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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  June 20, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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reported, firefighters are still pouring water on pier 29. san francisco has seen a part of its system suffer damage. the fire broke out at 1:50 p.m. and went to 4 alarms, bringing 120 firefighters to the embarcardero. we captured this shot of a chunk of pier 29 palling away -- falling away. at one point firefighters had to back away on fears it would collapses. it is unclear what caused the fire. adding to the worry this afternoon, the peer's role in america's cup event. >> it is now empty. it was empty for the america's
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cup event. it was intended for office for the cup. the terminal is going up just fine. >> the firefighters did a great job making an aggressive attack. we applied a lot of resources with the goal of not having it spread. >> reporter: pg&e says they had to cut power to 18 customers. that includes suing a circuit that serves cruise chips. reporting -- ships. reporting live, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> was streaming the breaking news story live as it happened and you can watch the raw video on our website and you can always watch us live on your mobile device. we are following more breaking news in the south bay. a grass fire near highway 101 in san jose is now under
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control. cal fire says 15 acres burned before the fire was contained 20 minutes ago. there was no damage to the the power lines in the area. we learned today a house fire caused $750,000 damage. news chopper 2 was over head as flames destroyed a historic log cabin. the cause and origin of the fire are under investigation. the home was not occupied. today 2 dozen investigators were able to get inside the scene of a three-alarm fire that led to bart's melt down. 22 members of the atf along with investigators from berkeley and oakland got their first look at the chard senior center that was under construction. >> it was 4 stories above the
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concrete slab, it collapsed and so now we have to sift through all four floors. >> a dog was also flown in to help with the investigation. a fire cracker throwing vandal is targeting mailboxes on the peninsula. police are investigating three separate incidents. two attacks happened last thursday night. the day before another mailbox was damaged. there are no reports of injuries. are red truck has been linked to the attacks. william lynch claims a priest molested him as a child. ktvu's robert handa is live in san jose to tell us what the
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priest said. robert? >> reporter: it was surprising the main witness who is the victim in the case took the stand this afternoon and it generated a lot of tense emotions. a case where the accused is more like the accuser. >> reporter: william lynch looked somber as he arrived this morning, but this trial is what he wanted. he is accused of beating up a priest, reverend jerold linder at a retirement home, a priest william lynch claims molested him and his brother. >> we are here to support will. we are happy so far with what has been going on. glad for him to get his story out. >> reporter: reverend jerold linder testified william lynch showed up and hit him in the
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face and shouted you molested me and my brother. he denied he molested him or his brother. it draw an angry reaction from supporters, including his niece who plans to testify against her uncle. >> pedophile priests should be put in jail like the rest of the pedophiles. >> reporter: william lynch and his attorney declined to comment. but he said this is not just about the confrontation but what happened to william lynch after being raped. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. in antioch, police are looking for a man who kidnapped two brothers. investigators say yesterday he kidnapped and stand a man who
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he believes was having a relationship with his wife. earlier he kidnapped the brother at gun point. he is believed to be drive ag2000 gray nissan maxima with a california license plate of 6hlp460 or washington plate afz0446. facebook saw fewer visitors in may than the month before. facebook drew 158 visitors in the u.s. in may. that is a drop of 680,000 users from april. up to 380 minutes in may. up a minute from april. visits grew half a percent from may 2011. new privacy concerns about spy planes used by apple and
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google. ktvu's john fowler explains why there are accusations about invasions of privacy. >> reporter: now under fire for this kind of aerial imagery. what one calls invasion of privacy from spy planes. >> no one expects when they are sun bathing that their image could be sent around the world. >> reporter: a google spokes women said they already met with his office and they said google doesn't blur imagery because the resolution isn't sharp enough to be a concern. >> does not give me pause. i think it is great to have that data out there. >> you have the peeping tom on a global scale. just have to learn to live with it. put your clothes on when you
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are in the backyard. >> that was john fowler reporting. the aerial images are taken for new products. they are allowing users to see all four sides of a building. larry ellisson is buying part of hawaii. he agreed to buy 98% of the island of lanai. he has been interested in the island for a while. about 3200 people live there. oakland is moving forward with a plan to develop a army base. they voted last night in favor of the deal. it will turn it into a shipping, packaging and distribution center. employers must hire half of
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their employees from oakland. dozens of people attended a work shop aimed at helping people make healthier drink choices. the goal is to limit sugary drinks and substitute water instead. 15 organizations signed up, involving 300,000 people. >> if we said each of those 300,000 people drank one less shugry drink a day -- sugary drinks a day. a new law that charges for the use of single use bags went into effect in sunnyvale. require as 10-cent -- requires a 10-cent charge for a bag. it takes effect at stores and expands to other stores next
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year. a judge in contra costa today refused to over turn the suspensions for dozens of heritage high school students who were suspended because of a senior prank. they ran through the campus with their feet covered in washable paint. the judge called the suspensions harsh and an over reaction. but said the school district did not over step its authority. a one time payment to make up for last year's furlough days. they will receive a 3% bonus. the contract says some workers could face 15 furlough days next year, though. shortening the length of the school year. governor jerry brown proposed
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cutting to 160 days. the average school day is 180 days. critics are arguing students are leaving high school unprepared for college. >> options are limited. >> the governor said if the tax increase fails most of the $6 billion in budget cuts will come from education. a crime sting on copper thieves. the peoples of contra-- the piles of contraband they found. >> fire work is coming back to the forth of july in one city. the fundraising effort that made it possible. >> and back here in 10 minutes, major cooling headed your way, i will let you know how much cooler in your neighborhood.
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. fire crews say a fire at a paint store in oakland doesn't appear to be suspicious. they had to break their way into the store just before 4:00 a.m. this morning. damage from the fire is estimated at $50,000 or more. two contra costa sheriff deputies are recovering after their patrol car flipped over on a freeway this afternoon on highway 680. witnesses say the car swerved from the fast lane, went across the freeway and over turned. the accident snarled traffic before rush hour. the highway is now reopened and they suffered minor injuries. 17-year-old boy pleaded not guilty in a crime spree that included the theft of a
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lamborghini belonging to guy fieri. max wade stole the car to impress a girl. a year later he fired shots at that same girl when he saw her with another boy. he is being tried as an adult. in contra costa a sting operation targeted recyclers that may be buying stolen copper. officers searched 7 dealers yesterday. their investigation found some are buying stolen metal, no questions asked. >> the goal of the operation is to cut off the profit centers for the thieves thieves and force them to comply with law. >> the manager of one of the businesses targeted told ktvu his company follows all state law. a plan is underreview --
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the idea is to make market street friendlier for pedestrians and bicyclists. >> that is good. buses will be on time. it will cut down on the fatalities on the bicycles. >> other people were concerned with how deliveries would be made in the area. public work shops is set for next month. fire works will light up the night at the forth of july celebration after a two year absence. ktvu's alex savage is live in antioch. >> reporter: a private community group has been asking every family to donate $4 for the fourth. enough people did just that and now they have enough money to put on a fire works display long it water front.
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>> reporter: a push to bring fire works back to antioch for forth of july. >> glad it is back. >> reporter: these signs went up and the public responded with $65,000 in donations. >> we had tremendous support from businesses and citizens. so we are excited. >> reporter: they put on the donation drive. the city hasn't been able to afford fire works for the past two years because overdog -- because of budget cuts. >> have to make choices. so we thought it was important as a private group to bring this event back. >> reporter: it will be for the fire works and the barge to shoot them off. many say the forth of july fire works show must go on. he cut a check for this year's
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celebration. >> it brings the people together. i think it is money well spent. >> reporter: she is planning to bring her daughters down to the water front on the forth of july. >> i like the fire works because it is close to home. >> reporter: she is ready for the display made possible by neighbors. that group is still collecting funds and any money that isn't needed this year will be put to next year. alex savage, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. weather wise now, another beautiful day. ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin is live with the changes. >> cooler. hot today. yesterday was warm too but today was warmer. tomorrow, a major cool down, 15- 20 degrees of cooling. it helps the air quality and
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fire danger. right now the heat is out here in the central valley. next couple days the winds start pushing hard on shore and all this moist air will ming its way into the valleys and do -- make its way into the valleys and do major cooling. it will cool everybody around the central part of california, northern california. weekend remains cool. tomorrow's highs coming down 10, maybe 15, possibly 20. what we will see in places like livermore and antioch, mid-70s. low-pressure system to the north is significant. sits up here. it will rain in the pacific northwest and in fort bragg. and that for us means no rain but it means the moisture gets
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pushed on shore. 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, shoved all this moist air inland. great for air quality and the fire danger. cools things down. highs tomorrow, yellows and greens are 70s and 60s. 80s and 90s are getting shoved away. not just for tomorrow. tomorrow is the big cool down but the cool temperatures linger. tomorrow, much cooler. today was the warmest day of the week. temperatures trend down thursday and friday because of this low-pressure system. cool moist air into the valley. this system will have that impact on the entire state. a major cool down throughout the state. you notice it tomorrow but it stays with us through the
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weekend. highs tomorrow, five-day forecast with your bay area weekend in view, looks like a mild one. different than what we have been seeing. for the first day of summer, today, longest day of the year, it will be cooler than you expect. >> feels like summer today. >> did. >> thank you. bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36 crews are at the scene of the big fire at san francisco's pier 29 which is still having a big impact on traffic. >> first day of summer and the opening of the fair. how they are celebrating 100 years. join us for these stories and more on bay area news at 7:00 on tv 36. a consumer alert, the one place you should be wary of going to find a contractor for your home. i'm a native californian.
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officials warned against hiring unlicensed contractors. they have joined other states
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and agencies. singles out agencies on craigslist. >> there will be a lot of people taking out these free ads. >> besides running the risk of poor workmanship, homeowners are libel to injuries to employees if they don't carry insurance. mark is off tonight, joe is filling in. we have big news tonight. >> change in the work, college football bcs championships, commissioners today made an effort to change it. they reached a concesses. alabama, the reign bcs champions, the commissioners don't want to talk in great detail but it is believed the two semi final games will be
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worked into major bowl games. >> no drama concerning the 49ers and their receiver aj jinkens. he agreed to a four year contract and the last of the draft picks to sign. he was a three time member of the big 10 all academic team and third time all time receiving list. finally, inside information came into play in last night's game between tampa bay and washington. reliever joe entered the game for the rays. the nationals knew he keeps pine tar in his glove. that is not legal. davey johnson brought the subject to the attention of the umpires who examed it and e-- examined it and ejected him. the teams are meet ping tonight
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in -- meeting tonight in washington. should make for an interesting game. see you tonight at 10:00. >> thank you. that fire is now contained but the impact is still widespread. at 10:00 we will have the latest from san francisco where flames tore through san francisco's pier 29. we will look at the damage and the huge traffic mess that is still going on. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news.
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