushes
7:58 am
to help another -- another girl in danger. how her heroic actions landed her in the hospital. >> reporter: we're live in oakland where violence erupts on a freeway. we'll tell you why police need your help in solving this crime. >> reporter: this school behind me was closed by oakland unified. new an hour from now -- but in an hour from now, they say they will reopen. i will explain when "mornings on 2" continues. ♪ chevron's been here in california for 133 years. we work hard. we support 1 in 200 jobs in the state. we support each other. and we spent over $450 million dollars with local small businesses last year. and, together, we can keep this... we're committed. ...the great state of california. committed to california. ♪
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8:00 am
good morning. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm it -- i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. the chp still searching for suspects in a shooting last night, one that shot dune an oakland freeway. this happened just before 11:00 on interstate 580 on fruitvale avenue. tara moriarty is back now and you found out more about the victim's injuries. >> reporter: well, sources close to the investigation tell us this man was shot in the neck while drive okay this freeway. those headlights are 580 and. it's just above fruitvale avenue. emergency crews rushed the
8:01 am
victim to the hospital last night. we're told he's in critical condition but expected to survive. before 11:00 last night, neighbors say they heard gunshots and then a car speeding off. the suspects got away. the freeway was shut down the victim was not -- has not been identified yet. if you saw anything you are urged to contact the police department. a group of parents is
8:02 am
refusing to leave the ground of oakland's school. they've been camped out on friday, protesting the closure of this school. paul chambers is at the school now where in about two hours the group is plan okay holding a press conference. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning. you can take a look behind my shoulder and see the parents are gathering there. these are parents and supporters who have staked their claim on the lakeview campus. they have signs out here asking for support from the community. now, they basically say they would like the superintendent to change his mind about closing this school or else. >> he needs to reopen these schools. if he doesn't, we would prefer that he resign. >> last year in a 5-2 vote, it was voted to close the school. protesters saturday --
8:03 am
protesters saturdayed the sit- in. the 300 students at lakeview are being sent to other schools and the group plans to have an informal summer program started at 9:00. they will have the protests at 10:00. we also talked to them about local support. businesses out here who have been giving them food, we're staying on top of that also. they say it's will be a -- they also say it will be a wait-and- see situation. the mt. diablo school district expected to approve union contracts. the deals could reimburse
8:04 am
employees for furlough days taken last year. the tragic death of a popular petaluma boy has brought one community together. trevor smith died friday morning while on his way to a birthday party. he was killed pushing a stranded car onto the side of the highway. yesterday, there was a neighborhood fund-raiser to provide support for the boy's kev devastated -- devastated family. >> i didn't know these people but trevor did. organizers say yesterday's fund- raiser raised more than $00. they now hope to -- $2800. they now hope to set up a wrestling camp in their brother's honor. police say a girl spotted a
8:05 am
boy riding in traffic near core's landing scad and -- near scores avenue. purr there was an accident and the driver is not facing charges. 8:05. we want to check in with sal. i think a lot of people are still talking about what happened on thursday with b.a.r.t. and how crazy the traffic was. >> that's right. when -- and by the way, i'm
8:06 am
glad you mentioned that. b.a.r.t. has had some minor delays. still much better than thursday when we had no service. kind of a big crowd at the toll plaza now. it's backed up. it has been pretty busy but nothing like we had on thursday. this is a normal busy -- you know, 15, 20 minutes at most waiting here. and then you -- and then you get on the bridge. we had hour delays, hour and a half. that kind -- it was much better than it was last week. 880 northbound, that seems to be doing pretty well. northbound as you drive up high street and head up to downtown. the morning commute in san francisco is too foggy to show you. peninsula, the busiest traffic is redwood city, and as we move the maps, a little bit of slow traffic from orinda to oakland.
8:07 am
let's go to steve. sol areas are already sunny. there is a definite breeze in place. temperatures, which with just cooking on saturday, that's what everyone is talking about to me, the temperatures on saturday. santa rosa, 103. the city, 86. san jose, 98 and today they come way down. 0s by the -- 60s by the coast. the airport run as little bit slower. coastal fog. inland temperatures continue to come down. cooling trend formen many. probably level off tuesday and wednesday. west-southwest 33 at travis. they've had gusts to 39 miles per hour. it looks like a much cooler day. santa rosa west at 3 and overcast. 52 still there.
8:08 am
some -- a couple of 60s. livermore one and also mountain view. but a lot of 50s in locations upper 60s and 70s a couple of days ago. below that gave us the offshore breeze. it's now a retrograde that's turned the wind more westerly. that's allowed the door to come open. on the for many. 70s for many. fremont low 70s. 50s and 60s on much of the
8:09 am
coast and also in the city. well, i'm gonna -- there we go. fog, sun, mild. a little warmer inland. tuesday/wednesday, it looks like a breezy and actually a cool-to-mild weekend. a pretty strange response to a deer attack. why a marin county man wants to go to court. and a strong message from the vice president. and the leaders of the summit are meeting in mexico. why there's some sighs of relief. ♪
8:10 am
8:11 am
♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] go from being on the road to being on vacation. hilton honors. the guest loyalty program with over thirty-eight hundred hotels worldwide.
8:12 am
we have a traffic problem on the nimitz freeway. southbound 880. just reported it a few minutes ago. the chp says this could be blocking lanes for a little bit, although it does not appear, at least not for now, it doesn't seem if anyone is injured. we're just getting details on it. an unusual slowdown, which is one of those things that you really hate. normally it's not bad at this time heading south but this morning, leaving oakland, i would say dave dave -- i would say -- this is leaving oakland.
8:13 am
our reporter mac johnson is in campo to tell us about evacuations and schools being closed in san diego county due to a fire. >> reporter: at least two schools are closed and hundreds are evacuated under orders right now. good morning. behind me, we can see the fire is still burning out of control. this is heavy fuel that's not been bushed in quite some time -- been burned in quite some time. we're out about 820 acres. the cause of the old fire under investigation. now, it was sparked yesterday at around 2:00. fires in the crestwood area east near campo. casino, it's opened and acting as a command post for these folks. about 150 homes and addresses have been tretened and -- have been threat -- have been
8:14 am
threatened. two schools are closed today. five dogs have been evacuated. we're happy to report that no one was injured, including firefighters, and there are hundreds out here. i want to bring in with calfire, tom, good morning. what's the latest? >> the latest, as you stated, we're 300 acres. firefighters have been working around the clock trying to control this perimeter, knowing we have a red flag warning in our future. >> reporter: and dozers are being brought in. we're also seeing a lot of hot shot crews being brought in to try to build that fire break. what is the condition for the ox ut thought -- for the folks out there. that's correct. along with the recipe, we have lower humidities, some erratic winds. there's several fires burning here in. what does this mean for the
8:15 am
fire season? this is early in the summer. >> it is earlier in the summer. we have -- it is very early in the summer. we have twice the amount of fires than we did last year at this time. go to the ready, set, go plan and prepare the defensive place and be prepared to go when we ask you. >> only 30% contained. we have hundreds on the front lines risking their fires trying to gain control. back to you. >> thank you, matt. an australian lawmaker says it's not likely that australia will over turn its ban on same- sex marriage. the burned bill, the chairman offseing it now, says he supports it. later this november, san
8:16 am
francisco mayor, ed lee will -- this afternoon, san francisco mayor ed lee will kick off pride week. the pride parade starts on sunday signal president obama tries to held off a -- on sunday. president obama tries to head off at the g 20 summit. g-20 summit. >> reporter: let's take a look at the president's arrival last night in los cabos, mexico. he will be pressing for more
8:17 am
action to dealize the economy -- to stabilize the economy. the u.s. recently accused russia of dramatically escalating the crisis in syria. president obama is also meeting with mexican president, felipe calderon, this morning. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:17. this morning, republican presidential candidate plott is at a campaign -- mitt romney is at a campaign event in wisconsin. this is new video of him there, he's there with wisconsin governor paul ryan who has also been machinetioned as a --
8:18 am
mentioned as a possible running wait for vice president with mitt romney. a suicide bol attack killed the army commander leading the fight against al qaeda in yell be. it happened earlier this morning while the major general was heading to work in a three- car convoy. joe leashman says president obama should tell anyone -- joe leiberman says president obama should tell anyone to come forward in the allegations of these leaks. a woman was cooking at her
8:19 am
home in rural new hampshire saturday night when she opened her door to let her dog out. a mother bear and cubs were on the porch. her dog attacked the big bear in defense. i felt her get me. a 58-year-old man says a deer jumped into his fenced yard last spring and attacked him twice. he says he fell into a window pane and a chard of glass
8:20 am
became embedded in his right foot. so she's suing fish and game because he says they are responsible for the anmaland mis-- animal and mismanaged it. a new kind of business taking off here in the bay area and why it's getting rave reviews from both children and their parents. it was a hot weekend in many parts of the bay area. but steve paulson says temperatures are starting to plunge.
8:21 am
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there is a new oakland business that lets children and their parents spend time having fun together. it offers a supervised play area for the kids and an adult area for the kids. there's a charge for coffee, tea and other foods but the parents say it's an opportunity that is worth it. >> this is a place where you meet other at-home dads. >> it's peaceful to have 0 minutes of coffee. so i would say it's worth it. >> the business was created by a former information technology official who wanted to spend more time with his family.
8:24 am
the x-factor getting ready to wrap up. today is the last day and the judges, britney spears, demi lovato, simon cowell and reed will be back at the oraw kell are-- oracle arena. next week, the show will move its talent search to providence rhode island. in the left lane, a crash that's involving -- a -- several vehicles. it's still out there. the traffic is going to be busy. the best way to get around this is to use 580er if you use the local -- 58 or or if you use the local -- 580 or if you use the local road, not hard to do. let's say 23 might be a good way to get around that.
8:25 am
let's take a look at 680 from walnut creek and pleasant hill heading down to alamo, danville and san raw mown -- san ramon. >> this morning,'s commute on northbound 101 -- this morning's commute on northbound 101 is busy. near the de la cruz exit. 280 and 85 are moderate. steve? >> sal? >> i notice that you just tweeted yourself. >> yeah, i see that. >> it is supposed to say "from." i spelled "fro." [ laughter ] >> i was multitasking. it will be sunny inland. temperatures are coming down. there's lower clouds towards the north bay. 31, gusting to 39 at fairfield. san jose, sunny, though, a
8:26 am
little easterly breeze. 52 with that 39 mile-an-hour gust. t looks like a much cooler week, maybe a slight warmup inland on tuesday and wednesday and then a big drop for everybody on the temperatures. a low that was over us on thursday will eject back towards us and that will cool things down. 50s to low 90s. depending upon any proximity to the coast. 58 to 85, fog, sun, mild. here comes the cooldown. there will be a lot of local drizzle. it looks like a breezy day. more than 100 people have been forced out their homes by a series of apartment fires in san mateo county.
8:27 am
what the red cross is doing to try to house everyone. and why we'll be watching the supreme court this week, a landmark ruling that could come at any moment. 3q what's my secret for sunday lunch? my little helpers... and 100% natural french's yellow mustard. it has zero calories for me, and a taste my family loves.
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8:29 am
8:29. over the past two weeks, three fires in san mateo county have left more than 130 people homeless. firefighters may be going back to one of those fire seasons -- fire scenes today. allie rasmus is in burlingame today with more on what's goin on. >> reporter: well, the most recent fire, dave, happened over the weekend at this apartment complex. firefighters have not
8:30 am
determined the cause. the fire started in those two units on the right end of the building but the damage does not look that bad but there's window damage inside and -- water damage inside. 76 people were displaced by this fire. the red cross was scrambling to find everybody housing. because of a week of events in the bay area, the red cross ran out of space this weekend at some of the hotels and motels it usually contracts with. >> we've had the u.s. open in the bay area as well as the apple's large convention, graduation, father's day. as a result, not a lot of spare inventory available for the -- over 130 people that have been
8:31 am
displayed by the fire. >> reporter: now, on wednesday, a fire at this apartment in redwood city displaced 32 residents and that fire is being investigated as arson. another fire in redwood city on june 6th displaced another 36 people. they all have a roof over their head. the red cross has contingency plans in place. they really hope there isn't another apartment fire in this area. they may have to open other areas. police in santa rosa blaming violent street gangs for a weekend brawl outside of a bar show. it happened saturday night after the car show. police say the trouble started when a 41-year-old man got into a heated argument with members
8:32 am
of a local street gang. the low riders club says the fights were not directly connected to that car show. well, tomorrow, the san francisco ethics will open hearings into it the suspension of ross mirkarimi. mayor ed lee suspended him after the sheriff pled guilty to merchandise false imprisonments. tomorrow begins a three-day set of hearings. another three-day set of hearings could happen in july. the commission will make their recommendations to the board of supervisors which will have the final say. all eyes are on the supreme court. any way, the justices could hand down the ruling is unconstitutional. as jamie dupree reports via skype, some legal experts --
8:33 am
the illegal experts call it -- will we hear the decision today? >> reporter: well, everybody was gathered at the u.s. scout waiting to see if the decision -- u.s -- well, everybody was waiting to see if the decision would be had today. there will be more rules issued this thursday -- rules issued this thursday and next -- rulings issued in thursday and next week maybe next week a decision, but i do remember when we had a huge abortion case. we stood on the steps of the court day arday -- day after day up until about the 4th of july. it should be next week but we'll have to see what the high court does.
8:34 am
>> and a reminder for people who is at stake, the individual mandate and if that's truck down, account rest of the affordable care act stand or will everything be ruled unconcity tuesdayal. >> esthat's the big unknown. one reason comes back today in one of the rulings that was given. if you can believe this lineup, we had one case today in which it was a 5-4 decision. you had the chief justice siding with justices gins burg and breyer and -- ginsburg and breyer and alito. so you had the more conservative votes on the other side he. so again, a remind he of what should happen normally doesn't. nobody really knows what will
8:35 am
be done. both parties are playing the game out behind the seens to try to figure out what their response should be. that could be as early as this thursday or it could be next week when the term wraps up. so much at stake. and you can signed a link to the insider blog just go to, pull down the news menu. and we're on stand by and are prepared to cover that decision when it comes down next week, likely. how is traffic to, sal? >> southbound 880 near 16th, there was a crash nest lane. now they've moved it and you can see some real improvement
8:36 am
on 880 heading south. let's go to steve. a lot of low clouds and dash. >> a lot of low clouds and -- a lot of low clouds and -- a lot of low clouds and the low cloud deck is back. it came back yesterday but it was still very slowly. one last look at the temperatures on saturday because this doesn't look like anything like this is happening for a while here. at least our models through the week are on the cooler side. today, 73 downtown. 62 today. livermore, that's cooking. 106. today, 80. you can see why. a lot of low clouds.
8:37 am
there's that west-southwest at 31. it will be windy especially out from san pablo to the delta. highs anywhere from the 50s to 90. there is just a big difference in the temperatures. we'll go 90. if you are in clearlake, 86. richmond 64. 70s for many. unless you get over those hills. and you will find low to mid- 60s -- low to mid-80s. 70s on the peninsula and then 50s and 60s closer to the
8:38 am
coast. not much change but then here comes the cooldown. it will carry us into the w sunny, partly sunny. 8:37. we have new information about a deadly weekend boating stent? the delta. it happened earlier saturday morning in holt. three oakland men were fishing when their boat flipped over. one man survived. search teams found the body of one of the men saturday afternoon. last night they found a second body but they cannot confirm it is the man. >> if it's empty when she's not around. it really hurts us all. it tears me apart today, you know, and it being -- i wish i -- i can just say happy -- happy father's day, dad.
8:39 am
seas -- investigators say the three men were not wearing the life jackets that weren't on that boat. there will be an autopsy for rodney king. he die -- he die diesh -- he died yesterday morning. his fiance reported him dead at the bottom of their pool. sources say he had been drinking all day. >> it appears mr. king died -- died from a drowning. when mr. king was removed from the pool, there was no obvious signs of trauma. >> in 1991, an amateur cameraman recorded four wheatleys injuring baton -- injuring rodney king with batons and kicking him.
8:40 am
8:39. lightning is blamed for two major wives in colorado and new mexico. now in colorado, the high fire is burning towards fort collins. it's the most devastating fire in colorado's history. meantime, in new mexico, the little bear fire has burned more than 45,000 acres and destroyed 240 homes. in southern california full containment of the high fire is expected tonight. right now it's burning in beaumont. it's 70% contained.
8:41 am
more historic change in the middle east. the weekend election and the big announcement expected this week. look at the car! my dad's gonna kill me dude... [ male announcer ] the security of a 2012 iihs top safety pick. the volkswagen passat.
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8:44 am
confidence built up this month, indicating the housing market is slowly coming up. all right. 8:44. let's bring you up it date on some of the other top stories. the chp busy lacking for suspects in a weekend highway shooting. it happened shortly before
8:45 am
11:00 last night on interstate 5 -- 580 the. the victim, in critical condition. it's still not clear what led up to the gunfire. what's called the old fire in san diego county, it's burned more than00 acres and there are evacuations. calfire says it's 30% contained but the drain and the dry conditions are making it worse. the cause of the fire which began yesterday afternoon is still being investigated. rate now, in oakland, a group of parents are still camped out at lakeview element score. paul chambers has been out there all morning and is back with more information. what's going on, paul? >> reporter: s that right. in about 15 minutes, an informal summer program will be starred here. let me tell you what's going
8:46 am
on. there's about seven tents up. the district said they didn't want to shut down any schools. one man with personal ties says it's time the community rallied behind the protesters. >> i went to soole this -- i went to this school and my mother worked here por 30 years and i feel like if i can't stand up for this issue, what can you stand up for? >> reporter: the lakeview students and some of their
8:47 am
teachers are being located -- located. live in oakland, i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. all right, pawl. several over the summertime. in oakland, kids 18 and under can get breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack every weekday. the program started taus. there's no program requirements and no paperwork to file out -- to fill out. parents in san jose are upset with their middle school ands and are upset -- with mr.
8:48 am
middle school and are upset. they want districts arable -- they want corrects to open up charter schools -- they want districts to open up this arena. they talked about 14 of the libraries. berkeley has already reduced its library spending by 12% and has lost 70 of its 400 library professionals. hundreds of dogs are at
8:49 am
risk. san mateo -- san mateo county. the budget direct already elections cutting more than 200 -- the becht director -- the budget direct ear recommends cutting more than 200 jobs. ed lee has reached label deals with 26 units. the city control's office says city workers will get a combined raise of $41 million over the next two years. they will also get a 3% cost of living adjustment in two years. many labor groups have held valeries -- held rallies after years of concessions. into changes are being recommended to lep save whales. two marine sanctuary advisoriy councils want to avoid areas where were you and -- where
8:50 am
blue and humpback fells are. the superintendent will decide whether to approve those. chicken owners say they are worried the chickens could be taken from them under the joaning law. >> chicken laws say you must live on at least one acre of planned to own any chickens. they plan to ask for a change in the law into well, the son is itful -- in the law. well, ozzie osbourne's southern has multiple sclerosis. he says he received the muse in april two weeks after -- news in april two weeks after his daughter was born. multiple sclerosis, it's a disease that as the brain and
8:51 am
the spinal cord. an assault complain has been filed against a professional tennis player after an. he kicked a sign and -- tennis player after he kicked a sign and part of it flew off and hit a judge. truck. the daughter. be
8:52 am
and -- in egypt, the muslim brotherhood, the return shows morecy with 52% of the vote. he ran against the former prime minister, hosni mubarak, who was forced out of power. the final results of the election are scheduled to be announced on thursday. tori, there is a new development in the penn state sex scandal now the sex of jerry sandusky has moved into a new face.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:54. happening now, the prosecution has rested its case in the child sex abuse scandal of jerry sandusky. the defense started presenting its case. they called dick anderson. the final prosecution witness was the mother of a teen called victim number 9. she says sandusky had repeatedly forced her son into sex. this morning, prosecutors cropped -- dropped one of the 52 points against sandusky who says he's not guilty. the jury in the roger clemens' trial has resumed their deliberations this morning. jurors met last wednesday hen they deliberated for about three half hours.
8:56 am
this is roger clemens' second trial. he was one of the biggest names in the sport when congress started to investigate drug use. his first trial ended in a mistrial. the parents of a 3-year-old girl are telling us about their daughter's short life. this is her and her twin daughter. on saturday morning afternoon, she walked out of her apartment's -- her parents' apartment and to the lagoon. that's where she was found a short time its -- a short time later, by the time she was pulled from the water she was dead. >> it's very unfortunate. i believe she served her purpose in life and god called her home.
8:57 am
>> the family they want a fence to be built to prevent this from happening again. let's see if the rest of the traffic is improving, one more time with sal. >> i would say yes, southbound 880, the crash has been removed. but northbound is gonna be slow still as you pass high street. that's improving. >> let's take a look now at the commute here at the toll plaza. it's improving but still about a ten-minute delay. and in san jose, we had some minor accidents but the northbound 1 is slow
8:58 am
approaching. 8 -- northbound 1 is slow approaching 88 o -- 880. let's go to steve. >> a few upper 7 as and some low to mid -- 70s and some low to mid-80s. >> thank you, steve. that's our report for this morning. thank you for trusting the news. we'll see you the next time the bruise -- we will see you the next time the news breaks. we thank you for joining us.
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