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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 19, 2012 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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breaking news from the east bay. we are gating late word of a grim discovery along the oakland waterfront. developing news from the south bay. fire crews still putting out hot spots from an early-morning fire. >> reporter: and a san jose man facing a judge today accused of sexually assaulting three young people. we will tell you why prosecutors fear there may be others out there. a new search for sierra lamar follows a cruel internet hoax. "mornings on 2" starts now. well, good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. >> it's tuesday june 19th. breaking news from oakland. we go straight to sal, who is covering a gruesome discovery. >> that's right.
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this body in the water, oakland fire department has confirmed they pulled a body out of the water. there it is. this is at the end of the pier, very close to jack london square. this little dock here south of -- or on embarcadero in this parking lot here near a train bridge and the bridge here. this is south of jack london square on the embarcadero in the oakland estuary. police report and the fire department reports they found this body about 45 minutes ago now and you can see a large police presence, the fire department is also here in the water. this body was found floating and it did confirm to us that they did find it and that's all we really know. i'm not sure what's happening here but we will let you know that we're getting more information. you see our news van is down there. again this, body was found in the water about 45 minutes ago. the oakland fire department responded to it along with oakland police. they did find a body at the end
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of the pier. we'll let you know what's going on with this investigation. 7:016789 back to the -- 7:01. back to the desk. and campbell fire crews were called to a fire crew on westchester drive just two hours ago. the fire started inside an attic in an australia -- industrial building. it took firefighters 45 minutes to put out the flames. no one was in the building and no one was hurt. later today, a san jose man is to be formally charged because of sexually assaulting children. lorraine blanco has more. >> reporter: well, dave, today everyone will hear the multiple charges against this man. a 9-year-old girl at the
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eastfield told authorities she was molested by bailey for three years since she was just 6 years old. that's when los gatos police started molesting the 33-year- old who was a staff member at the facility in los gat foes for years. this facility houses dependent -- los gatos for four years. this facility houses dependents of the court. prosecutors encourage others to come forward if they have similar stories. >> we have three known victims but given the wide access to young children and especially dependent children and -- dependent children, we're worried there are more. >> reporter: an 18-year-old said she was sexually assaulted after an outing with bailey and the family. emq says they are cooperating
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with investigators. bailey faces be four counts of sexual abuse sand being held on $5 -- and is being held on $500,000 bail. back to you. last night an instagram photo of sierra lamar went viral. theres with also a post that said, please call police. he's coming back. there was also an address of a home in saratoga. also, today the dive team will go back and search for her. they are focusing on the chestnut reservoir in morgan hill. mum at 7:portion we'll -- coming up at 7:30, we'll take you live -- live. later today, the san
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francisco ethics commission will begin its hearings on whether suspended sheriff ross merck merck should mirror cau rim from office. mayor lee -- mira kim -- mirkarimi from office. mayor lee suspended him after an incident on new year's eve. meanwhile, he's back in court hoping to win approval to see his son. he was given permission to travel to venezuela to see his son where his wife is. he plans to travel there if he is granted the request. but he still won't be able to have contact with his wife because of a stay-away order still in place. a man has been arrested accused of setting a los gatos
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home on fire twice. investigators believe the home was started last october and again this past january. an atg agent executed a search search warrant on the man's home which led -- an atf agent executed a search warrant on the man's home which led to the arrest. yesterday afternoon, about 12:30, a man was stabbed at cadillac drive and winchester boulevard. his injuries are noun life- threatening. and then two hours later, police were called to a shooting on center drive. the man was shot but is expected to survive. so far no arrests have been made. turning to a busy morning. breaking news be, sal sh. >> -- breaking news -- breaking news, sal?
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>> yes. a body was been found at the end of the pier and investigators are there treating it as a homicide because of certain details they will not release right now that were found with the body. we'll let you know our newschopper2 is there and so is our news crew. quite a response from oakland police, south of -- south of the embarcadero t was floating in the water reported to someone about an -- embarcadero. it was floated in the water reported by someone about an hour ago. let's get to the traffic. if you are taking b.a.r.t., that's a good option for you. on the peninsula, traffic is moving w i want to move the maps up to contra costa county. a lot of slow traffic on highway 4. 0 westbound getting
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slow from richmond to pinole. let's go to steve. >> thank you. we have a sunrise over the big city. just a few patches of fog. from about the peninsula, san mateo coast, santa cruz there's definitely some fog. yesterday, i want to mention there is was a one-hour warmup because of the wind ton. at 1:53, it was 80 degrees, there was a northwest wind. it turned southwest i think for about a half-hour i think it went up to 87. by 3:53 -- so 87 and then 80. that's what happens when the wind turns. that's the direction the wind is coming from. today there is a little bit of a northerly direction. but mainly north and east bay, not so much of peninsula and south bay. 73 yesterday in santa rosa. 81 today. 59 in the city. only 67 today. but still a lot of sunshine. 82 concord, 86 in san jose.
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78 officially downtown. 81 today. it will be warmer. 60s, 7 as, 80s and 9 -- 70s, 80s and 90s. it's almost summertime, summer starts next week. there is that southerly breeze at sfo, east-southeast san jose at 13. and the breeze has been cut in half, if not more. we had some 40s for lows but the nights are so short they don't last. a little bit warmer today and tomorrow. and then two systems merge, one from the north and then they will come together and move right to us. that will usher in a cooling trend. today, a little bit warmer. sunny, warmer, north to the east and temperatures anywhere from near 90 to 60s, closer to the beach. napa, 83. vallejo, 77. clearlake, 90.
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same for antioch. danville, san ramon. martinez, 83. 87 morgan hill, santa clara, milpitas in there. 60s in pacifica. summer begins tomorrow. it will be sunny and warm. much cooler thursday. friday, saturday, sunday it looks really breezy and well below average on the high temperatureses -- temperatures. we're tracking breaking news of a water main break that nearly flooded homes in a pleasant hill neighborhood. paul chambers is there live with how neighbors and firefighters came together to keep the water from rushing into homes. good morning, paul. >> reporter: good morning, tori. we just arrived on the scene. so we're still trying to collect the information. there is an east bay m.u.d. truck out here. it's pretty buddy, he flowing -- mudfy, flowing.
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people -- muddy, flowing. the problem people have, it took east bay m.u.d. an hour and a half to get out here. you can still see there is a small trickle going on many, many hours later. we're gonna talk to some residents out here and figure out what's going on. we're gonna get closer to so you exactly where the break happened. we're told 20 houses are without -- are without water. there's east bay m.u.d. talking to some of the residents out here. we're gonna get a closer look. he's pointing out where it is. there is a big hole. that's a pretty big hole where the water main broke in the area. it goes pretty deep down. you can see some roots. of course, we're working the scene to federal government pout what happened. east -- to figure out what happened. we'll stay on top of this and bring you the very latest as it
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develops. there's some sandbags out here. we're also told firefighters helped out in the situation also. they have a pretty good handle on it. right now, 20 are without water. you can see the crews out there. we'll let you know what's going on and stay on top of it. live in pleasant hill, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, paul. opening statements in the trial of william lynch are set to begin tomorrow. in october 2010, 43-year-old lynch was arrested for allegedly beating reverend lindner. all right. time now, 7:12. how many complaints have been lodged against your bank? for the first time the government is releasing that information today and why the banks are so furious about in
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move. preparing for debates. the well-experienced democrat who will help president obama get ready to face mitt romney. also, look at this. how a sneaker has been connected to slavery. adidas' big announcement.
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adidas is canceling plans for a new sneaker that ignited a controversy. this was supposed to be a reboot with a strap up the middle but critics say it brought up memories of slavery and was offensive to african- americans. the government is naming
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the banks that get the most complaints. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. who will tell us how you can find out which banks in the area are getting the most banks. >> reporter: dave, this is the latest project from the federal government's controversial new consumer protection bureau. now, the agency has been collecting complaints about banks on its websites., since july of last year. there have been 45,000 complaints for everything -- from everything about credit cards and mortgages. you can click on the website, see the bank, the complaint and the zip code of the person who posted it. there have been a number from the bay area from bank of america, citibank and bank one. >> if you know better about a
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project, you can make better choices. >> reporter: banks say the information represents raw, unverified data. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. well, the summit of the world's biggest economy wraps up today in los cabos, mexico. the g-20 leaders are working on a plan to boost global economic growth and reeight jobs -- and create jocks. today, president obama has a meeting on the side lines of the summit with the president of china. happening right now, republican presidential candidate, mitt romney, is holding a campaign rally in michigan. these are live pictures right now of the governor and his wife, ann romney. romney is wrapping up his midwest tour in the state where his father was governor. romney calls his campaign to five different states a bus tour, even though he traveled
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through most cities by plane. now we're learning that president obama has found a stand-in for mitt romney to help him get ready for the debates. former presidential candidate john consider will take on the role of romney to help president obama prepare. we're told kerry will anticipate romney's answers and his speaking style so president obama can be prepared for the debates in the fall. john kerry ran and lost against george bush. vice president joe biden is here in california. the vice president starts the morning in los angeles. he will be speaking at a convention of state, county and city employees. then this afternoon, the vice president will be at a campaign event in sacramento. after that he will travel to monterey where he will spend the night. 7:18. in sacramento, lawmakers and the governor are still at odds over changing the state's welfare program to deal with the state budget deficit.
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governor brown wants to cut $880 million in cal works. that's the state's welfare to work program. he wants new tiers of eligibility. but democrats are not willing to do that. until the differences are resolved, the state budget passed last week cannot go into effect. house and senate leaders are making a last-ditch effort to stall the transportation bill. a 47-member committee have not been able to reach an agreement on a long list of issues. time is running short. we are a finding out -- we're finding out new allegations against a couple in livermore already facing murder charges. the couple were arrested last week. they are accused of killing their roommate in a drug- related explosion. police now say they've
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downloaded videos and photographs about how to make hashish, an opiate-based drug. that explosion caused a fire at the livermore apartment. firefighters say the explosion was caused after the flammable chemical butane used to make that drug spilled on the floor. the couple's roommate suffered burns offer 90% of his bod -- over 90% of his body and died. san francisco police looking for witnesses to a homicide. 28-year-old steven eric eskalon was found dead in his diamond heights home last week. police say he may have been killed by a burglar. now the police are asking anyone who may have seen anyone carrying electronics in the area to please come forward. they say this may have been in the 5000 block of diamond heights boulevard. the date, june 12th. the world's fastest computer is right in our
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backyard. the super-computer is called sequoia. the government uses it to simulate nuclear weapons tests. the sequoia is not only fast, it's also huge and hungry. it's the size of a basketball court and each rack uses enough juice to power 100 homes. that's a lot of juice. >> very powerful machine. well, i don't need a computer to tell you. it was brisk. you look out the window. that coolness won't lass. steve is coming back. he will -- won't last. steve is coming back. he will tell you how much it will warm up today. northbound 280, traffic is slow now coming up to the valley. we'll tell you more about the
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police in houston searching for a man who defaced a picasso at a houston. it happened last wednesday. this youtube video shows a man walking up to the painting and then spray-painting the canvass. a real closeup look reveals the message and the image of a bull. the man who said he recorded this video did not want to show his face. >> as soon as i saw him start to do this, i recorded it and he spray painted it and ran off. the paints was rushed to the art gallery's conner is va ter for repairs -- conner is va ter -- conservator for repair.
7:25 am
prognosis is good, tori. they are hoping to find the vandal. >> kind of scary you can walk up and do that that easily. >> yeah. let's go to sal. >> it's getting busy in the south bay. i want to show you the map and -- as we put more traffic here. you can he soo -- you can see the red north of 87, getting up to highway 17. northbound 101, a crash, not blocking lanes. hayward, southbound traffic coming out of san leandro/san lorenzo, heading down to fremont, a lot of it is less than the speed limit. let's go to highway 4. it's slow from antioch, some good traffic but mostly slow traffic and then at the bay bridge, we have a 15-minute plus delay before we get on the bridge.
7:26 am
let's go to steve. well, we have some patchy low clouds out there. yesterday, there was a -- temperatures even though they were rather cool, you can see the fog. there is a lot of fog. southern california central and then a little bit hanging on from the san mateo and santa cruz coast. but north of that, there's really not much. sea breeze, what's left of it is falling apart. so temperatures inland will warm up and yesterday there was a howling breeze. that's not the case today. had some upper 40s. those are gone. still mid-50s. high pressure kind of kicks in. it will give us a warmup for two days and looks to be a rather significant cooldown by thursday and into the weekend. sunny, warm, after patchy low clouds. 60s, 70s, coast and bay. sunny and warm weather officially starts tomorrow on -- hold on a minute. that's summer. [ laughter ] >> you know -- anyway. first full day of summer will be thursday and it will be much
7:27 am
cooler. there you go. and we'll carry that into the week. tori and dave? >> all right. 7:26. several big wildfires still burning across the western u.s. we'll take you live to colorado where there's actually some good news about the biggest one. santa clara county sheriff investigators continue their search for a missing teen. they are setting up as we speak. they've come back to the reservoir they've been to many times before. we'll tell you why they are back here again. and cabbies on strike at one bay area airport. we talked to one taxi driver just a short time ago.
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our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet. a santa clara county dive team is heading back to the water to search for the body of missing teenage he, sierra lamar. alley -- teenager, sierra lamar. allie rasmus is live where the dive team is starting to arrive. >> reporter: good morning. it's a 12-person search tale. they just arrived about 15 minutes ago. you can see them setting up their trailer. they will be using state-of-the- art sonar equipment to scan the bottom of this reservoir. investigators got an early start. they left headquarters today.
7:31 am
er schiff -- sheriff dive teams have searched this reservoir and others many times before. this is video from their numerous searches. this is the first time they are using this equipment. it was paid for from private donations. this new equipment is supposed to provide them with a much legaller -- clearer picture of this water and they hope to find more clues in the disappearance of sierra lamar. she disappeared about three months ago. investigators believe she was kidnapped and murdered. but she's not been found and this case has unfortunately generated some hoaxes. somebody created a facebook account with the picture of her, took an instagram picture of a message and that post went viral.
7:32 am
there was an address mentioned and the police checked out the address and determined it was all a hoax. dive teams and search crews are gonna be out here. they will be combing through the reservoir here, back to you. >> thank you. 7:31. in vacaville, investigators are trying to figure out what started a fire that damaged three homes. the fire started just before 8:30 last night on ironwood street near citrus avenue. investigators believe it started between two homes. one home sustained most of the damage. the crews battled hot spots for a couple of hours. no one was hurt. the victim of sunday night's freeway in oakland is still in critical condition and on life support. it happened late sunday night on fruitvale avenue. police heard several shots in
7:33 am
the area. work on a new mural the bernal heights library is on hold. the artwok, which would have -- the artwork, which would have covered more artwork, the artist, williams, died in 1996. his sister has been notified. she reportedly plans to block this new mural from covering up her brother's work. a bay area shorts talk show hoff says he was fired bau -- talk show who says he what -- says he was fired in april after 28 years. he was coming in late,
7:34 am
management said, and not coming in from the show. knbrs not commenting -- knbr is not commenting. 7:34. a los angeles company takes over management of the oakland coliseum complex on the first of next month. aeg has won a five-year contract to operate the coliseum after weeks of very intense negotiations. some critics were worried they would try to lure the raiders a way. aeg holds the contract to run the plan the farmers field in
7:35 am
downtown l.a. [chanting] those cabbies are on strike and claiming that airport management is making it hard for them to make a living because it reportedly gives preference over shuttles v we've been dealing with them for -- shuttles. >> we've been dealing with them for a long time. >> airport management says it's arranged for extra shuttles and cab drivers without permits to fill the demand. 7:35. so some problems there at the oakland airport, trying to get a cab. let's see what's going on on highway 24 in the east bay. it's getting pretty crowded there. highway 4 was crowded.
7:36 am
we showed you that earlier. highway 0 is crowded. some slow until orinda. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza, you will see some slow traffic there as well, westbound coming up to the pay gate. let's go there. you can see it's crowded there. one of the things i want to tell you, once you get on the bridge, it looks good. it is backed up to the maze. right now in the south bay, northbound 280 is slow. most of it is slow. we've had a variety of accidents. 101 is gonna be slow from the expressway to sunnyvale. 280 is not as bad but it's slow as well. 101 you can see how slow it from -- how slow it is from redwood city. we have some low clouds around. it looks like most of that is disappearing. peninsula, san mateo coast, down to santa cruz and
7:37 am
monterey, sold out. the breeze is not as bad for many today. there is a gusty condition going on. san jose state -- yesterday, 50s, 60s, 70s and low 80s. today it will be warmer. 67 today. santa rosa from 73, we'll go 81 today. that's in town. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. it's that time of year. but it doesn't take long to warm up. there's that east-southeast san jose. had 3 miles per hour. that's probably the only location i can find that's over town. west 10 at fairfield. it was about 30 miles an hour. some slow 40s. mid-40s now we're rebounding off the low to mid-50s. it won't take long.
7:38 am
high pressure building in. it will be sunny. it might take a while in monterey. there is a lot of fog there. on thursday we'll get a rather big cooldown and the weekend looks very, very windy and cool. 60s, 7 oh, and 80s to near 90. san leandro -- 70s and 80s to near 90s. i'm banking on that fog breaking. santa cruz will not get above 72 if not. they were 67 yesterday. mountain view, palo alto, upper 70s. redwood city, 80s. sunny around warm on the first day of summer and the first full day of summer will be much
7:39 am
cooler. it will be breezy and on the pool side, tori? >> thank you, steve. police have told him to leave but some angry parents remain out outside their children's school in oakland. new reaction so this -- to this marathon protest.
7:40 am
7:41 am
in april, employers posted the fewest job openings. a jump in housing is sending
7:42 am
stocks higher. the dow is currently up 99. the nasdaq over 1%, up 32. s&p is up 12. the president of j.c. penney is leaving after just eight months on the job. but the company will not say why he's out the door. has now -- parents taking a
7:43 am
stand. pam cook is in the studio now say -- saying they are fighting for more than just their children. >> they are fighting against what they say is a huge and devastating problem across the country. this is video from this morning. they've been holding rallies, demanding the district reverse the kye sigs and -- reverse the decision and keep the school
7:44 am
open. the district's superintendent says enrollment in oakland schools is down and the closures are necessary. 7:43. new video to show you. thieves attacking a clerk at a detroit gas station. look at this. some teens tried to shoot the clerk through the store's bulletproof glass. so far, no arrests have been made. back here at home, a break- in was caught on tape. you can actually watch as three suspects break down a door in the montclair district.
7:45 am
>> now, a man e-mailed the video and is -- and is hoping somebody will recognize the burglars' faces and more neighbors will infall surveillance cameras -- will install surveillance cameras. jury deliberations could begin this week in the case of jerry sandusky. the defense is expected to bring in a psychologist to
7:46 am
testify that sandusky suffers from a personality disor. it's still not clear -- disorder. it's still not clear if sandusky will testify. roger clemens became emotional after being acquitted of perjury charges. >> i put a lot of hard work in that career and -- again, i appreciate my teammates that came in and all of the e-mails an phone calls. >> a ten-week trial and ten hours of deliberations, jurors found him not guilty of perjury, making false statements and obstructioning congress. the cy young award winner said he was very thankful of a hearing the verdict. now he has to convince sports writers and the baseball community that he's clean. his name will be put in the hall of fame for the first
7:47 am
time. >> they had smeared hill -- him, scarred him. even in light of an acquittal, i think roger clemens will be scarred. >> that was michael rains who represented barry bonds in a similar case. cal football claims are gonna be broadcast on a new tv network. the daily -- the daily cal reports the games will be against nevada, southern utah and usc. cal's games against ohio state and washington they will be shown nationwide
7:48 am
7:47. a wildfire that's burned nearly 92 square miles in northern colorado is now 50% contained. but at least 189 homes have been destroyed near fort collins and that's the most in the state's history. investigators believe lightning sparked the fire ten days ago. and full containment is expected today for a wildfire burning in san francisco county. it began sunday afternoon near campo. right now it's burned more than 900 acres and destroyed more than one home. last week, the fire forced evacuations and closed schools. the fire is 75% contained. calfire is conducting training today in the santa cruz mountains. firefighters use what's called a sand table yesterday.
7:49 am
look at this. this is in los gatos. that helps crews how to learn better with other crews that they can't see. yesterday's training also included targeted helicopter water drops. the training wraps up by tomorrow. one of san francisco's best known celebrations is officially underway. pride week started off by handing out long-time backers of the movie. amazing time lapse video from arizona. did you ever see a dust storm, well, this one offcomes a city south of phoenix.
7:50 am
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visit today. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] go from being on the road to being on vacation. hilton honors. the guest loyalty program with over thirty-eight hundred hotels worldwide. two arizona roommates got quite a surprise when a hot air balloon crashed right in their front yard. the pilot was taking the couple on an early-morning road when he was forced to make a quick landing decision. >> i talked to the guy who was actually in control of it.
7:52 am
>> the good news is no one was hurt. >> all right. well, this is san francisco -- well this, is san francisco pride week and the first event was called a success. ♪ >> there you see the rainbow flag over city hall and the mayor held the flag out for more than a hundred guests, including mayor willie brown. for the first time, the pride celebration is spreading as far as the pentagon art the don't ask/don't tell -- pentagon after the don't ask/don't tell policy was lifted. one veteran called it a military. >> when i was in the military, we had to hide out. we didn't have any freedom and people would treat us like
7:53 am
criminals. >> guests are hoeing toel is brate the supreme court a decision sometime before the end of the month -- are hoping to celebrate the supreme court's decision sometime before the end of the month. >> i've covered that parade a couple of times as a reporter. very fun, festive event. but there is a concern for traffic if you are heading in the area and sal is checking on the bay bridge toll plaza. >> that's right. very good traffic options. the bay bridge toll plaza, we're covering it, it's a little unusual how light it is. i'm always a little skeptical if you don't mind me saying. i'm looking around here. i don't see anything obvious.
7:54 am
let's take a look at 880 northbound, that's moderately heavy. driving up toward the coliseum. the morning commute looks okay on the peninsula. 101/280. the san mateo and dumbarton bridge looking good. slowing from the lieu l -- from the lueling area. here's steve. temperatures today i think they will be warm. but south they will be slightly above or very close to yesterday's readings. we had some low 40s to mid-40s. they didn't last long but the mere fact that they made it to this thyme year is breezy. it's 54. 50s for other locations. you can see high pressure building in and then two lows are going to impact us.
7:55 am
temperatures will -- temperatures will drop below average. today, sunny and warm unless you are dealing with some of that -- some of that fog. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. summer officially begins summer at 4:09 in the afternoon. and the first full day of summer will be windy. we'll carry the wind and it looks look on the cool side -- looks to be on the cool side. into check this out. this a dust storm south of phoenix -- this is a dust storm. dust storms are called haboob. sounds like something from "star wars" you can see this -- "star wars." you can see this and then suddenly. >> that ticks over. what we now know about this
7:56 am
morning's gruesome discovery along the oakland estuary. and developing news in the east bay where a water main break is causing a soggy mess. a -- a san jose man was accused of sexual abuse a few years ago. so why is he in front of a judge again?
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. i'm tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark -- i'm dave clark. police are investigating a body found along the oakland estuary. look at those pictures. this is a story we first told you about an hour ago. emergency crews removed the body from the water. it's covered up there.
7:59 am
let's go to paul chambers where there is a -- whereby the water main break is. >> reporter: let me show you right here. the water at one time was so high, the residents said it was about here. we're looking almost to my -- a little bit above my knee. this is high how the water was. luckily with this house, the drain worked very well and the water went down in the drain here with no major problems. but over here, you can see there are some sand backs. this house right here was kind of -- sandbags. this house was right here was kind of close to being in jeopardy. this is the house that had issues dealing with water going into the house. there is a gentleman here working on the ground.
8:00 am
there was flooding in the area. it happened around 10:30 last night. the problem, east bay m.u.d. came in around 12:00 midnight and finally turned it off. watch yourself. it's pretty muddy here. a lot of water gathering here. they have turned the water off from the area but it's -- they are working on it. but hear is part of a ground -- there is part of the ground falling in the area. it was good community -- >> as far as i know there was no damage. there was a guy that had an old rug that he didn't wantianway and that got all wet. >> reporter: all right. once again, you can see right there, that's the hole they are gonna work on. there's police out here
8:01 am
earlier. there was firefighters that came together and got things under control. they are switching crews. we'll be out here also. i will show you another area coming up in our later newscast that almost was affected but that's where the family and friends came together to prevent it from going into the house. back to you. >> thank you. 8:00 right now. there are curbing accusations of molestation involving children with special needs. a san jose man is due in court today charged with sexually -- sexual abuse and authorities fear there could be -- there could be more young victims. here's more. >> reporter: good morning. he was accused of sexual assault three year ago. but back then, they didn't think they had enough evidence for a case. a 9-year-old girl at the facility told authorities she was molested by bailey for
8:02 am
three years, sings she was just 6 years old. that's when police started to investigate the 33-year-old who was a staff member at the facility in los gatos for years. that facility houses children with crisis. >> since then there's been quite a substantial amount of investigation that's been done, including search warrants executed on his home, digital evidence and other evidence that led to our alby -- ability to open and file charges. bailey also worked at a facility for the mentally disailed. bailey faces four counts of sexual abuse and is being held
8:03 am
on $500,000 and if convicted, he faces 53 years in prison. lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:02. the oakland city council votes on a laen -- votes on a plan to convert the old oakland army base for the port. san francisco's muni board could approve a plan that would make life easier for guests. a plan could allow you goes and -- guests to be used any time. the passes would have the date they are used and combine dab and hang from the r of the vehicle they are using this
8:04 am
for. sal's coming back. he says it's really slow on the east shore and camera contra costa county -- on contra costa county. >> yes. the whole thing is very slow. this is 80. look at the road sensors. if you do drive from vallejo down to berkeley, the whole area is slow. remember last time we were wondering if maybe some of the bay bridge is light because some people can't get through. as we move true the maps to eastern contra costa county. and then hayward traffic has become very, very slow driving toward union city in fremont. this morning's commute is a little bit slow.
8:05 am
stop and go and slow. here it is moving okay. when you get to sunnyvale, it will slow down. >> we do have a thin layer of fog -- before we get to the forecast today, there was a one- hour warmup in livermore. they had a northwest wind. temperatures were cool, cool, cool for one hour between -- around 2:53. i don't think it lasted more than 15 minutes. >> the wind turned to northwest when it was 80 to southwest. when it did, the temperature went up 7 degrees. it came from the northwest, it
8:06 am
was cooler. it was brief and happened. today temperatures will come up, a little tricky on the peninsula and south bay. may was -- san jose was official -- official yesterday -- was official yesterday. there is a lot of fog from about half moon bay south. now, socket of that it's not too bad. now, south of that it's not too bad. 50s on the temperature. now, yesterday, they had gusts of what? 39 miles an hour. today it's about 10. there is a boat load of fog all
8:07 am
the way down in southern california. it's just itching to go. another system will come down by thursday. today, though, low clouds, santa cruz coastline and also san mateo coast. here's where things get dicey -- i just don't think there will be enough clearing of the fog. you you hit the peninsula, south bay toward the san mateo coast. 50s, 60s and a few upper 70s. but that fog doesn't -- if that fog doesn't burn out, it will be -- burn off, it will be cool and windy. tori? >> thank you, steve. federal investigators are still trying to figure out the
8:08 am
cause of the fire that caused last week's b.a.r.t. commuter meltdown. it started early thursday morning next to the west oakland b.a.r.t. staying. federal agents must wait until a thorough investigation is conducted an that's expected late he this week. yesterday about 3:00 at the vega street transfer station, a waste management female employee was working traffic control when she was run over. cal/osha is investigating. into well, san francisco supervisor scott wiener is tackling a graffiti program. recently two parks were cleaned you and then renovated.
8:09 am
but then lamp povs were cut, graffiti was spay sprayed -- was sprayed on several surfaces. the. >> i think there is the perception that in san francisco when you do graffiti, there are fewer or no consequences and we need to send the message that the -- that there's consequences. suspect police have confirmed what many people suspected all along. the so-called birdman at the u.s. open had been drinking before he stepped in front of a tv camera. >> but i knew that -- i knew -- >> officials detained andrew james dudley of the united kingdom after he interrupted the ceremony and started to
8:10 am
imitate a bird into well, tiger woods did not win the u.s. open and now he's gotten bumped off another top spot. he's no longer the richest athletes. two bockers have passed him. floyd meriweather has earned $85 million in the last few year. >> woods held the top spot after holding the richest was twine.
8:11 am
big news for millions of bank customers starting today. the feds are naming names when it comes to bank complaints. and the high school prank that many say went way too far. what's next in this controversial case. $100? >> right. >> those jailhouse phone calls between george zimmerman and his wife are being released now.
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
still some low clouds and fog. temperatures there, 60s or 70s, yet other locations are sunny and will be warmer especially toward the north and east bay. we're getting word from afghanistan that a u.s. service medical was killed. several others were hurt when men dressed in afghan police uniforms turned their guns on them. it happened in southern afghanistan yesterday. this was the latest in a growing number of so-called insider attacks against american forces. the number of insiders attacks in afghanistan has escalated. more than a dozen fatal assaults already this year have led to more than 20 deaths. new this morning, a federal government dais about -- database went online. alison burns is live in our washington, d.c. with information with how you can
8:15 am
find out -- about how you can get information on the banks with the most complaints. >> reporter: tori, this is a look at the online database on -- excuse me here, consumerfinance caught govern. it went public this -- consumer it went public this -- consumerfinance .gov. it went public this morning. they are just getting starting posting complaints about credit cards, home mortgages and checking accounts. only about 150 complaints including credit cards are now online and most of them are about billing disputes. >> credit card companies frequently say you paid late when you didn't. that's one problem. another problem is they add extra services on that you never agreed to pay for.
8:16 am
they are saying the database includes, raw, unverified information. recording live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. this asian-americans are the nation's fastest, growing ethnic grew. the number of asians moving here to the u.s. has surpassed those of latinos. census figures show they make up 36% r of all new immigrants. the research study says this is a rut of a slowdown due to increased enforcement and that's employers are -- due to increased enforcementment. here's some video of 20-
8:17 am
year-old oobpi loning jail. he served 20 days of a 30-day jail sentence. in new jersey, inmates get 10 days of automatic re ditt hen they report to serve their -- of automatic credit served to their time served. a contra costa county judge is expected to decide by tomorrow if he will intervene disciplinary action taken by
8:18 am
high school seniors involved in a prank. the prank included tying a lamb to a post and students running around the campus with washable withh wet feet with paint leaving their footsteps. microsoft did not announce prices for either tablet. jailhouse phone calls between george zimm -- george zimmerman and his wife are
8:19 am
being reese load. prosecutors say -- released. prosecutors say zimmerman misrepresented his financial situation at a bond hearing. >> how much -- >> like $155. >> in those calls, the couple talked about having less than $200. but according to bank records, they had about $200,000 in a pay pal. >> according to the records, they moved the money to a different account and spent it on a house, they paid off two credit cards and they purchased three bulletproof visits. zimmerman's bond has been revoked and he's in jail. a new bail hearing is set for next week. in okay of 2010, the this
8:20 am
-- was arrested for beating the eveveryon -- was arrested for batting a reverend. we're checking your weather for you. this is what if looked like outside of your window. the temperatures are heating up in the bay area. he has your forecast.
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
two fathers were killed in a boating accident in the delta during the father's day weekend. they leave behind a total of 17 children. the two victims are ace moore and johnny johnson. they drowned when this their -- when their boat flipped over in stock ton saturday morning -- stockton saturday. we got his bag, wall et, phone -- wallest, phone, fishing
8:24 am
fishing -- wallet, phone, fishing pole. let's check in with sal. >> the east shore freeway has become -- has gone from bad to worse. westbound 80 there is a new crash, westbound 80 near university this crash has been taking traffic -- has been making traffic bad. we had an accident near appian way and cutting. now we have slow traffic heading down. look at all of this traffic from pinole to barkley -- berkeley. this is -- if this is your commute -- if this is your commute, improving.
8:25 am
let's go to the taupe. i think it's because people are not feting through -- getting through at the same rate and northbound approaching high street that's going to be a little bit slow. some of it dna -- i -- the sciatic you a. 50s, 60s and os -- sciatic cau. 50 -- see sciatica nerve. 50, 60s, and os -- 70s. we had some low to mid-40s. they didn't last long but they
8:26 am
made it. sunny and warm away. but that's mainly north and east. so by the coast, 60s, around the peninsula. summer begins on thursday. it will be really cool and breezy for this time of year, dave. >> okay, steve. 8:26. an arson suspect arrested in the south bay. why investigators say he was double-trouble. also -- a new search for sierra lamar. all of this follows a cruel internet hoax. ♪
8:27 am
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8:29 am
good morning. we have a little bit of a trouble spot in the bay area. that that would be the -- that would be the east shore freeway. this is richmond, pinole, el cerrito coming through there because of many earlier crashes. we've had a string of mishaps along the way. if you drive from vallejo to oakland this morning, you need to give yourself extra time when you get to the toll plaza, that's a little bit lighter. 8:29. let's go back to the desk. allie rasmus is at the chest grove reservoir. i know you just talked to a member of the dive team, what
8:30 am
are they saying? >> well, a 12-person team from the sheriff a hes of -- sheriff's office just arrived 15 minutes ago. we watched them unload their boat on that loading dock. so their boat is on the other side of the reservoir starting their work. search teams have scanned the area here before but now the disk team has sonar equipment. we want -- now the search team has sonar equipment. we watched them assemble it. the reservoir is as deep as 50 feet in some spots. so that sonar equipment allows a laptop on their boat. the image is klee. one investigators said -- said they can see shadows of objects
8:31 am
50 feet down. but this new estimate will allow them to -- equipment will allow them to rule out the possibility that they had before. >> we just want to be sure we can rule this water out. >> reporter: 15-year-old sierra lamar has not been -- supervisor pestal -- postal media hoaxes -- someone put a hoax and it went viral. there was even an address.
8:32 am
they are going back and forth here. they will identify areas of interest on their sonar and then they will go back and make report the -- back and make parts. the san francisco etethics hering tab tab starting hearing hearings stop as -- the san francisco ethics hearing will start to hear the hearing for ross mirkarimi. he is trying to learn permission right now for the
8:33 am
return of his son. mirkarimi plans to go to however, he still won't be -- plans to go to swin to see his son. but he -- venezuela to see his son. but he will still not be -- not be able to have contact with his wife because of an arrest -- because of a stay-away. an atf agent executed a search on the young man's home which led to his arrest. the young man has not been charged. he's free on $500,000. may police are investigating two -- san mateo police are investigating two attacks. a man was shot on setter drive
8:34 am
but is expected. so far no evidences have about -- no -- but so far no arrests have been made. friends of 22-year-old joshua valdez are trying to raise money for his medical care. now, val kezz was critically injured saturday morning -- valdez was critically injured saturday morning near san pedro and butterfield avenue. one friend says valdez. a helicopter was called m to res be dash to rescue a woman who fell 75 feet down a steep marine. a helicopter was called in to rescue a woman who fell 7 6 feet down a steep ravine. the helicopter was called in
8:35 am
and they came out. hospital official released a photo of the woman last week hoping family members would come forward. it worked. her family did come forward and asking the. within wok -- the woman was hit by a car -- and is asking for help. the woman was hit by a car. ryan buchanan was 16 and he -- when he and members of the youth group dug a tunnel in santa cruz. it claps when ryan was in the sunle and he redid -- his medicalbies topped $30,000 a month. his parents hope for recovery.
8:36 am
22-year-old evan alvalez and lexy hudson were arrested last week accused of killing their roommate in a drug- related explosion. the police say the computer contains videos and photos of how to make hashish, a cannabis- based drug. the victim suffered burns over 90% of his body and later died, five dation lay -- five days later. a bay area sports talk show host says he's due -- he's suing over his disabilities. ralph is tu dash is suing 28
8:37 am
million. management said he had been dumbing in late and not preparing for his -- coming in late and not preparing for his job. but he claims he was fired because he has parken son's-- park kinson's disease -- parkinson's disease. a los angeles company will take over management of the oakland coliseum complex on the first of next month. ae.g. is one of -- has won a five- year contract to operate the coliseum after weeks of intense negotiations. some people worried they would try to lure the raiders away
8:38 am
from the iria. they manage the home depot near leaks and also -- plans to it be -- >> be -- near los angeles. sal, everybody behaving themselves? go well, i would say give yourself extra time and when you get to the toll plaza, it's not that bad. but the meat of the commute is
8:39 am
in energy rich. the clouds counsel the coastline seem to want to hold on there. most clouds started off sunny this morning. temperatures in the 80s and 90s today. there's some of that fog right there. it's not burning off any time soon here. it might retreat later. but there is an east north of that there's -- but but there is an east/north breeze. there is a fine line here. north and east bay look to be warmer. there is a little bit more fog down in this direction. sunny and warm unless you have the fog. breezy for some but not like
8:40 am
yesterday when it was blustery at times. summer begins tomorrow afternoon. another strong low is going to p develop for the weekend. it should be sunny but breezy and on the cool side. 20 minutes before 9:00. governor injuriry brown wants -- wants to change the laws on flammable children. the change could reduce or and evens say the flay provide no
8:41 am
meningful fire -- meaningful fire protection. the penn state sex scandal trial, it's about to go to the jury. a live report from pennsylvania often. jerry sandusky case. also, police have told them to leave why some angry parents remain outside of their children's school in oakland. >> reporter: we're live in pleasant till at brook and main lane. we'll have that store i -- we'll have that for story coming up. we'll have that story coming up.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
in is -- this is new video of the party leaders in athens. the conservative new democracy party won the most seats in the parliamentary elections on sunday. but if -- but in order to govern it needs to form
8:45 am
alliances. this ran on a platform -- they ran on a platform for further as you terry measure -- aust ter -- austerity measures. the jury could start deliberations as early as thursday in the jerry sandusky trial. our reporter, david miller, is live in pennsylvania now. david? >> reporter: dave, the defense is making its greatest push yet to attack the credibility of the leaked victims. they are attempting to show that -- alleged victims. they are attempting to show that the victims are trying to gan monetarily -- gain monetarily.
8:46 am
they want to show that the state police sainted their own investigation by telling the alleged victims about other people they've interviewed, information that this alleged victim could mimic if the individual wanted to file a lawsuit. the state police earlier testified that the things they told this alleged victim about not wanting to be alone were making things more uncomfortable. earlier today, one of the defense attorneys wag asked if his client -- was asked if his client was going to take the stand. he responded by saying, stay tuned. this is a soap opera, like general hospital and then he took it further by saying it was a soap opera like "all my children."
8:47 am
there was a string of witnesses all testifying. one of them a former linebacker, he was a witness and told the jury we all looked up to him as a class act. the trial continues at this hour. it could go to the jury as soon as pry -- as soon as friday. back to you. >> thank you. 8:46. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we're following for you. developing news from the east bay, look at these pictures. police investigating the body of a man that was found along the oakland estuary about 90 minutes ago. you can see where the sheet is covering up the body. a spokespersonperson talked with us -- a spokesperson talked with us a moment ago. >> the body appears to be a male. at this point we're waiting for investigators to arrive on the
8:48 am
scene. we still don't know how the man died. we'll have the details at noon. meantime, firefighters had to cut through a big metal door to put pout a two-alarm fire in campbell this morning. it started about 5:00 a.m. in. no injuries have been reported. east bay m.u.d. look at this hole in the ground. the break sent water gushing through the night and paul chambers is right there in the middle of that muddy mess. how is it now? >> reporter: they are take -- they are making. hole bigger. the six-inch deep pipe is about four or five feet down. but it made a big mess. it started about 10:30. we can swing down here.
8:49 am
you can see there is a lot of sandbags here lining up. people say there's four to six to eight informs of water. and this man had about an inch of water. he said they are draining -- that draining it in front of his place was not doing as well as it should have been. this is what we looked -- this is what it looked like when we got here this morning at about 8:00. >> the water was shut down at 12:00 midnight, but it continued -- continued to gush. >> as far as i know hear was no damage. there was a guy that had a rug that he didn't want anyway and that got all wet. now, this is where they all came together. there was a bunch of people from the community. they took a door and they put a lot of sandbags to prevent --
8:50 am
prevent it from going into the home. people said it was a good -- it was good, quick work by the police. the fire department and the community coming together to take care of this. right now, east bay m.u.d. has about six homes watt water. at the peak, it was about 20 homes. you saw the crews here, they are working, getting things underway. they are still not sure but they hope to have it before the afternoon. live in pleasant hill, call -- live in pleasant hill, paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. it's summer camp with a twist. parents, teachers, some kids and protesters are all out at lakeview elementary school this morning. they are fighting against what they saw is a huge and devastating problem across the country. in fact they've been there camped out since friday. they've apparently been
8:51 am
occupying on the protesters helping out with the camp. now, they are protesting the closure of the school and four other schools. one parent we spoke to said he has two children and one who is supposed to start this fall. >> i think people are tired of -- tired of our state and federal government not taking care of the people. >> reporter: the district superintendent says enrollment in oakland schools is down and the closures are necessary. he also says the move will save $2 million a year and that the money will be used to make improvements to other schools in the oakland school district. now, the parents have received notice from the oakland police department saying they are breaking the law and that they could be arrested but so far of that action being taken yet.
8:52 am
8:51. well, it's the -- it's the pineal leg of five-day every town counts bus tour. this moving he held a rally in his home state of michigan. >> if we could just do in washingtonwa we're doing in the -- at the -- doing at the state level, we could solve some issues. >> these are all states he is going through are states that president obama won in the 2008 election. and president obama has found a stand-in for mitt romney to high pressure him prepare for the debates. john kerry will take on the role of momny in a debate with president obama. senator is -- kerry ran and
8:53 am
lost against george bush in 2004. vice president joe biden is -- is in los angeles today. he will speak at a convention today. this afternoon, he will appear at a campaign event in san francisco. after -- after he will travel to monterey where he will spend the night. three bay area homes damaged in the fire. where the firefighters think -- we'll have a final look at the traffic when we come back. ♪
8:54 am
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in vacaville investigators want to know what started a fire that damaged three homes on ironwood near citrus. investigators think it started between two houses. one home suffered most of the damage. look at these pictures. crews kept battling hot spots for a couple of hours. luckily, no one was hurt. 8:56. it's ticket tuesday. today's winners will get tickets to nascar in sonoma. one lucky viewer will win two weekend passes to the toyota save mart 350 nascar sprint cup series. the race runs from june 22nd through the 24th. four your chance to win go to before midnight. put in the secret word speed. i'm not sure if earplugs are
8:57 am
included or not. >> you couldn't do nascar on 880? >> i don't think you could do a buggy on 880. [ laughter ] >> i want to show you on the maps. very slow. as i push up a little bit coming into oakland. if you are driving into san francisco. northbound 101 is also pretty slow getting down to the downtown area. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir, sunny and most -- sunny and warm for most. 50, 60s there. peninsulas, 70s. but the north and east bay, sunny and temperatures there, 80s and 90s. the first day of summer starts tomorrow. the first full day looks really cool. this weekend a far cry from last weekend. >> wow.
8:58 am
>> that's pretty good news for a lot of people trying to deal with sports an outdoor activities and that kind of thing. >> exactly. >> yes. >> tori needs some sun. [ laughter ] well, that's our report for this morning. we thank you for trusting ktvu news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. we'll see you at noon for the news for the latest on the search for sierra lamar. we're always here at and mobile ktvu. thank you for joining us. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] go from being on the road
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