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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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they are on strike, i will tell you how it affects travel out here. >> upset with your bank? there is a site for that, it launches today and the banks are not happy about it. it is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning thank you for joining us this tuesday morning june 19th, i am pam cook. >> are you ready? >> i hope so dave. patchy low clouds mainly south, temperatures are warmer, compared to the mid-80s, we have an upper 80 or two especially across the east bay, 70s closer to coast and bay, here is sal. good morning if you are driving in marin county, no
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imagine problems and traffic continues to look good. -- major problems and traffic continues to look good. we begin with several accusations with particularly vulnerable children. a san jose man is charged with abuse and authorities fear there could be more victims. lorraine blanco joins us with more. good morning lorraine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. the district attorney said this is an especially scary case because of all the young and vulnerable people he had access to. he faces four counts of sexual abuse. the police department spent the last year investigating bailey after a young girl at the facility said she was molested by him in their room for a period of four years. bailey was a staff member in los gatos for four years.
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he house children who are dependants of the court. at the same time he worked for the developmentally disabled. >> we have three known victims but given the wide access to young children especially developmentally disabled children in san jose, we are worried there are more. >> reporter: bailey is also charged with sexually assaulting a developmentally disabled 18-year-old kid and a 12-year-old accused him of molesting her and at that time prosecutors didn't move forward with the case because they didn't think they had enough evidence. bailey is being held on half a million dollars bail. reporting live in san jose, lorraine blanco ktvu channel 2 morning news. there is a media hoax circulating about missing sierra lemar. last night an understand gram
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went viral. it had a facebook page of sierra lemar, it said a post, please call the police, he is coming back. they investigated and nothing couple of it. coming up, we will go live for more on a search being done today for sierra lemar's body. and later today, san francisco at this commission will start hearings on whether suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi should be permanently removed from office. preliminary hearings were held earlier this month. he pled guilty to charges tied to a new year's eve argument with his wife. the ethics commission will make a recommendation and the supervisors will decide whether or not he loses his job. meantime sheriff ross mirkarimi is back due in court trying to win permission to see his son.
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a judge gave pre-him father approval to see his three-year- old son who has been with his mother in venezuela since march. he is planning to fly there for a week if a judge approves his request. however he still will not be able to have contact because of a stay away court order that is still in place. and they remain in critical condition on life support. it happened late sunday night. police officers who were in the area heard several gunshots. officers spotted a car stopped in the eastbound lanes, still not clear what led up to the gunfire but police are still searching for the gunman. police are investigating two violent attacks. there was a stabbing on winchester boulevard. then two hours later, police rushed to reports of a shooting
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near center road near wolf creek drive but he is expected to survive. well a turf war between taxi drivers and shovels has led to a strike. to tell us why cab drivers are so angry and this could affect your trip to the airport, paul? >> reporter: good morning. this is the second and final day of the strike and some people say they are favoring the airport over shuttles. -- cab drivers over shuttles but some cab drivers have come through and they say it has taken a big hit to their wallet. >> this was the scene as they decided to hit the picket line. members of oakland international airport staged a strike at martin martin luther king airport. some drivers say for years
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shuttles operated out of a different shelter than taxis, but now they are hurting the same area. this is one in which they spent hundreds of dollars to operate at the airport. >> in dealing with them, with the airport for so long, it never come to any conclusion to solve our problem. now if the can't i driver say something, they will suspend the driver. >> now they are asking that they move back to different shelters and remove a wall of advertisements between the taxi zone and terminal one. that way they are more visible from the terminal and we did find they were operating non- permit cabs an extra shuttles just to make sure the ride is smooth. ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> time is now 5:06 well this
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morning angry parents are camped out at the oakland elementary school. they have been out there with four other schools and yesterday they rallied the school district reverse that decision. police were also there but say they have no plans right now to remove those parents. they say it was there because a building alarm went off. the school districts say the closures were needed. >> the consumer protection agency makes big splash. they are talking about your area and also why the banks are so upset. and wide awake, had some coffee, knows all about 880 and every route in the area. >> yes, we are looking at all the roots in the area -- routes in the area, right now we are looking at the chp list, let's
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look at interstate 880 and traffic is moving along pretty well and as i look at the littlest, chp is not reporting a lot of incidents on the roads which is nice. metering lights are not on so if you want to catch and early trip to the city that looks good, bart is running well and trains are running in and out with no problems. and walnut creek is off to a good start, highway 4 is off to a good start but not too bad from antioch to bay point. a little cool this morning, some patchy low clouds, nothing compared to what we had yesterday, it was a big fog bank although it seems to be increasing. sunny and warmer, breezy at times, nothing compared to what we had yesterday, high pressure building and there is a slight offshore component, it is
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mainly high pressure building in theres still a spot in place, 50s on the temperatures, concord livermore along with mountain view. high pressure builds for two days and two low pressure systems one that has been meandering for the past few days, it will give us a big cool down but mainly peninsular, santa cruz coast just some patchy to the north, temperatures anywhere from 60s to 90s, if you are near the coast 80s. 70s for many and upper 80s towards brentwood. 88 gilroy milpitas, such hose was 7 -- san jose was 78,
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redwood city 65, not much change, it will be sunny and breezy at times winds are below average. thank you steve, 5:09, we will have more hear why he was fired. reportedly this shoe was tied to slavery, a big announcement is coming from adidas. we will tell you more about the morning commute and the bay area weather, stay tuned for more.
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. welcome back adidas has created a shoe featuring a plastic set of shackles. it is supposed to have a strap across the middle and critics claim it brings back ugly members of slavery and the shoe was especially horrible to african-americans. they say you can find out which banks in our area are frustrating customers the most. >> this is the latest project
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from the consumer protection bureau. they have been on finance dot governor since july of last year and anybody with a group can report it and today the database becomes public. just a fraction of the complaints will be released today and you will be able to see the nature of the complaint, the company response and the zip code of the person who filed it. banks say it represents raw unverified data and we are waiting for it to go online so we can check some local zip codes and we hope to have it online this morning. allison burns, ktvu channel 2 morning news >> the g-20 leaders are working on a plan to boost global economic growth and create
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jobs. a draft statement will be released and they will stay behind those efforts. republican press -- presidential candidate mitt romney is wrapping up his tour, he took a jab at california too. >> unfortunately we have a president that has put us on the path to california and europe and we are getting off that path and we will try to get good jobs. >> vice-president vice- president joseph biden is -- vice-president joseph biden is here and he starts this morning and will be speaking with state employees. then he will appear at a campaign event in sacramento. after that, vice-president joseph biden will travel to monterey where he will spend
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the night. away area talk show host said he was fired over his disabilities. ralph barbie is suing and management said he had been coming in late and not preparing for his show. he claims he was fired because he has park inn son's disease and they are not commenting. 28-year-old steven eric was found dead in his diamond heights home last week. police think he may have been killed by a burglar. now police are asking anyone seen carrying electronics in the area, the date was june 12th. a helicopter was called in to rescue a woman who fell.
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she was mountain biking with her husband at the park. firefighters are crediting the gps on her husband home for helping them find them. the super computer is called sick i could why. -- is called -- s i c/o y i a. it is not only fast but it is huge, it is hungry, the size of a basketball court. each of those racks uses enough power to power 100 homes. >> that is what i need at my home. because my computer is certainly not the fastest. >> they get slow after awhile. >> you can tell when people are online and it gets even slower. >> our computers here are fast
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and we are looking at them and we are looking at traffic and so far we are doing well, let's look at highway 24 between walnut creek and oakland. it is a nice drive to the oakland side. bay bridge toll plaza, light, no problems getting on to san francisco. and to the san francisco side of the peninsular. we have a look at the south bay, northbound 17 looks good and northbound lawrence expressway, there is a crash and a car fire at the avenue, watch for the fire department to be on the scene. 5:18 let's go to steve. we have some patchy clouds, it is kind of a big guy, mainly the west coast and it seems to be getting less and less, it
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was just howling and that's not the case, temperatures will start to warm up and although it is a little bit cool, nights are very, very short but san rafael 50s, livermore 53, high pressure builds can a little slight offshore component which is not that strong and it will affect the east bay. otherwise clear and cool, sunny and warmer overall it should be warmer than yesterday. so sunshine, it will be breezy for some, i don't think anything compared to what we had yesterday, 60s and 67 -- 70s and 80s, novato 81, vallejo 81, for some upper $80 to 90 degrees 66 livermore, 81 san jose officially and it will be
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warmer over reid. 65 in sap francisco and a half moon -- san francisco and a half moon bay, it will bring in cooler weather. very breezy with temperatures below average. >> stocks are up across the board. japan and china while south korea held steady, checking in on our numbers futures are up here for the nasdaq and somebody 500 -- s&p 500. apparently or call was so pleased they could not wait to share the news. they announced an 8% increase which is higher than analysts forecast. they also have a sales in software licenses and they plan to release the earnings report
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on thursday. time now 5:20 he is the new hit on the internet. >> okay, what police are saying about that birdman who tried to mess up this year's u.s. open. and also a boating accident in the delta has 17 children now morning the loss of their dads. >> good morning southbound 101 golden gate bridge, traffic looks good, we will tell you about the morning commute and the bay area weather. our cloud is not soft and fluffy.
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. temperatures a few upper 80s, closer to coast and bay. storms in several ohio counties yesterday, this is norwalk ohio, a lot of rain and heavy winds knocked trees and power lines and hundreds of people lost electricity. the national weather service said the winds kicked up to 60 miles per hour. we have now learned two fathers were killed in the delta during the father's day weekend. they leave behind a total of 17 children. ace more pitman of oakland and his cousin johnny johnson of
5:25 am
hayward. they drown when their boat turned over. >> they gave us his bag, his wallet, his phone and his fishing license. >> ace pitman had children ranging in ages from 3 to 20 years old. johnson had 8 children many of them young, they were not wearing life jackets when they drowned. they were on hold at least for now. now the artwork which would have covered another mural was supposed to start last week, however it calls that the next of kin be given 90 days notice before the artwork is destroyed. now the artist died in 1996. now his sister is notified and she will try to stop this new
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mural from covering up her brother's working. ae g won a five-year contract. they will take over beginning july 1st. critics were worried they would try to lure away the oakland raiders from the bay area. it holds a contract to the farmer's field in downtown los angeles. that so called birdman of the u.s. open had been drinking before he stepped in front of the television cameras. they snatched him away, police detained dudley from the united kingdom, bolted into the award ceremony started making bird
5:27 am
noises. he was taken to the office and he will not be charged. he is a bird lover who often pops up in front of cameras. and why it could be a big hit without of towners, also what is holding up the investigation that caused last week's melt down. investigators continue their search for a missing teen, we will tell you about that and also a strange media post police say was a hoax. good morning southbound 101 as you drive through marin county and we will tell you more about the weather commute and bait area weather.
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is. let's check in with steve paulson, first day of summer. >> last couple of days of spring look warmer, san mateo coast looks cooler, we will end up with 80s for some near 90s and 70s around the bay, 60s closer to the coast. here is sal.
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northbound 280 looks good getting up to highway 17 and in the valley. also the commute looks good on westbound 24 as you drive from walnut creek to oakland let's go back to the desk. a dive team is heading back to the water searching for the body of sierra lemar. allie rasmus is near the sheriff's office where the dive team is getting ready preparing their equipment. good morning allie? >> reporter: this is where they gas up their vehicles and boats. they will be using some of those boats to search morgan hill. they plan to search for two weeks in the disappearance of sierra lemar. this time investigators have new sonar equipment to working with, equipment they say was paid for through private
5:32 am
donations. they searched several reservoir in the area but this new equipment is supposed to give them a much clearer picture. she was kidnapped and murdered three years ago. the search for lamar has generated some false tips and social media hoaxes. somebody created an account with her picture and police checked out the address mentioned in that post an they quickly determined it was a hoax. for the next two weeks, though we have seen some of the trailers, trailing dive equipment they have not come to gas up just yet, they are getting ready to search the reservior this morning, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. they are trying to figure out what started the fire in
5:33 am
three homes. it started in iron wood street near citrus avenue. investigators believe it started knee three homes. the fire was put out in 30 minutes but crews continued near hot spots. they are trying to figure out what caused last week's bart computer meltdown and that started early thursday morning at a building next to the west oakland station. bart shut down service for most of the day and the search for answers has been slow due to safety concerns. federal agents must wait until the building is deemed safe any they can condition duct thorough investigations. a man has been charged with molesting vulnerable children. he is facing very serious charges after being arrested
5:34 am
last week. he was once a staff member in santa clara county to care for children with emotional trauma. at the same time he worked for the mentally disabled and investigators say he sought out young victims at both facilities. >> since 2007 he has been repeatedly molesting children. >> prosecutors suspect there may be even more victims. they are asking anybody with information to please come forward with that information. well the judge in the jerry sandusky trial said jury deliberations could start as early as this thursday. they started calling witnesses and coming up at 5:45, what some of them say about his reputation in the community. a waste management employee is recovering after being run over in a san leandro landfill. it happened at 3:00 yesterday
5:35 am
afternoon at the transfer station. the woman was working traffic control when she was run over. cal osha is now investigating. they are beginning a strike at oakland international airport and they are upset at what they call unfair competition. paul is out with more on the complaints, got a morning, pal. >> they were also having fines and major pen heel tis. this is a first in a cyrus of actions that they are doing to bring about a resolution. [applauds] [crowd noise] >> yesterday, this was a scene, as 200 cab drivers decided to
5:36 am
hit the picket line at oakland international airport staged their strike at mlk park a few minutes away from the airport. some are saying they are favoring shuttles over taxis but drivers say it is hurting their business one in which they spend hundreds of dollars a year to operate them at the airport. >> we have been dealing with them for 0 so long. >> if the taxi cab driver say something, they would have suspended the driver. >> and and coming back out here live, there are none computer tabs out here and we will wait
5:37 am
to see what think think about it. ktvu channel 2 morning news. time is now 5:36 muni will vote on a plan to make it easier for out of town residents without of town guests. it will allow people to live there to buy up to 20 one day passes for family members and friends. right now residents can buy them and they must specify the dates faux those passages. >> what is going on? >> we are looking at it, parts of marin we'll see what that looks like, traffic is moving along well as you head to the toll plaza, no major problems
5:38 am
if you are driving 2 there and there are is couple of lanes getting a little bit slow. north bound 280, there was a car fire, just watch for activity in that area. billing game looks good and across hayward to fremont is doing nicely. let's go to steve. we have cleared out most locations north and east, around this time yesterday was cloudy. high pressure is building in for two days and still a westerly direction, and i will tell you it is a far cry from anything we had yesterday.
5:39 am
southwest vacaville and upper 40s sonoma county airport closer to town. dew point gives us a little component and south of that the fog is getting more of an on shore push. a leg breezy for some even though this is the last full day of speaking. 867 concord, livermore 82, 76 caster valley, 86 danville. 86, west side of down and 78
5:40 am
palo alto annandalely city 63. the first full day of summer is cool and coming in. several big wildfires are burping in the us. there may be some bigger ones. and it was all caught on tape at a convenience store. it looks pretty good here, we will tell you about the bay area morning. good morning! wow.
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towards san mateo coast, otherwise clear today, sunny, mostly sunny and warmer, 80s to near 90 inland. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following, a san jose man is set to be formally charged with molesting very vulnerable children -- vulnerable children at two south bay facilities for children they fear there could be more charges. last night a photo went viral and it showed a fake facebook page with sierra lemar's name and photo. it read, please call police, he is and coming back. it also had the address of a house in saratoga. they will go back searching for signs of sierra lemar.
5:44 am
and today the federal government begins releasing online some of the 17,000 complaints they have been getting about banks. the results are broken down by area codes so you can see complaints about banks in your area. we have a new video of thieves beating a detroit clerk at a gas station. one clerk said take whatever you want and the other clerk said they had to pay and they tried beating him. they tried shooting the clerk through the store's bullet proof glass. police have not made any arrests. and watch as three suspects break down a door in the mt. claire district. now the surveillance camera caught two men and women knocking to see if anybody was home friday night.
5:45 am
when they figured nobody was there they smashed in the front door and stole computers and a lot of other things. all of our food, our microwave our toaster oven. >> the scenario is if they knock on the door and they don't hear an accidents, they knock down the door. >> he hopes he recognizes more faces and he hopes neighbors will use cameras. now the defense testimony started yesterday with character witnesses who defended jerry sandusky as somebody with a great reputation as somebody who worked long hours as a football coach. they are bringing in an expert to testify he suffers from a personality disorder.
5:46 am
it is not clear whether he will take the stand. >> i put a lot of hard working into that career and again i appreciate my teammates who came in and all the e-mails and phone calls. >> after a 10-week trial, jury records found the former pitcher not guilty on making false statements and obstructing congress back in 2008 which is when he admitted to taking performance enhancing drugs. and it is now 50% contained and at least 189 homes have been destroyed in fort collins. that is the most in history. they believe lightning sparked that fire ten days ago. and it began sunday afternoon and right now has
5:47 am
burned more than 900 acres and destroyed one home. yesterday the fire forced evac wakes and closed schools. cal fire's latest update says the fire is 30% contained. instructors say it help better to working with people and it included helicopter water drops, the training ends tomorrow. today the san jose city council will consider a soccer complex right next to the proposed earthquake stadium. they will reduce the amount of city owned lamb, that way they can create the purchase price
5:48 am
of the area and also it will fulfill a public need. the daily cow report, reports 12 networks will show three of his first four games. it will be against southern utah and usc. it will have six regional feeds and initially, washington will be nationally televised. you know what, pam and i grew up with the pack 10 and people who are oiler grew up with the pack 8 and... >> we will get used to it. >> let's go and take a look at the commute now, 880 north in
5:49 am
southbound hose -- southbound, lawrence expressway, not a big traffic problem, san mateo and sum bart, it is a nice drive. speaking of the east bay, usually we have a crowd of 15 and getting to the airport, that traffic is getting a long well. speaking of sports fans, hello steve. >> i remember when they added arizona state. >> thank you. >> we have some low clouds and yesterday it was a big fog bank and it is more confined to the san mateo to santa cruz, steve. >> you do 300 of these and they
5:50 am
all merge together. we will go 81 toll and cop cord downtown, so temperatures are coming up to the much of a delta breeze, upper 70s, a couple of north bay, high pressure builds in for two days, there is a little him the of the northshore which is why they will form. that will flaw one low up, patchy fog, 60s and #0s and 90s especially in the usual suspects, richmond 70, 87
5:51 am
fairfield, walnut creek 75 and 83 morgan hills santa cruz only 67 yesterday. san bruno 62 and light to upper 60s. sunny and warm, supplement officially starts and first full day of summer will be really cool. we will keep breezy and normal conditions. ben bernanke and his colleagues could consider what they decided to go operation twist. they by long-term rates, they ex-boyfriend pier at the end of the month. >> -- expire at the end of the month. that he had statement that did
5:52 am
not say why. the president was responsible for the marketing of a controversy new pricing plan, and the market dropped sharply. the doctor is the world's highest paid athletes, none of it pain from endorsers. woods held on to a top spot. only two e-mail athletes, i never desked the prosecutors would be at the top. -- the boxers would be at the top. a new challenger for the i- pad, why it may be the beginning for a fight for
5:53 am
sales. plus a surprise landing in phoenix, that absolutely nobody was expecting.
5:54 am
5:55 am
. welcome back, channel 2, take a look, a hot air balloon crashed right in their front yard, he was taking a couple on
5:56 am
a ride and was forced to take a quick landing decision. >> it was either them landing in the desert or here. >> it looked like he was awaken. >> yes. >> fortunately nobody was hurt. microsoft ceo revealed two of the devices yesterday, one is one-third of an inch it allows them to make handwritten documents. this is san francisco sister's pride event and it's being considered a big success. >> there you see the flag being raised over city hall. there were more than 100
5:57 am
special gets. he was presented with a lifetime achievement award. for the first time the celebration is spreading as far as the pentagon after gays serving openly in the military was lifted. one calls it a miracle. >> when i was in the military, we had to hide out, we didn't have any freedom and people were treated like criminals. >> they are hoping to celebrate the u.s. supreme court decisions. it begin at market and beal street. the parade will move up market street. >> it does get crowded. >> it did get crowded.
5:58 am
let's go outside and i want to mention traffic is moving along well on 280. i do want to talk about winchester, firefighters are putting down a two-alarm fire and channel 2 is on the way here, this is a fire in a residential area. we will let you know more about it, it is not affecting traffic, that traffic does move well getting into the south bay. >> all right big day ahead for the suspended sheriff. they did could determinethe new search for sierra lemar, turns up a hoax.
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